Craft Day Saturday — My Obsession With Beaded Necklaces Continues

I promised that I wouldn’t turn my blog into a beading blog, and I won’t. But I figured since it’s Saturday, and y’all usually don’t get a post from me on Saturdays, today is a freebie for me to share my latest beaded creations.

I’m still hooked on making necklaces. I haven’t ventured out from there yet, but I did buy some fish hook-style things for earrings. Maybe this next week, I’ll venture beyond necklaces and try my hand at making some earrings. I probably won’t ever make any bracelets because I don’t wear things on my wrists. I don’t wear bracelets or watches. I seem to have a skin reaction to anything I put on my wrists. The last thing I tried was a FitBit, and after about two days, my wrist was so red and irritated that I had to stop wearing it. So I’ve given up on wearing anything on my wrists.

But I’m all about the necklaces! I’m still a newbie at this beading hobby, so I’m still doing some pretty basic designs. But I’ve been amazed at the variety of designs that are possible with just a few basic beading skills! I’ll eventually try my hand at wire wrapping and those other things that several of you told me about. But for now, I’m still working with the very basics — stringing beads on beading wire and adding clasps. Every no and then, I’ll add some chains. But that’s about where my skills end for now.

Anyway, here are my creations from this last week:

This first one is made with three sizes of dark wood beads and some rough “gold nugget” beads. I love the contrast between the dark wood and the gold.

I’ve learned that I like my beaded necklaces to be between 16 and 17 inches. That way, I can wear them as they are with collared or V-neck shirts. But then if I want to wear them longer with a crew neck shirt, I can add a necklace extender. It’s easy to make necklaces longer than they are, but it’s not really possible to shorten them. So that’s the length I’ve tried to stick with for most of them.

For this next one, I used the leftover red stones from the red necklace that I showed y’all last time, and then added white matte seed beads (which I’ve learned are one of my favorite go-to beads) and gold.

On this next one, I used a chain necklace that I already had (but never wore), and turned it into something that I will wear. Again, I used some leftover beads from another necklace that I previously showed you (the black and white one with the butterfly charm), and I added a “K” charm to this one.

This next one is probably my favorite of the week. Again, I used a chain I already had (but never wore), and I added some super shiny and sparkly orange beads, along with some matte white beads, and then separated all of them with a little gold bead.

And finally, this green and gold one is another favorite of the week. The tiny gold beads are so shiny and sparkly!

I’m still in the process of learning and developing my own style and taste. When it comes to home DIY, I pretty much know what I like and dislike. I hate shiny paint finishes on trim and doors. I love a matte finish wall. Those types of things are things I’ve learned about myself over the years, so it takes some of the guesswork out of DIYing and product buying.

But I’m still learning when it comes to beading. What I have learned is that I absolutely love shiny, sparkly, iridescent beads, but I especially love them if they’re the size of seed beads. I want all of the tiny, super sparkly beads! 😀 I have some tiny green glass beads that are the shiniest I’ve seen, and I’m still waiting for inspiration to hit. I may just string them on their own and add a clasp and be done with it. They’re really so pretty on their own that they don’t need any embellishments.

And as several people suggested, I’ve also checked out Fire Mountain Gems. My gosh, people! I could spend days just perusing that site!! And I could also become very poor very quickly if I don’t exercise a tremendous amount of self-control while perusing that site. It’s amazing!! I’ve never seen such an assortment of beads in my life! They have things I never could have dreamed of.

So I’m having a ton of fun. I’ve been rewarding myself each evening with allowing myself to make a necklace once I get finished with my work. 😀 I don’t know how long I can go on doing this, though. Beads aren’t cheap. Even the ones at Michael’s that I buy during their sales add up fast! But I’ll keep going as long as I still have beads I can mix and match into different creations.



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  1. It is fun to find a new passion. I wonder if there are bead swapping groups that would help with the cost. Keep enjoying what you do.

  2. Nice beading! So you now have a hobby that makes it easy for family to buy sure fire gifts for you that they know you will like… cards to your favorite bead store! And when you are over run with necklaces and earrings find someplace to sell enough to buy more supplies. Even if it’s consignment or shared space with another crafter there are ways to keep this hobby going. Maybe this will open up another new creative outlet….bead making! Keep sharing!

  3. I love the ones with gold chain and gold beads mixed in. Your favorite is my favorite too! I also love how you are making room in your week to do something different that you enjoy, it’s a good example for us all. Finally, I love functional/wearable art!

  4. Rut roh! She’s been to Fire Mountain! She’s hooked!
    Actually, earrings are very easy to make. Best bet is to buy sterling silver hooks. The regular hooks have nickel in them and many people are allergic. Sterling silver is bacteriostatic. Don’t forget EBay either as well as Etsy and your local thrift store for jewelry you can reassemble and repurpose. And don’t forget! Ziplock bags are your friend! I store lots of my beads in the bags as well as the small containers.
    You will need at least one whole cabinet dedicated to your beads and findings. Also, be sure to check out fishing line for some of the heavier beads. Plus sign up for the magazine Beaded. You’re right! This can become a very expensive hobby! Ask me how I know! LOL
    I even make lace and leather earrings with my Scan ‘n Cut and my Luminaire embroidery machine.

  5. Happy you arechaving fun and relaxing doing it. Now you can make gifts for everyone but it does get hard to give them away. You are going to have to get out more just to enjoy your beautiful creations

  6. I love making necklaces, bracelets and earrings. But I finally had to give it up. I was over run with all of them. Plus I spent a small fortune in them, but oh what fun….and even the relaxation in doing so. Have fun girl!!

  7. Beautiful necklaces! I like the idea of it being a reward for you. If you get “hooked” on earrings, you might want to look at the easy ear wire maker to save money. You can crank out quality ear wires fast and easy.

  8. You could always merge the beads with some home decor as well – curtain tie backs, key tassels, decorative additions to jars, bags etc – so many options….

  9. Tucson has a gem show every January and being new here I was like a kid in a candy store! I’ve learned to pace myself now though. I took an intro lapidary class at our rec center and I learned wire wrapping; that really opens things up to very personal expression! Great fun!!

  10. Kristi, they are beautiful! I love them. It’s great to stretch our creativity in new ways, isn’t it? Glad to see you having so much fun!

  11. RE Wrist Woes. You could have a base-metal allergy. Nickel is a common culprit, but not the only one. Some people use a clear coat of something—polyurethane, nail polish, etc.—on metal watch bands and such. I also have a reaction to faux leather, so I wear only loose, bangle-type watch bands and bracelets made of sterling silver (or gold, but my budget doesn’t stretch to that very often!)

    When you wear your gorgeous creations, be aware of the clasps and itching at the neck or where metal beads are touching you. If you really get into this, buy sterling silver clasps and findings for the jewelry you are going to keep or look for a material called Rhodium. I used to buy Lia Sophia costume jewelry (company now closed) because their Rhodium did not make me itch. You could see if you can find used Lia Sophia and take it apart for clasps, etc., for your new creations.

    My base-metal allergy went from mild to dramatic over time. At first, I had redness and sometimes a little discomfort or itching. Then I wore a couple of statement necklaces all day each day at a conference, and my chest became covered with blisters. Very painful. That’s why I’m sharing this with you! You don’t want to go there.

    Your jewelry is so sale-able, and most people won’t have trouble with the metals used. Just be careful with those you are keeping for yourself.

  12. Love these! Where do you get your beads? I love that you are reusing chains you already have, reducing waste. You are very talented.

  13. Hi,
    I find your ability to remodel your house very intriguing. I’m not that type. Wow, you have done an amazing job!

    I, too, would have rash under my Apple Watch when I used the original band. I bought off brand and it doesn’t do that to my skin. I’d clear up the rash and try it again, always the same thing happened! I decided to try off brand bands and I haven’t had any issues since!

  14. Kristi,

    If I may share my experience and opinion, please, it sounds like you may benefit from some allergy testing. I, myself, am allergic to gold. (I am also allergic to cobalt, which is used in some permanant dental appliances.) You may as well ask to be tested for environmental and food allergies at the same time.

    Sometimes we may have a low grade allergy to one item (such as dairy or flour) to which we expose ourselves regularly, only noticing an allergic reaction when infrequently adding an allergen, such as ragweed, strawberries or shellfish in season. The frequently encountered allergen is stressing our systems so frequently that we don’t recognize its affect as an allergy. (My ears can be sensitive to loud noises because my allergies to dust make all those internal facial organs swollen. The pain makes me easily annoyed. I was labeled a sensitive, i.e., grumpy, kid. Who knew I just needed some Allegra?)

    I’m sorry to run on like this, but the improvements I’ve experienced since my visits with an Allergist have made me beat my drum when I recognize allergic symptoms in others. Reacting to the Fitbit is undoubtedly a sign of allergies.

  15. What I like best about beading, you can always take it apart and redo! I have a lot of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I no longer wear and with your example, I am thinking about taking them apart and redo.

  16. Good for you! Bedding is therapeutic! Fire Mountain Gems is a great site especially for findings as well as beads. You might want to hit thrift shops or Good Will, Salvation Army to look for necklaces to repurpose—some of my favorite necklaces are those that have had a second life! So glad you are enjoying beading!

  17. Oh, I knew you would love Fire Mountain. So glad you looked there. You might want to read up on Stainless Steel findings as well. I think they are less problematic than some metals, and I dislike Sterling because of some of the discoloration that appears. I am now leaning toward Stainless Steel for that reason. So happy you are enjoying a new to you craft…I know you will be so good designing the pieces…and already you have some of us interested in purchasing…keep us all in mind!