I Have Absolutely Nothing To Share…

…so let’s just look at some colorful rooms, shall we?

turquoise room 1

via The Decorologist

turquoise room 2

via Décor Pad


turquoise room 3

via EAD Living

turquoise room 4

via Life Wrapped In Lace

turquoise room 5

via Décor Pad

turquoise room 6

via Studio Ten 25

turquoise room 7

via Décor Pad

turquoise room 8

Sarah Richardson, via House of Turquoise

turquoise room 9

Meg Braff, via House of Turquoise

Tobi Fairley, via House of Turquoise

turquoise room 11

via House of Turquoise


turquoise room 12

Timothy Mather, via House of Turquoise


turquoise room 13

via Fresh Nest Design

Aahhhh…that was better than a strong cup of coffee!!  Now I’m ready to get my morning started.

I’m headed out the door and probably won’t be around this afternoon!  I’m going to John & Alice’s house, where I’ll meet the crew that’s going to tear out the countertops, sink, and backsplash in the kitchen.  The new granite countertops, sink, and subway tile backsplash go in on Monday.  Woohoo!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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  1. Blue and Red in the first photo—hmmmm. Coincidence?? 🙂 I love it! (actually one of the photos I found when I was trying to find something to show my husband. He's the type that can't visualize my thoughts.)

  2. OH… that bedroom from Decor PAd with the painted bird stencil behind the bed is amazing! I wonder if they made that stencil or if they bought it somewhere! I would LOVE to do that on a wall in my bedroom! I always love to see the photos you share, your work is SO inspiring!
    Have a great DAy,

  3. Loved the pictures! I am so wanting to do turquoise/teal in my living room and in my office/tiny guest room. The red + turquoise in the office (I bought a red & white damask chair already). Then the turquoise + lime green/dark green in my living room.

  4. Ha! Nope, definitely not a coincidence, Jeannine. You got me to thinking about red and turquoise, and it got me in the mood to see some red and turquoise rooms. 🙂

  5. Ooooh! I love the Sarah Richardson and Meg Braff rooms. Almost makes me want to run out and get some wallpaper~

  6. Where do these people put all their stuff?! If you ever feel inclined, I'd love to see a post dedicated to storage solutions. ^_^

  7. The Tobi Fairley room from House of Turquoise gave me some great inspiration for a sitting room I am converting into a home office. I think I can find a desk like the one pictured at a used furniture source, a little paint, some crisp fabric, yes!!!
    Loved the seashell illustrations above the desk too.

  8. Love the studio ten 25 bedroom . i want to decor my bedroom like this. great inspiration to all of the decor images. thanks for sharing all pictures.