Master Bathroom Progress, Lighting Decision, And More

I started off the week strong with getting stuff accomplished on the master bathroom, but then the week with a fizzle. I don’t work on Wednesdays, and then yesterday, I had to go to the eye doctor and get my eyes dilated so she could do a thorough exam. Since I had never had my eyes dilated before, she said she wouldn’t order more contacts for me until she could do that exam. So I got there bright and early, had my eyes dilated, got the exam (everything looked perfect), and then it took literally the rest of the day (until about 6:00pm) for my eyes to get back to normal and the blurriness to go away. My eyes were so blurry all day that I couldn’t see my computer. I couldn’t see to measure and cut trim for the bathroom. I couldn’t do anything that required me to see detail up close. So I didn’t get anything done yesterday, either!! Ugh! So frustrating.

So I’ll give you a bathroom status report as we head into the weekend. I’m really hoping to get quite a bit done this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

The walls in the water closet are still underway (I shared the plan here if you missed that), and they are still at the same stage where I left them on Tuesday night. This is where my focus will be this weekend, as I hope to get the rest of the trim installed, and then get everything sanded, caulked, and hopefully painted.

Once the walls are done in there, I can start building the cabinet (which will be a separate, freestanding piece of furniture) that will go against that back wall.

I haven’t made any more progress on the bubble light. While the extra bubbles (ornaments) that I ordered did come in, I also decided to order a ceiling medallion for the light.

This is one that was recommended by a commenter on the last bubble light post (thank you, Alicia!!), and I absolutely loved it at first sight. It’s like a whimsical sun medallion, and it’s from Wayfair. I can’t wait to get it, but it won’t be here until next week. So the light is on hold until then.

Cornelius Architectural Grade PVC Pierced Ceiling Medallion

I’ve decided to keep the ceiling white, but I’m still undecided about the color of the actual light. I’ll wait until the medallion gets here, and then play around with some options. If the medallion gives enough separation between the ceiling and the light, then I’ll probably leave the light white. If I think it still needs a little pizzazz, I’m leaning towards a very light blush pink on the bubbles. But again, I’ll have to wait and see.

Moving on, all of the trim and the door on the exterior wall are painted, but the glass on the door still needs to be cleaned, and I need to install the new door knob and deadbolt on the door. Those will be black, just like on all the other doors in the house.

I’m still waiting on trim to arrive so that I can start building the vanities and the dresser that will go between them. I found a place online (Distinctive Wood Designs) that sells all kinds of trim in many different species of wood (including the walnut that I need), so that’s coming from Canada, and it will probably be another week before it arrives. Technically, I could go ahead and build the vanities before the trim arrives, and just add the trim afterwards. But for the dresser, because of the design, I need that order to come in first before I can start building.

The shower looks just like it looked the other day when I showed the finished shower to you. The shower curtain still needs to be hemmed, and until I get that done (or just remove it until it’s done), the shower is back to an unusable state.

And then on the other wall, the door leading into the home gym, as well as the casing around it, are still unfinished. All of the nail holes have been wood filled, but I still need to sand, caulk, and then paint. Once that’s done, I can cut away the plastic that’s currently covering the glass panes. (The white that you see on the glass is primer covering the plastic that protects the panes. The manufacturer covers the panes with plastic, and then sprays the primer, so that’s how the doors arrive.)

So the progress has been slow this week, but at least there has been progress! And at least I now have a direction for the water closet walls. My goal is still to have this room done by the end of June, but I better step up the pace if I’m going to make that goal!



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  1. On the eye dilation – if you find an optometrist who uses Optomap, no dilations are required. It’s a scan of your retina and the images are saved for year-to-year comparisons. I don’t think many insurance plans cover it, but it’s not terribly expensive.

    1. Wow Michelle…thanks for that info…I might go that way next time, as I HATE the blurry eyes for the rest of the day too…all I can do is lay down because it drives me crazy, and I can’t see to do anything anyway…it definitely kills the day!

    2. Optomap is great! My 96 year old mother just had her eye exam using it and it made it so much easier. She uses a walker so having dilated eyes would have been a huge liability for her.

  2. Yup – I learned the hard way to make eye doctor appointments later in the afternoon. Otherwise I loose a whole day!

  3. Oh Kristi, I totally hate that too…I always lose a whole day, and am annoyed as well! Have a great, productive weekend…everything is getting so exciting! Your choices have been wonderful!

  4. It is already so beautiful! I think if it is up to you, it will be done by the end of June, but in this crazy world, something out of your control may cause delays! I love how that doesn’t derail you.

  5. With that amazing work bench you made, sewing the shower curtain should be a breeze. You are so talented!

  6. Have you looked at iridescent glitter paints for the bubble light? I was thinking about how bubbles are iridescent and checked online. There are all sorts to choose from, i.e. Plaid Mod Podge Iridescent Acrylic Sealer – Iridescent, Gloss, 8 oz described as “The light-reflective pigments display a full spectrum of colors in changing light”.

  7. I’ve had 4 eye surgeries in the last two years, and have had my eyes dilated many times. Here’s where we’re all different. My eyes are only blurry the first few hours after dilation. (And not every time) My last surgery was to correct a “macular pucker” so I had to wear a patch for 24 hours after that, then only sleep in the patch the first week. As long as I have my dark glasses, I’m usually good to go.