My New (Cheap) Interior Door Idea

Do you remember about a year ago, when I shared some ideas I had about my interior doors? I said I wanted doors with frosted glass in them to let light into the hallway.

Well, in order to finish up my bedroom redesign, I’ve got to figure out this door dilemma, but I’ve just about given up my search for doors with glass. I’ve looked at Home Depot and other home improvement stores, where the doors would end up costing me over $200 each (door + trim + shims + hardware), plus the tools needed to drill the holes for the door knob. I really don’t want to have to do that.

Then I’ve looked repeatedly at ReStore, but of course finding four doors in different widths that are just alike and in good shape has proven to be an impossible task.

So I’ve moved on to a different idea. Glass is out, but I still want someething beyond the ubiquitous six-panel door. I want something different, something unexpected, something out-of-the-ordinary.

Several weeks ago, while watching Big Bang Theory (the most hilarious show on t.v., in my humble opinion!), I noticed the front doors on the apartments, and I actually really like them!

Can you imagine how easy that would be to do? I already have hollow core doors. I would simply need to adhere thin pieces of MDF on each side of the door, add some nailheads around the edge of the MDF, and the prime and paint! It’s different, it’s a little funky, and it’s incredibly easy!!

I still have about 1000 nailheads left over from my headboard project…

Unfortunately, I think they may be a bit too small. But nailheads actually aren’t too expensive, and I think the store where I bought these had some larger ones.

So what do you think? Is this a silly idea? Or is it a great idea?! I’m anxious to do something, because my current door is a complete eyesore, and my bedroom redesign won’t be complete until I take care of the door issue.

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  1. I like the idea! If it doesn't fit your style, or you just don't like it you can still change it and not have to buy a new door. I personally hate working with upholstery nail heads, no matter how hard I try, I can't get them to all lay straight. I hope you do this so we can see it! Sounds fun.

  2. Do a google search on Miles Redd. He has done his apartment with nailheads on the doors….a little more dramatic than this, but good inspiration for you! Go for it!

  3. Great idea…so outside the box.

    If it doesn't work, your not out hundreds of dollars.

    If it does work, you have a way cool door, not like others. …and we have something to copy.


  4. I don't think it's a bad idea to give it a try.
    The door from this show really looks cool.
    So what do you really had to lose if it doesn't turn out like you want it? The materials you will need aren't expensive and you would invest some of your time, but therefor you would gain on another project experience and maybe a door that you will love. Besides of that, you might win a lot of people following your instructions and them changing the look of their doors too.
    This might turn in a great opportunity of creating all kinds of great looking door designs.
    Good Luck, Kristi!
    Paula Jo

  5. I really like your idea about the door 🙂 I think it going to be totaly fab and in an old-fashioned way! I like like . Some day, when I'm older I want to work as a decorator and have my own café! have a nice day

    Kind regards
    Therese from Sweden

  6. Kristie, I tried e-mailing you but I guess what I thought was your e-mail isn't? can you please send me a plain e-mail? am trying to send you my blog's button

  7. Love this idea & the doors from the show. I think you will know after you do one door whether to do all of them or not. Will you be painting the doors a color? As one commenter said–please do a step by step with pictures!
    Sindy 😉

  8. This seems like a good idea. I'd love to see pictures after you accomplish this project!

    I'm curious what episode is this of The Big Bang Theory … was this a "Movember" thing? I love that show but I've missed it in the past few weeks.