Please Help Me Decide What To Make

Good morning, all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Last night I started working on a project that I thought would be quick and easy. I started at about 6:00pm, and at 12:30am I was still working. By the time I went to bed at 1:00am, this is what I had…

Can you tell what my flowers are made of? If not, I’m going to keep you in suspense for just a bit longer. 🙂 (Edit: Ha! I just realized I put it in the subtitle of the post. Oh well. Pretend you didn’t see that, and pretend to be utterly amazed when I tell you later in the post what they’re made of, mmmmkay?) 😀

Here’s how this project evolved…

I’ve been inspired lately by a couple of different products I’ve seen online. The first one was this frame from Pier 1.

Shortly after seeing that frame, I saw this art piece from Joss & Main.

Each of those are described as made of “shells”, but when I saw each of them, I thought to myself that they looked an awful lot like pistachio shells.

It just so happens that pistachios are one of my absolute favorite snacks, so I started saving up my shells.

So last night, I decided to get them out and make something quick and easy with my shells. I wanted to make some sort of artwork that included one brightly painted flower on an interesting background. I felt inspired by this felt flower wall hanging from an Etsy store called BedBuggs.

My first flower only took minutes to make, but I still had loads of pistachio shells left, and I really wanted to use most, if not all, of my shells. So I decided to change course and make as many flowers as I could. Also, the more flowers I made, the more I fell in love with the natural color of the shells. I couldn’t bear the thought of covering up that beautiful natural color with all of the subtle color variances with a single color spray paint.

But then a brilliant reader on the A2D Facebook page suggested dying the flowers. (Thanks, Mary!!)  Since I still had quite a bit of fabric dye left over from this art project, I decided to get them out and give it a try.  I used four different colors, and left the flowers in varying lengths of time to try to get different shades of the colors.  It worked beautifully!  It gave the flowers color without covering up all of the natural beauty of the shells.

So now the question is…what should I do with them? When I’m finished making flowers, I should have about double the amount you see in that picture. I thought about making something inspired by this living succulent artwork from BHG.

I was set until two people on Facebook mentioned making a wreath out of them. I think that would be really pretty, too!

So what would you do with dyed pistachio shell flowers? Tell me your creative ideas! I’ll wait and see what brilliant ideas you have, and hopefully have the finished project tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got more flowers to make and dye! 🙂



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  1. A wreath is kind of predictable. I like the idea of the framed “succulent” garden. I’m sure whatever you do will be fantastic! I love this idea, too!

  2. Agree with Melissa Irvin – you can make a wreath any ole time……love the succulent picture example…..something along those lines would be new and different, a fresh spin.

  3. Great project. I also love pistachios. My only question is, what did you attach the shells to, to form the flower; and what kind of glue of adhesive???

  4. Those are so beautiful, you have a lot of patience, girl. They look so natural, just like a living succulent, are they fragile? The hanging or wreath would be equally beautiful, thought since you asked, something under a clothe or in pots to be placed in spaces where even succulents would be stressed might be another use for these clever lovelies. Around a mirror or on a frame, which is what originally got your creative juices flowing.
    I personally like them natural, they look preserved-maybe something with antlers and bones.

  5. You have the most amazingly creative mind! I am blown away by this idea … I have pistachios on my counter everyday and have never once thought about doing anything with the shells. I feel so inferior! Ha!

    The flowers are gorgeous – whatever you do with them will be Fabulous!

  6. what a crazily clever idea! love the colors too….reminds me that fall is coming 🙂

    How about freehand 3D wall art with twigs added for stems and silk leaves that can be bent outward to enhance the 3D appearance. I think velcro dots and small brad nails would work to install. I can just see this climbing up the wall of a reading vignette or cozy corner. Great conversation piece!

  7. These are truly beautiful! and so clever…I wish I had been saving all of my pistachio shells too! Love the look with the dye…so subtle and pretty. Definitely make the wall art hanging…I think it is more unique and versitile than a wreath. You are one talented, and crafty lady!

  8. Please do a tutorial on your flowers. they are beautiful and I’d be inclined to put them up here and there on a photo wall..

  9. oh, yeah — SO skip the wreath! These belong in a frame or some other type of wall art. You are AMAZING, girl! Just a month ago I was putzing about with pistachio shells for a wreath idea (nothing like this). Will send you a photo when I get enough shells to finish. Don’t you ever doubt yourself, Kristi — you’re the real deal!

  10. This is one of the most amazing projects I’ve ever seen. My hubby is addicted to pistachios. I’m now going to have to save some up to give this a try. 🙂 Megan

  11. Hello Kristi,

    Beautiful Sharing. I just love this amazing and creative pistachio shells. Kristi will you please share more details about this shells? I want to learn to make this creative and artistic thing by my own.

    Nice Sharing!

  12. Hi, I just did some of these myself..only I did pine cones, they came out super cute..I will try these next.
    🙂 very cute