Color Inspiration – Small Bathrooms That Pack A Punch

I love small bathrooms (powder baths, guest bathrooms) because I think people are sometimes more open to bold decorating decisions in a small bathroom than they would be in other areas of the house. If you’re nervous about adding color and pattern to your living room or kitchen, you can try adding some bold choices to your small bathroom. Hopefully these bathrooms below will inspire you!

1. Pink, black and white bathroom from @jenniferdimplesandtangles

I think this is the only bathroom I’m featuring today that doesn’t include wallpaper. I’m pretty sure this is a hand painted black, white, and gray checked design on the walls. And every time I see this bathroom, I have to stop and stare.

Small bathroom with black and white checked walls, bold pink door and mirror frame, white wainscoting, from Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles (@jenniferdimplesandtangles) in Instagram

2. Turquoise and White Bathroom from @amiecorleyinteriors

If you’re afraid that a wallpaper will be too busy in your small bathroom, you can follow the lead that Amie Corley used in this small bathroom. The wallpaper has a lively pattern, but the turquoise and white color (i.e., the fact that it’s not multi-colored) keeps it from being way too busy. And repeating the turquoise on the vanity adds more interest without making the room too overwhelming.

Bathroom with turquoise and white wallpaper, turquoise vanity, brass and white lights, from Amie Corley Interiors (@amiecorleyinteriors) on Instagram

3. Tropical wallpapered bathroom from @sarahvailedesign

My personal style tends to be more bold, busy, and colorful, so this monkey, bird, and leaves wallpaper really grabbed my attention. I think so many people take their decorating a little too seriously, and what’s more lighthearted than monkeys on your bathroom wall? 😀

Bathroom with tropical wallpaper featuring leaves, birds, and monkeys, by Sarah Vaile Design (@sarahvailedesign) on Instagram
Photography by @aimeemazzenga.

4. Bold Lips Wallpapered Bathroom from @collins_interiors

Okay, well…maybe I spoke too soon. Monkeys on the bathroom wall certainly add a lighthearted flair to the room, but perhaps bold red and pink lips are just a bit more fun and lighthearted. Seriously, how could a person walk into this room and not smile?

Small bathroom with bold red and pink lips wallpaper by Collins Interiors (@collins_interiors) on Instagram

5. Turquoise and white bathroom from @chadesslingerdesign

Lips and monkeys may be a bit much for some, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add bold color. A wallpaper in a geometric design with one color + white can add just the right amount of color and pattern without being over the top for some.

Bathroom with teal and white geometric wallpaper from Chad Esslinger Design (@chadesslingerdesign) on Instagram
Photography by @pictureperfecthouse.

6. Bold Bird Wallpapered Bathroom from @tracyhardenburgdesigns

I personally have a thing about birds. Actually, birds, trees, and flowers. (And sometimes butterflies.) I always find myself drawn to fabric and wallpaper with birds, trees, and flowers. (And sometimes butterflies.) 😀 So naturally I absolutely love this wallpaper with the HUGE birds. Are those cranes? I don’t even know, but I love them!

Bathroom with large scale coral wallpaper featuring white cranes and dragonflies, by Tracy Hardenburg Design (@tracyhardenburgdesigns) on Instagram
Photography by @parbengtsson1.

7. Bright bird wallpapered bathroom by @dianarosespier

And speaking of birds, trees, and flowers, this light and bright wallpaper is so fun and so perfect for a bathroom.

Bathroom with colorful bird and trees wallpaper on white background, from Diana Rose Spier (@dianarosespier) on Instagram

So what do you think? Could you go bold in a small bathroom? Have you gone bold in a small bathroom?

A half bathroom is also a great place to use that expensive wallpaper you’ve been wanting but couldn’t bring yourself to spend that amount to cover your dining room walls or your bedroom walls. You can get that beautiful design in your home at a much reduced cost by using it in a small powder bath.

Powder baths may be small, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Pack those little rooms full of color and pattern, and it’ll put a smile on your face every time you go in there. I still feel that way every time I walk into my studio bathroom.

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  1. I went bold in my powder room. I have a small black floating vanity and black framed mirror and the walls are covered in a wallpaper with a print of full size distressed tin ceiling panels. I love it. It is much punchier in real life – and especially up close.

    I would happily do that pink crane/heron wallpaper if I had another powder room.

  2. Our guest bathroom had a sweet basin when we moved in, in the form of a seashell with a (subtle) blue leaf pattern on it – I guess it was the first thing that made me fall in love with our house (it was kinda the first room we looked at :)). And I took it from there and looked all over the internet to find a matching wallpaper. As I love Art Nouveau, when I found something in that style and matching the basin I couldn’t resist, even at a high price: As you said, using it in such a small room wasn’t too harsh on the budget, as we only needed 2 rolls. So whenever I go into that room now, I have to smile – such a great effect!!! It certainly was worth doing it and I think my guests feel good in that room, too 🙂

  3. You have the funnest house I’ve ever seen: so free spirited and happy.
    My favorites are the gray diamonds and the pink paper with the white birds. Some of the others are a bit too busy for my taste but it’s your house, your choice. Whatever you choose will look stunning, as always.

  4. I love love love both the bird bathrooms (I have a love for all things flowers & birds as well). I have one small bathroom in my 1940’s house with pink tile with turquoise trim that is half way up the wall. That is pretty bold in it’s own right so as of now, I have white above the tile and swan décor on the walls and décor to give it a bold look.

  5. Love the cranes and the buffalo plaid! I also love trees (especially) and birds . I’m re-doing a dresser that I decoupaged the side of the drawers with a flower/bird design. Turning out much lovelier than I thought 🙃

  6. I’m generally more of a neutral, subdued color kinda gal. But I really do like some of these! The turquoise wallpaper and turquoise vanity is totally something I might do. I also like the last one very much and could even see myself doing that one but maybe in a different colorway. Thanks for the inspiration! I need something to punch up my half bath.

    1. Yes! I love the turquoise one also. I have a small powder room needing a make-over. House built in 1980 — so outdated.

  7. Since you asked what I thought….I didn’t like any of the bathrooms. They were too loud and busy and made me feel claustrophobic. Just saying…

  8. I just love to walk into a small bath and be surprised, either with a wallpaper, a bold paint or out of the ordinary artwork. Still trying to come up with a color to do mine! All I know is I have to do it as a surprise, because if I tell hubby my plan, he’ll say NOOOO! (He’s no fun! lol) An old neighbor of ours did hers in a neon lime green. It had a window in there, and when the sun shined in, it GLOWED like a science project! She had fun, quirky large scaled art on the walls too, and I smiled (or giggled!) every time I went in there. Of course my hubby hated it!

  9. I’m surprised to say this but I like all of them. It’s given me a new perspective to think about, I’m working on my master bath now and trying to decide what to do in there Love the inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  10. I LOVE that bird wallpaper and the one with the Monkeys – could see myself doing that for sure. Hope you pick something like one of those!!!

  11. I am normally a very conservative decor type person but that crane paper i would do Wow love it. Thanks for introducing us to things out of our comfort zones.

  12. I once papered our Small powder room with a deep red (blue undertones) paper with a large white floral pattern. I loved it but I‘ve always wondered if the new owners of the house Left it up or got rid of it quickly.

  13. For about a year I rented the spare room of a family I knew – the woman was an oil painter with great classical taste. My private bathroom had black wallpaper with gold and red Turkish figures on it and it was a super fun space, if under-lit 🙂 If I ever have a powder bath in a future home I’ll do something relatively bold if not nearly as bold/colorful as these examples!

  14. Here’s a thought. In all but one of these bathrooms, the mirror is a color other than white. It makes the mirror stand out from the wallpaper and allows both to be noticeable. Have you thought about painting the mirror in your studio bath? It’s so pretty, but in my opinion fades into the background. And the light fixture fades into the mirror. Seems like it, the mirror and the wallpaper might pop if the mirror was one of the shades of pink or coral from the wallpaper. This is just my opinion! It’s beautiful as-is! I only noticed this after seeing these pics here.