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Countertop Covered In Pennies & Epoxy

I have a confession. I’ve wanted to cover a countertop (or table top) in pennies and epoxy ever since I first saw the bar tops at Fuddrucker’s many years ago. I love the idea, the color variation, and the overall effect of pennies en masse coated with a thick layer of epoxy.

But I’ve never done this project that’s been on my “to do” list for years now, because there’s something about it that really overwhelms me. Perhaps it’s the headache of lugging all those pennies home from the bank, or maybe it’s the idea of sorting through thousands of pennies to find the best ones. More than likely, it’s the thought of mixing the epoxy and then having to deal with the air bubbles (I’ve heard talk of blow torches…that scares the heck out of me).

But Ashley at Domestic Imperfection took on this task, lived to tell about it, and has provided great instructions and tips for making an epoxied penny countertop.

How to make an epoxied penny countertop, from Domestic Imperfection

To see the details of this project, head over to Domestic Imperfection.

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  1. Wow! Kristi, it looks great. My eyes cross just imagining getting all the pennies arranged just so. Ashley did a great job. Thanks for posting it for her. Kristi, I’m your newest follower on Linky and would love to have you visit and follow me. Helen

  2. That would be so much work! It looks awesome though. I’m thinking maybe a little serving tray instead of a whole counter top. Not as much work, but still way cute!

  3. Thanks for featuring another one of my projects! You really should tackle this…if I hadn’t messed up so royally it really wouldn’t have been a hard project. Just learn from my mistakes…that should be my tagline or something, lol.

  4. Awesome. Great work. I noticed she separated the dirty pennies from the shinier ones. It kinda looks like a diagonal pattern, but maybe that’s just the way the camera hit the light. In either case, it looks good. We’re in the middle of remodeling our home in Allentown, PA with granite countertops, and I’m excited to see how it looks when we’re done. Thanks for the post!