Master Bathroom Countdown To Completion (Daily Accountability Is Back)

I’ve reached that point in the master bathroom project where I need the daily accountability, and for people to hold my feet to the fire to get this thing done.

I’m at the point where I just don’t want to do anymore. I don’t feel overwhelmed, but I’m just over it. 😀 I’m ready to move on. This happens every time I hit the 90-95% mark on every single big project I’ve ever done. I hit that point, and I get bored with it, and ready to move on to something else.

That’s where the accountability comes in. I need that in order to finish this room.

Here’s where the vanity plumbing project stands as of this morning. Before the plumber came to extend the PEX for the valves so that they could be just under the backside of the vanity (and hopefully not visible anymore), I decided to remove the entire panel of drywall.

(The valves in the photo above have already been extended towards the bottom of the vanity, but because there’s no drywall holding them in place, and because those brackets aren’t really tight against the PEX, they (and especially the one on the left) keep sliding down. I’ll see if I can tighten the bracket some, but when the drywall is in place, they’ll be even and up higher where they should be.)

When he looked at it the day before, he had suggested just cutting small rectangles out of the drywall, but then those rectangles would require patching. While this looks much worse while it’s in progress, I decided to remove the base cap trim, and then cut out the entire panel of drywall. That way, now that the valves have been moved up, I can cut a whole new panel of drywall, and the edges of the new panel of drywall will be hidden once the base cap trim is put back on. That way there’s no chance of patched drywall being visible.

So that will be my main project today. But I’d also love to see just how far I can get on finishing the installation of the rest of the trim. There’s so little left to be done!

This section of wall still needs the base cap molding installed inside each of the four panels. Plus, I need to install the trim and backing for the tile accent.

And then this area around the second vanity still needs the backing and trim for the tile accent/backsplash.

If I can get the rest of the trim installed today (or at least make a huge dent in this, and possibly finish tomorrow), that will feel like a huge victory to me. This unfinished trim project has been hanging over my head for so long now, and I need to buckle down and get it done. It’s so close! SOOOOO CLOSE!!!



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  1. You will get there – and with this post, we will all cheer you on and make you do it now! It really is so close to being finished and will be the most amazing bathroom, so do it, enjoy and be proud of yourself!

  2. Maybe a reward for getting it done? Something you or Matt has been wanting for awhile? Sure, the finished room will be a reward in itself, but a little incentive often gives me the push I need to finish a project. Go for it!

  3. A few weeks ago when Matt asked you to clean up the mess everywhere you were wishing to just get the bathroom done since you had so little left to do. If you keep at it every day for a week or so you will probably get it all done. It is just a bunch of little, some big, stuff left to do. Just keep focused on the big prize, the finish! It looks so beautiful so far.

  4. Okay, I’m gonna get harsh! You have been at this bathroom for so long, and it’s honestly getting so I pop in to see what stalled you this week! So get cracking, and get this done! (Speaking as a good friend would to her good friend that she cares for deeply!!!) When you finish it, we can celebrate, and bring Matt along, because he is the most patient man in the entire solar system for waiting for this!!!

  5. I bet you have it done by Sunday Church! Great job. I have followed you since condo days & learn new things all the time.

  6. You are not alone! When we were working on our house getting it ready to go on the market, the projects were never-ending! It just feels like sooooo much there at the end because you’re tired. And tired of looking at it. When we get to that point, we call it being “D-U-N” done. Not even caring enough to spell it correctly, that’s how tired!

    So: Know you’re not alone. We’re all cheering you! And get that bathroom from D-U-N to DONE! We can’t wait to see it!

  7. Love the daily accountability! You will not only get it done you will feel great about what you’ve accomplished! Keep going!

    1. You can do this. You are so close to the finish line. We are all in your corner and can’t wait for you to enjoy all the hard work.

  8. You mentioned a while back that you had to move the tub in order to add some trim behind it. Is that still on the list or did you figure out a way to do it without moving the tub?

    1. I still have to do that. It’s not a difficult task, but it does involve removing the tub faucet and tipping the tub over onto its side. None of that is difficult, but I just need to get the room cleaned out a bit so that I have room to do that.

  9. Day 1. All tile
    Day. 2All Dry wall
    Day 3 All trim
    Day 4 paint everything that needs it
    Day 4 clean up
    You get the idea. “ I am not going to do anything else this week so I can finished”

  10. I always find that when get to the near end of anything I do, I need something to give me that extra push. What I find that works for me is removing anything and everything that doesn’t belong in the room or needed to finish. I’ll even stage the completed or almost completed areas to see my end goal. It just gives me that extra energy I need to finish.

  11. Kristi, we are trying to get things done because we want to sit back and enjoy the holidays. There are so many things you can do this year with Matt – make it a fun, active Holiday. The best way to do that is to finish that bathroom by Thanksgiving, and then start doing Holiday things, like going to Holiday shows, celebrations at church, do some fun gift shopping, and even do some crafts, making holiday decorations, and then cleaning and decorating your beautiful home to celebrate all you have done. Hopefully you can host some holiday get-togethers as well. You work so hard, it would be nice for you to have NO huge projects left this year – enough already, and enjoy your home with Matt and friends and family. I know we would all love to see your home decorated – I would love to see some of your ideas, and lots of sparkly lights to celebrate. Get it done, and enjoy the rest of the year!

    1. PS) When was the last time you guys drove around looking at the Christmas lights and decorations in your area? I forgot that – please do enjoy!