One Project Down…593 To Go!

Okay, so maybe 593 is a bit of an exaggeration. But I’m happy to report that I was able to mark one of the projects off of my “to do” list this weekend. On Saturday, I headed south for a few hours, and finished up the Ikea KLOBO loveseat slipcover for Bailey’s bedroom.

So it went from this…

to this…

And now you can see the incredible tree that Bailey drew (freehand) and painted herself!!  

I think she did a fantastic job!  And I love that her bedroom features her own mural artwork.  It makes the room much more special and personal.

And the little three-dimensional wallflowers from Umbra add the perfect finishing touch.

I also snapped some pictures of the headboard that I helped with a few weeks back.  I helped with the tufting, and then let Bailey and her mom, Cassandra, finish up the edges and the finishing touches.

We used a slightly different process to make this headboard than the one I used to make Gwen’s tufted headboard. On Gwen’s headboard, I drilled a hole for each button, and secured each button with drapery cord threaded through the eye of the button, and then through the hole and stapled onto the back of the headboard.

On Bailey’s headboard, I used an alternative method which required a bit less work.  With this method, I didn’t drill any holes, and the tufting is secured with screws and washers rather than buttons.  Then faux “buttons” (or real buttons with the metal eye removed from the back) are secured with glue to cover the screw. 

Here’s how it looks before the “buttons” are adhered:

While this technique is definitely easier and less time-consuming than the technique I used on Gwen’s headboard, there are a couple of disadvantages.

  • First, since the screw is being screwed through the fabric, there’s always the risk that it will snag the fabric.  I’ve found it’s best not to use this technique with really thin or delicate fabrics.  
  • Second, if the screw is tightened too much into the MDF or plywood backing, it will twist the fabric and distort the tuft.  That’s generally easily fixed by letting the screw out just a tad.  
  • And last, there really aren’t any do-overs with this method.  Because the screws leave holes in the fabric, it has to be done right the first time.  There’s really no way to take out the screws, rearrange the fabric, and start over if it’s not looking right the first time.

But on to the finished product…

I love that white headboard against the dark wall!  Very dramatic…very bold.  And if you get a close look, you can see that they decided to use large rhinestones instead of buttons.  I love the touch of glimmer it adds!


They have just a couple of projects left on Bailey’s room, and then it’ll be finished.  The first project is a decoupage project for the back of the bookshelves.  The bookshelves are the first thing one sees when entering the room, so they need to be a real showstopper.

Those pictures were taken before any of the redecorating started, as you can tell by the wall color.  All of the items in the bookcases have now been removed, and have been replaced with all white items. The idea is that those all-white items will really pop against a dramatic and colorful background of beautiful multi-colored papers decoupaged on the back wall of the bookshelves.

(I’m very sad to report that the plan for the bookshelves will no longer require a custom-built home for Phoebe the chinchilla.  Poor Phoebe.)

The other project that remains is the building of a bedside table.  I had originally suggested the Trollsta table from Ikea, but that thing is tiny!  But it doesn’t look difficult to replicate, so they’re going to give it a try.

I love progress!!

Speaking of progress, I better get away from this computer and get movin’.  This is shaping up to be a super-busy week!!  Hope you have a great Monday.

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  1. Laurie, slipcovers vary depending on the piece of furniture it's going on. This particular one was the easiest, just because it's so straight and boxy…no tricky corners or curves…no fancy detail.

  2. Oooh.. I want to try to make a headboard like this for my guest bedroom so badly! How are you attaching to the wall? I'm just a little worried about the holes itd put in the wall because I'm not sure how long that room will stay a guestroom (will move to the basement whenever we have Lil ones)


  3. Kimie, the hardware that I use to hang these is called the Hangman System, and I purchase it at Lowe's.

    It holds up to 200 pounds, and requires only three regular-sized screws into the wall. If you don't screw them into studs, then you have to use regular drywall anchors (those little plastic things that you place into the drywall and then screw the screws into). To remove, just remove the drywall anchors, and you have three small holes to fill with putty. It's nothing major at all.

  4. Hey! Wanted to do the same thing for my klobo couch – wondering if you could give me an idea of how much fabric I need to use and maybe if you had a pattern I could follow – this is my first time!!!