Refrigerator Wall Cabinets Finished

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets finished - 1

I got all of the cabinet doors finished -- primed, sanded, painted, gold leafed, and polyurethaned -- and got them all installed at around midnight last night.  The gold leafing is my favorite part of the whole process, but wow, is it time-consuming!!  I stood on a ladder to get the whole view over the peninsula for this picture, which is why the … [Read more...]

Brainstorming: Where Can I Put A Walk-In Pantry?

house floor plan - july 2014

I didn't quite get the doors and drawers finished for the refrigerator wall of cabinets yesterday.  The primer and paint just weren't drying fast enough, so I still have to do all of the gold leafing.  I'll do that today and show you the finished cabinets (sans drawer and door pulls) tomorrow.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you an idea … [Read more...]

Refrigerator Wall Painted

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 11

Well, I had hoped to get some input on my kitchen floor yesterday.  I was so disappointed to see that nobody really had an opinion on it, and everyone was too shy to tell me what they really thought.  :-D Ha!  Obviously I'm joking.  I read all 520+ comments, and I don't think I've ever had another "give your input" post where everyone was pretty … [Read more...]

A Green Refrigerator Wall Of Cabinets (Plus, I’m Redoing My Kitchen Floor…Again)

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 8

First things first.  I finally have some green paint on the refrigerator wall of cabinets.  I got everything primed, and then one coat of green on the cabinets.  I'm going to do some fine sanding today (220-grit sandpaper) and then do the final coat today, and I'm hoping that I'll even be able to get the clear coat on this evening. My … [Read more...]

Friday Randomness: Progress, Details, Cabinet Hardware, and My Pottery Barn Aversion

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 4

I can't believe it's already Friday!  This week has flown by for me, and it doesn't feel like I've gotten much done in the kitchen at all.  But I guess I really have.  I've been working on the refrigerator/range wall, and it feels like it has taken me forever to do all of the wood filling and sanding.  I literally sanded for six hours yesterday … [Read more...]

My Cabinet Drawer And Gold Leafing Design Decision

kitchen design by CVL Designs, via Houzz

Thank you so much for all of your input on my cabinet drawer and gold leafing question!  I read every single one of your 225+ comments and suggestions (on yesterday's post and on Facebook), and really gave them some thought.  And then my mom and brother came over just to look at it in person with me and consider some of your suggestions that really … [Read more...]

Wall Of Cabinets Finished For Now

wall of cabinets finished 2

I didn't quite get everything done, but the wall of cabinets is done enough for now. I ended up having plain glass installed in the four upper cabinet doors.  The plain glass adds some shimmer while not adding yet another pattern/texture to the mix. I also got the base cabinets and doors topcoated with the polyurethane, and got them … [Read more...]