What To Do With Fabric Remnants? A (Somewhat) Quick and Easy Gift Idea!

Every time I wind down a project for a client, I’m usually left with a pile of little fabric remnants from upholstery projects, window treatments, pillows, etc. Most of the time, they’re not big enough to make anything on their own, and so often, I end up just throwing them away.

Well, a couple of months ago, I decided that it was incredibly sad to throw away these beautiful fabrics–even the small little scraps–so I decided that when I’m left with a bunch of little scraps from a project, I’m going to start turning them into quilted patchwork throws as a client gift.

I’ll be making my first one this afternoon using this pile of fabric remnants:

I’ll take pictures along the way so that if you don’t already know how to make one, you can learn how simple it is! All you need is the most basic sewing skills. They really do make great gifts!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I had high hopes of getting lots accomplished around the condo this weekend, but this weather that we’re having just makes me want to crawl in bed, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies. We’ll see if I can overcome the urge to be lazy and actually get things done.



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  1. WOW! I recognize those fabrics! My we have made some BeaUtiful choices haven't we? Don't be lazy lady… sew away! :*

    Luv, your favorite client!

  2. What a great idea! And those will be some very lucky customers to get one of the beautiful throws matching their decor.

  3. I keep a file on each client along with a ziploc of their fabric. Each holiday season I send the previous years client a Thanks Again, Happy Holidays note and include a lavender sachet made from…yep, their fabric.
    If their is enough I have also made stockings, napkins, etc.

  4. A clever idea but also very creative and classy marketing on your part! I would be willing to bet you could make a decent amount on a few of those patched quilts that you make.