The Most Inspiring Coffee Table Book (And Inspiration For My Bathroom Walls)

I don’t think I’ve ever done a book review on my blog, or if I have, it was many years ago. But I recently bought a coffee table book that I find so inspiring that I wanted to pass it along to you. It’s called The Art Of Anthropologie. Anthropologie, as in, the retail store.

I’m sure all of you are familiar with Anthropologie. They sell clothing, housewares, decor, furniture, etc. But they’re also known for their very artistic and creative window and in-store displays.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually purchased anything from Anthropologie, although I came very close to buying one of their wallpaper murals at one time. (I think I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t the right size.) But I could look at their window displays all day long and never get bored.

I learned about this book because I follow Elizabeth Dunn on Instagram, and she works as an Anthropologie Display Coordinator. I think I spent at least an hour poring over her Instagram account one day, watching all of her videos showing the creation process, and studying all of the beautiful pictures.

Anyway, if you’re a creative person who loves color, pattern, texture, art installations, etc., I think you’ll find this book to be chock full of inspiration.

There’s inspiration in there for just about every medium you could imagine — paint, paper, paper mâché, textiles, and on, and on. And on some of them, the book contains instructions for how to create the item.

The whole thing is filled to the brim with eye candy. This display made of corks is one of my favorites.

Here’s a closer look at a similar display…

I’ve gotten so many ideas from this book for art that I’d like to create. And as soon as my studio is functional (i.e., has storage and everything is put in its place), I hope to give some of these ideas a try.

As I was looking through the book, I came upon inspiration for the studio bathroom walls. I’ve decided to keep the wallpaper in the studio, but I will be making some tweaks to it to fix the things that bother me about it. (More on that later.)

studio progress as of 10-25-2019 - 18

When I did the studio bathroom, I used colors from that wallpaper and created a crazy, vibrant design on the walls.

finished studio half bathroom - 2

That was a fun project, and I’m glad I did it. It’s been fun to live with that colorful, crazy bathroom for the last three-and-a-half years, but I’m ready for a change. Someone ruined it for me when she said the walls looked like the LuLaRoe logo.

And then I further ruined it for myself when I watched LuLaRich on Amazon Prime. Ugh…how are they still in business?

Anyway, ever since being told that my walls looked like the LuLaRoe logo, and then seeing that documentary, I haven’t been able to get that out of my mind. So it’s time for a change.

When I came across this picture, the backdrop of this Anthropologie display, my immediate thought was, “That would look great on a wall!” I love the fade from the darker color on the bottom to the lighter color on top, and the way it’s done adds so much interest without being overwhelming.

So I’m champing at the bit to get in there and make some changes, including trying my hand at this wall design for those bathroom walls.

But back to the book, I highly recommend it if you are an artsy kind of person, or just like looking at artsy things (or know someone who does). It’s available at Anthropologie ($65), at Amazon ($65), and most major book retailers. But the cheapest price I found was at WalMart ($49.22 with free shipping). It looks like they have very limited stock, though.



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  1. I love Anthro’s art, too! Been following some posters on pinterest, but am quite excited to hear that this book gives instructions on how to duplicate the designs. Thanks for the tip. (Also…I think you recommended a book about decluttering, which I purchased but did not finish, haha)

  2. Gorgeous book, Kristi, thanks for sharing. I just purchased the book. Looking forward to lots of inspiration. Btw, you are a huge inspiration to me. So impressed with everything you do.

  3. Well now I can’t UNSEE that LuLaRoe logo!!! Speaking of books, I was at my kiddos book fair yesterday and I bought a book because I loved the colorful illustration so much I couldn’t put it down! “Have You Ever Seen A Flower?” by Shawn Harris would probably be right at home on your coffee table. 🙂

  4. Oh, I bought that book about decluttering, and am trying harder than ever to use some of the information. I probably should read it again now. We are waiting for the permits to have a much smaller home built next door, and then I truly need to declutter the big house to fit things in half the cabinet space, and half the closet space…wish me luck! Love that book – might need to get it too! PS) LuLaRich ??? Now I’m curious.

  5. The wall design you are considering is gorgeous! It will be stunning!
    I had never seen the LuLaRoe logo but oh my, yes, it does look a lot your bathroom walls. Yikes! Unfortunate, as that was a neat wall.
    I think I need that book just for the quilling artwork display. That is a craft that I would like to add to my to-do list of new things to learn.

    1. Years ago (maybe early ’80’s?) my Mother in law gave me a beautiful kit on quilling, with all the paper strips and a book and quilling tool. It was meant to frame our Wedding invitation and go into a shadow box frame. I tried so hard to complete it, but had to set it aside as my hands kept cramping up. Life got in the way and I never finished it, eventually putting it out at a garage sale. I hope that person finished it! This Anthro book looks very interesting – I may add it to my Christmas list on Amazon!

  6. Love the Anthropologie book—they have beautiful and fun/quirky items in their stores, which I love! Thanks for the book recommendation!

    So glad you are keeping the studio wallpaper—I’m not a floral person but I love that wallpaper!

  7. Thank you so much for this! I managed to find a copy on Abebook that was actually in the UK, like me, and not horrendously expensive. It arrived today and I’ve just spent a happy half hour browsing. You’re right, it’s totally inspiring!