Installing 11-Foot Door Jambs & Casings By Myself (Plus, My Thoughts On Door Trim Color)

Installing 11-foot door jambs and casings by myself - 12

One of my goals yesterday was to get the door jambs and casings installed on the doorway/opening between the kitchen and breakfast room.  I have no idea why, but it didn't really occur to me until I was ready to get started that doing that by myself might be a bit of a challenge.  My brother had even been over to our house earlier in the day (for a … [Read more...]

The Hardest Part Is Finished!!! (Tile Installation On Kitchen Walls)

tiled kitchen walls 3

If you heard faint sounds of shouting, singing, dancing, and rejoicing at around 9:00pm (central time) last night, that was probably me as I put the very last tile into place on my kitchen walls. I'm so glad I pressed through and got it finished, but I can tell you that was the absolute least fun part of this whole kitchen remodel so far.  Had I … [Read more...]

Peninsula Drawer Front Makeover (From Flat Panel To Recessed Panel)

drawer fronts remade from flat panel to recessed panel - 6

I finally gathered enough courage yesterday to remake one of the big drawer fronts.  If you'll remember, the final decision on how to make the gold leaf look balanced on the peninsula was to keep all of the small top drawers plain, with flat fronts, and just add brass cup pulls.  Then on the four big drawer fronts, I would remake those so that they … [Read more...]

Fancy But Easy DIY Door Trim Design (Plus Seven Design Variations And How To Create Them)

fancy but easy door casings

Last week, I had several people ask for details on how I did the trim around my door in the kitchen, so today I'm sharing the details, plus several variations using stock trim from Home Depot or Lowe's. The trim I used around my door is very simple, both in design and in the skill it takes to create it. I wanted something fancier than just plain … [Read more...]

Artwork Ideas For My Wall Of Tile


I spent yesterday fixing my mistake on the big wall of tile.  I got the bottom two rows of running bond tiles removed, moved the dividing line up, and filled in below with herringbone.  Removing those tiles made a mess of my wall, so it required lots of repair and patience (which I had in short supply yesterday).  But it's done. I love how … [Read more...]

Weekend Progress: 600 Tiles And Counting

weekend progress 15

My weekend was all about tile.  And more tile.  And installing a vent hood, and then more tile.  And installing door facings, and then more tile.  And more tile. So far I've gone through six boxes of 100 subway tiles, and I've still got plenty more to do.  When I left you on Friday, the backsplash behind the stove looked like this... And … [Read more...]

Refrigerator Wall Cabinets Finished

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets finished - 1

I got all of the cabinet doors finished -- primed, sanded, painted, gold leafed, and polyurethaned -- and got them all installed at around midnight last night.  The gold leafing is my favorite part of the whole process, but wow, is it time-consuming!!  I stood on a ladder to get the whole view over the peninsula for this picture, which is why the … [Read more...]