Dining Chair Plan – Combining Patterned Fabric and Solid Vinyl

chairs covered in two coordinating fabrics - via BHG

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to how I want my dining chairs to look. If you'll remember, my step-sister gave me four wingback chairs a while back.  (She also gave my my buffet and dining table, so she has almost completely furnished my dining room and entryway.  :-D ) I had planned to use all four around the breakfast room table, … [Read more...]

DIY Upholstered Headboard With Welt Cord Trim

diy upholstered headboard with welt cord detail - 26

Yesterday, my mom and I finished the headboard for my niece's bedroom makeover, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  I wanted something simple but pretty, in a solid fabric that wouldn't compete with the wall mural, so we made this DIY upholstered headboard with welt cord trim around the edges.  Here's how it turned out... It's … [Read more...]

Hallway Bathroom Remodel: Before & After

vanity from hallway 2

The bathroom is finished! Woohoo! I'm so excited to be done!  I now have two whole rooms that are completely finished in my house.  :-D  And they just happen to be the two most challenging -- a total gut and remodel of a kitchen and a bathroom.  The rest of the rooms should feel like a walk in the park after these! I started this remodel on … [Read more...]

Three Random Things: Bathroom, Built-Ins, and Black & White Stripes

decorating with black and white stripes - striped draperies from The Yellow Cape Cod

First things first, all that I have left to do in my bathroom is (1) install the pulls on the built-in cabinet, (2) add one more coat of poly to the countertop, (3) install the exhaust fan above the tub, and (4) add some decorative items (including the new shower curtain).  So I will absolutely be wrapping up this six-month project this weekend, … [Read more...]

I Can’t Figure Out How To Build This…

built-in bed and shelves

This week, I've had two jobs to do.  The first job was to complete my bathroom.  I'll finish it today, shop for all the little finishing touches and accessories tomorrow, and have the big before and after on Monday.  I've got that under control. The second job was to come up with the building plan and cut list/supplies list for my mom and me to … [Read more...]

Ideas For Low Cost Bathroom Updates

low cost bathroom updates - build your own open shelf vanity for under $100, via H2O Bungalow

I'm finally winding down on my bathroom remodel.  I've been at it since the end of January (although I haven't been working on it exclusively for all of that time), and it was a complete down-to-the-studs remodel.  My bathroom was seriously outdated and definitely needed an extensive remodel (in my humble opinion :) ), but I'm sure many of you have … [Read more...]

The Penultimate Bathroom Remodel Post

bathroom remodel progress 7-14-15 - 2

I give you my word that the next time I post about the bathroom remodel, it'll be the final, official before and after post showing my completely finished bathroom. It's almost finished.  And if you just let out a little scoffing laugh, or rolled your eyes at that statement, I don't blame you one bit.  That has pretty much been Matt's reaction … [Read more...]

Yaleana’s Bedroom: It All Starts With A Large Flower Wall Mural

wall mural - 11

A couple of weeks ago, I told y'all that my mom and I are redecorating my 10-year-old neice's bedroom.  Well, Yaleana's bedroom makeover is finally underway!  Before we can get to any of the building projects, we needed to address the drab antique white walls. A 10-year-old's bedroom can't have drab antique white walls!  So after my mom and … [Read more...]