Cabinet Door Progress, Repurposing Idea, and Breakfast Room Walls

peninsula cabinet doors gold leafed

Scattered.  That's how my brain feels today.  And that's probably how this post is going to seem. First of all, y'all are awesome.  I often feel so blessed by the support and encouragement of the people who read my blog, and yesterday's post was certainly no exception.  I read every single comment (except for the newest ones on Facebook, which … [Read more...]

Kitchen Progress & Weekend Heartbreak

replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts 1

After a long, forced hiatus from the kitchen remodel, I'm finally back on track.  I actually received my replacement cabinet door and drawer fronts a week ago, but at that time I was right in the middle of the rolling French door project, and I didn't want to leave yet another project unfinished to move on to something else.  So this weekend, I was … [Read more...]

My Finished Sliding Barn Door-Style French Doors!

DIY French Doors with sliding barn door-style hardware

They're finally finished!  I got the doors all painted (Behr pure black in a satin finish), added Gila frosted privacy film to the glass, installed the glass in the doors, and got the trim around the doorway wood filled, caulked, and painted.  (I still don't have baseboards.)  I finally finished up reinstalling the rolling door hardware and the … [Read more...]

My Hallway – Paneled Interior Doors vs. Flat (Flush) Interior Doors

flat panel door ideas - upholstered door with nail head trim, by Miles Redd, via House Beautiful

I'm still working on my rolling door project.  It rained yesterday, so I couldn't take my doors out and spray them.  So I worked on framing out the doorway, but ran into a problem with it also.  Since I'm making the doorway narrower and centering it on the wall, I have an area that's going to require new drywall.  Ugh.  Don't you hate it when a … [Read more...]

Oh, What A Difference Some Trim Makes!

trim ideas - intricate pattern created on a wall with trim, from Veranda Interiors

My rolling French doors are taking longer than I had expected.  I spent several hours on Tuesday stripping the many layers of paint from the doors (I think there were about 8 to 10 layers of paint on them), and then I spent yesterday getting them all sanded, wood filled, and sanded some more.  And then I was finally able to start adding trim to one … [Read more...]