Hallway Bathroom Demolition Is Finished (The Good News/The Bad News)

bathroom demolition - 1

With the exception of two minor items, the hallway bathroom demolition is finally finished.  I was beginning to think I'd never get to this point!  But I did it.  All of the rubble has been cleaned up and hauled away, and I'm left with nothing but a shell.  So this should be the last post about this bathroom that is filled with ugliness, but I … [Read more...]

My Selections For The Hallway Bathroom Finishes

selections for bathroom finishes

After reading all of your comments and suggestions about the hallway bathroom, Matt and I had a heart to heart talk about our plans for our house.  Long story short, we decided to just leave the hallway bathroom footprint just as it is...for good.  That means that there will be no major hallway bathroom remodel in my future.  What I do now will be … [Read more...]

What Lies Beneath The Rubble (And Why I’m Thankful For A Rotting Subfloor)

hallway bathroom - tiled walls demolition 8

I've officially passed the "this is fun and exciting" part of this bathroom demolition, and have entered the "is this ever going the end??" phase of the demolition.  I'm so tired of looking at rubble.  I'm exhausted from bagging up rubble.  I'm ready to get on to the pretty stuff.  But I have a feeling I'm still a few days away from being able to … [Read more...]

A Major Fear Of Mine…Conquered For Good!

attic lighting 1

Well, my friends, I pushed myself too far, so I had to take a break from hammering away at tile.  When I overdo it on repetitive motions, like hammering away at tile for days on end, I develop a painful condition in my arms.  I've never gone to the doctor for it, because I don't really do the whole medical doctor/allopathic medicine/pharmaceutical … [Read more...]

A’s To Your Q’s — Temporary Bathroom Makeovers, Condo Status, and Incomplete Projects/Rooms

house floor plan - 9-2014

Whenever I start getting asked the same questions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, it's obviously time to just write a post and answer the questions directly.  :) So let's jump right in... Why waste time and money on a temporary bathroom makeover?  Why not just do the final remodel right now? There are a few reasons I'm … [Read more...]

Hallway Bathroom Demolition Day 1

hallway bathroom - tiled walls demolition 3

So, this happened... Oooooookay, I can just hear some of you saying, "Demolition?  Demolition?!  You were just supposed to make it presentable, Kristi!!"  :-D I know.  Really, I know.  But let me paint the scene for you.  Matt and I had just finished breakfast, and I got up from the table and headed to the bathroom.  To work, of course.  … [Read more...]

Old Wood Windows – Repair Or Replace?

old wood windows - layers of old paint probably including lead-based paint

I've been struggling with a decision over my wood windows for several months now.  I know, I know...just call me a hypocrite.  :) After I said on my Facebook page about a year ago how sad it is that people get rid of old wood windows and replace them with new (mostly vinyl) windows, here I am contemplating the very same thing.  Actually, I'm … [Read more...]

DIY Wood Framed Upholstered Headboard With Nailhead Trim – Finished & Installed!

DIY wood framed upholstered headboard - navy blue vinyl with stained frame - 21

I finished my headboard!  Here's how it turned out... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any full-length pictures showing the headboard with the bed frame, but I'll share more as I make more progress on this room. I wasn't sure how I'd like the navy blue with the stained wood, but I love it!  I think it'll be a perfect backdrop for … [Read more...]