Chair and Ottoman Makeover With Slipcovers – Before and After

Last week I worked on a small project for a client. She didn’t need her whole bedroom decorated (she has a gorgeous bedroom), but she only needed some furniture repaired. You see, her dogs had kind of taken over, and they had ruined the slipcovers on her overstuffed chairs, and they had dug two holes into the fabric and foam on her ottoman. She wanted them re-covered before Thanksgiving, so I came to the rescue!

Here’s what they looked like before (sadly, I didn’t get a good pic of the ottoman, but it was a disaster):

Those poor slipcovers had definitely seen better days. They were ill-fitting and had holes everywhere.

So here’s the “after”:


What a difference, huh? I didn’t make the chair slipcovers. I do upholstery and furniture slipcovers for myself, but honestly, I’d rather have a root canal than do those things for clients. So, I hired someone to do those for me, and she did a beautiful job.

But I did the ottoman slipcover myself. I actually re-upholstered the ottoman with just a simple, solid fabric, and then made the decorative slipcover. That way, she can remove it and have it cleaned regularly when the dogs get it dirty.




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