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Finished Bi-fold Closet Doors Used As Double Doors

With the exception of a few minor details, my bi-fold closet doors that I used as double doors are finished!  They’re perfectly private (no gap between the doors), and yes, they lock.  🙂  So just ignore all of the unfinished projects surrounding the door (obviously including the unpainted drywall), and take a look at how my doors turned out!

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 10

If you missed the first part of this project, where I actually built the jamb and installed the doors, you can see those details here.

These work perfectly.  I did have some issues on Wednesday when I removed the doors to prime and paint, and then they wouldn’t close when I reinstalled them.  So yesterday I solved that by removing one of the doors and trimming off just a tiny bit from the inside edge using my table saw.  I also added a 5-degree bevel to the edge.  I thought I would have to do both doors, but just doing the one allowed them to close perfectly.

In order to cover up the gap between the doors and give complete privacy, I added this trim to the inside edge of each door.  It’s glued and nailed to the face of the door, and extends about 3/8-inch to cover any gap that is between the doors.  I added a strip of that moulding to the bathroom side of the right door, and the hallway side of the left door.

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 8

There’s actually a specific type of trim made just for this purpose called T-astragal, but I couldn’t find it locally, and I didn’t want to order it online and wait for it when I knew I could achieve the same thing with this cabinet moulding.

And so that the doors can be locked when the bathroom is in use, I added this surface mount bolt lock in antique brass to the door.  And yes, that lock cost more than the doors.  😀  The trim added to the inside of the door on the right prevents the doors from being opened when the bolt lock on the left door is engaged.

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 9

I know that the first question that many of you will have is, “Can Matt reach the lock?”  I actually don’t know (I didn’t get it installed until late last night), but I doubt it.  And I’m fine with that.  The last thing I want is for Matt to be behind a closed and locked door where I can’t get to him if he needs me in an emergency.  So he’s not really allowed to lock doors with him on one side and me on the other.  He’ll manage just fine without locking the doors, and if we have guests, I’ll make sure that he has complete privacy.  🙂

I debated whether to use brushed nickel hardware on the door, to match the bathroom, or whether to use antique brass, to match…well…pretty much the entire rest of my house.  (I love my brass, but for some reason, I’m still partial to brushed nickel in bathrooms.)  I finally decided that since these doors remain open most of the time, and they’re actually part of the hallway, to go with antique brass door hardware.  That made sense in my mind.  🙂  I couldn’t find any handles that I liked, and the spaces were too small for regular door knobs, so I ended up going with these inexpensive door pulls, and I sprayed them with a coat of Rust-Oleum Antique Brass spray paint.  I also painted the door hinges to match.

You’ll notice in the pic above that I have some holes to fill in the doors at the top, as well as in the stop at the top of the doorway.  I had originally installed two magnetic closures on the doors, but I removed them.  They were incredibly strong, and would have been fine if these doors were being used on a pantry or closet (i.e., somewhere where people don’t see the magnetic closures from the inside, and where the doors generally stay closed).  But since these doors remain open when the bathroom isn’t in use, the white plastic-encased magnetic strips attached to the door stop, and the square metal pieces attached to the doors, just really looked tacky and cheap.  Plus, I decided that they weren’t really needed since I have the bolt lock.  So I still need to fill those holes and touch them up.

This project turned into a real pain, and was much more involved that I had hoped it would be, but I’m so glad I did it.  The whole reason I decided to go this direction in the first place is because these double doors, when they’re open, make the bathroom look so much bigger.  So mission accomplished.

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 11

And no, my walls don’t look like that.  Since I have no light in my hallway, my camera distorts all of the colors.  My walls don’t glow, and my vanity is much darker, richer teal than that.  🙂

But yay!  I have working, locking doors that offer complete privacy!  Next on my “to do” list — the linen storage (and possibly taking ten minutes to install a new hallway light).



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  1. Lovely! What a unique and beautiful solution to the problem. Congratulations on another job well conceived and well done!

  2. I knew you would figure it out! I love them the make the bath look so grand! You are so ooooo close to the end! You must enjoy a bubble bath with candles after. BTW I have not seen a post on your weight loss journey recently. How are you doing? If you do not care to answer I understand. I love you just the way you are! Lol

  3. amazing …they are really quite lovely and the bathroom will be such a marvelous addition to your “new to you” house…so proud of you and your efforts…now enjoy this weekend.

  4. What an absolutely stunning bathroom! The doors are beautiful and I love how the black color makes everything else look richer. I’m sure you are ready to be done with the entire bathroom, so am looking forward to seeing the finished project as well as whatever project you decide to work on next!

  5. Kristi-
    I really love how your mind tackles all of these problems…and how you admit to mistakes – that is one of the main reasons I am so drawn to your site. Inspiration and reality!
    I truly hope that once you are closer to done, that someone will take some professional photos so we can see the colors in their true glory. Because honestly, this house is a work of art!

  6. I’ve finished my (tiny in comparison!) project yesterday and am contemplating how you must feel after finishing all these beautiful – and HUGE – projects step by step. You must be so happy when looking at your fantastic bathroom! Do you sneak back all the time you are not working on it in order to admire it? I know I would, as that is what happens already when looking at my new quilted cushion 🙂
    Have a lovely Easter and hopefully enjoy some free and relaxing time as well!

  7. You knocked this one out of the park. That bolt mechanism is fantastic!
    I spy removed sconce shades in that last photo. Fingers crossed that you’re jazzing those up somehow!
    Truly, I love your determination, you are such an inspiration!

  8. I LOVE THE DOORS!!! When they are open it is as if they are providing a beautiful frame for the entrance to a beautiful bathroom. And the bolt lock gives it a special touch. It amazes me how you come up with these ideas.

  9. They look beautiful! When you have time can you tell us how you finished the vanity top to get the hand rubbed finish. I know you stained it five times but what did you finish it with? Happy Easter! Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  10. Love the bathroom project! So love the ceiling and the light fixture…beautiful. Something you said really interested me though…”paint the hinges”? I’ve been so stuck on what to do in my bathroom. I want to change out the ugly cabinet pulls but the hinges are exposed and the same color. I looked forever for the exact hinges in another color but just gave up. I wanted to spray paint them but I was worried that after a few months of steam the paint would flake off. Any tips? Thanks for giving so much creative inspiration!

  11. Gorg!!!!! Questions…..Where did you find the bolt lock? Does it come with a piece to put in the top jam for the bolt to slide into? How did you cut that out? What color black did you use? I was surprised when I saw the inside of the doors painted black but once you showed them opened I get it. I think they look really super! Cannot wait to see it all finished. Did you decide on the finish for the back of the linen storage area? What about at the top of the tub where you are going to hang the shower curtain. I think I remember something interesting happening there, but not too sure what it was. Coming together beautifully. I just can’t imagine what it would be like for you to have a painter and carpenter like they have on some of the shows. You would rip through your house in no time. You will have to have a photo album with before pics of each room. You can do before on one side and after on the other. I am truly in awe of what you are able to do. Blessings and Happy and Holy Easter.

  12. Very, very nice! The locking system adds so much to the total vibe. There’s a busy weekend ahead of you, but be sure to take a little time out and enjoy.

  13. oh my gosh. -I think the doors are probably my favorite part of the whole bathroom remodel! They’re fabulous. I absolutely love them and what a great job you did. I apologize in advance if you already told us but can you tell me what color you used on them? I just love it….

  14. Oh Kristi, The doors look FABULOUS!!!…You just amaze me with the smarts you have to do all this!!…I love them doors! The bathroom has turned out so classy, but in a charming way, if you know what I mean….LOL…Your almost to the finish line!…YAAAAAY !!!!…Then you will have one more thing done, and on to a new project….Wishing you and Matt a blessed Easter!

  15. They turned out gorgeous! Not sure if you’re interested at this point but I have double french doors on my master bathroom and they have those ball mechanisms inset in the top of each door so when they are closed they don’t just swing open. I have no lock on the door, really don’t need it, so these keep the door closed without making it difficult to open and you don’t see them.

  16. Are there handle on the hallway facing side of these door? I’m just curious how it looks when the door are closed and you in the hallway.

    It’s all coming together beautifully. Really very lovely!

  17. Wow, wee, wow, wow! What fabulous doors for a fabulous bathroom. How the heck did you paint them so evenly? Did you use a sprayer or are you the most talented brush painter I’ve ever encountered? Happy Easter, Ardith

  18. Kristi, looking good! One of your pics taken from the hall the bathroom looks like it’s all done. You are so close to finishing your project. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  19. Absolutely love these black doors and the brass lock. Love black doors! Wish I could have them! The idea horrifies my very traditional husband. :))))

  20. I like the 2door idea but can’t imagine how a person in a wheelchair can get in there and close these doors when they’re on the hallway wall.

  21. Once again, Kristi, they are lovely.

    Now, what countertop did you decide on for the linen storage? have you considered using the same or a similar tile as the backsplash on the linen storage cabinet countertop? maybe do the back wall in the tile and just let it flow right onto the counterop? Would that be too much tile?

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Kristi..Im afraid I’ve been behind on reading your posts..and this morning I read the one about your emotional breakdown…I just want to say to you…a little belated..you are such an inspiration to the people who are lucky enough to have found your blog…to tackle something like a complete remodel of a house..essentially single handedly..I can tell you..your readers are with you in spirit…if that helps any…you have no idea how much reading your blog has inspired me to do things ive never had the nerve to do..you are an amazing young woman in so many ways…i tell my husband..this girl needs her own reality show..hahha..but then we’d lose you…so if it helps when things get frustrating…just know that there are lots of hopeful diyers cheering you on from the sidelines…

  23. BEAUTIFUL! My question is, though- were they just for looks, or was there a “problem” you were trying to solve? Why did you decide to use the bi-fold doors rather than regular double doors or some other kind?? Cheaper?

  24. Kristi, I hope you don’t mind. I have a couple of one use coupons that I am not going to use for PBTeen and Pottery Barn Baby, and thought you or one of your readers could use them. PBTeen, $10 off $50 DZDC-9LKK-TZPK and Pottery Barn Kids, $10 off $50 TSJ6-GJZ6-VC7G, both expire 4/30/15. Somewhere around here, I have a 20% off coupon for Sherwin Williams, but I don’t shop there. If you would use it, I will look harder. 🙂

  25. The doors are beautiful! That hardware is perfect for them and it’s great to see another project crossed off you list!

  26. What an absolutely fantastical idea! I have a bathroom to redo and I am doing those doors like that! Just found your blog today and can assure you I’ll be back. You’re a woman after my own heart!