A Change Of Mind About The Studio Bathroom Design Plan

I’m kind of glad that I started making changes to the studio bathroom, and then stopped to focus on other studio projects. Because in the interim, I’ve changed my mind about the changes I want to make in this room.

I had originally planned to swap out the yellow accent tile for something not yellow and square.

After searching and searching for another accent tile to replace the square yellow tiles, and coming up empty, I decided to do this dowel rod design.

That was a lot of cutting and sanding! Thank goodness I was only doing a tiny half bathroom! And while I love the concept on its own, when I try to envision it with the wallpaper that will be going in there, I just can’t seem to love it. The wallpaper is nothing but various colors of squares.

So I’ve been rethinking this plan. The wallpaper idea is staying. I love that wallpaper, and I love all of the color that it’ll bring to the tiny bathroom. But I think the rest needs some simplification so that the wallpaper doesn’t have to compete with these other elements.

I’ve basically decided to make the same changes in here that I’ll be making to the hallway bathroom. I’ll eliminate the accent border altogether, bring the wallpaper all the way down to the top of the wainscoting, and then finish off the wainscoting in a very simple way.

This is a very rough idea of what I’m thinking…

I’m still not quite sure how I’ll finish off the top of the wainscoting, but I’ll figure out something. And if I eliminate the accent around the room, I’m thinking that I might also want to change the mirror. Just like in the hallway bathroom, I framed out this mirror just like I trim out our doors and windows in the house. But I think a different framed mirror might look really nice.

So that’s where I’m headed with this, I think. I’m just wanting a much simpler look. I still want all of the color. I don’t see myself changing my mind about color anytime soon. In fact, the older I get, the more color I seem to crave. I can’t seem to get enough. But more color combined with a simpler overall design seems to be what draws me lately. So basically, all of those changes I’ve talked about making in the hallway bathroom will probably all spill over into this bathroom as well. More color, simpler design to let those colors sing. That’s the new direction.

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  1. Can you take the small thin trim off and then just extend the paper down to the base board? Wainscot below the wall paper?
    Thats simple and puts the focus on that awesome paper.

  2. Best solution. The added design element of a border of any kind has never seemed ideal to me. Nothing is necessary. The wallpaper will be the focal point. A proposed round mirror contradicts the impact of it. What you already have is great in there. A color change maybe?

    Since this is your source of water for all things related to the studio (and to be frank, prevention is not your strong suit) how can you protect the wallpaper from inevitable spurts, squirts, nicks, knocks, and anything else that could cause potential damage?

  3. You need protection from water on the paper behind that sink. Just washing your hands will get water on it and ruin it. I don’t have any idea how to prevent it except tile or something, but you are creative enough to come up with something. I like the idea of simplicity I know you can do it if anyone can. God Bless

    1. I’m about to have a thin glass panel installed as a splash back. It is going over the paint (in Kristi’s case paper) so that it is protected but doesn’t detract from the design.

      1. This is a brilliant idea and could extend as far up as Kristi needs without drawing attention to itself. I really like this solution.

      2. I love the glass idea, but only if it’s museum glass (non-glare) — really let the wallpaper shine instead of the glass reflections 😉

  4. Glass/plexi over the wall paper would work well. I’ve seen that behind cooktops many a time. My aunt in N. Y. had all her backsplashes in glass and changed the paper to update her very small kitchen on a whim.

  5. Just a thought, painting the little wood pieces like you did the gym? And to keep the wallpaper from being ruined by splashing do you think it could handle a coat of your general finishes matte?