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Simple Fall Flower Arrangement

When it comes to quick and simple decorating, I love a good vase-in-vase flower arrangement.  Here’s one that I made last night, inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest.

fall flower arrangement 5

The inspiration for this project originally came from this simple hurricane vase idea from My Heart’s Desire that I spotted on Pinterest.

hurricane filled with beans peas corn and candle for fall from my hearts desire blog

Using that idea, I decided to use my double-vase to create a similar effect.  What I love about the double vase arrangement is that the possibilities are virtually limitless.  If you’ll remember, I made this retro-inspired arrangement with black, white, and red sand for Julia’s kitchen to sit on her table for the pictures.

The only challenge with this project is actually finding two vases that are the correct sizes, where one will fit inside the other and still leave enough room between them to insert decorative items.  I thought they would be easy to find.  I was wrong.  In fact, I had to tape spray paint lids to the bottom of the inside vase so that it would be tall enough.  It doesn’t look pretty, but it doesn’t show at all in the finished arrangement.

fall flower arrangement 1

With my vases slightly altered, the fun began.  I started with pinto beans just because I already had them on hand.  I wish now that I had used the red beans since they have more color in them.  I also wish I had swapped out those yellow beans (can’t remember what they’re actually called) for yellow popcorn.  Again, the color in popcorn is much more vibrant.  Oh well.

Anyway, I just layered the beans in the space between the vases…

fall flower arrangement 2

And kept going until it was filled all the way to the top of the vase…

fall flower arrangement 3

Then I put some water in the center vase, and filled it with some flowers in fall colors.

fall flower arrangement 4

It really can’t get much easier than that!

fall flower arrangement 5

Have you done a vase-in-vase arrangement?  What types of decorative items did you use between your vases?



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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I always wondered how they got the flowers to stay together as well as being watered at the same time! I have the single vase arrangement you've pictured on my entryway table. I've gotten lots of compliments! I'll definitely have to try the double-vase arrangement.

  2. Thanks for that great idea.  I bet you could use pebbles or marbles also, to get almost any colors you want!

  3. I just threw away all of my old beans….I should have know better.  Thanks so much for the simple tutorial.

  4. I just recently did this project as well, using Candy Corn for Halloween. However, I love the idea of using beans through the rest of Autumn, great post!

  5. Looks stunning and fun to do. What did you use on the black and red one? I really like your ideas and check in every morning from Northern Canada just to see what's happening.

  6. Thank you, Gwen!  The black and red one is made with sand.  I found decorative sand in about ten different colors at the craft store. 

  7. I love your vase in vase, but if you use fresh flowers you can't then dump the water or take the inside vase out without ruining the design in the outside vase right? OK, I know…. I know… playing devil's advocate here but was just wondering?

    1. What IF… you used a turkey (meat) baster to remove the water, then a paper towel to remove remaining water or the pump from a spray bottle.. worth a try..

  8. Love using pantry items in glassware to decorate! This turned out beautifully– I've done something similar with coffee beans, white beans, and split peas (love the smell of the coffee beans) and a juice glass inside another vase to hold the flowers.  You're all set for Thanksgiving now! 🙂

  9. Beautiful simplicity! I think I know what to put in the vases on my mantle for Thanksgiving now. I found you through Tatertots and Jello. THanks for sharing!

  10. I love the fall arrangement. What size vases were used? Thanks for sharing!! Love the website it is awesome DIY!

  11. ?best place to shop for vases that fit inside other vases. I want to put the water on the bigger vase with flowers and a candle in the smaller vase for the center. Saw something on Amazon but it was not big enough (only 6 inches high). Could be square but would rather have round or cylinder type.