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My Finished Dining Room Walls

I was beginning to think I’d never see this day, but my dining room walls are finished! I finished them up late Monday night, and then spent all day yesterday cleaning and putting away tools. After this room being so torn up and messy for so long, it felt so good to finally get it all clean! I’m still working on the adjoining rooms, which are still covered in dust and filled with tools, so hopefully I can get that done today.

But let me show you how it turned out! A few of these pictures are from yesterday evening just as the sun was going down, and the rest are from early this morning. So I still don’t have any mid-day pictures when the room is as its brightest (and prettiest, in my opinion). And thank you kindly for overlooking my messy kitchen. 🙂 It has been very neglected lately. Just keepin’ it real, folks.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 15

As I mentioned in previous posts, I painted the walls in a flat finish, and then went back and painted all of the trim and fireplace in a semi-gloss sheen. The contrast is subtle, but so pretty in person.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 22

And I’m just as shocked as some of you are that I went with all white — Behr Polar Bear on the walls, and Behr Ultra Pure White ceiling paint on the ceiling. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think that I’m really going to love it when I get all of my colorful furniture and fabrics in here.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 16

Up until the very last minute, I was still undecided on the ceiling color. I ended up going with white for two reasons. First, I loved how bright the room was. And second, some of you expressed two main concerns about a green ceiling that really stood out to me.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 17

Some of you warned that a green ceiling might cast a green tint onto the white walls. I certainly didn’t want that.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 18

And then some of you said that since I already have a stained wood ceiling in my bathroom, and a painted wood ceiling in my music room, that my house might turn into some sort of “here are all the things you can do with a ceiling” showhouse. 😀 That wasn’t really something I wanted, either. So I stuck with the white, bright, fresh, and clean look.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 20

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 19

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 23

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 24
dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 21

I still have four things that need to be done before the “shell” of the room is finished.

  1. I still have to repaint my front door. It’s quite a mess right now, but it just needs a little sanding and a fresh coat of black paint.
  2. My floor needs some attention, as does the floor in the music room and hallway. I need to do some spot sanding to remove some paint and scratches, and then I’ll add one or two fresh coats of Waterlox, and it’ll be good as new. Or good as a 68-year-old hardwood floor. 🙂
  3. My fireplace needs a bit of repair at the bottom where I removed the hearth.
  4. I need to find trim kits for my recessed lights. I have purchased two different types, and neither of them fit my lights. I have no idea why the 6-inch trim kits from Home Depot aren’t fitting my 6-inch recessed lights that I bought at Home Depot, but they’re not.

I’m almost ready to start putting the fun stuff in the room!

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    1. What Cathryn said. You can and should be extremely proud of your work in this gorgeous living room, Kristi. Cheers, Ardith

  1. The all white is going to really show off they beautiful accessories and bright colors! Good choice.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the light, bright look of this! It will be like a blank canvas for all of your lovely, colourful things! And easy to change things out over time, because you will always have that blank canvas as the background!

    I’d love to see a home tour some day…just of the rooms you have worked on, so that you can see the transition from one room to another. Either a video or some kind of progression from room to room photo tour. (I realize it’s not finished, I’d just like to get an idea of where things stand, all together, if that makes sense!)

    1. You just need to mouse across Kristi’s navigation bar to “My Homes”. The drop down has two choices – this house and her condo (which was cute as can be!) She has everything progress-wise for each room posted.

  3. Stunning! A perfect canvas to showcase the pops of color that you will get with your furniture, drapes, art and accessories!

  4. It looks really amazing !!!! I am always inspired to see all the projects you take on and accomplish !! Great work and I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

  5. Simply stunning. Like you, all white is definitely not something I’d normally want, but given all the detail and the lack of continuous wall space with the windows, fireplace, doorways, etc, the all white is just right. I’m thinking in the future you still might want that green ceiling provided the green cast on white walls doesn’t really occur (at least I would and you seem to always eventually pick the same stuff I would, it is getting a little uncanny for me). 🙂

  6. I really like the semi-gloss on the flat – it does make a difference! Interesting reading other comments about the green ceiling – I wouldn’t have thought of the reason you quoted. Great collaboration!

  7. It was a nice surprise to wake up and see such beautiful craftsmanship in your room. I must admit I was kind of sceptical about all the trim in the room, especially under the windows, My mind was telling me it seemed a bit overdone but now that it is finished it looks wonderful. I really wish I had your ambition because I am looking around at our home (1904) and wondering when it will ever be completely finished. I look forward to seeing it completely furnished. Congrats on such a great job.

  8. Beautiful!!! Does this mean you are going to start on the table build soon? Can’t wait to see that! I’d also love to see a pic leading from this room to the music room – I bet the white offsets the black walls in there beautifully!

  9. Absolutely, positively, GORGEOUS!!!! White is perfect in here- I don’t think think I’ve seen any white rooms that were beautiful BEFORE they were furnished and accessorized! Only yours😉

  10. I can’t believe an empty shell painted white can be breath- taking…BUT THIS ROOM IS BREATH-TAKING!
    So pretty Kristi. Really, really pretty.

  11. This looks just like I imagined and I love it! Such great detail speaks for itself and doesn’t need a lot of color and contrast. This is such a polished look and will serve as a beautiful blank canvas to all the color and texture you add to the room. That coral buffet is already popping against the white. I can’t wait to see how it looks with the music room. Probably hard to capture that in a photo but I’ll bet it’s stunning in person. Once again a great job Kristi.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    For the ceiling can lights I suggest these retrofit down lights from Lowes: Project Source white LED retrofit down lights, trim included. They come in three packs. They are dimmable too.

    I just put them in my kitchen in the old can lights. What a difference the light makes. So soft, yet bright. And easy to install.

    I have pics if you want to see them in action!

    1. Also those lights are very energy efficient! They can also help to cut down on drafts if the original cans were poorly fitting, though I’m sure that’s not your case. I had my house tested for energy efficiency and the LED lights were a top recommendation since all my rooms have can lights and some were very drafty!

  13. Gorgeous! This might be the first time I love an all white room. I can just picture you staring at and drinking in the beauty of this room and all it will become. 🙂
    Can’t to see you make it colorful and homey.

  14. Your dining room is gorgeous!!!!! I can’t wait to see it decorated!
    Love the detail on the fireplace. Everything looks amazing. Wish
    I had your woodworking skills!

  15. It came out fantastic! Can’t wait to see the fun stuff.

    I also admire your dedication and stamina in getting all that tiny detail work done. I’ve been trying to do a simple paint job on our dining room for months and I can’t seem to summon the ambition to work on it, so it just continues to sit in an unfinished state. Granted, I’m doing it as an aside to my day job and this is your day job, but still… Finishing that amount of trim to the level of perfection you expect of yourself is no small task!

  16. I don’t think I have ever seen such a fanatastic change that has me saying WOW!..the pictures I am sure do to do justice to it but cameras do not lie as far as color. Love love love this room! You are to be commended for all of your hard work and “sticktoitiveness” …am so impressed…what a change…for the better!

  17. WOW, seems an understatement. It’s absolutely stunning and just gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an unfurnished ‘all white’ room look so beautiful before, and you’ve nailed it. Well done Kristi on such an amazing job. Your bright color furniture, drapes and accessories are really going to pop against these white walls. Just PERFECT……congratualtions!!

  18. Stunning! I absolutely love this room! You have done amazing work here. The all white look will be a perfect backdrop for color. I know that the drape conversation took place a while ago but I want to include my 2 cents for what it’s worth. I really think that the moulding is the highlight of this beautiful room and that black Roman shades with the Greek trim would be so nice. Not that long drapes aren’t good too but they will 1) cover up some of the moulding around the windows and 2) Roman shades would be fresh and simple and really highlight the pretty new Windows and 3) Roman shades in black won’t over power because it is possible to go too far when adding black to a room, in my opinion. But whichever way you decide will be beautiful I’m sure and I look forward to seeing it.

  19. It looks fantastic, you are an inspiration to us all, well me anyway. One point, have considered having the front door open the way, so that you enter the room then turn to see it, also it would give privacy when answering it.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Looks great! You made the right choices. Is that an outlet cover I see under the front windows ? Guess you figured out what to do.

  21. I like how the walls turned out. It seems that all the moldings provide enough texture to make the walls very interesting, even while they are white.

  22. I look for your post first thing every morning – and this one is a stunner! I love the classic look to the walls!!! And I can’t wait to see the room with all the fun things you have planned to put in it!

  23. Doesn’t this room feel bigger? And oh so rich…never looked at white as a rich color but in this room it is. It is just stunning Kristi and I have loved all the rooms you have tackles but this one makes me inspired. Just perfect.

  24. Absolutely Divine! Gives me hope that the all white room I am considering in my new house will look good…considering I am a lover of color also.

    I would love to see some sort of medallion for your chandelier. Maybe in the green with a metallic treatment?

    Cannot wait to see the room all finished up!

  25. Oh, my, Kristi, you have taken a plain room from dumpy to divine! All your hard work has certainly paid off in a room of which you can be VERY proud. It is so classy and elegant. I love the all white; with all the moldings, a color would just make it too busy and break up the flow of the room, imho. There will be enough color once you get your furnishings and drapery in place. Looking forward to that.

    Job well done, my dear!

    1. I almost forgot to mention that many years ago I painted a bathroom with green walls, and it caused such a green cast on people’s complexion that we all looked sick! I had to go back and repaint the upper walls in a less bilious hue, lol!

  26. Absolutely beautiful. I appreciate your creativity and your hard work and it really has paid off. Can’t wait to see the finished product with all your beautiful colorful furniture.


  27. All I can possibly say is….OHMYSTARS!!!!,
    This room is fabulously beautiful….and I a, so pleased for you.
    It’s just so much fun seeng all that you do from start to finish.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  28. Someone needs to have a talk with the big box stores about their trim kits for recessed lights. I couldn’t believe the trouble I had to go through with covering our recessed lights. Its like they sell all these can lights in every size you can imagine and then they totally abandon you when you want to cover them. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through it too! But your room looks absolutely awesome!! I cannot wait to see it finished!

  29. I know the moldings were an unbelievable amount of work, but already it is so obvious that it was completely worth it. This room is gorgeous unfurnished and with no window treatments. When you get the bold fabrics you’ve chosen in there with your table, it is going to be stunning. Another terrific job, Kristi! And you are right the subtle difference between wall and semigloss moldings is the right touch. It adds dimension without overwhelming the space. Well done!

  30. I LOVE IT!!! Can’t believe you have the patience to cut all those mitered cornets…….. Brave girl!!!! Great job!!!!

  31. This totally made my morning! I have been dying for a progress update. Apparently the creeping pace of my own bathroom remodel has made me emotionally invested in yours. lol Looks awesome! I cant wait to see what you do with all of your colorful pieces you add in. I am a greige girl myself but I always love what you do with your bright cheerful colors.

  32. What a beautiful room! All the tedium was certainly worth it. You have done a fantastic job and I cannot wait to see how you furnish it. If I know you, you will bring this room alive with color and fabric.

  33. AMAZING!!!!

    Does your camera have a panoramic feature? Every wall is so gorgeous, it would be really cool to see them all at the same time! Even if it is just a 270 degree view to leave out the music room (because I am sure that when THAT room is done it will deserve its own view!)

  34. Gorgeous. I am like you and usually love color…every room in my home is a different (yet complimentary) color. Funny how for people like us going white is such a scary concept!! But it looks beautiful and will be a wonderful backdrop to all your bright furniture and fabrics. I just love it. And you have inspired me to, dare I say it, go white for one of my upcoming projects! AHH! Not sure I can do it!!

  35. I’m so used to colorful rooms from you that this all white room is a real departure indeed, but it looks fantastic! It’s still packed with architectural detail for sure.

    Can’t wait to see it finished with furnishings and all! Tomorrow, right? 😉 LOL

    1. I like Mark’s phrase – architectural detail. The architectural detail really does make your formerly plain room classy and exciting and sophisticated.

      I really like the last picture – with Peeve’s furry butt on the credenza.

  36. Absolutely amazing! Love, love the white on white! When you get the colorful accessories in there, it will be magazine perfect! I’m like some others, was afraid all the trim would be overwhelming, but it’s outstanding! Can’t wait to see finished room!!!

  37. When I (virtually) stepped into this room, I felt like I could breathe deeply! I love it, Kristi, and the subtle difference between wall and trim finish is so worth every brush stroke you did!

  38. Beautiful, gorgeous, and all the superlative adjectives!

    Had one thought and it’s totally in one’s own eyes. What about a custom light switch plate (thinking of a ceramic with the same color, but has texture) and then vertically butting the trim up to it? Again, hesitate to give ANY suggestions because you are so incredibly gifted!!!!

    Your color and fabrics are going to be marvelously showcased!

  39. Absolutely beautiful. The sheen on the fireplace adds an elegant touch, as I’m sure the sheen on the trim does as well. I wish you lived closer and I had money— I’d hire you as a decorator any day. 😃

  40. Absolutely stunning!!! So glad you decided on white throughout, adding color IMHO would have been like putting a weird paint job on a Rolls Royce. Just superb!

  41. I must admit this all white room looks much better than I imagined. I really like it! Can’t wait to see it with drapes and furniture. May I ask how you got your floors cleaned up so well from all the paint and dust? And what is Waterlox? I have some paint spots in a few areas on my floors that are about the color of yours and I didn’t know how to get th up without sanding.

  42. SOOOO Pretty!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And, I love thinking about your beautiful kitchen flowing into your beautiful dining room flowing into your beautiful music room flowing into your beautiful hall bathroom… Oh my!!! It’s all just perfect!!! Bravo and Well done!!! I’m SO impressed and thrilled for you!!! 🙂

    1. Good point. Once your done with the front – dining room, all your rooms that you have finished are going to flow into each other. And that is exciting. Lots accomplished. I wish I could take a tour of your house for real.

  43. It certainly brightens up the room, even with a porch roof block some of the light. I will be anxious to see how it looks with the drapes. I am not sure what you are talking about as far as trim kits for the can lights. If you mean the round white rim that goes around it, I am really surprised you are having such a hard time. We have tons of those lights in our home and I just assumed they came with the lights. You might want to try an actual lighting store, they may carry them in their parts dept. I have recently seen decorative ones in catalogs like Renavator’s Supply. Some are white with a design similar to the round thing you can put above a chandelier. I have also seen them in decorative metals. Of course I still have to say that I think the molding under the windows is overkill, but it probably won’t be seen once you furnish the room. I agree with another poster about seeing the dining room and music room together, finished and clean in a video. I think it would give a better sense of the sizes of your rooms. I cannot picture the table you plan to build with those big floral chairs in the space. I am worried that it might be crowded unless you run the table from the fireplace wall to the edge of what will be the entry way. Anxious to see it all come together. Blessings

  44. I love this room! So bright and airy. I also love all the moldings. I know it was a pain to paint, but wow it was worth it! You have added so much charm to this room and your colors are going to pop!

  45. Why paint the inside of the front door black? Wouldn’t it be better painted the same color as the walls so that it doesn’t become a focal point in the room?

  46. Wow! It turned out so high end! LOVE this room and how the pretty backdrop will showcase your other colorful projects. This version. Is so so so far from the original, and the phase one blue room phase…
    If at first you don’t succeed try it out a few more times and you can end up with a room as beautiful as this one!!!

  47. Kristi you are to be commended for all your hard work! My hats off to you girl!! Your dining room is beyond spectacular. The all white was such a great decision to showcase all the details you put into this room. You are such an inspiration and I love seeing all the work you do in your home. I can’t wait to see this room all decorated.

  48. Exceptionally fine workmanship. Glorious room. Fireplace is too small and out of scale with two large windows. Can throw fireplace out the window without scratching the window sills. But……it’s yours.

  49. WOW ….you did an amazing job. Love, love your beautiful white room. Can’t wait to see it decorated.

  50. Your dining room is absolutely beautiful!!! You are so talented and I love, love the white. As everyone always says “It’s just paint” so if you don’t like the white you can always paint it. The wood details are very professional looking that no man could have beaten!! Congratulations!

  51. Oh Kristi, the room is stunningly Beautiful. Another masterpiece worked by you. Missed your post yesterday, thought you were having a rest day, but no simply cleaning up. Enjoy your room!😀

  52. Wow! You are my hero! I can’t believe everything you have taught yourself to do. That room looks amazing! On another note, my sister and I am taking a road trip to Waco in June. I’d love to meet you if that isn’t too stalker-ish! I keep telling my sister how uber talented you are!

  53. Kristi..Kristi..Kristi…. I have been with you on this crazy, fantastic, amazing design, decorating journey! I never doubt you or your decisions, I know that you are never going to disappoint me…I see those creative wheels turning in every post…love, love, love the way you change your mind and it turns out better than the before. Keep it coming, I can’t wait to see what is next!

  54. What a beautiful, beautiful room! I’m not ordinarily a white room girl, either, but all the subtle detailing you’ve done is exquisite. Just beautiful.

  55. Kristi,
    I love it; you are a genius and I am so glad you are pretty much done with this room. I feel your fatigue having remodelled our whole home a few years ago. Every time we got one room done we filled it up with all the stuff from another room that needed to be done next! Kudos to you and your genius!
    I can sew but have never done curtains. I have a busy floral print that I want to do panels; are they doable if you are a picky seamstress which I am? It terrifies me but it can’t be that hard, right?

  56. I like the second chairs that you saw at overstock. The backs kind of mimic the inserts in your pocket doors. The ones that you like the best llook like they would be uncomfortable. There is no depression in the seat for comfy bottoms, and the angle of the back looks very straight to me.Blessings

  57. Outstanding. I’m still shocked that you went with white walls, Kristi. It’s such a departure from your usual style. I am a huge fan of white rooms and so of course I am in love with this.

    I also love the little bit of mess we can see in the kitchen. You’re right that it keeps it real. Although to be honest if you hadn’t mentioned it I certainly wouldn’t have noticed. I was too busy peering at all the pretty trims and how the chandelier looks with those walls and floors.

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

  58. Love love love your dining room! Fantastic vision and job. Have you considered black chairs, which would coordinate with your black door and dining room walls, and use your green in the fabric for the chairs? The chairs would then “flow” into the adjoining kitchen without taking away from the gorgeous surprise of the kitchen cupboards. Just a thought…all your choices have been spot on!

  59. WOW! Looks fantastic!!
    I DO see yellow in the wall paint in some of the pictures. Don’t know if it’s me, the lighting, or what.