Out of Curiosity:: Mixing Metal Finishes In A Room?

Is it okay to mix metal finishes in a room? Now here’s a topic about which designers seem to be quite divided. On one end, you have the staunch “all metals must be the same” designers, and on the other end are the “anything goes” designers.

I think I’m somewhere in between.

I haven’t always been. I used to be a staunch “all metals must match” designer myself, but I’ve relaxed on this a bit over time. In fact, in John & Alice’s bathroom, I decided to paint the faucets oil-rubbed bronze, even after I had installed new brushed nickel door knobs. I like the contrast of the silver tone with a dark brown tone.

But check out this kitchen (which I know I’ve shown you before), and pay attention to the mix of metals. I don’t think it looks bad at all! In fact, this is one of the most spectacular kitchens (and kitchen transformations) I’ve ever seen. You can see the whole before and after over on Urban Grace Interiors.

How many metal finishes do you see?  I see stainless steel appliances,
brass cabinet hardware, oil-rubbed bronze light and faucet, and even a copper mixer!


Now there are certain things that I’m definitely a stickler on, such as having all of the door handles consistent throughout a house.  But other than that, I’m definitely leaning more towards the “anything goes” side of things.  I don’t know that I’m all the way there, but I’m heading there.

So what are your thoughts?



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  1. I like the look of mixed metals, too matchy-matchy, for some reason, to me, looks cookie cutter, almost like someone left everything builder grade or did a "room in a box" kit.

  2. I am an interior designer, and for the most part commercially, metals need to match. Only because in a commercial setting, it look cleaner. However, in a home, moderation and some metal mixing is ok, but I think it depends on the metal. Some brass I would never mix with silver or an aged bronze look. It also depends on the room, and the look you are going for, and the other types of materials. Thats my take on it ; ) Not sure if thats the accepted answer, but its design….need I say more?