Fifty Amazing & Colorful Floral And Watercolor Wallpapers

As you probably know, I’ve been trying to find or make a wallpaper or mural to use on the headboard wall of the guest bedroom, which is the wall on the right in this picture…

guest bedroom diy closets - 9

I’ve been trying to create my own wallpaper design, but I just haven’t come up with the right design yet. So the other day, I was watching Instagram stories and saw that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality was using a Spoonflower wallpaper in her bathroom.

I know this sounds strange, but until then, I had never spent any real amount of time looking through what was available on Spoonflower. Until then, Spoonflower was simply a source for me to upload my own designs and see what they’d look like as wallpaper. And of course, that’s where I had my bold floral wallpaper for the studio printed, which you can see here…

studio progress as of 10-25-2019 - 18
Bold Watercolor Floral wallpaper

So over the last few evenings, I’ve been scrolling through the 10,000+ wallpapers on Spoonflower to see what’s available, and I have to say, there are some really good ones there! Spoonflower is similar to Etsy in that independent designers can sell their designs, except that Spoonflower is specifically for wallpaper and fabric. And there are some really talented designers on Spoonflower!

So as I was scrolling, I pulled out my fifty favorite wallpapers. And since I love colorful florals, birds, branches, vines, butterflies, and watercolor designs, that’s pretty much what all of these are. And I have a feeling that one of the first nine will end up on my guest bedroom wall. Those are the ones that are Matt-approved. 😀 But all fifty of these are Kristi-approved! I wish I had a wall for all of them!

Feather Leaves Pastel

Moody Midnight Floral
Right now, this one is my absolute favorite, but that could change tomorrow…or in an hour. 😀

Daydream Stripe
Surprisingly, this one was Matt’s favorite, but he approved of any of the first nine.

Watercolor Pattern

Chevron Blush Navy
This was Matt’s second favorite.

Hawaiian Leaves

Watercolor Succulents and Anemones

Layla Flower Night

C’est la Viv Woodstains Smokey Teal

Birdie Blossom

spoonflower wallpaper - feather leaves white
Feather Leaves White

Two Hearts Beat As One Floral

Daydream Stripe Horizontal
This is the same design as Matt’s favorite, but in a horizontal stripe.

Butterfly Garden – Minty Blue

Verdure Wildflowers – Teal

Verdure Wildflowers – Blush

Peacock Chinoiserie – Teal

Fable Floral – Teal
This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite fabrics — Bloomsbury Garden fabric in teal from Timorous Beasties, which costs about $170/meter. The colors in this one aren’t quite as vibrant, but it’s a fraction of the cost and can be printed on fabric as well.

Persimmon Spring

Patio Lights
I think this would be so great in a laundry room!

Autumn Blooms

Colorful Abstracted Roses

Drifting Dandelions

Flower Colorful

Watercolor Birds

Summer Daze

C’est la Viv Wood Abstract

C’est la Viv Lattice Emerald

C’est la Viv Lattice Blu/Emerald

Lucid Dreams Miss Mystic

Tropical Dark

Tropical Palm

Local Color 2

Synesthete Spring

Curve Turquoise

Flirt Pink Orange

Genevieve Floral

The Wild Garden – Sky

Kaleidoscope Sea Greens

Castle Blue and Green
Please, someone use this in a kid’s room or playroom! I love this so much, and would love to see it in a real room.

Magnolia Melancholy

Japanese Water Garden

Green Tropical Plants

Green Watercolor Stripes

Sunbirds and Proteas

IBD Falling For You


Painterly Pollinators

Swift Parrots and Eucalyptus

Anyway, if you’re looking for wallpaper, this really is a great source. And no, they’re not paying me to say that. 🙂 My only relationship with Spoonflower is that I have one of my own designs for sale, and I’ve had my own design printed by them to use on my studio wall. I just really like the idea of bringing attention to some of these really talented independent designers who don’t have the big dollar contracts to design for wallpaper and fabric companies like Schumacher. But because anyone can upload and sell their designs on Spoonflower, you do have to dig through a lot of bad designs to find the good. But there are plenty of good ones there at a decent price.



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  1. Naughty naughty Kristi!! Can I add on rooms just to try more wallpaper?!? 🙂 Ps-all my walls are textured. Is there a trick to using wallpaper over texture?
    Pps- I like Matt’s pick. It’s not overly girly.

    1. There actually is a under layment paper that you can put over paneling, brick make your wall smooth I have a roll but the wrapper is missing so I don’t remember what it is called exactly. Goes up the same the same as wallpaper. I’m sure a store specializing could help or a internet search.

      1. Michelle you can use Wallpaper liner (that’s what it’s called) it goes up on the wall HORIZONTALLY with wallpaper paste. Let it cure for at least a week, then you prime it with wallpaper primer (not paint primer!) let that dry, THEN you can hang wallpaper on it. (I used to work at a wallpaper store.) Personally I’d rather either replace the drywall or put on a skim coat, sand it, then a couple coats of primer to seal that. A lot of work any way you do it, and not really that cheap either, sorry! You could try to sand down what is there, but it must get perfectly smooth, because any tiny bump or divot will show.

  2. Some of these are just gorgeous. Now I’m rethinking my bathrooms and master bedroom and my mom’s house and, and…😁

  3. Well. Thanks for finding the paper for MY guest room! That Verdure Wildflowers LRG in teal stopped me in my scroll! Nothing like having someone with fabulous taste (you!) as my personal shopper. 🙂

    There were several that seemed very Kristi to me…and several where I cringed. I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  4. I love the fable floral teal, but it reminds me SOOO much of the “tapestry” that Jami Ray Vintage did on YouTube yesterday out of an old drop cloth and transfers. Since both are speaking to me…now I want to get a piece of that and frame it for art!

  5. I LOVE Birdie Blossom! And the one with the owls, but I love owl things for some reason. I also love pineapples, but I didn’t see any of those in there.

  6. Oh my! Again, you’ve shown me another “rabbit hole” to explore! LOL!

    I can’t wait to see which one you decide on and how you pull it all together! It will be stunning, as usual!

  7. I really like Matt’s 2nd pick – Chevron Blush Navy. I know you love Chevron and I think I remember you liking Navy as well. And I know you’re in a pink phase right now so it seems like a perfect fit!

  8. I love Verdure wildflowers, either one. Really love the teal. And I love your favorite of the hour, midnight moody floral. I like almost all of the ones with beautiful floral🌷🌷🌻🌹🌸

  9. Bravo, Matt! I’m with you! I love that stripe! Daydream is so right!

    Okay, Kristi, I know Matt says he doesn’t care, but…if he actually said he like Daydream Stripe, I’d go with that one. You have had your choices in all the rest of the house, why not do one from his choice? Besides it’s very colorful, not too girlie, but still restful for a bedroom. So many color options in the bedding, etc. DAYDREAM STRIPE

  10. I vote for one of the Teal papers. Fable, Peacock, Vendure. Does the room get alot of natural light? Do you want more drama like a powder room? Or is Bright and airy what you see for the room. Some paper looks Glam others more Asian, etc. what furniture is going in the room. I have to go now, I have an itch to look for Wallpaper for my powder room 😁

  11. Maybe all wallpaper is strippable these days, but if you buy any, make sure that it is. Just finished removing a 70s or 80s-era wallpaper border in a bathroom. It wasn’t easy. I removed one in my kitchen that was even harder.

  12. Matt is like me: he likes stripes. A stripe (Matt) vs. floral (Kristi) juxtaposition could be a cool decorating idea going forward.

  13. Well, there went that half hour!!!! Wow! I ended up liking them all, for the most part, but would suggest not a huge pattern, having some repeat is nice. Flower Colorful, Cindy Lee, Layla Flower Night, loved, Verdure Wildflower Teal, Fabla Floral Tea. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  14. They are all beautiful but I love the one Matt picked! And the flirt pink orange mad me look twice. Good luck deciding.

    1. LUV the Wood Abstract, the Japanese Water Garden, and the Parrots and Eucalyptus! I could spend entire days at Spoonflower!

      Have fun!

  15. My top four are…Tropical Palm (and I am not normally drawn to pink but love this one), Daydream Stripe – this is a great look!, Feather Leaves White – it is different and I like it a lot and finally Curves Turquoise, so pretty. I can’t wait to see what you pick.

    1. I’m with Leslie on these two. . . I found them not only beautiful, but restful, which I would want in my bedroom. And the lightness (almost pastel-ness) of them would be a nice change of pace.

  16. How fun! If you’re interested in going down another rabbit hole of wall decor, check out the offerings from Surface View. More wall murals rather than wallpaper. They are not inexpensive but the range of images and customization is amazing. I hired a wallpaper installer to hang the 2 full wall murals I purchased from them and she was amazed at the quality. I have no connection to them, just a happy customer.

  17. I love the Kaleidoscope one. Suddenly I’m wishing my walls weren’t all textured. But maybe I can remedy the texture in the closet or use it in a bathroom.

  18. My fav for that room in Daydream Stripe BUT on the horizontal. Vertical stripes make me uneasy and on edge but horizontal is calming, like water.

  19. A lot of these are nice, but I have spent quite a lot of time on Spoonflower and people that know how to make a repeating pattern are few and far between. You should not be able to detect “squares” and I see it in commercial paper, as well. The one you created is still my all time fave.

  20. These 50 are all over the board! Floral, geometric, a million colors, 2 colors. There were definitely some that I liked better than others. Will be interesting to see what you pick!

  21. While Daydream Stripe is pretty, it’s rather bland. Sorry, Matt. I like Hawaiian Leaves because it’s fairly gender neutral and a bold, dark, dramatic backdrop from which you can pull lighter and darker colors for bedding and other soft furnishings or painted wood pieces.

  22. There are several here that I kind of like, but not enough to commit to FOR ME. I would rather have solid walls and do color in fabrics, but that’s because I get bored with prints easily and want to change them out. So I will wait and see what route you travel here, because I’m always pleasantly pleased with the end game!

    1. A lot of these are cool. I guess I vote the pastel horizontal stripes for your wall.

      Some of these, like the Layla flower Night, Peacock Chinoiserie, Verdure Wildflowers blush and Hawaiian leaves have a 40s retro vibe.

      I’d totally use them in a bathroom! Retro baths often had fun colorful wallpaper.

      And whimsical or not, I’d use that blue/green Castles one in a bathroom too! It’s a fave for me.

      For drool worthy birds/flowers paper, go to
      Bradbury and bradbury dot com and click on the 30s section. Really cool paper there!

  23. C’est la Viv Wood Abstract is my favorite! I think it looks timeless, ethereal and sophisticated, almost like a moire fabric. and I can definitely see it as a headboard.

  24. I love Matt’s first pick. I think it will work well in the guest room. His second pick with the Chevron design is making me rethink my guest room. It has beautiful Chevron wallpaper that I was going to paint over. I think since it seems to still be in style I may leave it for now. I’m getting excited to see how you make out with the room.

  25. I think Matt has a good eye! His first choice seems restful and vibrant at the same time. No wonder you married him!

  26. I cannot wait to see what you pick out. I have liked everything you’ve done so far and I just know it will be a pleasant surprise.