Rug Options For Our Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is cold. If I had the option to do it all over again, and start our bathroom remodel from the beginning, the one major change I would make is to add heated floors to the bathroom. We live in Texas, so it has never dawned on me that heated floors are a thing I’d want or need. Our summers are very hot, our winters are generally mild and short. Heated floors seem like a waste of money in Texas.

But after working long days in that bathroom through the summer, and now into the fall, one thing I can tell you is that a room filled with that much tile in a house with a pier and beam foundation is COLD. And it’s cold no matter the time of year. The floor is insulated under the house in the crawl space, but it’s still cold.

So I thought that maybe adding a rug to the room would help. I started looking for a rug for our bathroom about a week ago, and let me tell you, the options are few and far between. I was looking for something that:

  • Had some color (neutral rugs are just not my thing)
  • Didn’t have so much color that it competed with the mural
  • Didn’t have too much pastel pink because that, combined with the wall color, could start looking like a baby’s nursery
  • Didn’t cost a fortune
  • Was very thin so that Matt’s wheelchair wouldn’t have problems going over it
  • Was made of something that cleans easily, like polyester, especially since this room will have an exterior door for a while longer, and our dog Cooper comes in and out of that door at least twice a day.
  • Was the right size to fit our 12.5-foot-wide bathroom.

I’m not picky, right? 😀

Well, finding rugs like that proved to be very challenging.

Have you ever been searching for something, and you come across the PERFECT thing, but it’s way too…something? Way too expensive. Way too big. Way too small. Way too impractical. So you keep looking, but now the selection has been spoiled because nothing will compare to that first thing you saw.

Yep. We’ve all been there. And that’s what happened with my search for the perfect rug. I found it almost immediately. I did a copy and paste so that I could see it in our bathroom. You’ll have to use your imagination and look past the mess in the room, but here it is…

Perfection in every way. The colors, the size, the pattern (except that one black thing…what is that?). I love that rug so much.

But it’s $890. It’s a one-of-a-kind overdyed Turkish rug from the 1960s. *Sigh*

Obviously, that’s absurd. There’s no way I’d spend $890 for a rug for a bathroom that my dog will track mud on when it rains. But when I continued looking, nothing else compared to that rug.

I did manage to find three more that I think might possibly work.

This first one is from Ruggable, and it’s called the Kamran Ivory Opal rug. I was disappointed that their runners are only available up to 10 feet long. I was really hoping for a 12-foot runner.

Here’s what that might look like in the bathroom. It’s a very pretty rug, and I like that it’s washable. But it’s just not me. It’s a little too neutral and traditional for my taste. It’s beautiful, but it’s just not quite what I was hoping for (because, again, the $890 rug spoiled it for me).

The second rug I found is this blush/gray rug from Wayfair. It comes in a 12-foot runner, which is perfect for our bathroom.

They don’t actually show a picture of a runner, so for my mock up, all I could do is copy and paste the large rectangle rug and manipulate the size, which distorts the pattern on the rug. But here’s the general idea…

The third rug is this Dietrick Oriental Machine Woven Rug in pink/green/blue from Wayfair. This is way more “me”. I love that it’s colorful and muted at the same time. It only comes in a 10-foot runner.

And here’s what that one might look like in the bathroom.

I’m not sure which direction I’ll go. If I had to choose right this minute, that last one is my favorite. It’s way more “me” than the other two. I wish I could purchase all three and then send back the ones I don’t want, but I don’t want to bother with packing up rugs and paying shipping to return two rugs.

Or maybe I’ll just go crazy and pay $890 for a bathroom rug. (Just kidding!) 😀



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  1. What about two smaller rugs, one for each vanity? Or take one that isn’t exactly the right size (say you find one that is 8′) and have its edges bound into two smaller rugs that just go in front each vanity. This might broaden your possibilities.

    1. A runner detracts from your beautiful bathroom. Two smaller rugs, the size of the vanities, would look so much better. I have several beautiful rugs from Company C and Evan the carpet tiles would look great, then you can make them any size you need, plus usually washable. Flor has beautiful tiles, any color!

  2. My first thought in looking at your mockups is that two shorter rugs may be a better aesthetic choice – and increase your options.

    The 10-12 ft runners kind of look like a runway and I don’t know that there’s any need for a rug in front of the dresser. The only place you stand for any length of time is in front of the sinks.

    1. Also – while I like all the rugs I think I like the Ruggable one the best because it is the most neutral and understated. I don’t think you really need to bring colour on to the floor. The neutral floor lets all the other wonderful stuff stand out and take the stage.

  3. I would look for two short runners so they could go into the washing machine. With dogs & outdoor access. It is going to get dirty & need frequent washing. My daughter got a Ruggable runner for her kitchen & is very pleased with it’s washability & depth.
    I opted for two rugs from Costco that are washable. To go beside our jet tub & in front of the sink.

  4. That last rug is the cat’s pajamas. If you squint your eyes it could easily become the background for your mural without competing with the other decorative elements – it echoes every color.

  5. That first rug really is something special, I even kind of like the random black detail! But $900 for 12 feet of rug is hard to live with.

    If cleaning the rug regularly is something you want to do, I’d consider getting two smaller rugs. I got two 11 foot runners for our house length hallway instead of one 22 foot, but they are difficult enough to move and wash that they end up staying dirtier than I’d like for long periods of time.

    1. Actually this is not a bad idea, actually it is a great idea! My first thought when I read this was that it was a tragedy to cover up those tile floors. And to be honest, a rug just really bussies up the space, even with a neutral rug. I think, two smaller rugs would be better if you really go the rug route. Even if you are used to padding around the bathroom barefooted, I still think you should seriously consider just wearing slippers.

    2. Agree. (Even tho’ I think you were kidding!) Our tile floors are cold too, but I’ve just gotten used to wearing slippers (or my fave: CROCS!) around the house. We did hardwood floors and area rugs in this house, and it’s my first time veering away from wall to wall carpets. So I was NOT used to cold floors! I wanted to do heated floors in the bathrooms, but hubs was afraid if they failed, it would be expensive to fix! We’re older, so small rugs can be dangerous for us.

    3. THIS. For real, I wear flip flops around the house constantly, so it always baffles me when people say the floor is cold. It’s just not an issue for me. A bonus is that slippers keep your feet clean!

  6. I, like you, have a large master bathroom with tile floors which are chilly year round. Instead of a large rug I bought two sheepskin rugs. One for outside the shower door and one for the floor in front of my sink which gets shoved over a bit in front of my soaker tub when needed. Hubs didn’t want a rug for his space in front of his sink. We have two little dogs and a cat who very much enjoy napping or “standing watch” on the shower sheepskin rug when I am in the room.
    The sheepskin rugs stay surprisingly clean and they are cozy on the feet. A natural material, sheepskin is mold and mildew resistant and they dry really quickly from wet feet getting out of the shower.
    I agree with another commenter who wrote that the long rug going all the way across the floor looks like a runway, plus it hides that beautiful tile you worked so hard on. Perhaps a couple smaller rugs would serve your needs best.

  7. Have you looked into carpet squares as you did for your home gym? You mentioned those being thin enough so as not to create a problem with Matt’s wheelchair. You could kind of customize your colors to suit you.

  8. It might not be too late to do in-floor heating. We have radiant heating that runs in between the floor joists up against the underside of the floor boards. It was installed after our floors and staples to the underside. If you are able to get under the room in the crawl space you could pull back the insulation and install it and then put the insulation back. Just a thought.

  9. I completely agree the runner distracts and looks like a runway. It seems to take over the room. Two rugs might be much more eye appealing & a softer look. I’m also not sure a pattern is the best option. I would consider a solid soft teal to coordinate with the mural but not fight with it. Slippers could be the ultimate solution. This room is going to be amazing!

    1. Mickey, I totally agree with your comment about the runner distracting. I’m not sure about the pattern either. Two rugs in a solid, soft color to coordinate with the mural may give far more choice and at a reasonable price. Two rugs would also be far easier to handle for cleaning.

      If no rugs, slippers/house shoes for when the weather is cooler – a far cheaper option!!

      1. Mickey and Di-
        I Totally agree on a solid color rug. Whether sheepskin or colored. And 2 smaller rugs instead of a runner for sure

  10. Have you looked at the stuff on Boutique Rugs? They have a lot of washable options that aren’t the same ones found on amazon and wayfair. I have a couple rugs from them and the quality is up to par. Also the printed chenille rugs a la Loloi (again Boutique rugs has more and different ones of this type) are thin and can be hosed off and dry in a day outside… at least in a climate that is hot and dry a lot of the year which I assume fits your town.

  11. Boy, you described my shopping experiences exactly!! I definately have champagne taste and a beer budget, so that is mostly the problem.
    You found some really great solutions though!!

  12. Ruggable rugs do not hold up. I had two. The backing that they attach to peels and sheds and leaves little black balls everyone. I would never buy another one (I had two).

    1. They’re also an aerobic workout and then some trying to align the top to the base as you get into larger dimensions. I have 3, one 7′ runner and 2 3×5 ones. I hate changing them when they need cleaning.

  13. Also look at Home Depot online or Target online. I have often been able to find the same rug I found elsewhere and both offer free shipping over certain price point and you can return to local store. I have ordered many.

  14. I agree with the comments to go with 2 rugs instead of a single runner. It would be a shame to cover so much of the tile. The Wayfair rug is my choice; the green in the third one makes me think of dried urine spots.

  15. Hi Kristi! My two cents…the Kamran Ivory Opal rug from Ruggable had the best “blending” into the decor factor of the selections and doesn’t compete with the mural at all. It is unfortunate that it only comes in a 10 ft runner but as long as it warms the space where you will walk, I would choose it. All three are beautiful and would work. I don’t envy making all these difficult choices when you just want to be done with the bathroom!

      1. I looked at the vinyl floor cloths site; they have an option to design your own. Sounds right up Kristi’s alley!!

  16. Rugs in a bathroom are unsafe and unsanitary. Tile floors are nice when cold, but just wear indoor shoes which support your feet on such hard surfaces anyhow.

  17. I say buy the rug you love and train the dog to go out a different door. After all this time, effort, money and thinking why balk now? Do it. You’ll be happiest if you do.

  18. Hi Kristi,
    Love all the options here, but I want to toss a few thoughts back to you:
    1. Is there a different place to let the pup out?
    2. Is the original rug a lifetime piece?
    I bought a ridiculous Turkish rug on my honeymoon for $1000 and I have zero regrets 7 years later. I even asked for it and got it in the divorce. Sometimes a statement piece will bring you so much joy that you should bite the bullet and go for it. You are a well-researched lady, so I think you know that a quality Turkish rug will last forever. Mine is a runner in my front hall and gets a ton of traffic, but it looks just as beautiful as when I bought it. if I have it for as long as I imagine, the cost is worth it.

  19. I have had decent luck with rugs from Target. They aren’t crazy expensive so like our house if an dog accident happens the rug can be replaced. I have also learned that our rugs last longer if I treat with scotch guard. And because our 3 year old German Shepard likes to run full speed into our kitchen I have the rugs in place with gorilla tape.

  20. We’re in GA and I didn’t spring for the heated floors either, but mostly because when they break, the whole floor needs to be replaced. I did find a great rug at our home goods. It was a bit too wide, so i took it to a rug company and had the sides cut and bound. All in, around $200 and I thought we’d wear it out and do the same thing in a few years. It’s going on 4 years now, so well worth the money. Plus if you can find a big rug there, a rug company can cut it to any size and bind out. I love custom too!

  21. I bought a long rugable runner for my hall, needed thin and washable. While I didn’t like the print I got after it arrived it was at least the right color. All good, nope. After the first wash the rug flipped up on the corners. So I used some tape there. Then trying to get it back on smoothly was a major problem and I had to have my husband help me get the rug and the pad lined up.
    Last but not least after the second wash, I found that a section of the thread binding had come off. It was a good 18-20″ with just a raw edge.
    I would in no way call this top layer a rug, it was so thin it reminded me of coat fabric. I have the rug sitting in my garage covering my antique stove. I cut up the pad because that is really good for keeping any other cotton rug in place.

  22. When I’ve had to order a very large rug, I’ve ordered a 2 x 3 in the same pattern to see if it fits my needs. If not needed it’s much easier to return. Or if I do like it, I’ve used it next to the door as a doormat.

  23. Go to your local carpet stores. Find a carpet material you like and have them cut it and bind it to your specific size. I’ve done this and I it was perfect.

  24. Don’t forget the width of the rug. I purchased rugs not too long ago and I would find perfect length, color and price point, but the width was wrong. (Especially on a rug runner 22′)

  25. Kristi, spend the money on the one that you really love. You will not be happy with anything else, no matter how much you say you like it. In the long run it will be cheaper, instead of 2 or 3 rugs later, when you have spent the equivalent trying to find something you “love.”

  26. Check out They are washable and very remarkable. And they were created for people with dogs. I have one in our entry and I’m going to order another for our kitchen. And best of all affordable.

      1. I don’t think so. The first one she really loves is the $900 one, that I doubt is washable at all. Is it Vintage 1960’s!? I have tried rugs in my bathroom before. They never seem to work out for long – and I find the best kind to be something small and washable and just for when I come out the shower to my slippers, or in front of the vanity until I put on slippers. I hang the shower one on a towel bar to dry after I use it. It stays clean for a very long time. With the dog, etc., I think it will cause problems all the time. I would hate to cover all that beautiful tile, and I agree with others on the runway look. I know Kristi will find a good solution though.

  27. I pretty much agree on the “runway” look. I too would go with 2 separate rugs. Since Matt’s in his wheelchair at his sink, he wouldn’t even necessarily need a rug for his feet, but to keep it symmetrical I’d use 2. But that’s just my 2 cents. I do like the second one best though. I know it’ll be beautiful which ever way you end up.

  28. I doubt you can train Cooper at this stage in his life. He goes where he wants, it seems to me.

    So, why make unnecessary work for yourself? Constantly having to launder what amounts to throw rugs?

    Dress your tootsies and enjoy your lovely tile floor. More sanitary, too.

  29. Kristi, I am a big fan and think that you are extremely talented plus you work miracles within that house!
    May I suggest that you do nothing at this point. Try living with it first. Once you are no longer working down on the floor so much and just using it as a bathroom, you may feel happier. Wait 6 months and then make a decision about rugs in this bathroom.

  30. Love the colors of the runners, but 10-12 feet of rug looks like a runway. I definitely agree that two smaller rugs looks best.

  31. Just my personal opinion here, but the Turkish rug is my least favorite… I dislike the bars very much. The Ruggable rug is too traditional. The blush pink and gray is my favorite. The last rug looks dirty and worn out. But I know whichever you choose will end up looking fantastic in the room! You have a great eye. 🙂