My Inspiration & Plan For A Colorful Home Gym

In my last post, I shared with you the plan for the layout of our home gym that I’m currently working on. If you missed that, you can get caught up here…

While I had the layout pretty clear in my mind, I wasn’t so clear about how I actually wanted to decorate the room. Colorful? More subdued? Most of you seemed to agree that our home gym should be colorful. I was hoping y’all would say that! After looking at so many home gyms online, and seeing that most of them were very neutral and almost void of any color at all, I knew that I probably wouldn’t be happy with that kind of colorless room in our home.

So I went to the place where I always go for inspiration — my Instagram account where I have saved probably 300+ colorful rooms for inspiration. And I started scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, to see if one particular photo caught my eye for inspiration.

And sure enough, one did — this ombre rainbow fence from At Home With Ashley.

I have loved this fence ever since she revealed it on Instagram over a year ago. And in fact, her whole bright and colorful house is amazing and inspiring to me.

So I think I’m going to use this inspiration as a jumping off point for our home gym. The colors I end up with will probably be a bit different, but I want them to be equally as light and colorful.

I have a vision in my mind of how I might want to implement this idea in the home gym, and while I tried to do a mock up using my photo editing, my mock up leaves a lot to be desired. 😀 But if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’re familiar with my sad little mock ups, and you’re used to having to kind of squint, tilt your head, and use a whole lot of imagination to see my vision. This is no different.

Anyway, when you walk into the room, the far wall will be where the Swedish ladder is. Since that already has a horizontal stripe design on its own, I want that wall to be a solid color so that the finished wall doesn’t look too busy and chaotic. And then I want the side walls to be the ombre rainbow stripe design with vertical stripes. (The hallway has horizontal stripes, so I want vertical in this room.)

painted wall plan for home gym

Now my big decision is whether I keep the ceiling white, which feels like a very safe option to me, or carry the stripes onto the ceiling. If I keep the ceiling white, that might look something like this.

mock up - ombre rainbow wall with white ceiling

I did this quickly, and those colors are way more saturated than the ones I’ll probably end up using in the room. (Again, go back to Ashley’s gorgeous fence to see what I’m aiming for.)

And please keep in mind that the actual wall won’t have any black stripes on it. Those black stripes were just necessary for my sad little mock up so that I could fill in the blank areas with color and the fill would have a stopping point.

So again, squint, tilt your head, and use your imagination to see what I see. 😀 No black lines and colors that aren’t quite so saturated, but you get the general idea. I would imagine that I’d end up with stripes that are somewhere between eight inches and twelve inches wide, depending on the number of colors and the width of the room. So they won’t be tiny little stripes that make a person dizzy upon entering the room.

But here’s the real question. Do I play it safe and just keep the stripes on the walls? If I do that, I’ll install crown molding in the room and paint the ceiling pure white, just like I’ve done in almost every other room of the house (except the music room, hallway bathroom, and my studio). I do love crown molding and a pure white ceiling. But again, this is the safe option, and if there’s any room in the house where I could get a bit crazy (other than my studio bathroom), it would be a home gym, right?

So the other option is to carry the striped design on the ceiling. They would be continuous stripes up one wall, onto the ceiling, and down the opposite wall.

Again, you have to squint, tilt your head, and use your imagination here. And remember, there will be no black lines, and the colors won’t be this saturated. The stripes will be between eight and twelve inches wide. So this looks way busier than the actual end result would be. But this will give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

mock up - ombre rainbow wall with striped ceiling

I mean, I kind of want to go for it. 😀 And I know (probably better than anyone) that it’s just paint, and if I don’t like it, I can paint over it. But this would be some tedious and backbreaking work to do the ceiling as well. But I think it would be fun and exciting, and I just have this feeling that the result would be worth the effort.

What do you think? Can you picture it in softer colors and without the black lines in your mind’s eye? Do you think I should go for it? Or keep it safe with crown molding and a pure white ceiling?



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    1. Going with the stripes on the ceiling would be an overload for me. I think it just would be too much. I think your gym is a place that I would want to be a little relaxing as well.

      1. You should go for it! Knowing that it will be much like Ashley’s colors – happy and vibrant, yet easy on the eye – and no black outlines, it would be energizing and uplifting in the workout room! What could be better than being totally surrounded by the colors you love done so creatively – and you’re only talking two opposing walls and all or part of the ceiling! I still think it would be cool to create an optical illusion of height with how you paint the stripes on the ceiling! Just two triangles – their peaks meeting in the middle of the ceiling – a light right at that spot would be an awesome focal in a room that is pretty assymetrical- could bring the balance and a place to look to focus while you workout! Play around with how you might do the stripes up there – USE the stripes in a way to create the space and movement illusion you desire…

        1. Yes do it! In decorating my whole house at the moment and at least 3 rooms are destined to have coloured ceilings. The world needs more colour

        2. I’d go for a solid color, though not necessarily white. With the ceiling painted in stripes, it looks like a long narrow tunnel to me, especially with the color gradation.

          1. Yes Victoria! That is also what I was thinking! The”plain” walls aren’t going to be white, maybe carry THAT color to the ceiling?

      2. I love your decision to have gorgeous colors instead of boring neutral. When exercising you want to feel invigorated, not tired and unmotivated. Color and music makes you feel alive. Go for it, ceiling and all.

    2. You COULD do the tent style with the stripes coming from each corner on the walls with stripes and narrowing to a meeting point somewhere in the center of the room – perhaps that might be a centered ceiling light if there is one…so, like triangle of stripes with the points of the opposite sides meeting in the middle – might add the illusion of a pitched/gabled ceiling!

      1. I was skeptical until I saw your mock-up, then totally changed my mind! I think it will be a fun, energetic and happy space! Go for it, can’t wait to see it!

        1. I totally agree Deborah! I thought stripes on the ceiling would be crazy busy. But after squinting my eyes and tilting my head (lolol) with the soft pastel colors, I think this would be totally worth the effort. Sorry in advance for your poor back Kristi!

  1. Not on the ceiling. This is a gym. Think about the function of the room. Doing anything balance oriented you need to be able to pick a spot to focus on your balance. This , although fun, is not a good idea for a gym.

    1. I think the ceiling would be too much. Why not do the walls first and see how you like it,and if you are still yearning for a stripes ceiling do it later?

        1. I like the solid ceiling idea using on of the colors from your color pallet. Sometimes a white ceiling can be jarring and spoil the mood you are going for. In this case, the stripes lead your eye up then Bang! your eye hits the white ceiling.

        2. Not a fan of white ceilings anywhere! Also if done that way, would the crown molding be white as well as the ceiling? If so, I don’t think it gives it enough color variation to be appreciated.

    2. I can’t figure out how to leave a standalone comment, sorry for the reply!

      I would paint the walls first, then decide!

  2. Before I even got to your ceiling ideas, I was thinking it would be fun to have the stripes go across the ceiling, as pastels wouldn’t he overwhelming but totally fun.

  3. I love the ombre, but I just want to comment that you told us many times that Matt gave you a free hand with the decorating, but he asked for ‘no pink walls’. You might want to go more to the cool side of the color wheel.

  4. To my eye, the ceiling stripes visually lower the ceiling and are dizzy-fying. How about picking one of the stripe colors for the ceiling?

        1. I felt this way too – like the effect they used to use in space movies for entering warp speed.

          I love the idea of choosing one of the colors for the ceiling!

    1. My only question is where are you going to have mirrors for checking form….and think about that may factor into the effect of the stripes.

    2. Agree w/Elle…. even trying to ignore the black lines….I too feel that solidly continuing the rainbow across to the opposite side, brings the ceiling down over your head…. without giving this a lot of thought….. since you will be making a rainbow how about trying a fade of the rainbow colors approaching the ceiling…. and as far as getting the ceiling “involved”…. how about a pale blue base with a few very subtle fluffy clouds…. maybe a wispy glimpse of the rainbow peeking thru the clouds…….. perhaps a wee bird here and there……. too much…hmmmm maybe… but it may give you that clear happy day feeling every time you enter….no matter what’s happening outside. You have so much talent it would be a most wonderful opportunity and fun challenge.

    1. I would stay with a white ceiling the stripes make me dizzy but I think you will go for it and make your decision afterwards.

    1. I agree, although a fab idea it would be very disorienting if you are moving a lot which you would be in a gym. You would get dizzy!

    2. Agree. Ceiling looks lower and gives a dizzy feeling to the room. Add mirrors and the reflected stripes will send the most balanced person on a dizzy spell.

  5. If you do an ombre effect, are you going to tape off your stripes or blend them into the next color? You are going to have to channel Michelangelo for that ceiling if you do something real exacting with tape but I wonder if you could roll it and let it blend a bit ? I am a personal trainer and love your ideas for the home gym. All I would add is a stability ball and mats and you will have a wonderful functional and beautiful workout space!

    1. I hadn’t planned on blending them. I really like the stripe effect on Ashley’s fence.

      I was looking at stability balls and bosu balls online the other day. I feel very out of my element because I’ve never used either of those before. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know your thoughts!

      1. I use stability balls in many ways to strengthen core and balance while doing free weights and just weight bearing exercises. For your height you need the smallest one, a 55cm or even smaller if you can find one. They are cheap and very multi purpose. The Bosu is expensive and hogs more space for what you are realistically going to use it for. I recommend an Airex pad for balance progression. The Bosu is great training for skiers especially, but there’s lot of balance to develop more safely before you need a Bosu. I can share more if you want when you are all set up.

      2. Bosu balls – I’m not a fan of them, but then again, I’m getting (AM?) up there, and have a shoulder problem, and an ankle problem on the opposite side (rolling eyes). And curiously, they got rid of all the stability balls at the gym I still belong to, but haven’t been to in almost a year – not sure why, as I DO think they have value. But don’t get me started on medicine balls (REALLY rolling eyes!) I know they have their value, and I’ve used them, but I’m not a fan! LOL!

  6. Love the ombre stripes but I would keep the ceiling plain but in a pastel color. The stripes make me feel that the ceiling is low. Maybe it’s because I loved the picture of the fence but what was your thinking about having vertical not horizontal stripes?

    1. I was thinking that (1) I already have horizontal stripes on the adjoining hallway, and (2) I really like the look of a continuous stipe going up one wall, across the ceiling, and down the other wall. But that’s only an issue IF I do stripes on the ceiling as well. If I go with a white ceiling, then the only issue is that I have a horizontal striped hallway. In my mind’s eye, it seems like it would be a bit much to have two areas right next to each other that both have horizontal striped walls. Right? Or no?

  7. Do it!!!!!

    Truly if it makes you dizzy etc. You add crown moulding and paint it one if the stripe colours

  8. I don’t mind the stripes. What came to my mind is the difficulty to have them really straight and well done on the ceiling. You are amazing in what you do so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  9. How about the green on the ceiling instead? I don’t think it needs to go white. The other option would be wherever your lightest ombré colour is.
    I agree with Carla about needing to be able to balance and focus on a spot. But it depends on the type of exercise you do.

    1. Not a fan of the stripes on the ceiling. However putting a pastel color on the ceiling makes sense. Having a cool color like a green on the ceiling would be refreshing.

    1. Just paint? It’s taping and measuring and if you don’t like it it’s hours of wasted time! I wish Matt was considered more in these decisions!

      1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Unbelievable comment! I have seen a lot of shitty remarks towards Kristi’s decorating over the years but this one takes the cake. Enjoy eating your cake!

  10. You always have amazing vision, I think it would be amazing to have a room like that for a gym. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear ‘home gym’ is ugly machines, no colour, utilitarian, all very unpleasing to the eye. Obviously without the black stripes and with thicker widths of softer colour, I can’t imagine a more happy, beautiful room… the equipment would just be accessories instead of main features. It won’t be dizzying the way you want to do it, listen to your heart and go for it <3

  11. White ceiling, crown moulding! Don’t overthink! Remember all of the other things you could do instead in other rooms.

  12. You might want to consider the square interlocking mat pieces for the floor in places that could get dinged, not the whole floor. Amazons are cheapest and reviewed as the best. You could get whatever you need for less than $40

  13. I think the white will keep the room lighter and brighter with better energy. I’m loving the idea of the vertical stripes so that will be amazing, for sure.

  14. I think the all white ceiling would suit me better. I was wondering about Matt’s eyes that he mentions occasionally. Would they have problems with all the stripes?

    1. I asked him about it, and he said that doing the wide stripes in more subtle colors wouldn’t bother him. He said that thin stripes in saturated colors wouldn’t work for him, which is perfect, because I think that would be too much for me as well.

  15. I’m not a fan of the striped ceiling. The mock up made me think of those optical illusions where the room feels like it’s coming in on you. I agree with some of the other comments that suggest choosing one of your lightest colors to go on the ceiling.

  16. Go for it. Like you said, it is just paint. If you hate it, makes you dizzy, makes you think you are in a kaleidoscope, then paint over it. If you paint it white first, you will always wonder if the stripes would have worked and the job will be bigger trying to line up stripes later.

      1. I like that! Stripes would be disorienting to me personally. I am reminded of the experiments done with cats kept in a kennel with horizontal stripes and then moved to a room with vertical stripes. They fell over.
        I did my porch roof in haint blue and was worried it would be strange here in the north, but it it so lovely! It is uplifting and calming.

    1. I was also thinking of the haint blue ceiling BUT what if you only had the colors repeat once from the wall on the left across the ceiling to the wall on the right like a rainbow?… with the back wall green and other back ground walls a soft color and the ceiling haint blue?

  17. I love the idea of the stripes and of the stripes going onto the ceiling! I do feel like doing that to most of the room is a bit much, though. What if you chose a section and carried it across the ceiling to the other side and painted the remaining walls and ceiling a complimentary color? Sort of mimicking the modern slats that are becoming popular now?

  18. Because of all the work involved in masking and painting the ceiling, and since it is “just paint”, why not do it the opposite, paint the ceiling white or the color of the back wall and if you don’t love it then do the striped ceiling. Just a thought.

  19. Love this! So energizing. What if you wrap some of the colors onto the ceiling but stop part way? So a kind of overflow for some? May get the look you want without it being to overwhelming? You always figure out what you love!

  20. I really hate to see you redo another room; remember the kitchen floor stripes? If you want to add color to the ceiling I think Sarah Richardson’s use of pale blue on ceilings nearly always works. To be frank I think the stripes on the ceiling, no matter how pale, would be nauseating. I’d go for a pale color or white w/ white crown. Additionally, have you considered another pattern like soft waves? Sherry @ Young House Love did her daughter’s room that way and also her son’s room in the hombre. Can’t wait to see it!

  21. I love this room AND the striped ceiling. But if you think it might cause a balance issue how about painting the ceiling the lighter green that I see in the stripes. Then pick every 3rd or 4th colour stripe to continue across the room. I hope that’s clear as mud😂

  22. Try the stripes. Start at one end. You may decide that doing the whole ceiling in stripes is too much and stop. Then you could pick the color of the next stripe for the rest of the ceiling. Or you might love it and continue the stripes on the whole ceiling. I agree with Matt that wide stripes are better. Maybe vary the stripe width? And if you go with a solid color on the ceiling use a color other than white so the transition isn’t so glaring.

  23. On the ceiling too makes me dizzy! You can have too much of a good thing. It would be very difficult to do the ceiling too. Keep it on the walls for the WOW factor.

  24. Wow. I’m in the more pastel color stripes, and white ceiling camp. It would be colorful and fun to go into, but not dizzying and a bit stressful. That fence is beautiful and anything close to it would be very nice – as someone else said as well, cooler tones would also be sweet. The ceiling will seem very close to your head with the stripes I think. I have some issues with vertigo, and that ceiling would do me in! 😂 Don’t forget, this room will be for moving – motion, and your brain will be on overload with that ceiling! Are you doing the whole wall in stripes or just a section with one color for a base? You want some “air” above you as well! I think it will be a room you will love to go into, and get some exercise. I know you will design something wonderful!

    1. I agree with Joan. The inspiration fence is beautiful because it is mimicking the colors of a desert sunset. At least, that is what it looks like to me.

  25. Ooooh the whole time I was looking at this, I kept thinking that you needed a “sky” ceiling! Maybe a blue ceiling????

  26. I LOVE what you want to do with this room! As for the ceiling….what about a compromise? Take some of the stripes up onto the ceiling, but not all of them. Maybe don’t even take them all the way across the ceiling, but stop at different lengths, similar to what Savannah from Classy Clutter did on their homeschool room wall.

    1. I love this and even the colors, although brighter than you were going for. I could even use any of your chosen colors to paint an accent wall. Or perhaps use the same process in different ways (horizontal) on different walls of the room. Perfect example of less is more.

  27. I LOVE the ceiling done too. I always love seeing your bold fin colors. PLUS if you don’t like it you can always paint over the ceiling easy enough 🙂

    1. I like the stripes on the ceiling but I really love the idea that Regi had — to stop the stripes randomly on the ceiling, from both sides of the room. If you don’t pull the stripes on to the ceiling I’d vote for a haint blue color.

  28. I actually had a chance to ask my husband about this and his reaction was that he would feel “trapped” in the room with the stripes across the ceiling. He didn’t mind the one with the white ceiling as much, but the same stripes horizontally didn’t bother him at all, with or without the crown molding. To him, the stripes across the ceiling made the room feel like a room in a carnival (like the hall of
    mirrors). But, like you said, it’s just paint.

  29. Just go for it! When you’re on your yoga mat, what do you want to see looking up? it will give you a jolt of happiness.

  30. What about a light blue or pink or lavender ceiling or whatever color you have in your striped wall, only the lightest version? Seems like the striped ceiling would be really busy and closed-in feeling.

  31. Would the stripes have to go all the way across the ceiling? Or could they go up and over, maybe making a sort of faux tray ceiling? Or a jagged fence line? This is an active space … I say to take a few chances and let it be a happy place.

  32. Go for it ceilings and all. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun. I don’t like to exercise but I might start to like it if I had a gym like yours. If your husband will be using the gym do you think it would affect him. If not GO FOR IT!

  33. So fun and crazy! Maybe some colorful trim and crown to top off the wall and keep the ceiling neutral.

  34. Odd idea, (plus way to hide addtl. structure for a punching bag) why not just do a fake out tongue and groove ceiling, (2 or 3) boards per stripe, but with planks. Or like your main bath, strip down strips to the size you want. Then you really capture the texture. Paint the ceiling white, I’d pre install 2×3’s where you need it paint those white (to reduce lines), and install the strips to that? Or is the room to long to do well and the seams work out?

  35. White with crown molding sounds good to me. Second choice would be end wall color brought up to ceiling which might be more playful.

  36. Funny, Kristi, yesterday I was strolling along in Pinterest-land and saw some ideas like the one you showed us. Then, your post came today.

    Love the idea of the quieter wider stripes to add a bit of flair to that room. I think a striped ceiling would be a bit much while a pastel one would be fun. More to be considered than just aesthetics or form over function. Matt’s take on the final plan would seem to matter most.

    An interesting project, for sure.

  37. I always love what you do, but stripes on the ceiling is a little too circus like, and will visually lower the ceiling.
    Jazz up the walls, but my vote is for a white ceiling.

  38. Go for color on the ceiling! A home gym is the perfect place to try something crazy. And I think it looks more cohesive to have the color travel across the ceiling. You are never one to be afraid to say I don’t like it and do it over. That would be a lot of work, but better than working out every day thinking to yourself, I wish I went for it with color on the ceiling.

    1. I agree with this so much! Kristi, this is your home gym! You already stated you want to try the stripes on the ceiling. I think you should go for it! Everyone saying they’d feel dizzy…but they are not you and will not be in this gym. I’m afraid you’ll go with white and be disappointed whenever you are doing sit ups or other floor exercises, stretching upward or doing yoga…looking at that ceiling and wondering how the stripes would look. I think the wide pastels will look so nice! Excited about this space.

      1. It might be the tunnel effect that some folks are getting nauseous from and the intensity frequency of the color changes undulating ACROSS from one wall over them and down the opposite wall…
        But if you change it up on the ceiling with a spot to focus on/anchor yourself on, it would give the eye a resting point…otherwise, the eye naturally traces the stripes up, over and down again…even in balancing out decor on any elevation in any room is best with a focal point and balance that brings that indescribable peace for the viewer! The ceiling is merely the 6th wall! It will look great with striped color – just think about how you’d like the movement of those stripes to lead the eye of the viewer in the way you design their placement on the ceiling – the 6th wall! 😉

  39. The full stripes make me dizzy…….but since I’m not the one using it, do what you wish 😂 I really like haint blue ceilings with crown moulding personally.

  40. The home gym would be a wonderful room to do the mountain mural you tried for the guest room if you could figure out how to create it to your satisfaction. You could also use colors that would work better with your equipment, which I assume is black or gray and light wood (Swedish ladder). These are the room’s furnishings, after all.

    Your fence inspiration picture is fun and cheerful but we only see a small section of the fence.

  41. Go for the ceiling stripes! If for no other reason than I am so curious as to how it will look :). It sounds like you want to, so follow your heart and be bold (or in this case, be less saturated)!

  42. against what everyone said to me – i recently painted my dining room dark blue … everything including ceiling – it looks AMAZING!! EVERYONE is in awe when they walk into the room.
    it will look next level – especially as you’ve described – lighter, beautiful colours in wide stripes. it actually makes the room look bigger because your eye can’t see where walls end and ceiling begins.

  43. I have no issue with stripes as long as they are not skinny. I’d do at least a 4 inch wide, not 2 inch. But that’s me. Personally, I’d rather have a dark color, like graphite, as hombre, going into light gray. I’m not an exercise person, so I would want a tv more than anything, so I didn’t have to think I’m exercising! LOL!

  44. I’m team stripes on the ceiling. If done similar to the inspiration photo, I think it would be perfect for someone who likes color as much as you. And I can totally see all that color energizing you for exercise, rather than playing it safe which may be relaxing for some but not really your style. Go for it!

  45. I would have to say no to the ceiling stripes. I think it would be overwhelming but if anyone can pull it off and have it look couture . . . it would be YOU! Regarding the direction of the stripes – I adore your sample photo and I was questioning why I like it so much, it dawned on me that it reminds me of a sunrise over the water – the ways the colors progress. I am not sure that it will have the same appeal in vertical stripes. I know you are hesitant because you have horizontal stripes in another room but I think it might lose it’s initial charm if applied in the vertical direction. Your posts always make me want to go paint something :).

  46. I would love to see you do the stripes on the ceiling and add crown molding. The stripes would continue from the walls onto the crown molding, then across the ceiling. On the walls that are a solid color, the crown molding would be the either same as the wall color or white.

    1. Stripes for me too.

      How about just roughly mocking up the ceiling (and maybe down the walls) with masking tape, to see how it looks first?
      If it seems too much, l would pick a toning colour from the wall stripes, and paint the ceiling in that colour rather than boring white.
      I love the idea of a sun painted on the ceiling (as suggested by another comment) and perhaps you could run with that idea, and make it huge, with the rays reaching out to all four corners of the room.
      Now that would be a joyous, cheerful and uplifting colour scheme!

  47. I like the wall stripes but not on the ceiling. If you want the walls and the ceiling to be exuberant, how about solid color all over, walls and ceiling? Maybe a light blue or a green. Then you could paint random solid circles in different colors on walls and ceiling. A few of the circles could be half on the wall, half on the ceiling. On all four walls. I think it’d be way cool and would require no precision because you could mock up a few stencils instead of free-handing the circles. They could even be different sizes if uniform sizing isn’t appealing. uniform.

  48. Love your light bright stripes for the walls. I’d go for the white or pastel at most ceiling. I have painted 2 ceilings colors. Thought it was all good but after I got rid of them the room opened up, felt lighter and brighter, I won’t do it again. In the end it’s your call but I’d pass. For me that’s too much energy going on for ceiling stripes and working out. Whatever makes you happy.

  49. Stripes on the ceiling seem awful busy in a room with a lot going on in the form of equipment. The nature of a gym is already visually chaotic to me with few/no places for the eye to rest, I don’t think I’d add to that with stripes on the ceiling (even though I do think it could look really neat!). I’d say paint the ceiling a solid color (white or otherwise) and if it doesn’t seem like enough then you can put in the work painting stripes on the ceiling. Working on ceilings is hard on the neck/shoulder/arms. That’s not a place I’d want to put into the effort just to paint over it later if it were too much!

  50. I love the idea of the striped walls, but to me, the ceiling would be too much: I like when I lie on my back after the exercises and try to relax and could imagine that the stripes would distract me from the calming down/meditation attempt. But that is me, so if this is not an issue for either you or Matt, then my comment should not keep you off your striped ceiling 🙂 I am actually really curious how that would look like!

  51. I agree it would be some tedious and back-breaking work, especially on the ceiling; but if YOU see it as Fun and Exciting, I think you should go for it! I LOVE IT.

  52. I think I’ve commented once before but I am a long time reader. I greatly admire your skills and work ethic. I think this gym project is a great opportunity for Matt to work with you while designing it. He doesn’t want pink and he is going to use the room, too. I would like to think that it might develop some additional buy-in on his part which would certainly be beneficial!

    As far as the stripes go, Ashley’s fence, as well as the rest of her home, there is also the presence of white which tones the stripes down and makes it an attractive feature. The fence has an aura if peace because it doesn’t look like Sherwin Williams threw up all over it.

    If I don’t get crucified for the comments above, this will probably tip the balance, but I think some of the previous comments may secretly agree with me. I believe you mentioned that there is still work in the hallway that needs some finishing as well as some other small things. Why not get those done first? They’re not dependent on whether your settee is there or not. It seems like finishing those small things would make your house more livable, especially for someone in a wheelchair, plus you would have the satisfaction of being able to cross these off of your “to do” lis Seeing all these unfinished projects certainly must make life chaotic in more ways than maybe you’re aware of.

  53. Can you get (or design) removable wallpaper in the stripes that you want? That way it isn’t so neck & back-breaking to install (on the ceiling) and easy to go back to a white ceiling if you don’t like it.

  54. I’m going to through another idea at you! Ha Ha What about a wall painted in chalkboard paint so that you could keep notes, reps, etc. there? Also, make the room able to pick up your music from your phone, ipad, etc.

  55. For my 2 cent contribution, may I suggest a single colour on the ceiling rather than white? Possibly a pale green or yellow. Then top it off add one of those fabulous light fittings that you are so fantastic at finding, Kristi.