Friday Wrapup (and My Favorite Room Of The Week)

Well, another week has come and gone, and the weekend is now upon us. I hope you have something fun planned this weekend!

I wanted to leave you with a photo of a gorgeous kitchen that perhaps you’ve seen, but I saw for the first time this week. This gorgeous kitchen belongs to Jo at Sweet Garden Cottage.

Isn’t that beautiful? I absolutely love non-standard materials used in place of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole stuff that we see used everywhere, so that island really caught my eye. And the fact that it’s worn and weathered (and even has a dent or two in the top) just adds to the charm.

Sadly, the first I heard of this blog was over on Funky Junk Interiors a couple of days ago, where I read that Jo had decided to quit blogging. Drats! Her photos are gorgeous and inspiring, and I know her readers will miss her tons.

Alrighty, you know the drill. If you missed a blog post this week, just click on a thumbnail below and it’ll take you directly to that post.


Have a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. What is that island made of? It's gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the whole kitchen. It really allows the island to shine.

  2. I think my entire house could fit into that kitchen. 😀

    Your wrapups always make me think that if I had just a bit more motivation, I could get some cool stuff accomplished around the house! You sure do get a lot done. 🙂

  3. That kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. Something you would WANT to spend time in. My favorite part is the recessed fridge!! I have never been in a house where the fridge didn't feel like it was enveloping the whole kitchen. LOVE this solution!!! Filed away in my brain… Thanks for sharing the photo!!

  4. ohhhhh, I'm loving that island, so farmhouse looking! I also LOVE how the fridge is kind of hidden, very cool!