Weekly Wrapup (and a Possible New Blog)

Hello all!  I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!  I’m running a day behind, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  If you missed a post this past week, just click on the thumbnail below to go directly to that post.

Last Week’s Posts:

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In Personal News…

I’ve had a handful of people as me about starting a new blog on the topic of our diet, Matt’s M.S., and our journey to health.  I’m really considering it.  That way, I can keep this blog on topic and still give detailed diet/health updates for those who want them.  I’ll let you know if I decide to start it, and where you can find it!



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  1. If your time will allow, the new blog idea would be wonderful! I’ve shared your story with several people. Everyone is as amazed as I have been. I really admire you for your courage and conviction. Take care. Suzy