If I Ever Stop Blogging, This Is Why…

Y’all, I have been in such a funk over the last day or so.  And do you want to know why?

It’s because rude people are sucking the life right out of me, or they’re at least sucking the fun right out of blogging for me.

This blog has been my happy place for many years now.  I don’t think anyone — not even my husband or my family members — truly understands how much I thrive on creating things.  And having a way to share these things with others — not only my successes, but also my failures, my trials, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way — is such an incredible experience for me that makes me love the whole process even more.

Fortunately, this happy and safe place continues to remain happy and safe for me, for the most part.

My A2D Facebook page is kind of an extension of this blog.  It’s where I share my projects and posts, where I try to build community with people who have the same interests, or who want to learn more about DIYing, using power tools, decorating their homes on a budget, etc.

For some reason, my Facebook page has experienced a huge growth in numbers over the last month, with over 100,000 new folks joining just since December 23rd.  And while I’m thrilled to have a larger audience, and I’ve “met” so many new, creative, awesome people, it also seems that this swift current has stirred up a great deal of bottom-feeding scum that have gotten caught in the current and found their way to my page…and to my blog.

At least five times a day, I find comments like these on my projects:



“That’s hideous!”

“That looks ridiculous!”

“That bathroom is ugly!  It looked so much better before!”

“I’m sorry, but I just have to chime in here.  I hate that table!”

“Sorry, but this just has to be said.  That is UGLY!”

and on…

and on…

and on.

And then there are the ones who, while looking at pictures of MY house, say things like, “OMG!  That (such-and-such) has GOT to go!!!!!!”

And the one that tops them all lately…the one who told me that she wouldn’t let me in her house (presumably to decorate) even if I did it for FREE.  (And no, I wasn’t offering in the first place!!)

It’s not the fact that these people don’t like my projects or my decorating that bothers me.  Frankly, I don’t care.  It’s my house, and I’ll decorate it to my liking, regardless of what others think about it.  And really, having a house that everyone likes isn’t really what this blog is about.

What bothers me about this is that I can’t bear the thought that this is how so many seemingly average, everyday people now behave in society.  I can’t bear that this is becoming normal, accepted behavior.

I would never in my life dream of walking into an acquaintance’s home, pointing to something in her house, and saying, “Oh my gosh, that’s hideous!”  Or, “Please, that thing has got to go!”

I mean, I honestly cannot wrap my head around this behavior.  And just like I would never do that to someone face-to-face (because thankfully, my mom taught me better manners than that), I would also never dream of doing that to someone online.  Because those people are still human, they still have feelings, and they’re still deserving of my respect, whether or not I like their projects, their decor, or their home.

And really, why would I even bother?  It’s not my house, and I acknowledge that everyone has different styles and different tastes.  I love that about decorating!  Why would I think that everyone else’s houses need to be decorated to my liking?

I hate that we’ve sunk this low as a society.

And what I hate more is that when I say something to these degenerates about their rudeness, they always retort with something like, “Well, if you don’t want criticism, then you shouldn’t be posting stuff online!”

Really?  That’s like me telling the acquaintance in the example above, after she expresses shock over my lack of manners, that if she doesn’t want criticism then she shouldn’t invite people into her home.  That’s ridiculous.

And I guess I’ve always believed that intelligent adults can always find a way to express their opinions in a civilized, tactful manner.  I have people leave comments quite frequently expressing their dislike over a certain aspect of a project — a color choice, a fabric selection, etc. — and offering suggestions on how to improve it, and they do so in a tactful manner.  Those civilized and tactful critiques and suggestions will always be welcome on my blog and my Facebook page.  I learn a lot from people who behave like civilized adults, and possess the intelligence to express their opinions in a tactful way.  In fact, I changed my console table design based on one such tactful critique, and I love it so much more now because of it!

I could surround myself with intelligent, tactful people all day long, even if they don’t like my house, my decorating, or my projects, and still be perfectly happy and content.

But those other people?  They possess the tact and intelligence of poo-flinging monkeys, and I’m getting so tired of being pelted by poo every time I go to my Facebook page.

And mostly, I’m distressed that we as a society seem to be sliding backwards, towards a society where poo-flinging monkeys are becoming so commonplace, and will probably eventually become the norm as they breed more and more little baby poo-flingers who learn their behavior from their parents and grow up to act even worse than their parents.

I could say so much more on this topic, but I won’t.  It has consumed my mind over the last couple of days.

But know this.  If I ever stop blogging, it’ll be because I’ve been pelted by poo one too many times.  I wish these people would go back to the zoo where they belong.

Thanks for letting me vent.  🙂  Happier posts coming.  I’ll be finishing my console table today, and sharing it with y’all tomorrow.

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  1. I know it is hard not to take it personally but it is so much easier for these jerks to hide behind their computer and to be mouthy 🙁 You will never put a face with those yucky comments. Well, I am a new FB fan and I think your things are awesome! I am so inspired that I am headed out the door to go and buy a Kreg jig today 🙂

    1. I work retail & run into these mean-spirited people more than I once thought possible! Unfortunately, the rudeness in our society seems to be growing at an alarming rate! All we can do is not take it personally & feel bad that THEY abound. You’re doing a great job, & those of us who love your blog &/ or are creative like you don’t want to see you stop–or be too bothered by cretins. Hang in there, we love your stuff!

      1. I agree with Penny. All that I can say is, “Let your haters be your Motivators!” Often, these people are just jealous. Please keep with it and know that there are many people out there that love you and what you do.

        1. I have to agree. With the ones who are saying, your a great inspiration , love your blog and ideas ect……… Because your are!!!! Can you block the haters? I hope so !!!!!!! Some people just love to bring people down, piss them off, say mean things, try it destroy other peoples happiness. I say it’s because their lives are so miserable and want others to feel the way they do. So PLEASE JUST SKIP OVER THEIR COMMENTS as soon as you read or see the first hint of a bad comment or if you can hit the block key. The ones who love your ideas will pass you on to good people.

    2. I love your creative flow!! I hope you don’t stop blogging. But I understand how you feel. People are rude, If the don’t like what you do they can unlike you on Facebook. People it is really that easy!! Oh and I want Kreg Jig too!! Keep up the good work!

    3. I just want to say I’m sorry! Words do hurt and sometimes more than actions. If the haters don’t respect you and your posts, why are they following?? I like to learn from you and many others and am so glad you educate us of your success and failures! Thank you!

    4. Oh my goodness. So sad to hear of this kind of behavior. This is so unbelievable, and so sad to think that so many people live in such a negative world. I love your site, and benefit from it every time I visit it. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge. Kindness and a grateful heart will overpower negative destruction. Don’t let it ruin your day. Thanks for sharing with us.

    5. I sooo agree with Heidi! (and everyone else)

      It amazes me how “brave” everyone is behind their computers. You really need to develop a thick skin to be in social media.

      I hope some day things will change as I also see this as a huge backslide for society!

    6. 😲 unbelievable….but really it is believable in todays climate. The one thing I’ll say is there are so many more good people on here than not so it’s a good place to be.
      I like your house it’s so happy and inspiring……I think those haters are just not happy people in general
      Hang in there you do awesome work

  2. Those people are just jealous of your talent and creativity. Don’t let them get to you. I for one have been immensely blessed and inspired by your blog and look forward to reading your posts both on the blog and on FB everyday. Keep doing the things you love.

      1. My exact sentiments too. If only all the positivity and appreciation could somehow erase (or even better BLOCK) the poo slingers.

          1. I agree also with the above statement. There are many negative people in the world, who hate to see others shine! There are SO MANY of us who thoroughly enjoy your blog – don’t let them dampen the true person you are and who we all love. You have so many fans for a reason….we love what you do, you motivate and inspire many of us – don’t let the tiny amount of “unintelligent” people get you down – we see through all that they have to say. If EVER you feel down about these rude comments – just know that we are all here for you, we know and love you as the person that you are. We appreciate all that you do – there are MANY of us who are on your side and have been for a long time. Next time, ANY rude comment – feel free to hit the DELETE BUTTON, no one should have to deal with that kind of abuse – it’s their issue and not yours! Just keep on smiling and shining!!

      2. Absolutely my thoughts! They’re jealous and only hiding behind their computer screen to make someone else suffer for their misery. You are immensely talented. I love all your work and enjoy your posts. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Well said!! I am new to your blog and I’m inspired by your projects. Please don’t let the trolls get to you.

  3. If you can block them, because I for one love to read your post. I don’t always like everything, but hey that is what makes us different. I have learned a few things from you and would like to continue to learn from you. I am a do it yourselfer also!!!!! Hold your head up, girlfriend!!!

    1. Don’t let anyone ever squash your dream or artistic abilities. I, like everyone else who looks forward to your next step in your projects, would never treat you that way. Keep on doing what you are doing and delete and block those “poo flinging monkeys” (I love that phrase). Maybe you should acquire another Admin. Someone you trust who could “clean up” your page before you see it? Sticks and stones hurt but so can words. And I hope that you never doubt your abilities or talent for even one second. Can’t wait to see the table! One more thing, you have inspired me to get moving and get back to doing the things I love too. Thank you.

      1. Please DON’T EVER stop blogging!!! I have been reading your blog for a while now as well as a few other blogs. I enjoy each one for different reasons, I love your honesty, the way you second guess yourself and then ask everyone around you for their opinion just to make sure your on the right course. I guess I can really relate to you, which is the real reason why people read blogs, right? If I had to guess I would say there is a very small number of people that dislike what you do or say and a very large number of people that LOVE what you do and say and I’m one of them!! Keep on doing what you do and don’t let in the evil!

  4. I am sorry. I found your blog when everyone else was decorating all in white — I am not saying all white is horrible, ugly or hideous. But, I grew up an Air Force brat; I spent 13-years in the Army. I lived in base housing forever and I am done with neutral and white. I love how you blend colors, fabrics, etc. I would let you in my house to decorate… only I don’t have any money. And, I live in Minnesota. We are in the process of gutting our house and don’t have any walls. We didn’t go to high school together and share a long standing friendship… so I figure you wouldn’t be all that interested. I am glad I get to peek in to how you do things. 😀

    1. Kristi, I am so sorry. I teared up reading this. I do agree, I can’t believe how low our society has gotten. Seems everything goes, and if you don’t accept it, that you are the bad person, not them.

      I love your site and all of your “how to’s” Everyone has different taste. People shouldn’t think that their opinions are the only ones that matter, and that what you created was because YOU like it.

      Also, love how the table is turning out, and that you said “thanks” to me for the link. I am loving what you created from the ideas you put together from the 3.

      Keep your head high. I’d be so bummed if you stopped blogging. You’re one that I look at every day.

      Best Wishes, Steph

  5. I started blogging in August last year and have been kind of “worried” that I don’t get comments. Maybe that’s a good thing. LOL. I’m one of those that would NEVER, EVER say anything bad because my momma taught me if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all. The way a person decorates her home is her taste and hers alone. If we all decorated the same way what a boring place this would be. There would be no reason for blogs or magazines or pinterest, etc. I would let all the “poo” just roll off my back like water on a duck’s back and keep on keeping on. You are in inspiration to so many. Stay the course Kristi!!!

    1. Felicia…me too…I don’t get many comments…but I know people are reading it by the number of views it gets. Stay motivated…now I’m off to find your blog!!

  6. I don’t know how a business FB page works. Can you block the rude and crude people from getting on your page? If so, I would delete those people without warning-too ridiculous for words. Thanks for all the inspiration that you have shared.

  7. You have every right to ask people not to be rude. Your choosing to post your projects and your home on line, does not mean you are choosing to be criticized and humiliated on line. I mean, if you have nothing nice to say or you do not like something, how about saying nothing at all?
    I would not take 5-10 rude people’s comments to heart. You do beautiful work, and I wouldn’t even respond to the comments. If it becomes a habit of theirs, to insult you, I would just block them.
    PS I love your blog!

  8. So Sorry, Kristi!!!! That is so deflating when you put so much of your time and energy into these projects and then put them out there for us to enjoy and learn from! I am not on Facebook, and I don’t think I ever want it!! Too many stories like yours.
    Thank you for all the effort you put forth, for allowing us to enjoy your creations. I’ll say right here and now that our tastes aren’t the same, but it is YOUR house. Your house should display your taste! 🙂 Mine has my taste. That doesn’t mean for a second I can’t learn from you! (I will just never have gold side tables.. 😉 ) Looking forward to seeing your console table! Have a chocolate from one loyal reader. I save your blog and the Pioneer Woman’s for last cause their my favorites!

  9. Be Encourage Kristi! To the “JERKS” that make those awful comments about your design and decor ideas, they can just go kick rocks…or better yet, play in traffic. Keep your head up and most importantly, keep “rockin it out” 🙂

  10. don’t you dare stop. You inspire me so much! I never leave comments but have been following you for some time. I have been thru some really tough times the last couple of years and started facebook for a distraction. And missy, you are a wonderful distraction! Thank you for the brief respites and don’t let haters win.

  11. Kristi, and I was just thinking, after drooling over your recent console table, how you can just seemingly crank out such a great, creative and well written how-to post and the table, itself! But I didn’t tell you. I stayed a lurker. I NEED to speak up more when I am thinking positive thoughts of someone! I love all of your work, and you are an inspiration. So there. I said it. What I feel about you and your projects. We are there with you! I am just sad that others seem not to have civilized manners. Very sad. But WE are not sad when we see your progress in your new home! Keep it coming!

    1. I, too, have been a lurker. I guess I thought you didn’t need my comments. Do you know it takes 7 “good” statements to counteract just one “bad” one? So, I might not comment that often but I will try to comment .I love the stuff you do. And, even if I wouldn’t do it the same way or colors (but I usually would), I can still learn something from you. I was catching up reading your 2013 in review and thinking “How does she do it?” Not just the creativity but the energy and stick-to-it-tiveness (is that a word?). Please stick to it and keep blogging. I know it is hard to ignore rude comments but that is what I suggest you do. Do not even give those jerks the satisfaction to let them know that their comment hurt you. I doubt that they care anyway. So, I suppose you must read them but just go on to the next comment and ignore those “tactless and unintelligent poo-flinging monkeys”. Love the description – so accurate. JudyMae

      Read more: https://www.addicted2decorating.com/if-i-ever-stop-blogging-this-is-why.html#ixzz2qb1bND8n

      1. Kristi,people can be so mean! I,like you,was taught if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. While they have the right to their opinion,they do not have the right to be abusive.Laugh it off Kristi,after all,it is their problem and aren’t we all glad it’s not ours?

  12. It also amazes me how rude people are online. I follow a lot of cake decorators, and the same thing happens with them too, and it’s cake! And cake is supposed to make people happy! Ignore the crazy folks. Lots of us love what you do, and are inspired to try projects ourselves. Keep up the great work!

  13. I am truly sorry for the poo that has been flung your way. It is shocking to see people say things like that. I know you aren’t expecting people to kiss the ground you walk on, but if they don’t like your project, then move on! I would never say something to someone about their house, projects, etc. I’ve seen things that aren’t my cup of tea on Pinterest, blogs, etc., but I just leave it alone. I’ve noticed some other bloggers mentioning that they have gotten some rude Facebook comments too. Maybe there’s some whack jobs out there who are purposely doing this? I enjoy seeing your projects and I hope that things get better with regards to the rudeness that has somehow infiltrated Facebook. Have a great day!

  14. I’m sorry you have to deal with these childish folks, facebook has really started to get under my skin for that very reason!!! I see no reason for people to be flat out rude!! Love your blog I just joined too!!! Keep it coming

  15. Just block them! I enjoy your blog and fb page and would hate the poo flingers to “win”. I am always surprised too how rude people are on Facebook or online in general. Would they say the same thing to your face? Hang in there!

  16. I am sorry to read how rude people have been lately, please do not stop blogging! I enjoy reading your blog, you have a different voice, and it is fun to view your progress. I am not a good “commenter” but I am a good reader.
    I would like to believe people like me are the silent majority, we enjoy your projects and your take on fixing your house. Good luck dealing with this situation.

  17. I find this crazy!! I wish I had your talent and could do the things you do. I wish you lived closer to me and that I could afford to hire you. I love your style and everything you do. There are a lot of rude, mean people in this world, that are miserable and try to bring others down with them. Ignore all the haters!!

  18. Very well said Kristi……very well said. I love sharing your decorating journey. With all of those Stay Calm signs out there, here’s one for you…… Stay Calm and Keep Decorating. As for all of those ill-mannered idiots out there….all I can say is “what comes around, goes around”.

  19. I am one of those 100,000 since December 23. I love your blog! Some people have no taste at all and feel the need to criticize others. I bet the people that are being critical are the ones that buy their tacky stuff at low-budget stores. While I love to shop at places like Family Dollar and Dollar General, a lot of their stuff is just plain tacky. Sometimes, I’ll get lucky and find something awesome. Don’t let those fools (I agree with Heidi, they can hide behind their computers) discourage you! Please don’t stop blogging. Can you block and/or delete these people that are making these horrible comments. I know everyone has their own different tastes and what is tacky to them is might be beautiful to me.

    I really love your “Diamond Tufted Coffee Table Ottoman”. I really wish I had somewhere in my house to use something like this. I’m out of space. LOL! I’m still thinking…. 🙂 but I know I will use your instructions for making the tufted look when I find something to use it on.

  20. You are so amazingly talented and I would hate to see the haters win because I would miss seeing your projects and blog posts which are among the very first I check on my rss feed. Brene Brown (Daring Greatly author) says of those who criticize her books, talks, etc.(paraphrasing here) that those who don’t put themselves out there and are not in the arena don’t get a say. They just don’t. It is so easy to sit back and troll others when they are not taking any risks. Please block those dummies and keep amazing us with your wonderful creations!

  21. This is so disheartening to read Kristi! I don’t know what is wrong with people…and what it is about Facebook that brings out the worst (I have a fear of my page growing ‘too big’ for this very reason…I’ve seen it before). BUT we can’t let the terrible comments stop us from doing what we love. And you have an amazing blog…don’t ever stop doing what you are doing. And keep true to what you said about showing them the door!!! 🙂

  22. I completely understand you. It is more or less the reason I don`t write a blog. I keep wondering what happened to politeness, what is wrong with people criticizing all the time and kind of enjoying hurting others…But then I always think of Aristoteles and his quote:
    “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.
    You are so talented, creative, successful,…Those people are likely none of it -they are nothing. Ignore them! They do not deserve any attention.

  23. Life is about difference. Just because it is not what you like does not mean you can’t appreciate what it is and the work that was put into it. You are right, people are rude and should know better. I tell me children ALL the time. If someone is being rude to you it is because they are not happy with themselves. They have to point fingers and make other people feel crappy to make themselves feel better. Very sad. I think you are fun to keep tabs on and I love that you have such a great family support. If I went and pulled out the power tools my husband would freak. That is why I wait for him to go to work. He travels.
    Keep up the GREAT work.
    And all the haters need to “kiss it”!!!!

    1. I could not agree with you more!

      ~ “Just because it is not what you like does not mean you can’t appreciate what it is and the work that was put into it.”

      This is what it is all about! We love you Kristi and keep up the great work!

  24. Just remember that you (and many others) love your house, even if some people don’t. Maybe their style wouldn’t work for you either (but I bet you wouldn’t be rude about it!) I know how these people can get under your skin, but just ignore them and keep turning out awesome projects that the rest of us can be amazed at!!!

  25. People just have no manners! Please don’t let those poo flinging monkeys run you off! You are one of my favorite bloggers! Your projects are so wonderful! I too love to DIY in my home and I browse the internet for inspiration, if I come across something not my taste I just scroll past it. Why pass judgement? Why does it have to be gross or ugly? It’s just not my taste but it is someone else’s. It takes a lot less negative energy to scroll on by than to stop and attack a person for their taste! For every monkey just remember there are a lot more people who love your blog!

  26. I agree totally with what you said. I, too, find it hard to believe the rudeness of some people. Please know that for most of us, your blog and Facebook posts are truely inspirational.

  27. I am sorry you have become the recipient of idiots. I totally enjoy your ideas, do I love everything? Of course not!! I don’t even love everything I do! Please know there a more people that enjoy your site than don’t. If there is some way to block the people that are being rude from even visiting your site I would not hesitate. Please know you are appreciated and what you do is encouraging.

  28. Don’t let them steal your joy and if you stop posting and blogging they will have won! See it, read it, delete it and forget it! I enjoy seeing your post come through my news feed, it Give me inspiration to do things I would have never thought to do, some of the choices you make may not work in my home but they are still inspiring and I thank you for that.

  29. Ok, so I play online games as a source of entertainment when money is low. There are a lot of people who play these games who are just like the ones on your FB page. Not too long ago I was in a large group and one guy was being a total jerk. I told him I was getting tired of his attitude and his reply was “Sounds like a personal problem. Sorry”. And he continued being a jerk. I can only imagine my rage was similar to what yours is when you read the jerk comments. I’ve seen some of them.

    The only thing I can say what’s helped me is to realize these people are trolls who enjoy hiding behind their anonymity and terrorizing other people. They don’t have the courage to act like this in public so knowing you can never know who they are makes them feel powerful. There are way more people who love your blog and would encourage you every day than those who would knock it down.

    Seriously, please don’t let them stop you from blogging and creating, I love building and designing things but am always blown away at your level of creativity and determination to make functional yet beautiful things. I love how you get inspiration from something so extravagant and make it your own, and at a price us normal people can afford!

    So please, put on a rain coat and let the poo run off, vent any time you need (we’re listening!), and keep on creatin’ 🙂

  30. My mama always said”If you can’t say anything nice keep your big mouth shut”Honey,You are a great big beautiful serving of AWESOMESAUCE…I love everything you say and do and the rude a–holes out there are full of it!!keep right on going and doing your thing!

  31. I don’t like reading these comments either. A difference of opinion or preference to design or color is healthy. Who wants a world where everything and everyone is the same? The rudeness, the hateful comments are as you say, the way so much of the world is. Sadly these people probably didn’t have a Mama or Grandma like you and I did (assumption on my part ;)…. One that not only was kind and sweet but taught the same behavior to the entire family… and excepted nothing less. If these people can’t play nice, they shouldn’t be allowed to play. Banning hateful rude comments would be wonderful. Good luck to you. Please don’t allow the bottom of the barrel people to ruin your fun and creativity. I enjoy your blog, FB Page, and projects. Keep on keepin’ on 😉

  32. I’m so sorry there are so many turds in the punch bowl. It’s kinda a mood killer. It’s the principal of the fact that people are so unkind about something that is so subjective and have no tact about how to share that their opinion is different. I don’t understand it either. Unless you were my super duper uber long time bestest of friends- and even then, even though I wouldn’t have to spare feelings per say- I still don’t think I could be cruel and unkind like some of the people who post things that are NOT critique helpful. I think tact and kindness is a skill that has been lost and the anonymity of the internet has exacerbated it. I know when I worked at a one hour photo at a large discount retailer right out of college, people were absolutely cruel and very unkind. I had to develop a very thick skin very fast and suffering through my first holiday season in retail I learned a LOT. I am still seriously convinced people shop at said X store and take it out on the workers just because their day sucked. I was called horrible names I wouldn’t even jokingly call someone, people were seriously WHACKED! I mean out of their mind crazy with the way they treat people. I was treated like an uneducated moron because people automatically assume if you work at X store, you must be an idiot. I used to be a soft spoken shy but enthusiastic and perky morning person, now I am cynical and pretty much convinced everyone steals. lol Anyway- long story short- Mean people suck. I’ve seen some bloggers create a post that anonymously share the hate mail and comments. Some of it’s pretty hilarious. Shows you how whacked some people are. lol Sadly. Keep on keepin’ on.

  33. Sorry you have to be discouraged by the actions or comments of the poo flinging monkeys that occupy facebook and other sites as well. It has me ready to just quit Facebook and go play games at pogo instead. Can’t believe that this country has turned to be so DISRESPECTFUL of themselves and others as well.

  34. I have been thinking the same thing recently. I can’t bear to read message boards anymore because I am tired of the rudeness. The other side of things…these could be weirdos that you would pay no attention to their comments in regular life. Since you can’t see them or their pathetic life, it’s hard to not take it personally.

  35. I couldn’t agree with you more………our world and society have turned into negative, brazen and careless people…………but not all of them have. Remember, people that are unhappy with themselves, their circumstances or their surroundings have an innate need to pass it off onto others. Turn your back on them and keep on smiling! 🙂

  36. Please don’t stop blogging! I really enjoy your posts and even if everything is not exactly my taste, I love seeing what other people do. That’s how you get ideas. Your post hit the nail on the head. Most of these people would not DARE say these things to someone else in person, and if they do, they probably don’t have many friends which is why they are on the computer so much. It is sad that the world is coming to this. but we need kind people with integrity to stay in the game, or we all lose. The other alternative is to get off of Facebook or change your page so people cannot post to it. Just a thought. Posting to a blog takes a little more effort. I think FB is starting to get out of control.

  37. Continue on lady! It would make me sad to have you leave because of other people’s poo (they would win in that case). This is what I say… “If only we could focus on our own lives we would then have less time to criticize others”… I think you are displaying that perfectly by having your own blog and you are fulfilling your own desires! Take care.

  38. I love what you are doing-whether I like each individual project or not. I think you’re creative and brave when you put everything out there. Just the other day when I was reading about that curvy sofa table, I was amazed that changing the leg line was no big deal for you. I am not comfortable with power tools even though I have used them. I greatly admire someone who knows what she wants and just decides to make it on her own. Don’t give up on this blog or on Facebook. I’m sure there are far more kind followers than rude ones.

  39. Only truly miserable people get satisfaction out of putting others down. When you see posts like that remember that those people are sad, angry people who most likely wouldn’t know where to begin in an attempt to create half the things you have. So, consider the source and don’t let them bother you.

  40. I think sometimes people only see their needs, wants, and likes. The hardest part of being a grown up is, well, being a grown up and seeing value in other people’s ideas even when they do not match our own. I could see creativity in that crazy outdated home I posted yesterday. It made me think how loved the home must have been to be in such great shape after so many years!!!

    Keep putting yourself out there and we (your readers) will keep reading and commenting, without engaging with the negative posters:)

  41. My new favourite quote, “They possess the tact and intelligence of poo-flinging monkeys” Awesome!!! Perfect analogy! How right you are, they have no more intelligence then to fling poo when they don’t like something, or don’t agree with something. Really though, what gets me even more is the fact they have “liked” a page or a blog in the very first place that they don’t like. Strange behavior! I think, and you can take this with a grain of salt, that the good people on your page and the smart people that read your blog outweigh the poo-flingers! Thanks for sharing not only your awesome projects, but your blogging knowledge too! xo

  42. Please don’t stop blogging or posting because of those ill-mannered uneducated poo-flinging monkeys! I love your posts! They help me create and/or stretch my creative zone. I’m not always pleased with what I make but I love the process. Ignore and delete those poo comments! There are a lot of us who enjoy your posts!

  43. Kristi, I an one of those who started following you in December. I really can’t remember how I found your page but I am so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE your style and I have already learned so many things from your post! I pray you will find encouragement from most of your readers and be able to ignore those that are less tactful. Please keep the post coming!

  44. Gosh, I hope my comment about not liking nailhead trim yesterday didn’t come across as poo-flinging. I don’t like it. But I know you do, so I suggested how I would use it if I were to put it on MY table. BTW, I do love the way you added the end cut-outs – it made the table much more graceful.

    I follow your blog because you do such a terrific job on every one of your projects and you’re not afraid to show your failures as well as your successes. You know, that you’re human. I don’t always like every project individually, for my OWN PERSONAL reasons, but even a project that I don’t find appealing PERSONALLY that is well done is going to get my attention. And this isn’t just on your blog – there are others out there who I follow (though not daily like yours) and sometimes I like their projects, sometimes I don’t, but I also can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out in the end. Just because I don’t particularly like a project doesn’t give me permission to slam the creator of the project. If I think it’s hideous, I’ll generally just move on and not say anything at all. Later on, when the project is in place, the thing I didn’t particularly like miraculously fits the overall room perfectly and I can see the vision…but I might still not like it…and that’s personal. Not something to be mentioned. I usually only comment on something if I can visualize a different way of going and the blogger ASKS for input.

    If I ever step over the line on my comments, I expect you to let me know. It’s YOUR blog, after all, and YOUR vision and YOUR creation. I’m just some chick out there reading your stuff and drooling over your photos.

    Don’t let the monkeys win.

    (I always knew there was a reason monkeys gave me the heebie-jeebies…now I know!)

  45. I just found your page today. Everything I’ve seen is amazing. You’re truly talented and I so appreciate that you take your precious time to blog about your ideas and creations.

  46. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. I have decided to stop blogging for this very reason. I didn’t need that kind of negativity in my life-especially aimed at the one thing (decorating) I enjoy the most. I began to hate people…and I don’t want to! So, I walked away.

  47. I don’t know that it’s anything new, or getting to be common place…it’s just with social media it’s in everyone’s face now. It’s a shame people have to be so tacky and rude. Don’t let “those” type of people get you down. Really there is no need to acknowledge them!! Have a “FaNtAsTiCaL” day!!!

  48. I LOVE your page, blog, decorating ideas, talent & creativity…and I love how you are a “real”person with real feelings! I agree with you 100% and I cannot believe the rudeness that sweeps through society. Thank you for sharing your home, ideas, and thoughts with us. Please don’t stop blogging…I love reading it. You are inspiring! And there are enough of us who LOVE you and what you do! Hold your head high, put on the blinders to the inconsiderate ones ( easier said than done, sometimes) and keep up the GREAT work! Don’t let anyone take away YOUR joy (and admittedly, ours)!

  49. OK I feel like you need to hear my negative comment: I view your blog every single day & when it’s a day you don’t post I am sooooo disappointed! Please don’t let ANYONE let you even consider you would stop blogging. It’s difficult to overlook rudeness but the world seems to have plenty of it & those rude people who hide behind their computers should be ashamed.

  50. People who get pleasure from hurting other people have sad lives. Perhaps they have no voice in their own lives so they lash out anonymously. Perhaps they live or have lived with a verbal abuser and don’t know any other way to treat people. People feel more alive when they feel and engender strong emotions and the easiest ones to generate are negative. A loving relationship takes 2 people – a spiteful one, only 1. These people are not the norm. They use anonymity to give themselves a power they don’t have otherwise.

    I and many others really appreciate your creativity and your follow-through. It’s easy to dream up a better looking home – a lot harder to actually go through the hard work of creating it. Don’t know how long I would have stuck it out with your now beautifully refinished floors!

    Keep up the good work!

  51. I find your blog very inspiring. We don’t share the same decorating tastes, but I love seeing your vision come together and hearing your thought process. You’ve recently become one of my must read blogs!

    Truly appreciate the tutorials and tips! I’m a new builder, thanks to ladies like you showing the way.

  52. Don’t let them win! Those ‘poo flinging monkies’ are jealous and don’t have anything better to do with their time but ‘fling poo’. You are so talented and so wonderful to share your talent and ideas. I wish I could deliver the two old doors I just bought to you right now so you could make the headboard I want. I think all of your ‘non-poo flinging’ subscribers need to comment to each poo flinger to stop making such rude awful comments. Maybe they will go back to their holes and leave you alone. They are cowards. Best wishes and keep a’blogin!

  53. Please keep doing what you are doing! I’ve followed your blog for awhile and it has quickly become one of my favorites! I love that you bought an old home and want to restore and remodel it. I dream of that same thing someday and love the ideas I get from you.
    Being able to be anonymous on the internet has brought out the worst in some people!

  54. Please don’t give up something that gives you and your fans such pleasure. I know you inspire me and get my lazy creative juices going. Those rude haters that post ugly negative things should just be deleted or ignored. I just wonder if their parents would be proud to hear how they bully people on social media, no matter how old they may be. Please keep doing the thing that makes you happy and your God given talents. Unhappy people try to bring others down with them! Keep on keeping all your fans happy!

  55. It is disheartening that this happens. I’m sure I don’t absolutely love everything you do but I love that you are willing to share your ideas and creativity. And I really do love a lot of your ideas and posts. Today I was speaking with a teacher who had her diploma framed and hanging in her classroom of 4th graders. One of the students was angry at her, so he knocked it off the wall and the frame broke. When the principal was involved, he told the teacher she shouldn’t have brought it to school!! So basically her fault. Really?? Where is respect taught anymore? You are so right that people think they can say anything. Keep up the fantastic work and don’t waste your time or energy on those who don’t have a filter for the few brain cells they have.

  56. I’m with you. Criticism is what you described where people mention that something’s not to their taste AND make suggestions! That’s the part of the collaborative nature of posting online, IMO. The people who just say “yuck” or “that’s hideous” are the poo flinging monkeys you called them. They’re not offering criticism…they’re just spreading negativism. They try to justify it to themselves as criticism, but they’re not.

  57. Hi Kristi. I’m sorry you’re going through that. I love coming to your blog and checking for new updated on your projects. I do it daily. While I’m going to admit I wouldn’t always choose some of the decorating decisions you make, I love your creativity and your ability to make your ideas come to fruition. That’s why I keep coming back. I gain plenty from the projects you share regardless of different individual styles. I love that part and respect our different tastes. So I wish you didn’t have to deal with all that ugliness.

  58. Fantastic post! Keep in keeping on…I’ve recently discovered your blog and fb page and appreciate the creativity. Being creative takes courage-you create in spite of what others think and it’s a risk to put your creations out there. I have recently felt the same way. Anytime someone starts with “I’m sorry but…” (followed by rudeness) it makes me just sick. Just not ok… #manners101

  59. I so understand your distress at the prevalence of such rudeness, tactlessness and downright meanness that is fast becoming a daily occurrence everywhere we go, internet and otherwise. It is left to those of us who know right from wrong and act accordingly to NOT let those poo-flinging monkeys take over! Keep on truckin’ girlfriend, you inspire and encourage so many more than there are numbers of poo-flingers. ~:0)

  60. its really sad that people are rude. But people are diffrent and have diffrent taste. I have alot of stuff at home that I reeeeally love and adore, but some of friends may say “omg, have you bought that ugly thing?why?” and Ill answer “because I like it, it fits my personallity”. I dont say this to my friends even if they have some stuff I would never buy in a million years, because I know they like it, but not everyone thinks like this. I also get abit annoyed when people buy interior stuff for me in gifts and so on, because they totally miss on what I like, but I never throw them away, yes maybe they do get hidden behind something else I find beautiful. But that doesnt matter, its still there =)

    So dont take all the negative stuff into your heart, keep blogging about what you like and enjoy. Interior is personal and same is colours. Maybe the negative comments are from people that have a diffrent taste, and they like diffrent stuff, but still. some people just cant keep their negative to themselves, feel sorry for them, they must have a sad life sitting and judging all the time, and cant be open to other ideas

  61. Kristi, I actually have not been reading the comments of late, because it just depresses me. Ironically, I saw a lot of other “fans” don’t enjoy these people’s comments either. Keep this a “happy place” for all of us and block and delete the offensive!!

  62. So sorry about the poo Kristi. It isn’t nice. BUT think of it this way. You have lots of followers who see you as a professional because you blog pretty much for living and rightly or wrongly so we as a society tend to be very opinionated about design and decor. It is not that they are meaning to insult you and your house personally but professionally. Like how we all go through the Southern Living or HGTV dream homes and pick them apart. We all do it. But since it is that designers and they have a budget we don’t, we feel it is OK to criticize. It really isn’t.It isn’t really any different. But when we think it is a person’s profession we take a lot of license to criticize. SOOOO all that to say that I think sadly this is the cost of being seen as a more big time professional blogger/DIYer/decorator. I bet Young House Love gets way worse comments and lots more negative ones… The bigger you are, the easier you are to insult. I also think the delete and block buttons are the best tools a blogger has to guard against the intolerable non-constructive comments. I hope that came out how I meant it to, as a compliment not a slam! Happy DIYing!

  63. I love your post and read and look at things you have and are working on. Don’t let jerks upset you. I have shared your post with so many of my friends and they like it also. You have so many great ideas. Jerks are going to be jerks. Some people are just plain rude. Keep the great work going for all of the thousands that love your post!!!!!

  64. Kristi, my husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. Our society is going down the toilet and it seems to get worse every day. I am guilty about totally loving something on your blog and not taking the time to tell you. I truthfully have NEVER seen anything on your blog that I dislike but if I did, I would never comment like those people did. I will tell you what my mother told me “Don’t sink to their level, rise above it.” Sometimes it is very hard to do that and you just want to bit*# slap a few people, but don’t, you are better than that. Keep up the good work.

  65. Just DELETE & BLOCK these people. Just think about the thousands of us who do want to see and read your blog and enjoy your pics and tutorials of your projects. We don’t want to see these disgusting remarks either it just make me mad and I want to reply back… but that’s what they want MORE DRAMA! Please block them so I don’t have to see it. Love your blog and fb page. So much fun. I even have my husband looking at your projects.

  66. Kristi I am so sorry that you are the brunt of so much rudeness. I agree with all the replies that I have read above. Please don’t ever get too down by these nameless, faceless people. Unfortunately I think we have all found ourselves at the receiving end, for one reason or another at times, but please remember that there are a few thousand of us out here who are supporting what you do and are learning from you every time you post. Keep up the good work…

  67. Don’t stop, I look forward to reading you everyday. I may not like everything you do but that’s why we all have individual tastes. Ignore the rude idiots!

    They live under their uncreative rocks. I’m a professional artist.and I get it all the time. Yes, it’s a hard road.
    We love you.


  68. Whatever happened to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”??? I see things I don’t care for on the net but it never occurs to me to say anything!! We all have different tastes so of common sense says peiple wii own things we wouldn’t consider and that is a-ok!!! Thank god we aren’t all alike!!! How boring would that be!!! And I really enjoy seeing how others decorate when it’s not my style because there is where I learn new things!!! You, my dear, are super talented!! You have encouraged me to be brave and use power tools!!! You are one my top favorite blogs!! Please put those rude and jealous people aside and keep on moving forward because you are the brave one out there doing great things!!!

  69. You keep doing what you are doing!! You are doing a great job! I am all thumbs and completely inept, but after seeing some of the things you have done, I am getting close to trying to change something MYSELF in my house!! Unfortunately, children are being raised to do & say anything they want to with no consequences. For heaven’s sake let’s not teach the child manners while they are still children, they might get upset and cry. Give me a break! I am so proud of the things you have done and I don’t even know you. LOL Do I love everything you do? Almost. 😉 However, not everyone’s tastes are the same, and that is the first thing to be realized. How BORING this world would be if everyone liked the same thing everyone else did. Yuck… Keep up the good work! We are all behind you, just waiting to join in!! Have a blessed day and just repeat to yourself “It is only a test, it is only a test” ROFLOL!

  70. We live in a really rude world now..”especially” when it can be anonymous..your creativity is inspiring..don’t let the nitwits get you down.. who knows what is going on in their lives. ..Totally enjoy your site!!

  71. Don’t you even LISTEN to that poo slinging – people that are negative like that – behind a screen, have issues that many tissues wouldn’t touch. I just seem them as people who need HELP. Professional help. Don’t you let it affect you in any way, shape or form. Be proud of you – what you do! I am always in awe, albeit often quietly, but i’m always watching and dreaming for a life such as yours – to create, be with my honey at home, and manage a blog and manage to do many things people aren’t smart or brave enough to do (those being the criticizers!). Hang tough. Good to vent. Now, carry on my dear!!!! g

  72. Some people can be just plain RUDE! I enjoy all of your creative ideas. Keep doing what you do and ignore the unwarranted criticism.

  73. i so agree with with all the comments! Please don’t stop! i may not like a project that you are doing, but I can still learn something from it! it’s like I tell my husband, yes I like it but I don’t want it. (it;s pretty,just not me.)
    keep your chin up and a smile on your face! and they will wonder what you are up to. (((hugs)))

  74. Keep on blogging. I look forward to reading your emails and I think you have an amazing talent. Everytime I see one of your emails I go ahead and read it right then. You are an inspiration and an example of what people can do to help each other. I am continually amazed at all the things you know how to do. Don’t let others bring you down. Hope you can have a wonderful day today.


  75. Well said! I don’t know why people think that you can say whatever you want as long as you say “sorry for saying this” if you sorry to be saying it then don’t say it! I for one love your blog, I have learned so much for your tutorials and examples. Although sometimes I think that color or style isn’t for me, doesn’t mean it’s ugly, it just isn’t for me. It’s what Kristi likes and if Kristi likes it, it’s her house, her blog, her FB page, and her’s to do with as she wants, so back off people! I’m from the midwest and have not been afraid to open a can of whoop a## if you mess with one of my friends, and I feel like you have become one of my friends, 🙂 So Kristi now that my rant is over… Block those poo flinging monkey’s and keep on doing what your doing, you are amaizing and I would be lost without your guidance!

  76. Kristi! Don’t leave us! Just block the negative nellie poo flingers. Your facebook page posts are one of my evening treats when I get home from work! I love seeing what you have accomplished and am living vicariously through you. You are one motivated, talented, fun, generous, strong, creative, lady.

    Please move forward and keep your finger ready to delete the next poo flinger. If anything they are jealous of your talent…do you see THEM blogging and posting what THEY DO? nope..it’s cuz they don’t know how!!

    Beth 🙂

  77. I’m sorry you’ve been hit by so much much negativity. It’s hard to be creative and do something different and then hear that. I’ve come to the conclusion that not every judge will like my paintings but someone else may still love them and buy them because we all have diferent likes and dislikes. Keep positive people around you to keep uplifting your spirits and keep creating wonderful stuff that we all want to see. You are the first email I look at because I can’t wait for the next post.

  78. Do YOU know how to tell when YOU are doing something positive? HATERS, they rise to the top like turds in a bowl! YOU are allowing them to do exactly what they want to do, make YOU feel bad. They cant make YOU feel any certain way unless YOU allow them. YOU have control over your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If it were me I would ignore the hate, and pray for them every evening cause Lord knows, who ever these people are they are fighting some kinda battle to be so petty over a decorating, diy, blog/facebook. P.S. I think YOU do a great job!!

  79. Oh good grief. I just joined your facebook group a couple of days ago because I can’t get enough of you! I hadn’t read the comments, though. What jerks. Here’s my best advice–eff ’em. 😉

  80. Don’t lose faith in humankind! It might seem like so many have ugly things to say, but in reality they are far and few between when compared with those that have manners. the squeaky wheel tends to be the most annoying things to listen to and they are just squeaky wheels! Don’t ever reply to them and just delete their comments or emails. They thrive on the drama, as people who don’t thrive on that drama, would probably have better manners when posting their opinions. Like you said its YOUR blog to do with as you wish, you arent here to please people, people are becoming better at things because you decided to help them through your blog! YOU are the boss and they can go elsewhere. Facebook has rolled out something new by promoting pages very directly on peoples i phones/pads. I have actually joined a lot of new blogs because of this feature. I would make a bet that this is where the new likes are from.

  81. Re: “I’m distressed that we as a society seem to be sliding backwards, towards a society where poo-flinging monkeys are becoming so commonplace, and will probably eventually become the norm as they breed more and more little baby poo-flingers who learn their behavior from their parents and grow up to act even worse than their parents.”


    Here is my response —

    When someone goes on and says something idiotic, tell them one of any of these things:

    “You are acting like a poo-flinging monkey,”
    “Thank you for your PFM comment.”
    “Best wishes to you, PFM.”

    Just start talking to the PFMs. Call them what they are. To their face. Use the term PFM. You will know what it is. Your faithful, fun, supportive, kind readers will know what you’re doing. And it will hopefully help you chuckle.

    Hey – READERS — when you see her type PFM, chime in and tell the other person to go suck on a rotten egg. Or fly a kite. Or something tactful.

  82. Kristi – it would be a sad, sad day if you ever stopped blogging. You are such an inspiration to me. You’re work is incredible and your creativity is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Try not to take the skeptics to heart. Unfortunately, there are just people like that out there. Whenever I’m met with those kinds of unsolicited comments, remarks, etc., I’m reminded of the biblical truth that people talked about Jesus….they’ll therefore certainly talk about me; followed closely with idea that if someone doesn’t like (me, it, whatever), they can “scratch their butt and get glad”. 😉 Stay encouraged dear!

  83. I always wonder why in the world people say negitive things to people…does it really make them feel better and do they think we take what they say into consideration and say, “Your right that is ugly I think I’ll remove it ASAP”!!!! These are unhappy people and want others to lay in the muck with them. God has gave you a gift and you are using it to the best of your ability…I Love You Creations!!

  84. i think your very talented. I wish i could do even half the things you come up with. I love what you did to the condo and enjoy seeing you come up with ideas for your house. Sad to say there are rude people out there. Keep up the great work. There are those of us that really enjoy it.

  85. I am pretty sure that saying “haters are gonna hate” was born with the internet. Anonymity provides protection from real consequences for such rude commentary. I think most of them feed off of the negativity that they breed with their unnecessary critiques of someone else’s creation.

    Your home is your home. It should be decorated in a way that is pleasing to you and your husband. They truly do not have to read or visit your blog or FaceBook page. But they choose to. Why? I surmise it’s because what they see there is pleasing to them, but because they do not possess the talent, money or motivation to acquire it on their own. Therefore it must be critiqued, criticized until it goes away. Absolutely, NO GRACE, and society seems to be so accepting of people with zero grace, and respect toward others these days. So sad.

    Please to not let the nay sayers (a.k.a. bad apples) of the world spoil it all for the rest of us that enjoy seeing what you will create next! I don’t necessarily have to like all of it for myself, but I certainly enjoy watching you create it and pull it all together! Keep up the good work! I am inspired by what you do… now I just need to get motivated!

  86. Don’t let the small minds of others effect you, Kristi. You are offering your creativity to share with those of us who are interested and truly care. The number of those negative remarks from bitter people are heavily out weighed by the rest of us who look forward to your next post. Just delete them and ignore them. They don’t have a doctorate in DIY to critique you the way they do and if they have any expertise or experience they should express it in their own blogs. Continue being you and we will continue to look forward to seeing your posts. 🙂

  87. De-friend ’em and forget ’em. They’re not nice people, and you wouldn’t want them for your friend anyway. You still have tens of thousands that love your blog, and I am one (I only follow one more blog, one that YOU mentioned). Don’t let the monkeys get you down, Kristie. They didn’t give you your happiness so don’t let them take it away.

  88. Your description of “poo flinging monkeys” nearly made me p… In my pants! Keep up your sense of humor and ignore the monkeys!!!!!!! Love your determination Kristy!

  89. I’m sending you a patent-pending poo-shield!

    That is tough, I must say. You are choosing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, and that is very brave. And all so you can share for free all the amazing furniture, crafts and decor you create with the rest of us….and this is how you’re repaid. Continue to be brave, because so many of us enjoy what you share. I love your stuff and want to keep seeing it. Damn Monkeys!!

  90. I could not agree with you more and it’s really sad. I had to blog this a.m. about something that was just eating me up about a blog challenge I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year. I guess I struck a nerve because I got more comments today than on ANY other blog since I started the challenge or before. I honestly don’t know what is up with people who behave that way and it bothers me, too. Kindness takes you so much further in life and makes you feel better, too. I hope you won’t let a few bad eggs get you down but I sure know the feeling. Love your blog! 🙂

  91. Please don’t stop blogging about your experiences in decorating! I have just found your pages, and am amazed by the work you have done. I am not the least bit crafty, nor do I have an eye towards decorating, but I enjoy looking at the works of those who are/do. Sure, not everyone will agree with your choices, but ultimately, you are the one who has to live with your decisions. And, let’s face it. If you don’t like the results, you can always change what you have done — and you get to blog about it!

  92. If you stop blogging and showing me these amazing things I will come to Texas and get you! I come to my happy place ( your blog) everyday. I recently discovered it and when you went on vacation I just about had a fit. The negative people are poo poo throwers and you just duck. I believe your a shortie so let some of them silly comments go right over your head. You keep on making things and sharing it with us. You keep on getting those advertisements for you and your family. You keep being Kristi cause you are the bomb! Even if I can’t make jack nothing I am so amazed by you that your a my favorite person on the internet! Stay blessed and keep shining!

  93. Oh you have taken so many thoughts right out of my head & typed them here. I think it’s so sad that people feel that because they have the “protection” of being behind the screen they can let opinions fly. I had a project of mine pinned by a larger blogger who I have worked professionally with a few times. I then watched the string of people (all with just a handful of followers & not bloggers themselves) leave a string of comments ridiculing her for pinning something they deemed stupid AND then also making fun of it. It’s amazing how cruel people can be. Why can’t people keep their opinions to themselves. I mean- if I don’t like something that someone else has created – it’s just my personal preference. I can just move on & live my life. It’s beyond me why others feel they have to spew their vile thoughts out to the person. Guess it makes them feel better about their lack of creativity or helps them with their jealousy & makes them feel better. I am so sorry to hear that this has happened. I too worry deeply about the society I’m raising my kids in. They are not being raised to behave in this manner.

    We should start a chain with as many bloggers we can & start a code of ethics that we all promote & share & live up to. Set an example of what is acceptable behavior. From leaving mean comments to stealing others content – it all needs to be addressed. Maybe do a blog blast of posts together to bring awareness to this sort of thing & how wide spread it is. It needs to stop.

  94. I’m so sorry that this is happening. This is from Wikipedia: I”n Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[6]
    This sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.” So, I guess this means you’ve made the big time – the trolls are after you! Keep the faith, Kristi – don’t let them get you down.

  95. I am SO sorry to hear about all the negativity Kristi!! I’ve never understood why people feel the need to spew off whatever comes to the top of their mind. I’ve always said the same thing – Would you EVER walk into anyone’s home and start criticizing their house?? NO!! NOBODY would do that! But for some reason people feel like the internet is a safe place to just bash others. I will never figure this out:( I hope you can keep blogging with your head held high. You are so talented and we appreciate the time and effort you put into writing this blog. I too am a blogger and know how hard this job is. Keep on keepin’ on!

    xo, amy

  96. I am sorry you feel this way and yes I have seen the rudeness but honestly have seen it on your end as well. There have been comments from others that are giving you an honest opinion on why something does not work based on their years of experience. If someone has not agreed with you or does not like something you go on and on with comments. Better to just let it go. Not every one is going to gush over every project and everyone has opinions although they should not be rude with them.

    1. Sorry, Janice, but I don’t quite understand what you are saying. I’ve been reading this blog for quite a while now, and I’ve never seen Kristi be rude. She will give background and explain how she gets to the decisions she has made, but I have not seen her go on and on. She is an extremely polite person providing a tremendous service to her readers, often in stressful times.

      1. I have not been following long but I have seen some remarks. Not everyone is going to gush over everything and if you put yourself out there you should be able to take the good with the bad unless you are just looking for praise. I have seen contractors remark how something will not hold up under time and thankful for there remarks. The worse thing anyone wants to do is put all their time and effort into a project only to see in a few months things do not hold up. Just saying goes both ways sometimes

  97. Dont you dare let them WIN !!! What lonely people they must be !!!!!!!
    We love your blog and cant wait for the next step !!!!!! HUGS

  98. I don’t really know how this works; but could you stop the facebook and just do blogs through email (which is how I get you) and I don’t read THOSE kind of nasty remarks. I know how you must be feeling (kinda of). As you said people now a days are rude and very nasty in the way they act and talk. Parents are afraid of their children and have let them get to be bullies. We need more discipline. As far as your blog goes I just love it. It is my favorite one. You are so talented and as someone said–you are a “real” person.
    I hope you “carry on” Ha…

  99. Kristi, ,
    I seriously think some of these people are making rude comments to provoke others to respond…they just want to instigate a response and enjoy stirring up things. It’s just their nature, and now they can do it anonymously. Did you ever see two kids have a back-biting party and gather other kids to be “on their side”? If you just delete their comments and block them, they will get tired of no response and hopefully go away. I have been reading your blog for several years now and have enjoyed it very much. Yours is the only blog I follow on a regular basis and think you are terrifically talented. I would miss you if you quit!

  100. I found you the first part of December, you showed up on my feed on FB. Maybe that is how so many others found you. I’m sooooooo glad I did!! You have given me inspiration, and a feeling like “Oh maybe I can use a power tool!!” haha I come here 2-3 times a day to see what your up to now. PLEASE do not let the negative ones take you away from so many of us who are learning from you! Just keep being you and let those of us who love you keep loving you!!!

  101. I am one of those masses who have recently found your site, I live in New Zealand, everyone here decorates in shades of white, I love that you decorate in colour. You push boundaries. Plese dont stop. There are definitely some of your pieces I would adapt to suit my life style, our houses are so much smaller down here and we have a different way of living, but that will not stop me taking inspiration from your obvious tallent. I like many others would crumble as such harsh criticism, be strong. You are loved and greatly admired.

  102. Haters gonna hate. What these people are trying to do is knock you down from the success you have created (and deserve) for yourself. I know this is just a moment of weakness on your part, and I am sure you will be able to ignore these bullies and carry on doing what you do best. From the look of the above comments your readers have got your back!

  103. Kristi – please don’t stop…I really enjoy your blog, the varying styles and how-to’s- don’t let these negative nellies and neds get you! Consider the source. unfortunately they do exist amongst us all walks….I will say that blogs such as this do make me really think twice before chiming in my 2 cents worth…is it valid, does it add, is it nice, is it helpful and so on….do unto others as you would have them do you….so se la vie….like I say about facebook – you can jump off the train thankfully and it matters no longer…Know that your thoughts, ideas and exchanges are yours…and you can limit users who abuse… Grandma used to say if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all…well there ya’ go! you have to have the bad to know the good! xxoo…Carry on you’re awesome and furthermore….you are actually doing something…sometimes critics are just that…not do-ers! LPH

  104. Kristi, I love your blog. It is only one I take time to read. Look at all the people who stand behind you. Don’t let the FB bullies get to you.
    *I have been FB free for 18 months. AND I still have friends. FB is not a healthy place IMHO.

  105. Amen! I don’t have to like all the choices you make on selections. I look I love 99% and I keep the 1% to myself. I enjoy seeing your house change with your new finds. Please don’t stop blogging!! You inspire me to keep changing and finding new ways to decorate!!

  106. It seems in today’s society, that people believe they can say ANYTHING they want since they are behind a computer screen and will never meet you in person. I sincerely doubt they would EVER say half of what they say if they actually knew you. I agree that, if you are able, block the people on FB and on your blog. These people are just “trollers” and many of them are looking for heated responses. I guess the best thing to do is just ignore them and not give them what they want., I hope things get better and keep your head up – I love what you do!

  107. I could not agree MORE with you! Your absolute love of creativity shines through and there are sooooo many of us that love it all. As to the rude people….it’s a sad, sad state of affairs. I think there have always been rude people we just see them more because of all the social media. Some people take the “social” out of it and just think that they can barf-up whatever comes into their heads. We need to be kind to each other…life is difficult enough as it is. And your beauty and creativity helps make the day(s) lovely.

  108. PLEASE DON’T STOP!! This would hurt my feelings BUT like everyone else has said, try not to let them get to you. I know it would be hard for me to not let it bother me! I also do not know what has become of some people. You wonder how they were raised!!

  109. Kristi,
    You are kind and talented! Unfortunately, not everyone is like you. There will always be mean-spirited people. Ignore them and their comments and dwell on how many of us love your creativity and generosity in sharing your house journey with us. There may be a few critics out there but you have many, many followers who adore you and love your creative side! Keep your head held high and be happy!

  110. I’m so sorry these IDIOTS found your page..!! You are such a inspriration to me and many others..!! Your stuff is great and I look forward to reading your blogs everyday..
    Keep your chin up Kristi…..Can’t wait to see the table…!!!

  111. Dear Kristi,

    Please know that you are appreciated. There are many days when I check out your website and it’s like opening the curtain and seeing a bright, new, sunny day. Full of so many possibilities.

    Don’t let the negatives get you down when there are so many positives.

    With love,


  112. I have not liked a color you picked out but I loved the design and said it as this” I love this although the color would not be my choice. “. I too would never be that rude just because I didn’t like it. It’s not mine to not like. I love this page so on that I would just suggest you use your block button on them rude immature people.

  113. Please don’t take these comments to heart. First, when someone is mean to you, it says more about them than it does about you. That said, I’ve noticed in the last few months that this is happening on more and more of my “liked” FB pages. The admins get a great influx of new “likes” and then have to put up with horribly rude comments. Some of them are blocking the commentators, but a few have given up their Facebook page altogether. And please don’t take this as an attack on you, but I’d much rather go to my favorite pages and just see what you’re sharing and not hear about the rude remarks (which most of the time have already been deleted). Just delete them and go on with your wonderful, WONDERFUL! ideas and projects. I am being honest when I say that I love your page, and get more from it, than any other page I follow on Facebook. You are one amazing lady!!

  114. people can be so mean. While it’s easy to say, “just tune them out” it’s hard to do that in reality. Keep up all the great work, there are MANY MANY more folks who love and appreciate you (and your content) than there are haters.

  115. I’m so sorry to hear this! I think you work is amazing, I love all that you do, and I look forward everyday to get your emails! You are incredibly talented! I wish I was your next door neighbor, we’d be bestty’s! Xoxo

  116. There are so many nice comments here that I couldn’t possibly read through them all; however, I wanted to add my own comment. I LOVE your website. I wish you lived in my area so you could help me decorate my house–and I would pay you (unlike that other mean-spirited person who said they wouldn’t let you in for free). I don’t have a fb account so I can’t follow you there, but I want you to know that I am inspired by you. However, it’s more than just your beautiful decorating and diy projects–it’s the emotional and health challenges that you and your husband face. Wow! I couldn’t believe that you did so much of this stuff on your own while caring for so many other things.

    It’s true, not everybody will like the same colours or themes, etc. but sometimes people are just plain nasty. To be honest, it doesn’t really surprise me; that is the way the world is and, unfortunately, that meanness is only the tip of the rotten iceberg. Maybe there is some way you can block those who are clearly trying to be hurtful? I don’t know how fb works.

    I live in Ontario, Canada, and I encourage you to continue your blog because I do enjoy it very much (and I have had dozens of people repin so many of your projects that I have pinned to my Pinterest board), but, your health (emotional and physical) is more important than anything else. You have a husband who needs you to be as healthy as you can be, and if that means we lose you then so be it. I hope it will never come to that, but I will surely understand if it does.

    Thank you for make this small corner of the Internet an enjoyable place to visit! Much love and encouragement!!

  117. I am a newbie and about had a heart attack when I read today’s post! I have zero creativity when it comes to decorating, zero. I have gone thru your tutorial on making lined drapes and now, for the first time in my life, I am plotting and planning and thinking and beginning to create! All thanks to you!!!! You can’t stop now! I love everything you post, and I would personally volunteer to monitor your site and scour all the poo flinging monkeys before you see them…and I’m serious about the offer. I am amazed at the how courageous the feeble minded monkeys are when armed with the security of anonymity. Edmund Burke once said, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Do not let evil triumph! You are AMAZING

  118. I look forward to reading your blog every afternoon. You are so talented and I am blown away at all you do. I am so excited to see the rest of your house as you complete it. Please don’t stop blogging!! You are definitely loved by so many. God BLess

  119. Kristi,

    I really hope you don’t stop blogging because of “those people”. You do amazing things and have such wonderful tips and tricks. I am always amazed at what you accomplish. There unfortunately are and actually always have been these rude people. The World Wide Web has just given them a larger playground to be this way to more people. I have always been of the frame of mind that is what the delete button is for. I have control over my facebook, over my website etc… I will never please everyone and sadder yet there are people out there that do this for the effect. There are also those that do it from jealousy. Never let “those people” be the reason that you stop doing what you love and sharing it with others. If you stop loving it stop doing it but not because of some rude nay sayers that really have no bearing on your life. There are way more people who admire what genuinely admire what you are doing. I for one hope you don’t stop sharing as it a bright spot in my day to read your posts.

  120. I’m new to this page and I love it! Lately I’ve been noticing that same trend on comments left on Houzz. I dismiss them as mean spirited people with no life of their own. They should have to show photos of their latest project before they can comment on any one else’s.

  121. Reading through the comments it is clear that you inspire many people myself included. I love my power tools and am so grateful you share your projects with us….yours is the only blog I read every post from beginning to end as soon as I see it arrive in my email or Facebook page. Don’t let those poo flinging monkeys get to you……that description fits them to a tee!!!!! All of us who have positive comments need to speak up and thereby drown out the monkeys. Please keep your wonderful posts coming……I was almost as excited as you when you got the house because I knew there would be many a wonderful project/post to come:). Thanks Kristi

  122. Well for goodness sake! You have quite a bit of guts and resilience to do the things that you do. It takes such strength to create and then follow through to the end reward of task completion. So many of us have ideas but to follow through…well, as I said – strength and resilience. Ignore these poor bottom feeders.

  123. Hi Kristi, I’m so sorry about the awful comments you’ve been receiving. I’m one of the new followers that recently found you. Even though I never comment, I feel its important to share today. I have enjoyed your blog and have found your tutorials to be THE BEST I’ve seen. So much so that you have even inspired me, the perpetual reader/dreamer but not do-er, to try. I’d bet my bottom dollar that I’m not the only one. 🙂

    There will always be crummy people in the world. There will always be those who belittle others for spite. It saddens me that you might consider ending your blog because of their ugliness. My hope is to encourage you to keep doing good things in spite of them. When I’m feeling like the world is against me I try to remember this poem, “Do It Anyway.” ( http://prayerfoundation.org/mother_teresa_do_it_anyway.htm ) It puts things into perspective for me. Well, that’s my two cents! I hope you keep blogging and inspiring anyway. 🙂 Oh! Also, an option to remove hateful comments would be a great thing. Send them off into crappy comment nothingness where they belong!

  124. Sweetheart, your decorating is fine. How dare anyone criticize anything someone does that makes them so happy! Obviously, you have a tremendous following and friends who support your efforts and you should be proud of your accomplishments. They should be willing to show everyone what they have done….very little, I am sure.
    Ignore….Ignore….Ignore….I, for one, love to see what avenues your inspiration takes you….

  125. I was a decorative paint contractor for 14 years before I closed my doors and it was because I was totally burned out on working for poo flingers (designers and clients). I have spent the last year and a half only doing what makes me happy and I don’t work for anyone anymore and just sell stuff on Etsy.

    I have thought a lot about criticism and believe now that getting criticized for something you’ve created is way different than a poor review at a regular job. If it turns out you’re not doing a good job as a cashier, then you can just try harder. When people tell you they don’t like something you just created, they’re actually saying, “I don’t like your heart, soul and mind.” I really wish people understood this before they criticize an artist.

    I’m sorry you’re getting knocked down so much. I know how it feels and I really do ache for you. Just remember what my mom always told me, “there’s a special place in Hell for people like that.” It’s always brought me such a warm cozy feeling.

    1. I agree Karen…any negative comment on my art is gut wrenching! The very first time I got up enough nerve to post pictures on FB to sell my wears, the first response by some low life was, “She doesn’t have very much detail. You should look at my friends site” I didn’t ask for a critique, and I was on a “For sale” site. I am so inspired by Kristi!
      Lets start a be nice or else campaign!

  126. I’ve come to believe that many of these commenters are auto produced. With such a concentrated upsurge in followers, my skeptical nature kicks in. In any case, I hope you ignore them. I enjoy your blog and your sense of style. I decorate me house to please myself, and I hope you do the same. The next time you read sour comments, imagine the writer being forced to suck on a giant lemon or an unripe persimmon or his/her own scruffy elbow. Keep on dancing to your own tune, and we’ll keep clapping and tapping our toes and smiling.

  127. Not on FB but have abandoned the local yelp community because of the same reason. “Opinions are like *assholes, everyone has one!” You realize this has nothing do with you and everything to with them and their boring life. Interior design is subjective and while I don’t always agree with your selections, there is a way to have a “conversation” without totally offending a person. Those people lack creative inspiration and are just jealous trolls. PFMs are threatened by talent and hard work.

    Your room designs and crafty skills motivate me to try some projects around the house. I call it the ripple effect.
    Please resist the temptation to lob poo back (I’m talking from experience from here.) Your arm just gets tired and nobody “wins.” lol.

  128. I love seeing your updates in my email inbox and on FB. I have learned several things from you and am amazed at all that you have built by yourself! And granted, not everything you make is my taste but that doesn’t change my feelings of how amazing and talented you are and it will not stop me for coming to your blog every day! Seriously, these people are only that rude because they are hiding behind their computer, I am pretty sure 99% of them would not say those things fact-to-face. My feeling is, if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all and surely don’t use the old line of if you can’t take criticism then don’t post online – seriously, pretty sure each one of them wouldn’t like comments like that either. Treat people they way you would want to be treated! There is so much you have done that I have learned from so please don’t stop!

  129. Yep, they are out there and sad to say, they multiply. One creep usually brings along more creeps.
    Try to take a few deep breaths and then keep on keeping on. The ones of us who really enjoy your blog and are cheering you on, FAR outnumber the trash. They are not worth your worry.

  130. Please don’t ever stop blogging! Your posts are so inspiring for anyone who is creative and likes to make things for the home. I appreciate all of the information you give us about the process of creating your projects.You have taught me so much in the short time I’ve been reading your blogs. I have been meaning to comment for some time now about how thankful I am for all that you share with us because I know it is a lot of work on your part to photograph, write about and then post about your decorating pursuits.

  131. Kristi, I agree with everything you said about manners, about being civil, about mean-spirited people who keep the rest of us shaking our heads. What ever happened to “if you don’t have something nice [or constructive] to say, don’t say anything at all?!” It’s true you’ve put yourself out there: you have something to say that’s worth hearing and talent enough to share. Please, don’t let the turkeys get you down. Just keep being your own talented, articulate self and trust you’ve got FAR more supporters out there than you do critics.

  132. Interesting timing of your blog topic. I belong to a FB group called Your Funky Junk started by blogger Donna of Funky Junk Interiors. I like some of the stuff posted, and when I do, I give it a “like” or add a comment. Some of the stuff is not my taste at all, so I just move on. Earlier this week, I posted a couple of photos of an industrial kitchen island that my husband custom built for my son and his fiancee (highlighted in my latest blog entry). It got quite a few likes and some nice comments, but just as I was showing my husband how much positive feedback his work was getting, a post popped up: “Sorry I don’t like it.” Now granted this person didn’t use bad language or call us nasty names, but it left us both with a bad feeling. Why did she have to say anything if she didn’t like it? Yes, it’s a public forum, but I didn’t put it up there to get it critiqued–I put it up because I was proud of his creation and because I thought others might get ideas for building something like it themselves. Like you, I just don’t get it when people feel they have to be honest in this kind of context. That woman’s comment did more harm to my husband’s feelings than the good done by the 101 likes he got on the same page. Bad manners for sure….

  133. The horrible comments are a bad thing, however, remember this is no reflection on you at all but on the one making the mean comments! I do believe with my whole heart they do this to get a rise out of whomever they are flinging it on. While it is so very hard to ignore, that is what we must do as acknowledging them only feeds them. I too have had negitive stuff said about my decorative painting and I almost stopped painting and it did hurt. I soon remembered why I paint, because I love it! I have made beautiful things for my home and am not going to stop. You should be very, very proud of the things you have accomplished, you are creative and talented. When the devil starts flinging things at you, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. Please keep doing what you do and I look forward to seeing the evolution of your home!

  134. I think people are just bolder in their opinions in general. I get really strong opinions about my store all day long. Fortunately, like your blog, they’re mostly complimentary. You have to take the good with the bad, I guess. (I agree, though, that I was raised better and would NEVER say something negative to someone directly…I keep my negative opinions to myself ‘cuz I was taught better.)

    1. Take the bad with the good??? Being critical, that is commenting about something a reader views as what you refer to as “the bad,” is one thing. Being rude is completely different! Kristi’s post is only referring to readers who are being downright rude in their comments. Why would a commenter need to say “That is hideous!” when they could make the same point by choosing different words like, “That’s not a style I would choose for my home.” Do you hear the difference?
      Kristi clearly told us she welcomes all opinions, she just does not prefer to be a punching bag. Who would? I view Kristi’s blog as a service, and it would have cost me a great deal of money if I tried to hire someone to provide me with the plans and insight she generously and eloquently provides us for FREE (the difference between being a blogger and being a store owner).

    2. jeanabrams:
      You said: “You have to take the good with the bad, I guess.”

      I think you missed the point here. Being critical, or commenting about something a reader views as what you refer to as “the bad,” is one thing. Being rude about it is completely different! AND NOBODY HAS TO TAKE THAT. Kristi’s post is not referring to healthy (and polite) critiques. It only refers to readers who are being downright rude and mean-spirited in their comments. Why would a commenter need to say, “That is hideous!” when they could make the same point by choosing different words? They might try saying, “That’s not a style I would choose for my home.” Do you hear the difference?
      Kristi clearly told us she welcomes all opinions. She does not want to be a punching bag! Who would? Kristi is not a website people—SHE IS A REAL PERSON who has a website! If people have to use words they would not say to someone’s actual face, then they shouldn’t use them behind a keyboard either. I think excessive virtual experiences becoming part of everyday life has played a part in the insensitivity that happens online. We need to remember that real people are behind all the keyboards.
      I view Kristi’s blog as a service, and it would have cost me a great deal of money if I tried to hire someone to provide me with the plans and insight she generously and eloquently provides us for FREE!! I will appreciate her time and expertise and she deserves all of our respect for that!

  135. Kristi, Unfortunately this seems to be the norm now days. I quit Facebook because of it – not even that it was directed at me but just reading what people write on my friends and families Facebook pages. It makes me sick. I think people have grown accustomed to hateful speech because they can hide behind their computers. Please don’t quit blogging. I love your stuff! You’re so inspiring! Can’t you make it a approved members thing and when people are just totally out of line, shoot them out into cyberspace? Thanks – keep your chin up and keep on blogging!

  136. I would be SO sad if you decided to stop blogging. I look forward to your posts and if cannot wait to see what you do next. It inspires me…gives me hope that maybe I can actually have a little control over my environment. I can create beautiful things. Like you said, you’re not putting it out there so that I can judge you or your tastes, you are putting it out there to share your feeling of success and the beauty that you’ve created, as well as to help others who might want to reproduce what you’ve done.
    There will always be ugly people who feel that they can say whatever they want regardless of offending others. Facebook has made it easier for them to hide behind their computers and “fling” their comments. Shame on them! Unfortunately, they probably won’t change just because we want them to, or more importantly because it’s the right thing to do! So, focus on the good comments. People LOVE your blog. I LOVE your blog. You bless a lot of people by sharing! Thank you!!

  137. I am so sorry you have had such an experience. Such negative comments are usually based in jealousy. These people are also, as I saw another response say, hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen. I make no apologies for how I decorate my house either. Many do not go for the vintage country/shabby chic pieces I get from op shops and salvage yards. BUT my 5 children have watched me do this all their lives and have been given a good education to see the potential beauty in something few can see. Over the last week I have brought back to life a 75 year old kitchen dresser and have been restoring a beautiful sleigh bed with my daughter and my father. I think my kids will eventually end up with homes decorated on a budget and like no other because of what they have learned from me and sites like yours. Keep it up.

  138. My understanding about why monkeys fling their poo is that it is a defensive/offensive action they take when they are feeling threatened. So, apparently, these people are feeling threatened/envious by your creativity and phenomenal work ethic. It’s not about you at all, but it says volumes about them.

    I will add my voice to all the others who so greatly admire and respect your design talent, mad carpentry and upholstering skills, and the ability to ‘git ‘er done!’. Your blog is my FAVORITE one, and I look forward to opening it up and seeing what you’ve created next. As someone who has spent many hours of her life building, refinishing and upholstering furniture, sewing drapery and bedding and pillows galore for my home over the years, and doing my best to beautify my world, I truly appreciate your efforts.

    It is a truism that anyone who makes a mark in the world will always have critics and detractors, Please don’t let these ‘poo-flinging monkeys’ (so aptly put) bother you for one more minute! Save your energy for creativity, which is your strength. You continue to amaze and delight me with your projects and design ideas.

    Kristi, you ROCK!

  139. I have noted the rude crass comments also. It is most unfortunate that our society is becoming moronic everyday. Please just block them; and carry on. I love your posts and have gotten some great ideas. hugs <3

  140. Kristi,

    Don’t ever stop blogging unless it’s for your own reason not because other people made you feel bad. Haters are going to hate. Just choose to ignore them and remember that it’s not their fault that they don’t know better – it’s how they were raised. My suggestion would be to say “Thanks!” =) And move on…. You are an amazing decorator and while your ideas are somtimes way over my level of skill, I enjoy reading every word of every project and while I may pick different colors or do things differently than you, I certainly think your condo and house are beautiful!!!! You are awesome! Don’t ever let anyone make you forget that!!!!

  141. Sadly our society has turned into a bullying one. If someone doesn’t agree with me that is okay but there is no need to be nasty and ugly about it. Kristie, please don’t stop blogging. I don’t do much on facebook any more due to the nasty nature so many people exhibit on there.

  142. I certainly understand your reactions to those remarks. I personally have responded to posters on other blogs (like Design Sponge) who say unkind things: “If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say anything.” I usually only post if I have a suggestion or something helpful to add to the discussion.

    I don’t care much for Facebook, but I read your blog every day. Though our decorating tastes differ, I always get inspiration from what you create—or how you think.

    Don’t stop blogging, but if the FB crap gets to you, delete your account. The posters here on your blog are about 100% constructive and honest, not hateful. Why do you even need FB?

  143. Just block them but also ignore the ignorant . On your introduction page make a statement that you enjoy feed back but please dont be rude and ruin it for other people . If you dont enjoy it unlike it . (In other words dont let the door hit you in the fanny ) There is an option to each site if you dont like what you see move on .. Never let rude people get your goat . My favorite motto to live by What comes around goes around . Negative people are very unhappy people . Only feel pity . The rest of us like it so dont get upset keep on

  144. I’m enjoying your blog with you sharing your new home and decorating ideas. I toss around the idea of blogging myself. Finding that the more time I spend online, and explore different sites that there are negative people
    everywhere. That is when I unsubscribe if it is a site that I joined. All kinds of people in this world, I guess.
    Stay positive. Do what you love. As you stated, it is your home. I hope you continue. Can understand how
    upsetting those comments could be.

  145. That is funny people give the excuse that “it shouldn’t be posted if you don’t want opinions”. Who agrees with what everyone is wearing when you go out in public? Yet, do people start walking up to each other and saying that someone shouldn’t wear it? NO! That opinion wasn’t asked and should only be given if asked, and with kindness. I don’t believe we have a license to give our opinion at any cost. We should speak to someone (in writing or face-to-face) with kindness and as we would want to be treated. To bad there is not an ugly blocker on FB!

  146. I for one, Love what you do, what you represent, and what you create! I’d LOVE to see these snarky snotty people, create the items that you have made not only for yourself, but for us, in a way! Not only do you stay up working just about every night until you, “lose light”, but, you stop what you are doing, to take detailed pictures OF what you are making, so we can follow along. I don’t know how you find the time! You’ve answered every question that I have ever asked! (THANK YOU!!!) Look at ALL of the hats you wear, while you create! You’re a builder, a photographer, a blogger, and showing every aspect of the procedure, in your wants to help others!
    Sheesh — some folks are the absolute EPITOME of NASTY! I don’t understand it, I never will. Social Media is a blessing and a curse. As you pointed out, sadly these people are having children, and teaching them that this is acceptable. Such a sad, sad shame!
    I know that you do recognize and appreciate, the folks here that appreciate YOU,,,please don’t let the haters get you down! I only hope that OUR favorable comments, can make the nasty ones disappear!

  147. You have lots of supportive comments here, but I had to add mine. You are great and your decorating talent is amazing!! It’s sad that people hide behind the internet and say things that they probably wouldn’t in “real life”. I’d like to think they wouldn’t anyway, but I’m probably naive. I hope you get enough positivity from the sane, well-bred ones of us that you can keep going. . . forever!

  148. Kristi, please know that 100% of the people who read your blog are there because we love your talent. The problem with Facebook is that it attracts people who are there just to make nasty comments regardless of you feelings because they can do it with no repercussions. Please keep on doing you thing and your fans will be right behind cheering you on!

  149. Kristi you are amazing, you have the talent to make a house a home, you are an inspiration and there is always something new to learn along the way. Thanks for sharing your blog with us all and teaching us that it is not always easy but the the process and end result is worth the effort.

    Cheers Margo on Vancouver island.

  150. I am thankful I came across your Facebook page and now your blog. It sucks that this world has such nasty hate filled people circling good people such as yourself like vultures. I personally love to see new post from you and am so inspired to pick up the man tools and create. I thought I wanted to build a new home, but now I have found myself getting a little excited about the possibility of finding an older home and making it my own. That is something I wouldn’t have thought twice about before if it wasn’t for your before and after inspirational photos. I say Keep doing what you do best…. Because I love it all!!

  151. Well said, Kristi. You are amazing and inspiring and its impressive that you addressed this, as I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I would say “dust your shoulders off” but it sounds like you already have. Go, girl! Keep doing what you do, I’ll be along for the ride!

  152. I look forward everyday to seeing and reading your posts. If you were to stop blogging I along with countless others would truly understand but please don’t let these rude obnoxious people take that away from you. You are VERY talented and creative and you bring such joy to myself and others. Hang in there lady….. 🙂

  153. Brene Brown did a Ted Talk on vulnerability that that she received similar type of criticism for; Hurtful comments about her looks or her way of speaking. It knocked her down too but she found a way to deal with it that she calls being in the arena. If you get a chance, watch her Ted Talk and then check her out on Super Soul Sunday where she talks about how she dealt with her critics by daring greatly. Hopefully it will give you an appreciation of how truly daring you really are! Frankly Kristi, most of us, your followers, are truly smitten with your daring, creativity and willingness to be imperfect with us. I embrace and cherish that bravery. Do not give those rude and jealous people the power to take away who you are ’cause frankly, you are perfectly imperfect!! Big hug coming your way girl!

  154. Kristi, my heart hurts for you. Someone with your creative soul must feel the pain deeply when others are being cruel for no good reason. I am going to be straight up selfish and tell you that I truly look forward to your post each day. I would like to share something that my daughter taught me long ago. (She is Autistic and has had many “Poo Flingers” in her life”.) One day when she was a teenager an ugly spirited girl looked at my beautiful daughter and said “You are a retard and you don’t deserve to live.” I went into Mama Bear mode and was ready to tear this girl apart. My daughter smiled her sweet smile and said “You are not nice, so you cannot be my friend.” and calmly turned to walk away. She did not try to understand why this girl was cruel she simply did not feel a need to let her into he circle. I wondered how it was that this child could just walk away from such hatred. But an autistic child is a wonderment. I simply took the lesson and have followed it since and I am so much happier. So I ask that you just read the comment and choose not to let these POO FLINGERS be you “friends” and walk on. Let your heart be light that many, many people love your work, your blog and your writing style. Don’t give in.
    Your Biggest Fan!

  155. Unfortunately we live in a world of unhappy people that thrive on making others feel as unhappy as them. Keep your head up! I’m a new follower and enjoy what crafty people like you can create!

  156. Don’t you wish facebook had a middle finger icon you could comeback with?? Maybe that would shut down the conceited fun haters!!!

  157. Kristi,

    I read your blog because you are brave. You have good taste. You are confident and that helps me be confident. My husband has had 2 back surgeries so he can’t do any heavy lifting, like Matt. I don’t always love your choices but I admire your courage to think outside of the box and stretch yourself.

    I read your blog every day and to be honest I’m surprised you’re not more recognized by some of the larger blogs.

    Keep living the purpose God has for you. Hopefully for you and your audience that will include blogging for a long time.



  158. I feel sorry for trolls. They must be so very sad in their own lives to lash out at others as they do. I don’t fully understand what motivates them. Let’s be thankful we were raised properly.


  159. Kristi,
    I’m sorry that the rude, obnoxious people feel they need to spew their venom in your direction (or anyone else’s direction for that matter). Nobody really needs to hear that. I have worked in the public school system (high school level) for almost 20 years and cannot believe the degeneration of manners, common courtesies and no-filter language in the last 5-7 years. Its not just the students, its their parents, too. They think they are entitled to say and do whatever they want and many don’t hesitate. For example, we have a dress code at our school and I warned a female student one day about the length of her skirt. Another teacher warned her as well and the office wanted to send her home to change. The student must have called or texted her mom because the next thing I knew I was in the office, on the phone with mom and being read the riot act about how much her daughter’s outfit cost and how ‘dare’ I expect her to change it. If I didn’t cease and desist, she would call her lawyer. I turned it over to the principal, who also got a huge earful. Bottom line: she got to wear that stupid skirt and on the days she did, she made a huge point of making sure I knew she had it on and whenever I ran into the mother, I got another earful no matter where it was. Sorry to ramble on but wanted to make my point about people and their unchecked ‘freedoms’ that the rest of us are supposed to put up with.

    Please, Kristi, don’t stop blogging. Yours is one of my favorites and I’ve gotten many ideas from you along with helpful step-by-steps on how to make different items. I believe there are many of us who love your blog and look forward to your posts each day (or as often as you can). Thank you and again, I’m sorry for those who have hurt you with their words. Evidently, it makes them feel ‘good’ to belittle others. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that they end up looking like an idiot with their useless retorts.

  160. Kristi I won’t go on and on because all the above people have said everything. Just please don’t stop blogging. You have inspired me so much. I have all the tools but was afraid to use them, but not any more because of you.

  161. I call those rude people joy suckers, they suck the joy out of everything. Nothing makes them happy. Don’t let them win. You can see by all the good comments that the most people are good. Don’t let them have your joy. I love your blog, you write beautiful.

  162. I would be so sad to see your blog end ! Can’t even begin to tell you how many of your projects I’ve bookmarked …. I LOVE so many of your condo projects, and I’m so anxious to see all you do at the new house. I agree that much of society seems to have lost their manners – it’s a sad state of affairs for sure. Hang in there … block those you can, and hang in there for those of us who look forward to peeking over your shoulder at new projects.

  163. Kristi,
    Look at all the supportive responses you have received in such a short time! I am so inspired by what you have accomplished. Whether I would choose the same style of decorating every time is not even the issue. The fact is you get in there, learn and accomplish what you set out to do. I have wanted to learn how to construct wall trim for years and you made me believe I could actually do it, without waiting for some man to do it for me. I am excited to get the tools and tackle new projects, because of you! Thank you so much.

  164. This is the first time I have had time to look at your blog but I will be doing it more. I follow you on FB because I like your ideas and I get all kinds of ideas from them…maybe too many sometimes! I don’t always love every piece of it every time but I always get great things from all your posts. Thank you for sharing your and the rest of them, well poop on them!

  165. It’s easy to say, “don’t stop blogging,” but I can see how – for me – it could beat you down. I don’t get people now either; in all formats people feel like they must absolutely give their opinion and I think there is some relishing beating down others. I don’t like everything I see but, heck, who cares? I’ve been inspired by the things you tackle and finish and it’s helped me stretch my thinking about what I can do. I’m not going to spend hours just to save a buck but there’ve been times in the past when I would and it’s neat to see what people can and will do. I wish you would consider deleting their comments and issue a disclaimer to that effect. Play nice or go home but don’t hang around. I, for one, find reading the negative comments on forums brings me down as well.

  166. Kristi, next time you get one of those ridiculous posts, just hit reply and say “I think you’ve been hacked. Some rude person made this comment.”

    It’s just one way to let them know you are on to them … and might make you feel a little better!

    Hang in there!

  167. I agree 100% about the lack of manners in our society! I, too, face these people daily in my job. It is so difficult not to let these people get you down. But, remember there are many, many more people who are kind and considerate. You are providing such a service to those of us who read your blog and get ideas and instruction for how to make our homes better. Please ignore the rude people and keep posting for those of us who are here to learn from your tutorials.

  168. Oh Kristi, my blog is still tiny and I have even had one of those rude comments show up one time- and I almost think it was spam… like there are people out there whose sole purpose is to do and say mean things. I totally don’t get it either and felt heartbroken about it for a couple days… then picked back up and moved on. And that was only one comment- so I can only imagine how the repeated ones are getting you down. Just know that there are many more people (right-minded kind-hearted, appreciate humans with manners) that love and appreciate your blog soooooo much – I bet so many more then even comment on here and you have a ton of commenters!! So know that you are doing good by your blog and sharing inspiration, knowledge, and joy to people who (like you) love the creativity and drive that inspires all your work. Keep it up please – the blogosphere would have a great black hole if you left.

    1. It is true. There definitely are. My husband is a television personality, and the station has a website. People can make comments, and I have seen some absolutely horrible things written about my husband and about some topics. He told me that there are people out there whose sole purpose is to do things like that (spam). It happens on their web page constantly.

  169. Boy, can I relate. I got an article posted in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution above the fold on the front of a section; kind of a big deal. 😉 I was so excited. The next Sunday the AJC published only letters that criticized my position,my prose, and even my coloring and they did something unprecedented; the entire two pages of newsprint were all and only in reaction to my article. That never happens. Look at any Sunday issue of the AJC and the letters to the editor will run the gamut of things published the week before. Not that week. All letters were attacking me. I was devastated and I didn’t write again for nearly a decade. I am now writing a novel and I really don’t care who hates it. I am quite certain that the people who hated my article will hate my novel twice as much, but I am also quite certain that someone wants to hear my story. I will write for that one person. You have to be fearless and not even give them power because they will suck out your creative drive and leave you bankrupt with only a huge debt of regret of what you might have accomplish if you had been braver. You will be haunted by what beautiful and wonderful things you might have been able to create if you had only realized that they didn’t matter, and they don’t matter. I wish I could go back in time because now I see those letters to the editor for what they were. I touched a nerve. If my writing wasn’t compelling and provocative, I wouldn’t have gotten any letters much less an unprecedented response. If I couldn’t write I would have gotten a yawn. If your photos and decorating weren’t beautiful and compelling people wouldn’t respond to them at all. People never bother to say that something ugly is ugly but people feel clever if they say something beautiful is ugly or something smart is stupid. Beautiful women will hear, “She isn’t that pretty” or “So and So was way cuter when she was 25” or “She looks okay for her age” but if the woman in question wasn’t attractive then no one would be talking about her appearance at all. People will swear up and down that Kristen Stewart (from Twilight) is ugly. Could that opinion of her beauty possibly matter less? I have had many beautiful friends with that issue, but it is impossible to feel sorry for them because that is a small price to pay to be beautiful. 🙂 So here you are this beautiful woman with amazing talent. Please disregard those who do not matter. If you can’t, please have your husband edit the emails before you see them at all, or hire someone to take out the trash until you learn to weed out those who don’t matter and you will learn and come to that realization. Just don’t come to that realization too late. I almost did. You will be trading something precious for something worthless. Your art is the thing that matters. It matters to the people who matter and it matters to me.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! It is so important that we remember that we cannot base our self image on what others say about us. You obviously have wonderful insight and I am sure that your novel will be beautifully written!

      1. Thank you so much for responding, Laura! That was difficult to share; mostly because I am ashamed of how afraid I was of negative criticism. Silence was like a death sentence to me (as overly dramatic as that sounds) and I am afraid it would be devastating to Kristi as well, and in ways she cannot even imagine. Not everyone is going to respond in a positive way to art. It is very subjective and that gives everyone permission for an extreme negative reaction. Thank you again! You are a very kind person. 🙂

  170. We have had this conversation in my house a lot lately…… About how rude people are, I was raised to respect people no matter what! Don’t let folks get you down. I guess they were never taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say…….. say nothing at all!

  171. I’m a fairly new reader and I love what you’re doing with the house that you’ve purchased. I’m planning on buying a fixer-upper in the near future so am watching with much interest your progress. People today basically have no manners, but I hope you can filter out the bad and keep on with what you’re doing. I love your blog and look forward to reading it each day.

  172. I love your blog and I look forward to reading it. The creative things that you come up with – amazing. Some things are not my style but, you are doing things for your pleasure and that is all that matters. Maybe the negative comments come because these people are soooooooo jealous of what you do and they cannot compete with you. Keep up the great work! Now, what is happening with the couch – Recover or are you buying new???

  173. The whole “poo flinging…” analogy was AWESOME 😀 hahahaha!!! I gotta tell ya, I know you inspire a lot more people in number than there are poo flingers out there. Who apparently have nothing better to do than roam the internet looking to be the nasty poo flingers they are. I feel sorry for them, they must not have got the attention they needed as a child (or maybe they are a children looking for attention) any way you look at it, you’re stronger than they are especially with all of us who love you, we’ll stand behind you. We can take em’ !
    So don’t let them beat you down and don’t let them stop you from doing what you love and blogging about it. There are those of us that very much look forward to your blog and all you have to offer in it.
    And I betcha if you gotta peek into their house that they live in dumps and couldn’t afford to have you do anything for their house, even if it was free…..but you didn’t hear that from me, hahaha!

    Don’t forget, we can take em’ ….Co 😀

  174. You’re site is amazing! Just don’t mind those poo slinging unmannered people. We love your posts and would be infinitely disappointed if youd stop, so please, please DONT! 🙂

  175. Kristi,
    There are so many aspects of your blogging that I enjoy: your color sense, your imagination, your working on a small budget, your can-do attitude, your prowess with power tools and sewing machine, your willingness to show us the missteps as well as the glorious triumphs, and your astonishing energy.
    But I also so enjoy the kindness and welcoming tone in every sentence you write, always inviting your reader to add our comments, questions, reactions. You are a joy to read every day.
    So…yes, ignore and forgive the verbal barbarians, thank your mother for raising a kind daughter with lovely manners, keep setting the standards high in blogging, and keep your fantastic creativity going.
    You inspire so many of us!

  176. Please don’t let those people get to you. I don’t think I have ever read a post that involved opinions of some kind that didn’t have negative comments.

    This was posted recently to our public school’s facebook page recently under school closing for snow: To the person in charge of SPS social media: I am sorry that every time you post something, the “I have no filter” people come out of the woodwork. Please know that there are many of us who would love to buy you a stiff drink, because, surely, you must lose a little hope for humanity every time you have to read these comments.

  177. Oh, Kristi. I am so sorry that you are subjected to the nastiness that Facebook users perpetuate; that is why I refuse to sign up for Facebook. I know I miss a lot of great information, but I’m happier without Facebook in my life. Comments online for your web page can be awful as well, but I think most people who read your blog online are better behaved. At least I hope so.

    Please know that there are many of us who really appreciate your efforts to share your creativity, and even if your project isn’t exactly our “cup of tea” it may inspire another idea or concept. I hope you will continue your blog. Please know we are grateful.


  178. Kristi, I feel your pain. I too have been dealing with selfish and rude people and
    try as I might to not let it affect me, it does. It’s like they believe they have a right
    to set the world straight on whatever is their focus at the moment. I’ve prayed
    a lot to the Lord about these people…and I’ve come up with two thoughts.
    1). Never put your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket. Meaning don’t
    allow their stupidness to steal your joy. 2). there are plenty sad and unhappy
    people out there who wear the mask of judgement in order to keep people
    from really knowing them and finding out how” fake” they “really” are…and
    then sometimes there are “sand paper” people that come in our lives…
    NOTHING pleases them unless THEY thought of it, was in charge of it, etc.
    You get the point. Please know you are doing a great job and we appreciate
    your allowing us into your life, one project at a time. Hugs!

  179. This is my first time commenting here but am appalled at what you (and other bloggers) experience. Please know that you provide inspiration and happiness to so many people. I am far too sensitive to ever be a blogger and kudos to you for your time and commitment. Wishing you years of Happy Place blogging. xxx

  180. I am new to your blog (thanks, Pinterest!) and have “liked” you on Facebook as well. I’m not usually one to leave comments, but I was so sad for you today. Please don’t let petty people rain on your parade. It is amazing to me what one will say when they are typing from a keyboard (or on a phone) and not looking into your face. They are petty people simply trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t allow them into your bubble. You have too many followers who simply enjoy what your are creating and sharing with us. I am always so impressed with your decorating style, the amazing ideas you have and how selfishly you share with us your process. I am always eagerly awaiting your updates. I’m starting to feel like your projects are my crack! Cheer up Buttercup! You are too special to be thwarted by idiots! We have your back!

  181. Hello Kristi–I’m sorry this has happened to you. I experienced the same thing on my YouTube channel…all of a sudden, as I approached 2 million views, I got a lot of rude, profane comments…it really set me back for a while. Hope you keep sharing great projects! Glad you wrote this post.

  182. Kristi! Your readers are behind you! Unfortunately anyone that presents anything to the public for review gets the full spectrum of responses. It hit you today, you unloaded. Kick the Poo Flinging Monkeys in the posterior and look at what the rest are saying! We will never be rid of those wishing to ruin our day. Don’t let ’em!

  183. Just had to write and tell you that I receive posts from about 40 blogs a day. Yours is the only one I read completely. Keep up the good work and try to ignore the Monkeye’s.

  184. Please please don’t stop blogging! You are such an inspiration to me! My evenings would be so sad without your blog to follow! Their actions are a reflection of them and not of you! Please don’t let them steal your joy! Hugs and encouragement to move forward. I’m glad you had the courage to sharer your heart? That is what we love about you

  185. I look forward to your blog each day. Many of us feel like you are a good friend that we visit with daily or weekly. I am learning so much from you. You do a super job at showing us how we can make our own homes look nice without having a lot of money. You keep holding your head up high girl and keep on doing what you do so very well indeed.

  186. I know that stuff is discouraging. As you read all these comments, pat yourself on the back. You are doing plenty of things right and giving many people a special treat each day. You are never going to please some of them. Keep your eye on the prize and know that there are many who understand and appreciate all of your efforts. :- )

  187. I read a lot of blogs and never comment, but I wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and check it everyday now. I teach at an inner city high school and know how horrible it feels to get poo flung at you on a daily basis. For every bad experience with a kid there’s a good one… Please don’t stop blogging. I need to see your sofa finished! 🙂

  188. I’m so sorry you have experienced this rudeness. Honestly, my husband and I were just talking this morning about the way that manners seem to just be gone. I hate to generalize like that but more and more I just don’t see it. Please don’t stop blogging…if you do they win. The goobers who are making those comments haven’t stopped to realize there is a real person and a real home connected. We do.

  189. OK girls, now that we know that there is a problem and gave Kristi the ‘don’t let the bastards get you down’ speech, what to do now?
    How about we remember this looking forward and be proactive.
    We need to make sure that we don’t add to the problem. How about we defend our blogging sites that we love. When we are reading comments left by others that are kinda rude, how about we chime into their conversation and let them know what we think of them.
    Maybe we should add ‘keep your bad comments to yourself’ or ‘do you realize how mean your comment came across’ or ‘if you don’t like this site maybe you shouldn’t waste your time looking at it anymore’.

    Lets show our support by defending what is right in the world and ‘correcting’ what is not proper.

  190. Please don’t stop blogging. I would have nothing good to read if you did. I love your blog and I am not kidding when I say that I check it like three times a day for updates. I love your style and I would love you to decorate my house. Every night when my husband gets home and talks about his boring job and I talk about what I read on your
    blog. It really is a fun and encouraging blog.

  191. I am really sorry that you are going through this, but it seems it is the world we live in today. I lived 7 miserable years next door to two horrible parents raising 4 horrible kids who had no manners or idea how to live like civilized people. They just didn’t have a clue how to be nice or responsible neighbors. I moved from Texas to Florida to a 55+ retirement community just to get away from these types of people. Older people were raised with manners. I really think it is a generational thing. God help the US in the future. I know a lot of younger people will be offended by this, but I really think it is true.

  192. I hate that people are so mean to you! What is wrong with some people? Unfortunately it isn’t just online that people are such douche bags. I seem to meet rude people no matter where I go. Don’t even get me started about parents at recreational sporting events.

    Anyway, huge hugs to you. When I get exceptionally Nast comments I will delete them, not reply, and simply add their IP to my blocked list. It seems to help.

    Try to ignore them. Harder said than done! If I ever stop blogging this is my reason as well. I just don’t have thick enough skin for mean nasty people.

  193. Don’t give away your power! I’ve followed your blog with your move, personal issues, etc. you are interesting and very human. I follow lots of blogs and some I see and say oh good, what’s new? I have about ten blogs that I feel that way about and you are one. Be strong!

  194. Don’t let the turkeys get you down, Kristi….. I love to see your blog in my email…. Your an inspiration….. Sending virtual ((HUG))… Pat

  195. Old blogger here. DELETE AND BLOCK ALL PEOPLE WHO MAKE THOSE COMMENTS. Have enough faith to know that your blog/business will survive a few deletes and blocks. You could post a warning, or, just enjoy blocking in secret! Those people do not realize what a big fire the tongue can kindle (even though it’s a figurative tongue). Don’t doubt your abilities either, you are awesome, AWESOME at what you do.

  196. Your blog isn’t just your happy place, it’s mine too! Every evening after the million and one things that I have to do are finished I get to take fifteen minutes to myself to check your blog for new posts. I love, love, love it and I hope you keep blogging forever! Keep your head up….and go build something cool for us all to read about!

  197. I would not waste one more precious brain cell thinking about these PFM’s! It is quite possible that they don’t even care one way or another what you build, paint or post. I think that they target popular blogs and Face Book pages to torment. It makes their PFing little egos feel more important, especially if they get a response. It’s like the people who make stupid faces and jump up and down behind a television reporter, hoping to get a piece of their 15 minutes of fame. It is a sad state of affairs that so many in society crave this type of attention to fill some void in their lives – that they have to make somebody feel badly about themselves in order to feel better about their own miserable and insignificant PFM selves. I suggest ignoring them, blocking them, shooting them in the head. whatever works and let them go back to picking lice off of their friends! Don’t you ever quit because of fools like this! Love ya girlie! Hugs, Leena

  198. Hi Kristi! I am one of the newbies. I love your ideas and your inspiration! I should comment on my appreciation of your talents. I’ll admit, I’m a lurker. Don’t stop. Your projects are AWESOME. Some tend to hide behind the wall of the computer. These are the same folks that wouldn’t dare say these things to your face. No self respect? No self esteem? Don’t let them bring you down!!!!

  199. I love your blog! I check daily to see if you have a new project posted. I am so sorry that some people are acting the way they are.

  200. I am so sorry people are being so Ugly. I have only recently started doing DIY furniture and I found your blog early on. I have been reading but have never commented until now. I realized a while ago sometimes people just act that way to see if they can get to you! Your stuff is awesome and I have learned a lot from your site!! So don’t let them get the best of you! I am sure their comments are awful and I totally understand they are hurtful…but you are fabulous and that is the truth! Look at all these people who sent you amazing messages!!! I hope you have a great day…and I hope you do not stop blogging! I love your site! Have a great night and keep up your chin…they cannot get the best if you! You rock!! 🙂

  201. Kristi – My heart hurts for you. You must realize the vast majority of your followers have the utmost respect for your talent, not to mention we really really like you :-). I for one can’t wait to get home from work just to see if you have posted anything that day. I have learned so much from you and you have given me the courage to try things I never would have attempted. I redid my bathroom only because of you and have so many more plans, again just because of you. You don’t have to put up with the bottom feeders of the world, they really are a minority. My advice is to say a prayer for them (they need it more than they know) and block them. You don’t need to read their crap and quite frankly neither do we. Do us all a favor and just block them. I can’t wait to see how you finished the console, looking forward to tomorrow. Blessings to you and yours.

  202. I am an old lady coming from an era where the norm was kindness…fairness…and respect…so some of this newer generation just makes me glad I will not be alive when they take over…I am certainly not meaning most…because that would be acting as they do…but there are so many of them on the internet who just cruise looking for someone to attack. Not sure what it is that makes them that way…but I believe it is a lacking of upbringing for sure but also a need which they will never find satisfaction in anything. I feel so sorry for this generation of having everything as in technology but have nothing as far as happiness in their fellow man. Rudeness from others while it can be disconcerting should be ignored….you are a wonderful person just for sharing with all of us who ARE interested in the things you share….Somedays I get overwhelmed with what I see from the actions of people now a days on the news and even facebook…but I have to remind myself…with all the bad people there are, there are still the good normal ones who make my life happy!!! Thanks Kristi for all your sharing…it is a good thing!..

  203. I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. You just need to delete those people. I find that Facebook can be a hurtful place anyway. People can say things that just are not nice and make you feel bad. I just deleted several people from my Facebook friend list for this reason. But don’t let the haters win. You keep doing what you love and what so many other people love to look at/read.

  204. That is so very rude. Please don’t let them drag you down! And please keep blogging for those of us who really enjoy following your great creative spirit! I can’t wait to see what else you do to your new home!

    As a side note, is there a way to remove those people from your Facebook page? In “real” life I try to remove the negative people from my life, so why not on Facebook as well??

  205. I’ve been following your blog for a really long time, but this is my first post- just to say you are FABULOUS and creative and everything I want to be as a decorator of my home. Don’t ever stop sharing your ideas, (and I’m not just saying that because I’d no longer know how to decorate my own house- though it is true), because you have helped so many people. The Kristi in my mind would make a wonderfully creative and gorgeous shield to deflect poo flinging that would perfectly match the decor and really tie the room together.

  206. Kristi – Please don’t stop!! I love your posts and look forward to them every day. You are an inspiration to so many and we learn so much from you. I would say more but after reading most of these replies I will just say “ditto”!!!!

  207. I am soo glad to see you posting things about your projects. I like to make things too. You remind me of one of my daughters. She even writes things the way you do. and she has long black hair. I may not want to make everything you make or just the way you did it but I learn a lot of things by reading your posts. Thank you so much for expaining about mdf stuff.

  208. I have to put in my two cents also, I’ve never commented on your blog, sorry ! lol BUT your blog, decorating, DIYING is by FAR in my opinion the best one out there! I always visit your blog, I love your ideas your style is like mine I can’t wait to see what you do next! I hate mean people GRRRR!

  209. Kristi, You are a lovely, creative soul with the beautiful heart of a teacher!!! You share great knowledge that you have gained by many years of hard work, research and trial and error. You offer something of great value to the followers that love you and respect you. I learn something from everything that you post, even if it is not exactly what I might do in my home. I, along with so many others, love the journey that you take, and love watching your creative endeavors unfold.

    You are very correct in your observation that many people are/were not raised properly, and it is sad indeed! But you can’t fix stupid, so just keep enjoying your wonderful gift of creativity and know that there are so many more people who adore you than “haters”.

    There will ALWAYS be those who try to take you down, but they have nothing to do with the reasons that you blog and teach, so don’t let it destroy what you love, and just let the love of your supporters take you through!!

    Carry On!!!!!

  210. Kristi, I’m just adding my voice to the show of support. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been plagued by poo-flinging monkeys lately. Since they congregate on your Facebook page, I wonder if you could block them? One unacceptable comment, one click, and you can’t see them anymore. That does not, of course, do a thing to solve the problem of how common rudeness has become… but it might discourage the poo-flingers to be so comprehensively ignored.

  211. Chin up Kristi !!

    Don’t let the few poo-slingers stop you from sharing your excitement, amazing creative talents & joy for life with the thousands of us who adore & respect you. Each morning your blog email is one of the first I look forward to reading. It’s like watching a tv series … what will Kristi share with us & teach us next!!

    As I’ve said before, you’re posts have been a tremendous inspiration to me as I remodel our home to make it wheelchair accessible for my husband.
    Thanks for all you do!!!!

  212. I went to try to like this post and remembered I was on your blog! I agree though, people seem to think they can say idiotic and hurtful things just because its not to somebody’s face. But if you try the reversal, they are so defensive! Computers and the internet has really changed how people interact and its not usually for the better.

  213. My mom sent me your post because I was just telling her how much I am disliking blogging anymore because of people who think it’s okay to leave whatever comment they want just because they can, rude or not. I took a month off and felt so relieved, I wonder if it’s worth it? Something for me to think about but hope you will continue your blog because it’s so refreshing and unique. 🙂

  214. I know it’s hard, but IGNORE these people! Idiots will idiot is the only way to describe the machinations this type of person goes through. Their mantra is … make the other person feel bad and that will make me feel better. Such a waste. Don’t let them get to you!

  215. Actually, I feel sorry for those rude, mean-spirited people. I believe in the law of sowing and reaping. You can’t sow peas and expect to reap corn. In the same way you can’t be a hater and expect love in return. They make their own misery.

    I keep coming back to see your projects because we’re kindred spirits. I love your sense of adventure in trying new things and doing things a different way. If someone doesn’t like what you do, they should just go look somewhere else. After all, nobody’s forcing them to click on your page. Don’t let them be a discouragement to you. Just do what you do, and enjoy the journey. Many of us will happily go along for the ride.

  216. wow, from reading all the above replies, I believe you don’t need me to say the obvious..don’t give up what you love! you are an incredible talent and your whole post echoes my own personal sentiments exactly from online and real life everyday matters unfortunately..it amazes me how sad a world we are leaving to our children sometimes. I know I am trying my best to teach mine love, manners and respect but the lack thereof that I see surrounding us from all sides daily is a little disheartening sometimes but we must not let them steal our joy or take our hope! God says we will be persecuted for standing for what we believe and that, that in itself is a sign we are on the right path. That which we love is always worth fighting for. Down with the “poo-flinging monkeys!”

  217. Due to time constraints I rarely comment but I wanted to let you know I read every post. You are terrific!

    The beautiful thing about the world is that we are all different. We aren’t supposed to like everything everyone else likes.

    To the computer cowards: I personally learned in pre school that if you can’t say something nice (or at least constructive) then don’t say anything at all.

    My advice is to block the individuals if you can and focus on the good. We are here in large numbers. 🙂

  218. DON’T YOU DARE TUCK TAIL AND RUN! If someone wants to be an idiot, you cannot stop them. I really didn’t care for the yellow paint you used for your bathroom sink until I saw everything pulled together and then it all made sense. I love the finished look. I have learned from you not to be afraid of color and that its okay to mix and match whatever you want be it color or styles. I’ve also learned that my house is exactly that – MY HOUSE! I can do whatever I want to do to it. So now first thing in the morning before I read any other email, I stroll through all of my emails looking for your post. Don’t let those poo slinging monkeys win! You are a mighty silverback Gorilla compared to them. Okay so you’re really only 5 feet tall, but to a little scary poo slinging monkey, you are KING KONG! Stand tall and remember that your non poo slinging fans will pitch bigger pieces of poo right back at them with you! Now lightly beat yourself on the chest and keep on blogging!

  219. Unfortunately, there’s not any laws against ignorant rude people. I love your blog and your decorating ideas. You are so very creative and talented. I wish I could build and design or sew gorgeous projects like you do. Due to my facebook acct being hacked, I have not been on since Sept and I have found that I do not miss it now at all. Some people think just because its facebook and not in person that they can say anything. Don’t let the jerks get you down! They are not worth your time or energy. You are well loved and appreciated! Sending you big hugs!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  220. I love your ideas, accomplishments, style. Keep doing what you are doing so well. We can never please everyone all the time so the heck to the rude people!!! Shame on them – please ignore and continue doing what you are doing! I would say us faithful, appreciative followers outweigh the undesirables many, many times over. Now, let’s see that new table!

  221. Kristi, I don’t know how on earth you can find time to read all these comments! But I just want to say what a blessing you have been since I found you. I’m starting to feel like a very proud mother-figure. I agree that society is sinking in it’s values and that is of great concern to me. What people will say while in hiding today, they will be saying in public tomorrow. I don’t expect improvement and that makes me very sad for my grandchildren tomorrow. Spiteful negativity has an affect on your well being, no matter how many great fans you might have. I don’t know if there is a way for you to block them, but if so, please do. You do not need, or deserve, such rudeness to dampen your sparkling creativity. Praying that God will take care of the poo flinging monkeys, and you, also, dear girl.

  222. I just have to put in my two cent’s worth!!! I haven’t read all the comments and am probably not saying anything unique…but PLEASE don’t let them win, Kristi. Hopefully the haters will get bored with their bashing…but if not, just try to move on and ABOVE them. I don’t blog, but if I did, I think ignoring hurtful comments would be a really tough thing to do. I sure hope you can do it because I don’t want you to stop blogging — I like you the best. 🙂

  223. Ok So… for the record… I LIVE for your blog. I can’t wait to get home and see what exciting new things you have done. I thank pinterest everyday for leading me to you. (*)O()*(*&^^&% the Haters!! You inspire me to get back into my interior design modes and tackle projects. Do I LOVE everything you do? Of course not… we have different tastes sometimes… (only sometimes of course 🙂 But I respect your choices for you and think you are an AMAZING interior decorator. FACEBOOK breeds haters… just block or hide those posters… and chuckle, b/c in reality you will make more money as a blogger with the bigger numbers! Thanks for all you do, and do NOT stop this blog…. 🙂

  224. Well said, and very true. Outright rudeness has become acceptable. How about “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything”?

    Sorry the rudeness has gotten to you, but it’s completely understandable that it has. It’s brave of you to put yourself out there online, and thank you for doing so, and sharing your considerable skills with us.


  225. Pfffttt to all those meanie facebookers. They’re just jealous that they can’t do all the things that you’ve accomplished. Ignore them and keep on posting because I live only to see what fabulous thing you do next.

  226. These are mean people with no better time on their hands but to make others feel worse than they do about themselves. True we may not all agree that a design is for us but it is YOUR DESIGN FOR YOU! So really, don’t give them a second thought. They are either jealous that they don’t have half the talent or like I said earlier, nothing better to do. Don’t give them the power. Try to block those people or report for harassing. I personally have been flooring and loved 99% of what you have done. So keep on creating beauty and don’t leave room for black hearted people with no soul. Hope that helps 🙂

  227. Kristi, I’m so sorry that people have been rude on your FB page. I hope you never stop blogging. Yours is the only blog I read regularly. I love how you are so industrious. You work hard, you have great style and you build stuff with power tools! I admire how you ask your audience for input. I think you’re really cool!

  228. Kristi,
    Just keep your head up. I think we are living in a time when being downright rude is the nature of so many in this society. Its truly sad. And actually I think Facebook is a melting pot for it. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of deactivating my facebook page. All the political bashing, the “friends” who are snotty on your page, and the opinion that, like you said, if its on the internet anyone has the right to say what they want -including incredibly rude and unkind remarks..
    Sorry Kristi, that you go through this. Your house is for YOU and no one else. I love your style. To bad people can’t be mature enough to know that even if they have a different style they can still appreciate yours. Why the heck follow someone if you don’t like their style? Geez…humanoids…takes all kinds.

  229. Kristi,

    I just found you and your blog and am addicted to your decorating 🙂 You have SO much to offer and many people appreciate your creativity. Those rude people have nothing better to do than be rude.. they are just jealous because the most creative thing they’ve done all day is think up rude comments. They suck.. don’t listen to them! Me and my house need you to keep blogging 😉

  230. And another thing…. who could think up that gorgeous mirror frame made out of yard sticks and paint? YOU.. very few have your crazy, ingenious, “what can I do with that”, “How can I get the look I want” talent. Lots can decorate but you in a league of your own!

  231. Hi Kristi – long-time lurker, first-time poster. 🙂

    I didn’t even know you had a FB page, but after reading this post I hopped over and started reading… and I am simply appalled at the casual and thoughtless rudeness on display. After posting there, I also felt that I wanted to share a few things with you here…

    You are one of two daily must-read blogs for me. Seriously, I visit every single day to see what you’re up to.

    Your self-sufficiency inspires me more than I can express. Every time I look side-eyed at a power tool, I think of you casually whipping out your trusty jig-saw and carving graceful curves into a piece of MDF – and it makes me brave.

    Anyone can decorate with a boat-load of cash – and we all know that money does not buy good taste – but the fabulous homes you’ve been able to create for yourself with creativity, ingenuity and style (while staying on a budget) have taught me to look at things around me in new ways.

    So, thank you for sharing your work and your home with all of us – we really appreciate it!

  232. Sounds like this might be a good time to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your blog. I know putting together the posts takes a lot of work, above and beyond the projects you do, and I’m so happy that you make that effort. The fact that you show clear step-by-steps, that you post your mistakes and explain when and why you change your mind . . . it’s so much more inspirational to me than something that only includes one before pic and a polished “after.” I tell my husband about things you do, and refer to your writing as “the blog with the woman who does everything herself and tells you how she does it.”

    Reading about how you’ve taken control of your condo and now your house–reshaping things to suit your needs and taste and inspired me to tackle projects in my house and feel more in charge of where I live.

    I’m sorry that people are rude and critical in an unfriendly, unhelpful way. My sister-in-law used to have a bumper sticker that said something like “Mean People Suck,” which is a bit vulgar, but oh-so-true. There was a poster up at my kids’ school encouraging them to THINK before they post anything online. I think it stood for True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind. I wish adults would keep that in mind as well.

  233. Hey, I was checking out your blog to see what you were doing with the console table. Promise me that you wont devote an entire blog to thoughtless people with their rude commentary.
    Creative people stand apart and create solutions that thoughtless and rude people…. Well they just cannot touch. Don’t give them so much of your energy.

  234. Don’t be discouraged. I truly am in awe of the work you have done and it’s inspiring. I am addicted to logging on to your webpage just to see what new project you have been working on. In my humble opinion, I think you are very talented. Keep up the awesome work.

  235. I’m glad to see so many positive comments about your recent nasty comments! While reading your post, I pulled out my boxing gloves and was ready to stalk your FB page and defend you by replying to these people, “Hey, you! Be nice!”, or “Let’s be adults, guys”, etc. I still might (!), but I don’t really feel the need now that you’ve received so much support from readers like me who like/love everything you do. I wish I could afford to re-decorate my entire house so my blog would have perfect pictures. This is the real world we live in, and no one’s home is exactly perfect to everyone else. I enjoy seeing how others do things – for ideas and inspiration. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the negative types. We take a risk by “putting it all out there”, but so far (with my tiny audience) I’ve been blessed by nice people. I hope you find a way to block these new nasty ones so you don’t have them dragging you down every day. I’m praying for you, girl, because these people seem to be the Devil himself!

  236. Kristi: I have never commented on a blog before but I MUST voice my opinion on this…

    Who are these “poo flinging monkeys”? Do they have a blog? Do they graciously share their ideas and homes with whoever is interested on a daily basis?…I mean really, sincerely SHARE. I’m inclined to think not. If they don’t like your ideas then they are free to go away or, if they are trying to be helpful, they need to search for some tact and deliver constructive feedback that can be digested and then either heeded as helpful or discarded as a valid opinion but maybe not one of merit for you.

    Comments such as those you cited are vague, simple and hateful. They are completely unproductive and do nothing but demonstrate the lack of intelligence behind them. Those comments are a waste of time because the delivery makes whatever validity they may contain completely disappear.

    It’s no surprise to me that those nasty comments started for you when you put yourself out there on Facebook. Facebook has evolved into an outlet for narcisists who spend way too much time trying to make themselves look and seem interesting instead of actually getting out there and delivering the goods. As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of Facebook but I do consider it a necessary evil. I find most bloggers to be more sincere, hard-working, people of substance than anyone I know who spends significant time on Facebook. And I have to hope that the unhappy Facebook junkies, who are desperately trying to give an appearance of being interesting, beautiful, useful members of society, are not indicative of our society as a whole.

    I thank every blogger out there who is wiling to share their ideas, creativity and personalities with the world. It is the source of endless inspiration. I’m often surprised because many times the design posts I enjoy the most aren’t the ones with the prettiest pictures or the nicest results. I’m personally more inspired by a new approach or technique or maybe the designer’s attitude is entertaining.

    I’m just so happy to have so many sources to feed my design addiction and “Addicted to Decorating” is definitely one of my go-to sources…it has been on my favorites list for a long time for many reasons. I know you’ll keep up the projects because that’s who you are but PLEASE….keep sharing!

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! …and sorry for the novel.

  237. Yea for you! I have seen this unbelievable behavior on many other pages that have also had fast growth (which probably means you were a featured page when a like button was clicked on a similar page – congrats!)

    I’m not sure why people think this is ok – to me, if you are visiting a blog or fb page, it’s like visiting someone’s home – you are a guest there and should act accordingly. Nice work setting the stage for the future!

  238. Ok seriously upwards of 272 comments!!! It’s official you are not allowed to stop – we FORBID YOU!!

    there is no psychologist on the planet who could rescue me from the depths of despair if you did!!! Ha ha – no pressure 😉

    Seriously babe, you the best!

    If it gets really bad and you have to stop the blog and FB – I suggest you offer all your INVALUABLE advice and posts as a newsletter which I for one would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount to receive…

    Love ya – and please, pretty please, with cherries on top – don’t stop.

  239. It’s not just about tastes. It’s what you teach. If you don’t like a particular color scheme, you can tailor it to suit your tastes. You have a lot of great ideas. Don’t let the negativity bring you down, let it empower you. You are great at what you do and thanks for sharing to us less “gifted” people. And start blocking the haters 🙂

  240. Based on the number of affirmations I scrolled through to add my comment, I’m hoping your appreciative followers are convincing you to stay the course. As you begin reading a comment, you can tell if it’s constructive or destructive… I pray you can embrace the former and ignore the latter. There are many more of us who admire & respect your talents. If I were to lower myself to be as rude as those who’ve hurt you, I’d suggest they can go straight to … nope, not gonna go there with ’em…
    Be assured, we’re here for you – Barbara Z.

  241. I love reading your posts. I rarely comment but every now and then I want to encourage you or connect. You post such creative stuff and I love your approach to diy. I find it inspiring. Is my taste the same as yours? of course not, that’s part of the joy of it all.
    I suspect that most of the rude folks wouldn’t say the things to your face but feel safely anonymous on line. I hope that is the case… it seems though from reading some of the other comments that it is becoming more common for such ugliness to be spreading to many interactions. please keep doing exactly what you are doing.
    One other addition … it took quite a bit of scrolling to get past all the other comments in order to leave my two-bits worth. That’s great ’cause it means lots of folks want to comment on this topic, the trickier bit is the extra time to scroll (yeah I know poor me 😉 ). Is it at all possible for the comment box to appear above the previous comments? No biggie if it’s not.
    much adoration and appreciation, Dee

    1. Sorry, I wanted to add to my comment…
      some of what I love about your blog and your approach is how you inspire / teach concepts. There are a lot of blogs giving finished results, show ‘n’ tell stuffs. Your explains the thought process behind how you got from a to b. It helps build those same skills in others. That is an amazing talent and not as common as one may think.
      lots of blogger give instructions on how to make an item. You go that vital step further and give the thought process into how to decide what time to put in the firs place. That is probably the thing i most appreciate about your approach.
      I have stopped following lots of diy blogs (mostly due to time constrains and they do tend to become a bit alike after a while) but I find yours invaluable. It remains fresh, individual and informative. it’s also down-to-earth, funny and full of real-life struggles. Oh and another thing… it also keeps true to topic. Some of the blogs that I have dropped tried to cover too many topics and got too broad in scope (diy, seasonal decorating, parenting etc). yours sticks to diy and sharing the ups and downs of living it in your unique situation. I don’t have to read (or skip) heaps of “seasonal” posts which are only relevant if one lives in the USA. (e.g. valentines, halloween, thanksgiving, winter, summer, 4th july etc). There are some of your posts that I do skip, as one would expect for any blog. the point I am making is that it stays true to the goals it set out and not to trying to keep it going just for the sake of it.
      thanks for keeping on putting yourself out there. It can’t be easy to keep on doing that. it is appreciated.

  242. Haters gonna hate! They are too small people! they are jealous of you and this is their way to hurt what they cant reach!
    you are amazing! never stop inspiring us !

    Love, Christine

  243. I would miss your blog soooooooo much if you ever stopped. Just quit hanging around on facebook. We all love your creativity here and would hate for a few rotten apples to ruin your amazing mojo!!! And, yes, I agree that there is always a kind and considerate way to offering a differing opinion. Just because two people don’t agree on a style/look/color doesn’t mean that one has to belittle the other!

  244. Hi Kristi,
    I’ve been following along on your blog for ages and didn’t know you even had a fb page! lol All over it now tho 😉

    I have to agree, fb can be such a cesspool for trolls and bad manners! I think I would have given it away a loooong time ago if I didn’t have my own little page and other work on there. Please, please remember this – It’s *your* page. If they are being horrible “delete and ban”! No-one has time to deal with that and you sure dont deserve it. Chin up – you rock!
    🙂 Kate, Queensland xo

  245. I am sorry that the haters have found your blog and facebook page. I thought that there was such a thing as a “block” option. If I am right about that, I hope you block each and everyone of these people. A six year old child knows better than to be so cruel. These haters have an agenda that we will never be able to comprehend. At this point, all we can do is try and keep them out of our lives.

  246. Yours is my favorite diy site and I go to a lot of them. Like they say, haters will hate. I hope you move on from them and get back to what you do best…CREATE and DECORATE! I love your site and you are wonderful at it. ps: my husband doesn’t love you so much, wink wink, because I am constantly having him look at your site so we can recreate what you did. Love it.

  247. I know you are going to get a barrage of positive comments & rightfully so…to many of us your blog is inspiring & fun to read. Haters are going to hate…that is what they do.
    I’m on a clothing store, which is on FB….and every time they post a new photo or outfit…there are about a zillon posters who say the rudest & nastiest things…I almost cringe everytime I see a new post. But I love the store & their clothes…and if I don’t like an outfit…I keep it to myself.
    Anyhoo, if you allow these abnoxious and rude individuals to ruin & affect all you have accomplished over the years….then they will have won. If they aren’t crapping on you…they will find someone else to ridicule to make themselves feel better…and they are the losers. I know its disheartening….but when you get rude or ignorant comments…hit the delete button…that is all the time they are worth.

    Keep on keepin’ on…there are those of us who thoroughly enjoy your blog.


  248. People get behind a screen and suddenly they feel like they can be as hurtful as they want because there is no real consequence. These people would most likely NEVER say anything like that in real life. Im sorry you are dealing with this. My thinking is, if you dont like my style, then why are you following my blog? I see many blogs that have decorating style that does not appeal to me. Guess what? I do not follow. Simple as that.

    I have been following your blog for a while now (and just starting to comment) and I think your blog is is helpful and your style is great! I am sorry these negative nancys feel like they have to come here and try to take you down. Sometimes constructive criticism is helpful, but just being plain rude is not.

    Keep going! It looks like you have a lot of supporters here that are excited to see what is to come!

  249. Hang in there, girl.
    You simply have to realize that many of the people who are being so terrible with their comments just don’t care about the hateful and mean things they say. It never occurs to them that there may be a different method of expressing themselves –
    They most likely did not grow up in homes where a parent actually “taught” them the right way to behave. Now it is the norm for children to make up their own rules and have ZERO oversight. Parents do not insist on manners nor do they correct poor behavior. EVERYthing is acceptable for little Johnny or little Julie to say and do.
    These are NOT the vast number of people who follow your blog – these are the people who just don’t care about YOU, your WORK, or your desire to share your lovely projects. Continue doing what you enjoy and do not let these poo flinging monkeys steal your joy.

  250. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. People CAN be ugly but, fortunately, as I always tell my kids, the majority of people are good, so let us concern ourselves with them. There will always be people that do not like me or you or what we do. It is THEIR problem. I admire you and your willingness to share your love for decorating and creativity. I have often thought of doing the same but get so sucked into life that is hasn’t happened. You KEEP GOING GIRL!!!!!

  251. Don’t let the mean people stop you from doing what you love. My sister says to treat mean people with kindness – it blows their mind! My friend has a phrase that she says to people who are rude. She says “isn’t that nice” in a long sweet tone. What she really means however is not that at all!!!

    The world is brutal and we need to pray for a change to come about.

    Just found your blog. You are an inspiration. Don’t give up.

  252. Please do not acknowledge them and let them win. By giving them attention they know they can get to you. I believe on FB you have the power to block them. Just phase them out……..

    Personally, I absolutely love your work and would invite you anytime to come work your magic on my house.

  253. Criticism is just another persons’ point of view but when they say personal unpleasant things it then turns into unkind criticism which in turn looks to others as jealousy and bitterness. So those who are saying such things to you and about your work have already lost any credence and believability in other readers eyes and who’s comments are seen as shallow, baron an of little to no importance.

  254. Oh Kristi! Try to let those comment roll off of you. I check your blog every day -not because your decorating choices are exactly like mine, but because your spirit and courage inspire me. You embolden me to try DIY projects that I am more than a little scared of – but the usually turn out wonderfully. You give me bravery to make my own curtains – and the tips to have them turn out beautifully. The fortitude to hang in there and decorate my own home with my own style and the tips and tricks to make it shine. You bring so much to so many. Thank you.

  255. What is wrong with people? I read somewhere that the newest generation is losing it’s sense of empathy for the very reason that they can say what they think anonymously with no consequence. Hopefully not true.
    I see this not only on blogs and FB but news stories etc. where people make horrifying comments about tragic stories.
    Why even take the time? Your blog is always a place to learn and be delighted by your talent. If one doesn’t like a color scheme or decorating style they still come away with a new idea to adapt to their own home.
    Unhappy, jealous people can’t stand seeing others succeed.
    Don’t let them stop you from expressing your vast creativity and being kind enough to share your talent with the rest of us!
    I, for one, would miss you greatly, Pam

  256. Kristi,

    I don’t know if this will help, but after reading this blog post, I read this other blog post and it made me think of you…


    I’m not so on board with the whole “try not to create imperfect things” so much as I am with the simple idea that everyone can criticize; it’s what you choose to do with the criticism that defines your creativity. If you let it bring you down, then they’ve won…”I say it’s better to create something imperfect(or not to everyone else’s liking) than not create at all, because not everyone has what it takes to create. Creating anything means taking a risk to add something to the world, while critiquing adds nothing and costs nothing.”

    I don’t by any means think that you’re creating anything imperfect, just more that the people who are hating on what you’re doing for yourself, for your own home, are the ones that feel you’re imperfect; even though what you do and put in your home is perfect for you, just as it should be! So maybe next time you see someone post a hateful or rude comment on anything you do for YOU, maybe you can just think to yourself, “They’re just jealous because I can create things I’m proud of, and they just wish they could be as happy with what they create as I am with what I create!” Creating is the spice of life, and I hope you never, ever get discouraged from creating what you want, however you want it, because when it comes down to it… we do things for ourselves firstly, our loved ones second, and screw the rest of them that can’t see how awesome you are!!

    <3, Teresa T

  257. Kristie, you will never please everybody. Most people love your decorating style, projects, ideas, and blog. I certainly do! I think the reason people say things that are rude on Facebook and on the Internet is because they feel disconnected to the individual receiving the comment because of the remoteness of the Internet and and for some strange reason think that they can anonymously say whatever they want and the manners that they were taught (if any) can be left out when commenting online. And to be truthful, manners online is in short supply. I know it is hard to not take these comments personally, but i would like to encourage you to try to just ignore them. I (along with many others) would be so disappointed if you allowed them to steal your blogging joy. 🙁

  258. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry! The truth is, you have more talent and creativity in your pinky than many of us have in our whole bodies. Don’t sweat what they say. Also, decor taste is very subjective. ( I have looked at million dollar rooms and thought “How ugly.”) Don’t take their criticisms personally. And don’t forget, tacky people have tacky homes and tacky manners. Ahem…
    Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and projects with us!!! Hugs!


  260. Most of your designs wouldn’t work in my house, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fantastic. They are always well done and you always give great information on materials and how-to. I needed bedside tables on the cheap and used your plans for skirted ones cut from one piece of MDF and placed mirrors on top. They work great and I spent maybe $25 on them. Your work is always consistently well done and creative and that is why you have added so many followers. What you do has a very real impact on so many people, so please keep up the creativity and the blog. If I could hire you (if you were still working for clients and if I had the money), I’d do it in a heartbeat and would love to work with you to see you in action.

  261. Don’t let anyone steal your JOY!! Ignore those folks who are trying to bring you down… do YOUR thing, girlie!!

  262. There is a difference between rude and disagreeing. You can’t blog without having detractors and you can’t be online without attracting rude people. However, the best discussions come from posts like that. Look at Corporette … half the time NONE of the comments have anything to do with what she’s writing about, but she doesn’t moderate the comments. That lack of moderation has resulted in some fabulous discussions among the participants of her blog. If people are free to discuss (even if negative) a much better discussion normally ensues.

    Or, you could go the Prudent Homemaker way and tweak her disclaimer to suit your Facebook page. Her comments are the best. I have learned so much not only from her but comments from others are a goldmine of information. Here’s her disclaimer:

    “Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I moderate comments manually, so please allow a few hours for your comment to be posted.

    This blog is meant to be a source of encouragement. Please keep your comments kind and uplifting. Rude comments will not be published.”

  263. Kristi –
    I say – do what makes you happy! It is good to know that you are creating the spaces you want to live in and will make you happy. Too many people live in spaces that others might like – “keeping it neutral for when I sell” – not for their own enjoyment. We also live in an extremely rude world where everyone feels that they are entitled to say exactly what they are thinking, without understanding tact, feelings, emotions or most of all – manners.

    I enjoy your blog and feel that you need to continue inspiring people to be creative and especially handy. As a designer myself, I don’t expect everyone to love everything I do all the time, I only expect my client to be happy!

    Best of luck and keep on creating!!

  264. I have two ideas:
    1. Find someone who is willing to read the comments before you do and remove the objectionable ones.
    2. Ask all your followers to read the comments and write rebuttals to the objectionable/stupid ones.

    I’d be happy to take on the 2nd one; all you need to do is ask.

    As a counselor, I know that people who sink into chronic criticism are probably depressed, and that what they pour out into the world is projection of their own self-loathing. And, no, when I’m on the receiving end of the vitriole it doesn’t help! At least not in the moment…:) Love your ideas, creations, writing, all of it.

  265. Oh honey, you are ranting my rant!! Our society has become so RUDE!! Perhaps it’s the onslaught of stupid, shallow, “reality” t.v. shows (think Honey Boo Boo, Dance Moms) or just the media in general, but people seem to think that is the way to behave.

    I’m here to tell you that what you do is valuable for ME! So I hope you can stand to continue. I, too, grieve the loss of manners in our society. You have a lot of us on here who will say, “Please continue, thank you!”

  266. This is so unfortunate. It’s really sad that people need to put others down just so they can feel better about themselves.

    I truly enjoy looking at your blog and all the projects you post. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and there are several projects I want to do in my own house. I visit a handful of blogs EVERY day and yours is the one I look forward to the most. I can’t wait for the next post and I’m definitely looking forward to your sofa project. I love the colors you’re using in your living room. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

    Please know that there are many of us that appreciate all the hard work you put into each post. We will all be sad to see you go. Take care and have a great day!

  267. You are amazing! I get the same comments so I know it stinks but just realize that there are sad bitter people in the world.

  268. Hi Kristi,

    I read your post yesterday and kept thinking about it….you express yourself really well and I think that many of us feel the same way you do about some of the “culture” we encounter these days. I can totally relate and my heart goes out to you. You were upset because you are a caring person. It’s a sad reality in our days. However, keep “unfriending” them or whatever you need to do and try to remember that all of us here really enjoy your blog and your creations and screw them that have absolutely no class.

  269. WOW!!!
    Well said! BRAVO!
    I’m somewhere (in age) between you and your mother – In other words, I’ve been around the block a few times. I have children ages 16 thru 28 (OMG when did THAT happen?) so I am, and have been exposed to some of the possible “inceptions” of some of these “trends” thru my kids. (Please note I’m not saying that they’re guilty, but neither am I saying they’re entirely free from guilt, neither am I for that matter). But I don’t like it one tiny little bit! – I DO think that a “solution” is probably going to be political – but I won’t go there.
    Love the table, BTW (read your last post first LOL!)

    Maybe discontinue your FB page ? IDK, I just DON’T want you to stop blogging! I’ve learned so much for you, and everything you do is impeccable, from the projects you create to your tutes and explanations on how to re-create them, to your grammar and complete lack of typos ! Thank you for brightening my days, and teaching me so much!!!

  270. you know… i agree with that person: if you don’t want the criticism, then you shouldn’t have a blog. and that’s exactly why i don’t have a blog. LOL i’d probably be a lot like you–it would bother me that people can be so crass and mean just because they’re able to be. they’d say i was “sensitive”, which to me is code for, “sorry you have feelings; i’m a rude @sshole and everyone should learn how to deal with my lack of class.” people are rude. and the internet gives rude people license to splatter anyone with their bile. that said…

    keep your head up.

    i LOVE your blog. i haven’t seen anything here that didn’t inspire me in some way. you see, even if i may not care for something you did, the fact that you conceived, created and shared it is awesome to me. it makes me think that I, too, can create pieces for my home. it makes me think that i can take whatever scraps i have, stitch them together and make something magical. that’s divine.

    and i thank you for sharing your divinity with us.

    keep shining. and creating.


    ps. that tufted coffee table you made is EVERYthing!!

  271. First I want to say thanks for your blog which I do follow along with several others. I look at them as inspiration to do things to stretch my creativity. Now as for the “poor pitiful souls” out their in computer-land that don’t have common manners or feelings for their fellow man, this is my take on them. These people have very low self-esteem and self-worth and it makes them feel better to try and tear someone else down. Especially, people like you that have the courage to put yourself out their to share with others. So ignore those idiots and keep up the good work!

  272. So great full you do, I have a very small business I work in my gust room, I live in a condo. I rent a booth in a antique mall. My neighbors complain when I have to use power toots on the patio . I don’t want to stop what I do. I lost my mom in 2013, this has been my saving grace. You have been a blessing to me each day when I vist your page. People will always be jealous of people who are craftie . Rember God gave you a talent, don’t let this people stop you. You have by best regards an prays. Bless you my new friend. Debbie

  273. I am so sorry that those people are bringing you down. Please know that there are others of us out there who truly, genuinely, and totally enjoy what you do. Your home is a beautiful reflection of what you love – the emphasis being on YOU. When I look at your projects, I am not just looking at the fabric choices or palettes; I am looking at the process. My home is a reflection of the things I love, so I am looking at your DIY ideas with an eye for doing them my way. I thought that was what everyone else was doing, and I am sad to read that isn’t always the case. Please don’t let the haters get you down. Block ’em and move on! The rest of us can’t wait to see what you have for us next.

  274. Your blog is great! I like the way you seem fearless about trying anything. Not everyone has that. Don’t get sidetracked by “lemon suckers”. They need to put good people down in order to feel good. How pathetic is that? You just keep on keepin’ on, Girl!

  275. Kristie, I never write comments on a blog but was so bothered by others treatment of you, I felt I must. Your’s is the only blog I look forward to every day. You are so creative and fearless. I want to be like you in my next life! Please don’t let nasty, negative people impact your work. Everyone has an opinion yet some have no taste or manners. My mother always said, as I did as a teacher, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing. It is a reflection of our society for sure and one of the reasons I could no longer teach.. Please ignore the nasty comments and focus on the good you do. I appreciate the fact that you seldom use “paid for” products and that you always use creativity in all you do. Please don’t let the few influence you. I for one would be heartbroken if you quit blogging!

  276. Please don’t stop doing what you love doing because of others ignorance. Those who don’t “do,” critique. They obviously have never been through a decorative, do it yourself project. Until they have, they’ll never be able to appreciate or understand the amount energy, creativity, determination and PRIDE that goes into one.

    Kristi, you are a MUSE. I have picked up so many ideas and tips from your blog. Will I make an ottoman coffee table? No, probably not. I will use the tufting tutorial on our fabric headboard to go with the bed frame that my husband and I are making at this very moment, thanks to your prior posting. Once that’s done I’ll be making a new ottoman for our living room chair. Then floor to ceiling, custom drapes…you’ve inspired me to learn to sew at 36 years old.

    I hope you see my point…you are extremely brave to share your creations with the world. Just keep doing what YOU do and know how much you mean to your fans! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your site!

    My Best,

    P.S…pics to follow of our bed frame. Tim’s having a blast and we hope to finish the trim tomorrow. DG

  277. Don’t let the bastards wear you down. Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.

  278. I just recently started following you and have subscribed to your blogs through email. I just read your recent post re: negative feedback on your facebook page. I am sorry you are experiencing such negativity, It is sad that people feel they need to actually take time out of their day to place such negative words out into the world. What happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. We don’t all like the same things, and isn’t that what is what makes us special and unique? Don’t stop doing what you love because of the haters!

  279. I’m so sorry that people are flat-out rude and hateful sometimes, and I wanted to apologize if anything I’ve ever commented hurt your feelings! 🙁 Sometimes you ask for our opinions, and occasionally I state mine because I think it’s fun to “vote” on what choice you (might) make on a project. I hope anything I’ve said didn’t come out as criticism or meanness, ’cause that was NEVER my intent. It’s your house, after all, so like you said, at the end of the day, it should look like YOU want it to look, not how anyone else decrees. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing; you’ve given me and countless others tons of confidence in ourselves and our budding DIY abilities. I never realized I could do more than refinish furniture until I started following your blog, and the fact that you were just another regular Texas girl living in a small apartment/condo opened my eyes to the fact that I didn’t need a fancy woodworking shop–or even tons of space–to tackle building projects. 🙂 in short, I think you rock, I never meant to offend, and ignore the haters.

  280. I am so sorry that you are going through this. People continue to get more rude. My husband calls the people who criticize others online “trollers.” I think it has been said that 10 positive things need to be said for every negative. Let me just say that reading your blog has been inspiring to me. I have a creative person inside of me just waiting to break out!! You are encouraging me every time I read your blog, helping me to believe I am capable of creating because you break it down so easily. Block those people, if possible. Please keep blogging and sharing.

  281. Wow, wow and wow! Never have I seen so many comments to one posting. Obviously, you have a tremendous following that not only appreciates your work but hopefully offsets the stupidity of the negative comments. As for me, I ALWAYS read your blog even when I don’t have time for others. I think your ideas are the best!

  282. Pleeeease don’t let the jerks get you down! Lots of people enjoy what you do, me included. I find inspiration reading about and looking at what you do. Time to use the delete and block button on facebook!! Keep up the good work!

  283. What can you say, some people. I love your blog. I only follow three. First it is my daughters OLD PEARLY JENKINS. then yours and finally Houze.
    Keep up the good work , from a hot and sunny Brissie.

  284. I hope I’ve never been discouraging. I love your work and your projects! Some people use FB to make themselves feel important. Being able to put someone down with ease, without having to contribute positively to anyone seems to be the hobby of some people. I always think how unhappy, and bitter someone has to be to be mean to someone on the internet.
    Recently Carrie Underwood went through a lot of negativity on the internet from her ‘Sound of Music’ live tv program. Her response? “Haters need Jesus”…love it…hang in there:) Sally

  285. Hi Kristi! I have been following you for a long time, and I want you to know that I LOVE your blog and your FB page! You are extremely talented, and I look forward to your new posts every day! I am so sorry that you have to deal with the mean people on net. I don’t know why they feel the need to tear people down. For me, I see potential in everything, even if it isn’t my taste or style. I can always find something that I like and possibly apply to one of my own projects. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! AND PLEASE DON’T STOP BLOGGING!! 🙂

    Love your work!

  286. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t have found this post at a better time! I have discontinued following two blogs recently because of the toxicity of the comments as well as the authors. What is wrong with people? One blogger posted a comment where the writer pointed out some grammatical errors and said that it was a turn off. I know that sounds bad, but it was privately sent, was very polite and the writer sounded as the she thought the blogger used a proofreader and should speak to them. The blogger posted it as a topic and also posted her very snarky reply. Wow! If I had someone comment on my blog as to why she wasn’t really feeling it, I would seriously give it a look. Isn’t that why we have comments anyway?!?!? I was shocked at the followers who were so venomous and frankly, I told them that. I cancelled the feed and haven’t visited since. Another girl is having a tough time and posted that she was blogging to put food on the table-that she didn’t have a husband paying her bills and providing for her craft time. Wth??? When I said she was being unfair generalizing, she deleted my post. I had also wished her the best and hoped that her rough patch didn’t contribute to her negative feeling towards other bloggers. My husband said I was asking for trouble even commenting, but I couldn’t help thinking that both of them were like your poo-flinging monkeys! Only they thought having a platform to publish their opinions legitimized them! There are so many other blogs and kind people out there. I found your blog following a
    Ink to your tufted tutorial. Thanks, though, for reminding me that the outrage goes both ways.

    1. I agree, I have seen this with authors and followers and it shocks me! I follow a certain blogger on FB and she ran into a snafu where someone had a blog with the same business name as her. Mind you the other blogger had this blog name YEARS before her, this women (with quite a following) posted that she had contacted the woman and asked her to close her blog because she felt it made her look bad to people looking for her because she felt her blog wasn’t nice. Then when the woman nicely said no to closing her blog, the other woman posted a link to her and publically tore her blog apart, whining that the other woman wouldn’t close her blog. If that isn’t bad enough her followers jumped all over it and went on to harass this other woman and publically rip apart her blog. It was crazy!!! it was like crazy villagers with pitchforks all because someone else had the same name. The strangest part was how “in the right” they all felt. REALLY! I even had a similar experience on EBAY selling auction templates. Another seller had her legion of misfit followers harass me constantly even going as far as buying my products just to leave horrible negative feedback. I did nothing wrong except being competition. People are not born with manners and more often than not are not being taught them either!

  287. I understand your frustration. Especially, when you put so much time and energy in to a blog post/tutorial project. Negative people can suck the fun and pride in finishing your project right out of you. Even if your project ended up just like you had envisioned it. Don’t let the haters get you down. They are obviously just unhappy people. Stay positive and keep doing the fabulous work you do! I love reading your blog! Mine is in a similar niche, but I’m not nearly as popular as you yet! Keep inspiring us all! Xo Meredith

  288. You know, I’ve been a lurking fan… One who reads your posts on a daily basis and enjoys your creativity and inspiration, but I’ve rarely given back in the form of a positive comment or any other kind of feedback. This post has motivated me to do my part to drown those poo slingers out and I’ll throw my voice in on the side of your intelligent, articulate, well-mannered fans in the hopes that you will never, ever quit blogging because of the bottom feeders! Keep up the good work, we love you Kristie!

  289. Kristi, please do not let those rude people change what you are doing. There is a tactful way to voice an opinion, or they can choose to say nothing. Words hurt. If I were you, I would learn how to block those who make rude comments. There is no excuse for bad manners.

  290. This is something I never do….but here goes
    Kristi…….you are an inspiring, loving, creative woman and through that you inspire me.
    There maybe something’s that don’t suit me ..the way I feel about them is my business!
    I look for things that do inspire me….and there are many.
    This blog is your love…..embrace it…..choose to move forward and continue to inspire all that choose to follow you. There will always be those that choose to be negative and to point fingers…..they have sadness in their hearts, your inspirations will one day touch them and bring a joy!!!!

  291. Kristi, hope you can see by all the well-wishers that most of us LOVE your blogs. I’ve learned so much by reading your posts (not that I’ll ever be able to do any of the projects) but so what? I’m learning new things! You explain everything so well. I also relate because I spend a lot of my life in a wheelchair and I love how you make everything accessible for your hubby. Fantastic lady you are!! Keep on keeping on Kristi, lots of us are rooting for you!

  292. Kristi, I stopped blogging because people made rude comments about typos, etc. Well, you know what I am a busy person and just wanted to share my knowledge. I did not major in English. Then, the biggy was people stealing my photos and putting their company logo on it and claiming it as their own! One website even had my work and photo with a copyright on it!
    I hope you you will grow some thick skin and not ever stop blogging. I consider you a creative genius. If I ever save enough money, I am calling you to do my house!!

  293. I haven’t been able to read all of your comments. I hope that more than one has already suggested this…just block those rude people! They won’t be able to come back. I know there will always be more, but that one won’t. I think it will begin to disipate. I love your style and your enthusiasm. I wish I had the energy and get up and go that you have. I have so many things in my life that keep me from doing the fun things my m ind creates. But, I love seeing you do yours! You go girl!

  294. I can’t ever seem to understand why people would outwardly protest how “ugly” your projects are… yet, they are CHOOSING to follow you?!? I, too, often feel our society is sliding backwards. Makes me fear for my own children and all the crap they’ll have to deal with.

    Keep on keepin’ on girl!!!

  295. I would like to start by saying that sharing the things you make and love is a wonderful experience and many are probably grateful for your sharing. However I would like to point out that everybody is a critic. We all have our opinions and we all may share them at some point even if it isn’t to your face. Stating an unfavorable opinion (especially in an abrasive way) isn’t new. Society isn’t regressing. It is just much easier for us to find those rude people in large quantities when you’re connecting with thousands of people every day. Remember that gossip, slander, bigotry and violence have always existed. Without the internet you may find one or two rude persons on occasion but with the internet your statistics change drastically. Think of it as running into 20,000 people during a day as opposed to going down the street and meeting 20 per day. Also keep in mind that not everyone on the internet is equivalent to yourself. Think of every commenter as a twelve year old child and your whole perspective changes (some of them really may be twelve!). People also come in all personalities, ages and intelligence levels. Even if the commenter is an adult in years they may not be an adult in education, experience, or IQ. They may not even realize that what they have typed is inappropriate. Try not to feel disillusioned with “these days” because of a few back-handed comments. I promise for every person lacking empathy or that little “edit button” in their heads there are an equal number of people who didn’t sniff too many permanent markers. This behavior isn’t condoned. It’s just easier to be shared and remembered because it’s on the internet. It’s your blog and your Facebook. Delete the comments or mentally ignore them just like you might ignore a mother-in-law’s distasteful comment about how her son should have married a woman with more financial backing. Happy crafting! 🙂

  296. Clearly I’ve “missed” the poo flinging, but it seems to go with the territory on Facebook after you get a decent sized following. That and spam. The curse of fame online?

    The scary thing is that it’s not entirely that people are ugly because they are “anonymous” – if you look a the profiles of the people leaving ugly comments you’ll likely see “real people” with pictures of their kids and more than enough detail to figure out where they live (scary!).

    It’s more that online interaction seems to dehumanize the person on the other side of the screen for them. The result is people who wouldn’t say half the things they say if they were standing in front of you seem to feel free to unleash! Not sure what the solution is but I’ve seen it enough to be fascinated and a little scared. The old sociology major in me is fascinated, but otherwise I’m appalled.

    Certainly hope you never let those people stop you! So not worth your time or worry!

  297. Its great to be creative, but many people never create anything in there whole lives. I make stuff all the time and always have. Sometimes I get negative comments now and again, generally I’ve found the biggest critics are the least creative people and they are just lazy with not much going on in their own lives , its funny because their comments just make me so glad that I’m not like them with their empty heads.
    Your blog is great all the best Will

  298. I adore your blog and FB page! Your work is amazing!!!! “poo-flinging” monkeys are EVERYWHERE. At times they are hard to ignore. The true irony in people like that who feel the need to “chime” in with nasty comments is that if you crawled into the computer and looked around their home/life you would find a big ol’ mess! No truly creative person ever puts down someone else’s work. As a creative person I KNOW how much work goes into the process even if the final product is a failure. You are putting your heart into it. Some people just can’t appreciate that some things are just someone else’s style. Don’t let these bottom feeders take your joy from you!!!

  299. Kristi,
    I am so glad- as commenters here attest- there are still kind and considerate people in this world. Because the “poo-flinging monkeys” have run amok! I am sorry for the hurt and sadness they have caused you. Your blog is a beautiful inspiration to so many of us; you do not deserve the criticism of people who have nothing better to do with their time than spew negativity. Your ability to do and persevere in the face of enormous challenges are what keep me coming back to your blog: the journey AND the destination (and we’re each on a journey of our own). I have a long way to go to be as successful as you at home transformation, but your blog changes my “Oh, I could never do that!” attitude to “Well, maybe if I try hard and follow Kristi’s tips…” I can make my house my dream home.

    A note about FB… I’m not on it. Have never been, never will be. So many reasons I won’t go into, and though I recognize it can be a great tool in the modern world, in my opinion, the negatives of FB outweigh the positives. I recently heard a radio story about how many young FB users say it makes them feel sad, lonely, and inadequate, so they’ve chosen to disconnect. Sad testament to the power we’ve allowed this entity to have over ourselves and our lives. My advice to you is: keep your power- the enormous power you’ve always possessed and which you share with others on your blog- and carry on. Many of us out here (ME!) are rooting for and COUNTING on you! xoxo

  300. Kristi,

    I’ve been visiting your blog for the past two years and I love pretty much every post and picture! Don’t let that negativity into your life. Keep ya head up and keep doing what you’re doing. Some people are miserable, and only feel better when they bring other people down with them 🙂

    You got it going on girl.. never forget it.

  301. Do not pay attention to those criticism, move on and be happy blog whatever your soul tell you to, my best wishes!

  302. Kristi,

    You’re getting a taste of cyber bullying, unfortunately.

    A favorite blogger I’ve been reading for years has finally gotten off of FB, twitter,and instagram. She also disabled anonymous comments on her blog. She just had to cut off the negativity/nastiness, but she still gets tons of traffic on her blog even though it’s harder to comment.You may have to limit your open exposure on some level as well. Your faithful readers will still come.

  303. You are so right! I kind of get upset too when someone doesn’t like what I’ve done. But my tastes are different than theirs obviously. Like my daughter says, “if they don’t like it, boo on them!”
    I think you do an awesome job!

  304. I happen to think you are awesome on so many levels! It is so disheartening to see how mean people can be to someone so obviously sweet as you. Be strong, girl, be strong!

    You inspired me today!

  305. I am looking for your posts every day because you are such a inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do next at the end of every project you do. I have been a designer who does not put myself or my work out there anymore because of that very same thing. I really hope you do not stop blogging because so many of us who see your work really do enjoy it. You create some incredible projects and make it easy for others to become just as creative.

  306. I read many blogs and always look forward to reading your posts because what you do is so beautiful! You really are such an inspriation to me and I always feel so inspired by what you do, even if it might no be something I will be doing myself. You are such a creative person with great taste and never cease to amaze me with the projects that you do!

  307. Just imagine how miserable these people are that they feel they have to criticize. It is sad to think they exist and I have heard of other blogging people who have suffered the same abuse, one in particular was to say how fat the lady was (she was 8 months pregnant). I feel sorry for them they have nothing nice to say.What a misery that must be. Keep on blogging girl – I love it. Betty

  308. Don’t ever stop blogging! I love your blog and your projects even if I don’t 100% agree with the style or design. I love to see what you’ve done, and that always inspires me in some way even if it isn’t quite my style. Your blog allows me to dream of my future home and how I would want to decorate it, which is sometimes a necessary distraction when you’re stuck in a rental that you cannot alter whatsoever. A lot of people’s blogs out there on the interweb I just glance at the photos and never read the content, but for some reason your entire blog drew me in and I basically get ecstatic whenever I see you’ve posted. I look forward to it, and sometimes it is the highlight of my week. Thank you for what you do, and thank you for inspiring me.

  309. I would like you to know that even if I don’t comment on most of your posts, I LOVE your blog!! I gather so much inspiration from your projects. It’s so hard to ignore those negative Nellys (obviously their mommas forgot to teach them that if they don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all), but I for one would be heartbroken if you ever stopped blogging. Just focus on all of us that enjoy what you have to show us and keep those projects coming 🙂

  310. It has been said previously but just let me state …when you work with the public ,online and by phone especially ,I am no longer appalled at the rudeness of people, they have become commonplace .I agree that they were raised by illiterate monkey parents. My apologies to monkeys. Please delete them and keep inspiring the rest of us. We must ignore the rudies in the hope that they will wise up and learn manners or go away and you and your talents are indeed appreciated by all of us. I refuse to comment if I cannot find something nice to say about someone’s hard work ,I share ideas I might have and always try to praise when I like something. I have used some of your ideas, sometimes I use other colors I prefer ,but you inspire by sharing and I hope you are never driven away by rudeness but by success and more fulfilling endeavors.

  311. Hi Kristi, this seems to be a new trend lately. Anger and meanness are “in”. Ahhh….not in my world!! Who peed in these peoples cornflakes?? lol But you know, my mother always taught us this… usually if someone is that nasty to you about something…9 times out of 10, its the little green monster…yup…the “j” word….jealous!! You have a fabulous blog, great ideas, and an amazing talent in carrying out those ideas. Plus, you are a strong woman…. It’s bound to make someone ticked off, angry, jealous to see that much of a dynamic person in action, so successful. Now, you and I don’t understand getting angry, and mean spirited when someone has talents they share, SHARE!!…but others… they will try to destroy that zest for life that you have…your ability to be generous, and share your ideas, creativity and talents with others, and inspire them too!! Don’t let them put out that light in you…if you see a negative comment, just shrug and think….these people have jealousy issues, anger issues. Really, you have to feel sorry for them…what an awful way to spend your day…your life. Then you think about the rest of us…we love your blog, and you!! We value your talent, creativity and joie de vie!! You inspire us to keep on decorating and working on our homes!!! lol. If I hadn’t come across your blog, I would never, ever have tried to build a banquette on my own. You inspired me to do it…and I did.. whoohoo!! And I love it, and I love the fact you helped me to do it!! Kristi, you have lots of loyal followers,,,focus on your fans 🙂 Life is too short to give these negative, angry, jealous people the time of day. I am not suggesting their comments didn’t hurt you, I know they have…but don’t give them that power. I’m glad you shared your feelings with all of us, you give, and share, so much with all of us…time for us to give back to you!! Sending you lots of admiration, good vibes, hugs, and love from Edmonton, AB, Canada!!

  312. I’m a very recent enjoyer of your blog. I could go on and on about my take on the woe’s of our society. I think it boils down to parenting or lack thereof. Anyway…

    You seem to have so many followers that love and support the gift you give us daily. Please try to skip right over the poo-tossers and know that I, and likely many other’s, are sending you LDHs (Long Distance Hugs). Keep on doing what you love, and please keep sharing! (I still have lots to learn}

    lots of LDH’s 😉

  313. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I am one of the relatively newbies to your blog and let me tell you something, I thoroughly enjoy it. No not everything you create is my particular style, but I so enjoy watching and reading your creativity. I don’t feel the need to immulate every single one of your DIY projects nor do I always have to follow one of your ideas, word for word. I can always tweek it a bit and we are both happy. You are so creative and you come across so warm in your blog. Please don’t allow miserable people to steal your joy. You have been blessed to find your niche. You have been blessed to find something that you love to do. So do it, and ignore those who are probably so unhappy in their own lives and probably not as creative, ruin that for you. Keep creating and keep blogging.

  314. I’m so sorry that these rude people are having such an effect on you. Please keep the projects coming. I have to tell you that your tufting projects alone have inspired me. That ottoman coffee table was truly inspiring, and I am all over the semi-fake/shortcut tufting, truly genius. I am planning my own headboard/bed in the very near future. Please keep up all of the creative projects, and just ignore the haters. They’re just jealous.

  315. Your projects always inspired me. Just pray for them and you will find peace in your heart. And keep up the lovely projects…God bless you sista!

  316. I hope you feel better with all the positive comments on this subject! I put this blog on my favorites list the first time I came across it.
    YOU inspire so many and I also get a chuckle from some of your learning curves….I have learned so much from you and am very glad to see you don’t pretend –YOU are REAL and I love it!
    There are people that think they should give their opinion on everything-they have way too much time on their hands.
    Keep it coming there are so many of us that need YOU!!

  317. Hey Kristi,
    I’ve thought about blogging for awhile, and I keep coming back to the faceless criticism that appears so often online, which has kept me from pursuing the blogging world. It’s sad to hear people are so outspoken in negativity. You have a fun blog, and amazing talent! Keep it up Kristi! God has blessed you creatively, and it’s so cool to see you put together your home for you and your family. Don’t be discouraged!

  318. Kristi,
    I think this may be the first time I have ever left a comment on a blog, but after reading this one I felt compelled to leave a note! Last year, due to medical necessity, we had to move from our 2-story home to a single story home…we lived there 14 years (and thought we would be there forever) and I spent YEARS making it everything I wanted. It’s not as if it was the most fabulous home in the world, but it was HOME to us. And it was so hard to leave it. Our kids (8 & 10) felt certain it would be the most tragic event of the world if they had to switch schools, so we found a house a half a mile away and I went to work getting us settled. It took a few months of living here for me to decide how I wanted to decorate each room, but once I had a vision I set about getting things done in record speed, maybe in part because I had felt so deflated that it had taken me years to get my other house just like I wanted and then we had to leave. One of the things on my list was changing out the existing brass/chrome hardware in our master bath. The estimate to change these out was way more than I wanted to spend, and while my husband is very handy, medically speaking he’s no longer able to do a lot of the things he used to do. So I got to thinking about painting them instead, but had no idea of the correct process or even if this was a feasible/durable approach. So I started googling and a video link to your tutorial about painting bath fixtures came up (it wasn’t your blog, maybe a YouTube video?), but it was from there that I found your blog. And let me just say, from someone who is not a blog follower at all, that I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! I grew up with DIY parents, who can seem to do anything and everything, and while I share their love for DIY projects, with two small kids and running a business, I don’t have the time to do all the things I would love to do. And so I feed my creative side vicariously through you! I have very little time to myself, but checking in on your blog every couple days is something I enjoy so much!!! Even if I will never tackle any of these projects, I still get excited over the thought that maybe someday I will have the time (and energy) to do them! (Oh and I remember telling my husband what a small world it is, bc here I stumble upon this blog from a random google search only to discover you’re in Waco, and I’m in Round Rock!).

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there and share your journey with us. And while I enjoy FB as much as anyone, over the last year I have found that, if I’m being totally honest, it makes me like people less. Sadly, there are down sides to most everything in life and FB is no exception. It is startling some of the things people will write and I dare say most would not say to someone’s face what they are willing to write on social media. I imagine it’s easy to be gutsy when they’re hiding behind a computer. But I still want to believe there are more of us that learned (and try to live by) the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”…that’s just a hard one to measure unfortunately. Try not to let it get you down and remember – for every rude FB person, there are 100 of us over here LOVING what you’re doing! 🙂

  319. Most of the people who spew hate are doing so because they lack the talent to do what you do. Stand strong and believe in lpok9 your talent. Hate comes from low self esteem, and sometimes people can’t help themselves, for whatever reason. I tend to feel sorry for those people. Don’t make the negative about you and don’t stop what brings you happiness because of their unhappiness with their lives. At that point they win. The minute you see a negative, rude comment, just delete it and keep it moving. Don’t internalize it. Just get rid of it.

  320. Loved your post. I see this type of behavior at work, shopping, everywhere. I also can’t “wrap my head” around it. All I keep going back to, is when I was in school (I am almost 60) we were taught about freedom. My freedom STOPS where your’s begins. Also, the golden rule….are these things not taught any more? These behaviors were taught at home, school and Church.

    Reading Vanessa post above right now and I agree with her. Mean people, are just that, I also feel sorry for them, but I believe the best thing to do is cut it from your life. Just delete the posts…consider this, it’s like you are a huge Elephant, and these are tiny ants trying to eat you…………….It just is not going to happen. Bless you!

  321. I had to snort a little as I scrolled ALL THE WAY down to the end… All of those adoring comments should tell you something, right? You are loved & appreciated by those who count. The others DON’T count. They are mean & small minded & you’re worthy of so much more than those placebos can dish out. There are so many gazillions of different styles *out there*, how could anyone possibly be critical? It’s called “Different Strokes For Different Folks”. And, you know what they say about Opinions & Azzholes… everyone seems to have one. Hmmm.

    I’ve learned many lovely things from your blog & even though I’m just a lurker, I’m still a sponge for learning at 61 years old. You just keep getting better all the time! Don’t let the trolls tread on your light…

  322. Wow. There are a lot of comments here but I have to put in my two cents worth. When you said you would never go into someone’s home and say you didn’t like their table or lamp or whatever, you really hit the nail on the head, because your blog is like your home – in blogland. I’m sorry you have been subject to this. Keep doing your thing. Your friend, Linda

  323. There will always, always, always be people who criticize…but, please don’t let them take your JOY away from you or others that enjoy your blog sooooo much!!! 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful tutorials and giving me the inspiration to create!!! I love your blog!!! 🙂

  324. Thank you for taking the time to share your projects. I am a fellow Texas girl, a little north of Dallas. I sell on Ebay and Etsy. Every once in awhile the nuts fall from the tree on Ebay and run around trying to ruin my week. I have to get through it. A foul wind shakes them loose occasionally and before long things calm down. So keep up the good work, block them and move on. Anyone is vulnerable to the rudes. They are everywhere and always have been.

  325. Hang in there, girlfriend! People’s rudeness has so much more to do with them than it does with those they direct their venom at! I know it’s hard not to take it personally, but, heck, people even found things to criticize about Jesus, and he was perfect! I, personally, LOVE your blog, and I’m so glad I found it! Grins, Pamm

  326. I am so sorry that the haters and snarky bottom feeders are getting to you. I so admire you and your courage for posting everything about your DIY experiences and decorating choices online. I don’t know if I could be brave enough to put myself out there like that. I hope that you continue your blog far into the future. I look forward to seeing your most recent post every day and I have learned a great deal from you. You make me want to start a new project every time I read your blog! Stay strong and keep on blogging, because the haters are just jealous of your creativity and originality!

  327. I don’t think I could handle a blog because I see people trolling eeeeverything. I’ll read a heartwarming news story then make the mistake of reading people’s comments down below.. It really makes me lose faith in people. I’d like to ignore them but I know if their nonsense was directed at me, it would really hurt and I’m pretty sure it would affect me (I’ve always been super sensitive to criticism though!). I do hope you keep blogging because you are really talented and inspiring!

  328. Hi, there. I believe the reason why your page has grown so much is because Facebook now suggests pages for people to “like” so when you click like on one design page, then 10 more pop up as suggestions. Therefore many of your new “fans” are not really fans at all. They’re just obnoxious people who click like on everyone’s page, and then have nothing better to do than type any ridiculous insult that pops into their heads. The internet is loaded with classless, nasty people sitting on their high horses all day and they don’t care whose feeling they may hurt, because they’re just plain miserable people. I’d love to see photos of their homes! Just be thankful you don’t know them in real life. I suggest you delete and block them. Who needs 100,000 extra fans unless you’re trying to sell them something and profit on them being there. Best wishes to you and don’t let them get you down.

  329. Saw this post via another FB page. Made me sad, sad, sad!
    You didn’t invite them in. You had a door and they opened it and entered. You can ask them to leave…politely, of course. Using the same “politeness” as they have chosen. I can walk through my house and say, “What was I thinking when I bought that”! But before long, someone comes over and absolutely loves it! I know the same – but opposite is true for that piece, collection, vignette, I arranged and they just glance at it 🙂 . Please ignore them. Rejoice in your creativity. A beautiful diamond can’t always be appreciated. Some people like getting coal in their stocking and giving coal to others. Your mind is beautiful and sparking. Don’t let them throw coal dust on you and hide your beautiful thoughts!

  330. I am so sorry that you have been going through this. I honestly agree with everything you said. People are so hateful and cruel. I think it is easier to be mean thru words and people just don’t use a filter when they start typing. However, it also makes me sad that this is the way of the world. I teach my 9 year old to have respect and consideration for others, however it is a difficult task when the majority of kids in her class don’t get taught those basics. I have even had rude people in walmart test those values. She has broken down in tears when somebody has pushed her out of the way in a store. I have taught her to stand up for herself, but to do it in a kind way. As for your house, it is YOUR home. Maybe I wouldn’t put some of the things that you make in my own house, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fantastic. It is very heartbreaking when someone puts down something that you have worked hard on. You are an extremely talented woman and haters are just unhappy people who try and make themselves feel better by tearing down somebody else. I know it is hard to ignore, but try and remember that more people like you than not.

  331. PLEASE just keep doing exactly what your creative self has been doing. I just got home from 2 weeks in hospital – yours is the 2nd blog I got caught up with today. You rock!

  332. I understand your feelings – all two thousand of them! I can only say that our local news ran a story recently about groups of people who set out to do such things. Some even troll Facebook sites that are dedicated to “Pray for ‘so&so’ to be healed” or “In memory of..”. These people will purposefully write mean, hurtful, untrue things about the subject they know nothing of! I think there are people who do the same thing on YouTube videos – they’ll either give them a ‘thumbs down’ or leave mean-spirited comments just to get their sick jollies!
    I hope you are able to determine those comments that are worth truly meaningful to you and let the others go.The world is going to hell in a handbag, but there are still lots of good people out there to help us hang in there as long as we can. xoxo

  333. I love your blog and how you always come across so sweet and helpful. You’ve inspired me and make me think “Hey, I can do that too!” The best kind of blog, in my opinion.

  334. My friend just sent me a link to your fabulous chrysanthemum mirror and I saw this post. I’m already LOVING your blog! My mom taught me to go to someone’s house and eat everything on the plate, rave about it, even if it’s fried squirrel. (And yes, I’ve had that and of course it tasted like chicken.) Gravy helps.

    Going to someone’s blog and saying “Yuck” to someone’s creative process is like going to someone’s house for dinner and saying it tastes horrible.

    These folks obviously didn’t go to charm school. You’re adorable.

  335. Hi Kristi, I am the mother of two boys ages 18 and 11….. I understand how you feel, and I agree that society is sliding into a hate filled world. I worry about kids today, kids who are growing up in the age of the internet, and how it affects their hearts and minds. I worry about all the kids who don’t have friends, who feel left out, and turn to social media for friendship, and find ridicule, and hatred. The lost kids, the ones without parents who care, or are kids of single moms, just trying to survive, with little time to spend checking in on what their kids are doing. I understand how you feel, my only advice to you is to just ignore those people, try to hit the delete button, or the block button….. carry on with what you love, and you will do great things. You sound like a lady with a big heart, so am I …..I get my feelings hurt so easily, we big hearted people have to focus on all the good things life has, and block out the ignorant people when we can. Good luck with your blog, don’t ever quit. Glenda

  336. Kristi, Everyone has an opinion……Just because you don’t agree with what someone has done, doesn’t mean you have to be so rude about it. A friend of mine made a bathroom sink base out of a tree stump. She spend days pealing bark and sanding it. It wasn’t my personal taste, but I had to applaud the amount of effort she put in to achieve a dream she had. In Men are from Mars etc, John Gray said, Even if you hate the meal, you can always find something pleasant to say about it. Your partner has gone to considerable effort to make a nice evening for you, the least you can do is find something that makes him feel it was worth it. Many is the night I have said, the pie was exceptionally good. Why do some people feel they just have to burst peoples balloons? It goes back to…. I don’t need to hear it…….THEY just need to say it.

  337. I see these kind of hateful statements all over the place!!! Clearly these people aren’t familiar with the old phrase, “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut!”

  338. I just stumbled upon your site while researching how to make money working at home which lead to fabrics which lead to burlap then to jute which is how, at almost 3 am, I landed here on your awesome page! I really enjoyed your posts and pictures and I’ll be back! I really want to know how that painted sofa is holding up. What a great idea! Don’t be discouraged by “critics”. Some people have to put others down in order to build themselves up; sad, huh? As my husband says, “Don’t let the jerks (he uses a more colorful word) get you down.” My mom used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything.” My mom was a smart lady. Best of luck to you:)

  339. Oh, I am sorry to be reading this but I am also happy that you are venting. Unfortunately we cannot escape from rude people, either in the blogging world or in life. The fact that you have so many followers means that..well some of them might be like that. But think about all the other wonderful people enjoying your work, projects and your blog!

  340. This is how I see it. I have been blogging for years now and I too have developed a good little following. People are cowards. It is easy to blurt something out via type when you are not looking someone in the face. Imagine if these people had to face you, would they tell you this to your face? See the hurt in your eyes and feel bad about it? It’s easy to blurt out what I call abusive verbal diarrhea and then shut off your computer and walk away, venting their ugly lives via social media. Social media has given a platform to people who are angry, frustrated and just plain miserable. Bottom line All I can do is pray for them and never feed it. Keep doing you and pay no attention to it. After all your life is blessed. Give to God.