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Striped Painted Curtains Part 2

Hello, friends!  Today, I’m feeling a bit frazzled and scattered.  I woke up this morning feeling like I was running behind.  I hate waking up like that.  One of the reasons was because I didn’t quite get my striped painted curtains finished.  I mean, the actual painting of the curtains is finished, but the hanging of the curtains is pretty sloppy at this point.  I was bound and determined to completely finish them yesterday and get them hung and beautifully arranged for the pictures last night.

It didn’t happen.

I kept getting interrupted, so the second panel took me forever to finish.  Then when I was finally ready to hang the curtains, I was missing one curtain ring.  I had purchased two packages of 7 rings, but I searched and searched, and I could only find 13 rings.  Then I also realized I was out of drapery hooks and eye hooks, so I couldn’t attach the return on the curtain panel to the wall.  It’s still just flapping free.

By then, it was 9:30-ish, so a trip to Home Depot wasn’t possible.  So, I have kind of, sort of, almost nearly finished curtains to show you.

But it’s better than nothing, right?  And really, you’re just interested in the painted stripes, aren’t you?  😉

So here are my kind of, sort of, almost finished striped painted curtains that really need to be steamed, set on a backdrop of my still-incomplete hallway with the yet-to-be-repaired pendant light and the still-ungrouted floor with a few missing tiles.  (Please promise you’ll just look at the pretty stripes…and the chalkboard door and yardstick vent.  Mmmkay?)

I love how they turned out!  I’ll love them more once I get them hung correctly, but still…there’s just something about stripes.  Horizontal stripes are my favorite.

So there you have it…my striped painted curtains.  What do you think?

If I can get my act together and actually finish this hallway, then I’ll show you how amazing these look directly across from the argyle wall in the utility closet.  I promise, I’ll get it finished…eventually.

But today, I have to build a garden.  Yippee!

(Psst…Did you miss Part 1 of this project?  Here it is…How to make striped painted curtains.)



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  1. I love how they turned out! Fresh, colorful and cheerful. I would never have known you painted those! So creative. That whole area is coming together so nicely!

  2. Well done, Kristi!! Things are really coming together!! As a side note, your hands are showing the results of your improved diet!!

  3. Love this idea! Think I might use it to make my main level bathroom a shower curtain that incorporates the different colors of wall paint in the various rooms.

  4. Fabulous!!!
    And had you not pointed out your foibles I would have thought it was perfect.

    P.S. Your post on the cabinet doors inspired me. I was walking in my neighborhood and came across some roadside treasures. I picked up four 6ft french provincial cabinet doors with mini chicken wire inserts. Now what to do with them? Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Kristi, this looks fabulous. I have hesitated painting fabric, even though I did try leather (unsuccessfully). Now I think I may try it. Thanks for sharing, Lori

  6. Cute post and the curtains came out fantastic! There are some horizontal striped curtains in my future as well so I am glad you posted your supplies in the previous post…I never even heard of Floetrol before, so that was a great tip!