The Evolution Of My Ceiling

Good morning and happy Monday to you!! I hope you had a fantastic and restful weekend. Mine? Meh…

I don’t think that there are words in the English language that would adequately describe how very tired I am of working on my kitchen and breakfast room ceiling. I’m pretty sure that I’ve spent more hours on a ladder in the last week-and-a-half than I have in all of my life cumulatively up until that point.

I seldom have the thought enter my head that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. But with this project, that crossed my mind several times. Actually, what I’ve thought is more along the lines of…I’ve bitten off more than I WANT to chew.

Of course, it didn’t help that I took a major detour and added hours and hours of needless work when I decided that I wanted to see how the ceiling looked stained. And then I added even more hours by dry brushing the entire ceiling…TWICE.

So let’s review:

I started off staining the ceiling with the same stain I used on my butcherblock countertops…but it looks a hundred times darker on the ceiling.

So then I dry-brushed the ceiling with some white paint…

That lightened it up some, but it was still too dark. So I dry-brushed the entire thing a second time…

That lightened it up quite a bit, but I was still undecided. At times I would look at it and absolutely LOVE it. Other times, I didn’t like it at all.

So after putting it to a vote last Monday, the vast majority of you decided that it needed to be A WHOLE LOT lighter. So now, after hours and hours of painting those cracks with a 1-inch brush…TWICE…and then rolling on two coats of paint, my ceiling looks like this…

Oh yeah…I really like this. But as you can see, I still haven’t finished the trim work. Uugghhh!!! Yes, with all of my detours, I definitely bit off more than I want to chew on this one.

The moral of the story…if you’re working on a really large-scale project, and you have a great plan, stick with that plan!!!  Save the detours and the tests and the “Hmmm…I wonder what would happen if I…” type of thoughts for your smaller-scale projects, or when it’s said and done, you may never want to climb a ladder or pick up another paint brush ever again.



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  1. I really like that, too!! I am so glad you finally got your ceiling completed, and that you are completely satisfied with it. Now you can get that trim finished up, and forget about the ceiling! 🙂
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Love it!!! Just wondering…can you tell that the sheetrock was uneven? It looks fine in the picture.

  3. I think if people were LOOKING for unevenness, they would see it, but I really think you'd have to know it was there in order to see it.

    And yes…my neck is SORE!!!! 😀

  4. I am so glad you finished painting your ceiling! It looks soooo great! I am in the process of scraping the popcorn off my ceilings. Wow what a mess! Why did anyone ever think that looked good. I want to do your wood treatment to my kitchen ceiling so I can avoid scraping! Plus I need to move some electical boxes so that would hide the holes. I think I will paint my wood before installing so I won't have to kill my neck!

  5. Haha! Your post made me laugh because I have the same affliction. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl, so I want to see the finished project pronto, even if that means sidelining the whole of the project to peek at a portion. Your ceiling looks fantastic! Now you have a good excuse to go get a massage :).

  6. Kristi, great job on the ceiling, I feel your pain! It looks so refreshing, yet cozy and charming! I check your blog daily I love it, and find it and YOU so interesting; it inspires me! Thanks, Maryellyn

  7. OH MY Kristi….it was worth all the work. Now you know for SURE that this is the best option for your kitchen. Just think how much you have learned for future client projects.

  8. What everyone else has said…it looks AMAZING!!! I don't envy you the work, but I sure envy you the gorgeous ceiling. 😀

    You truly are an inspiration!

  9. Wow and again WOW! We had popcorn ceilings in our old house so I know the nightmare of ceiling decorating but so worth it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Kristi, great job on the ceiling, I feel your pain! It looks so refreshing, yet cozy and charming! I check your blog daily I love it, and find it and YOU so interesting; it inspires me! Thanks, Maryellyn