A Green Refrigerator Wall Of Cabinets (Plus, I’m Redoing My Kitchen Floor…Again)

First things first.  I finally have some green paint on the refrigerator wall of cabinets.  I got everything primed, and then one coat of green on the cabinets.  I’m going to do some fine sanding today (220-grit sandpaper) and then do the final coat today, and I’m hoping that I’ll even be able to get the clear coat on this evening.

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 8

My progress has been so much slower than I had hoped because it is hotter than blazes in this kitchen, and I can hardly stand to spend more than an hour at a time in there.  As y’all know, we don’t have central HVAC in our house (yet), so we’re still reliant upon window unit air conditioners.  (It’s Texas.  Going without is not an option, even if that means having not-so-pretty air conditioners in the windows.)

The kitchen and breakfast room don’t have a dedicated air conditioner.  It’s generally pretty comfortable in there when the doorway is opened up and cool air from the sunroom and living room is able to reach the kitchen.  But right now, since I’m doing so much sanding and spraying, I have the doorway covered with plastic.  And with temps outside hovering just around 100 degrees (and the heat index hovering just above 100 degrees), it gets so unbearably hot in that kitchen with absolutely no air circulation at all.  It would actually be more comfortable working outside where at least the breeze and fresh air would give some relief from the heat.

So I’m doing what I can.  I might need to just go get another A/C and install it in a breakfast room window just so that I can get work done, especially considering that the worst (August) is yet to come.

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 9

I also learned, and want to pass along, an important lesson about air compressors.  When you’re not using them, it’s very important to drain them and then leave the little valve on the bottom wide open so that it can “breathe” in there.

I made the mistake of leaving my air compressor turned on after the last time I used it (several days ago), and leaving everything sealed up and hooked up.  What happened is that condensation collected in the tank, and yesterday as I was spraying the cabinets, the moisture from the tank would randomly come through the hose and mix with the paint that was being sprayed, making it very runny.  You can see on the side of the refrigerator cabinets that it resulted in some large areas where the paint sagged and ran down the cabinet.  That’s not from the paint sprayer.  It’s from the compressor.

refrigerator and range wall kitchen cabinets - 10

So lesson learned.  I’ll make very sure I always drain the tank and leave the bottom valve open every time I’m finished using it from now on.

Okay, now on to my floor.  I’m sure at least a few of you are ready to grab me by the neck and shake some sense into my head just for even thinking about redoing my kitchen foor…for the third time.  But just hear me out.  🙂

So first, a refresher on what the painted floor looks like with the cabinets.

wall of cabinets finished 2

Now for my reason for redoing my floors.  Let’s just say this floor has been a very hard DIY lesson learned, but it’s one that I’ve definitely learned and I can guarantee you I’ll never make this mistake again.  Here’s what happened…

As you’ll recall, I started out with a totally different painted floor design that had only part of the floor painted, and the other part left with exposed wood.  Then I used Waterlox (the oil-based sealer that I used on the rest of the hardwood floors in the house) to seal the entire kitchen floor.  Being an oil-based product, it has an amber color to it rather than clear. Waterlox is also a penetrating product that soaks into unfinished wood, rather than just sitting on top like polyurethane.

Well, you know the story.  The day after I did that floor, I hated it, and spent the entire day sanding it down and repainting it.

But here’s where I got myself into trouble — the dreadful DIY mistake that I made.

I sanded and repainted the floor waaaaaay too soon after having used the Waterlox on my floor.  Sanding off the stuff on the surface of the wood was not enough to remove all of the Waterlox.  There was still quite a bit of Waterlox that had soaked into the wood, and although I couldn’t see it because I thought I was sanding everything off, it was still there, lurking just under the surface.

So combine the fact that Waterlox had soaked into the wood with the fact that Waterlox takes 24 hours to dry, and there I was, sanding the floor down and repainting it only about 10 hours after I had put Waterlox on it, and it was just a recipe for disaster.  The floor didn’t stay looking as pretty and perfect and bright and clean as it does in that picture above, because after it was painted, the still-wet Waterlox in the wood started coming to the top in places and really messing up the pristine look of the painted design.

Had I just waited a couple days to sand and repaint, everything would have been fine.  But I got in a hurry, and my hastiness resulted in a floor with overall yellowed paint colors and with really distorted, streaky ambered paint colors in some areas that look perpetually dirty.

You can kind of see what I’m talking about here, although seeing a small picture of it is quite different from seeing it in person.

wall of cabinets finished flooring mistake

Those areas are all over the floor, and it’s absolutely driving me crazy.  I won’t…I can’t…live with my floor looking like that, reminding me each time I walk into my kitchen of my DIY mistake and how my hastiness messed up my floor and ruined 13 hours of hard work.  Every time I remove paper from another area of the floor, and see the distorted colors, I just get so disappointed.  I wish I could show you the worst places, but they’re covered with paper right now since I’ve been spraying the cabinets.

So I am going to redo my floor, and now that I have some of my cabinets finished and can see what the painted floor looks like with the cabinets, now is my opportunity to really get it right.  If the painted floor is the right option to go with my cabinet, that’s what I’ll do.  But if they’re not quite right, I’ll consider something else.

I would seriously love your input on this.  I know so many of you said that you really loved my painted floor (version 2) after I did it.  And I love that painted floor also.   But do I love it for my kitchen?  With those cabinets?  I’m honestly not sure.  I feel undecided every time I look at it.  Would a floor just like the rest of the house work better with the cabinets?

wall of cabinets with stained hardwood floor

Please share your thoughts.  I will have one more chance to get this right.  Whatever I do next will be the last time I redo my floors.  For sure.



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  1. I would do something simple because you cabinets are so beautiful and bold. If it were my house, I would want the attention on them….not the floor. But That’s just me! 🙂

      1. I agree the cabinets are so beautiful the floor takes away from the elegance and makes it look busy like you weren’t sure what you wanted. I was wondering if the floor would look better in your sun room a more relaxed area. Love the way you did the floors also just not wit the cabinets.

        1. I agree with Cindy. It’s a darling floor, but it does take away from the gorgeosness of the cabinets. The sunroom sounds perfect. BUT. sit down for a minute and drink some iced tea. You’re making me feel like a slacker. 🙂

      2. I couldn’t agree more….. Your cabinets should be the focal point….. I have lived beautifully for a short time (2 years) with painted floors….. I loved them……. AT FIRST. But being in a kitchen where food and whatever always found it’s way to the floor, I never felt that I was able to totally get them clean. …..and what was worse…. to my eye they began to wear in the most used places….. in front of the sink and stove….!!!! I put scatter rugs for a while, but they were causing tripping opportunities….. so in the interest of safety and cleanliness I opted for a tiled floor….. I have never been happier…..

        1. I agree with all of the above commenters. The floor on its own is great, but with the cabinets they compete, and they detract from the elegance of the cabinets. Go more neutral on the floor, and let the cabinets steal the show.

          1. I so, so, so agree with the above posters. I would let the cabinets shine. I think they look so beautiful and rich in your mock-up picture with the wood floors.

        2. Totally agree with the above comments!! The floor done to match the rest of the house will really show off the beautiful cabinets!!!

    1. Completely agree! Love. The look of the floor, but the cabinets need to be the focal point and the floor takes away from them.

    2. I totally agree. Your cabinets and lighting are absolutely gorgeous but they’re having to compete with the painted floor. I think the warmth of a natural wood floor would compliment them better.

  2. I love how your kitchen is going. Awesome! I like your painted floor, but think it competes with the cabinets. My 2 cents says the wood floor like the rest of the house looks best, elegant, and balances better.
    BYW -You are an amazing inspiration !!

    1. I totally agree with what Marci says. All along I was wondering how the green cabinets with gold trim and hardware, white herringbone tiled backsplash, and tan and white striped floor was going to look….I love each and every one on it’s own, but all 3 together looks a bit busy to me……but I am not a professional decorator, so I was waiting to see your vision. I have always loved everything you do, so I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful 🙂

    2. I agree, the pattern competes. I like the idea of the hard wood to make it a little more simple and sophisticated =]

      1. Yep. I agree with those above. I love the floor, but its too much with the cabinets. I thought that when I saw that first photo of them painted and the floor visible. Since you’re going to redo it, I’d say go with a plain floor. Paint it nice, plain white or offwhite is lovely. Natural timber is wonderful, Even whitewashed timber… I guess it depends on what you like best. I’m sure whatever you end up with will be gorgeous like everything else you do!

      2. I have to agree. Go back to the wood floors, not the paint. It seems too cottage-y with stripes. Keep it simple and elegant. Could you do similar floors to motivation pic from Elle Décor? The striped floors would look better in a different space. The green is gorgeous for the cabinets. I love following your progress, Kristi!

    3. When you see the natural wood with your beautiful cabinets it looks amazing. It makes the lights pop the gold leaf and when you get your hardware added it will be a home run! The picture with painted floor, it’s as if there is to much going on. I hope you know this comes from a good place. I would never give an opinion unless asked. Hope you’re drinking lots of water.

    4. I agree with Marci and Margo. I love your painted floors, but feel that the eye goes straight to them and your beautiful cabinet are kind of an after thought.

    5. I would go with just the hardwood floor with a nice finish. That way, the floors will not compete your amazing cabinets.

      1. I agree with these ladies. The painted floor is beautiful, but once seen with the painted cabinets, they seem to compete for attention. The floor design would look amazing in a different room. I *love* the way the cabinets look in the bottom picture of this post.

  3. Honestly, I like the natural floors (unpainted) with the cabinets. Those cabinets are so beautiful and are the focal piece of your room. Although I liked the painted floors before the cabinets were done, now that I see the cabinets, I think the floors look too casual – and while I like the mix of casual and formal, I think they are competing here. Love, love, love what you have done so far with the kitchen though! I think your kitchen looks even better than your inspiration kitchen!

    1. Oh how I agree…go natural. I think this lesson is a blessing in disguise. Once you painted the cabinets, I said …oops…no go in my mind. The very last picture you have on this blog is definitely the way to go so that the cabinets shine and they and the floor do not compete.
      That is my thought…I agree with Kim’s assessment, and add my two cents for what it is worth!

      Blessings this day

    2. I agree! The stained floor shows off the cabinets, and the cabinets show off the floor! Perfect combination!

      1. Agree! I LOVE the painted floors, but the finished floor in the last picture, just seems to set off the cabinets and make them look even more grand. Hope you can find another place for the painted floors, because they are definitely a winner in the right place!

    3. I just want to say how proud I am of you to tackle this project . In my prime I would be right there after you because I love doing things like this . Even if it was 2AM or 11PM .

    4. That was very well said and I agree wholeheartedly! The cabinets are just way to pretty to have to compete with the casualness of the floor! Keep up the hard work Kristi! You are amazing!

  4. I’m not an expert but in looking at the pictures I think I like it better with the natural wood. You’re the one standing in the kitchen though, do what makes your heart sing!

  5. I like the look of the painted floors but I think the all wood option brings out the gold tones in the fixtures and plays nicely with your gold leaf detail. Wood gives the cabinetry a more finished and dramatic look.

  6. I love love your kitchen. In my opinion I would go with the floors that match the rest of the house. To me that would make the cabinet wall be the main focal point. Just my opinion.. Keep up the good work..

  7. i liked your floors, but now think, with the color choice of cabinets + gold detail trim + herringbone tile design + hardware that will be added, there is a lot going on. My eye has difficulty choosing which element stands out, therefore making them all blend ……. while you don’t want them to stand out like a sore thumb, you’ve put in so much detail and individuality into your kitchen (not a kitchen just picked out at – various home/hardware store) that you would want the ‘star’ element to shine …… my vote would be to stain the floor solid ………. and i am thinking darker (but i really like a dark stain) ……… if not dark, then at least a medium to dark stain. 🙂

  8. Just my opinion: I really LOVE the painted floor! B-U-T, now that those cabinets are painted and some tiling done, I am really liking the whole stained floor image. It just seems to show off those gorgeous green cabinets better! The painted floor, for some reason, visually drains away some of that green. The painted floor is great… maybe elsewhere???? in an adjoining space?

  9. Look beautiful when it matches the rest of the house. Gives it an elegant flare. And you have really inspired me this year!

  10. I had to flip back and forth because I just love the painted floor. But I really think the stained floor is what this glam kitchen needs. The cabinets just GLOW against the stained floor. Can’t wait to see what you do to the floor next.

    1. I agree with many above but Sheila best expresses my reaction. Beautiful floor, beautiful cabinets but they may look best in different rooms. We once rented a super beautiful house on a lake for a vacation. It had gorgeous wide plank stained wood floors throughout. But one day I wanted to find a quiet space to read and went into something like a breezeway room we had not used. I actually had to open a door to get into it, it was not part of the open floor plan. That room had a painted floor, making it seem that much more like a “getaway” room, It was nice.

  11. I think the painted floor helps keep the kitchen bright but it lacks the warmth that the natural stained wood would bring. Also, I think the natural wood is more in line with the ‘traditional’ details you’ve chosen for your cabinetry.

  12. I can’t say enough how much I love, love, love the painted floor (version #2 of course)!! You most definitely should keep them painted. I feel like it just completes the look of your kitchen and cabinets. While I am a huge fan of wood floors, I feel like the picture with them unpainted is just too boring and blah for the look you’re going for. But that’s just my 2 cents. 🙂

  13. After seeing your completed wall of cabinets, I was really wondering if your painted floors would look right with the cabinets. As much as it sucks to have hard work go to waste, I think maybe this is for the best. If it were me, I would just stick with the natural color of the hard wood floors. The cabinets themselves with the gold trim are the focal points of the kitchen, you don’t need anything fancy on the floors.

    1. Gosh I’m glad you brought this up. Loved the floor when you first did it but couldn’t for the life of me see them once you got the cabinetry done. But since my Momma taught me “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” well, I decided I better keep my mouth shut. As much as I like the floor, your cabinetry, the gold leafing and gold sconces are the stars of the room and totally upstage the floor. I vote for going with plain wood and doing your paint technique in another room where you can make that floor a star.

      1. I agree and I’m so glad you asked for opinions because when I saw the green cabinets with gold leaf against against the gorgeous but very casual painted floor I thought the two styles looked so odd together. I didn’t want to be negative so I didn’t comment. I totally agree with Claire and Susan!

  14. I agree with a previous comment, let your cabinets be the beautiful focal point they are and do the floor to match the rest of the house.

  15. Please leave the floor the same as the rest of the house… with such small rooms… it will create a cohesive flow to your floor plan. Besides, you already have a lot of pizazz & interest in this room!!!

  16. I like the painted version, but not with your cabinets. The cabinets are very bold and the floor is just oo busy with the cabinets. I like the idea of a darker stained floor.

  17. aWwww Man! I soooo loved that floor! But that last picture you posted-makes me really lean towards the regular wood floors. Your cabinets are a dramatic punch of color, subtle bling with the metallic touch- the tile is pattern/texture. I think yeah- the floors should be plain so they don’t compete or detract.

  18. Honestly, I was hoping you would redo the painted floor. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it when it was first finished. But as soon as you posted the pic of the mostly finished cabinet wall, I was just not feeling the floor anymore. The striped floor competes with the herringbone back splash, in my opinion. I think a gorgeous, gleaming wood floor would really let the bold cabinets take the stage. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look great because your rooms always turn out beautifully!!

  19. I like the stained hardwood. Brings out the beauty of your cabinets. I am always amazed at what you do and love your custom kitchen design.

  20. I think you should go with the Waterlox like the rest of the house. It will be more cohesive, and the picture you mocked up looks so luxurious with the darker tone.

  21. While I love the stripes on your kitchen floor, I have felt they look too almond in comparison to your white tile and chalk white counter tops. Since you have to start over, I’m partial to large diamonds painted on the floor with half being the unpainted wood. My foyer in my old house I had the flooring guy tape off 2′ squares set on points starting at the entrance to our living room. It gave a great break visually from one space to the next. Even with this suggestion, if your anything like me, your heart is set on stripes. If you tweek the color a little (less almond, more chalky or bone white if you’re against it being too matchy) I think it will work better. Good luck, it looks amazing 🙂

    1. I completely agree! I loved the panted floors. Loved them. I still like the idea of painted floors and know you will find the perfect thing! I think dark stain and a white could look amazing. Without seeing them in person, so hard to know. Good luck!! And I agree, everything is looking gorgeous. Your hard work shows!

  22. I like the wood floors unpainted. I could see the painted floor working well in a kitchen with white cabinets but it competes with the green rather than working with it.

  23. I’m glad you’re reconsidering the floor finish. I liked the strips initially….until you painted the cabinets, then not so much. When the subway tiles went up in the herringbone pattern, it seemed the stripes were fighting with the tile pattern. I really like the stained finish you’re showing in the last picture. Love the way you customized the cabinets and the color is just beautiful. You are one patient, talented lady!!!

  24. My opinion is to go with the unpainted floor. It looks more elegant. Loved the painted floor, but it just seems more casual. Maybe the breakfast room floor could be painted.

  25. Last pic. Love the harwood look. Not in love with the painted floor. The cabinets look so rich against the hardwood. the cabinets are beyond gorgeous!

  26. Love everything you do. I do think the floors and cabinets compete with each other. Perhaps one color for the floor with a tiny gold accent somehow added to match the cabinets might be fun. Your cabinets are formal, your current floors are informal. Both beautiful on their own.

  27. Adding my opinion to the chorus, I agree that while the painted floor is lovely, with the green cabinets it’s too much going on in the confined area. If the cabinets were a pale tone, they would recede and then the painted floor could be the focal spot. With the green – which is lovely – instead of complementing, the painted floor competes for attention. I say let the green cabinets be the star of the show. They are so striking and gorgeous, you don’t need more. Especially with the gold leaf trim. As I see the finished long wall of cabinets, the gold leaf is a gorgeous stand out element. Again, competing with the floor. JMO.

    Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

      1. Ditto to what many have said about the painted floor competing….love it but not the right place for it?

  28. I too love the painted floor. Really, really love it. But not with your kitchen. To me they look a little too country or maybe too casual with your more elegant kitchen. I vote for the hardwoods that match the rest of your house.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Your cabinet/trim/hardware treatment is very elegant and sophisticated. As charming as the stripes are, they strike me as more cottage-y. To me, the styles don’t mesh.

      1. I completely agree with this. I think they worked before and it was fun to see them before the beautiful green cabinets, but (in my opinion) they don’t naturally go with the rest of the room now. Not that it’s a bad thing – I would take the green cabinets/hardware/lights/backsplash combination over the painted floor 100 times.

    2. I thought exactly the same thing — the gold leaf detail on the cabinets and gold sconces give the kitchen an elegant feel that doesn’t go with the country feel of the striped floor (and I LOVED the striped floor before I saw the gold leaf cabinet detail/sconces). Maybe you could do the striped floor in another room.

  29. You could also go with a painted rug detail on top of the stained flooring to give some of the painted floor you wanted.

  30. I agree with the majority here. Go with the wood floors. The painted floor is gorgeous but competes too much with the cabinets. Imho the cabinets NEED to be the focal point they are stunning!!!

  31. I’m sounding like a broken record at this point, but I agree with the other comments. I LOVE the painted floors, but am thinking they might be better suited for the breakfast room or a room where they aren’t competing with those amazing cabinets! My vote would be for the stained wood floors to match the ones in the rest of the house. You always figure things out so whatever you decide I’m sure it will be perfect! 🙂

  32. I love the painted floor but it is definitely competing with your dramatic cabinetry. I vote for wood like the rest of the house. I didn’t think I would like the green cabinets, but I am a convert! You have a great eye.

  33. The first time I saw your painted floor as it is now I LOVED it. I still do. That being said, now that the cabinets are painted and looking so beautiful, I feel like the painted floor is in competition with the cabinets saying, “I’m pretty too…look at me, look at me!”. I would go with the hardwood to match the rest of the house. Keep up the amazing work, you will be living with a gorgeous kitchen before you know it!

  34. Hi. I love your painted floors but I do think they compete with your beautiful cabinets which are a show stopper. I would make your floor like the rest of your house. If you are having doubts then I would change it. Maybe floor idea would work in your office or a bathroom. Love your work. Cheers

  35. I agree that the kitchen floor would look better with the natural finish. I love the painted floor also. Maybe you could paint the floor in the breakfast room.

  36. I liked your painted floor but I think bc the cabinets are so dramatic that the painted floor takes away from them being showcased. I really love the image with the stained floors and think it feels cozier and shows the cabinets off better. If the cabinets were idk white or a simpler color the painted floors would go great. But I would go with matching the rest if the house (if it were me) whatever you do though I’m sure will look great bc you are a perfectionist 🙂

  37. Not that I feel I am at ALL qualified to comment, but I am seeing the “competition” of the floors with the beautiful cabinets. The natural/stained wood also appears to compete a bit…I love the clean, fresh look the painted floors provide. A compromise…what about some sort of white washed floors? I put a Sherwin-Williams white wash stain on my new pine ceiling because I did not want the boards to do the natural “yellowing” that will occur because my wall color was not yellow-based. I wanted a “cleaner” look on the ceiling. Just a thought that may help 🙂

  38. I LOVE the painted floor. I think it’s gorgeous and you did an awesome job. But I don’t love the floor with the cabinets. The cabinets are gorgeous and it seems like they compete with the floor. I would do a simple plain wood for the floor and showcase the cabinets you worked so hard on.

  39. I love wood floors – the beauty of the finish and the grain always makes me happy. And I love rugs (and pillows) … so while I think your painted floor is really lovely I think the wood is so organic and beautiful!

  40. Your cabinets are stunning and I think a more natural floor really lets them shine instead of competing for attention. It is coming along so beautifully!

  41. The last pic was beautiful. I personally think the stripped floors need to go.Your cabinets look awesome.

  42. I think the floor as it is now takes away from the cabinets. I love the clean look of the plain hardwood with green cabinets, white tile, and white counter top. It’s so elegant! You could do something fun with the floors in the breakfast room. I had hardwood in a kitchen and loved it. No problems. Also easier to maintain down the road.

  43. Kristi, your work is always inspiring. I love the painted floor but honestly the stained floor looks 1000 times better with those gorgeous cabinets. Stick with staining them!!

  44. I LOVE those painted floors…but I love those green cabinets more. And when I look at them both together my little brain gets confused cause my eyes can’t decide which to look at…its like they’re competing with each other. My vote: the wood floors.

  45. I love the painted floors, but I think it competes too much with the cabinets. I say go with wood like the rest, and if you’re not loving it you can always paint it later 🙂

  46. I too believe the current colors and pattern on the painted floor compete with the beautiful cabinets and gold tones. Those colors would compliment a casual beach inspired kitchen perfectly. But your kitchen is more elegant and sophisticated. If you choose stain, I too believe a darker stain would like nice with the green cabinets. Dark brown compliments dark green very well. But if you choose to repaint, I believe a single solid color would work best. An all white floor would look nice as would an all dark brown floor. But after all the work this is going to require…I’d go with stain.

  47. I am not a DIYer, so I feel weird commenting on all of your hard work, which I very much appreciate and respect. Since you asked for thoughts, the following are mine. The natural floors seem to make the backsplash stand out too starkly with the countertops. Have you considered (since you’ve found the floor issues) staining the countertops? It might balance the counters/backsplash/floors. If you don’t like the idea of staining the counters to a warmer color, then I think the lightness of the painted floor pulls the whole room together and blends it all really well. Thank you for sharing your progress. It helps give me vision for projects, even if I have to hire them out. Lol!

  48. Kristy, even tho I don’t usually comment, I love your website. In this instance I have to comment…..I always felt the floor was too distracting and cluttery looking after all the other colors, tiles, etc were added to the kitchen. {the floor would look great if everything else in the kitchen were plain, with no tiles, gold door trim, etc.}
    I love the green cupboards, gold trim, and white tile. and think the floor would look the most attractive if sanded down to the original wood color. {sorry, after all your hard work!} 🙁

    1. I agree with Barb – those gorgeous cabinets with the gold trim are heaven and the striped floors were competing with the lines in the cabinets (to many lines, not enough curves).Maybe not down to the bare wood color, or adding a ‘hint’ of color and then sealing would allow all the attention to be on the cabinets, counters, tile, etc. Plus, you can always accent with a rug or something along those lines.

      Thoroughly enjoy your website. I gain ideas and inspiration from you!

  49. I totally was on board with the painted floor, until you painted the cabinets. There is just too many different things going on all at once. The stained wood floor complimentary the cabinets so much more than the painted. I loved the painted, maybe this is something you can use somewhere else in your house.

  50. love the painted floors but agreeing with all the others the stained hardwood is the way to go. I believe some one else mentioned perhaps the painted breakfast area flloor,I thought that originally when you painted the main floor that the stripe would be better in the breakfast room. The green cabinets and the gold leaf are the elegant and sparkle in this kitchen so downplay the floor and let them bling-bling as you intended. I love all you have done and have stated before that green is my fav color and have it in my home as painted walls and accents. Green is so rich and earthy and peaceful 🙂 Thank you for you keeping us up to date.

  51. I love your painted floor but don’t think the color or pattern is quite right with the glam of the cabinets. You could definitely do the safe thing and go with stained floors. It would flow nice. However I was wondering what something like a black and white design might look like. Maybe a classic black and white checkerboard? Just a thought.

    1. LOL!! I was just thinking that, too!! 🙂 And not trying to just jump on the bandwagon, but the green cabinets against the wood stained floor in that last picture are absolutely stunning.

  52. I’m not fond of the painted floors. They don’t seem to belong together. If that makes any sense. It’s like wearing a floral top and plaid pants…could you make it work? Probably. Should you? Probably not.

  53. I like your painted floors….but when you showed the shot of the floors with your finished wall of cabs. Just, nope. The cabinets looks so high end and finished. And a painted floor is just more casual than your cabinets looks to me. It also feels like just too much paint in the space. I like your photoshop of the natural wood floor soooooo mcuh better with the cabinets. Having that natural element felt like a breath of fresh air.

  54. My vote is for the wood floors. Totally warms up the whole space and there is no compition with those GORGEOUS cabinets! I think if the floors in your kitchen and breakfast room are the same as the rest of the home it will make every room feel larger. LOVE how everything is coming along!! YOUR A TALENTED LADY

  55. Kristi I love the idea of stripes but with everything else you have going on it just competes with the star of the show, the cabinets and lighting and hardware! The natural wood has so much less Maintenance and doesn’t take away from the stars of the show. With pai t there’s always maintenance, if it were me I work minimize the upkeep and make the kitchen work for you long term, not the other way around. Also, this Will probably be even more true since Matt has a wheelchair that will wear on the paint more so than your average household. I know after you’re finished with the kitchen you will want to move on to another room and not want to spend the time constantly fixing kitchen floor wear and tear. Just my two cents!

  56. Now that you’ve shown the stained floor against the cabinets, I agree with (almost) everyone else that they really complement the cabinets better than the painted floor. The rich wood tones with the green and gold on the cabinets is stunning. You can always add a striped rug! 😉

    1. or, maybe a rug would interfere with Matt being able to get around easily. Nevertheless, those wood floors just make the cabinets glow.

      It’s gonna be a lot of hard dusty work to sand, stain, and refinish them though, so go get another air conditioner unit for that room. We don’t want you getting heat stroke!

  57. Hi K. I love that you can blog about making a mistake, as we all make them as DIY’ers.. I truly love the painted floor, but I think with the look of the green cabinets with the gold trim, they are now too casual for the look of the cabinets. The green with gold is very classic, and the striped floors are more country, casual. I think the floor would would be beautiful stained in a solid wood color, it will look richer and won’t compete with the cabinets and tile. You inspire me!!

  58. I’m so sorry that all your hard work has resulted in you needing to redo this kitchen floors. I really do like them and I wasn’t one of hose who gasped in horror at you painting brand new hard wood floors. BUT- I have never thought that as pretty as they are that they “went” with the direction you’ve gone in for the kitchen. The cabinets are so rich and bold and the floor would look so much better in a country kitchen with mocha cabinets or the lighter stripe of the floor. It has always bugged me (just a little) that the floor is off whites with a tan-ish under tone (at least in photos on my monitor) but the subway tiles are white and the lovely counter tops are white with a grey-ish cast. I think I’d go with plain wood floors in a lovely rich color. Then if you don’t like it paint it again later!

    1. I didn’t read all these comments until after I sent my comment- but I see there is a majority of thought. Please don’t think we’re beating you up- your floors are gorgeous! But so are the cabinets. Someone like you who is so willing to try something new is a total inspiration to me and to so many of us! I have some incredible ideas and a little bit of skill (and a husband who can help with things I don’t yet know how to do) but I get so bogged down in “what if” I don’t try! You go for it and then admit when something is a little “off”, I so admire that!
      So try plain floors and see what you think. But I suspect you had already begun leaning that way before you asked for our opinions! 🙂

  59. I really like the stained floor with your green cabinets. I love the stripes, but the photoshop of the stained floors with the green cabinets looks so rich. As much as I love your striped floors, I just don’t think they’re “right” with the rest of your dramatic green kitchen. Good luck!

  60. I am sorry that you have to re-do the floor again, but I am happy that you have to re-do the floor again! When I saw the floor against those cabinets, I cringed. I think the floor takes away from the beauty of the cabinets. I love the floor, just not in this kitchen. Thanks again for sharing your real-woman real-life DIY updates. And thanks for having a thick enough skin to ask for our opinions!

  61. I just recently found your blog and LOVE it. I really have been scouring your blog as we have been trying to decide on kitchen countertops. Thanks to you we are going to try the concrete countertops using the system you blogged about. I think your creativity and talent with your kitchen cabinets is amazing. I love the painted floor, but there is something about the natural dark wood floor and the green cabinets that just seems perfect. Pictures aren’t the same as seeing it in person. You have to go with what feels right to you.

  62. The painted floor competes too much with those gorgeous cabinets. I think the final photo in your post is fabulous!

  63. Love your cabinets and love the floor BUT not together. The floor definitely takes the POP away from all the rest!

  64. I do love the painted floor and how it brightens the room, but it seems almost too much with your beautiful cabinets and the herringbone backsplash. Also if you don’t want a window ac unit, you can buy a portable air conditioner you can move room to room.

  65. Hi Kristi, I think the stained floor is looks so much better with the cabinets. The current floor and cabinets are competing with each other. What’s that expression? Gilding the lilly, I think.

  66. I liked the painted floor the second time, when nothing else was in the room. However, with all your other beautiful detail, the floor now looks too choppy. I guess that comes from the kitchen being so small. Absolutely love everything else, and especially the herringbone subway tile.

    I’m so sorry you are cooking in there. (pun intended) I do believe I would go ahead and buy a cheap window air conditioner to get you through August. They should be starting to be on sale now. Or had you thought about temporarily moving the one from the living room into the breakfast room just while you have to have the plastic up? I admire your push to keep going. Love the refrigerator wall. You’re nearly two-thirds done with this kitchen.

  67. My vote would be hardwoods …. just seems to be more elegant and classic. That being said, just go with your gut feeling …. yours is the only vote that counts!

  68. I think that in this room the painted floors are competing for attention. The cabinets are the center of attention. Let them rule!!
    Although the painted floors are very pretty., the stained floors accentuate & don’t compete with the beauty of the cabinets.

  69. Stain like the rest of the floors. The painted floor is too much and takes away from the beautiful cabinets. IMHO

  70. Another vote here for staining the floor. While I do appreciate the painted pattern I personally feel it competes with the cabinets, is too busy with all the details in the cabinets and backsplash, and would work better in either a contemporary or eclectic kitchen, or with very plain cabinets in a bathroom. It’s gorgeous, but seems like it crosses over into “too busy” territory for this particular kitchen scheme.

  71. I vote for natural/stained wood floor but you could do a gold painted border around all the cabinets on the floor to spice up the natural wood and mock the cabinets gold trim.

  72. I have to say that I loved your painted floors, and I think if you had gone with white cabinets they probably would have looked fabulous together. However, now that the gorgeous green is up, I think the floors clash with the gold-leafing on the doors… as well as just in general the two are not complementary to each other. It’s a little competitive in there and the pictures with just the hardwoods looks amazing. No competition, just perfect harmony.

  73. I LOVE your painted floor, but I think you are right to consider the stained/natural wood floor (of course I never would have seen it on my own). Now that I’m taking another look, the painted floor looks more casual and your cabinets are more refined. So, my vote is now for the wood floors:)

  74. after having written several times how much I love the painted floor, I now have to agree with seemingly everybody above: As beautiful as they are, they don’t look like the perfect match for your cabinet colour and style choice. So if you think aobut the “DIY mistake” you made, it might have been a mistake sent by fate, fortune, the little fairies or really any kind of higher power you might believe in 🙂 as it enables you now to come to a solution that turns out perfect in your eyes! (sorry though that it envolves so much new effort!)
    I second everyone above that the rich green of your cabinets really match the rich dark feel of the hardwood floor – beautiful!!
    I will have to come back to the backlog pictures every now and then to get a glimpse of the striped floor, though, because that is a project I want to tackle one day as I love their look so much (and think they would enhance my plain white kitchen cabinets no end). So thanks for this particular journey!!

  75. While I love the idea of the painted floor, I really love the bold cabinet color. I am afraid that the paint is completing. I think the satin would allow the cabinets to be the star. But, whatever you decide, I am sure I will love it!

  76. I love the beautiful cabinets. I think because the cabinets and accents are more ornate, the painted floor kind of competes. The plain wood floors let the cabinets and trim be the centerpiece. I would never think about such a bold color, but it looks absolutely amazing. I love everything so far, I can’t wait to see it completed!

  77. If you’re going with the popular votes, get out the sander. I love the wood look even more than I liked the painted floor, which, by the way, looked great.

  78. I like the stained floor much better than the painted floor. There is too much going on with all the different elements.

  79. Love and admire the stripes in your floor, but in all honesty after the beautiful cupboards and the ornate gold trim and the pedestal legs you added….. I think the plain basic floor will flow better with the rest of the house. But remember, it is your “home” and you should have it the way you really want! And if in 3 years or whenever….it turns out to be something you don’t care for anymore, we all know (including you) that you can change it! So either way – it wii be fine!!! Love peeking in and seeing your ambitions! Thank you for sharing!

  80. I agree with the majority of the commenters. Wood floor would look the best so as not to take any focus off the cabinetry, in my opinion. Your cabinets are so beautiful that they should get all the glory in the kitchen! However, I really love the look of the painted floors (version 2), and think something along those lines would look fantastic in another room. I hope you get the chance to paint the floors elsewhere in your house – even if it’s just the laundry area! But whatever you decide, I know it will look fantastic – everything you do does! Even when it’s something that’s not quite “my style” you always make it look fantastic!

  81. Any chance of you Cerused “ing” the kitchen floor like your dining table? I feel that would be absolutely gorgeous with the cabinets – simply stuning! I love the Cerused finish of your table and it would blend with the tile walls and not distract from the cabinets but be elegant in their own right! The painted floors now are beautiful but are a little too casual for the cabinets since painted. I admire you so much, Krist – you are not afraid of anything! Whatever you finally decide, I know will be perfect! P.S Put an air conditioner unit in the breakfast room window and stop suffering – I lived in Houston 11 years and I know how unbearable the heat is in Texas. I’m in Georgia now – it gets super hot here too but I swear it is not like heat in Texas….

  82. I liked the painted floor fine, and I love your cabinets…but I don’t think the too together do anything for each other. Both are unique and interesting but too much together, and somehow they don’t enhance each other. I think the photoshop of the floor just like the rest of the house is much better. This is a less is more type of situation! (at least imho)

  83. I agree with many of the comments made by others. I love the cabinets and all the detail work you’ve done and believe that the painted floors are too busy and distracting. The same beautiful wood floors as in the rest of the house will really make the cabinets look rich, and the gold accents will glow.

  84. I think the painted floor is just beautiful, but it competes for attention with all the other Stars in your Kitchen. I would stain the floor to match, and maybe do the painted floor in your Sun Room, so it could be it’s own shining star!

  85. You are seriously more hardy than me, you amaze me with your fortitude! I LOVE the painted floors (and have told you that) but I don’t really love them with the other elements , and I wouldn’t be able to stand the messed up parts either….but the thought of redoing those floors….exhausts me..for you. LOL I do love the look of the natural wood against those showstopping cabinets! This make over is SO impressive!!! Do treat yourself to a small window unit in that room. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this journey, I’m excitedly plotting my kitchen remodel right now!
    Good Luck Kristi!
    PS- Thank you for sharing that story about Matt. My husband lost the use of his arm in an accident (right before I met him) We have lots of challenges too, He is worth every one of them. And he trusts me to do crazy things to our home too.

  86. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’ll add my thoughts anyway. I love the painted floors! I like that they seem to lighten the space especially with the darker green color. I wonder if the stained wood along with the darker green cabinets will end up looking too dark? Or perhaps it’s just that particular wall where there is no light coming in and maybe the windows from the bfast room will allow enough light regardless. Also maybe the white tile everywhere on the walls will keep the space light and bright enough for the stained floors and the green cabinets. I do like the picture of the green cabs and stained floors, it looks rich and gorgeous, but my first thought was that the space seemed darker than the picture with the painted floors. I like the painted floors and they seem to balance the weight of the cabinets. It’s lighter and fun. Either will look gorgeous!

  87. So I live the color if the cabinets and the backsplash but I think the striped floors is just competing with everything else. The picture with the wood floors like the rest of the house seems to bring it all together very nicely 🙂

  88. I love the cabinets and I love the floor. But… I think just not together 🙁 I thought maybe it was just me but I always felt like the two together seemed *just quite* not right, and after you showed the photoshopped picture with the regular flooring I think I am way more in love with that. I just hate to see you have to sand them down again!

    You’ve put so much work into the cabinets, gold leafing, painting, etc. that I think they need to be the focal point, and I’m afraid the floors take away from that.

    Either way, you have the most genius ideas so I’m sure whatever you decide to do it will be gorgeous!

  89. I’ve been following your progress, and love the outcome of your cabinets! I would have to agree- the natural wood floors looks beautiful next to the bold cabinets. You don’t want to much going on with the cabinets and the floor- you won’t know where to draw your attention. Third times a charm! Good luck- can’t wait to see what you work on next 🙂

  90. I love following your progress as I too, am doing my own kitchen remodel as well!! Hubby has helped guide me in building our new oak cabinets as his hand was broken on day #1 of our project! So, for 5 months, it was my hands doing the work!! With that said, I am a natural wood girl to the bones! Trim, cabinets, furniture…all of it. Although after you painted the floor with that design, I loved that too 🙂 It would be pretty in a room that didn’t get so much traffic. I clean houses…lots of them, and have had to clean many light colored and painted items and trims, etc. They aren’t fun to clean. So my thought is no matter how pretty your light floor is, it might be a nightmare to keep looking nice and clean as time goes on 🙁

  91. I would go with just the wood floor look like the rest of the house. Too much going on with the painted floor. I love the cabinets and can’t wait each day to read your update and see what more you have accomplished!!!

  92. I would go with wood stained floors for all the reasons mentioned above. The green cabinets are incredibly beautiful..even
    more so than your inspiration picture. It is so apparent that every aspect of the the kitchen has been so well done…with
    attention to every detail. I admire your determination,talent, and artistic vision. Thanks for shaing this..you have done such a beautiful job! So talented.

  93. Love the natural stained wood with those cabinets, but if you would ever like to practice your painted floor technique I have lots of rooms you could practice on, and we are experiencing an unusually cooler summer in Ontario this year so no need for air conditioners you could practice away without the heat 🙂

  94. Both look great but when you said it was the last time you wanted to do the floors, then the practical decision is to go with the wood…so much easier for upkeep and wear over time. Maybe you could stain the floor in a stripe pattern instead of paint? I love my wood floors with just poly and no stain so they have that variation in them for a little contrast.
    Love your vision!

  95. Ok so I guess I will be the only one who likes the painted floors better than the natural, wooded floor you posted on the last picture. lol I don’t think they are competing at all. I think the wooded basic floor is just too plain for all the sophistication the cabinets bring into the kitchen. For me, it would look like an unfinished idea to have the floors that basic when so much was done to the cabinets and selling. My personal opinion. But agree with the others, your kitchen, your taste 🙂

  96. I believe you are more decided than you think. Your reconsidering the floors tells me you’ve pretty much made up your mind. You know, and we know, you are an individual with unique ideas…..no matter what anyone else thinks and here you are pretending to get our input. You are fooling yourself but not us. You like the stained floors, don’t ya? It will look stunning!

  97. I love the stained floor with your cabinets! With that said you two are the ones that need to be happy!!! Good luck!!!

  98. I’m for plain wood.

    (If you’re looking for an alternative to Waterlox, I’ve used the Vermont Natural products and like them a whole, whole lot. Just a suggestion, because Waterlox is crazy stuff!)

  99. First, I thank you for how you write and share your thoughts. I wish I could have your vision. I also love your drive and work ethic. I have every room in our house to paint and decorate and it’s been over a year and a half and I have one bathroom done. I really love your ottoman! Like, really love it. You are inspiring. Secondly, while I love the painted floors, I think the natural floor looked really great with your cabinets as seen in the last picture. Keep up the great work!

  100. YEP! That’s my answer to your last question and seeing the final picture confirms it. I knew this was going to happen (not the Waterlock problem but the question of, is the floor right for the cabinets). I love your floor to the moon and back, and every time I see it, I think of a wide open beach house. I love your cabinets to the moon and back, and everytime I see them I think of an upscale traditional home. Do I love them together, no and I just knew you would not either. It is so very hard when you have all kinds of wonderful ideas to be careful when you use them together. It is going to be a bugger to sand the floor down because the cabinets are on them, but if it can be done I think you will be really happy with the results. Maybe you can rent a power sander to do the bulk of the work and just do the edges by hand. I would say hire someone but I don’t know if they would screw it up. I know how frustrating this is because when I take on a project and something gets screwed up I get so frustrated and then I turn to my husband, who has zero confidence in my ability because of past screw ups, and that is why he does not like me to do anything. Hard as it is for you, this has been a great learning experience for me. I realize that everything has to be planned out and prepared for, before starting. I have come up with the ideal work space for me, once I get it clean out, and I will make sure that every thing I need will be right there for me so I don’t have to go looking or stop what I am doing. I thank you for that. You are a great DIYer, but even the greats make mistakes. I would definitely get a window air conditioner. You are going to need it. Once you get central air, you can sell your window units. I am sure there is a big aftermarket in your area for them. I am thrilled with what I have learned from you so far. I wish I could teach you something, but the one thing I have of value as a decorator is my ability to see things before they are done. It is almost a curse because when the project is finished and everyone is so excited I feel a letdown because it is exactly as I expected it to look. However, it is a curse I will take any day to avoid costly mistakes. Now, if I could just be as talented as you are at doing the work, I would be very happy. Change your floor Kristi, you won’t be happy till you do. Blessings

  101. I loved the floors when you first did them, but I don’t think they go with the elegance of your kitchen as it is now. The floors look more country, or shabby chic or those style directions vs. your kitchen is shaping up to look very elegant and I think the wood like the rest of your house just works better.

  102. Morning from Canada:
    Love your blog, Thanks!

    Know that you have picked your knobs, and pulls, but thought I would send you the link to a Canadian Company called Lee Valley. They started as a woodworking store and have grown over they years. They ship world wide, and with you spending American dollars, the prices should be in line with American.


    Sheila Hilton
    Ottawa, Canada

  103. I think the painted floors take away from the beauty of the cabinets…it’s all kind of too busy…keep the floors wood colored and simple.

    I can’t imagine redoing them again! ugh! you GO GIRL!

  104. I think anything other then a stained floor, distracts from how beautiful your cabinets are. With out bold and beautiful your cabinets are, having a painted or distressed, or anything other then a more solid look floor, really compete’s visually.

  105. I would go with floors like the rest of the house. The painted floors are beautiful, but they do no go with the painted cabinets. To me, they clash/compete too much.

  106. Beyond what so many people say, that the wood doesn’t compete the beauty of your cabinets (hats off for that, Kristi!), I thing simple stained wood is so much more in harmony with what you’re doing. I don’t know anything about American design, currents, architecture, but your kitchen, for me, looks very much like a country kitchen in the deep plains of France or somewhere like that, maybe Holland. And there, traditionally, the kitchen has stone or wood floors, natural, anyway.

  107. You know what I thought when I saw the painted floors and cabinets together for the first time? Although both were beautiful in their own right, it was like wearing the wrong shoes with a fabulous dress. They are great shoes, but just not right for that particular outfit! 🙂 And like most of us, I didn’t realize it until they were worn together. I vote with most of the other commenters here – Waterlox on the natural wood like the rest of the house, and then your kitchen (outfit) will be spectacularly pulled together.

    1. However, having said that, I should have added that no matter if 99.9% of your readers who left a comment prefer it one way, if YOU don’t, that’s all that matters. You (a) can see it in person, (b) live in the house, and (c) are the one doing all the work. I’m sure if you listen very closely to your own inner voice, you’ll make the right choice for you and your home.

  108. I LOVE your floor but that’s because I love a farmhouse look and your floor has a farmhouse look. Your cabinets, however, are elegant. I think a more elegant floor would be better. Just my 2 cents.

  109. My vote would be the stained floors as I agree with what most others what said about the cabinets being wayyyy too beautiful to have to compete with your painted floor. If you still want a “painted floor” look, how about making another floor cloth in any pattern and color you like???

  110. I like your painted floor. I luv your painted cabinets. Personally, I do not like then together; each represents a particular design look, but, imo, not the *same* design look. I think your cabinet design needs a floor design the showcases the cabinets, and doesn’t attempt to compete with it. What that design is, I’m not certain, but I don’t feel your floor as it currently is, is it.

    I do have every confidence though, that you will come up with something that you are completely satisfied with. 🙂

  111. I loved the painted floor after you painted it the second time, but seeing it now with the cabinets and tile, I think it’s too busy. I looked at the photo with the stained wood floor you posted last and had a hallelujah moment! It looks so much richer and doesn’t compete with the cabinets and herringbone tile work. I would file away in my brain the beautiful painted floor to use someplace else in the future, and sand and stain the floor for the kitchen area. It just makes the green look so rich. And I am among those that was not sold on the idea of green cabinets at all, and I love them now!

  112. I agree with everyone else, I loved the painted floors on their own, but not with the painted cabinets. I think the painted floor makes the cabinets look dull, which they definitely are not. I love your use of color, so I’m sure whatever you decide will look fantastic.

  113. Ok,just this once,I did not read what anyone else has written……I went with my gut and when I saw that last picture with the stained floor I sighed, oh yes,so relaxing,love it! However,your gut may not be talking to you the way mine is,and that’s great,you have to live with it………I admit I loved the floor way more painted,than when I saw that last picture,and saw it stained with the finished cabinets. I am far from being a decorator,but I love the stained floor with your beautiful cabinets! My two cents! You have to love it!!!!!!!

  114. I think the striped floor looks too casual for the cabinets. You have done a fantastic job on the cabinets and the green/gold combo looks very classy. Kudos to you for all of your hard work – I would have given up long ago!

  115. I think the natural wood floors stained to match your other flooring would be best. The painted floor is a beautiful option, but doesn’t feel right with those “glam” cabinets. I’m loving the green cabinets with gold leaf, really elegant. The natural wood floor is classic and would be what I would choose with that kitchen. No matter what, you have a great eye and do beautiful rooms, so I have no doubt this will be a magnificent kitchen!

  116. The stained floors look elegant and sleek. I would match them to the rest of your wood floors in the house. If you have written about your completed plans for the breakfast room, I missed it. How about putting your painted floors in there? I didn’t care for the painted floor in the kitchen–seemed too busy with the beautiful green cabinets–but if the adjoining breakfast room needs some “LIFE” added to it–the painted floors would work great.

  117. It looks like you already have your answer. I loved the painted floor and it’s a shame that you can’t pick it up and move it somewhere else in your house. I’ve been thinking that as much as I loved all of it, it just didn’t quite seem to go together. I think the floor looks more “cottagey” and casual and the kitchen is looking so elegant. I can hardly wait to see the kitchen finished, but, living in Texas also, I more than understand. I think it’s supposed to be a rainy week. I hope it doesn’t hinder you progress. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. I look forward to your posts everyday.

  118. Ultimately do what makes YOU HAPPY! I love your final version of the painted floor (save this for your office or whatever room this will look best) but NOT with these gorgeous green cabinets. They do take center stage. Anything added would now be what will complement and bring out the green even more. I vote for the natural hardwood. Such a beautiful room to prepare meals in. True love!

  119. One thing I try to remember when decorating is the idea of “too many clowns in the room”. Basically this means that you want to have dominant, subdominate and subordinate pieces to make a cohesive whole. As I look at your kitchen now, I see that the green cabinets and striped floor are competing to be the dominant part of the room. So to remedy this I would stain the floor to match the rest of the hardwood in your home.

  120. Christy, I love your painted floor, but I do like the plain stained wood better with the cabinets. It makes the cabinets the star of the kitchen and doesn’t compete. Don’t give up on a painted floor though. Use that technique in a smaller area like a bathroom. It is very unique and would be great in your home.

  121. Go. Buy. Air Conditioner. If I lived closer to Waco, I’d bring one to your house right now. You can always sell it on craigslist when you get your central a/c installed. Btw, I just got a Critter…can’t wait to try iy out!

  122. Hi, I’m back to pester you :^)
    I am in LOVE with the last picture….I assume that is portraying the floor like the rest of the house.
    I can’t believe how much you have accomplished in the 5 weeks I have been absent….you are working too hard girlie!!

  123. Loved the painted floor, but it really does not work as well with the cabinets now. So maybe your DIY error is the worst thing to happen in this process. You have invested so much time, energy, and love into this kitchen that not having something quite right is not an option. I vote for a floor that ties in with the rest of the house and compliments the lovely cabinets,

  124. You have great instincts! You seem to be feeling what many of us are concerned with…………namely, the painted floors, while beautiful alone, don’t quite seem to fit with your gorgeous cabinets and classy lights! Can’t wait to see the hardware on your cabinets and what your final decision about your floor.

  125. Loved the last photo you posted! The green cabinets with that natural color wood floor looked so rich and beautiful together. Third times a charm! :))))). You are doing an awesome job, btw!

  126. I’m chiming in with the choir 🙂 The painted floors do not showcase the luxurious cabinets. I say go with the natural wood and let the cabinets be the focus.

  127. I know what you were trying to do in the beginning but those painted floors are way too country for your beautiful green and gold cabinets! The mock up with the stained floors looks spot on! The natural floors give it such a rich feel, the striped floors are just too casual and bright. That’s just my opinion…but you asked and I gave. Love your determination and experimentation! I am redoing my kitchen this winter and was going to paint it all white… But now I am not so sure because your bright color green is so beautiful!

  128. The natural wood floor and the color of your cabinets look absolutely beautiful…think of the wood as the canvas for the beautiful art you have created.

  129. I love the painted floor, but I agree with everyone else. I love the other hardwood in that kitchen. Could you do the painted floors in another room? Like your bedroom or bathroom?

  130. I absolutely love your painted floor, however, if you cannot live with it in other than pristine condition, then it is the wrong floor for you. This is why I could never have a painted floor as a permanent solution, only as a temporary one.

  131. I agree with the majority. The floors are great by themselves but almost too playful (or cottage-y?) for the elegance of the cabinets.

    But WOW! I love that you never settle! The times that I have settled for good enough-years later I still regret it.
    Your kitchen looks amazing!

  132. When I read the title, I was thinking “Oh no! Not again! How does she do it? Then I read the post and audibly gasped when I saw that last picture. True story. The stained floor makes your cabinets look so rich! As so many have said before, I loved the painted floors, but they lost their pizzaz when used with the green cabinetry. (I even think Cameron’s floors compete with her cabinetry.) I admire your tenacity to take on those floors yet again. I would just give up and yes, it would drive me crazy but I’m not driven like you, unfortunately. I then wondered how you would be able to sand so close to the cabinetry or even underneath the toe kick with the “feet” you’ve added. Wow. I wish you the best on this new challenge and please treat yourself to an A/C unit. As everything else you’ve tackled, it will come out beautifully. You have such a gift! Thank you for taking us on this journey and considering our input.

  133. My vote is 100% definitely for the wood floors. It makes the room look much richer and elegant. However, if you love a painted floor, then go with it. I would switch the pattern though. I think the stripes are too busy and distracting for this room. Plus, it just seems way too casual for the cabinetry and lighting fixtures.

  134. I think a darker floor anchors the cabinets. I don’t think it matters if it’s stained or painted – but darker would marry the cabinets to the ground. Now that you’ve discovered gold leafing….. you could gold leaf a design on the floor. Something central or some detail in the corners. Maybe a design that relates to the cabinets. Something under the spindels to point the eye back up. Just a thought. I can tell you like to play around with your design and that could be fun!

  135. I originally loved the painted floors version 2, but now seeing it with the white back splash, and the sorta grey of the concrete counter tops, I thought that maybe hardwood flooring would bring some warmth into it. I love your little photoshopped mock up.

  136. I love your painted floor. However, your cabinets are grand and elegant. They are GOLD-LEAFED even. They need the simple, but elegant wood floor. 🙂

  137. I’ve read almost every reply and saw some good points, most notably that the feel of the more casual floor to more elegant cabinets may not be the best mesh. However, I still sort of lean the painted route, but maybe with an alteration to the design. In my mind, if the floor had more of a boxed in outline, just as the cabinets do with the gold leaf, this might just make sense. I wish I knew anything about photoshop, but maybe you or someone else can draw this out: See how you have the taupe stripe running along at least the right edge of the room? Can you keep that color and stripe going around the room for the entire perimeter? I’d first try following the lines of the base cabinets, as opposed to trying to make an actual box shape with only 4 sides. Oh, and then run gold metallic paint around that stripe where you currently have the 2 thin white stripes within that taupe stripe. Please try it out!

  138. I like the look of traditional natural or stained hardwood as in the rest of your home. They don’t compete with your beautiful cabinets. I think the painted floor would be gorgeous in the bedroom.

  139. While I love your painted kitchen floor, I think wood floors would compliment your cabinets more. I also think the tones in the wood would play up the brass accents to much better advantage. I would love that floor in my kitchen with my white cabinets, but think it distracts from the look I think you are wanting from your kitchen. You’ve done a terrific job.

  140. Your kitchen cabinets are elegant, but your floors seem to compete. Since you have an opportunity to rethink, I agree with those who think that stained wood is the way to go. If you can, beg, borrow or steal samples of wood flooring, especially flooring a few shades darker than the one you show. I think a bit darker floor would ground your cabinets and let those gorgeous light fixtures stand out. Whatever you choose, I’m sure I’ll be impressed. And please, take care of yourself in the heat–lots of water, frequent breaks, and an air conditioner in the breakfast room all sound good to me. Brava.

  141. Plain wood floors! They look great with the cabinets and go well with the other details in the room. The other design was beautiful, but too busy with all of the other details. I can’t believe how much you get done around there. I feel so lazy in comparison. You are an inspiration!

  142. Love your beautiful “Shabby Chic” floors but not loving them in your beautiful kitchen. I think I would look into a tile that looks like wood that matches your existing floors and lay them in a herringbone pattern. The tile with tight grout lines would be so much easier to maintain in a kitchen, but then again you have proved to not be the least bit afraid of a little work.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and hard work.

  143. The painted floor, while lovely, to me never felt quite right for the space. Let your beautiful cabinets shine and keep the floors simple.

  144. I really like the stained finish mock up pic of your floors. They add a richness to the room adding to the luxurious feel.

  145. I think a cerused finish on the natural colored floor would be lovely! I think the whitish color would tie the back splash in whereas leaving the floors natural may make the back splash look a little too stark. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  146. I hated the idea of green cabinets to start with, but kept my comments to myself. Now that they are almost done, if you would use the rich dark stain on the floors, you couldn’t get me out of that kitchen with a stick of dynamite.

  147. The painted floor looks nice but seems “country kitchen” to me whereas the cabinets do not. I think something different would look better … but I don’t know what that would be!

  148. I’d Stain the floors to match the wood stain you use in rest of the house. Get the rest of the house finished (or a greater amount done) before deciding to change it. This way you can move on to the rest of the the big projects which might reveal a new idea for those floors.

  149. Yes, yes, yes to the regular stained floor. The painted floor, while it looks nice, just competes with the cabinets for attention plus it makes the kitchen look too busy. You’ve got a gorgeous finished look on the cabinets. Let them be the star and apply the KISS rule to the floor. Keep it simple sweety!

  150. I will always choose the stained (Waterlox) floor over a painted floor. It just looks much more elegant to me.

    How are you managing without central AC?!? And when will you get it? It would be on the top of my list. This heat is unrelenting.

  151. I love the 2nd version of the painted floors but I think the photoshopped wood really makes the green cabinets pop. So I guess the question I would ask is do you want the cabinets to compete with the floors? I didn’t think the painted floors would draw my eye from the green, but they really do. Not in a horrible way, but they stand out more than the solid wood.

  152. I realized that part of what makes Gwen’s kitchen work in the inspiration is the dark floor. It doesn’t compete with the green, and makes the whole thing look sophisticated. I think a dark stain, or at least the shade you’ve shown as a possibility, makes the most sense. It will anchor the room. You’ve already got high contrast going with the backsplash/counters and the cabinets, I think something that disappears a bit on the floor is just what this needs.

    The painted floor would be beautiful in a simpler and less high traffic area. If there is anything I appreciate about your blog, it is that you insist on getting things just the way you want them. You show us the mistakes and how to course correct. That is such a unique trait.

  153. Between the gold on the cabinets and the herringbone on the walls there is already enough going on in the room. The striped floors detract from the classiness of the rest of the look. The floor and the back splash in the original design that you chose were unusual but solid surfaces and did not give off the appearance of an additional pattern. You did a real pretty job on the floor but the wood toned floor would look much richer. After 19 homes I have discovered that you can’t put everything you love into one home let alone one room of a home. Just because you love it doesn’t mean it will work together with all of the other elements. Mostly I’ve learned that trial by error. But, your house, you get to choose.

  154. I love all elements individually, but together, I say return to unpainted … the striped (“ticking”) look is too country farmhouse for your gorgeous, sophisticated cabinets.

  155. I did not read the other comments before commenting this time….didn’t want to be influenced by others with an honest answer. (will read them after commenting : ) I personally and if it were my kitchen…I would want the hard wood. I like painted floors but not sure I would want it in this kitchen with those gorgeous cabinets. I would love those floors in my sun room or other such room. But this is my personality and would suit me…everything you have ever done I have liked but not necessarily for me. So this is something only you can decide…….Others give opinions but only you have to live in your house….others opinions help you to see what you want and are very helpful in deciding this…this one thing I can be sure of…whatever you do will be beautiful….you always come through with beauty…

  156. I commend you for keeping a positive attitude and being able to roll with this setback. I know peeling back that paper and seeing the discoloration had to be so incredibly disappointing, but I honestly think this is a blessing in disguise. I think your current floors are too beachy casual for the stunning gorgeous-ness that is your cabinets. It would have been hard to justify redoing the floors if they were in perfect shape, but since you have to redo them anyway, I definitely vote for a rich stain that will complement, and not compete with, your cabinetry. Amazing work, as always, girl! You should be so proud of yourself. And I definitely vote for purchasing an a/c unit for the breakfast room. Money well spent in my opinion!

  157. I like the floors, but now that the cabinets are painted, they don’t seem to have the same feel as the cabinets. I could see those floors with white cabinets and a more rustic, farmhouse kitchen. But the green and the gold leaf is more edgy and glamorous than the khaki and white stripes.IMHO.

  158. Kristi, I’m so, SO sorry you’re having so much trouble with this project! Some of ’em just come out that way, don’t they?
    I have to agree with most commenters (I didn’t read ALL the comments!) that the stained floors look better. My first thought when I saw the striped floors with the green cabinets and herringbone tile was “looks busy!”. But the pic with the stained floor looks just right!

  159. Instead of the painted floor, why not take the floors back to the beginning, and then paint a gold stripe like what is on your doors and doors? I love your cabinet color! They need something beautiful to stand on!!!

  160. I love the stained floors – the painted ones were nice, but when I saw the photo of the stained floor, I liked it so much better. I absolutely love the green cabinets and so admire your style and the way you embrace new, bold decisions! 🙂

  161. Wow! You have already gotten a crap ton of comments, but I’ll leave my two cents anyway. I don’t like the floor stripped with the cabinets, I think it looks like you’ve got way too much going on. Although I do love both the cabinets and the floors separately. I think the cabinets will have a nice updated classy vibe with a more toned down floor, whatever that means to you. Good luck and I feel for you for having to go through all of this pain!

  162. Cabinets are gorgeous & too rich for painted floors. Beautiful woodtone would be best in my opinion. Painted floors are too casual for the gorgeous cabinets.

  163. I will jump on the bandwagon too, go with the stained floors. I love the stripes, just not with your cabinets; the stripes are too casual with such eligance. Every time I saw the stripes with the cabinets I would wish you had stained floors. I hate this has happened; but I suspect you would have finished the kitchen and ended up redoing the floors anyway 🙂 That’s one of the things I admire about you. If you make a mistake you “woman up” to it and correct it. It is a wonderful lesson to all of us on so many levels.

  164. I love the painted floor and I hate oak floors in kitchens. BUT – looking at these pictures I think you should match the floor to the rest of the floors in the house. I think it is because the cabinets have an elegant look to them that doesn’t go with the cottagey feel of the painted floor.

  165. Go simple. You don’t need the floor and cabinets to compete. The hardwood look is best, then your cabinets will stand out more!

  166. you probably don’t need another opinion but you asked. I love, love, love the floors and I love, love, love the cabinets, just not together. Love your work and that you share so much with us. I know that whatever you decide will be so perfect. You decided on the subway tile despite your original reservations that it was too popular, maybe you will need to use the same thinking for the floors.

    1. Ummm…. you may have your answer by now (ha ha ha), but… I absolutely LOVED the painted floor and agree it’d be fabulous for the breakfast room, or another area. The cabinets look amazing and are the star of the show! Let them have the spotlight!

      Kristi, I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to have a large audible gasp when I read the topic of this post of yours! You are one absolutely amazing human. Just can’t wait to continue this journey with you – every new episode is an adventure in itself! Well done!

  167. Your cabinets are just stunning, and the back splash also adds to your beautiful kitchen. However, It’s just my opinion, but the painted floor seems to compete for attention. I would love to see you go with the same stained flooring you have in the rest of your home.

  168. Cabinets are so spectacular and although the floor is beautiful it detracts from the cabinets. They are 2 different styles and I think the floor stained wood would be a better option to have the cabinetry be the WOW factor!!! LOVE your bold choice of green cabinets!!!!

  169. Plain wood. No question. The cabinets are so pretty, the floor is a bit distracting. A medium tone wood would be a wonderful anchor and backdrop for the green/white/gold.

  170. I am just glad I don’t have that problem; I love them both. Do you know what the floor was of your inspiration room? If you really like a pattern/color on the floor but the overall look isn’t sitting well in your heart, perhaps a softer, closer color blend in a harlequin pattern? I also can’t remember how you were going to tie the kitchen and breakfast room together.

  171. Yep, I agree with the majority here. I truly do LOVE the painted floor, but it was competing for the attention of your cabinets which are GEORGOUS. I didn’t notice until you showed the difference with the last picture. On the bright side, if you do decide to go with the natural floor, it should be alot easier once you’ve sanded it not to have to tape it all off again!

    You’re amazing! Keep up the great work!!

  172. Boy girl, you are going to be sorry you asked. Now you have to spend time reading all of these!! Haha!! I agree with so many that your cabinets are just gorgeous, your floors are gorgeous, and the work you do is gorgeous also. But, I think the floors aren’t the best option for this room!! I really love painted floors, but, I have to admit, your beautiful work on the cabinets need to be the focal point. Great job!! Can’t wait to see what you decide!!!

  173. I think you have your answer and your work cut out! The painted floor cheapens the amazing work you’ve put into the cabinets. Each beautiful on their own but competing together. Your design esthetic is spot on – like others, whatever you decide, it will look fantastic!

  174. I didn’t read all the other comments because I didn’t want to clutter my mind with everyone’s great ideas. My thought is that it is too busy and draws the eye away from the beautiful cabinets, and I do love the cabinets with the columns and front legs. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

  175. I’m so sorry your floors have that nastiness showing up. I like the natural wood the best, too, like the gazillion previous comments. But then I am biased as I have oak hardwoods in my house. I do like the way the warmth of the wood brings out the gold leaf on the cabinets. I just can’t fathom how much work it will be to sand them down and re-do the floors, especially with everything installed. Good luck, it will be beautiful whatever you decide!

  176. I love the painted floor, but I love the unpainted and waterloxed wood more. The painted floor, while gorgeous and creative, seems very beachy and casual, something you’d be more likely to see in a sun porch on the coast. The waterloxed (unpainted) wood seems more in keeping with the rest of your house and your kitchen — elegant but relaxed.

  177. I love the wood floor – I think it makes the whole room look richer. Love the cabinets too…didn’t think I would but like most of what you do…I end up loving it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  178. I agree, The green cabinets with that natural color wood floor looked so rich and beautiful together!

  179. With 248 comments and counting you know at this point that not going with the painted striped floor is unanimous! I will say one thing. Try to have the same look/ stain in your wood floors throughout your entire house it you can. Having all your flooring the same makes a house look larger that it is.

  180. I have been silently following your progress since you bought your house! And I have been so impressed with what you’ve done so far…as far as the kitchen floors go, I think they are amazing on their own. BUT, with those stunning cabinets, I feel like it’s too busy and they take away from what should be the focus. I absolutely love the look of the hardwood with them! Could you put the floor somewhere else in the house?


    I don’t care about all the talk about it stealing the attention – first of all, all this green around it is way too much for the floor to seriously compete with – at most you could make the pattern a bit more subtle. And second, that stained floor is so dark and glum and sucks the light out of your kitchen!!! To me it steals way more from the cupboards than the current floor does. Not to mention that it transforms your green from the bold statement it represents by today’s standards, to something old and heavy that reminds me of grandmas… 🙁

    But please, please, please, if you do destroy the pretty floor, at least use it somewhere else in the house!

  182. I’m another vote for wood floors matching the rest of the house. While the painted looks nice I don’t like it as much with the finished cabinets. I’ve been waiting for the completed picture though because you always seem to pull it off in the end.

  183. Hi Kristi!
    Boy do I feel sorry for you to have to do over the floors again. But, as beautiful as they are, I’ve been thinking that they just don’t complement the lovely green cabinets well.
    I’m thinking that a pickled wood floor look might be perfect….something to pick up the tone of the concrete and complement the tile. (Are you still thinking of doing something similar to your interior doors?)
    I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you decide.

  184. The cabinets are fabulous. Cerused floor, darker, like your inspiration room. Fabulous! Ties the kitchen and the breakfast room together. Why reinvent the wheel? The green cabinets can stand up to that amazing floor. Your work is WONDEFUL, and I totally look forward to your accounting at the end of the day. You are amazing. Cuddo’s to you!

  185. This is such a luxurious, rich looking room. I think that richer, darker floors would fit in with the overall look. You could achieve a darker floor either with paint or stain — I think either would work.

    As a reader, I really appreciate it when you admit when something doesn’t quite have the result that you expected, and then you detail your steps to fix it. I have so much respect and admiration for you. Keep on staying real!

  186. Kristi, I think we all know where this is going….. You and a sander on your knees until waaay past midnite! It’s obvious that the painted floor doesn’t work and was never going to, as someone said above, “it’s just too much paint in one place” . Having one flowing floor surface throughout the home is a much better idea, not only for the kitchen but also how it affects the look of the other rooms. But do yourself a favor and cover and tape up those painted floors and get the rest of the kitchen done first, then tackle those floors. It will be much less heart and back breaking if you can look at the rest of that beautiful kitchen while you’re down on bended knee scraping and sanding those floors back to their wood origins. I admire your tenacity and your seemingly boundless energy but if you need any help, I’ll bet that there are plenty of your fans in your area of Texas who would be there in a flash to do a little sanding for you or with you. Please ask for their help, I’m worried about your back and your level of exhaustion! And also, I’ve got nothin but love for you over here in Alabama!

  187. Kristi, run and get that extra room airconditioner for yourself immediately! Consider it a power tool, just like a sander, Dremmel tool, compressor or ban saw. Remodeling is what you do for a living and it’s important to have the right tools. And having lived in Texas for three years, an airconditioner is a necessity. Later on you can use in your work shop or garage on an as needed basis or resell to recoup costs. But for now, it’s a requirement so you don’t get heat stroke, my dear!

  188. Love the cabinets! I agree
    with above…get an air conditioner. Your FLOORS….simple like rest of house. The floors will frame Your cabinets…your decorating.

  189. I really love the striped floor but the photo of the wood floor actually looked a bit better with those beautiful cabinets. My suggestion is to paint a striped area rug under your table area in your breakfast room. You could edge it in gold to tie into the kitchen cabinet gold. Since it would be painted it wouldn’t be a tripping/rolling hazard for Matt and other guests. Believe me, I’m not a decorator so this idea might be nuts but I do love that floor and would hate for you to totally lose it.

  190. I will throw my vote in with the almost 300 others….the stained floor is amazing with the cabinets. I raved and raved about the painted floor but a picture is worth a thousand words. PS. I would get that A/C today! 😀

  191. I think that a continuous wood floor would look nice. It helps to make small spaces look larger and less choppy. It would also not compete for the attention of your lovely cabinets. It’s also classic and would not go out of style. Keep Cool oh Creative One – August is coming to Waco!! (Being Hot can mess with your mind. LOL)

  192. Love love love the green cabinets but I agree the floor is to easy breezy for the bold elegant green and brass of the cabinets. My vote is for a natural stain wood floor. By the way your blog is the highlight of my day I love to read and see what you have done. Keep posting and inspiring!!!!

  193. Seeing your beautiful cabinets with the simple hardwood floors before them was like looking at a jewel in its perfect setting.

  194. I LOVE your cabinets!!! They are the focal point of your kitchen!!! I would go with the wood floors. Makes the cabinets stand out!!! The painted floor would show wear and tear where you work the most. You would hate that eventually!! I am sorry you have to redo them, but it will be beautiful in the end!!!

  195. Decorative cabinets need a simple floor. I vote for all one color of wood though I love your daring personality!

  196. I didn’t have time to read ALL the comments above, but I can tell what the general gist is — that the painted floors don’t complement the green cabinetry as well as wood does. I agree, and I have some thoughts on why.

    Firstly, I think the two elements (green cabinets, striped floors) have a totally different vibe. The cabinets are striking and super elegant. The floors are soft, casual, country. They’re both lovely in their own different ways, but they clash.

    Secondly, I think that bright white isn’t the direction to go with the bold, moody cabinets. Something richer would work better. Something with some warm tones, maybe, to play off the gold.

    Stained wood floors aren’t your only choice — you could use different shades of stain to create a pattern, or experiment with a metallic glaze, or go dark dark dark with the stain. Personally, I always like floors that flow to link spaces and create cohesion — I think it lets you go bolder with other differences. (And the cabinets are really bold.) But I know you’ve worked hard to make EVERY element of this kitchen, including the floors, original and special. So maybe you feel like a plain stained wood floor isn’t special enough for your striking, exciting kitchen? I remember that you wanted a copper backsplash, and I wonder if you could use a copper metallic glaze, mixed somehow with stain (or thinly applied over stain, then sealed with poly) to incorporate that copper look?

  197. I like the idea of hardwood flowing through the whole house (besides the bathroom of course) but I’m unsure how durable a wood floor in the kitchen would be.

  198. So glad you brought this up! Although I liked the floor in the beginning, now that the cabinets are done, I don’t think it goes well together. I think the cabinets are such a show-stealer that the floor should be as plain as possible. The wood makes it stand out SO WELL!!!

  199. Definately the hardwood… it makes the cabinets, POP! The white floor is pretty but let the cabinets be the belle of the ball!

  200. Girl, those cabinets should have Top Billing! Those things are awesome! In my opinion, a wood floor would blend with the background and allow those cabinets to shine! No matter what you decide, you are a rock star and you have skills! Wish I could do half the things you’ve done!:)

  201. Oh Kristie, leave the floor the natural wood, it will give the kitchen a more oppulent, expensive feel but hasnt cost the earth!!

  202. I love the painted floor and I love your cabinets but I don’t think they go together. The cabinets are total glam, and the floors lessen the impact. I do like someone’s idea about painting a gold trim around the edge that matches the look of the cabinets…

  203. I like the painted. I know the consensus is to do natural hardwood. But I prefer your painted floors. Maybe a slight color change to whiten them. I know your sealer yellows slightly. But I think it actually warms the room up and makes it feel inviting and cozy. I don’t think it detracts at all. The whole room is amazing!

  204. I like the painted floor. If there’s a way to sand and repair those spots, that’s what I’d do.

    Poll again in a month and everyone will want you to paint the floor again.