Macro Resin Petri Photography Artwork

Well, I have a new obsession. I mean, y’all already know that I can’t get enough resin, and I want to resin all the things. And I can’t seem to get enough of these little four-inch resin petries.

If you missed that project, you can click here to see how I made them (with a video).

I’m still working on a way to frame those petries so that they can be a nice piece of finished, framed artwork. But in the meantime, I’ve found a new way to enjoy them.

Macro photography.

I bought a new Sandmarc macro lens for my iPhone X, and it’s amazing! I use that, along with my portable Amazon Basics photo studio, which is also amazing, I might add. It’s a must-have for anyone who regularly needs great, even lighting for taking photos of small- to medium-sized items.

So after using my macro lens and the portable photo studio, and then doing some editing for color, brightness and contrast using my photo editing software, here are some of my favorite images from the various petries that I photographed. To be clear, none of these are from the above petri. I did take some photos of that one, but they weren’t among my favorites. But these were…

Wow, right? I honestly can’t decide what I like more — the actual resin petries or the macro photography of the petries. I can just imagine a gallery wall of these images. Of course, I can also imagine a gallery wall of actual framed petries. I think both would be amazing.

It’s a lot of work and money to get to the end product:

So for those who enjoy the images, but don’t want all of the up front investment, I’ll be offering prints of my favorites. I’ll let y’all know when they’re available. And my goal is to try to offer at least six of each color because I find that it’s so hard to find coordinating sets of prints for gallery walls.

And I’m always open to suggestions. Any other colors/color combos you want to see? Just let me know!

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    1. Christie, these are absolutely beautiful! I’d buy them in a heartbeat, even without a place for them. They would make a great gift!

  1. These are SO stunning! Since you said you’re inviting requests for color combinations, my request is: cornflower/navy blues, cream, and gold. 🙂 I’m glad that creating these brings you such joy because they are SO lovely and I love that you share them!!

  2. Beyond beautiful! I agree that a gallery of the pictures or the framed resins would really make a statement. I’m looking forward to your prints! Congrats!

  3. They would make gorgeous note cards. Bundle it with a nice envelope and you’ve got a saleable product. You are just so creative.

    1. Note cards! Oh my word, yes. I would absolutely buy note cards. I still do hand written thank you and ‘thinking of you’ cards and these, as cards, would be stunning.

  4. Kristy, these are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t get over how stunning they are. I loved the Petri dishes, but these are amazing.
    I can’t wait until you put them on sale.
    You never cease to amaze me with your talent and eye for art!

  5. I just LOVE these! I finally tried making the petris myself last night….but I didn’t have the white, and was too lazy to grab the blow torch. BUT, I’m happy enough with the first batch of results to try again WITH all the right tools! I realized, too, that I guess I need to use a lot more ink, as well, in order to get the prominent drips, since most of mine sat on the surface, it seemed. But THANK YOU for sharing about these to give me something else to try out.

  6. Love the macro photos even more than the actual petri resins! Check your pixel count to see how large you can go without degradation in the print! The depth in these photos is really amazing and intriguing.

    1. The ones shown in the post have been reduced in quality and watermarked for online display. But the original images are huge and can be printed very large.

      1. Just what I was waiting to hear. I need these in my life. I’m always a DIYer but there’s only so much time and you can’t make everything yourself. I’m happy to pay money to small business.

      2. Wow! These are great and I love the color and depth, and the ones that you can’t immediately tell are resin petris are my favorites. The evoke flowers, icebergs, or rainbows, depending on the colors.

        Exactly how large can you blow these up? I can see these as large prints on fine arts paper or gallery wraped canvas prints.

        If you have a DSLR camera with a macro lens, you can make even larger prints, like 30” x 40” or even bigger!

        That would be pricier but I’m sure there would be takers for these at any size.

  7. Kristy, as I was looking and loving these images, I was wondering if you would eventually offer prints – I would be one who would jump on that! My biggest problem would be picking my favorites! They are just amazing, and beyond amazing and beautiful. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks as always.

  8. Kristi,

    I’m blown away; these are absolutely amazing. You keep surpassing yourself! I can’t imagine how you did this. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with these.

    As for colors, perhaps pale yellow with red and green accents. Or spring green with yellow and red accents. For my bedroom and living room respectively.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Those could be awesome colors for “holiday” decor that is something other than a Christmas tree. OOoo, or wrapping paper!

      They are so beautiful, Kristi. Every time you have shown anything in the resin with the alcohol inks, I’ve just been blown away with it…so, so beautiful.

  9. OBSESSED!!! And for you, one who loves color so much, this is another great outlet for your creativity. Beautiful!

  10. Beautiful! Love your blog, prints are such a great idea!

    I would love to have a large one for my living room!

    Navy, white, gold. Maybe a touch of pink!

  11. Theses are so beautiful! So cool! Some of the images look like flowers to me. For those that do not need a lot of color😋 black, white gold would be awesome, or that color combo with one other color. I happen to be looking for five prints myself😃.

    1. I am so in love with these!! I would also love to see them as some sort of paid digital download for use in Canva or photo shop. Love all the color combos!!

  12. Kristi you can make a fortune on these as prints. And please don’t limit it to smaller ones…I can just see some of those in very large over the sofa prints with nice mats and frames. These are gorgeous and keep us informed as to where we can purchase them. You are so so multi faceted in so many categories, it blows my mind. I would never have imagined how beautiful those petries were unless you had shown us those. thanks you.

  13. I could look at these photos for days! I can think of so many ways to use these: art, cards, scrapbooking. I have purchased art files online before so that I could size them for what I needed and use them for my project (my project was envelope liners for my daughter’s wedding). Maybe you could offer the files as well for those who’d like to use these images for other things! The detail is just so interesting!

  14. I wonder if you could either resin the front of your pantry freezer, or make a custom sized panel to put on it so it would look like art instead of a freezer?

  15. They aepositively wonderful, Kristi! As a sewer of (mostly) clothes, I frequent visualize fabulous fabric whe I see great color & texture combinations. Maybe you’d like to experiment with tile patterns (I believe that is the term used when repeating a design for fabric..or wallpaper) using some of these. …in your “spare time 😉

  16. I read regularly but seldom comment. However, I HAD to jump in today and say these are absolutely stunning! The detail is so captivating. I love them all but I am especially drawn to the 8th one from the bottom with the aqua, hint of green, pinks and peaches. It doesn’t exactly go with anything in my house but for some reason, I’m just mesmerized by the design and colors in that one.

    If you offered them on Society6 people could purchase them as art or have their favorite design(s) printed on an endless variety of other products! I would order a coffee mug (or maybe a whole set of mugs in different colors!), and/or perhaps a cell phone case to be able to enjoy the designs made with colors that might not work as decor in my home.

    I love the prior suggestion someone made of cornflower blue and navy. I would also love to see various shades of blue from light to navy (minus aqua or turquoise) with maybe a a touch of black and white thrown in. (Those colors would go nicely in my newly decorated sunroom and I have just the place for a little piece of unique wall art.)

  17. I’m kind of having horrible flashbacks to microbiology class and ocean life in my high school biology class… 😉 I think these would make for a neat gallery wall.

  18. Wow! Lots of great applications for this! I’m thinking large prints/wallpaper/fabric – will they enlarge well without pixelating? So cool!

  19. These are beautiful. The macro pictures are definitely stunning and look very floral to me. If I didn’t know what they were, I would think they were some close up of some very exotic flowers. I love all the ones you have posted and especially love the ones that have the red, or pink or whatever color you used that has that rose/red tints to it. Keep up the good work and you really do have a new money maker on your hands. Prints, framed prints, stationary, wall paper…everything that has already been suggested and more. You can sell these in any form possible.

  20. Beautiful! I have been looking for some color prints for my office walls, and these would be perfect, especially the two that have the soft aqua and peachy-rose colors in them. I will be watching for you to offer the prints for sale.

  21. OMGOSH!!!! Absolutely incredible!!! Can’t wait to buy some. They would be incredible printed on metal! Thank you for sharing.

  22. These are stunning! So many ways to interpret each design – art in its finest form! Love, love LOVE!! I cannot wait to see how you offer them to the world to enjoy!

  23. These are amazing and now I completely understand when you say you can get lost staring at the resin for hours. Beautiful!

  24. Stunning! Just when I scroll from one to the next I say “ooohhh that one is my favorite”, but then I scroll down and find myself saying “ohhh wow… that one is my favorite!” I would say almost everyone of them are my favorite!!! I would love to buy a coordinating set if the colors coordinate with my space. I can see why you are addicted to these beauties, I’m in love with them too!!!
    You are so talented Kristi!!! Thank you sharing your many talents and beautiful art with us all.

  25. My first tho’t was “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid movie! They are gorgeous.

    Love the notecard and print idea.

  26. I don’t care about resin at all, but these photos are stunning and unique! Wow indeed! I hope you find some really fantastic ways to market them because they are truly showstoppers.

  27. I’ve never commented before, just been lurking for about 2 years – but YES!! I love these and have my charge card ready for when they are available. They are so, so pretty!! I never can find the right things for my blank walls and I think I just found just what I’ve been looking for!! Yeah!

  28. Hard to believe these are ink! In macro, they look like insects, flowers, reefs and many other “of the world” nature items! So beautiful!

  29. These are simply STUNNING!

    I’m a frequent reader and am often amazed at what you accomplish by yourself. You have amazing talent!

  30. Love them like everyone else. Remember folks art should not necessarily match anything you own, it should provoke the senses and open up dialogue. These do both. Great job!

  31. Well, now you know what you will be doing when you finish the house. The possibilities are absolutely endless. I think the hardest thing for a buyer would be picking one or even several. Just amazing.

  32. Simply beautiful resin and then the pictures…I love how your mind works you are just crazy creative

  33. Hi,

    These are fabulous, and would definitely purchase.
    What online store are you thinking of using to sell? You could consider
    I’m in Scotland, so can you consider shipping internationally please?

    Love your work

  34. These are amazing! You are so talented. One thought that I had was what if the blob of colorant didn’t start out as a blob. Is it thick enough to push through the tip of a pastry bag? Like a star shape or something?

  35. Smart thinking with watermarking them, because WOAH! I’m not typically into that style, but I can see some of those in my house right now! I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe them. I hope your favorites are mine too!

    Also, I finaaallly finished painting the bathroom cabinet that I said I needed to do when you went through your project goals a year ago! Life happens. I’m happy with how it turned out, but might have to sand it and do another coat due to forgetting to close the floor register and now have cat fur on it.

  36. I just want an ACTUAL petri dish! I feel like the you could look at it endlessly and never see the same thing twice. I love the rainbow ones, or a warm color toned one. (Anything red/orange/coral/yellow/pink/purple/gold is my jam!) I think they look like sea creatures-anemones, or coral maybe? They’re just crazy good is what they are.

  37. Wow! Those are amazing! Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a side business of selling these pieces. They are so mesmerizing. I would love to see some with dark shades of blue and white.

  38. Kristi – these are wonderful – I would love to have some myself, but worry about getting them safely to Aus… hopefully though, lol!

  39. Wow Kristi, these are fantastic! My first thought after seeing the first few photos was to hope you would do prints. That was before I got to the end and I should of known you were at least two steps ahead of me. Wish you had numbered them so I could give you the ones I really like and the colors I would like to have in my home. I’m not certain I can accurately describe them. They are multi-colored and I guess you could say pastel but they are so vibrant that term really doesn’t do them justice. I’ll just wait to see what you decide to offer.

  40. These are so pretty and I love the colors. Do you have any idea of the price you would want for 1, 2 or a set of 4?

  41. Have you seen Geode Wall Artwork? With this and your latest tiles it seems like right up your alley! I have never heard of it but got sucked into a video watching someone else doing it.

  42. These are just absolutely STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!!! You definitely have a great money earner with these. I’m in awe of your amazing and creative talent Kristi. These would make amazing canvases, prints, note cards, gift wrapping paper, pencil cases, make up purses, cell phone covers…….the possibilities are endless! I have been looking for some artwork for some time, but have not been able to find the perfect ‘artwork’. These would fit my criteria just perfectly. I would also like to see some done in black, white, with taupe or grey and hints of brown mixed in…….for a neutral palette. Well done Kristi.

  43. Kristi, I am completely blown away by these, especially the Iris Collection – wowser! I can’t afford one of the photographs, so I was hoping to learn how to make them on my own from your how-to, but I’m totally mystified by the whole process. Just had to tell you how much I love all the colorful artwork you’ve made!

  44. I know I’m way late in the game but I’ve been binge reading to catch up from taking a social internet break. Those photos are absolutely phenomenal and would make spectacular scrapbook paper!