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My (re)Painted Kitchen Floor — Striped Floor Version 2.0

So here’s how my day went yesterday.  As usual, I got up at 6:30 and began looking through my pictures that I had taken of my project the day before (my painted kitchen floor that I worked on for two days).  I chose a few pictures I wanted to share with you, edited the pictures, and wrote my post.  As soon as I hit “publish” on that post, I was anxious to head into the kitchen to look at my new painted floor in the light of the new day.

As soon as I removed the plywood that I was using to block the doorway, and I took a look at the floor, the very first thought in my head was, “That reminds me of a high school gymnasium floor.”

Ugh.  It was something about the light/medium toned natural wood and the painted lines that just screamed “gym floor” to me.

And once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.  Needless to say, “high school gym floor” wasn’t exactly the look I was going for in my kitchen.  So immediately after breakfast, I headed back into the kitchen with my sander and a full 15-count package of 60-grit sanding discs to undo my two days of hard work and start over.

Four rolls of painters tape and 13.75 hours later (I finished at 12:30 this morning), I had a new painted floor.

painted striped hardwood floor - version 2 - 1

painted striped hardwood floor - version 2 - 2

painted striped hardwood floor - version 2 - 3

Aahhhh…so much better.  This is what I had wanted all along.

So where did this all go wrong?  Well, let’s just say that this whole thing was a learning experience…again.  A hard lesson learned…again.  This was a lesson I had already learned on several occasions, but evidently those other times didn’t stick because I wound up with a floor that looked like a high school gym.

And what is that lesson, you ask?  The lesson is to trust your gut, and don’t let others’ opinions sway you and make you second guess your plan when you know what you want.

I have a very definite plan — a vision — in my head of my finished kitchen, and that vision includes a striped painted floor in these two colors (Behr Oyster and Behr Polar Bear).  I’m pretty sure 100% of the people who comment on my blog were completely on board with me painting my floor when I still had the old wood.  But as soon as I put down the new wood, that changed.

When I put down the new wood, but mentioned that I still planned to paint the floor with stripes, the comments and emails started coming.

“I can’t believe you’re going to paint that floor!”

“Paint should only be used on old wood floors that are beyond repair, but not on new wood floors.”

“Paint on floors should only be used as a temporary measure on old floors until you can get new floors.”

“Kristi, please reconsider your plan to paint that wood floor!”

“That floor is so pretty.  Are you sure you want to paint it?”

“I think you should just seal it like you did the rest of the house, and have one continuous floor throughout.”

And so forth and so on.

And somewhere along the way, I let those comments get into my head to the point where I felt guilty about painting the new wood floor.  But I still wanted a striped floor.  So I tried to reconcile the two, and I ended up with a gymnasium floor.

So learn from my experience.  No one else has the vision that you have for your home.  They can’t see the “final picture” that you have tucked away in your brain.  And even if you implement that final picture and others don’t like it, it doesn’t matter.

And most importantly, don’t take others’ arbitrary decorating rules to heart.

“New wood floors should not be painted.”

“Kitchen cabinets should never be painted green.”

“Old wood furniture should never be painted.  If you don’t like it like it is, then leave it for someone else who will appreciate it.”

“Original oak trim should be left alone.”


You want to know my decorating rule?  It’s your house, and your stuff, so do what you want to with it.

If you want to buy a 100 year old Victorian filled to the brim with dark, depressing oak trim and walls, and you want to take a paint brush to all of that oak and paint it bright white (or purple, or hot pink for that matter), then do it.

If you want to buy a quintessential mid century modern house and decorate it like a beach cottage, go for it.

If you’ve acquired an antique dresser and you want to paint it orange, then that’s exactly what you should do.

And when people start trying to fill your head with their arbitrary decorating rules like, “You should never paint the original oak trim in a 100-year-old Victorian,” then you just smile, and then go grab your paint brush.

If I sound upset this morning, believe me, the only person I’m angry at is myself for not following my gut and not trusting my vision.  Add that to the fact that I’ve spent the last three days crawling around on the floor of my kitchen on my hands and knees, and I’m exhausted and sore all over.

I need rest.  And a massage.  And then I need to polyurethane my new, beautiful (to me) painted oak floor.

I’m sure once I get some rest today, I’ll be back to my usual self tomorrow.  🙂



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  1. You said it – So. Much. Better. I really like this version and feel it won’t compete with all the other wonderful things you have planned for this kitchen! Still can’t wait to see those countertops!

    1. I agree! I like this much better than your first try. And they are your floors, do as you wish! You live in it day in and day out. Follow your heart!

  2. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! so much better than the compromised version. Go big or go home! Great job Kristi! You have great decorating instincts,..trust them!!

    1. Ok so …I wasn’t sure about the other floor either, but I LOVE the new look!!!!!! Can’t wait to see it all done with cabinets in etc.!

  3. Yes! You go girl. I need to hear these words occasionally – I am painting all of the 90’s honey oak in my house and I try to smile at all of the comments I receive, but it gets hard. This IS my house, I make the mortgage payments, I will complete my vision. You are my role model and hero.

  4. O-M-G! First, let me repeat what I said yesterday: WHO CARES if it’s new floors or old floors if you can’t enjoy them the way you wanted to?

    And on to today, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! And it’s not because I’m biased towards painted floors or stripes, I’m indifferent to both. But this is so great. I love it! And I love you right now for actually going through all the trouble and hard work and against all the should and shouldn’t s! I’m sure the kitchen is going to turn awesome no matter which way you choose to go, but I admire you even more for going your own way!

    Also, rest – I imagine you are feeling like dying right now…

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this floor. I liked the other one (besides the green stripes) but this floor, LOVE!

  6. Kristi,
    I love the floor. I didn’t so much love the “gym” floor, though I really tried. But this….LOVE. But more than that, I want to thank you. I feel as if you were speaking directly to me in this post. The house we are living in currently, is almost “finished.” My husband and I are looking around for our next project. I live on the east coast, in an area that sports so many older homes with that dark woodwork. I hate it. I like things light and bright. But I thought, “How many people would have a fit if I bought a house and painted all of that woodwork?” You gave me the courage to decide to do what I love and throw everyone’s opinion out the door. It’s funny how we evolve, isn’t it? Thank you!

  7. I LOVE the striped floor! And also the realization that we have permission to do whatever we want with our homes and our stuff. People can have their own opinion without always having to burden others with it!

  8. Amen! It is your house so do what makes YOU happy!!! It kills me to see people comment about what you should/shouldn’t do. It always makes me wonder what their house looks like 😉

    1. I agree Becca,
      but to be fair …
      Kristi often does ask for feedback – this is a wonderfully supportive and responsive blog, we all ADORE AND RESPECT Kristi…
      and nearly everyone who said ‘don’t paint the floors’ followed with ‘but whatever you do will be awesome’…
      So it’s kinda hard if only one half of what you say gets heard 😉 (I too am guilty of this and get mad with myself too as a result!)
      Much love. I am constantly amazed
      Claire x
      PS I did not comment on the ‘gym floor’ but I honestly believe you could’ve made it work! I liked it, but LOVE this 😉

  9. You are absolutely right–it’s your floor and your house. And personally, I agree that this floor looks much better than yesterday’s. 🙂 Good decision!

  10. I know you must be aching all over. . . such a tough job to do. . . . however, I love this version so much better. I love everything you do! Get that much deserved massage and some pats on the back! Can’t wait to see the final finished project.

  11. This looks great Kristi!!! I’m glad you followed your gut. I didn’t comment yesterday because it just didn’t appeal to me and I thought to each his own and she can make anything look amazing. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying seeing your posts!!

  12. I have been lurking around your blog for several months. Every time I read your blog, I am truly amazed at everything you do and go a bit green with envy wishing that I had the means to do some of the things that you do. I have to say though, I wasn’t a fan of the previous floor. But this, this floor has drawn me out of Lurkerdom and made me post. I love this new floor. It’s perfect and it screams you! I can imagine it with your green cabinents. It’s light and bright and with the cabinets it is going to be totally epic. Just remember, you know yourself best. If this is what you wanted in the first place, then go for it. Don’t let the Negative Nelly’s get you down. It’s your dream, so fulfill it.

    That is all. Back to Lurkerdom.

  13. WOW!! Kristi, that looks amazing. I am so glad you decided to change it to the vision you had originally. It really is amazing how we can be influenced by what other people say – Peer Pressure to the MAX!
    When it comes down to it, all of us need to do what makes us happy in our own homes. No one else is going to be living with our decisions.

    Bravo to you for doing what you want and not trying to conform into what others think you should do!

  14. I’m so glad you repainted your floors! They look absolutely beautiful now! I wasn’t sure what was off about the old stripes…but now that you mention it, yes, I can see the gym floor. The new design reminds me of fabric. It seems so much more soft and welcoming. I can’t wait to see it with the cabinets!

  15. Love the new floor. I wasn’t too crazy about the gym floor, but I figured you knew what you were doing, as everything always turns out so beautifully. I really am tired of people and their obsession with leaving wood unpainted. It’s wood. It can be stripped and sanded. I know of someone who won’t paint their 70’s picture frame paneling because it’s “beautiful wood.” Sigh! So glad you followed your heart!

  16. I look at all your posts because I think you have incredible vision and are amazing with power tools in decorating…and I don’t usually comment. But after looking at your first post of painting your old floor…and tgen what you ended up doing all I could think is what happened? The original idea was AMAZING!! Cannot tell you how fabulous your new painted floors look and how great it is you returned to your original vision!! 🙂

  17. Absolutely beautiful and so so you!! This is like your inspiration floor you shared with us a few weeks ago. I don’t agree at all with those who say hardwood floors should not be painted. Hardwood floors are put down for years and years of durability…..how they are fininshed is what makes each homeowner smile when they walk into their home!!

  18. I really love the new painted wood floors. The are calmer than the first ones. Your house your rules.

  19. I like this SO MUCH better than the floor with the green stripe! I kept thinking the green stripe was painter’s tape, haha. Good for you for following your gut. You’re the one that will be living there and with that kitchen.

  20. I admit I kinda tilted my head and went “hmm” when I saw the green-striped floor but like you say, it’s your house and you’re the one who has to live in it. That being said, I LOVE the new version. it’s a hardwood floor and a rug all at the same time!

  21. I like this a lot better than yesterday’s version. I’m patiently (NOT) waiting for the cabinet painting project.

  22. I LOVE this. You done good. Only suggestion to make for future projects is something we do in textile art. SAMPLE. Do a small area, so the redo isn’t so exhausting. This is simply beautiful. It’s going to be stunning with the light counters and Emerald(ish) cabinets.

  23. I just love this! I read yesterday’s post and thought oh no, then it thought she’s going to change that. Glad you did. It looks way way way better. Good for you to recognize when something is not working and fixing it. It’s your house after all and you have to live in it. Gut feelings are seldom wrong. Cheers.

  24. Yay! This is definitely what I pictured when you showed the colors you were using. I LOVE it!!! I cannot wait to see your completely finished kitchen! I know it’ll be absolutely amazing! I don’t always like everything you pick, but it is your house… besides, I usually end up loving the over-all finished look. 😉 Keep up the good work!

  25. Whew! I didn’t want to criticize your previously striped floor, but your decorating instincts and style are so often right on, and that just didn’t seem to be “you”. I’m relieved and really like your re-do. I’m sorry you are so tired and I’m glad you didn’t let the thought of all that work deter you from plowing ahead and getting what you really wanted. I’m filled with admiration! Well done.

  26. Honey, this is marvelous and I am one of those who said…NEVER PAINT~! a new wood floor. I must admit it looks great…you are a trooper m’love….hangest thou in there…

  27. I love the new floor. This way is perfect and I agree with you 100%! Do what you love, it’s your home!!!! Can’t wait to see the green kitchen cabinets!!! =)


  28. I love this! It looks like one big rug in the pictures. I can’t wait to see your vision come to fruition!!
    It’s going to be gorgeous. You are very talented with great taste. I hope you learned your lesson on letting people in your head because I love seeing all of YOUR projects and YOUR creativity you have with YOUR house! It’s very inspiring.

  29. Phew…..I really did not like the previous floors but kept thinking, well, you love everything else she does, so wait and see what it looks like when the rest of the kitchen is done, as Kristi kept saying. Now I think you kept saying that to convince yourself that it would look better! Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ADORE WANT NEED the new design. Two things I learned. Go with your gut, but if you don’t like it stop trying to convince yourself you will and redo. Thanks!

  30. I’m so glad you repainted the kitchen floor, my first thought was it looked like an old gym floor and it was the first thing you every did that I didn’t like. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the repainted floor and I love the fact you aren’t afraid to admit you don’t like it and start all over. You have inspired me to do so much with my own home that my hubby is actually getting on board with my DIY’s & when I show him your blog and what you have done he no longer doubts that I can do it too! AWESOME job!

  31. I love your blog. Yesterday looking at that painted floor I was really disappointed because I normally LOVE everything you do. And I thought maybe I just wasn’t getting it. That being said, I am glad you went with your gut because I absolutely love the way they turned out this time! You have such a great designing mind you should ALWAYS go with your gut!! Can’t wait to see the final product 🙂

  32. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The pattern you devised is awesome, too. So much better painted this way IMO.

  33. I wasn’t feeling the floor you posted yesterday, something about the contrast with the green and the oak – just didn’t look right to me. I think you nailed it, with the gym floor comment. Once you see it that way, your mind wouldn’t ever have seen anything else. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new floor. Can’t even imagine the painstaking work that went in to painting it, sanding it and doing it all over again (with SOOO much tape – you are WAY more patient than I am) but the results are stunning! Gorgeous! And thank you for reiterating my thoughts on not listening to others. I’m in the process of painting 12 rooms with thick heavy 1990’s oak crown moulding and trim. Every time I think “maybe i should keep it, it really is nice oak, its just so dark”. Then I paint it white or off white, and people come in and ask if we raised the ceilings or what looks so different – everything looks brighter and bigger and happier. Its your house, you gotta live there, make it YOUR happy place. Great job!!

  34. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the floors the second time around. I have also made mistakes like this and I did learn that you have to do what YOU love. I have green walls in my kitchen and metallic blue walls in my dining room and I LOVE them both. As a Realtor who comes from a family of Realtors…I get the comment of “neutral” colors in my house for resale…but I am living in my house for resale value!! My dad cringes every time he comes to my house – which is often because I host EVERY family gathering – as he only sees the green walls as a deterrent for selling my home….and my home is NOT for sale UGH!!! Anyway, the floors are beautiful and I commend you for the job well done and for going with your gut and taking the time to re-do them!!

  35. I’m so Happy you went with your gut…….These are beautiful, just beautiful, and I can’t wait to see them with the green cabinets! It’s easy for me to say but it was so worth the 13.75 hours you put into changing them! 🙂 Get some rest, and a massage. You’ve earned it!

  36. Well said, well done. Just started following your blog, but it love it. You are honest, funny and inspiring. Thank you for all the wisdom and wittiness. Can’t keep a Texas girl down!

  37. There is nothing mystical-magical sacred about wood grain. Watch the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm about Respecting Wood and laugh. I am going to restain our stair treads and paint the risers to match the trim and balusters like I see in numerous magazines and I am not going to worry one second that I am violating the sacred wood grain of the poor risers. It is that kind of attitude that gets us unattractive brown stained wood interior trim and entire homes that are awash in brown!

    Your floor is beautiful! Congratulations!

  38. I LOVE these floors. They look great. I love the pattern you chose.
    I think, in this case, painting the floors was the best decision (and it’s what you really wanted the whole time!) There were just too many opposing factors you were trying to incorporate – your new floors didn’t match the existing floors in the rest of your house, so you didn’t want to leave them. So even though they were new, it didn’t make sense!

  39. Love! I never thought about the gym floor thing, but now that you mention it, I see what you mean. This is much better.

  40. THANK YOU! This looks absolutely beautiful. I literally saw the floors yesterday and thought, “Gym floor” but I didn’t say anything because you know, if you can’t say anything nice… I just figured you’d make it look beautiful like you always do… and that you did! I’m sorry you had to do all of that work to get to this point though. 🙂

  41. Kristi – I have to say – after seeing the pictures yesterday and liking the look, I had this feeling I had seen that painted floor somewhere before. It haunted me all night until I saw the post this morning. It was a replica of my HS gym floor – ha ha ha – had to laugh at the connection. Laugh for me, hard work for you. The new floor truly is absolutely beautiful. The color combo is perfect. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Take the day off, get some rest, enjoy some good food and back at it tomorrow!

  42. This is so much better!!! I didn’t like the first floor and couldn’t figure out why! It’s because it was a gym!! It’s beautiful now!!!

  43. Always remember, it is your home, decorate it for yourself. My grandmother loves lace curtains. My mother-in-law loves Priscilla style curtains. I don’t have any curtains, just blinds. I like their choices also, for them.

    By the way, I think your final choice looks great.

  44. Oh, Kristi! I really did not like the first painted floor, but I didn’t say anything because “what do I know?” plus I don’t want to come across as a hater. But today’s version!! I LOVE it. Whole-hearted. I am sorry you had to go through all that work, but it was certainly worth it.

  45. I agree, I love to paint wood. i like your new version of your floor better. When my parents bought a new home 4 year ago, it came with heavy dark grainy solid oak cabinets and baseboards. My mom knew it was too dark for her to work in. Plus it has dark grey granite counters, and dark grey floors which did not match the wood at all. The first weekend we started painting, we lined up the cainet doors in the driveway to start painting a bright white, and the neighbor literally came out shouting at me to stop painting wood, and tried to wrestle the brush out of my hand!! lol!!

  46. 1. I (originally) agreed with the “it’s awful to put paint on gorgeous wood floors” crowd. 2. I’m always amazed at how much you get done in a single 24-hour period. You’ve painted your floor twice in as many days? Yes, I’m amazed. It would take me weeks to paint it once. 3. WOW!!! I was so wrong about #1. The paint combination on your floor is absolutely lovely. Well done, Kristi. Definitely keep going with your gut…it’s serving you well! 🙂

  47. Not sure that I would have painted new flooring but I think your new stripes is much more pleasing than your first. I remodeled (worked with a contractor) and the process was evolving. I wanted something that would be updated and timeless, yet unique and different. I think it looks beautiful and have had some critics that did not like what others have raved about. Ultimately is do you like it? I am also a realtor and have seen some beautiful homes take a longer time to sell because they personalized too much. So guess what I am saying is be true to yourself but keep in mind that someday you may want to sell and will that be an asset or your albatross. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas and your process

  48. I love how you bravely barrel through every project. Your final results will be spectacular, simply because you have the guts to do it and a good eye for your “vision”. I painted my fairly new wood floors in similar colors as you finally chose, and painted the large kitchen island a green much like what you also chose. Now, I ended up tweaking it a little because I didn’t like the stark contrast. I added a few, small green squares strategically placed around the counters, which coordinated the 2 elements. I also added a soapstone cutting board to my counter top to bring the lighter color to the green island. Add curtains and accessories, plates and food. … wonderful! Is time for a makeover, but I’ll probably do something crazy again, like repainting the floor and cabinets. Hope you get that massage!

  49. I’m so glad that you repainted your floors! Because I believe in your vision and your right to do what you want, I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that you’ve changed your mind, I will admit that I was not feeling the previous look. They look awesome now! I love it!

  50. OK – I saw your post yesterday and seriously hated it but didn’t want to be one of “those” commentors…so I said nothing…today OMG have to say LOVE THIS!!! Kristi – you are amazing and what I love best about you is that you’re not afraid to say “wait a minute – NOPE – hate this” and start again…I am a true believer that you need to go with your gut and no matter how long it takes to get there – you will know it in the end…Congrats on another great project!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. I am totally with Cheryl. I also didn’t comment but thought just to wait and see as I am sure it would look awesome once finished.

      WOW but I LOVE this!! You go girl

    2. Totally agree, didnt want to say something negative. It’s not my home so it didnt matter if I didnt personally love the before. But have to say love this choice way better! Glad u followed your gut as well!

  51. Holy sh.t woman you’re a force to be reckoned with! I can’t believe you started over again – wow.
    Way to go.. totally worth it
    I have been reading on and off for a while and today I truly get why people adore you.
    You are SERIOUS about this stuff and getting it right.

    Mary Beth

  52. I love the new painted floor. We have a 30 yr old oak dining room set that I am dying to paint but my husband keeps telling me that it would be a crime to paint it. Unless he gets to stripping and staining it darker I might win this one 🙂

  53. I hated that floor from yesterday and didn’t have the heart to say anything. Plus I thought your vision would prevail in the end. So glad you went with this new floor. It looks so good.

  54. I like the painted floor, but loved it better without. As others have said, your house your rules, thank you for sharing. You’re my number one blog to go for major ideas, as I feel you do things the “right way” instead of cutting corners. Thanks again.

  55. i did not say this yesterday but i would have said is paint the whole floor and at some point you could sand it if you did not want the painted floors. i love that you painted the floors over it looks so much better.

  56. When I saw the “gym” floor, I thought, hmmm, that doesn’t look like Kristi’s taste. But, I didn’t comment because I really didn’t know what to say – and after all, you had worked so hard on it. I was relieved to see you’ve changed the color – it is now YOU! I love your sense of adventure, admire you tenacity, and appreciate your honesty:)

  57. I love it. Can’t add or take away from any of the other comments. I love it. I admire your determination. I look at my home, revisit my vision from when I bought the house… it has changed some over the years… then I see my basket of yarn and go knit or crochet instead. Maybe soon, I’ll get back on the decorating wagon. Until, then I’ll live vicariously through your blog!

  58. Awesome floors! Yep Yep Yep… listen to your gut- if not- it throws EVERYTHING outta balance! I’ve been struggling with color. But the proof is in the pudding… seriously. I love chocolate pudding brown and espresso and light blues. It has repeated itself in subtle ways. So when my parents came out to visit- she brought me an afghan she had made. Well the colors.. were browns and blues. Which guess what… those colors were in EVERYTHING! Even my tablecloth. Even my garsh darn salt and pepper shakers, old drapes that I had dragged out again because I couldn’t find anything in the stores, even had light blue and brown squiggles in them. 😀 So yeah… follow your gut! I know my decorating just got a little easier. 😀

  59. I love love love this 2.0 version! I kept looking at the other way and feeling like I was in a time warp and praying you weren’t going to decorate with dried flowers and Wicker baskets as well 😉 just kidding
    Your vision is always on point when done and I’m even more excited to see this project complete now

  60. Wow, Girl, sometimes you have my head spinning with all you can accomplish in a day. Love the floor btw.

  61. exactly. Your vision, your life, your house, your work, your sweat………….all yours! It is amazing how many people out there want to voice negative opinions while they are sitting at their keyboards not doing nothing but typing. That’s easy to do……

  62. Love this version, the first time the wood showing seemed a little dark to me. Love what you are doing to follow your dream!

  63. Oh yesssss…..this is beautiful and yesssss it’s your house and MUST be just what you love!! (or you are talked into by your spousal unit :^)
    Blessings to you,

  64. Love the new floor version. Kind of reminds me of an old grain sack stripe which has never really gone out of “style”. Can’t wait for the finished project.
    One question : when do you sleep?

  65. Just reading the comments and “advice” you were getting ate my creative energy. You must have an over abundance of it to take that all in and still be able to move forward. Under your circumstances, I think the only way I could stay productive would be to adopt an “I’ll show you!” attitude. It’s your house, these are your projects you’re sharing. If someone reading would do it different, they should go DO IT different. When you start to second guess yourself because of these types of comments, go look at all your finished projects, then ask the advisor to see some of theirs. Probably only one of you will have them. It’s really easy to sit at a computer and have all the anwers, a little too easy to be real. Trust yourself.

  66. So much better. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when you said you wanted to paint your new floors, but like you said, it was your house (and you usually have a pretty good knack at getting a finished product that looks fantastic). When I saw that you painted it to the “gymnasium floor”, I wasn’t quite sure how much I would like the end product. I definitely had my doubts over the last floor! I can see now that you were just trying to appease two contrasting opinions, but I not really succeeding at either. It’s either all in our all out, and I’m glad you went all in. Looks a million times better (and I love it without that little green stripe).

  67. OMG – I could never undo 2 days of work! I love the original wood and stripes, and I love this. Part of me adores that clean painted look, the other part of my wants to distress it just a tiny bit to let the wood grain show through before sealing it. Either way, it’s your kitchen and your vision, not anyone elses.

    Once again, you amaze me!

  68. Much better!
    The first flooring technique kinda left me feeling…uninspired? This is much better with a classy feel to it.

  69. I find your latest attempt to be the best one. I wasn’t big on the gym floor option. And I couldn’t agree more, do what makes YOU happy.

  70. Now this I love! It looks sophisticate and professional. I’m happy for you that you continued on. Congratulations on your new floor! Fabulous!

  71. so glad you saw the gym look; I couldn’t post because all I saw was a bowling alley with the green stripes. I thought to myself…it’s your home and it may really look great with the green cabinets:-)

    I LOVE the painted look. it will look so sophisticated and comfortable; which is not an easy thing for most of us to accomplish when designing.

  72. Now that is gorgeous! I’m glad you decided to paint the floor, I was hoping you would just go ahead and do it despite the nay-sayers. I wasn’t crazy about first look but I didn’t want to say anything yesterday because I thought hey if she loves it then that is exactly the floor she should have. This is so much more “you” though, simply stunning!

  73. I’m so glad you had the courage and determination to undo all your original work on the floor to make it into exactly what you wanted! You are amazing, truly. I’ve had jobs that didn’t urn out the way I’d hoped, but I was too tired and frustrated to go back to square one and I always regret it. I admire you for all the work you did and I love your beautiful new floor!

  74. Love today’s blog and your take on what you should and shouldn’t paint. Yesterday I was surprised by how you had finished your floor only because it just didn’t look like your style nor did it seem in line with your vision for your kitchen. Way to grab that brush and take charge!

    Today your floor looks just perfect 🙂

  75. LOVE!!! I never really question what you do, because I know that in the end, it always looks great!

    Actually that statement is not entirely true. I actually wonder HOW you continually get down on your hands and knees and do all that work. Taping off that floor and painting those stripes. Doesn’t your body hurt every day?? I’m painting a floor cloth that like the one you posted on your site, and I hurt just from doing the taping. I cannot imagine doing this type of thing regularly. You go girl!!

  76. Hun..I’m so with you on that..I threw things out..that I adored..over other peoples visions..only to buy again..and hear the words..that is so pretty..my momma used to actually scold me..for “not” listening to my gut..lol..who gets in trouble for that..ha..she was a wise women in deed..I say..home is where the heart is..that would be my heart..I think painted floor is georgious girl..need that rule you have on how to make straight lines..lol…oh..and I found my chair for my painted chair project..im using your diy chalk paint recipe…I’m surr it will come out awesome…I already did my plether rocker..I am so amazed..only..no one in my house ( husband and 8 yr old grandson) seems to be as thrilled as I am..lol…I’m having fun following your blog..I litterally can’t wait and check my mail over and over to see what you’ve done..thank you for your time and work to share..

  77. I was definitely disappointed in seeing your first floor. “what was she thinking” is what I was thinking. LOVE this floor. Who cares if it’s new wood? I would have no problem painting it if that was the look I was going for. I think the first floor had to narrow of a pattern and was very contrasting. Would have been a little busy but I “see” your vision. Can hardly wait to see the cabinets!! TRUST your gut!

  78. There’s a reason so many people follow your blog. It’s because you have great taste and fantastic ideas. There will always be a few naysayers. Just ignore them and realize that the rest of us read your blog daily because we LOVE what you do and eagerly await the next amazing idea you come up with.
    While I love the look of warm wood floors, I have to say that your painted floor is incredible. I can’t wait to see your vision all come together.

  79. HATED the gym floor look but not wanting to be a negative Nellie, I didn’t post a comment. I figued I’d wait and see the whole picture once you were ‘there’. This is SO VERY MUCH BETTER!

    As for painting wood…I’m one of those who has paint brushes in every room of my house, just waiting for their turn at the paint cans. If it doesn’t move, I might just paint it. I don’t let others tell me what to do (with one exception – I have not painted the oak table in my dining room because I did promise my friend whose family it belongs to that I wouldn’t…but it’s driving me nuts because I see it creamy white. It’d be so gorgeous…but it’s not technically mine. Sigh…)

    The new and improved painted floor is perfect. I love it. Can’t wait to see your GREEN cabinets in place!

  80. Much better!! And honestly, I can’t wait to see the rest of your kitchen! I love the idea of green cabinets! You go, girl!!

  81. It’s gorgeous! When you showed it yesterday I didn’t comment because I had nothing good to say about it. The painted and unpainted portions together along with the green stripe just looked all wrong to me, but I figured it was your house and you should make it the way you want it. You didn’t need my two cents worth, right? Anyway, I definitely like it better now. Great job.

  82. I was actually really disappointed that you first decided to go with the wood and painted stripes, but I wasn’t going to say anything as you tend to always pull off a very polished unique look. There was something I just didn’t like about it. The colors you chose when talking about your plans originally were gorgeous, and not permanent! If you hate your floors in a few years it seems to me that it is relatively “easy” to change. I am glad you changed your mind even if it was hard work.

  83. I didn’t like how the floor looked yesterday, so glad you decided to paint the whole thing! Wonderful job, as always!!!

  84. Others have already said what’s on my mind…Other people don’t have to live with your choices you do. The home is a canvas to be decorated to how you want it. You can ask us for advice but it’s ultimately your move. I always say to people that make comments on my décor, “Yeah but I love It and there’s the door if you don’t like it !!It is sad that there are some nasty,rude,ugly comments that are pointless.You can do this!!

  85. LOVE IT! Much better. ALWAYS follow your gut… Lessons we learn the hard way! Can’t wait to see that orange dresser,

  86. Love, Love, Love the redo! Just like many have said I wasn’t thrilled with the other however I decided to wait to see it ALL done and come together was my hope of seeing it through your eyes…todays is down right fantastic and I don’t have to wait to see it completed, this is awesome! The total picture is going to be wonderfully beautiful and inspiring! God Bless.

  87. Beautiful to you, and beautiful to me. Great job, Kristi.
    Thank you for taking us along on this amazing journey. I love your blog and can’t wait to check it EVERY (week) day. You amaze me.

  88. I like this SO much better than what you had yesterday. And I went back and looked at the pics from yesterday and it looks JUST LIKE a gymnasium floor! Love the new result.

  89. Didn’t write yesterday because I too was sort of ‘ehhh’ about the striped paint – but today — YES!!! LOVE it!! I think that THIS is absolutely PERFECT!!!

    GREAT JOB for sure!!!

  90. You have inspired me to think about doing something in this same manner but I don’t have hardwood flooring in my house but a subfloor of plywood with either carpet or flooring on top of it. My house has a crawl space so if I were to paint my floor what would you suggest to put on top of the subfloor that would be acceptable to paint and then paint a pattern.

    I love you ideas and thanks for sharing!


  91. Love this floor 100% more than yesterday’s striped floor. It is not my style, but it is still very nice, and I’m glad you painted it the way you envisioned it.

  92. Well, I didn’t see it until you said it…but I can get gym floor there. The new paint job feels much more “you”…or at least the “you” I know through the blog. 😉

    Honestly, the redos and mistakes are my favorite part of your blog. It’s real life, not blog life. 🙂 You don’t waste time wailing and gnashing your teeth and trying to live with a mistake. You just say “nope, don’t like it!” and change it! My instinct would very much have been to try and live with the original paint job. I love how you aren’t afraid to just do the extra work and embrace the learning experience.

  93. Okay, little sister… you have NAILED it with this floor redo! I’ll have to come by later today and give it my “personal” seal of approval (i.e. – I have to see this for myself!) :-))

  94. LOVE the painted floors. The other version WAS like a gym floor! LOL So glad you went through the effort and knew what you wanted. Great job!

  95. THANK YOU JESUS! I prayed after I saw the floor yesterday that you would have an epiphany. I was biting my tongue when I saw it…..well that was after I let out a loud scream! I could not for the life of me understand how you could possibly think it looked good. I really was dying for you, but, at the same time I just knew that based on everything else I have seen you do, and reading about your plans, you would have to come to your senses. Thus the prayers. Now to the new floor…..absolutely, positively drop dead gorgeous! It won’t take away from your cabinets or backsplash, but it also won’t just look like an after thought. It is grand and glorious and I am so sorry you had to go through all that work, but it is a lesson learned. Listen to yourself. It is your home. Not everyone sees things the same way. I feel so relieved, you cannot imagine! It sounds so silly but I really feel like I have invested so much time and interest in this kitchen that when something goes against the grain it is like a huge weight, LOL. Honestly, I cannot tell you happy I am for you. Best regards, Mary Anne

  96. Breathing a sigh of relief 😉 This floor is SO much better than the comprised version. Love it!

  97. Kristi, I just want to know if you have blood running through your veins, or if you are really a robot with magical powers? There’s no OFF button, it seems. You just keep on going and creating amazing things! One of a Kind! 🙂

  98. I have truly learned so much from you as I have been reading your blog, but one thing I am grateful that I have learned from you is just that, you do what works for you! Thanks girl! The floor looks amazing, I wish I had floors to paint 😉 someday…someday.

  99. Love how they turned out (wasn’t a fan of the other stripes)! You are so good and such a hard worker 🙂

  100. You go, girl! I hate any phrase that contains the word “NEVER”. Particularly when it comes to decorating. Men, in particular, seem to have this built in response to stained trim. “You want to PAINT the beautiful wood trim. Ivory. You’ve got to be kidding me.” Well, no, I’m not kidding. Yes, I know it’s oak, real oak but its ugly and besides I don’t like oak. Yep it applies to floors too. I have mentioned it to my husband because I’ve wanted to paint my kitchen floor since we moved in. I still haven’t given up and can’t wait to show him your floor. I love the new stripes so much better than your first version. It’s gonna’ be great with your other kitchen choices.

  101. I didn’t know there were “rules” when it came to decorating or painting your home to your satisfaction. I have always done what I wanted according to what I liked – just as you are doing.

    You go girl! As long as you love it, then that is the only thing that matters. I like the new paint colors…very pretty. I have used the Behr Polar Bear color in my home on some trim and it looks pretty. I also mix paint colors when I have similar shades of several used cans to create a new and unique color.

    Take a much deserved rest and get yourself a massage.

  102. Wow. You know what really floors me? (LOL) It’s not so much WHAT you do (altho very impressive, indeed) but rather how FAST you make your decisions!!! I swear I look and peruse and research the web for months and/or years before deciding how I want to do something…and before I can decide if I want to stain, paint or stencil my new wood floor — you’ve already put yours in and painted them TWICE! hehe Glad you are happier now, Kristi. That’s all that matters.

  103. That’s right, boo boo! You tell them….Your Home! Your vision! I hate when people impose their image upon mine. While I’m not the biggest fan of your floors either way, it’s not my home and not my decision to be made. I’m sure when all is said and done it will come together beautifully. I like your home for home interior/decorating thus far. 🙂 I am especially loving the green cabinets. And you know what, one thing I love the most is that you show the process, you show the mistakes, and you show fixing the mistakes. It isn’t just a before and after…it’s an evolution. Keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  104. Kristi, I don’t normally comment, as i don’t often have anything ‘new’ to contribute. BUT I had to on this one! We are actually in the process of hopefully buying a lovely home built in 1871 and hearing you say, “it’s your house, do what makes YOU happy…” is really good to hear!
    Your painted kitchen floors are just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see it continue to come together into YOUR dream kitchen!!! 🙂

  105. I just couldn’t even comment yesterday when I saw the marriage of paint/stained wood. My brain said no, no, no. Your vision was spot on. You needed new wood floors. Thus, you SHOULD paint new wood floors. 😉 There ya go! You have permission now! The new looks lovely and will be well worth the work! We can’t have certain males trying to make half court shots into the sink with their dirty dishes. 🙂

  106. I was laughing at the vociferous “advice” about painting floors and color choices. Then I thought, “what if someone spoke to me like that?” I stopped laughing and become @#$!@#$!@. My house, my choice; therefore, your house, your choice. I love what you’ve done to date, and I’m amazed at your burgeoning skill set. If I’d had to sand off two days on painting on my hands and knees, I’d have had to weeks for the tears to dry. The most telling line you wrote was, “Ah…so much better.” BTW, you do need rest, pampering, massage and bubble bath and most vigorous pats on the back for a job well done.

  107. I love the newly painted floors. I don’t know where we got those rules about wood and I have tried to agree with them here and there, but when I got my own house I decided to do what I wanted so I could love living here. Now we’re in the process of putting our house on the market. I know the lime green Caeserstone countertops and the different paint colors in every room might not be everyone’s flavor, but my realtor swears there is a buyer out there who will love everything I’ve done as much as I do. Wish me luck.

  108. Huge improvement! I didn’t want to say anything about your first try because I really hated it (sorry), these floors are beautiful and cottage like to me. I love them! I hate that you had to go through all of that work and the second guessing but it was a lesson learned right? I think you are a little like the energizer bunny, how do you do it all is beyond me!

  109. I love this!!! I usually don’t like painted wood anything, but lately I have been getting on board with it, and I will be painting an antique dresser orange or lime green for my sewing room very soon. This is much better than the pictures you posted yesterday, it did look like a gym floor, this looks so classy.

  110. Love it! I used to be the type that would never paint wood furniture or floors. But, now I say, Go for it!
    You are right, it’s your house, you’re the one who has to live in it, do what you love.

  111. Hi Kristi! I have to say that with your blog I have learn a lot of stuff of DIY, but the best lessons are always the others ones like today : wenn you show us your spirit, your sense of fun, your frustrations and your thoughts. So thank you for your life’s lesson.

  112. I really did like the “gym” floor. I thought once the cabinets were in it would all pull together. BUT, I LOVE THIS FLOOR! LOL. It is so pretty and bright. I think both floors would have looked great but you need to love where you live. And also, thank you so much for admitting your mistakes and your changes in choices. So many times it seems a blogger “Just put this together” effortlessly. I know that is not the case for most and you really keep it real. It is so refreshing. Take care of your tired body this weekend. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  113. I would say you know 100% more about design than 90% of your readers. We come here for inspiration and tips from the master. Compared to your vision, knowledge, and expertise, our opinions are mostly nonsense. You know what you want and you know how to accomplish it. Don’t let other peoples shortsightedness get you down. Liked the old floor but love this so much more. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  114. Love it. Way better. And I love wood floors, but not for the sake of loving them. I love cohesive rooms much more. And you are totally gonna have that.

  115. I love it! 🙂 It makes my heart happy to see it. Yesterday when I saw the “High School Gym Floor”, I found my self unable to comment. I am frequently telling my children to either say something nice or don’t say anything at all. In my mind I thought, “Oh God…I hate it”. That was quickly followed by, “If Kristi is happy with it I am happy for Kristi”.
    I agree with you 100% about arbitrary decorating rules. My mother is scandalized that I painted a “perfectly good cherry dresser” orange and hung a TV over it 🙂
    I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. The new stripes really look beautiful.

  116. Lovely floor! The varying width stripes are a wonderful choice over the equally wide design. Your gym floor reminded me of chinked log cabin walls although I think it could have worked had the stripes been wider. Anyway, your re-do ended up being perfect. As for crawling around on the floor, I have a suggestion. I bought myself a small garden seat-on-wheels (sorry I can’t give you a correct name for it) at my local Home Depot. Whenever I have to do any kind of floor/ground work I sit on it and just roll myself from end to end. I have to plan ahead a bit and have my supplies arranged, but it has saved my 68-year-old knees and body from all kinds of aches and pains. It was a wonder to use when I installed wood flooring in our bedroom and I always use it when I have to do any kind of work “down low”.

  117. I spent many years being miserable with my home because right after we purchased it, a relative visited and said, “well, I’m sure it will look better when you’ve done some work on it” and another relative noticed a small smudge on the painted wall in the nursery (which I planned to fix) and said, “Yeah, it’s cute, but it’s too bad about the smudge.” Admittedly, I learned just how overly sensitive I was, but I also felt a little defeated by their negativity.

    I don’t get it. If you don’t have something nice to say…..DON’T COMMENT! It’s not being put out there for your critical eye. It’s someone showing their work- what they like and are excited about. If you have suggestions to help them complete the project in an easier way, go for it. If they ask for specific comments, comment away. Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself. Or better yet, keep them for your own home!!!

  118. Kristi, the second go at it really hit the spot! I love those colours together, and you’ve done such an immaculate job. I also totally agree with what you’ve said about following your gut: no-one else really sees that image inside your head nor understands where you’re ULTIMATELY heading with the decor. Life is just full of lessons! I’ve been swayed by others’ opinions in the past, too, and always to my detriment. If you’re the one doing the hard yards, you get to choose. Others’ input is fabulous, but ultimately you have to live with it, and, let’s face it, we’ve been on the planet long enough and can have things OUR way! Brilliant job Kristi! Hope you get that massage and day of rest. Cheers, E. 🙂

  119. I think you should print yourself out a little sign that says, “If it makes me happy I’m gonna do it!” I wasn’t crazy about your first paint job but figured if you were happy with it that was cool. I think maybe it would’ve looked less like a gym floor when you got the cabinets in and painted but it doesn’t matter now.

    This new paint job is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it and I’m glad you went with your original idea. You will be happier in the long run.

    Repeat after me: If it makes me happy I’m gonna do it! If it makes me happy I’m gonna do it! If it make me happy… : )

  120. When you left part of the wood natural, it looked like you were so wrong in painting such beautiful wood. Now that all the stripes are paint, it doesn’t look like you made a mistake. And you did show us these two colors originally, so you have now stayed true to your original vision. Enjoy.

  121. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I was disappointed in the first job because it just wasn’t YOU!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next! I’m “addicted” to your blog and I’ve passed my addiction on to many others in the course of just working (I’m an interior decorator). I find myself saying a lot, “Oh, you’ve got to go check out Addicted 2 Decorating on Facebook. She’s awesome!” Lol. Now I’m hearing my colleagues doing the same! Lol

  122. YAY!!! I am sooo NOT a wood purist. I am so happy because I wanted you to paint it. New or old, who cares? And you did…and it looks amazing!!!! I LOVE the final flooring. I too have learned not to let anyone tell me what “goes and what doesn’t” ….My house is traditional/cottage/ farmhouse…..lol…”eclectic”!
    I walk around my house and it makes me smile. I decorate it to make me happy cuz I live here. 🙂 Your floor looks great!!!

  123. OMG!~! That is hysterical I didn’t necessarily like your first paint job (I didn’t comment because, it is just my opinion) but I didn’t think it was horrible. Now that you said Gym floor… I can’t UNSEE THAT! SO funny! But NOW… it is gorgeous! I love the new paint job…. seal it and let’s get on the cabinets!! I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

  124. I love it….I think it’s better then the new floors and the first try. Looks great, and it looks like you! I also painted all the original trim in my home, people told me not to but I did anyway, I would paint anything and everything! Like you said if you don’t like it then paint it. This floor came out great, i wouldn’t want anyone walk on it after all that hard work though 😉

  125. Somehow I missed the “gym floor” post, but I am loving the new version. I can’t imagine sanding all that work down, but it does look so much better. You are my hero once again. 🙂 In fact, now that we’re selling our house and moving, I am seriously considering a fixer upper, mainly because I see how awesome you are making your home. If we follow through with that plan, I don’t know if I’ll be praising you or cursing you in a few months. 😀

  126. I missed the gym floor but I like the finished version better. Do your own thing and let everyone else do theirs at least at decorating their living spaces. <3

  127. Kristi, I actually liked the compromise of a painted floor with natural wood peaking through of the last version of your floor, however now that you’ve called it a gym floor, you’ve wrecked it for me LOL! I do like this new version even bette, it’s just gorgeous. Love the stripes within stripes look of it, and I love the colors. I think it’s going to be a lovely backdrop for your green cabinets.

    And I agree with you, you (in the general “you” sense) should decorate however you want. If it makes you happy to have hot-pink and purple polka-dots on your living room ceiling, then go for it, because you should live with whatever makes you happy. Rules were made to be broken, and usually the most striking designs come from broken design rules.

    I still cannot wait to see how the whole kitchen comes together. In the meantime, go get a massage and take a nice, hot, Epsom salts bath for your muscles!

  128. I love, love the repaint! I am putting down cheaper version of plywood floor which I know will need to be painted and this is such an inspiration. I love your blog 🙂

  129. After seeing your original inspiration pictures, I couldn’t wait to see the final product. I was so surprised when you posted your floor stained! I truly love your decirating choices so I told myself you knew what you were doing and I needed to trust your judgement. I am glad you stayed true to your original plan. The floors are so beautiful! I cannot wait to see your green cabinets with the floor! I will be anxiously awaiting new pictures!!!

  130. Hi, l must agree the redone floor does look a whole lot better and cant wait to see your kitchen come alive….l know you dont want us to poke at your decor bubble, but l just have to ask, do you think the green cabinets will go with the new floor??

    PS Love reading your blog all the way from Kenya!!

  131. Looks softer and better, good move but a lot of hard work on your behalf. Are you still going with the dark green on the cupboards. Like hope you do as this will certainly be a wow room. Look forward to your next project.

  132. Great job! I believe like you do! Do what you like and to heck with rules and what other people think. We live in a house that was built by my husbands great grand parents. Ripped up the old carpet a few years ago, and tried the old hard wood thing. Not for me! I like comfy warm carpet in my living area! Floors were beautiful! Just not my thing. The same with the outside. It is brick. I love the look of painted brick. I finally got the go ahead, after 14 years, that I can paint it. Gonna change soffit and fascia color first, and if that doesn’t satisfy my look, then I will be painting the brick! Good luck on your future endeavors!

  133. Hi Kristi, I don’t have a lot of time to spend online but I try to read as many of your posts as I can. I love your ideas! I agree that this second paint job is much better! Can I ask you a question? How did you get the floor to look so smooth in the cracks? You can hardly tell it’s a wood floor, it looks so seamless. I just bought a house with old wood floors and I was thinking of painting them.

    1. Well, it’s a brand new floor (installed last weekend), so there are only just a few cracks. The rest of the floor is very smooth. In fact, when taping off the stripes, I was using the edges of the boards as a guide, and in most places I had a hard time determining where the edges of the boards stopped and started. But again, that’s just because it’s a brand new floor. Once the wood starts expanding and contracting with the weather/seasons/humidity, I’m sure some cracks will appear.

      But I think (actually I’m hoping) that another reason it looks so “perfect” right now (i.e., no wood grain showing through) is because I haven’t polyurethaned the floors yet, so it’s just flat paint that has absolutely no sheen to it whatsoever. I actually want the grain to show just a bit so that it’s obvious that it’s a wood floor, so I’m hoping that the satin sheen polyurethane that I chose will help bring out the texture of some of the grain.

  134. I have enjoyed watching your progress! I actually get on here each day to see what you have done and gosh do you work hard!!! I love the way the floors look today. I didn’t see gym floor before, but now that you wrote those words I see it! Can’t wait to see your projects and I love that others say the words Vision because my husband laughs when I say “I have a vision!”

  135. Girl, you are a machine! I love your blog. How does it feel to have thousands of people hanging on your next move? Very inspiring!

  136. This looks so much better. I tried to at least appreciate what you had done before, if not actually like it, but for some reason it looked like a bowling alley to me. : )

  137. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 2.0 version!!! That is what I saw in my head when you wanted to paint stripes and I think it’s beautiful!!! It’s your floor, your time and your money….do what you want and what you LOVE to that house!

  138. I understand about asking people’s opinions and then when they give one that differs from my plan, it throws me! My usual reaction is to freeze though. Nothing gets done. Then I finally do it my way! If my way turns out not quite right, then I easily say, you were right! But that happens far less than the other way around! Wood is a building material. The finish is up to you, period!! Otherwise, we would have all plastic floors and furniture if we wanted color! And plastic is an environmental hazard!! And wood can be refinished!! I would rather paint stain-grade wood for that very reason. Paint grade must always be painted; no options! So for posterity, I think you “done good kid”! As always!

  139. I REALLY love the new stripes.

    Also, you have me thinking this might be a low-cost solution to a problem we’re going to have when we go to renovate our kitchen. Our kitchen has a horrible, non-functional layout that I’d love to change. However, the oak floors were installed around the cabinets, which means that underneath them is just sub-floor. On top of that, it’s an open floor-plan into the dining room and that room has a cherry border inlay. The bottom line is that if I want to change the footprint of the kitchen cabinets, I’d have to find matching oak, patch heavily, then refinish both rooms so the finish matches. I’m not comfortable doing refinishing myself as you’ve done and we likely won’t have the money to have it professionally done. What I COULD do, though, is patch it and then paint the new footprint of the kitchen area.

  140. I really did not care for version 1, but I kept my mouth shut because it looked like so much work. Thus, though is awesome. Love it. Get some rest.

  141. Love the new version! I totally agree with you. If it’s your stuff, do what you want. Life is too short to listen to anyone else, anyway!!

  142. Dear Kristi! I like these stripes soooo much. You picked a great design. I think you’re a little bit crazy for painting over brand new wooden floors, but hey! You’ve thought about it and sat with it and are quite sure that’s what you wanted, so I’m also sure you made the right decision for you. Congratulations on finishing, at laaaaast 😉

  143. I love this version so much better!! I didn’t like your first version at all, but if it made you happy, then I had no reason to judge. I you’re the one living in the house then you have every right to decorate it how you want!

  144. Kristie, Bravo, Kudos to you and you got it so right! Your floor is so cool! I love how it turned out and I so agree with you – do what you see in your brain and feel in your heart! It’s nice to share ideas with other people but in the end, it’s your house, it’s your vision and you can’t go wrong with that! There are no rules, just going with your gut, flying by the seat of your pants and getting to where you want to be! I understand and get it totally! Congrats on another great project finished! Hugs, Leena

  145. I’m just catching up on posts, so I saw your newest floor first and read backwards. I’m so proud of you that you undid your 2 days of work. I wouldn’t have and would have just lived with a floor that I sort of loved. But you are superwoman and I’m kinda-tired-woman. The new floor is absolutely wonderful. So soft and rich and creamy. That was SO much work for you! I’m glad you re-did it though and I’m so glad you are glad you did 😉 It’s stunning. p.s. I have those same Home Depot cabinets and I white-washed them…and thinking of painting them someday now (I’ve lived with them for at least 5 years now) and will definitely follow your lead and give them fancy trims! Thanks for the idea!

  146. Girl, You amaze me!! I love how this kitchen is coming out, these floors blow my mind!! It may feel to you that progress is slow, but if you were working with a contractor…you just be waiting for him to figure all this stuff out. You’re doing great! This house is so happy you found it! 🙂

  147. LOVE! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!! Your repainted kitchen floor!!! Love that it’s not something you see everyday, but yet it still seems classic in such a very, very, good way. Great job!!!

  148. Kristi,
    I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments on do what YOU feel. Times change and decorator trends change even faster, there are no rules to decorating that can’t be broken without someone finding fault. My boyfriend is a staunch New England Cape Codder and I get lots of grief about what I “should” and “shouldn’t” do with my paints, as I am always painting something. The bottom line is make yourself happy, that is what counts. Well said my friend.
    (I agree the 1/2 paint looked like a compromise) What you did finally looks great!