Two Moments Of Indecisiveness

I’m suffering from indecisiveness with two different things right now. Let me share.

First up, I’m not sure about the bookshelves in the music room. You’ll remember that they started out all white, and the doors were black.

And then last year, I did some repainting. The doors are now a dark teal (the same Kristi Teal that is on the living room fireplace and the entryway wall), and I also painted the insides of the bookshelves that same teal.

Well, now I’m not so sure if I like the choppiness/striped effect of having just the insides of the bookcases painted, and I’m thinking about painting everything from floor to ceiling just on that wall in the dark teal.

I’ve been heavily influenced by Lucy at Craftberry Bush, who’s kind of followed the same trajectory with her fireplace wall in her living room. Her fireplace is flanked by bookcases, and the entire wall started out all white, which you can see in older photos in her Instagram feed. Here’s an example…

And then she painted just the backs of the bookcases a dark navy blue. You can see lots of before and after pics of that in this post.

And then towards the end of last year, she painted the entire wall a very dark, almost black color. You can see many more pictures of that here.

And now, every time I see a picture of this beautiful wall of hers pop up on my Instagram feed (you can follow her here), I have a strong urge to pick up a paint brush and paint my entire music room wall dark teal.

I almost think it would highlight the design on the doors more, because right now, the bookcases draw attention since they’re two different colors. If they were all dark, they would kind of disappear and the eye would be drawn more towards the door design. Right?

Honestly, the only thing that has held me back is knowing where to stop. That always trips me up, because the basesboards that wrap around the bookcases are actually part of the bookcases, so I think those would need to be dark teal.

But isn’t the crown molding also part of the bookcases? Or is the crown molding more part of the ceiling? Lucy didn’t paint her crown molding dark, and it looks great. And I think on my particular ceiling design in this room, the crown moulding is more part of the ceiling design and not the bookcase design, so I’d leave mine white as well.

So I think I should go for it, right? It’s just paint, after all. Maybe I can finish up my kitchen organization projects, and then spend a few hours painting this wall, and then jump into my reupholstering projects.

And I know I need new pictures. That one above still has the dreadful gray bathroom vanity. 😀

But speaking of upholstery projects, that’s my second area of indecisiveness. As I showed you yesterday, I have ordered and received the fabrics that I have planned to use on the chairs in the living room. One is a bright floral, and the other is a solid velvet. I have the sources in yesterday’s post.

I plan for the floral to be wrapped around the backs and sides of the chairs, and the solid velvet (since it’s much harder wearing fabric) to be on the front and seat.

So in addition to the chairs upholstered in those two fabrics, the other new piece of furniture going in there will be a loveseat/settee that I plan to build and upholster myself using a dark purple velvety chenille fabric that I fell in love with at Joann Fabrics. I don’t think I have a picture of it, but just imagine a gorgeous dark velvety purple. The color is very close to the dark purple stripe in the ottomans in the entryway.

And I planned for that loveseat/settee to sit in front of the big window that looks out to the front porch, flanked by the light purple draperies.

Wow, I really do need to take new pictures. I had a hard time finding any living room pictures at all with the teal fireplace and the purple drapery panel. But that one gives you an idea. And the purple velvety chenille loveseat would go where the light green one currently sits. So the dark purple would be flanked by light purple.

So that’s been the plan for several months now….until a couple of days ago when I realized that I actually have enough of the azalea velvet to do an entire loveseat in that color. And when I’ve searched for velvet loveseats, the ones upholstered in those bright warm colors are the ones that always catch my eye. In fact, this is the one I saved as inspiration for when I build my own.

I mean, that just makes my heart happy. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, the color I chose is a bit brighter than that one. My fabric looks like this (at least in the Tonic Living photos)…

And I think it would look better sitting next to my dark teal fireplace than a dark purple loveseat would. But then I could use the dark purple with the bright floral on the chairs. So basically, the azalea velvet and the dark purple chenille would just be swapping places.

BUT…I don’t think the azalea looks good that close the light purple drapery fabric. And you see where this is going. One again, I’d be back to the drawing board for living room draperies.

Now before I get raked over the coals for wasting so much money on fabric, let me assure you that all of the past iterations of living room draperies (with the exception of the very first floral) will eventually find homes. I’m really hoping that my black and white striped curtains will work in my studio on the two doors. That’s the current plan, at least. The blue and green ones with the Greek key leading edge will be used in the guest bedroom. And our future bedroom (after the addition) will be a perfect place for these light purple draperies since purple is one of Matt’s favorite colors.

So none of those will go to waste. They’re just being moved around a bit. I love all of the fabrics, so there’s no reason for them to go to waste.

But before I get there, I just need to decide on the upholstery. Azalea and floral together on the chairs, with a dark purple loveseat? Or dark purple and floral together on the chairs with an azalea loveseat?

Honestly, right now, I’m leaning towards an azalea lovseat. I think it would look so pretty sitting next to the dark teal fireplace.



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  1. My comment is filled with nothing but joy, faith, and positive support. You finish your rooms in a very different way than I finish my rooms, in that you go for more color, more pattern, and generally “more” than I do, so I cannot give advice and support whatever decision you make!

  2. Regarding the dining room bookcases… I vote for either keeping them all white or painting everything dark. Having the back wall dark with the horizontal shelves white just looks too cluttered to me. The preference for myself would be all white because it is “peaceful”…. but then, I am an “all white decor” person. ( I love living vicariously through your very colorful pictures )😊

  3. I think I would let the colors decide. Try both the dark purple and the azalea with the floral and see which one looks best. You may be very different than me but I move furniture around a fair bit. If you decide to switch furniture around in that room then at some time or another both the solids will spend some time by the fireplace. Just a thought… can’t wait to see what you decide!

  4. I think an all dark wall in the music room would be beautiful and I would leave the crown molding white. As for your loveseat I feel like you made the decision when you said “that azalea loveseat just makes my heart happy”, Go for it! As far as the drapes go, you don’t have to explain a thing! It’s your house! Love everything you do!

  5. I’m not going to speak to the upholstery fabric because I truly do not know what will look good next to what. Your draperies are so pretty I hate to see them go but understand if it is necessary.

    As for your music room bookcases, I love them just like they are. Frankly, I think if you paint that whole wall the same color your door design will get lost but that is just my opinion. I know that no matter what you decide you will be happy with the result and that is all that matters.

    1. I have to say, I agree with Judy. I believe there CAN be too much of a good thing; i.e., all white or all dark. I think what you have right now is a perfect balance and I don’t find the bookshelves at all distracting from the doors, which are quite simply, gorgeous!

      As for the furniture, now I agree with Marilyn. . . . the azalea loveseat makes your heart happy. So, go for it!! Can’t wait to see what you finally decide on!

      1. I agree — I think the bookcases are perfect as they are now! All dark will make the lovely details get lost. And I love the contrast of the white against the teal. But I’m definitely aware that it’s a matter of preference!

  6. If you already have the fabric, can you drape it over the current loveseat or over some chairs to simulate a loveseat and try it out that way? Maybe same with the other chairs, and walk around and see what you think? Does it work? As for the music room, no idea. Your wall looks much shorter than the one on Craftberry Bush and she seems to have a lot of light on that wall, so maybe the drama would not be the same with yours.

    1. I agree with Judy; without all that natural light right on the dark wall, I think the effect will be very different in your music room. For the chairs, I like the dark purple and floral together on the chairs with an azalea loveseat. Whatever you decide will be lovely, as always!!

  7. My vote is azalea loveseat. So pretty. I agree with you about the choppy look. Can you use an app to see how the back wall will look painted black or teal?

    1. I agree! I love her idea of the whole wall painted that color..less choppy for sure! I’m trying to decide the same about mine for this very reason!

  8. I’m not a fan of the all dark wall. In my opinion, it sucks all the light/life out. I’d try your current paint job with some decorations on the shelves. To me, that would break up the horizontal lines of the white shelves. But as you said, it’s only paint! Love the azalea color on the loveseat!

  9. Based on the other photos, she painted the wall Except for the ceiling trim and it looks great. You could copy her method and always paint the ceiling trim dark at a later date if you didn’t like it. Your “music room”, I think, the one above with the beautiful wall is dark with the white ceiling trim and it looks lovely. As far as the sofa, you are the expert with your colors. Personally, I think it’s stunning. Would I have the guts to buy it? Probably not. You make it work.

  10. I like teal a lot, but sometimes I think less is more. But, it is your house.
    We have been doing our house the past couple of years and my thought would be to finish your projects and then tweak any paint do overs.
    I am ready for my house to be done and move on with my life. Some of my family members give me grief for not “enjoying” life more. I do like projects but I also can understand some of their views. I guess it is all about finding that healthy balance which can only be answered by ourselves. Good luck.

  11. Please do a new picture of your room with the striped ottoman’s because that one with the vanity is killing the great work you do.

  12. Curtains are easier to change than upholstery. Figure out what you love on your furniture, the curtains can be whatever you want after that. 🙂

  13. I have a question about the music room. Is there any outside light in that room? I wonder if the dark wall will just add darkness? I liked the bookcases better when they were all white because the focus went away from them specifically to the architecture you built for them and to your art and furniture and accessories inside the bookcases and I thought the unique doors stood out better. The work you did on the walls which was extensive also stood out. The dark background inside the bookcases will not be as noticeable when you have accessorized them and may highlight what you put inside them better. What do you want as the focal point of the room? If it is bookcase wall then paint it dark. If the focal points are your art and accessories maybe think a bit more? Whatever you decide it is your house after all so you should do what you want.

    1. The room doesn’t have any direct natural light, but it’s actually quite light during the day. I have trouble showing that in pictures, but in person it’s not a dark or cave-like room at all.

    1. She came to us a few months back (September). She belonged to my sister’s daughter (the one they recently adopted), but she needed to find a new home. She’s still very skittish around us. She follows me around and photo bombs my pictures, but any time I actually try to pay attention to her or pet her or pick her up, she runs. I’m hoping she’ll come around eventually, because I like to cuddle and love on my furbies. 🙂

      1. Love her name. No doubt she’ll settle in when she is confident of your commitment. They can be such funny little creatures, good luck.

  14. Wait! Is this on your ‘to do’ list for 2019? I think your house looks great like it is, but I know what it’s like to want to do more and more. I’m with Jackie. Get the projects done on your list, then go around changing things. Live with it right now, and who knows, you may change your mind again. Or not! 🙂

    1. This was my first thought as well! I sense a dangerous snowball effect in your music room, especially since you already don’t have a clear idea on where you would want the dark paint to end. It looks great for now; don’t change anything yet.

      Although I love that pink velvet sofa, I like a darker purple as well. Aren’t you doing pink in your studio?

    2. The chairs and loveseat are on my list for the year. The bookcases aren’t, but I do need to decide how those are going to look before I can decide how to finish the music room (i.e., how to upholster the two chairs in there, which is also on my list for the year).

  15. My head is reeling with all of your options!! They are all beautiful and you inspire me! My biggest problem in my home is being overwhelmed by so many options that I love – and when I’m overwhelmed, I. Do. Nothing! You are the first blogger who really had a style that I love and I’m on the edge of my seat (ok, on my tush in my recliner doing nothing except Facebook!😜) waiting to see your next pictures!!

  16. Regarding the music room – maybe you should wait until you have the addition completed because I know that will affect your decision.

  17. Love the bright, happy fabrics and any which way you choose would look great!
    I think I’d be concerned that an all dark wall in the music room would turn it into a dark cave. Really like the drama of a dark wall but in your case, a room without windows, it might just be too dark in the room in general. That being said, any time I mentally question your choices I end up loving what you do.

  18. Dining room: why not do a photo shop and compare all the looks.

    Entryway: the ottoman color needs to be changed. I cannot get used to the dark purple…they are all I can see when I look at that wall. The rest of the wall is beautiful and the ottomans shouldn’t take that away.

    Living room: photoshoot chairs and sofa to make sure there won’t be too many different colors that make the eyes bounce all around the room. You don’t want it to be a jumbled clown colored room. Why not do the sofa in the solid fabric you will be using on the back of the chairs?

    1. I find your comments to be insulting, and it’s not even my house.

      The entryway is not in question – it is finished and she loves it.

      Kristi is an interior designer – are you? I certainly hope not. Bright florals and solids are not clownish, especially in a light and airy room with neutral walls.

      Perhaps you could limit your input to providing opinions on the specific issues mentioned in the current post – which, by the way, makes no mention of the dining room.

    2. I didn’t know you had moved in Kristi’s house and decided what she needs to change! Guess you don’t understand it’s her and Matt’s house! Not yours!
      She can do what makes her happy because truly, I doubt you’ll ever be invited inside her home!

    3. Oh shoot!. Darlene, you probably are new to Kristis blog….so we all should give grace. There is an old post about the entry wall that you need to go and read😞

      1. Whoa! Whoa! Ladies! I love Kristi and her work is amazing! I have followed and read every post from Kristi for years…. They were in the condo at the time… in the process of buying this home. It’s not my intention to be rude. I just wanted to point out some things that throw me off. Others express their opinions……I think Kristi can appreciate others views, but definitely knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes I cannot fully see Kristi’s vision, but it always ends up perfect! (Note to me: I probably shouldn’t have used the word “clown”, but that’s what popped into my head when reading the sofa and chairs colors added to what is already in there.)

    4. Hi Darlene~
      As a regular commenter, I know you weren’t commenting in a rude way. 🙂 I do love my entryway wall, ottomans and all, so I don’t plan on making any changes there. I think the purple on the ottomans will make more sense once the living room is finished and the purple is carried into the living room somehow. And even if not, I still love them. 🙂

      I also don’t want matching furniture, like chairs and a loveseat with the same fabric that look like they may have come as a set. I just can’t get into that look. I’m well aware that I love way more color than most people can live with, though. So the idea of a clown-inspired room actually intrigues me a bit. 😀

  19. It looks to me like Lucy at Craftberry Bush has a room with a lot of natural light pouring in and I think that makes her dark wall look amazing. Personally, I would go back to all white in your music room because it’s an interior room. I think the doors played the starring role back when the bookcases were all white. It also doesn’t take away from your stenciled walls and artwork. And with your teal kitchen cabinet wall right next door, and the teal wall in the entryway, it might be too much teal. Lucy’s navy is a more neutral color and it looks like she has a lot of white and neutral everywhere else. That’s just my opinion.

  20. Slide 6 of this link: https://houseandhome.com/gallery/cozy-spaces-fall-decorating/

    That pick is major inspiration for the den in the house we’re building right now. I’m a fan of the dark wall. That one wraps around to the other walls, so doesn’t really solve your crown moulding problem. Personally I vote for the crown going dark too, but you might as well start with leaving the crown white and then seeing what it looks like. IT would be less work to leave the white, right? And easy enough to go back and finish it off if you decide after a few days to go dark.

    Now I just need to not chicken out; paint your wall dark first to give me courage. 🙂 🙂

  21. I rarely rarely disagree with you but I would not paint those beautiful bookshelves all dark. They need the light to catch your eye. I’m afraid looking into the music room will seem like a cave. All white would be my preference then paint the doors what you want. But choose what brings joy to you!

  22. My two event’s worth: paint the inside of the bookcases white to give attention back to the beautiful doors; cover the loveseat in the gorgeous Azalea and use the floral fabric for pillows if there’s enough. Cover the music room chairs with the other fabric; use the purple drapery in the dining room.

    1. I just tried the one finished purple drapery panel in the breakfast room, and it’s amazing! It solves the problem of the boring breakfast room curtains!! And it ties in beautifully to the purple benches flanking the pantry doors. Amazing idea!

  23. Figure out what’s important to you and focus like a laser on it. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. I’m like you, my attention is drawn in all directions. So many projects, so little time. But I would try to finish something instead of starting something. Well, maybe I wouldn’t. . But that would be my hope. I frequently start new things before finishing things I have started. It’s not productive for me.

    1. Just an idea…would it be possible to begin work on the studio cabinetry? If so you could quickly get them installed when the contractor finishes in there. However, I get that you are wanting a “decorating” fix after all the recent work you have been doing. And the logistics for building cabinetry might not be right. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy yourself.

      1. That’s not really an option simply because I’d have no place to store the cabinets until they’re ready to be installed. I’d hate to make the drywall guys work around them.

  24. Have you filled the shelves to see how it looks with the dark color on the back broken up by objects? Looking at it with the shelves blank, I think all one color might be better. Either way will work, I think, once you’ve filled the shelves. No advice on the fabric – go with what you love.

    1. Yes. This was my first thought. Right now its solid blocks of color, but once the shelves are filled and styled the color will be broken up and even hidden. And so maybe not an issue?

  25. First, I love all the color, especially Teal. It’s my favorite color. That said, I wouldn’t paint the shelves/wall all dark teal because it will darken that end of the room immensely—and will there be just a little bulls-eye of white around the door?

    We had a dark raspberry wall/shelving combo for a long time—I loved the color (similar to your Azalea) and thought it was great—until we repainted, and I realized the end of the room had really been too dark. In retrospect, that wall of solid dark color (even though red) was the opposite of lively and colorful. I kept changing the lighting, but my husband always appeared to be sitting in a little well of darkness. Our changes? We kept the wall color saturated but changed it to a teal that is very close to yours. We painted the cabinets ivory to match the other walls in the family room. I can’t believe how the lighter shelves brightened up that wall and caused me to love it again. The objects on the shelves no longer look like they are floating, either—which I realize from old photos was more than a little true! And now I’m thinking about painting the backs of the shelves teal, like yours. So to me, it doesn’t look stripes or choppy; it looks like strong geometry and contrasts well with your door design.

    That said, it IS just paint, so why not try it if your heart is telling you to? You can always change it back. Regarding what elements to paint, we identified what baseboards and such would normally “go” with a free-standing cabinet and painted those the same color as the cabinets. Your built-in configuration is a bit trickier to sort out than ours was.

    I love the Azalea couch. It would make me happy, too.

    Regarding painting the

  26. I would paint the doors the opposite color from the wall color. White doors teal wall or teal doors white wall. I adore a dark and cozy room, but I don’t think the doors will look right with just the glass pattern standing out, and just one wall does not a cozy room make. If it were me and my taste, I’d put mirror backs on the shelves to bounce the light around more.
    I don’t have an opinion on whether the purple would look good with floral without seeing the swatches together, but the sound of your excitement says pink sofa is the way to go.

  27. Music room – go for it! Teal wall will look gorgeous. Also love the azalea fabric and agree that it would make a stunning loveseat. Yay to replacing the curtains. I’ve always thought the tone was wrong…

  28. Azalea all the way for the loveseat. How luxurious that would look.
    I would paint the bookshelves all one color, whichever color pulls your heart.

  29. Kristi, why don’t you paint in stages eg leave the crown, floor and door molding white and all the wall areas teal. If that doesn’t work, then maybe the upper lower bookcase molding, and so on. I am concerned it may become a dark hole since natural light is missing in that room. But then, what you choose to place in the book cases may brighten the area enough for the drama you are looking for.

  30. I love all white…..until I saw all teal 💜. For some reason my heart skipped a beat. The other blogger had a mirror that reflected light but you have light through the panel doors. I must say, painting the bottom drawers/shelf was intriguing and added that extra touch the same way I felt about you painting the white doors in the pantry. It’s got me looking around my place to see what I can do to add some pops of interest😉.

  31. I’m with the ones who are afraid of it being too dark and looking like a cave in there with no windows or natural light in there (music room). But I don’t live there, so do what makes you happy. I have no idea on the fabrics in living room. I’m having a hard time visualizing your different set-ups. I’ll have to keep looking to see what you mean 😂

  32. Hi Kristi.
    I follow her blog too and that dark wall is so moody and beautiful, but in my opinion, you already have 2 other “moments” of dark teal in the fireplace and in your entry wall. I think it would be too much.
    As for the couch, Id start draping fabric on it, as well as the chairs to see how it flows.
    That Azalea color is gorgeous!!!
    Id love to have that in my home!

  33. You have more natural light in your house. My living room only has a little light from the
    french doors (which are at the end of the room and not much light comes in). When I brought the house that room was divided in two parts (the upper walls were a dark Terracotta orange color – which looked like mud and the lower wall was a brown paneling). The room was so dark (looked like a vampire lived there). So the upper wall was painted a light celery green and the brown panel half wall was painted white to look like Wainscoting panels. I didn’t have a lot of money and was afraid that removing the paneling would leave big holes in the wall and cost me to much to replace. I also had dark panels walls in the hallway. I filled in the seams in the panels with caulk then painted them white and put some pretty white and silver wallpaper on the one wall facing the front door – so people wouldn’t think I was inviting them into my dungeon. I am afraid in my house that doing a wall or the book cases with dark colors will suck the light/life out of it. The dark color looks nice in the pictures and you know your light source – so go for it. You can always paint the walls, again.

  34. I love the azalea velvet loveseat!

    Would the purple drapes work in the breakfast room instead of the white ones I believe you hoped to change?

  35. OOH! Azalea loveseat, please! It will be gorgeous! As will your print & purple chairs. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  36. Oh, and yes, teal book shelves & door will be very nice. I’d use a lot of white or metallic decor on the shelves.

  37. Kristi and subscribers, please don’t take my comment wrong. I LOVE Kristi’s work, but if she’s asking for opinions, I’m gonna be honest. Before I read any other replies, I just feel like shouting NO, NO, NO. Please go on and FINISH projects before REDOING projects. This is in relation to your bookshelves. If paint is just paint, go ahead and finish the house and THEN see how it flows and change what doesn’t please you. I really do think you are talented and a great designer, and I do like your projects. But I just keep thinking about all the do-overs since you first started the house. I’ve been following you since you were in townhouse. I feel like you zero in on a room and make it what you want irregardless of the rest of the house. Then you look at another space and have to redo something because now it doesn’t flow with your new room design. I can’t imagine living in such a construction zone for 2 years (or is it 3 now?). You would have to lock me up. And the reason for NO on the bookshelves is ITS TOO MUCH TEAL IN YOUR WHOLE HOUSE. Hey, I’m a teal lover and that is my main accent color everywhere. But there are grays and creams and browns to ground it. When you walk in, you don’t say, “wow. You really love teal, don’t you?” Ok I’ll stop. I know you’ll have a gorgeous home when you finish. I just cringe at so many do-overs when there are fresh projects to do. I don’t have opinion on living room, because I got kinda lost with the back and forth. And once you mentioned redoing curtains, I just couldn’t read any further. I’m not a hater, I DO like your work. Just letting go of my frustration with do-overs.

    1. I’m sure she is frustrated with the do overs as well. I do the same thing. Some people are that way, some are not. We probably wish we we were more like you 😉
      I like the flowery fabric. Nice and bright.
      Have you lived with things in the book cases? It may break it up a bit. I’m not a fan of darkish colors. Up to me everything would be red, orange, yellow but then again…. ha ha. We love all your stuff. Quit driving yourself crazy. How’s the hand?

    2. You understand that the living room and the music room (the two rooms mentioned in this post) are literally the only two unfinished rooms in the main part of the house, right? And both of them are on my home goals list for 2019. So I don’t understand why this is such an issue. If i”m going to finish these rooms this year (which I said I plan to do in my first post of this year), then I’m gong to get it like I want it. I’m not living in a construction zone, but I am living without a finished living room and music room, while literally all of the other areas in the main part of my house are finished — entryway, hallway, hallway bathroom, kitchen (other than the inside-the-cabinet organization projects I want to do in the next few days), breakfast room, and pantry. All finished. What would you prefer I work on right now?

      I can’t work on the studio/half bath until the contractor is finished with his part. The guest bedroom is certainly not something I’d spend money on right now since it probably won’t be used this year anyway. Matt’s game room isn’t a priority since we’re currently using that as an exercise room with my treadmill and his exercise bike. Neither of those were on the list for 2019 anyway. I have no plans to do anything to the current master bedroom since it’ll (hopefully relatively soon) be turned into a master bathroom. And I have no plans to do anything to the current master bathroom or sunroom since those will be torn down when we do our addition. So I don’t understand where all these other areas are that I’m supposed to be working on right now.

      The living room and music room are both on my list of things to finish in 2019, and if that requires me to do a little extra painting in order to get them just like I want them, then I have no idea why that’s such a big issue.

  38. I’m SO glad to see you are working on the living room, I’ve been waiting for you to get started on the rest so it can be finished. I think the dark purple on the sofa would be awesome and not show doggie hair or stuff as much as the other one. . I can’t say about the doors ,but you have natural instincts about what looks good in your home ,so if your heart says teal go for it! I would be finishing all these projects while waiting on the contract
    ors to finish the job in the studio .you will be so glad they are done and you can put your full attention on the studio. Great work Kristi,the pantry exceeded my expectations!!

  39. Why not the azalea on all 3 pieces? Just because you CAN have two different colors/patterns, doesn’t mean you need to. In fact, if you were choosing a ready made furniture set (as most people do), it’d probably be matchy-matchy anyway. You can always add the purple in somewhere else if you really want it in the room.

  40. If you don’t paint the baseboards on that wall, your eye will be drawn to the lighter color. As for the crown, it should blend with the ceiling and the only reason to paint it is if you have low ceilings because painting it, I believe, would give the illusion that the wall was taller. As you said though it is only paint and a bit of labor.

  41. When I first saw the azalea colored sofa in my email, Kristi, I was immediately on board with it. It’s you! It’s gorgeous! And it will be stunning! Worry about the drapes later. Get the “feel” first and then go from there.

    As far as your music room… Yes… I do love Lucy’s family room, too. But, she has lots of natural light in her space. I think it might become a dark hole for you. However, I do understand what you are uncomfortable with right now. Before you even asked, I thought something wasn’t right either and I actually thought that you needed to go all white on the shelves AND the door. It would feel brighter and more cohesive. I LOVE the door!! It’s one of my favorite projects. Truly creative! I know white isn’t you… but I do think I would go that way before following Lucy. (P.S. that is a new trend and I know you aren’t about follow the trends.)

  42. Kristi,
    Are you planning to keep the sage loveseat currently in your living room, or will the new one replace it? I love the azalea velvet and would use that to do the loveseat as well as the interior parts of your chairs.

    As for the music room, I liked the all white shelving, which kept the room bright. Painting the whole wall teal seems like too much and may actually swallow up and take attention away from your beautiful glass doors.

    1. The green loveseat will be moved out. Matt said he wants to use it in his game room, but I’m not sure if he’ll still want it when we do finally get around to doing that room for him. So we’ll see. But it definitely won’t stay in the living room.

      1. Can you recover it with whatever fabric you choose instead of building a loveseat? Maybe the style of the existing loveseat isn’t what you want.

        1. No, it’s an Ashley loveseat (something I didn’t know since Wayfair didn’t say that anywhere on the description), and not worth reupholstering. Plus, I’d like something a little smaller and streamlined in design.

  43. If you don’t like the bookcase with the current white/teal striped look, how about going back to an all white bookcase? I would be concerned that an all dark teal wall would suck the life out of the room since there aren’t any windows in there. While I personally don’t care for the all dark wall of the cranberrybush blog, it looks like she has numerous windows that add a lot of light to prevent the room from being gloomy.

  44. Another 2 cents’ worth:

    Regarding the music room bookcases, I don’t think you can judge how they will ultimately look without first accessorizing them. This will make an enormous difference in how they read in the space.

    I also agree with some of the other posters that it would be a good idea to resist changing the music room until after you have finished the living room, because one influences the other.

    Have you considered putting a skylight in the music room ceiling? Regardless of your color scheme, an interior room with no window could benefit greatly from some natural light. (Yes, and it sure is easier to spend other people’s money.)

    Secondly, regarding the living room: Can you go to JoAnn Fabrics and check out a roll of your purple chenille fabric for a day? I would suggest bringing it home and draping the fabrics on their respective chairs and loveseat, then changing them around. Of course, as you know, you will want to do this under different light during the day and at night.

    I think seeing it this way will help you answer your question as to which one should go on which pieces of furniture.

    1. Well said, I think. Dress the bookcases and then you’ll know what else to do, if anything. Surely doesn’t seem like a priority decision to make at this point.

      Do the chairs. They will change the whole look of the space.

      2 cents more to spend.

  45. On the bookshelves – I think the doors stand out more when the bookshelves are all white. This might be a case though where a picture on my screen is not the same effect as real life, right in front of you doors and shelves.

    For the curtains I wouldn’t worry about the color right now. Since you can use them elsewhere, I’d just focus on what color will please you most on the sofa and then if you need to, change the curtains. (I wouldn’t do that for me because I’m not the seamstress you are!)

  46. Love the idea of the music room wall all teal, stopping at the crown. The crown is part of the ceiling. Love seat in the color from yesterday, azalea. Chairs in floral/purple will tie in to the entryway colors. Move the purple drapes to the bedroom. I would love to see drapes in that floral myself, but again, you do you! If you do the love seat in the purple and keep the drapes, I fear it may look too “weighty” on that side of the room.

  47. Hi Kristi, have you tried to decorate the bookcases the way they look now? because I guess you will eventually and the decoration will have an impact on the effect, I’m sure. I love the dark moody look in the inspiration pictures, though and am quite sure that your room wouldn’t be too dark with all teal bookcases as the wonderful stenciled walls are a bright contrast.. Cannot wait how you decide!

  48. I vote “no” on painting the bookcases all teal. I think it will diminish the impact of the teal in the entryway and living room and will disrupt the flow you have with the neutral walls. As others have suggested, accessorize the bookcases and then decide if you prefer them with the teal background or a white one. I loved the example you showed but in her accompanying text Lucy wrote how the dark wall made the room feel warm and cozy, ready for winter and fall. That is great…in Canada. I think it Texas it might feel oppressive and also not in keeping with the light and bright, not-quite-tropical feeling the rest of your house has.

    I love the azalea velvet for the loveseat. You might then consider an orange/apricot/yellow-ish drapery with the incredible beaded Indian trim you bought and put aside. I am picturing an iridescent silk but that might be well out of the budget! Something like this would be a place to start: https://bodikian-textiles.com/product/apricot-melon-100-dupioni-silk-fabric-yardage-by-the-yard-120cm-45-wide-raw-silk-soie-sauvage/ .

  49. I just want to say that whether you reuse curtain panels in your house, or if you donate/consign them – they won’t go to waste. If someone else is able to have beautiful things that no longer work for your design then your time, work, and money are certainly not wasted.

  50. I really like your home and your style and I appreciated the comments of why you do things the way you do with no fear. I also second guess myself a lot about decisions. But yes it is just paint, I do have 2 questions? 1. Have you thought about going to the restore store or thrift stores to look for a love seat to use that frame, or do you want the challenge of doing it? 2nd question, are you firm on making you chairs 2 tone or have you considered one color for the chairs and different colors of pillows? just wondering

  51. Since you asked, I would say that having the whole back wall painted in the deep teal might just make the room too dark. Plus, wouldn’t it make the doors blend in more with the wall? I liked it when the shelves were white. To me, the doors stood out more then. As for the loveseat, I love it in the azalea! It is such a happy color! Go with the furniture color you love most. The curtains are easier to reassess as you only have one or one pair made. Plus, who cares if you decide not to use any of the ones you have or started? I’m pretty sure more than one of your readers would jump at the chance to buy it. It’s your house with your taste. 🙂

    1. I’m consistently puzzled by comments like this. Both the living room and the music room are on my 2019 list of rooms that i want to finish this year. Reuphostering chairs, building and upholstering a loveseat…all on my 2019 list. The only thing here that’s not on my list is painting the bookcase, but my goodness, it’s just paint and a couple of hours of work. What’s the big deal? And if I”m going to make any changes to that, I need to decide on it first because it could determine the fabric I choose to reuphoster the two chairs in there (also on my list for this year) and determine how I finish and accessorize the room (on my 2019 list).

      And where are all these other unfinished rooms? My entryway is finish. My hallway is finished. My hallway bathroom is finished. My breakfast room is finished. My pantry is finished. My kitchen is finished (other than the few inside-the-cabinet projects I’m going to be doing in the next few days). I can’t do anything on the studio until the contractor is finished with his part (which starts tomorrow morning at 8:00am). I’m not doing anything to our bedroom, current master bathroom, or sunroom, because two of those rooms will be torn down and the other one is going to be transformed into a master bathroom, so there’s no need in spending money doing temporary fixes. That just leaves the guest bedroom, which isn’t even on the list for this year anyway, and probably won’t be used any more than once a year once it’s done anyway. And then there’s Matt’s game room, which is no urgent since we’re currently using it for our exercise room with my treadmill and his exercise bike. So I’m just confused where all these rooms are that I’m supposed to be working on instead of the living room and music room. Those are literally the only two rooms left in the main part of the house that are unfinished.

  52. Lord am I confused! So you’re gonna build a loveseat with the beautiful purple. What happens to the other loveseat that’s already in there?
    I love the azalea with the florals for the chairs!
    I say go for it with painting the wall in the music room. Paint the baseboards & leave the moulding as is. I think that some folks are worrying about it being too dark. If you keep the sconces (please!) & have the ceiling fixture, I don’t see a problem!

  53. Great idea to move those purple drapes-Greek key trimmed to a better spot, as you said, Kristi. You’ll discover a much better option later for the windows flanking the fireplace, especially after the furniture is in place.

  54. I liked the bookcase in white. Not two tone. Like focusing on the beautiful doors in teal or black or whatever you want. I fear all of it in a dark color will not suit you, but as you said, it’s only paint.

  55. Did you see the Instagram post by AtlantaMarket? All the furniture in the picture looked like they belonged in your living room! Take a look! You will love the colors!

  56. You do have some difficult decisions. I vote for dark shelves, leaving the white trim around the doors – framing them for more contrast. I don’t care for the “stripes” (too busy) and I can visualize some great things on your shelves really popping against the dark color.

    I also vote for purple couch with azalea/floral chairs. The purple for the larger piece just seems more soothing and would look great against the drapes. Can’t wait to see what you decide:)

  57. I agree with you that the music room shelves look choppy as they are right now. I’ve personally never been a fan of painting the interior only. Lucy’s fireplace is gooooooorgeous, and she definitely made the right decision painting the whole thing navy. But to me, it would be described as “elegant and traditional.” I also imagine that at night it probably feels very….bourdeaux? Is that even close to the right word? I’m thinking moody French men’s club, HAHA!

    I think an entirely dark teal wall might be out of place in your house….maybe. How would you stage it? I can only see neutrals and metallics working there.

    I DO like the idea of the whole thing painted one color. Have you considered any other colors? Coral, maybe lavender, raspberry (a light version)? Or……maybe the gray that is in your stenciling? And then bring in all your beautiful colors with the accessories? I don’t mean to throw in a wrench since you are already indecisive. I think you’re onto something though!

    As for the fabrics, I have no ideas 🙂

  58. Go with the teal I think it’s going to look fantastic! Paint from the base all the way up to the crown for the whole wall, just change the trim color in the inside corner where they meet the side walls, so crown/base at bookcase teal, at the sidewalls it goes back to white. We do it all of the time with kitchen cabinets and various other built ins.

  59. I couldn’t follow all the sofa/chair/ upholstery /paint talk . Too confusing. Why ask for opinions if it bothers you when people offer criticism? You have to admit you do a lot of do overs. So what? It is your time, money and energy spent. Some people are going to love what you do while some won’t. Whether they like your taste or not, they have to recognize your mad skills, amazing energy and “can do” attitude.

  60. Just a thought – why not paint the back of the bookcases the gray that is in the stencil. I think of them being more a part of the room rather than part of the doors. I agree that what you put on the shelves will impact how the room looks as well. Do what you think is best, though.

  61. Wow! So many comments! LOL I don’t have an opinion on the music room shelves. But I look forward to seeing what you decide to do. I am thrilled that your beautiful drapes are going to work well in the breakfast room. I am extremely happy that you contracted the studio out for the tedious work. You deserve a break from construction. And lastly I am ever so hopeful that you choose the Azalea fabric for the sofa. It is just beautiful!
    Sheila F.

  62. I don’t think you have enough opinions yet so I thought I should offer mine, lol. Seriously, if I wrote a blog post it would sound like this one – I’m always looking for opinions but will likely do what is in my gut. I also do things and then decide I need to re-do them, which apparently seems to confuse some people – based on these comments. I love to watch evolving design so you are a woman after my own heart :-). After seeing the dark blue bookcases and walls I was swooning. I think that would look great – keep the white crown, paint the baseboard at the bookcase dark. And yes, that pink sofa is a winner. Glad your hand is better!

  63. I’d leave the music room alone. Finish the sofa and work on other things. One room w/out a major color change would be a good thing, but since I know the urge to do something has a hold on you, at least give it 6 months before you revisit it. Stuff inspires you, and there will be a flood of inspiration in 6 months that might reveal a different idea.

  64. Kristi, I really love the real on the back wall of the bookcases, it really brings out and enriches the doors which I really hadn’t noticed the doors before but it really draws your eye to the entire wall! I would really like to see your things on the bookcases to see if that would make a difference, but as it is now I think it was a great idea!

  65. I don’t think painting the crown wood look so good as that will break up the flow of the room at the top and stop your eye and be a bit confusing, at least that is my thought without seeing it done!

  66. There’s a phrase that a chef I follow on YouTube uses that always makes me think of you—“You do you!” Try the things that will make you happy, like painting the music room shelves all teal (crown molding white), and if it doesn’t make you happy, paint it again! This is yours and Matt’s forever home, and your opinions are the only ones that matter!! Maybe your music room should be this warm, luxurious space with a darker color on the end wall! Start calling it the music room/library and embrace the look! I’m in love with the fabric you’re using for the chairs and the azalea loveseat…oh, my gosh…it took my breath away!! I’m glad you’re hiring out more of the work than you would’ve liked—it gives you time to work on other things that you would’ve had to put off for a bit.