On Today’s Agenda:: Refinish This Chest Of Drawers!!

There are few things I can think of that I enjoy more than refinishing a piece of furniture–taking an old flea market or garage sale find and turning it into something really special.

Well, today I’m taking a pretty new piece of furniture and giving it a makeover. You see, this pretty little chest of drawers was purchased for a sweet young girl for her very girly and precious bedroom.

Well, in two short years, that little girl has done some growing up, and now that sweet little girl is a beautiful young lady who wants to ditch her precious little girl’s room for something a little less girly…less flowery and pastel…and transform it into something more fit for a young lady.

So today, I will take that almost-new white chest of drawers, and give it a couple of coats of this…

…and then add some fun detail on the inset drawer panels.  Then it’ll go back in her room where the walls have been de-wallpapered and de-pastelified (yes, I’m sure it’s a word!!), and have been given a couple of coats of this…

…and the bed has been dressed with this…

via PB Teen

I’m off to find my sander!  Hope you have a great weekend!!



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  1. Have a great weekend as well, Kristi,
    Can't wait to see the result of your weekend activity.
    Paula Jo