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Orange, Black & Gray Boy’s Bedroom

If I had to choose the most challenging type of room to decorate, I would probably choose boys’ bedrooms. Sure, when they’re babies, it’s less challenging. You can put all kinds of cutesy stuff in there and they won’t care. But decorating a room for a teenaged boy…that’s a whole different challenge.

Linda at It All Started With Paint accepted the challenge, and pulled it off like a pro. She created this amazing orange, black and gray bedroom that’s perfect for a teenage boy!


There’s plenty more to see of this bedroom, including some great DIY projects that were included in the room. Head over to It All Started With Paint to see the details.

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  1. My son would love this. Not sure he would be able to keep it this tidy, though. I’ve just redone his room – and the rest of the old house we bought (pictures on my blog). He chose green, but because I was doing so much work at the time, I only allowed the kids 2 colours with no strips. Maybe in a few years I can go back to decorating the rooms one at a time. I’d love to do this.

  2. You are so right about boys rooms being hard to decorate. My son’s room has been sitting not even half done since August waiting for me to figure out what to finish up as. Linda’s room got everything right for a boy. Maybe I should just copy her ideas huh?


  3. It’s so great to see this! We have decorated my son’s room in the exact same colors.They happen to be the NASCAR Home Depot colors so we just added other accessoires that match and checkered curtains. I love the walls!