Back Entry Wall Color, Studio & Back Entry Lighting Selections, And More

I made a wall color decision for the back entry, and the winning color is…GREEN!

And, as you can see, the doors will be black. Things are still very much “in progress,” so they’re looking kind of rough at this point. But I have vision for it, and I’m very excited!

I’ve been trying to work in a green, black and white color combo into my house since 2014. It’s a favorite combination of mine, and I realized that this was the perfect place for it. While I was determined to keep the actual studio light and bright and airy, there was no need to do that in the back entry. So that was my opportunity to bring in a darker, more saturated color.

The color I chose is a Behr color called Hills of Ireland. This is the color from the Behr website, and it’s very accurate.

Right now it looks really dark, but once I actually get a light installed in the entry, I think it’ll look great.

As for the rest, the trim around the doors will be exactly like the trim in the rest of the house, and it’ll be painted white. My door trim looks like this…

So that same wide white trim will be around the back French doors, the bathroom door, and the closet door.

And then I want to do an interesting black and white floor design of some sort. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but it’ll be something other than black and white checkerboard. I’m still mulling it over, though.

And then I want a white chandelier — something big and sculptural. I did find this one at Lowe’s, which I like. But I’d like it more if the metal on it were brass or gold in color. I think the black will be too dark against the green walls. The good things about it are the price ($199), the number of bulbs (13!) to really light up the entry, and the fact that it’s available locally today. Immediate gratification is always a plus.

But my absolute favorite is this one from Wayfair. It’s more expensive, and it’s not available locally. It’s a seven-light chandelier, which is almost half that of the Lowe’s chandelier, but I’m sure it’s plenty for a small entry.

I’ll probably go with the second one. Even though I really don’t want to spend that much money on a light fixture, I think the sculptural quality it adds is worth the additional cost.

I did finally make a decision on most of the lighting for the studio. For the wallpapered wall, I chose this sconce to go in the center of the wall…

And then I chose these two pendant lights to go over the long desk on that same wallpapered wall. I chose the largest size (16-inch), and I’m prepared to paint the insides of them white if needed so that they’ll reflect more light. But I’m going to try them as is first.

I haven’t decided on a light to go above the desk in the office area yet. I’m still looking, and I do want it to be black as well. I’ve found a couple of contenders, but just haven’t been able to bring myself to hit that “buy now” button on any of them yet. So far, this is my favorite…

So the black accents will be carried throughout the room, which I like because I think black is a very grounding color.

That’s my progress so far! I hope to finish up the walls in the back entry and studio this weekend. Then I’ll just have one more thing to do before I can start building cabinets.

In other news, I did edit the wallpaper design to change the background color from white to the light aqua that’s on the studio walls. I’ve ordered a sample, and I’m waiting on it to arrive so I can verify that the color is right before ordering the rest of the wallpaper. Hopefully that won’t take too long, because I’d like to install the wallpaper before I begin building and installing cabinets.



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    1. They’re Diva Ring lights that are meant to be used for videos and photography, but my portable work lights stopped working, so I’m using these instead. 😀

    1. Yeah, there are some lovely patterns that mimic the cement tiles.

      If only they had been a thing when I did my entryway and powder room lo those many years ago. I still love the big Saltillo tiles but….

  1. Loving the green and all the lighting choices! My only caution with the proposed black and white floor is that black shows every single speck of dust, even more than white. I would never gets black surface, such as floors or counters, again.

  2. I’m loving this! Green is my favorite color and I miss your green kitchen, so it’s cool to see the color come back to your house. Glad you decided to go saturated in that entryway- I was rooting for a deep color. The black lights are great picks too. Excited to see this coming together!

    1. It even collects nicely on surfaces like lampshades she says, speaking from experience. LOL. I am currently going through a serious black and white phase and although I love it I am spending a lot of time dusting.

      It might become a real issue if you do a lot of cutting wood in your studio Kristi – although sawdust is going to land on any surface.

  3. Great colour choice so close to St. Patrick’s day! Real sharp with black and even better by having black light fixtures. Exciting progress

  4. I love the Green! Both light fixtures look awesome i think the one from lowes actually carries your design plan better but i get the architectural interest of the wayfair one. I have a flooring recommendation for you. we used these black and white tiles in our hall bathroom and i love the way it turned out

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the Lowes fixture. It does carry your design plan with lighting through the space. And if you are doing white on the floors with white trim, I think the black & white of the fixture would tie right in.

    2. The light from Lowe’s makes me cringe when I think about changing the light bulbs. You’d have to unscrew each globe. Assuming they all burnt out at the same time. With my luck, that’s exactly how it would go. I love the green. Perfect for spring AND Christmas.

  5. I love everything about this. So glad you’re finally getting to use some green!

    I have an original to the 1940s house black and white checkerboard floor in my kitchen. I adore it, even though I would update it to a more modern pattern if I were redoing the kitchen today. There’s something so pleasing about the black and white contrast on the floor. It does show a lot of dirt, so just make sure you get a heavy duty rug for the doors.

    I am so in love with how this is coming along. You’re going to love it so much, you’ll never want to leave to go into the other rooms of your house!

  6. I love GREEN! And this is a nice shade of green. I like the shandy from Wayfair better, not crazy about the first one at all. The other lighting choices are cool, and I especially love the one for the desk area that you are considering, but why not just use the same as the ones on the front wall? I suppose you want to create a different look to designate the different areas, but if you look at the space as a whole, it makes sense, to me anyway, that they would be the same. As always, just my opinion – you do YOU! I always find that I love your end game when I see it!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the green and black. You are going to love this room sooo much!!! I’m also crushing on all of your light fixtures, especially the black ones. One concern I would have for your favorite one from Wayfair would be how much dust would collect in all of those crevices when you are sawing. It was my understanding that you would be using your saws in this room so I was thinking mostly of the sawdust, but maybe I’m mistaken. But I agree with Marianne in MO…I always love your end game.

  8. I love that color and it makes such a nice color statement. I’m sure it’ll lighten up a bit with lighting. Looking forward to what you do next week.

    1. That was my same thought when seeing it as her “favorite”. Since she made the spoons over the fireplace, the sunburst mirror, I’m thinking she could do this too. However, she may just want to build cabinets etc and not mess with another project right now 😋

  9. I am loving that green! I didn’t even realize you considered other colors after the green. 🙂 The combo with the black is so lovely! I wonder which light fixture you will end up choosing?
    I love the first one too. Maybe you could paint the metal parts? Or that might a lot of trouble for a light fixture. Things are looking great in your studio!

  10. LOVEEEE the green and the idea of a white fixture. Have you thought about finding an antique chandelier (or something at a second hand place) and painting it white? Those always look cool!

  11. Love the light fixtures including the pendant from Hayneedle. I would definitely paint their interiors with a high gloss white for reflectivity and then use the biggest LED daylight bulb if you want it nice and bright in there.
    Have you checked Habitat ReStore for lights? I have found some great lights there including my new DR light with 12 lights in 2 tiers and white “marble” down shades. Also came with 12 LED bulbs that all work! $60 !!! If Waco doesn’t have a store, I know Houston does.

  12. Do you have a mock-up of the paper with the teal background? I’m trying to picture it, but have trouble envisioning it without the white…

  13. My favorite color is green (even if I forgot to wear it today).

    I was going to tell which light fixture I liked, but decided that I might want to wait until you have hanged up your wallpaper. It hit me that what I liked today, I might not like against the wallpaper tomorrow. I loved your wallpaper with all of those beautiful colors you created, but I agree with Heather – need to see it up against the wall.

    I personally would hate to have to take down my light fixture after I spent the time and energy putting it up on those high ceilings – but you are a wizard at doing the amazing well with electricity.
    I also can’t wait to see how the room looks finished. I might be green with envy…pun intended.

  14. Green takes me awhile to warm to,(pun sorta intended) lol! I initially wasn’t sure about your green kitchen cabinets, but then came to really like them, and then you changed them! So, I was thinking that same thing about your wall color but at the the same time that it’s perfect for St. Patty’s Day lol! And then you said it’s called “Hills of Ireland” well I think it’s just meant to be. I think I’ve said before I don’t LOVE everything you do, but I’m not YOU, and so I SHOULDN’T!! I’ll always love those doors in your music room! Along with many other things you’ve done.

  15. Wow, coming along! So bold. Can’t wait to see all finished (as I am sure you are too!). You have such great imagination and vision. And not afraid to go with it!

  16. Loving the green. As for flooring, I would not do ceramic because of the durability. Porcelain tiles wear so much better.

  17. OMG….Love that green color and with your doors painted black, it’s bold and elegant. Your rear entryway is going to look stunning and breathtaking. Can’t wait to see it come together with your amazing studio as well and I’m really loving the color on the studio ceiling and walls. It’s going to look gorgeous with your own custom wallpaper. These could be my favorite rooms!!!! So exciting watching this transformation.

  18. LOVE the color and progress!
    FWIW, I had the exact 13 globe light from Lowe’s in my last house and I LOVED it!! It put out beautiful light…the white one is beautiful, as well, don’t get me wrong…I just wanted to offer feedback having installed and used it in a home environment, not “store display” environment!🙂
    Always excited to see the latest on your decorating journey!

  19. The entryway could be an opportunity to use a tumbling block type pattern that you considered for the main floor. It’s a classic high contrast design.

  20. If you do end up painting the inside of the lights, maybe you can leave a copper border around the bottom. I think the copper and black is so pretty!