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This year, Addicted 2 Decorating will be 13 years old. That’s hard for me to believe. Y’all, I’ve been blogging here for 13 years!

Anyway, I’ve really been contemplating just where I want to go with this blog. Do I want the content to stay as it’s been? Is it time for me to maybe contemplate working with brands? Do I want to really focus on doing what it takes to start hosting workshops? Do I need to focus more on video content?

Thirteen years of focusing on and writing this blog has been so fun (and don’t worry, I’m not shutting it down!!), but I think it might be time to expand my vision for Addicted 2 Decorating a bit. But I can’t know the direction I need to go until I know more ABOUT YOU! Because after all, without you, there would be no Addicted 2 Decorating.

So I wondered if you might do me a huge favor and take a quick survey (it’ll only take about two minutes) and tell me more about yourself.

ALL RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS. I don’t ask any personally identifying information, so there’s no way for me to know who is answering the questions. I’m just gathering general information here. 🙂

Y’all are awesome, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to do this for me! And hopefully I’ll have an update for you tomorrow on my guest bedroom closets with the sliding doors. They’re turning out great! But in the meantime…


Just a note: Yes, the survey asks about household income. Some have said that this info isn’t needed. Others have commented that they just chose some random selection because they didn’t want to answer the question. Y’all, again, it’s ANONYMOUS, and this info isn’t linked to any personally identifying information.

This info really will help me going forward. Let’s say that I decide I want to partner with brands in the future. If a brand approaches me about a partnership, and the price point of their product is $7000, that’s fine if it aligns with the income level of a large portion of my readers. But if most of my readers are in the $30,000 or less household income category, then it would be wrong (dare I say, unethical) to partner with that brand knowing that it would not be beneficial to them to spend their advertising dollars with me, and their product wouldn’t benefit my readers. That’s just one of many ways in which that info would be helpful to me. And again, it’s anonymous and your response is not associated with any personally identifying information. But it doesn’t help me at all to skew the results with bogus responses. Thanks!

kitchen remodel with teal cabinets and white subway tile on walls

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    1. Great idea to ask for a survey- video and creating courses is the way it’s going! I love your blog style- not just the decor but the tone and flow. I’m starting a new business that focuses on content creation and marketing for creatives- would be willing to help in any way with your future projects to get some experience.

  1. Hi Kristi–I’m going to take the survey, but I want you to know that I find your projects to be fascinating. I’ve thought in the past, How long can she keep going on renovating/remodeling this house? But the answer always is, You have a ton of stuff you want to do. At some point I guess you’ll have done all you can do and will perhaps move on to another property (?), but I just want you to know that I’m always happy to see a new post from you pop up in my inbox, and I’m not any kind of DIY-er. I just enjoy reading about what YOU’RE doing and all about setbacks/triumphs along the way. Also anything about Matt!

  2. Sorry, but I don’t see what difference it makes what your readers income is. I took the survey and it would not let me complete it with questions left blank. I deleted it.

    1. Kristi is contemplating offering workshops, on-site in Waco. She needs to know 1) if the prospective participants have the financial means to attend and 2) how to price said workshops. While we enjoy her blog, it’s important to remember that “this” is her livelihood.

    2. There are lots of ways that info would be useful to me. What Chiflipper said is right on. Also, let’s say that I’m contemplating creating an in-depth online course that will take me months to create, will require me to hire professional videographers, will cover many in-depth topics, and will cost me thousands of dollars to create. Something like that might require a price tag of several hundred dollars. But if all of my readers have a household income of less than $30,000, then I would probably want to rethink creating such a product. If that’s the case, then it would serve my readers better to focus on creating online products in the $20-$30 price range.

      I’m also contemplating working with brands in the future. Let’s say that a company wants to work with me, but the price point on their product is $7000. That’s fine if I know that it aligns with the income level of a large portion of my readers. If it doesn’t, then it would be a waste of time (and dare I say, probably even unethical) for me to partner with that brand knowing full well that the product wouldn’t be useful to my readers, and the company’s advertising dollars would be wasted.

      That’s just a random example, but income is most definitely important in determining how and if I want to expand Addicted 2 Decorating this year and in the future.

      And again, it’s anonymous. I wouldn’t have any way of knowing your specific income range.

      1. I completely understand your intentions with asking for this information but I would also say that someone’s income isn’t always a direct reflection of what they would be willing to pay for something. I know for me it’s not.

        One of the things I love about your blog is that there’s a lot of DIY and that you can choose products/finishes/extra help based on your own budget. I also appreciate the range of projects that you show.

  3. I took your survey. I appreciate how some things you do are complete down to the studs, and others are re-use, like the kitchen cabinets. Seeing the creative one-of-a kind interiors you create are a relief after visiting all the new construction interiors around my location that regardless of expense, all look the same.

  4. I took the survey. Your’s is my favorite blog. I started following you when you had just purchased this house. I look forward to each post and each project you are working on. You always amaze me. Thank you so much for sharing !

  5. I can’t take the survey, because your blog doesn’t allow me to open outgoing links. It hasn’t for a long time now. Any time there’s a link on your blog clicking it for me results in it opening a new tab, and then automatically closing that tab right up again.

  6. I took the survey, not because I hope for changes, (because I’m content to see whatever you have) but just to help you out. I like the style of your written sections, your photos are great, and your explanations are very clear and written so that almost everyone understands. I enjoy hearing about your personal side just a bit too, because it helps me to feel connected!

  7. I took your survey. Please don’t change your blog … I look forward to it and love reading about what you are doing to your home. I’m not crafty or skilled … but I really enjoy and admire those who are.

  8. It would be so much fun if there could be a “How would you solve this problem” feature from your readers. You are so good at it.

  9. I will not complete a survey that requires personal information like income (we know that “anonymous” really is never truly anonymous in the Internet age). As someone else stated, my income is not reflective at all of the price-point of services/products that I would be willing to purchase, and I suspect such is true of many folks. Perhaps a more direct question in your survey would have gather the info you were actually seeking, something along the lines of “What is the maximum price that you would be willing to pay for a week-long workshop that included ….?”

    But anyway, the real reason I am commenting is to express my disdain for videos on blogs … blogs are for reading, not watching, in my opinion. I don’t have the time/patience for video-watching, unless I am looking up a very specific “how to do X” video on YouTube to solve some kind of problem. So my “vote” would be “please do not go in a direction of more videos on your blog”. But you might consider a YouTube channel for such things, which would also make them easily searchable when someone is just trying to figure out how to do XYZ.

    1. That’s not the point of the income question. If I choose to work with brands in the future, many of them will want to know that information so know if their advertising dollars are being wisely spent on my blog. And yes, it’s anonymous!! I have zero ability to know who is answering what to each question. The survey doesn’t even capture IP addresses, much less name, address, email address, or any other personally identifying information.

      I do have a YouTube channel, which is why my videos that I create that are embedded in my posts are YouTube videos. But every time I do a video tutorial, I also do step-by-step photos in the post as well, so no one is forced to watch the video. The only exceptions would be something like a house tour video.

  10. Kristi, I’ve quietly been with you since you bought the house and want to support you any way I can. I am a fellow female DIY’er and have learned so much from you. Videos, photos and blogs are all important because we all learn differently. I would vote for keeping the same format. Girl, you are a gifted writer and teacher. Make that pay. It’s worth money. People talked me into a few workshops but it was a pain hauling stuff, cleaning up, providing literature, etc. Some years ago when friends would try to get me to DIY for them, I had an idea to rent a small house or condo and create a “DIY center.” Folks would pay a membership or even for a one time project experience. The idea was to trim waste on the learning curve and allow people to come in and actually paint on the walls, take the toilets and sinks in and out, learn about tools and beginning carpentry, install tile, apply drywall, etc. If the property is used for this purpose only, these things can be done repeatedly. What I found was that just like cooking shows, people love to watch, but after a “site class or workshop,” only a small percentage actually did anything beyond that. The true DIY’ers want the experience, not just the know how. You could truly justify to vendors that your attendees would get the 411 on their products, no matter the cost. Offer both high end and budget for every DIY’er. One last thing, DIY’ers understand the price of mistakes and usually invest in the research to minimize them. Capitalize on these folks. They are actually going to spend the money. What ever you decide, you will be successful, and I wish you the best of all good things and loving good wishes. You certainly deserve all success!

  11. I have been following your blog since you first bought the house that you are in and still had your condo.

    I live in Australia so I wouldn’t be interested in brands as such as we have different brands here. I love your blog… it’s the only one that I follow. I love that you use so much colour and although what you chose to do sometimes is not for me I still admire the fact that you are prepared to do something different to all the others.

    Every success to you no matter what you chose.