A Clearer Head and A New Plan

Hi, all! Since I’ve had a few days away from the blog (and a lighter project load with way more downtime) during the last week, I’ve been reading all of your comments and feedback on my last post, and doing a whole lotta thinkin’. So I wanted to write a few follow-up thoughts on last Monday’s post.

Side note: If you’re not interested in this non-DIY-related post, please skip it. Don’t read it and then leave me a comment about how annoying this post is, or how it’s too much drama (seriously?). Just skip it like I do when I click over to a DIY/decorating blog and find that the blogger has gone on and on about some political issue…again.

Anyway, I do want to thank you for all of your feedback, encouragement, and kindness. It was so nice to hear from so many of you, and it was especially amazing to hear from those of you who said things like, “Kristi, it’s because of your blog that I finally got the courage to (insert DIY project here).” 

You are the people who make this blog and every single one of my projects well worth the blood, sweat and tears (and cursing, and temper-tantrums, and hurling my tools across the yard when things don’t go right 😀 ). You are the people who motivate me every day to get up and get my hands dirty and get busy on whatever project I have planned for the day. Y’all are my inspiration!

  • I’ve heard from women who find themselves newly divorced with small children, having to live in a house that’s not what they had hoped but that fits into the current budget, and who find the courage and strength to pick up those power tools for the first time in their lives and transform that house into a home.
  • I’ve heard from widows who say that they felt helpless and hopeless when it came to home repairs, but then they found my blog, and somewhere inside themselves, they found the courage to pick up those tools and just go for it.
  • I’ve heard from women of all ages and all walks of life who said that they’ve been encouraged to start on their own projects because they came here and saw a woman who’s not afraid to use power tools AND not afraid to make mistakes.


(And I’m also VERY thankful for the handful of very supportive men who read my blog regularly, enjoy the projects, and contribute value to the conversation as well. 🙂 )

Over the last few days, a lot of you have emailed me, and a few of you sent me some wonderfully encouraging and motivating videos. All of them were great. One of them in particular really stuck in my brain, and I’ve watched it several times now.

I’m talking about this video from Brené Brown. Every single one of you needs to watch it. She talks about one particularly trying time in her life, and what brought her out of it was this quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Isn’t that good? I mean, even if you’ve heard it a thousand time, that’s just good stuff right there! Brené Brown goes on to list three things that she took away from this quote. And these are quotes directly from her:

  • “It’s not about winning, and it’s not about losing. It’s about showing up and being seen.”
  • “If you’re going to show up and be seen, there is only one guarantee, and that is you will get your ass kicked.”

And finally, my absolute favorite point of hers…

  • “If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

Such simple and liberating thoughts! They bring me back to one of my all-time favorite quotes from Marie Forleo:

The majority of the time, the people who are the harshest critics are creative cowards. They are bystanders on the sidelines of life who risk nothing and create nothing.”

So how does this relate to my last post?

I don’t want any confusion here. I’m certainly not saying that I don’t want any input from anyone who’s not also doing a whole-house remodel. THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M SAYING AT ALL. Please, please understand this.

That last point is for the nosebleed section — those who who come to my blog or Facebook page and never contribute anything of value, like the woman who has been harassing and berating me and everything I do for over four years now with her continually rude and abusive comments and just refuses to go away even though I haven’t published any of her comments or responded to her in any way for the last 18 months, or the members of that wretched forum who come here to put me in my place while cloaked in anonymity because they lack the backbone to take ownership of their words, or the people whose comments are nothing more than, “The shades on those sconces look cheap,” and that’s it. Comments like that aren’t helpful and they’re not constructive. They’re nothing more than a pile of poo being flung at me, and I don’t have to take it.

I’ve written about this before. I call those people “poo-flinging monkeys.” They don’t know how to interact like intelligent adults. They don’t know how to temper what they say. They have no filter at all. They don’t know how to contribute anything of value. They only know how to act on impulse like a wild animal and hurl insults like a pile of poo. That may be funny to watch through the glass of the monkey habitat at the zoo, but none of us would actually volunteer to climb in there with them and make ourselves an easy target.

So I’m done letting those comments pass. I know a lot of people hold the belief that people like myself who put ourselves out there on blogs or social media just have to buck up and take what comes our way. But no, we don’t. The internet might be the wild west, but this blog is mine, and I can regulate how people behave here.

I’ve gotten really lax in letting those types of comments slide because frankly, I have to see them anyway. Until now, every single comment, whether on a new post or a four-year-old post, has come directly to my email inbox, and I had to read them before I approved them. (Comments from regular commenters are automatically approved as long as you use the same username and email (with no changes or typos) each time, but they still come to my inbox, and that’s how I read comments.)

But from here on out, Matt is going to start moderating all of my comments on the blog and all social media. He’ll weed out the poo-flingers and delete their comments so that I never have to see them or be affected by them. So to all of you in the nosebleed section who come here or to my social media pages just to set me straight, or insult me, or to simply do a quick drive-by poo-fling towards me, just know that that stuff isn’t going to land on me anymore.

It’s going to land on Matt. And if you continue doing this, even knowing that it’s going to hit him from here on out, then that just means that you really are, without question, the exact thing I call you in my mind every time I see your comments in my inbox. (I’m looking at you, Mary Ann Looby.)

“But Kristi, that’s not why you said you were upset!”

True. I mean, it was the cumulative effect of drive-by flingers plus being presented with lists of things I needed to change in a finished area that really upset me. And it was one comment in particular that really sent me over the edge. (I’m NOT writing this to shame the commenter. Please read the whole thing so that you fully understand where I’m going with this, and so that you know that ultimately the blame is on me, and not on any one particular commenter.)

One commenter said something like, “It’s too busy for my taste,” along with some other things (not bad or mean things, to be clear). Others responded agreeing with her and suggesting modifications. Also perfectly fine.

But since that comment was receiving quite a few replies, I did want to make it clear that I wasn’t planning on making changes and the space suited me, so I responded to say that I’ve just come to realize that I like rooms that are busier and more colorful than most people are comfortable with, and I just need to embrace that side of me so that I can be happy with my spaces (as opposed to feeling constantly antsy to make changes, like I feel in my too-put-together and too-tame-for-me breakfast room).

And then after I said that, and in the very same thread, someone said something like, “I agree this is too busy,” and then listed the changes I need to make.

I was so frustrated when I read that, and I was yelling inside, “WHY AM I NOT BEING HEARD?! This is ME, it’s finished, and there will be no changes!” And from that point on, every subsequent comment that suggested changes just made me even more indignant.

But after a few days to clear my head, and also after going back to re-read that thread, I know now that it’s very possible (and actually very probable) that the commenter didn’t even see my response. That person probably just read the original comment and clicked “reply” to the original commenter and left their thoughts, so it’s not as if that commenter was intentionally ignoring what I said. My response was just easily overlooked in that relatively long thread of comments.

So yes, I got my hackles up for nothing, and I allowed myself to be injured over a comment (along with every single subsequent similar comment) where no harm or injury was intended. That was my fault, and after several days away from the blog, as well as some time to rest, this has become abundantly clear to me.

One thing I know is that even with the Mary Ann Loobys, spineless and anonymous forum trolls, and drive-by poo-flingers who make their way to my blog, the overwhelming majority of people who read and comment (and especially my regular commenters) are wonderful, helpful, generous, kind people. I don’t believe y’all are haters or trolls. And I don’t believe any ill-intent is meant with your comments.

In fact, this comment from Phoebe pretty much sums it up:

I didn’t comment on the entryway, but I believe I do understand why you get comments while other bloggers don’t. And that is because there are many posts where you specifically ask for them…. Not only do you often ask for comments, but in many cases you read all of these comments and the following post was the sum of the comments and your comment-inspired ideas, to announce your new direction. So you have cultivated this dialogue in your blog…Also, I think that for many readers it feels an honour, to have Kristi pick your idea, kind of like if you held a competition or something…

Not sure what was different this time, as I haven’t read the comments, and maybe there were some particularly nasty ones. Or maybe the difference was that this time you felt this was truly finished. But if it’s the latter case, please remember that in many instances you said something was finished, and then came back shortly afterwards (even the very next post) and changed it. So any statement more subtle than “I absolutely adore this and this time I will not change a thing, so don’t you dare tell me otherwise” would be lost on your audience…

Long story short, you have created a dialogue with your readers and many of them feel as if they have a personal connection to you…

That’s true. Every word of it. I don’t necessarily regret writing my last post. Not everything in my life is a perfectly curated Instagram feed where life is all beautifully fluffed pink peonies perfectly situated in the corner of my spotless kitchen sink. Most of the time, my life is messy. In other words, I’m human, and I have my ups and down just like everyone else in the real world who lives real life outside of perfectly curated Instagram feeds.

Plus, I think it’s always a good thing to pause and remind ourselves that even though we’re online, we’re still dealing with real people.

But I do regret that I probably made some of you feel really bad for leaving comments where you were just expressing your thoughts, giving feedback, and sharing ideas, especially since I’m the one who has created that very environment here. It’s not fair for me to create such an environment and then get angry or hurt when people actually do the very thing I’ve encouraged. So I apologize to any of you who were truly just sharing your thoughts and ideas (in a non-poo-flinging way 😀 ) and who felt hurt by my last post.

Yes, I was overly sensitive.

After a week of getting more rest, I know now why that happened. Through some very poor decision-making, I set myself up for having some sort of emotional break/temper tantrum just from sheer exhaustion.

I won’t go into all of the long, boring details, but let’s just say it has to do with our new diet (we’ve been doing the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting since June 25th, and I’ve lost 29 pounds!), the amazing increased energy I feel from the diet, which has given me some crazy false sense of being invincible, and as a result, working on projects 13-15 hours a day, day after day, week after week, often in the 100+ degree weather, without a taking days off.

Matt kept warning me that I was working too much, and I needed to take time off, but I didn’t listen. I felt invincible and full of energy and didn’t want to stop. But the human body isn’t built to go that long for that many days/weeks with no break and five hours of sleep a night. And when my body and mind start getting exhausted, even if I don’t realize I’m exhausted, I start getting injured (hello, new right forearm muscle injury 🙁 ), and I start getting short-tempered, overly sensitive, and (let’s call it what it is)…bitchy.

So, lesson learned. Yes, I may feel like I have the energy of a thousand men, but I’m still just one woman, and I need reasonable work hours and days off to rest.

Now allow me to clear up some misconceptions…

To those people who claim that I’m thin-skinned or can’t take criticism or only want comments with people fawning over me and blowing sunshine up my posterior all day long…well, y’all are clearly new here.

Thin-skinned people don’t last for eleven years writing a blog and putting their creative and artistic endeavors out into the world for public consumption and critique. They either realize very quickly that they have to grow thicker skin, or they quit.

Also, if you take five minutes to read the comment sections on just about any of my past posts, both on the blog and on Facebook, you’ll see that people give me constructive criticism and negative feed back on just about every single project I do. Yes, the poo-flingers always irritate me. But the negative feedback left in a constructive manner is generally fine with me.

As a quick aside, let’s review the difference:

  • Poo-flinger: “Those green shades are awful. They look so cheap.”
  • A rational adult human being capable of constructive interaction with others: “That wall color is great! I’m not really sold on the color of the shades, though. Did you happen to try white shades? I’d be curious to see what those look like with the frames.”

Yes, being a rational human adult capable of constructive interaction does take way more thought, time, and consideration than flinging poo. 🙂

Going Forward

To sum up, I don’t want the environment to change around here. I’m the one who created it, and I like it. I love the input and the sharing of ideas. I’m an idea hoarder, and the more sources the better. I definitely don’t want the sharing of ideas to stop around here, because they really do help not only me, but also so many other readers whose creativity is sparked by reading them. I love that so many of you said that you come here to get ideas and inspiration from me, but you also find inspiration from the people who leave helpful feedback and ideas of how to do things differently.

And from now on, I’ll make sure that I work more reasonable hours and take a day off every week to relax and recuperate so that I can clearly see the difference between the rational adult humans sharing ideas and the poo-flinging monkeys.

And as far as those poo-flingers go, we’ll just let Matt take care of them from here on out. 🙂

(Now, show of hands. How many of you, as you were reading this, had the thought that this post should have been turned into a drinking game? “Hey, guys! Take a drink every time she says ‘poo’!” 😀 )

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  1. 1st off welcome back,& secondly i’m totally going to do that drinking game at appropriate time of day.Xx Hope you have a fab productive week.Xx

  2. We’re all entitled to a tantrum now and then 🙂 I’m glad you’re back!

    I had no idea that Mary Ann Looby was still commenting and you were deleting. True confession here: I have replaced the words “internet trolls” with “Mary Ann Loobies” for the past year or so. I hope she reads this and knows her name is synonymous with troll!! Ishtar is giving Mary a run for her money, though, I’m glad we will not be seeing much of her anymore too! I’m glad Matt will be moderating- let them wallow in their own misery in private 🙂

    1. “Tantrum?” Seriously? Calling Kristi’s rational reaction a “tantrum” is not fair. It puts all the blame on her. A person in the throes of a “tantrum” is acting irrationally. I don’t think that’s what you mean to say. Readers, fans even, read the post and in spite of the fact that it was clear that she considered it to be finished and perfect for her offered criticism. Her reaction was rational, not a “tantrum.” I was surprised at the time but closed the window. I thinks she’s being magnanimous here.

          1. I believe without rereading that Kristi used the word “tantrum” at some point because she is a nice self-effacing person. But I will persist in pointing out that tantrums usually refer to the irrational and unexplained fits that some children indulge in. So to pick that one word out of Kristi’s rational analysis of her understandable reaction to reader posts and apply it like an end to the matter entirely misses the point.

    2. Haha. I googled Mary Ann thinking she was some kind of pop icon I would know about if I was up on culture…like maybe a Kardashian cousin. I have two things to say: good to see you back. Kristi, and my sympathy to Matt for having to read all our comments.

    3. Kristi, I hope you were not as offended as this reader regarding my use of the word “tantrum.” The smiley face was supposed to show it was a joke, but I guess tone doesn’t read so well for some on the interwebz!

      1. I wasn’t offended at all. It made me laugh. 🙂 I’m the one who called it a tantrum. I knew you were just repeating the word I had used. 🙂

    1. Yup! The “poo” was a fun thing to read! I have to admit that when K got upset, my first thought was “Some people likely just scroll down to the pic you’ve provided, then hit the ‘comment’ button to give there two cents, since you usually encourage it.” No to criticize K, but that’s what I immediately assumed as the reason for the critics when they weren’t invited.
      Onwards and upwards! Love your willingness to keep trying!

  3. Love all your ideas and you have given me the courage to pick up a hammer and start using it. I am amazed at all the things you have made and done with your creativity. You are an inspiration and I love all the colors you have picked for your house.

  4. Amen lady! I am a fan of your blog for years. I am looking forward everyday to see your projects coming along. I love a lot of them and very few not so much. And I believe that it is normal not to like everything. Not a reason to crush someone over negative comments. I am happy that you put your foot down on the matter. I love your blog, I love following you everyday, you inspiring me, and the list goes on. Thank you for being you and let us being part of it. Don’ t mind typos…french lady here from Trenton Ontario Canada!

  5. I am glad you are back. And yes, I think of you as friend ( that I have not met in person, Lol) As with any friend I have no problem letting you vent. I always feel that letting your feelings out let’s you figure out a solution for whats bothering you. So glad that you have found a solution. Look forward to more of you beautiful work. BTW, I did not know that you felt thebreakfast room was too safe! I think it is lovely but I know I will like it even more when you change it, LOL.

    1. I had the same thought. It’s my favorite room but it’s yours if you don’t feel right in it change it and then show us all what you did. We love seeing your stuff even if we liked it before. And please for everyone’s sanity block the poo Flingers

      1. I thought the exact same things Lea. Kristie, I’m so glad you decided to continue with your blog. I love your writing style and would miss it terribly. Keep up the great work and give Matt extra hugs for being such a great husband. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  6. Excellent post. Also, I’m a huge Brene Brown fan and have read ALL her books – her words resonate through me. The first time I heard a riveting TED talk, it was her.

    I enjoy your blog and applaud all your projects. Keep goin girl – you inspire far more DIYer’s than you could ever possibly know 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi, thought your last suggestion was a good idea so went back and read with shots, not sure I need to do that again in a hurry lol. I hope that writing this and with Matts help we are able to continue enjoying your projects and ideas.

  8. Two things, maybe three. Or four. Who’s counting?
    First, no wonder you were tired! Holy moley, thirty pounds in just over two months!!! Way to go! But fasting and 10-15 hour days! Yikes!
    Second, glad you are back. Missed you last week.
    Third, ROFL at naming your biggest poo-flinger. Yay, yay, yay for you. I really did burst out laughing. 😂
    Fourth, have a wonderful day. Hope Matt puts some of your poo-flingers in their place. I think I’ll join the game and go down two iced teas for the use of poo. 😂😂

  9. I love this post! I am inspired by your blog, your work and your creativity! You be you, my dear, and I will continue to be here!

  10. Welcome back Kristi. I’m writing because I’m not sure if I’m the only one seeing this or not but on your home page, the photo attached to this post seems to be a comment. Something about cancer and has swear words. I thought it was strange that you would attach this photo to the post and in reading the post, it doesn’t seem to belong there. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me?

    1. Oh my gosh, I have no idea how that happened!! This post has no pictures attached to it in my dashboard. What the heck is going on? I’ve purged the cache for my home page and for my entire website, so hopefully it’s gone. I can’t see it, so one of you will have to tell me if it’s still there.

      1. I saw it also knew immediately it wasn’t from you. So glad your back. I continue to be amazed at what people will post on here they would never say to anyone’s face. I think most of us feel as if we are your personal friend since we’ve followed for a while. So glad Matt is stepping in to assist. Can’t wait for your next project. Most of your do overs I’ve even been very impressed with.

    2. To be clear, I do know what the comment was. When I wrote my original draft of this post, I originally include a section about those forum trolls I referenced, and I spent about 1500 words saying exactly what I thought about the kind of people they are (they’re the kind of people who do this to bloggers under the guise of keeping bloggers “honest” and holding them accountable), and that comment was a screenshot of the types of comments that they hurled at that blogger and her husband in that article.

      In the end, I deleted that entire section of my post, because people like that are so deep in their toxic mindset that there’s no reasoning with them. They’re not worth my time or effort. But I don’t know how that screenshot ended up attached to this post. That’s a mystery. Sorry y’all had to see that! I know how horrible it was. Can you even imagine being the blogger on the receiving end of that while her husband was dying of cancer? Ugh…those people are filth disguised as human beings, in my very humble but accurate opinion. 🙂

      1. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this: “Arguing with stupid people is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, they’ll still knock over all the pieces and crap on the board.” Applicable to your miserable trolls, too! 🙂

        1. I needed to see that quote today, just had a more stressful weekend than expected. It had some great moments with it, so I’d still repeat it because despite the stress.

          Great to hear about Matt taking on an extra role at A2D.

  11. welcome back Kristi. I was thinking of you all week and I leaped for joy to see this post including all the poo poo flinging. May we all learn from your experience. And what a gem Matt is…thank you Matt.

  12. I am so very, VERY happy that you are back, Kristi, and I admire your honesty and openness. Kudos to Matt for offering to moderate the comments… He is truly being a ” helpmate” and a loving and supportive husband. Now it is onward and upward, using what you, and we, have learned. Looking forward to “ meeting” with you every morning again.

  13. ultimately this blog is sort of like your living room, while shared with the public, it’s still your space.
    no one had the right to be an ass in someone else’s living space
    hihi to matt

  14. Welcome back. I truly missed you and am happy to hear you’ll be putting as much effort into taking care of you as you do your projects.

  15. I’m busy at work today but when I saw that there was a new Blog entry I stopped everything to read it. Glad you are back and with a refreshed perspective! Yeah, that one particular nasty comment (from “Annie” something-or-other) I thought had Looby written all over it. I’m glad you are monitoring now, Matt. Poobyized comments don’t deserve to be published.

  16. Happy you are back Kristi! I was afraid you’ll stop doing the blog. Matt, thank you for doing the moderation and protecting Kristi from the trolls!

    1. I totally wholeheartedly agree. Welcome back Kristi & thank you Matt for protecting your lady.
      Seeing this post made me smile before even reading it. Congratulations on the weight loss, please p!ease take care of yourself. BTW although I don’t own power tools I still feel empowered by you & your blog & feel like be could be friends. I absolutely love the creative colorful side of you, I recently HAD to move, it’s a rental that NOTHING can be changed so your blog feeds the creative wannabe me. Lol on the 🍸 reference.

  17. Glad to hear you’re back … and delighted you’ve delegated the Delete Button to Matt! I get so many ideas from your blog, and yet worry about how much work it’ll really be to do. Still interested in a hands-on weekend DIY retreat, but know I’ll need lots of rest too. 😉

  18. I’m glad you are back Kristi. I find your posts very inspirational and informative. You accomplish incredible things by diving in and just doing projects and learning along the way. The information you put out is well done and incredibly helpful in doing similar projects. Your designs are beautiful and you have created a beautiful and well designed home. As for the critics I am reminded of Mother Teresas Anyway Poem. Please keep doing what you have done. You have helped and inspired many more people than you realize. Thank you!!

  19. Happy to see you back and love the teamwork going on with you and Matt, the new editor in charge. As usual, you are making, yes, that tired old phrase, making lemonade from lemons, but it’s true.

    Continue to be inspirational and take care of yourself, your health, both physical and mental. It’s the most important thing.

  20. “…or to simply do a quick drive-by poo-fling towards me…”

    This made my day. 😉

    For some reason, my mind’s eye sees a monkey, driving an appropriately old gas-guzzling large 80’s vehicle with squealing brakes, cruising on by, driving one-handed and reclined backward, slowing to a crawl at each house he doesn’t like, hucking piles of poo at front stoops like a paperboy.

    1. I’m a visual person, but you really topped it with that visual. So funny!! And all that detail!! Really good. I hope this is a good laugh for Kristi and Matt as well!!!

        1. Dude! That’s great! I laughed too. That very phrase—

          “Or to simply do a quick drive-by poo fling towards me…”


  21. Welcome back! I’ve been following your blog since you put butcher block in the condo kitchen, and I am hooked but rarely comment.

    What you said about inspiring those newly single women, well I’m one of them. I used a table saw for the first time this year. A jig saw. More power tools. I used a huge sander by myself and then switched to a palm sander. I single handedly sanded and painted my floors. I built myself a fireplace. I learned how to create a gallery of things I find pretty. I even was brave enough to start over if the project was not turning out like I wanted.

    And I am always showing people your blog and what you can do in the hopes it inspires them.

    Don’t let the bastards drag you down!

    And bless you Matt for reading all this! You guys are really partners for each other and that’s just beautiful.

    1. I’m so excited for you!! It’s empowering, right? I just love that I can pick up power tools, create, build, and end up with stuff I’m proud of. Very few things beat that feeling, and I LOVE hearing from other women who are experiencing that for themselves.

      1. Kristi,
        I’m so glad you’re back! I would have missed you!!
        I have been reading your blog for the past five years and you are the reason I convinced my husband 2 1/2 years ago to buy our Fixer Upper, gut it and remodel it ourselves! We now have a beautiful “new” house that is all us, designed and redone ourselves and we love it! We have actually had friends walk in and say, “I wouldn’t have done that”, “why would you not install Upper kitchen cabinets?” Because we designed it just for us and we’re short and can’t reach them and like the open concept😳
        Keep being and doing you!
        We love you that way!!😘

  22. Kristi

    Love you and even though I haven’t grabbed tools like you I follow you faithfully and am encouraged to do what feels like me not just trendy (even though I love lots of it).
    Love that you did the example of a good “negative” comment. Great idea to have Matt sort through
    the comments
    Just want to say You Go Girl

  23. My first thought was “Who the hell is Mary Ann Looby and why in the world would you keep commenting when you never get posted? Get a life, lady.” My second thought was “Way to go Matt.” I am sure he will do a wonderful job. And, lastly, welcome back! You have been missed.

  24. Welcome Back. So glad to see that you are going to have Matt do the smack-down of the Poo-trolls! It’s your blog and you have the right to set the tone. Frankly I am glad that those trolls will be gone. Life is too short to spend even one minute on negative and just mean people.

    We are here for you and yes I think of you as a friend whenever I read your blog.

  25. I’m so glad you’re back and doing well. I have the same reaction when I physically push my body too hard and for too long.

    Before putting our house on the market, me and my then husband worked for ten days around the clock, painting, patching and repairing. The day of the first open house, I came downstairs after showering to find that all of the pretty refrigerator magnets had been removed. Of course, when showing a house, you’re instructed to declutter and take down some of the more personal items. But after pushing myself with 15 hour days I had a complete melt down over refrigerator magnets! From that point on, I call them my magnet moments. Haha! You should have seen my stepson scramble around the house, desperately looking for a magnet so I would stop crying.

    I was missing your posts so I started going through some of your older posts. Damn girl! You have done SO much with your house. I look forward to your next job!

  26. So glad you are back!! I think some people were bullies as children and they have continued into adulthood. So glad Matt has your back!

  27. BTW, the poo-flinging monkey thing isn’t isolated to your blog. I belong to a very active Home Canning group on Facebook and we have the same kind of behavior there. In particular, we have the ones who, whenever someone asks a safety question or for a favorite recipe for a particular food, they just drive on by and fling a URL at them that points to the government website for canning safety. Like that person couldn’t google it themselves. 🙁

    We also have the “Canning Police / Rules Police” who just fly on by and tell you rather bluntly and rudely that you’re being unsafe and paste-in a link to the canning safety guidelines. While they might be technically correct, they lack tact and make the entire forum seem inhospitable.

  28. First, yay! I was very excited to see this post!

    Second, yay for rest! You deserve it!

    Third, yay for your diet! That is great, but seriously take care of yourself. I’ve done some intermittent fasting and know exactly what you mean about the energy rush. It is crazy how it kicks your body into some kind of overdrive. But, definitely monitor how it affects your fluids and muscle strength 1-2 days out from the fast. Especially with the way you work and with the TX heat.

    Fourth, yay for Matt! (he should really be the first yay – 🙂 ) Your blog has grown, so it’s to be expected that you might need some help dealing with the result of that. More page views = potential for more trolls.

    Fifth, yay for the awesome quotes! I plan to make a couple of those into signs for my daughters.

    Seriously, glad you are back and glad you will be making some changes to help your sanity. You really have helped so many.

  29. This is such a good post. As I’ve said before, one of the things I appreciate about your blog is your excellent writing. Your thoughts are well organized and written. But that’s just the cherry on top!
    Thank you again for continuing your blog. I’m an experienced DIYer and sometimes when I don’t have a project going on I enjoy the vicarious thrill of following your projects. Carry on!

  30. Kristi
    I am glad you are back. I enjoy your posts – all of them – because they are honest. They are you.
    You are a great teacher and I enjoy your creativity
    And artistry.

  31. Great post and love, love, love those quotes! Wish I wasn’t at work (haha & reading your blog) because I would so do that drinking game 😉

  32. I was recently made aware that a new bible study leader is needed for a mom’s group. When I was told about the need, my immediate reply was ‘Ms. Current Leader’ is going to be hard to replace in part because she is transparent with her faults and shortcomings BUT she does not wallow in them or made excuses. She owns them and then WORKS to correct them. She is kind and gentle but does not hold back in correcting those she leads – as they have given her that ‘authority’ in their lives. As I read your post today – I thought of how much your blog reflects this character trait. You make yourself transparent and vulnerable to your blog readers – the good, the bad and the ugly! But, so long as I have followed you, you’ve owned up to your mistakes (whether design decisions or emotional ones). You’ve then worked to correct these mistakes and short comings. Being a leader is an active job. You must BE. Action word. The more we DO, the more we FAIL but ultimately, the more we SUCCEED! You prove this over and over (well, I meant the succeed part :))! I’m so happy you’re making changes to take care of yourself and I think it’s amazing Matt is stepping in to help in this way…Well done Matt! Thankful for you and your blog and your willingness to keep sharing your life and leading us through your blog!! You help me not to fear trying new things and to find contentment in what I like – even if it doesn’t match the latest Southern Living spread… PS – congratulations in losing 29 pounds!! That’s fantastic!

  33. There are too many things to list that I love about you and your blog, but this post is so endearing to me. I love your honesty, I love your vulnerability, I love that you say “bitch” and “poo”. I already knew that you were strong, intelligent and amazingly talented, but you are also human and not afraid to show it. I love that. I really don’t care too much for the “perfect” people on TV, Instagram, blogs, etc, etc. They kind of make me feel inferior, if you know what I mean. So thank you for sharing yourself in this way as well. I, for one, appreciate your openness. And PS, great idea having Matt help intervene and stop those trolls in their tracks. Hah!!!

  34. I am glad you are back! I ALWAYS enjoy your posts. My taste is different than yours but I always find it interesting what you put in your house! And you write so beautifully. You are truly talented and I have a lot of fun seeing what you will come up with next!

  35. We are completely in your corner, cheering you on through thick and thin. Hang in there. Thank God you are human! We love you!

  36. Welcome Back! So sorry you had to go through all that over the past couple years. See, no one knows what someone else is going through. I really enjoyed that video you shared. I’m going to share it too. I’ll be looking forward to your next project, you bless so many of us. ♥️

  37. Glad you’re back!! Really missed getting your blog posts in my email. Thank you for All your sharing and guidance–and all while losing almost 30 pounds at the same time! Wow!!! You Go Girl!

  38. Hi Matt! Even though you’re not an up-front co-star of this diy show, you definitely have a grateful group of fans for the balance you bring to Kristi’s life. The way she describes you reminds me of my own Prince Charming: he’s the calm, reasonable and supportive type until someone messes with me, and then the offender gets a very regal vanquishing. I hope that your new position at the portcullis doesn’t wear you out emotionally, too. I don’t know if you do a lot of coding, but maybe you can write up some programmatic help that will auto-magically reject the identified trolls so that you don’t have to read their barf either? Good luck! 🙂

    Hey Krisiti, I’m glad you got some rest and time to think! From one creative, hands-on, invincible-not-really-invincible, stubborn lady to another: try to listen to that sweet guardian God gave you. I’m finally acknowledging that my husband has a way better sense of when I’m about to crash from exhaustion than I do (curse my unending supply of ambition that clouds reality). It feels like he’s pooping on my party when I’m on a roll with a project and he comes over and mildly suggests that I should consider calling it a night…but he’s usually right. We make a great team, and it seems like you guys do, too! Keep taking care of each other. <3

  39. I am glad to hear that Matt is going to be moderating the blog and its comments. It is my biggest complaint with the digital age: that people will write things to people they don’t even know personally, that they would NEVER say to their face. I think rules, decorum and most importantly, kindness are all good. Yours is the only blog I’ve followed for any extended period of time and I will continue to do so.

  40. MIC DROP – BOOM!

    So glad you are back and look, haters gonna hate. You do you, boo an F the rest!

    Hey Matt 🙂

    1. I searched her back when Kristi was still letting her comments through. She was an angry looking woman! I wonder if she got some backlash and made profile unsearchable 🙂

    2. Some of us read her comments and saw how she went from a follower, to a fan, to what seemed like a stalker, to totally over-the-top and out-of-control. It’s truly sad and she really seems to be miserable. I hope she will get help. I didn’t realize Kristi was still dealing with her comments behind the scenes. Such a wonderful thing Matt is doing for her to shield her from that kind of meanness.

  41. Welcome back! Just yesterday I was thinking …If Kristi doesn’t come back I’m going to have to figure out a way to see her finished front porch. I live in MI so driving by your home isn’t an option. I’m delighted I can cross that dilema off my “to do list”. Onward and forward we go.

  42. I’m glad that you’re feeling better, but I hope that you don’t regret your first, angry post. I think that your readers had become too comfortable in their constant suggestions and criticisms, and needed a wake up call to consider more carefully how their words were affecting you.

    Please don’t take all of the blame on yourself because you were tired. You shouldn’t have to post a neon sign to make your readers aware of the fact that you don’t want suggestions. Your readers blew you off when you said that the area was finished, and then dumped a load of criticism on elements you said that you loved. You were justified in being angry, hurt, and frustrated.

    I think that it was really good that you showed a blogger’s heart to everyone, and we’ll all be more careful and thoughtful not only on this blog, but on others that we read as well.

  43. Glad to have you back! Congrats on being able to work through what was eating at you & putting changes in place going forward. Yours is literally the only blog I follow regularly and check on a daily basis for new postings. Keep up the good work!

  44. As a follower I am looking for the ‘how’, not particularly the ‘what’. I am ‘up to here’ with all the white walls and grey, grey, grey in décor magazine so seeing your colourful rooms is inspiring. Carry on Christie, I’m not done learning from you.

  45. I read the blog through RSS, and my first thought was, “Yay, Kristi’s back!” I didn’t comment on the last post because by the time I read it there were over 300 comments, all of which I did read. I had things to say, but decided not to because most of them were already well said by others. Although the vast majority were loving and supportive, it began so seem as though you were being told how to “fix” your situation, much as you were told how to “fix” your entryway. Which I love, by the way.

    My best recommendation would have been to ask Matt to moderate for you, so you wouldn’t even have to see the poo-flinging. I figured he’d be a good judge of what would be best for your peace of mind. So glad you’ll be doing it that way. Matt, be sure not to let them get to you either!

    Kristi, it was clear you needed some down time. I was hoping you and Matt ran away to the coast or a lake or something for a few days. 🙂 I’m glad you got the rest and perspective you needed, however you did it.

    Can’t wait to see your next project(s), whatever they are.

    Yay, Kristi’s back!

  46. I don’t comment often although I enjoy your blog. Your taste/color choices are different than mine and you know what- that is okay. I still have gotten lots of ideas and encouragement from your blog posts that has broaden my own choices and plans. Thank you Matt for taking over the comments and hopefully that will keep the poo flinging monkeys away.

  47. Yay You! Yay Matt!

    Glad you are back and with a clearer and more settled perspective on what Poo-Flinging Monkeys can do with their nasty shite! lol ~:D

    I have always loved your fearlessness in tackling your projects with gusto, even if some of them later needed your decided revising. You. Do. You.

  48. I think you are an awesome gifted person. Always have, always will. Thin skinned? Bawww! You are one tough lady. Your blog is very valuable. Who cares about the naysayers anyway???
    Love you girl!💕

  49. Thanks to you and your blog, I now own the small paint sprayer and the power washer you suggested!

    I first learned of your blog years ago on some other forum; what hooked me was learning your projects were not going to be “grey on grey on grey with grey accents.” You were using COLOR – and not just a bit run-of-the-mill-blue – but lots of COLORS!

    You do not disappoint!

    I’ll be changing my present living room into a dining/sitting/sewing room soon. The colors will be sage greens, dark red, plum and purples, with some orange and yellows splashed around.

    The only “grey” will be on my head, and in the beards of the hubby and hound dog.

    1. Same here Caroline! Kristi and Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles saved me from the grey/greige blogosphere. I was so vapor-locked by the expectations of Pinteresters and phantom future buyers, but seeing what Kristi and Jen were doing sort of gave me permission to use color and be true to what I like and decorate for me.

      BTW, I still follow several grey blogs because the bloggers have fun personalities and lots of great ideas that can translate. And I would NEVER comment and criticize their love of grey!

  50. So happy to see you back! Not only am I impressed with your ideas, attitude, etc, I’m really impressed with all of the introspection. It’s not easy to look deep at yourself and honestly figure things out. It’s something I’m working on myself. So not only are you a design/diy inspiration, you are a self improvement inspiration!

  51. I’m so glad you took a rest. Every normal human here understands and is just happy you’re feeling back in high spirits. (I love how you troubleshoot every bump, DIY or personal, and come up with an understanding of the problem and a solution that will work for you! Very inspiring!).

    I’m glad you mentioned the part where others come here for inspiration. I think of the comments that got under your skin in that way: others who thought the end result was too busy for themselves were exchanging ideas on how to take your design and tailor it for their own aesthetic. I think those comments are valuable for those who appreciate what you do, but have some differences in style. I know they weren’t worded that way, but I really do think that was the energy behind them (well, most of them).

    In any case, it never hurts to be reminded that there are actual humans behind the blogs we enjoy and the universe is better served with we all behave more humanely towards them.

    And, thank you Matt, for taking on the unglamorous job of filtering out the “poo.” You guys make a great team!!!

  52. So excited about your new diet ..hard work ..and on our homes…they are personal for the things we love…so soar on ..you mentioned being a contractor one time…flipping? Or …. something to do in your spare time between 2-4 am..lol … Loved your post…using your voice is necessary some time.

    1. I’m actually going to be making more this week! I have this idea in my head of how to frame one, so I have to try it. Hopefully I can post it this week, but if not, it’ll be next week. I’ll see if the framed version turns out, and how people like it compares to the plain version, and then hopefully make some available if people want to purchase one.

  53. Praise the Lord for Matt and you being willing to delegate some of the load to him. You be you and let the crud go. Glad your back. I’ve been worrying about you. 🙂

  54. I am so happy to see you again! I do always wonder how in the world you could possibly do all you do — maybe I need to try that diet! (Congrats on losing 29 pounds — I definitely need to try that diet.) You always inspire us with your energy and creativity.

  55. First time posting and I am so glad to read your post again. I have gotten so much ENJOYMENT looking at your remodeling and I love what you have accomplished. I too have started the Keto diet and very impressed with your goal. Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

  56. I am so glad you are back. I look forward to each new blog. They brighten my day and make me happy! I am so glad Matt will be monitoring the comments and will take care of any problems. I hope we can all be kind to one another. In my eyes you are incredibly talented! If you haven’t followed Kristi since at least she began on this house, you need to go back and read those posts. The transformations are unbelievable! Take care of you and Matt. I will always be here anticipating your next project! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  57. First- glad you are feeling better. I’m glad you are BACK!!!

    But wait- there’s more… you’re saying there is a FORUM of freaks with the purpose to “keep bloggers in check”? WHat the hairy heck?! I just have to shake my head on that. I can’t imagine having that much extra time or audacity to assume that much power of entitlement. I’ve seen other bloggers get attacked on a regular basis. It’s very disheartening. I just assume- as with people in real life- it’s more about the attacker’s personal unhappiness with their life. I’m glad you have decided to taken more assertive steps to alleviate your exposure to the toxic b.s. Kudos to the Hubs!

  58. Welcome back sista! I’m glad for your angry/upset post as I agree, people had gotten way too free with “their” input when it wasn’t warranted.

    I’ve followed for quite some time, and I read most all comments and I’ve sat and scratched my head over a few of them. I’ve even commented on a couple ,like seriously people? This is your blog but it’s not here for people to bash you with what they don’t like.

    Anyway, like many others here, am thrilled that Matt will be a moderator going forward. Im just sorry that it had to come to that.
    I am truly thrilled that you’re here, I’ve missed you!!
    Bless you going forward and onward! Love what you do!!

  59. Kristi you did not get your “hackles” up for nothing. There were mean spirited, spiteful things posted on your blog and totally uncalled for. If I open a blog and I’m not interested in what they have to say, I skip the posting. If they get political, I stop reading their blog. I read blogs for ideas or recipes for things I like – not their political views. I’m not sure if my comment went through the last time but I loved the way you hung those prints the same way and then at the bottom you switched it up. That was something I would never think of doing until you showed me. BTW did you know Matthew means gift from God? I have a son Matthew. I am so glad you are back because I missed you very much. As someone once told me: To the world you are one person, to one person you are the world. You are the world to a lot of people please don’t leave us.

  60. So glad you are back!
    The mystery of not knowing what you are going to do behind those black doors in the music room, the master bedroom, Matt’s game room…the finished studio, well it would have been to much! So glad we still get to follow along on the adventure! (Apparently this post has turned me into Emily Exclamation Point!)

  61. “If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” Excellent quote.

    Kristi, I think you take too much responsibility here. Some people are just jerks and deserve to be called out for it. And I’m throwing the BS flag on the “you created an environment of sharing feedback” comments. People need to actually read the post before adding criticism, constructive or otherwise (e.g. your beautiful entry that you stated you were thrilled with — end of discussion). I’m glad you are refreshed. I so enjoy your blog, your energy and your creativity. Thanks for keeping it real.

    p.s. Have you considered sending repeat offenders’ emails straight to the junk/spam folder? That way no one has to see them. Not even Matt.

    1. Yes, exactly! Just because you have asked for an opinion in the past, doesn’t mean every post is a request for an opinion.

  62. Welcome back. It is your blog, and you can do whatever you like with it. You could probably turn off comments if you wanted to. I don’t know. But all of that is your choice. I like looking at your stuff but you aren’t asking us to adopt it and take it home to live, are you?! Some people probably just don’t get that. Or their parents have been so lenient on them that they think their opinion counts the most in the world. Poor people, I imagine their friends are few and far between.

  63. “poo-flinging monkey”! ROFL, a new term to add to my vocabulary. Well said, Kristi, well said. I’m glad to see you back also. and Matt, you will make a great champion!

  64. I’m so glad to see you back! I’ve been following you for a couple of years and keep thinking I can try this DIY stuff myself but haven’t tried much more than painting( I think I might it to frustrated I’m a want it done now kinda gal 😳🤪🙄🙄😀🤣🤣) . But you give me courage to try. I’m glad that you have given Matt the reins to block the poo flingers. Sometimes even us thick skinned people need a respite. Love your Ideas and colors, looking forward to all you share. 😀

  65. First, Matt you are an angel for doing this for Kristie. She is so courageous for tackling these home reno’s mostly by herself. Kristie has given me the courage to do so many things in my own home to not only save money but to feel the satisfaction of a job well done with my own two hands. I look forward to reading her posts on a daily or weekly basis and hope she continues in this vein for a long, long time. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

  66. Kristi, I think you are amazing in a superwoman kind of way! I would love to see all comments offered in a civilized, kind, and constructive manner. Let’s learn to start speaking to everyone that way and change the world. Seriously.

  67. I’m so glad you are back! Not a drinker so no to the game but love the introspective post. I’m a reader and generally do not comment except to ask a question or two over the years. Each time you have graciously answered. I love your blog and look forward to every post. Thanks for everything!

  68. Have been following you since the condo days and have learned a lot. Also have driven by Waco on I 35 numerous times when I lived in Austin and family lived in Kansas. Enjoy you so much. Glad you are back.

  69. Yay, Kristie! Yay, Matt!

    So glad to hear from you again. I love all your ideas. I think my favorite is your “spoon” art. You are an inspiration. Keep it coming, Lady!

  70. Glad to have you back! Thanks for all that you do putting yourself and your projects out there. You have inspired me to try things I never thought would. You have tackled things I could never have imagined nor had the guts to try! Keep doing you!

  71. So happy you are back! I’m glad you have protected yourself with Matt. That is a great idea. Looking forward to the future and all your diy projects.

  72. I, like many, many of your readers, absolutely love what you do and how much we learn from you.

    I am also relieved to hear that you will be kinder to yourself and give yourself the rest that you need for your health and life. Now I understand how you could accomplish so much – you were working almost two shifts and not sleeping!

    Please sleep! Please eat! Please exercise! Please recharge! Please spend wonderful time with your husband, family and friends every week doing something not related to your astonishing house projects!

  73. “and hurling my tools across the yard when things don’t go right 😀”
    WHAT?! I thought I was the only one that did that. I thought all your projects were perfect. ;D
    Poo-flingers remind me of monkeys in a zoo.
    Looking forward to your next project. btw, it’s because of one of your posts that I finally bought a power nail gun.

  74. Oh my gosh. I have been following you religiously for 5 years. I have never commented, but I am so in love with this whole post I couldn’t resist. Good on you!

  75. Glad your back I was hoping it wouldn’t be too long. Your blog is something I look foward to make my day complete. The quotes were very good. Make sure you keep an eye on Matt so he doesn’t get angry at those terrible people who have nothing better to do. You need his support also. Can’t wait for next installment.

  76. Bottom line is it’s your house and you get to do whatever you want. We gentle readers can go along for the ride and be kind or be 💩flingers. Not everyone will be constructive when it’s easier to be blunt behind the keyboard. Ignore them and carry on. Easier said than done, I know. Chin up buttercup. You do all the things fabulously. Not all are my taste but I respect your taste and your decisions on your house.

  77. Kristie, keep doing what you do! Your gift has made room for you! And it continues to show in more ways every time! Keep up the good work! I learn new ways of doing things from every one of your post! Thank you!

  78. I don’t often comment but I read your blog every day you post. I’m glad you’re back and I’m glad Matt has your back. Keep rocking the blog world. We love you!!!

  79. Good for YOU, Christy. And Matt, we love you for protecting Christy from the naysayers. I love this blog, and have used ideas from here to get my own inspiration, upgrading my home quite a bit.

  80. Missed your blog so much. So glad you are back and thanks for sharing what you have learned through it all. We appreciate you!

  81. Not only are you creative, hard-working, inspiring…..but you are also human!!! I happen to have ‘poo throwers’ in my life and they are generally pessimistic, unhappy people. I find this sad. Unfortunately social media enables this type of behavior which has become very obvious in today’s world. You are a very generous and giving person with your blog and perhaps as followers too much is taken for granted. And the keyboard makes it too easy to act instead of edit.

    Yep, you are my hero.

    P. S. Congrats on the weight loss.

  82. First of all, Kristi, I love you and when I found your blog I went back and read EVERY. SINGLE. POST. I was inspired and now I’m renovating my house myself after work (while my husband helps out and cooks me dinner;)).

    Second, I wanted to tell a story my mother told me about when she was a young woman who just began work. It might not have the same effect for you but I’ve always found it empowering to me.

    Another woman in the company made it her business to critique and gossip about every other woman in the company. It seemed she had a goal of making every other woman cry.

    She succeeded with almost everyone except my mother. So she turned special attention to my mother.

    One day, this woman starting going on about something (not work related) to my mother.

    She started:
    “You know what I think…”

    Sick of this woman’s rubbish, my mother interrupted:
    “I don’t care what you think. You are not a person of significance in my life”

    The woman burst into tears and walked away.

    Such is the mind of bullies.

    xx – jas

    1. “I don’t care what you think. You are not a person of significance in my life”

      That is such a liberating thing to say! I’m going to memorize that and pull it out when needed — if not out loud, then I’ll at least say it in my head and move on. 🙂

  83. Kristi, I’m so glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to do so both mentally and physically! Your blog has been endlessly helpful through two moves (my husband absolutely loves the paint sprayer you recommended!) and your design style has encouraged me to play with more color and different styles. Renovating and decorating a house is exhausting in itself – I can’t even imagine do it with an audience! I’ll definitely be more considerate of your viewpoint of comments in the future. Sending you positive thoughts for your health, house, and blog joy!

  84. I can do what I do because of you Kristie. Your detailed instructions and photos are a constant source of inspiration. My family fondly refers to me as “Towanda” as I can swing a mean sledge hammer and wield a sawzall to deconstruct anything. You have given me the confidence to totally rehab my parents house for resale and the results were amazing. Many thanks!

  85. Yeaaaah, Kristi! I’m glad you are back and ready to roll. So glad Matt is going to be your buffer in this crazy media world, and leave you more time to create in a positive light. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to us all, so ignore the pot-stirrers and keep on crafting.

  86. Hi Kristi & Matt!

    I’m glad you have found some balance in your life! I found you guys on Home Talk a while back and love your blog and your style! And your bravery. And your writing style. I’m one of those widows who is picking up her tools and moving into her late husband’s workshop. I’m inspired and I love that you let us see the human under your cape!

  87. I am glad you are back and feeling better about things. I don’t comment often but when I do I try to be as positive as possible. I actually think your venting of frustration was not only good for you, but also for everyone who comments. It is very hard while writing to convey the nuisances of what one is trying to say. A comment that was intended to be supportive or informational can come out very direct and at times offensive or hurtful even though that wasn’t the intent. Your words are helpful in that they remind us all to be careful not only in what we say, but how we say it. Of course there will always be hurtful trolls – but most of us who read this blog do so for information and enjoyment. Thank you so much for your hard and beautiful work!

  88. I love your blog…you are an awesome decorator…you go for it on all your projects…and you are not afraid to say “oops, that doesn’t work” and start again. Keep up the good work! … ignore the junk. 😊

  89. I am glad to see you back. Very well written post as usual. I am thankful that Matt is the “poo patrol” ha! You have way thicker skin than I would, tired or not tired. I don’t blame you in the least for your breakdown, a person can only take so mush. It was a well called for Tantrum if you ask me. Where are people’s manners these days.

  90. About time! I believe that every successful public person, delegates a moderator to go through their posts. When people are bothered by what you say or do, it means that you are doing your job. It is too hard for any human being to be able to deal with all the stink that comes from those kind of people. It keeps you motivated when someone can help you to filter the bad stuff.
    Please don’t leave us. I rarely comment here because by the time I read your posts, many people have already said what I wanted to say. You inspire me, and amaze me. I wish I had your drive! Nothing good ever came from staying in your comfort zone.

  91. What a great post! You are smart. You are funny. You are highly creative. Plus you have class and grace to boot. Glad you’re back and well rested. Well said Kristi!

  92. So glad you are feeling better about the situation. I really liked the way you responded in this post. I did not read through all the comments on this post, so forgive me if it was addressed: would you share a little about the keto diet, please? I’d love and appreciate a brief description of what you’re doing.

    1. The ketogenic diet is basically cutting out sugar and flour and all refined carbohydrates. I think this whole idea came to public awareness back during the Atkins diet days, but keto is different from Atkins in that it reinforces the idea that you need a specific balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet. Whereas with the Atkins diet, it was fine to sit down and eat a whole plate of bacon for a meal and call it good, the keto diet really emphasizes that 75% of your calories should come from healthy fats, 20% should come from protein, and 5% should come from carbohydrates. But also, an emphasis is placed on getting lots of healthy veggies into your diet, so you don’t really need to count any carbs from leafy greens or cruciferous veggies.

      So Matt and I are doing the ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting with one meal a day. That means that every day, we have one meal, or really it could be considered a window of time for eating, which is between 12:00pm and 2:00pm. Then the rest of the day, we fast.

      It’s not a starvation thing at all. We’re getting ALL of our calories, but we’re just getting them in one meal (or in one two-hour window of time each day), and because keto encourages healthy fats (which keep you satisfied for so much longer than anything carb/sugar-based), and also emphasizes quality foods loaded with nutrients, our one meal keeps us very full and very satisfied until we eat the next day.

      Sounds strange, I know. 🙂 But fasting is incredibly healthy. Here’s a video with a great introduction to keto with intermittent fasting.


      We’re members of this man’s facebook groups (he has one group where people can ask questions and get support, and one page where he shares his videos and incredibly inspiring photos from people who have had tremendous success with this way of eating).

      He also has about 2000 videos on YouTube about keto and where he addresses just about any question anyone could ever have, or any situation or problem that one may encounter while doing keto.

      1. How thoughtful of you to take the time for such a detailed response. I really appreciate it and will definitely check out these videos. Wishing you continued success with this eating plan!

  93. HI MATT!!! (Batting eyes) J.K. LOL!

    Seriously, soooo incredibly glad you aren’t walking away! I read about half the comments here before commenting, because I didn’t want to repeat what I was sure everyone was saying. Going forward, as always, I look forward to seeing what you do next. Because even though I am too old to do a tenth of what you do, I enjoy seeing a woman not letting her “female-ness” hold her back! And I also appreciate that your blog is not overloaded with ads and posts that are clearly the result of being given free stuff. I know you get deals sometimes, but it isn’t a “selling” post like most are. I love you! ( and Matt!)

  94. Great writing, Kristi. You are super clear and super relatable about all this stuff. It’s kind of off-putting to me when people do a PR professional gloss sort of vibe when dealing with their large blogs and subsequent issues, though I understand it makes sense with business-sized blogs. I still like the 5 years ago chatty personal DIY home blogger style best, and that’s what you still have. As someone who is reliably over-sensitive, I myself have pretty well quit most social media platforms for all the lack of manners and consideration that overshadows the people who act like actual grown ups. You break down the issue really well 🙂 Good call bringing Matt in to gatekeep the comments. I trust this will be an excellent refresh for you and your home and blog plans. All the best to you!!

  95. I love your work Kristi! You are very talented. BTW, is Mary Ann Looby the actual name of someone who is trolling you on this site? If so, not so sure it’s a good idea to call her out by name. I noticed that at least one of your readers mentioned trying to look her up on social media. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your readers harassing or ganging up on anyone, even if they are writing unkind things on your blog. That would just be spreading the “poo”, and isn’t Mary Ann Looby already doing enough of that? Anyway, glad to hear you’re feeling better and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great design work.

    1. I do understand your point, but I’m not doxxing her. Until about a month ago, she didn’t even realize that her comments weren’t being published. 😀 So for the past 18 months, she’s been writing her horrible comments under the name Mary Anne Looby, thinking that her comments have been published on my blog. And before I started deleting her comments, all of her old comments are on the blog under that name. I’m not giving out any info that she hasn’t willingly left on my blog for the world to see. 🙂 And after putting up with her hurling her crap at me for over four years, I don’t feel bad for calling her out by name. 🙂 Over four years of that kind of behavior is quite enough, especially after she’s been asked repeatedly by me over the years to stop.

      1. I am actually the one who said I looked her up on facebook. I wanted to see what this person looked like. I would never stoop to her level and insult anyone. I was just being nosey!!

  96. Kristi, I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue with your wonderful, informative blog. I was just talking to my former neighbor about your blog this morning and telling her I hoped you wouldn’t quit. She has her own fixer-upper she’s been working on; a house built in 1906. I was so thrilled to find your blog email update waiting in my in-box.
    I told her how talented and inspirational you; how amazing the projects you tackle and the in-depth tutorials you take the time to write. How you love color, are not timid about it like so many of us who are so afraid of what other people will think that we never express our true selves. You are bold and brave, a trait far too many lack. How your tutorials help make these projects not only doable but affordable. Some of the eye-candy blogs are nice to visit but they lose me when they comment that their coffee table was a steal at only $2000 or their luscious bedding a steal at only $1200. You make me believe that I CAN do these projects, that they’re not beyond the ability of “just a girl”, that I can actually afford to have a house that I love without spending thousands of dollars (that I can never hope to have) to achieve that look, that feels like home when I walk through the doors.
    I’m looking forward to upcoming posts featuring your latest projects and how you continue to turn this ugly duckling into an amazing and beautiful swan.

  97. So thankful you are back. And I believe it’s a great idea for Matt to monitor the critics. But for me, I enjoy your blog. I love your use of colors. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind so go for it. You are so creative and talented. I have so much respect for all you have accomplished with your home. Keep up the good work I need your ideas to get my creative juices going.

  98. If only you had started with that last line! LOL I could be happily tipsy by now!

    Love your blog. It’s the only one I’ve ever felt like actually following, and I have done so faithfully since before you started on the kitchen in this house.

    Sometimes I love what you’ve done, in fact, pretty much always. Only time I haven’t liked something, was when you got rid of something that I particularly loved. Could you come to my house and do the bird mural again, in my hallway? heheheh

    Glad you’re not letting the poo-flingers get the better of you. Now to figure out how to fling some back!

  99. So very very glad you’re back! I think I commented this a few weeks back, but I’ll say it again… I’m not a single woman, but my husband and I are doing a whole house reno while he works full time and I homeschool our four kids. We’ve been working steadily on the house for 3 years now, and sometimes it feels like we will be doing this FORever. Anyway, yours is the only reno blog I read and the only one I’ve found that I can really relate to. I also love colour and things to be more busy-looking than most people. I was SO excited when I found your blog three years ago, and I’ve read every post since.

    I’m also glad that you’re not going to disable comments, but that you are going to have someone filter them for you!

  100. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁😁😁 Ok now, get busy! So glad you’re back. Congratulations on your weight loss. I started keto three days ago and I hope I feel energized soon. Right now I’m crying about my sweet tea. Anyway, glad you’re back and can’t wait to see your next project.

  101. Well done, Kristie! You are a class act… thank you for all you shar and all the inspiration you provide in your informative, extremely well-written posts. You never cease to amaze me.

  102. Am so glad that you are using that wonderful resource … the mighty husband … I used this solution at one stage of my life when I was being hammered by someone with whom I had to stay in communication…. my husband opened all the letters and let me know if there was anything in there that I really did need to know. Usually only one sentence made it through to me! It kept me safe … :-).

  103. Well said. I envision your husband with a fishing spear stabbing all the nasty jelly fish who sting your blogs. Oh – I absolutely loved the green wall lights – such a clever idea – and I guess that’s why I enjoy your blog – it raises my own way of looking at things. It’s definately one of life’s little pleasures – long may it continue but dont knock yourself out!!

  104. Hey Kristi…

    I can’t tell you how glad I was to see a post from you today! I thought about you pretty much every day when I didn’t see anything from you, hoping you hadn’t given up and walked away from it all.

    What a great read. I laughed out loud and kept getting a visual of the monkeys! You are so articulate and have such a wonderful writing style! I am also very happy for you – that you have found a sensible resolution to your unhappiness. Kudos to your husband and congratulations on the weight loss. Welcome back!

  105. You go girl, had never even read any comments, but always look at your projects, because it is hard to believe one woman can do so many things, well. Can not blame you for taking a break, I think you deserve one, thank goodness for having a good husband to help make the blog easier.

  106. YAY for Moderators! This way, you, Kristi, get to be as creative and colorful as your heart desires. And Matt will filter all the negative, nasty, inappropriate comments into the Black Hole of Cyber Space. I LIKE your design aesthetics. I LOVE your entry hall. It fits YOU. It makes Your Heart Sing. I don’t take everything you do to copy into my own space, BUT, you what you do, sure tweaks my design aesthetics. Which is the point of reading your blog. Right? Yeah! for losing 29 pounds! And for having boundless energies. As soon as I’m done recovering from abdominal surgery, Watch Out, Keto, here I come! Getting enough sleep is REALLY Important. I’ve learned that the hard way too. Finally, I’m really happy that you decided to continue blogging. Your Blog, Your Style, Your Realities. <3

  107. Kristi, you and Matt are wonderful people. REMEMBER THAT! In spite of a rant by an idiot about Matt’s probable short lifespan because of M.S., you two can look forward to a long and lovely life together in the beautiful home you’re creating. (I was diagnosed 45 years ago, and I’m still here.) REMEMBER THAT! You, Kristi, are unquestionably an incredibly multi-talented artist and there are many who gain knowledge, inspiration, and actual skills from you. We thank you. REMEMBER THAT! You have become extended family to many of us. We care about you, Matt, Peeve and Cooper; and we look forward to hearing from you! We love you! REMEMBER THAT! Now, just let Matt and me kick the poo-slingers’ butts. We can do some pretty amazing stuff from our wheelchairs. Right, Matt?

  108. First, high five on the weight loss! Second, thank you for taking responsibility for your part, in world wide public no less! I admire people who can admit their faults. I understand exactly what you were saying in the last posts, again setting yourself up for more poo flinging. (*drink)
    It takes a strong person to put their heart and soul online for all to see, and then have people be mean, and not even to your face, but hiding behind the internets!
    Anyway, I am a long time follower (early condo days) and like you as a person, a friend, and a bad ass diy-er! Glad you’re back!!

  109. Some times we all just have to put ourselves down for a nap. So many lovely things appropriate to share but just know you’re getting a love fest.
    And onward…
    Best wishes on your quest for good health too.

    PS is Matt answering to Sir Galihad now????

  110. I love all your ideas and I also love that you are always making changes on everything you do don’t mind those negative comments cause some people are jealous that they can’t do what you are able to do you are an inspiration to many of us who follow you keep on doing what you are good at and may the Lord keep blessings you with His wisdom.

  111. Aww what a great and important post. Matt moderating sounds like an excellent solution, and honestly I feel he ever gets too busy, it’s well worth the cost to outsource that in my opinion! No one should have to read rude BS for years and years. There are places they can go online to do that if they really feel they must.

  112. Good to see you back Kristi…

    I love that quote from Theodore Roosevelt and Brene Brown is THE best!!

    I relate to your going ‘hell for leather’ when you are feeling energetic but our but our bodies are designed to take rest after a hard days work. Good to hear that Matt is going to moderate all comments from now on in and we can all get back to learning so much from you and your amazing blog.


  113. Hi Kristi,
    I don’t read the comments section & seldom comment on your blog. I read this post from beginning to end (but again, not comments).
    I read your blog because you are AMAZING!! I so look forward to your posts. I don’t always agree with what you’ve done but it’s your house so I feel you can do whatever you want.
    I am absolutely hopeless with my hands, no skill whatsoever, but I read you & I am inspired & I dream. ❤️
    Here is how you have helped me. I have made my fair share of mistakes while decorating or buying furniture. I used to beat myself up over it & agonize about wasting money. I’m not so bad anymore & I realize it’s just part of life now. Thanks to you. You have worked miracles on your house. Sometimes I just at your pics over and over again because I’m in awe of your work. I know nothing is ever perfect girl! Rock on!
    p.s. congrats on 29 lbs! That’s awesome!

  114. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! Hi, Matt!
    It’s because of you, Kristie, that I just finished painting the kitchen cabinets in my old house. I followed ALL your advice. And, you know what? I hope I never have to do that again. Whew, what a job. And to think of how many times you have done this–wow, you really are superwoman! My real estate agent and my brother finally felt sorry for me and came to help. Otherwise, I might still be over there working on them!
    I still haven’t gotten the courage to buy a table saw but I do keep looking at them–maybe a small one? They are just so scary to me!
    Can’t wait to see your next post!!! YAY!!

  115. First- so glad you are back. Kept checking back everyday and was stressed you were never coming back.

    Second- you are human and do not ever have to apologize to us for having a human reaction to posts.

    Third- I completely agree that we as your regular subscribers have a sense of “know you personally” kind relationship with you. I have been visiting your site every day or so for YEARS… so sometimes we may post something that is more personal than it should be, b/c we think we “know” you or “understand” you. That is our fault, but take it as a compliment. We keep coming back b/c we love your work. Even if it is not always exactly what we would have done if we had your talents. You are amazing and we all wish we could be like you.

    Much love and respect always!!

  116. Welcome back, Kristi! We’ve missed you! <3

    This is why I read you, you’re the real deal. As I was reading along at first, I thought: No! Don’t let them know where you tied your goat, they’ll get it every time! But then it was real and honest and I thought, this is the best way to handle it.

    Way to handle the bullies! We all get to watch you do the impossible for free. The least we can do isn’t be courteous.



  117. LOL, While reading your post this image popped into in my mind of Matt armed with a sword, shield, and helm prepared to do battle and deflect anyone who might dare try offend you. (Not that I actually know what he looks like but since he’s wearing a battle helm in my vision, I don’t have to, right?) It’s a beautiful thing, chivalry. Glad to see it’s not quite dead. Go Matt!

  118. Well first off, Mathew/Matthews are the bomb. I have one of my own and he slays dragons for me too. Kudos to you, Matt.

    Kristie, I read that previous post and thought to myself “Yep, she’s hit the wall.” We all have that wall and we all hit it from time to time. You sound much better, more rested, lighter in spirit now. I’m so happy for you.

    At the time I did think to myself that you had set yourself up for the barrage of suggestions. I didn’t actually read the comments on the entry post. I saw what you had achieved and said to myself “Oh yeah, that’s very much what I have come to expect from Kristie.” And I left to get on with my day because that’s what grown ups are supposed to do.

    What I get from you is inspiration. No, I don’t like everything you do. No one is going to like everything. That’s why there are so many options out there. But that inspiration is priceless. Sometimes it is only thing out of a whole room that brings on that light bulb moment. It’s given me the courage to attempt a few projects myself. Including starting my own blog. Mind you, after that last post I thought “Oh dear, let’s hope the trolls don’t get around to finding me.”

    I also covered my bedroom lampshades. I’d been wanting to do it for years but got caught by the “What happens if I mess up?” demon who lives on my right shoulder. And guess what? It actually worked. No, they aren’t perfect. Yes, I will probably redo them at some point. But I am so proud of myself for having a go AND I am so thankful to you. Not only for the inspiration but for the courage you show when you display your “mess ups” and your changes of mind.

    So I am very glad you have returned to us. We’ve missed you. Can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

  119. Good for you Kristi! To me you are inspiring! I have tried a good many things because of you and I am thrilled you have put things into perspective, letting the “poo-slingers” go bye-bye!! I’m ready to learn more from you!!

  120. Great to see you back!! Now, slow down a little!! Weight loss is great and all but we dont want you to get sick! Especially in the heat!
    As for giving me courage to do DIY projects…. with the help of my hubby (some muscle) I built new stairs for my deck this past Sunday. Now that is something i never would have done without YOU!! Thank you for giving me the “you can do it” way of thinking!!

  121. Good post. I’m one of your readers who had you “seeing red” last week, but believe me when I say it was totally unintentional! I’m so used to you wanting input from your readers, I just gave my opinion without realizing you DIDN’T want it. Lesson learned!

  122. Ha Ha Ha! LOL! (about the drinking game)
    Yes, I’M one of the ones you’ve inspired to “pick up” the power tools and build something! – I built a doll crib for my granddaughter! But I’m still afraid of the miter saw, but a BIG part of that is because my SIL (YES! the granddaughter’s daddy!) borrowed the saw, BEFORE I had ever even used it, and broke the guard, and didn’t replace it! (don’t get me started! – let’s just say he and my dd have been to Hawaii multiple times since they’ve been married)
    I’m glad you’re back Kristi, and I didn’t mention it before, but I love, adore, etc. that grass-cloth credenza as well as the bird pictures!

  123. Hi Kristi! Eleven years is very impressive! I had no idea you were blogging and building for that long, quite a lot to be proud about.

    It is because of you that when we totally gut our kitchen, subfloor and all, I will do it with confidence and with your kitchen cabinet diy directing me. I’m in love with your kitchen.

    I’ve bought tools because of your guidance and last week got the corded Dewalt jigsaw. Very nice addition to my many many power tools.

    Lastly, my motivation mantra is truthfully, “Kristi did it and so can I, (thinking…”with her by my side”, actually I really just shorten it to “Kristi can do it, thank you, girl!”


  124. I love your columns. And realized you hit a similar wall to what John and Sherry from Young House Love hit a couple years ago. For similar reasons they backed away for a year or more. And gradually moved back with a weekly podcast and weekly post, but they disabled the comments so they no longer have to put up with the trolls and poo-flingers. I do love that expression.

    So I love that Matt will be screening the comments as a way to filter them out. And consider you’re pacing yourself, maybe doing 2 to 3 posts a week at a maximum. Will be there for you when you’re ready to post.

    I had no idea that Looby was still slinging poo your way. I’m reading a book called “Mean Mothers” and it’s pretty clear this is not about you, it’s about her as she falls in that category. But the rest of us love your work, love to see you rework your work when you feel the need to, and are charmed by your designs and amazed by your skills. You’ve inspired me for years, and yours is the only blog I read now besides Young House Love.

  125. I am clearly one of many that is SO happy you are back! I have often read through the comments when I scroll alllllll the way to the bottom whenever I comment (I read at the end of my work day when I get home and while I have quite a few bloggers I follow, you are always the first one I check for a new post!) and have hoped you’ve missed some of the comments. But really, who wants to be a cookie cutter cut out of someone else?! And am I ever going to decorate like you? Nope. But you inspire me! I recently bought a horrifically ugly chair at an online auction. It was worse in person than it appeared online. But I love the lines and the size, it just needs to be reupholstered. Which I’ve never done, but I assured my husband I could study some YouTube videos and figure it out. Because I read your blog and nothing stops you! So I might not experiment with color, and I can’t paint or draw to save my life, but your blog encourages me to try things because I want to! So I just wanted to say thank you for being you. 🙂

  126. I’m glad you’re back; your blog is pretty much the only one I read anymore, I really like how honest and project oriented you are. I’m also glad you’re not changing the format, I always think it’s neat how you take a genuine interest in your readers comments. I am shocked though that a grown ass women has spent 4 years coming back to your blog just to be nasty….Anyway keep at Kristi!

  127. SO GLAD you are back, Kristi! I started following your blog when you started your kitchen cabinets the first time, lol.

    I like the fact that you were fearless and were doing a lot of it on your own. As a widow, I have to be pretty self-reliant and will tackle a variety of projects. But you took the fear of the unknown out of many projects I never dreamed of tackling, making it seem doable if you put your mind to it.

    Knowledge is a powerful thing, and you have given us access into your world, a peek into your fabulous brain and shown us how to take on a project with your heart.

    Thank you for all you do.

    As far as the drive-by poo flingers go, remember this: “I am who I am. You opinion is not needed.”

  128. I’m mortified and I’ll hold my hands up. It seems I was the one that made the post that people responded to that upset you so much. I am soooooo sorry. I hadn’t intended any of what followed to happen. I didn’t, and would never have suggested you making any changes to what you’d done. You were happy with it and that’s all that matters. I loved each individual element and your process of getting to where you were happy with something in your own home – and that is what we all have to remember, and which I made clear in that post, it is YOUR home and you have to do what is right for you and Matt. Just because it may not be something to our tastes gives us no right to suggest you should change something to make it to our taste. You have to live with it – you have to be happy with it. I love seeing your creativity and the spaces you make, whether to my taste or not – it makes no difference. I can’t apologise enough for setting that ball rolling Kristie. It definitely wasn’t my intention for it to pan out the way it did by the responders. Now I’m fearful of commenting again, frightened others will jump on and hijack so I’ll continue to read and follow as I’ve done for years – commenting very little, it has to be said but probably for the best if what happened this time is anything to go by – and stop commenting at all. Once again … I am so sorry xxx

  129. Poor Matt! This will probably become a full-time job just going over all your comments. LOL. I’m glad you’re back and refreshed! I give you a ton of credit, I would never start a blog or vlog because of all the really nasty comments people get for absolutely no reason! I’m always amazed when I read jackass comments from others on blogs that are mean- just for the sake of being mean. There’s a lot of really miserable, nasty, troll monsters on the internet! But there’s also a lot of people out there that LOVE what you’re doing and how amazing you are doing it!

  130. Kristi, you have no idea how much you have inspired and empowered me to take on projects I would never have thought of doing, and when I’m tempted to paint something a “safe” color, instead reach out and try something different. And you do that for so many others as well. Keep on keeping on. And on. BTW, hello Matt, as I know you are now moderating these comments. Thanks for always encouraging Kristi in everything she does. I know she couldn’t do such awesome projects without your support.

  131. I’m glad you’re not giving up. Your blog is the first I check EVERYDAY! I can’t wait for a new post from Kristi. I’m helping my sister refinish her dining room set this week “cause I’m the expert” and I keep coming back to your posts to get your tips. I’ll join in on the drinking game, but I’ll stick to Dr. Pepper. 😉 You rock!!!

  132. I’m sure this will get lost in the deluge of comments but, what the heck, welcome back! I’m new to your blog (having found you on HomeTalk), but I’ve come to admire you greatly from just about every angle you can think of! You are brave and beautiful, strong and silly, creative and crazy! I am so glad that you have realized that you, like us, are only human and get tired and worn out. I know that when I get crabby, I need a vacay, so I’m glad you took the time to rest, relax and get reacquainted with yourself and why you do this. And God bless Matt for willing to be the buffer between you and the trolls. You guys are a great team! As for Mary Ann Looby, she is not a person of significance in our world either!

    Lastly, it’s really too bad I’m not a drinker, because if I was, I’d be face-down on my keyboard by now. I have, however, LMAO at at the poo being flung (hoo flung poo, a great Chinese philosopher)! Hugs and love to both you and Matt!

  133. It’s so good to have you back, Kristi! I was worried that we would lose you not just to the poo flingers, but also to those who don’t seem to understand that not every post is an invitation for an opinion or suggestions on how to change things. I’m glad you are letting Matt take care of the comments section. Hi Matt! I hope you still comment once in a while. I love it when you do!

    I can’t wait to see where colorful Kristi (my loving nickname for you) goes next! I just love how you keep it real and still make it colorful. Did I mention I love color? 🙂 Hugs to you and Matt for putting up with us!

  134. I think it is a great idea to “outsource” the comment moderating! And the new rules about taking time off are smart; I totally understand wanting to keep going when you are in the middle of a project, but it isn’t worth it to get injured or burned out… Hopefully these changes allow you to continue enjoying your work here!

  135. I’m so sorry I’ve been away for a while. It was a very busy summer and now I’m back into a routine where I can read your blog daily. I’m so sorry that people think your blog (and others) are forums for them to criticize every little thing. Those people evidently don’t have a life and if they do, they couldn’t be very happy with it. I so enjoy your blog. You are full of fresh, fun and wonderful ideas and I love seeing them come to life. Do I agree with all your decorating decisions? Heck no but then a lot of people wouldn’t agree with mine either. Please don’t let those fools get you down. Keep your head up, your hammer high and keep the great ideas coming to those of us who need them! Thank you for letting me reply.

  136. So glad to read that you will have an additional buffer from the trolls and ogres. I hope it allows you to continue to be the blogger/instructor/inspiration that 99.44% of us are inspired by.

  137. Thank you for your explanations and also for your ownership of how this all came to be and your reactions to it. You are very gracious. As always, I look forward to hearing more from you. And big kudos to Matt for being your buffer. Carry on!

  138. Hey Kristy, I have been following you for quite a long time now. I have never made a comment before but I now feel I need to do so. For so many reasons in the past, I find myself pawing over the contents of your blog as I continue to be amazed, not only at your talent, your drive, your willingness to change and re- think things, your attention to detail, and so delightfully, your willingness to unselfishly share your knowledge with others. I think you are an exceptionally outstanding woman. I remember when I first discovered you, we sat (hubby and me) gob smacked at those building jobs you took on yourself, the way you pulled your home apart and so competently rebuilt it, bit by bit with your own two hands. And then there’s the cabinet making, the painting, electrical, the upholstery, the sewing, the artwork and of course, the ability to put these all together to create the beautiful home that you have. I’d be on your site, call my husband over and say, “Come and look at what Kristy is doing.” And we’d smile in wonderment, and sometimes giggle at your courage. You have inspired us in so many ways Kristy. I could sum up my admiration for you by saying, ‘If I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like you.’ So there! You have appreciative admirers from afar. We live in Western Australia and we are 66 and 70 years young. We have always loved to have a go at doing things ourselves, and so, we know what talent and fortitude is required, to do the things that you do. Keep on keeping on amazing lady!

  139. Well…I don’t drink much any more…but now I want to, and read this… I also am going to start referring to internet trolls as Loobs. Because I can.

  140. Kristi, great post! I also want to say quickly congrats on the 29lbs! I have been wanting to try the intermittent fasting and then heard about keto but I didnt know people were doing both together! and glad to hear your energy has gone up since starting.

    maybe a short or small post about how you started and food ideas? i know not decor related but for those of us trying to learn and do some of your projects, I could certainly use extra energy and would love tips!

  141. Great!! You are back! Big thank yous to Matt!! I enjoy reading your blog even though I am much too lazy to do any of the work!!
    The 13 year old grand girl said to tell you that she has been learning to use her Dad’s tools because…….Kristi the Blogger told her that she needed to know how to do things!! You are a great role model!!

  142. I’m so happy you’re back, Kristi.
    So many of us enjoy your blog, rely on your advice, and are inspired by your ideas. All of them…

  143. Hey Kristi- Good to have you back, hopefully somewhat rested and reinvigorated. gonna toss my two cents in and then drop it -(that would be MY husband saying, yeah, right!) Anyway, I find as a 50+ yo that I don’t always know the proper internet etiquette. I agree with the one commenter who said this space feels like a place where we can toss out ideas and opinions and your comment that those are ok things to do AS LONG AS WE ALL ACT LIKE ADULTS AND ARE RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER. I am wondering if there are others out there who struggle with the rights and wrongs on the internet like me. Maybe Matt can comment in a way that lets us know what comments are beyond ok based on your guidelines? Ok, enough! Love what you do and ALL the lessons we can learn from your example, including being nice to ourselves.

  144. Yay, Kristi! I’m glad you’re back in the game with Matt and your inspired reader army to take on the poo flingers!

    Brene Brown is great, and so are those quotes you shared.

    Thanks for reminding us it’s ok to redo on projects and so wonderful Matt is able to help and cover you like that!

  145. Krista you are an amazing person, using your God given talents to make a beautiful home for your family and along the way, inspire many others to do like-wise. Yes, your design aesthetic is different than mine, but that’s the beauty of it: I can learn from your aesthetic and pull from it what I think will work for me. I read dozens of design books, magazines, blogs and instagram accounts on design that run the whole spectrum of design aesthetic because I have a green personality and I research, research, research!! I analyze all of these sources (including yours) to see what would work for me or just to exercise my mental “design” muscles. Thank you for your inspiration.

  146. Hello! So glad you got the break and are back!
    Also i love that you shared all of this. It’s just nice to have you be real and not all “Instagram perfect”. 😉