My New Attitude About Trends

Decorating and design trends are a funny thing, especially in this blog world that I’m a part of.  We see something that seems new and cutting edge, then it takes hold and spreads like wildfire across every DIY and decorating blog you come across.  Not only is it on every blog, but it’s also in every shelter magazine, and every home decor store.  The idea becomes so overdone to the point that we’re all so tired of seeing it at every turn, and then finally people begin declaring that that trend is now “dead”.  Then like cattle, we’re all herded on to the next big thing.  I’ve seen this scene played out over and over and over again in the seven years that I’ve been blogging.

Sunburst mirrors, anyone?  “OMGeeeeeee, those are soooo 2009!!”

How about ikat?  “Ummm, yeah. 2010 called and wants its ikat back!”

And everyone’s favorite…chevron!  “Chevron is so done!  Let’s leave it in 2012 where it belongs!”

I could go on, but those are the first ones that came to mind.

But the fact is that these things, and so many more of the ideas that have spread so quickly and are now considered over, have been around for way longer than any of us have, and they’ll be here long after we’ve all departed from this earth.

Sunbursts mirrors date back to Louis XIV, who was known as the “Sun King.”  Ikat is at least a few centuries old that we know of, but probably way older than that.  Chevron dates back at least as far as 1800 B.C.  None of these ideas are cutting edge.  None of them are new.  And seeing that they’ve survived centuries, none of them are “dead” or “over” or “done.”  Their popularity might wax and wane over the decades, but all of these things will long outlast all of us.

So what does this have to do with my own attitude towards trends?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly resistant to some ideas that I consider “trendy,” or that I think have been way overdone on other blogs.  Subway tile?  No way!  Everyone else has it!  Wood planked walls?  Nope, there has to be another idea.

Well, three things have snapped me out of that mindset over the last few days.  First, this comment left by Danielle on my post on Tuesday

One thing I’ve learned though is to keep in mind that it might seem like a certain option is what everyone is doing, but that’s just because you’re immersed into the world of blogging and home decor. In real life, in your town, in your neighborhood, in houses in your price range, your choices probably aren’t what everyone else is doing and will stand out as unique and cool! Just because something is all over blogs and pinterest, that doesn’t always translate into what’s really going in houses around our neighborhoods. So I say don’t be afraid to do what you love just because it might be common online! Who cares?!

That is so true!  Thank you for that reminder, Danielle!  I’m the only person I know of in real life who reads DIY and design blogs regularly, or who looks at shelter magazines, or who stalks Houzz like it’s my full time job.  No one else I know in real life has the interest I do in decorating and DIY, and is so fully immersed in this world of design blogs and decorating.  No one I know in real life would probably even recognize the trends I mentioned above.

The second thing that helped to snap me out of my mindset was reading a comment on another site where someone said they wished that this “gold and brass” trend would go away, and that everyone using gold and brass now would eventually hate that they got caught up in this trend in a few years, and that brushed nickel was the only way to go because it’s timeless and classic.

I read that comment, looked up from my computer to ponder it (since I absolutely love all of the gold and brass I’m seeing lately), and my eyes went directly to all of the original brass doorknobs in my 1948 house.  Do you know how much brushed nickel is original to my house?  None.  There’s not one single original fixture, faucet, door knob, or anything else made of brushed nickel in my house.  Bright, shiny chrome…yes.  Brushed nickel…no.

That really made me realize that I can shun trends just for the sake of shunning trends, but in doing so I’d have to remove lots of the original features of my 1948 house because they could be seen as “trendy” today.  Well, that’s just silly.  Sometimes what’s seen as “trendy” today is also classic and belongs in my house.

And the third thing that really brought me out of my anti-trend mindset happened last night.  As you know, I’ve been on this herringbone kick lately, so last night I was on Houzz (which is becoming my nightly ritual before I go to bed) just perusing different herringbone design ideas.  Naturally, because people often use the terms “herringbone” and “chevron” interchangeably, I was also seeing lots of chevron design ideas in my search.

Chevron, probably more than any other past trend, has really taken a beating in the last year or so.  I mean, people are so over it.  It’s deader than dead, according to many.

But let me tell you, I was seeing some absolutely gorgeous chevron designs that I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put in my home, right now, today, if I had a place to incorporate them.  They don’t look dated, or trendy, or “soooo 2012!”  They look beautiful, and timeless, and custom, and very expensive.

I’d take these marble floors any day.

chevron -- marble floor in bathroom, via HouzzEclectic Bathroom by Santa Monica Interior Designers & Decorators Courtney Blanton Interiors

And this wall? Gorgeous!

chevron -- wallpaper, via HouzzTraditional Bedroom by San Marino Interior Designers & Decorators Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

This backsplash adds some playful color to an otherwise very traditional house. I don’t think it looks “trendy” at all.

chevron - backsplash, from HouzzTransitional Kitchen by Decatur Interior Designers & Decorators Colordrunk Designs

And I certainly wouldn’t consider this modern kitchen “trendy” simply because of the design of the floor.

hardwood floor pattern - chevron 4Contemporary Kitchen by Hong Kong Interior Designers & Decorators hoo Interior Design & Styling

Of course, I did also see a fair share of bold, brightly colored, “in your face” chevron designs used in some rooms, and I don’t think for a second that those things will stand the test of time. But I don’t think that that necessarily has anything to do with the chevron pattern that was used, but rather the way in which it was used.

To me, declaring that patterns like chevron, which has been around for centuries, are “so over” is as silly as the woman who told me that “blue is soooo 90’s.”

And it’s just as silly as avoiding these things like the plague simply because they are considered trendy (yes, I’m talking to myself). 🙂

And it’s just as silly as avoiding these things simply because they’re considered trends that have been played out, even though you still really like them.

So as of this day forth, I shall not be concerned with those foolish things anymore. Truth be told, I love sunburst mirrors. I love ikat. I love wood planked walls and ceilings. I love subway tile (in all sizes and materials, but especially white).

And darn it all….I LOVE CHEVRON. 🙂

I don’t care what other people are doing in their homes. I don’t live in their homes. I don’t care if the blog world has been saturated with a particular idea. That has little or no bearing on how I live my daily life offline. If I see something that inspires me, and that I want to incorporate into my home, I’m going to do just that. If I think an idea is perfect for my house, I will give no thought to whether or not it’s currently trendy, considered a played-out trend, or whether or not every other blogger is doing the same thing in his or her home.

This is my new outlook. Now you can remind me of that when I appear to be turning my nose up at an idea that’s perfect for my home simply because everyone else is doing it. 🙂



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  1. What I have learned over my many years….it doesn’t matter what others think about your house, it is what makes you happy. If you like orange shag carpet, keep it. If you can sit in your house and feel like you are home that is what is important. I love your new outlook. Love your blog.

  2. Amen, lol. Funny when I read your post the other day and you mentioned that board and batten is too overdone, or whatever the comment was, I felt a little deflated because I just put it in my house after coveting it for a long time. I love it and I think of home décor being a little like makeup or fashion trendy. For example, a lot of people should not wear jeggings no matter how popular (me included). I think the décor should fit the house, not necessarily the trends. And there is really no “classic” style. Everyone is saying marble is so timeless and I love it, but due to the popularity I think people will eventually look dated. I have been hearing things like “ugh that granite is so heavy” who would have thought granite would be regarded that way??

  3. I have been “keeping house” for well over 40 years now, and I want to share a few nuggets of wisdom I have gathered over that very long time: 1) If you like it, use it. 2) If you don’t like it, no matter how many other people do, don’t use it. 3) It’s stupid (financially speaking) to replace something that still works if you still like it. 4) No matter how “dated” something is, it will come back. And chances are, you will remember using it the last time around if you live a normal lifespan. 5) It’s your home, it should be a reflection of you and your life, no one else’s. 6) Your home should always be functional and comfortable. Aesthetics are important, but come in third in this list of importance. 7) You will one day have something that you absolutely adore and won’t want to part with. Your favorite chair, the dining table you served countless family meals on, a painting you bought because you feel in love with it, whatever. Keep it, no matter how dated it is. If you don’t, you will miss it. 7) It’s your home. Period.

  4. The chevron examples you shared are beautiful and I know whatever you do in your home will be perfect! However, I personally could not have it in my home, especially floors, and I wonder if this effects others as well. It might be because I am 67 years old wearing bi-focals, but chevron designs have what I will call “movement” when I look at them – I see highs and lows, ups and downs, making me see an uneven floor. Wish I could just see a smooth, flat floor!

    1. You are not alone. The pattern seems like it is moving to me so I couldn’t put it in my home. But if others love it, then they should use it.

  5. Follow what you think is best for you. Be the leader and have eveyrone else follow if they like. You have amazing taste and an established sense of style that is timeless and adaptable to any neighborhood, budget and size. You go girl!…..I love chevron too 😉

  6. Love your new philosophy. I decorate my house based on those same principles, if I love it I do it. The only person with the power to veto something I love is my husband cause the poor guy has to live with my choices! For everyone else I listen politely and unless they made a super valid point, I move on with my original plans. What an excellent point that commenter made it’s so true that while I love houzz and decorating blogs no one else I know enjoys them so they think everything I do is fresh and cool (and I’ll let them keep their illusion lol).

  7. Yay! I’m glad my comment encouraged you to decorate with what you love! It’s your house, you’re the one living in it day to day.

    1. Yay indeed! It was a great comment – and now you have official A2D cudos – Kristi used your comment! 😉
      That would make my day 😉
      Claire x

  8. I love hearing this from you,! I read that original comment the other day and thought she was saying something wise. I think this will give me more confidence in decorating my house.

  9. I’ve always done just exactly what I want, and a big part of my decorating revolves around my antique and vintage collections. And I absolutely love it when I see a trend come back that I’ve had for years.Somethings that have remained a staple in my home for nearly 40 years are cobalt blue and emerald green (in some room), floral wallpaper in my bedroom, white appliances and sink in the kitchen, and yes, carpet in the bedrooms and family room. We recently go new carpet for these rooms and it was so hard to not go with wood, but hubby and I both like carpet and what’s the point of wood if you cover it with a room size rug. Sometimes you can work trends in with your favorite classic style, but for the most part when I given in to a trend, it is the first thing that goes in a garage sale.You have good taste and should always trust your sense of style.

    1. I totally agree! Though it is hard for me to admit to forty years of decorating my home! The adage that trends repeat every twenty years, certainly seems true. Our current home is filled with brass, doorknobs, faucets, shower enclosure and ceiling fixtures. I love the warmth of brass so didn’t want to change it when we bought our home in the nineties. I love copper too for its warmth. My traditional navy leather couch will be with us until we are gone. At 19 years, it still looks like new. We saved for three years to get it from Ethan Allen. The rest of my house is filled with second hand shop furniture that I have reupholstered, refinished and made ours. There are some things I am willing to wait for like the soapstone countertops I am saving up for right now. I love the hardwood floors I had installed in my high traffic areas, the ceramic tile that replaced the carpet in our bathrooms (ick!) and the carpet in the living room and bedrooms. But mostly, I love that Kristi wrote this blog because it gives us/her readers the freedom to embrace what we love, try new things and incorporate them into our own living spaces. Use it until it is worn out (unless you really hate it), that way you have more money to spend on the things you really love.

      1. I love that you mention “saving up” for what you want, like the couch or countertops. That is very underdone nowadays, and it is a great strategy for knowing you will love it forever if you wait all that time and still like the same thing you originally wanted.

  10. This was so encouraging! I’m very much like you…I have to do things differently. We just bought our first house a year and a half ago and it was built in 1957. We thought it would be so cool to go mid mod with it and keep it authentic to the period. I have to say I felt a little deflated when the rest of the country decided that mid mod was back in. I wanted to do it by myself! 🙂 You’re so right, though, and I loved all your points. I was just thinking about how just because it’s all over online, doesn’t mean that the average person is up on all the decorating trends. And, ultimately, it’s the space that you’re living in so if you like it, do it (well getting my husband to see my vision helps too)! I’m relatively new to your blog and I’ve been enjoying it! Thanks for this post especially!

  11. I think that is the mindset everyone should have, for sure!

    And god love you for posting photos of all actual chevron patterns, and not ZIG-ZAG. Touchy about those who use the terms interchangeably, who me?!

    I’m having a lovely time watching your home come together!

    1. I don’t know the difference. What is it? I think I know the difference between herringbone and chevron, but I thought chevron and zigzag were the same.

  12. Decorating a home based on what’s popular seems so silly to me. Do whatever makes you happy because you’re the one living in that house and in full disclosure, I’m obsessed with Ikat.

  13. My problem is I have NEVER liked chevron so when it became so popular I was doubly offended 🙂 But I agree you should go with what you love.
    Another thing I am over is quatrefoil and Greek key (which I used to LOVE!)

    1. So glad I’m not the only one who has such a strong reaction to chevron! I realize chevron and herringbone are slightly different in design, and I don’t have a problem with the herringbone images Kristi has shown us, especially the wood floor designs which are natural, beautiful, and not “in your face.” I think where my dislike of chevron stems from is when it’s done in high contrast colors, because then it IS “in your face”!

      I still like quatrefoil though not as much as I did at first (it is starting to grate a bit), and I will ALWAYS love Greek key because it is a pure example of a classic that will never go out of style. In fact, I’m wearing a silver bracelet right now that has a Greek key design on it and I love it!

  14. Here’s what I’ve learned after 62 years and many expensive mistakes. Buy what you love and make it work in your house.

  15. Love this post. When i read Danielle’s comment the other day I wanted to shout Amen because I had recently been thinking and coming to same exact realization myself. I’m re-doing some things (mostly paint) I just did to my house 3.5 years ago and wondered if some of it was internet influenced, but do know that some of it was because I honestly never was content with the way it came out. I got to thinking how most of my friends and those that frequently visit our house do not follow nor partake in this FYI world, therefore think whatever I do is so beautiful. 🙂 The internet is both good and bad. I believe the down side is that what formally we were satisfied with, now has us craving for more when it’s not always wise on the budget, sometimes not practical in many ways, and certainly doesn’t really matter in the big picture. So I say good for you. Do what you love. Do what makes you and Matt feel comfortable. We’ll be cheering you on from our computers. Love what you do. Love your drive. Love your talent.

  16. Good for you Kristi! There is no reason why your home should reflect someone else’s taste especially when you have such great taste. I have been following you for a while now and I have to say that, next to your unbounded energy and stick-to-it-iveness, those herringbone lamps you made are my absolute favorite thing of all time – anywhere.

    There is a blog with a young couple and a huge following that is currently putting in ceiling lights in all rooms and they can’t imagine why there were none put in when the house was built. I am old enough to remember when ceiling/overhead lights were not “cool” and houses started to be built without them. What goes around comes around. Consider also that, if it is not trendy, you may be ahead of the trend!

  17. Kristi, that comment the other day stood out to me too. Just because I love browsing around online looking at Pinterest, Houzz, etc. and seeing what the trends are, doesn’t mean everyone I know is doing it. In fact, much like you, no one I know is doing any of it. The more inspiration pictures I collect of all different rooms, the more I can see what it is I’m drawn to and when I’m ready to make a change I base my decision on what I’ve learned about my own tastes. We built our home in 1995, complete with white kitchen cupboards, ceramic tile floor and blue countertops. The kitchen faces south, has two large windows and over the past 20 years everyone always comments on how bright and happy my kitchen is. After much wear and tear and four kids later my kitchen is now showing its age and it’s time to think about updating it – but I still love my original choices because I built what I loved, not what was in magazines at the time. Imagine if our friends walked into our homes and said “Oh, I love your living room – it’s just like I see all over Pinterest!” or “Love how you decorated this room – it’s so Joss and Main!” 😉

  18. You’ve got it Kristi! Do what makes you happy. If YOU like it, that is all that counts! I was into brass and Dark GREEN in the 90’s. Then I couldn’t stand it. Now I still don’t like the green but some brass elements are appealing to me again. Would I keep from buying something that spoke to me because someone else hated the trend? NOPE!

    I’m a junker. I buy junk and make it useful again. I KNOW there are things I have that both of my sisters would say NO WAY IN HELL to. But to me these items make me smile. I can hardly wait to take that old red rider flyer wagon that is all rusted..remove the wheels and put the hairpin legs on it from a beat up unsavable table. It will be a wagon table! Some people will love it..some people will HATE IT..the haters just need to learn to keep their opinion to themselves.

    But KNOW..that they are just opinions and you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Don’t ever let anyone hurt your feelings over anything!

    Beth 🙂

    1. That sounds totally awesome to me! I love it when useful pieces are made from unexpected materials. I want a Wagon table!

  19. Great post! Some of the blogs I regularly follow, I often think to myself “wow, I wonder how their husband feels about them changing their decor so often.” As cool as it is to see and read about, there is no way I could afford to change out my area rug with every new trend or repaint the walls because cool gray is out and warm gray or greige is in!!

  20. Hear, hear! Let’s raise a glass to individuality!

    Not only do I trawl the decor sites, but I play a game where I pretend that I’m buying a house in various areas, and look at the listings on assorted real estate sites. I’m a fan of Bungalows (including the California Spanish Revival) and MCM. It pains me to see so many that say “Newly remodeled”, which often is code for “greige” neutrals, the charm having been remodeled right out of them. Then I ran across a craftsman-ish house in Seattle that obviously had been owned by folks who loved color: bright and cheerful and not grey. While their choices in cases would not have been mine, I applauded their desire to do what they liked.

    And I applaud you, Kristi.

  21. When I moved into our home a year ago, we had a mix of shiny gold and brushed nickel fixtures. I love oil rubbed bronze, but all the things I see online say that it’s going out of style. We had the most of brushed nickel so I started to accept it. But really, I love oil rubbed bronze. I finally decided that it doesn’t matter what is popular. I’m going to change out all my fixtures, doorknobs, and lights to oil rubbed bronze. Some I’m buying new but a lot of them will be painted. We all have different styles and we should do what makes us happy in our homes even when it is out of style.
    I love your blog. The style in your condo is very similar to what I’m doing in our home. Still trying to decide whether I’ll paint my kitchen cabinets a similar blue color or not. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  22. Phew….What a relief!! You have given me ‘permission’ to love what I consider to be beautiful without fear of judgement from others. At age 66 you would think I would have learned that already!!

    You are very brave, but you are helping others to trust themselves. It’s worth it if you help someone else!!

  23. Hi,
    I so love reading your has I spired my daughter and I. I bought her a tool set for Mother’s Day as we have to learn to do things for ourselves and you inspire us. Thank you.

  24. Some things are true classics- same goes for fashion and home decor. I love my subway tile. I Love it.. LOVE It! I didn’t give a rabbit’s butt about it being trendy. It’s what I wanted, it is not NEW, it is classic. I could say rust colored shag carpet is outdated- but I GUARANTEE, you can find something that uses it that will blow your mind. I also love classic bead board. As far as a blue goes- I had to fight that urge myself- I had visions of country blue and duck wallpaper board you know the kind- with bows on their necks and the little pin sized polka dots. what was this blue for? An afghan my mom was going to make for me and I can choose the colors. SCORE! What can I say? Classic country blue (in the right hue) is beautiful.

  25. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am with your thoughts here. There are things I love that I see all over the place (including white subway tile) and I plan to use them … because I love them! There are things in my neck of the woods (New England) that would be considered timeless (such as wainscoting) where in another geographical location they may not “work” at all.

    Oh….and speaking of trends returning….can we pa-leeeez skip doing bell bottoms again? I just got to the point I realized fitted/skinny-ish jeans actually helped me look good and bell bottoms NEVER did that! lol

  26. I agree! I have great affection for traditional Mahogany, furniture. Some of my favorite memories are have Christmas Eve dinners at my Great Aunt Doris’ home. When my Aunt passed away at age 88, I was the lucky recipient of her dining room furniture. I love the style, and the family memories I don’t care that some people think it’s old fashioned, to big for my house etc. I love it and I’m keeping it! I mean a solid mahogany Duncan Phyfe table with 3 leaves sets the tone for a lovely dinner. I also use cloth napkins daily. So yes, I maybe a bit old-fashioned. So what. It’s my life, my home, and if you don’t like it….eat elsewhere!

  27. You and I are a lot alike. We don’t want to be band-wagon people. We like to be known and affirmed for ourselves not because we are doing the “in” thing. That is why I sooo appreciate your post today and am going to take it to heart because you are right. Some things are just plain good and there is nothing wrong with loving and enjoying a good thing. Thanks for posting.

  28. You go girl!!! I have a house[ 5 room 2 bedroom apt] in my son’s 2 family home. It is full of oak. My daughter who likes what I call loft , modern furniture moved back in with me 5 years ago. She is constantly on me to UPDATE. I don’t want to update . I have been married for 46 years .It took me all this time to get my oak furniture, Salvation Army, a few new pieces store bought, garage sales. And now she wants me to UPDATE!! Do what you like for as long as you like, then change it IF you want.

  29. Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about all the beautiful homes I see on blogs. The before photos, all ugly or messy, then the after photos – the type of rooms styled to perfection that you only ever see in magazines. Definitely not in my house. I do my updating and renovating in spurts. I can’t reveal a whole room in one go with new furniture and rugs. I can’t afford to. I feel like my house is a mess all the time and only show the small improvements I make as they are finished. One thing though is that I’ve always loved timber lined walls. Its a country home thing. Its an OLD home thing. It suits my country home now and the one before. My first house was 1950s so I decorated to suit that. Then I moved to the country and I sold a lot of my original furniture and went in a different direction in my decorating. 50s style didn’t suit a house built in the 1930s. My current house isn’t so old and all the windows have been upgraded to aluminium. Its a mish mash and not exactly the most sensible of layouts. My plan is to make it into a real country home which suits me. I love looking at what people do in their homes, but I have to face facts, mine will never be like that !LOL

  30. Amen sister. I with you. If you love it use it, do it, wear it, paint it, do what makes you feel comfortable.

  31. Bravo! Bravo! You’re absolutely correct! I loooove your thinking. We need to make our spaces ‘our own’. If how we decorate them doesn’t please anyone else….well, too bad! We are the ones who wake up here, live, work, and play within its walls on a daily basis. We certainly need to ensure that we make it as pleasing to our eyes as possible.

    My best friend has recently redecorated her place and I’m in the midst of trying to make the old home I just moved into recently ‘my own’ by doing the same. Even though she and I are alike in so many ways, you’d never know it from our homes! We’re still individuals and need to make our unique stamp upon a place.

    I love getting home from school (teacher) every day and checking out what you’ve done or the advice you offer. My hubby is American and one of the many southern states he has lived in was TX. We visited McKinney, TX one time when he was back visiting old friends so I try to imagine how it might be similar to your neighborhood, landscaping and weather. It makes me feel like I have a better idea of the challenges you deal with while you’re busy working away. (I’m a Canadian and we live in the Toronto area. Using what I know about his old stomping grounds almost makes me feel like I’m right there with you!)

    It’s nice to know that our challenges are much the same! (Although I did find reading about levelling houses very interesting. Since we have full basements up here to prevent the havoc that freeze/thaw cycles would cause on a house staying level, it was all new information to me). Thanks for taking the time to share.

  32. Never followed trends, always bought & placed things I like and it has always looked good. Timeless furniture. Bought some recliners, to be told by bitch sister in law, they are Grandpa chairs…years later she now has Grandpa chairs!!! Pfft

  33. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m not trendy. I like classics. If it is something I like, want or can’t be without I will get it. It’s all about what makes me happy. That’s kind of what makes us “us”…if we are all the same, it would be soooo boring. So do your own thing Kristi, cause so far, you seem happy with your choices, and your pictures and projects are pretty awesome.

  34. I agree with the second comment completely (L Briscoe). It’s your house and you do with it what you please. If we all did everything the same in anything we do what a boring, dull, colorless place to live in.

  35. Someone once told me “you’ll never sell your house like that” , as if appealing to prospective buyers was the sign of good design. I simply replied ” my house is not for sale. ” I want a home I’m happy to come home to and is suitable for my needs. The next owner can do as they see fit.

    From the book THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT- My house is me and I am it. My house is where I like to be and it looks like all my dreams.

  36. Thank you for saying what you have. Sometimes I have to remind myself that at the end of the day, how stylish my space or wardrobe is means too little to count. Things come and things go. Fashion, design, and style, as forms of entertainment, continue to entertain us because it stimulates change, rather than stagnation. It is the transience and recycling of ideas that keeps us imagining, creating, wondering, dreaming. It’s play, and as long as we remember that this is all in fun, then it will remain fun, and not a weapon for judging ourselves or others, not a means of weighing disparity. I imagine critics of design as little children, standing on the top of the play structure, telling everyone else how to play. I want to be the child in the sandbox, making my own special castle. Trying things out, and rebuilding again for the love of creating. To me, there is no better way to design.

  37. Hi Kristi, so glad you have decided to follow your heart. Design, just like history, repeats itself. The styles that are worthy of keeping stick around. The chevron pattern that you speak of was popular in upholstery fabric in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I have two wing chairs, both done in that pattern that I still have and use. I call them my orphans. They were good buys, in the right color families, at the right time. I have used them in bedrooms, dinning room and living room. They still look great no matter where they are. Back then the pattern was called flamestich.
    Do what you love and forget what is in on the internet. If you really want to be an individual use the high end magazines like architectural digest. As for the gold/brass look, I have brass Williamsburg Chandeliers everywhere in my house, why? because I love them! They are in the bedrooms, hallways, foyer, living room dining room etc. Different sizes for sure, but all in the family. It’s what goes with my house, me and my style. I don’t do PB, I prefer made in the USA.

  38. I love all the comments! We once owned a 1940 townhouse that had a black and white tile bath. I decided to color wash the walls in an orange/tangerine. It was the most fun bathroom and I would love to have 70 year old tile again. It stood the test of time … And went with everything. I STILL love orange too … and that was over 10 years ago. It just makes me smile, and to me that’s what decor is all about!

  39. This is why I live in a 1925 house and dress like Audrey Heburn. Life is to short to worry about trends! Do what makes YOU happy! 🙂

  40. Thank you! I have to large framed prints (Yes, two, but they are different scenes) of “Dogs Playing Poker” flanking one of my windows in my living room. They make me laugh and the tongue in cheek tacky stigma of them is all the better. And there are so many colors that they compliment anything I want to but in the room. However, I must admit that there is a part of me that is concerned about what people will think. Oh, and I also have a black and white print of a crow wearing wading boots which my husband looked at and got an odd an odd look on his face and said “Hmmm…okaaay…” He knows I’m weird. I am an artist, have studied fine art and love the Old Masters, but I want my house to be fun and make you smile. Just have to be careful that the house of fun doesn’t end up looking like a Fun House.!

  41. I do a lot of cardmaking and scrapbooking and the trends in that field swing all over the place. Right now chevrons are huge – next year it’ll be something else. Unfortunately, most of us using craft supplies and decorating our homes can’t afford to change with the trends because of a lack of $$$. I agree with you, Kristi, if you like it and it makes you feel comfortable – use it!

  42. Just now getting around to reading, Decision Points, (by a fellow Texan :)) and as I looked at photos, I thought of you when I noticed that the Oval Office has a chevron patterned floor. You are in some pretty good company!!!!

  43. As my brother says (and has written in steel on his wall”…”It’s All Good”!!!. If your home is clean, warm and welcoming, and your family is happy, that is all that matters. I am thankful that all of you see things my way too :^)
    Blessings to each and every one of you, and ‘specially to Kristi who is leading the pack!

  44. You go girl! It’s your home that you plan to spend years in so make it comfortable and fill it with designs you love. We’re a military family so I always have to decorate/design with a quick resale in mind. I look forward to the day when I can put exactly what I love in a home with out having to worry about resale in s short time frame.

  45. I know what I like and I do it whether or not it’s trendy. I do, however, get happy when something that I like becomes a trend, simply because it means I can plan on finding stuff I like in thrift-stores in a couple of years when everyone else gets sick of it!