The Final Month, The Final Push

It’s December 1st. It hardly seems possible, but here we are. In this final month of the year, I want to do my very best to finish the year with a strong push towards getting the home gym finished.

Now if you’re wondering, “Wait. What about the bathroom?” don’t worry. I’ll be showing you the finished bathroom just as soon as I can. I still need to do some paint touchups, hem the shower curtains, and put the privacy film on the bathroom door. And then there’s this…

That would be Matt’s vanity mirror, which is now broken in to six pieces. Ugh!! Thank goodness it’s mounted on a thick cardboard backing, or it would be in even more pieces all over the floor.

I was trying to take the mirror out of the frame so that I could paint the frame, and even though I tried my best to be as careful as possible, it had been put into the frame using so much caulk that it just snapped like a twig. In hindsight, I wish I had just taped off the mirror to paint the frame, but after my mirror came out of its frame pretty easily, I figured his would, too.

So now I have to take this to the local glass shop and get this mirror recut, and with its custom shape, I’m sure that won’t be a one-day turnaround. So it’s looking like it’ll have to be next week before I can get the mirror, take all of the pictures, edit the pictures, and share the whole before and after (and in between) bathroom with y’all.

Anyway, there’s no use crying about it. Stuff like that is bound to happen every once-in-a-while, so it’s not a huge deal. In the meantime, I plan to finish up those last two or three remaining items, and then turn my attention to the home gym.

Our poor home gym. 😀 For months and months now, it has been used as a storage room for all of the bathroom materials and as a workshop where I use my miter saw to cut everything and build the vanities and storage cabinet. So now it’s time to get all of that cleared out and picked up, because as of this moment, it looks like the aftermath of a storm.

So here’s what I still need to get done in the home gym before I can call this room finished:

  1. Clean out the room.
  2. Finish the trim along the ceiling (the small trim that I opted for instead of crown molding).
  3. Finish the door and window trim (still needs to be sanded, caulked, and painted).
  4. Finish installing hardwood flooring in the closet area.
  5. Vacuum the entire room, floor to ceiling, to get all of the sawdust off of everything.
  6. Paint touchups on the wall.
  7. Paint the door.
  8. Install the foam gym flooring.
  9. Build the Swedish ladder (which will go against the wall where the wide teal stripe is between the two windows).
  10. Buy or build a storage cabinet for the closet (will be used for Matt’s gaming area).
  11. Buy a TV and hang it on the wall in the closet.
  12. Add shelves to the closet area.
  13. Install the ceiling fan.
  14. Install recessed lighting in the closet area.
  15. Hang curtains (I decided to go ahead with the sheer curtains that I purchased for this room).
  16. Hang the mirrors on the wall.
  17. Move in the rest of the gym equipment.

I don’t have any expectation that I’m going to finish every single thing before the end of the year, especially considering that I usually take off the week between Christmas and New Year (that’s when I get all of my cheesy Christmas rom-com watching done 😀 ).

But I’d love to make a real concerted effort to get as much done as possible over the next three weeks, and cross off as many of those items from the list as possible so that I can start the new year off with a room that’s easy to finish.

And then I can get on with the room that many of us are anxious for me to finish — my studio.

So there’s still quite a bit to be done in in this rooml, but I’m definitely on the downhill slide towards the finish line. All of the really challenging things — those striped walls, installing the window trim, etc. — are done. Of all the project left to do, the most difficult one will be building the Swedish ladder, but I’ve gone over those building plans so many times in my head that I don’t anticipate that project being a problem.

I think once I get this room cleaned out, that will motivate me to get busy in here and get all of these remaining projects finished. How nice it will be to have a finished, usable master bathroom AND a finished, usable home gym!

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  1. You go girl!!! Soooo close.
    I wish I could hem your shower curtain for you. And any other panels that need hemming. I live in China Spring.

  2. Coming around the bend with the Master Bath, and even finishing up some things in the Gym. That is Kristi! I sure do wish I had your energy. I will be lucky to deep clean the house/decorate/and get ready for company. Forget big projects! Next year on everything around here! Don’t forget to get out with Matt to shop, and look at lights one evening…and go to any Holiday shows nearby – have some fun too! Best Wishes, and I’m excited for the big reveal very soon.

  3. Kristi…can you post the link to click on that shows how you created the walls in your gym? I love that look.

  4. Wow! I think you’re amazing, getting all this done so far. Love the stripes. So look forward to seeing the finished rooms.

  5. I, too, have broken more than one mirror while trying to remove or replace it in the frame 😡. Stuff happens. The stripes in the gym are a true mood lifter. The finished master bath will so beautiful. Well done.

  6. Are you planning to put anything on the windows to block people watching you excercise–this is the front on your house, isn’t it?

  7. I just love those colorful striped walls. A happy place you will enjoy.

    The finished bathroom and then, drumroll—what I have been waiting for—-the studio!

  8. Way to go, Kristi! Keep pushing on to get more done now so to enjoy the rom-com break even more! Right there with ya’!

  9. Reading over your list of things to do in the gym, what came to mind was to focus on the room details and leave the Swedish ladder to last. So is you didn’t get the ladder done by year end, you still would be able to have the satisfaction of a finished room. And only a single carpentry project left. Very inspiring.

  10. Sorry to hear about the mirror set back, but very exciting that you only have a short list to complete to reach the Finish Line!
    The home gym – you’ve already been working out in there!! I’m sure your projects are physically demanding so in a way, you’re already getting physical in the unfinished space! (I’m a silver lining kinda gal)
    You’ve worked so hard this year to reach your goals. Be very proud of what you have accomplished and use that for this last push around the bend. We are all cheering you on and looking forward to celebrating with you (virtually and in comments) I have to say – I have never been so excited and fascinated with a bathroom in my entire life! 😀

  11. I cannot wait to see the bathroom, and you’re right….some thing is bound to happen at some point where you can’t do anything but get it fixed and move on.

    The gym list doesn’t look too awful, honestly. I think really your biggest hurdle is going to be clearing the room out again and doing that clean that needs doing before you can move on to everything else. While you may not be able to complete it by the end of the month, I do think you could probably make some really good headway!

  12. I am in total suspense! I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!!!!! Will it be the Kristi groupies’ Christmas Eve gift?

  13. Kristi,
    Your home is gorgeous. I look the color in each room. I can’t wait for that home gym to get finished. You are almost at that finish line I am cheering you on. Have you thought about working through the one week to just get it done and then taking two whole weeks off. Starting back to work week three in January on the next project, just a thought.

    Merry Christmas