A Note About Blogging For Money, Sponsored Posts, and Integrity

Hey there! I promise I’ll get back to the decorating and DIY stuff tomorrow, but today I wanted to share with y’all a little bit about the money part of blogging.

I think there are lots of new people around here lately (yay! and hi, newbies! welcome! 🙂 ) because I’ve had several people ask me lately, “Kristi, what do you do for a living?”

It’s definitely an understandable question. You see me writing about all these DIY projects I do, like spending two weeks refinishing my floors, and you think, “My gosh, surely she’s not doing all of this plus working a full time job, right?”

Right. 🙂

The truth is that this blog is actually one of my two main sources of income. (The other one is my WordPress website design business, where I design blogs and websites for bloggers and small businesses.)

I know that blogging for money baffles lots of people, and the first question is generally, “How do you make money blogging?”

Think of a blog like any other periodical (magazine, newspaper), and it’ll make more sense. Those publications sell advertising space to generate revenue. Same with a blog. If you look at the top of my blog, in the sidebar on the right, and in the footer of each post, you’ll see ads. I get paid for displaying those ads. And interestingly, I get paid for those whether people click on them or not. Just like magazines and newspapers get paid by advertisers for displaying ads, regardless of whether or not that publication’s readers visit the advertiser’s store or website, or whether or not they purchase anything from the advertiser.

But most of you probably knew all of that, right? I mean, you see these ads everywhere, and I think you all realized that we don’t just show these ads out of the goodness of our hearts. 🙂

So let’s talk about a stickier subject…

Sponsored Posts

Are you familiar with sponsored posts? A sponsored post is simply one in which the blogger gets paid by a company in order to talk about their product. There are very specific guidelines that bloggers are supposed to follow when they write sponsored posts. It’s supposed to be very evident that the post is sponsored, and there’s supposed to be a disclosure stated clearly on the post saying that it’s sponsored. Unfortunately, those disclosures sometimes get left off, and bloggers sometimes are a little vague about whether or not they’re getting paid to promote a product.

I’ll be really honest with you. In general, I hate sponsored posts. I’ve seen sponsored posts absolutely ruin blogs before. There’s one blog in particular that I used to read on a daily basis (or at least every time she published a new post) because she had great projects, interesting content, and seemed really down to earth. Hers was one of my top five favorite blogs. But over time, I noticed that the content became more and more “sponsored posts” to the point that it seemed like she wouldn’t write a post unless some company was paying her to write it.

When I realized that was happening, I was out of there. When bloggers will only recommend products that they’re getting paid to pimp on their blogs, I feel like they lose integrity. I don’t really know if the product is a good one, or if they’re just telling me it is because they’re getting paid $500, or have been given $1000-worth of free products, to tell me how great it is. Know what I mean?

Now that’s not to say that I don’t think bloggers should get paid for what they do. I absolutely do think that bloggers should get paid for their hard work, just like magazine editors should get paid for theirs. And in fact, that’s kind of my point of writing this today.

You see, over the last few years, I’ve turned down about 99.9% of the paid opportunities that have come my way. I was just so afraid of turning my blog into that blog.

But I’ve decided recently that I’m going to start taking a closer look at some of these paid sponsorship opportunities and including them on my blog. Since Matt isn’t able to work, that means that if we need extra money (like, you know, money for a new-to-us old house that needs lots of work 🙂 ), then I’m the only one who can make that additional money. And needless to say, our house needs lots of work. 🙂

I do spent a large amount of time working on my blog. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about the time I spend actually working on projects. After all, since most of the projects that I do involve designing and decorating my own home, I think I’d be pretty hard pressed to convince anyone that I deserve to be paid for that, right? 🙂 Yeah…that’s kind of silly.

No, when I’m talking about the amount of work, I’m not talking about the time it takes to sand my floors, or build a built-in bookcase. Those things are just for me…for my home…things I should be doing simply because I’m a homeowner, just like you do projects around your house because you need and want to update and maintain your home.

When I talk about the time I spend working on my blog, I’m talking about the time it takes to take photos of each and every step of a project, edit photos (the most time-consuming part of blogging!!), write posts, design and maintain the actual blog, etc.

That’s the part that I consider actual work. And don’t get me wrong!! I absolutely LOVE my work. It’s like going to the best job in the world every day. But it does take an incredible amount of time, and I’d like to get paid a decent amount for the time I put into it.

So…yeah. Sponsored posts. I’m gonna start doing them a bit more often than I have been in the past years. But here’s what I promise to you:

(1) I won’t let sponsored posts start taking over the blog.

If you start to see a high concentration of sponsored posts in comparison to non-sponsored posts, please feel free to call me out on it. Seriously. Again, I don’t want to become that blog.

(2) Sponsored posts will be clearly marked.

Even though it’s the law, and bloggers really aren’t supposed to have the option of whether or not they want to disclose this info, there are still some bloggers who manage to be vague about it. I won’t be vague. Not only will there be clear disclosures within the post, but I’ve also made some changes to the home page of my blog so that sponsored posts are clearly marked:

sponsored post on home page

That way if you’re reading a post, and I recommend a certain product, you won’t have to wonder if I’m getting paid to promote it. Most of my product recommendations are just genuine “here’s what I use” types of mentions. But if I’m getting paid for it, there will be no question.

(3) I’ll try my absolute best to only bring you products that I actually, genuinely like and would (or do) use myself.

Remember this post about the noise cancelling headphones? That was a sponsored post (as I stated in the post). I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say how much I got paid for that (I can’t remember what was in the contract), but I’ll just say that they paid me several hundred dollars for that post. The money was nice, but if the products hadn’t been ones that I actually use and felt good about recommending, I can say with certainty that I would have passed up that opportunity.

But I do use those products…regularly…and I think that anyone doing the kind of projects that I do needs to be using those products as well. In fact, those headphones were an absolute MUST when I was sanding my hardwood floors. After the first day of sanding, I noticed a significant loss of hearing ability and a constant loud ringing in my ears for several hours afterwards. I was actually a bit scared because of it, wondering if I had done permanent damage to my ears. Fortunately, the next morning they were okay, the ringing was gone, and my hearing was back to normal, but I was sure to take those headphones and use them the rest of the time. And it was so nice to be able to listen to music while I worked!

So when the opportunity presented itself, I was happy to recommend them, and most certainly happy to be paid for it. 🙂

But again, I genuinely want to only bring attention to products and services that I would use (or do use) myself.

Case in point:

I was given an opportunity to write a sponsored post for another company, and the deadline for submitting my post for approval was looming. The pay was great, the post should have been easy. The service sounded like a really great concept, so when the opportunity (and pay) presented itself, I thought, “Yes! Absolutely! That sounds way cool, and I think people will love it!”

The problem? When I really took the time to learn more about the service, I just couldn’t get into it. I thought that maybe I was just distracted or busy and feeling rushed, so this morning I got up at 6:00 just so I could have a large chunk of quiet time to myself before Matt woke up so that I could really dig into the information, understand it the concept better, write my post, and have it submitted for approval by the deadline.

After an hour of staring at the information, I just couldn’t get into it. While the concept sounded really great, the actual service just wasn’t something I was interested in, and definitely not something I wanted to recommend.

So I wrote to them and told them I wouldn’t (couldn’t) write the post, not even for several hundred dollars, because while the concept sounded really great, the actual service just fell flat for me. I knew I’d never use it, and therefore couldn’t recommend it to my readers.

I don’t share that to say, “Hey! Look at me! Look at all this integrity I have!!” I say it because I really want you to know that when I do sponsored posts, it really is my genuine desire to bring attention only to things that I think are of value, and pertain to the topic of this site.

But I’m human. And I’m capable of being tempted by money and shiny objects. And when someone says, “Hey, we’ll pay you $500 to write a post about ______,” or they say, “Hey, we’ll send you this $1,000 product for free if you’ll write a post,” it can get tempting, especially when I have a “new” house that needs soooo much work, and I could use every penny that comes my way. So if you see me start writing posts about products that you feel quite certain I’d never use, or about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the topics of this blog (i.e., decorating, design, and DIY), feel free to call me on it. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Again, I know this whole topic of blogging for money is a bit of a mystery for non-bloggers. Trust me…it’s even a bit of a mystery for most bloggers! 😀 And if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask and I’ll do my very best to answer your questions.

I appreciate y’all, more than you know! 🙂



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  1. I love your honesty. I don’t mind reading blogs with sponsored posts as long as they aren’t the majority of the posts. I have seen blogs who do a lot of sponsored posts and I still read, but when they took over I stopped reading.

    Also, I agree, the noise cancelling headphones are a must! I was really scared for my hearing when we sanded our floors. People don’t realize just how alarmingly loud those sanders are!

    1. You’re right about those sanders! I used it for an entire day, and really, it didn’t sound that loud to me. I mean, yes, it was loud. But I could swear that some of my other tools are much louder. And yet, they don’t affect my ears like the sander did. I was really scared after that first day when my hearing was only at about 70% and I had that constant low humming/ringing. Such relief the next morning when everything was back to normal! And there was no way I was going to take that chance again. Ears can only take so much of that before the loss becomes permanent. 🙂

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the inside of blogging. Had no idea. In fact, yours is the only blog I’ve ever followed.

      1. I also am a fan of yours
        i read quite a few blogs but missed yours when i didn’t see it for awhile
        i think maybe you sound more friend than speaking to the unknown masses
        thanks for being you

  3. Kristi, I SO appreciate your honesty! It’s just one more reason why I love your blog, and place it at the top of my favorites. Just fyi, I have read your blog long enough that I wouldn’t have questioned that you recommend these products because you believe in them. And, knowing that helps me decide what products to use in my own home. While it is in good shape and doesn’t require the extensive renovations you are doing in your new home, I do have some projects I would like to do, and your insight helps a lot. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is truly appreciated. As for getting paid for certain posts, good for you! I’m happy you have that opportunity. 🙂

  4. I think your blog is incredibly well-written, but, even more than that, I’m especially impressed by your can-do attitude. I hope you do reap some even bigger rewards from blogging. If a post doesn’t resonate with me, I just skip it and look forward to the next one. For me it’s not unlike the point you once made about color/style in your condo vs neutralizing everything when staging a for-sale property. I may not choose bright colors for my own space, but my eyes–even when I don’t know the specifics of *why* something works so well–can appreciate your good design sense. I think your going to get a great response once you list your condo. And I so look forward to following your work on your new home.

  5. I follow a lot of blogs because I feel that’s where the best ideas and inspiration are presented. However, I’ve dropped a lot of crafty-type and decorating-type blogs when they were taken over by nothing but sponsored posts. You seem to have a good balance and if you need to add a bit more income by sharing some great home improvement products, go for it. Maybe you should contact a window company for those smaller living room windows? : ) Thanks Kristi for sharing this with us.

      1. Kristi, don’t feel bad about the idea of contacting a window company! There have been more than one or two women from blogs I read who just got real practical with projects they were doing that were going to cost a lot of money, so one of them contacted a ceiling beam company and another one contacted a shelving or flooring company (can’t remember which) and they just said “Hey, I write a popular blog, would you like to partner with me for exposure on your product?” and in each case, the company worked with them and either discounted the product or gave it to them for free in exchange for a blog post! I don’t think a single one of us would think it was a bad idea for you to do that. Heck, I think a whole lot of us would be sitting over here with fingers crossed hoping the company would work with you!

        I think it’s fabulous that you are able to make money with your blog. I was never very serious about blogging, none of my posts were that great, I never got around to posting any of my projects, and I haven’t even updated my blog in over a year! I work a lot of hours in a high-stress job and I just don’t have the time to build a blog to a level that anyone would really give a darn about it, including me! If I could build a following and make money from my blog, I’d be doing that in a heartbeat!

  6. I wonder if the blog you stopped reading is the same one I stopped reading for that very reason? I think it’s fantastic that bloggers are paid for the entertainment/information they provide, but it should be blogging first, money-making second for me to read. I appreciate your approach to the matter. 🙂

  7. I know what you mean about the sponsored post blogs. When I read yours the other day about the gadget thingy for temperature, I was like… Whoa? What? It was odd only for the very reason you explained because it’s rare on your part. But honestly- it fit what you were doing so it was fascinating to read about. It’s relevant to me as I will have builder grade gadget temperature thingy in my new house, it might be interesting to look into something a little more fancy. I’m also interested in keyless pad entry from the garage door into the house. (got any info on that?) 🙂

    1. Oh, yes, I want keyless entry also! I think I have the door knobs picked out that I want to use, and there’s a matching keyless entry dead bolt. I want one for the door that goes from the back yard into the storage room at the back of the garage. And when we remodel and I have my mud room / utility room, I want one on the door that goes from the back yard into that room as well. 🙂

  8. Very well written. I find myself teetering on the edge of sponsored posts vs good old fashioned quality content on a regular basis. I used to write for fun, but now blogging seems so complicated (and it’s not even my full time job!)

    I really over committed myself there for a while to too many sponsored posts, and even though they were all relevant to my site, it still made me feel hollow inside. Now I have decided to say NO a lot more than I say yes when the sponsors come calling. It’s a tough judgement call on some of them, but I know I don’t want to turn into “that blog” that does nothing but whore myself (and my readers) out for a paycheck.

  9. Good for you Kristi! I love your honesty, and I have stopped reading a couple of blogs as well, because of all the sponsorship.
    And, BTW, if you need a grunt to help with the heavy lifting, I can do it! I live in N. Texas, and could use an escape from my own endless home projects/maintenance. I’m single (a widow) and the past several years have been quite the learning experience for me. Your blog has given me courage to try things on my own–some things, like tiling, I’m still trying to work up the courage for. Do you do mentorships? And I promise, I’m just a middle-aged mom, not an axe-murdering maniac : ).

  10. High five for being so open about it. Bloggers who put a significant amount of time and work into their blogs and wish to turn it into their jobs shouldn’t feel guilty about doing that as long as it doesn’t impact the quality of their blogs. Annoying sponsored posts with content that just doesn’t match their usual topics is one of my blogging pet peeves 🙂

  11. Honestly, as long as the majority of the posts are not sponsored, it doesn’t bother me at all. People have to make a living!

  12. So is there a difference between sponsored posts and a product review post? I’ve seen bloggers do reviews on products they have received, but not sure if they get paid for those or not.

    Just curious about how that works. Non-blogger here.

    1. Product reviews are also sponsored posts. Generally they blogger has received the product for free from the company, and depending on the size of the blog (i.e., the size of the audience), then the blogger may have also received monetary compensation for writing the post. Lots of small bloggers will write those posts just for free swag alone. Big bloggers will require compensation in addition to the product.

      1. Not always. I often review products without receiving compensation, because I think my opinion can be of value to my audience 🙂

  13. Kristi, your creations just cause AWE in me. I click on your blog every day and if there is no entry I wait until later and try again. Believe me, I do this even though I am saying to myself: Good, she is taking a rest! You illustrate a work ethic that is unbelievable and a style that is beyond unbelievable. I cannot think that your integrity will ever be questioned.

  14. Like you, I support my family. I don’t do it through blogging but through a traditional 9 to 5 job. I admire that you are able to make your blog and your design work provide for your family. What I like most is your attitude toward diy projects!!! Your blog is tasteful and unlike many others, loads quickly because it’s not full of ads, ugh, I hate that!

    I really wish you had more time to actually engage with your audience as sometimes it feels a little showoffy when you don’t. But that’s just me, and like you I like to be honest.

    1. Mel, are you on my Facebook page? That’s where I love to interact with people, and I spend about two hours a day over there (if not more) just chatting back and forth with people. It seems like a much better platform for that, and since the comments load so quickly, I can have real back and forth interaction with people. Here on the blog, it definitely feels more “one-way”, because people are usually just commenting on my posts and projects (and don’t get me wrong…I LOVE that, and I read every single comment that I get, and they encourage me and bless me tremendously). Sometimes I feel like I can only say “thank you” so many times before coming off as completely insincere. I do see blogs where the blogger simply responds to every single comment with a “Thank you!” but there’s just something about that that doesn’t feel genuine, almost like “respond to every single comment on the blog” is just something on their “to do” list, or something they’ve been taught that every blogger should do, but yet it feels empty.

      Anyway…blah, blah. I’m rambling. 🙂 All that to say that my Facebook page is where the conversations take place. If you haven’t like my page yet, I sure hope you will! I love getting to know people better over there!

  15. I really really want to get my blog up and running as my domain and not a “wordpress” domain but I really need to wait until I have a better desktop at home. My Mac is 100 years old and doesn’t support a lot of the newer website downloads. I will definitely keep you in mind when that time comes though! In the meantime, I’ll be here reading about your home updates. =]

  16. Bravo! It is very evident that you work hard to create a wonderful blog. It is indeed alot of work. I only very recently added ads to my sidebar. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have written a sponsored post. My reasoning is exactly like yours. I will only do so if I really believe in the product/store, etc. My readers are very loyal. Some have been my friends for over 5 years. They believe what I say so I always want to be true to myself and them. Our readers deserve it. Thank you for your candidness.

  17. I don’t have a problem with sponsored posts as long as they are clearly marked and not all of them. To be honest I have thought about blogging and would like to learn more. I also haven’t been able to find you on FB, can you point me in your direction, Kristi?

  18. Just one of the many reasons I love your blog…not only do I learn a ton of things….and sponsored posts sometimes can be very useful and educational.
    But you are right….when posts are all sponsored…I’m like you…I’d be outta there.

  19. I am so happy to hear your site will not become one of “those” that is so boring because of the constant sponsored post. When you posted the one about the wifi thermostat, I almost cringed because it sounded so much like a commercial. Thanks for trying to keep the sponsored post low.

  20. Thanks for explaining sponsored posts. I wasn’t quite sure what they were. I am of the opinion that people should be paid for their work, no matter what kind. As for promoting products, that is fine if you believe in their worth and use them, as you said. A statement that no payment was made for the opinions themselves is helpful as well. Long-time readers will know whether a blogger is sincere or not.

    Questions: Do you ask sponsors to do reviews, or do they come knocking on your door?

  21. Hi Kristi,
    I am kind of a “Newbie” blogger still, and I have never gotten paid for anything…
    I guess I just haven’t done my research, and didn’t even know that you can get paid with “non click” ads! Wow the things you learn..I agree with you, I follow several blogs and notice that most of the posts are about some product they recommend you try, and I mean pretty frequently. I find myself losing interest in visiting their sites more and more. Honestly I think its OK to write some sponsored posts because as you said blogging does take time and everyone needs money to survive. Thanks for this post, I am gonna buckle down and do A LOT more research on this (like I said I have gotten paid $0). I love how honest you are that’s why I always come back!

  22. Very good information, I am fairly new to your blog, and blogging in general. But I follow another blogger who seems to always be pushing something, and I happen to click on a link she posted to look at some drawer handles that she was pushing only to find out they were 65 dollars a piece! And she put them on a ten dollar chest of drawers. So I wrote that I thought that was ridiculous price for such a item, and needless to say she never posted my comment. So my question is this, are you allowed to post that type of comment when you are being sponsored? Thank you!

  23. Hi
    Thank you for the honestly. I wish more were like you. I have unfollowed a lot of blogs over this past year because of their endless sponsored posts. Seems like advertisers finally figured out just how powerful blogs can be. That being said bloggers need to be really careful because we come for content not ads. After all you don’t pick up a magazine for the ads. At least I don’t. I do think its wonderful that you are able to get paid through sponsorship ads. I think if the products are ones you would use yourself then we want to know and getting paid to tell us is awesome. Congrats I think it’s great.

  24. Question: Do you get paid according to the number of subscribers/followers you have? I ask because I’m not a subscriber, but I have you bookmarked and come here frequently. Would it help you (and other bloggers) more if I subscribe?

  25. Kristi, I don’t mind sponsored posts. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t. What I do mind is when a blogger has a contest and you have to “like” them on facebook. I HATE that. I have enough friends do read, I don’t need to read about companies. I have started deleting the blogs that do it because I think it is unfair. I LOVE your blog and I always learn something from it. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  26. I enjoy reading about products you love. It lets me know the good bad and the ugly on items I might want to buy. I follow a fashion/beauty blog and have found many items I love just because she shared her thoughts on particular items! Go for it! Just be honest! Love your blog. I have wanted to start a blog of my own just a little nervous about the whole thing!! Have a great night!

  27. Kristi,
    This post may have strayed from your usual decorating and DIY, but it is INVALUABLE for its many lessons. Thank you for addressing every aspect, as well as citing examples- very helpful. I’m new to blogging- started mine just last month as a way to come out of the closet with writing, as well as to “document” the progress/chaos of making a home out of a 100+ year old house. And I’ve found myself wondering: am I doing this right? how could I do this better? is there blogger etiquette I’m unaware of? could I make money doing this? would I want to? Integrity is paramount, as I quite pride myself on a non-consumer lifestyle. Would I want to “pimp” things (love that term!) on my blog? It would be hard to do and would have to be just the right situation. Without understanding everything professional bloggers such as you do (though this post also helped with that) I do believe you deserve to benefit in any way that fits your blog and lifestyle. Finally, thank you for including your website design link; good chance I’ll be in touch again!

  28. Kristi, Thanks for enlightening us. After two years of reading blogs non-stop, I cut down to three DIY blogs and one novel writing blog. I love yours for the inspiration, projects, grewt writing and honesty. And if the sponsored posts allow you to blog more for us and add to your income, I totally am thrilled for you and Matt. Thanks for sharing how it works behind-the-scenes. I realized ads were migrating from magazines to blogs when I realized there weren’t many home decorating magazines left. (The expression “shelter magazines” sounds like they focus on animal rescue services or the homeless.). I used to buy 5-10 a month and am down to only one of tho now too. Big changes in the was’t five years.

  29. I appreciate the honesty in the post above but the problem I have is that we only ever hear good things about products on sponsored posts. I’d like all out honesty and if you use a product you end up not being happy with I’d like to read that as well but, and I’m guessing, if you have to submit posts for approval, a negative critique just wouldn’t be approved. Shame really as we have to rely on people who are not being paid for their posts to report the down side of products … and that is the feedback I most rely on. The feedback coming from people who have nothing to gain from it.

  30. Kristi, there’s not a dang thang wrong with doing sponsored posts if you believe in them. And I think it’s great that you can use some new products for free for your new-to-you house. It helps us to know what is good out there. And there are things that you might like that we don’t (I can’t think of anything right now-HA). So just keep your integrity and we’ll keep looking forward to your blogs. Keeping it real is what it’s all about.

  31. Ever since I discovered your site, I’ve become an avid reader. Love your “dive right in” attitude and that you share the highs and lows of a DIY-er. I know what you mean about some blogs becoming nothing but advertisements for everything under the sun. I don’t have a problem with sponsored posts when they seem relevant to a project or “fit” a blog, if you know what I mean.
    Have a great day! 🙂

  32. I suspect I quit following the same popular blog. When the entire blog is about sponsored posts or free items given to the blogger, it’s not as interesting. On the other hand, I do like to get opinions on products, and I like to see new ones as well. I think you’re being pragmatic. It’s all about balance. Plus, the more money you make, the sooner we can see your creative, awe-inspiring projects!! ; )

  33. Howdy Sweetie! Yep. I just greeted you like I would a ‘real’ friend of mine. I wouldn’t know ya if I passed you on the street and still feel like a buddy. Because you keep it real. I’ll be honest and tell you that I follow a number of blogs. A lot. To many. I do it because I love the same things you guys all love and am constantly on the look out for new ideas. And I do comment on some blogs. Sometimes. Usually a quick word of appreciation for sharing the idea and the hard work I know each of you put into a post.
    The rest of the story is that there are only about four, out of almost 40 or so blogs I follow, that I comment on regularly. That I feel invested in. That I notice haven’t posted in a few days, and that I miss those posts. Like missing hearing from a friend when you kinda thought you might. Your blog is one of the few that I miss. I appreciate your honesty and completely get the entire honesty vs. blowing the ‘my integrity’ horn. One day I hope to be a blogger. I hope that I’m as wonderful as you favorites O’Mine are, and that I can be as transparent in my dealings/hopes/projects/life as you are. Thanks for being there and for sharing so much with all of us. You are appreciated.

  34. Kristi, I won’t reiterate what other commenters have said re: supporting your sponsored posts, but I want to add that not only do I appreciate your transparency in this regard, but I really value your across-the-board candor. Firstly, it’s very interesting to us to read about the “back end” or “behind the scenes” of blogging. Secondly, because you are so frank I am confident that you won’t abuse our trust re: sponsors, reviews, etc. And thirdly, I respect and admire the courage with which you champion best blogging practices (I remember your post on photo credits) and encourage your readers to have meaningful discussion with potential disagreement.

    Earlier this evening I checked in with a blog that had recently posted a sponsored post, recommending a product of dubious quality. A handful of commenters expressed disappointment and pointed the author towards research/reviews (politely — no one was nasty). Her response was disappointing: she essentially said that disagreement was fine but not on her blog. I am uncomfortable with an all-smiles-all-the-time atmosphere.

    This got long, but basically what I mean is: I can trust you. Thank you for that.

  35. Hello, can read your blog for free, so I dont think it is a problem that there are a few sponsored posts on it.

    The fact that you are generating income from this blog, probably makes it better in the long run as you are more likely to invest more time in it, then a blog which is simply done for a fun or a hobby.

  36. I blog for $ too, so I can totally relate. Love your blog and will always “call you out” should the need arise 🙂

  37. Kristie, it is always so very refreshing to see someone be honest. I get frustrated with people who are sneaky or seem to have an ulterior motive (this subject is very close to me right now since I have been dealing with some builder issues on our home, that caused myself and my son to get sick). Anyway, thank you for the insight about sponsored post. I am a blogger and I learned a few things. There are a couple of blogs I may stop following if they continue to have only sponsored post. But, then I would feel bad because maybe they really do need the money? In any event, if you can get discounted or free products to help decorate and refinish your new home, then do it. I am sure most people would not pass up that opportunity and I am sure your readers would totally understand. 😀

    By the way, have you considered offering an Ala Carte for blogging services? While I will admit I am in a love / hate relationship with WP right now (it is because I am still trying to decorate “my new home” and learn some code and WP). If I am unable to figure something out, I would be more than happy to pay you for service. 🙂 Eh, just a thought.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. I think you are right regarding bloggers who do not disclose they are writing and promoting a product because they are getting paid. Everyone does need to disclose this.thanks for your honesty and explanation.

  39. Hello Kristi,

    I am one of those newbies you mentioned in your post. Each time I come to your site I learn something new. I really appreciate your professionalism and openness when it comes to sharing information about the business of blogging. Thank you for all that you share and for educating us on the subject. It sure is helpful and it gives me the needed confidence to work at my blog.

  40. This is why I found your blog one day not so long ago, and have been back every week since. You have an honest way of expressing yourself. I trust you. I trust your writing, and having been a writer myself for over thirty years (writer-turned-artist), I appreciate it all the more.

    Which is why I’m going to issue a disclaimer that I’m including a link to a pillow project I am WILD about, in my Etsy shop. See the little link right there below? That’s it.

    Thanks, Kristi, for maintaining a blog you can be proud of. Sure is a joy to visit each time!

  41. Hi Kristie. I am new to blogging and wonder how people link blogs. I have been approached by companies to link to their sites etc. will that and linking up with other blogs increase my visibility as a new blogger? Would really appreciate your advice. Just stumbled accross your blog through a link on Facebook. Looks great! Will be checking in often. Xx

  42. I just came across your blog, and this post caught my eye. While I enjoyed the content I did peruse, I must say the ads for dating services etc for Asian women turns me completely off. I probably won’t be back.

  43. Thank you for this post. I agree about keeping the integrity of the blog and not overloading the blog with sponsored posts. With that in mind, I have a question I was hoping to get an advice on. I just got an email from somebody who wants to do a sponsored post on my blog. It is my first time. I will make sure that the content is relevant to my site but as I am new at this, I have no idea what price to ask for. My blog gets around 2000-5000 page views per months. Please help!