Entryway Wall — Mirror Or Artwork?

Happy Monday, all!  I continued my work on the walls in the dining room and entryway this weekend.  I also tackled a couple of other projects in there, like trimming out the front door and patching the hardwood floor in the new opening between the dining room and kitchen.  Today I hope to get that opening completely finished and framed out, as well as get the rest of the picture frame moulding on the walls that I can go ahead and finish (obviously I’ll leave the areas around the windows unfinished until the new windows are installed) so that I can share my progress with you tomorrow.

But I spent my work breaks this weekend scouring the internet for ideas on what to put above my buffet on the entryway wall. And by the way, I decided to go with the one big panel above the buffet, rather than the three smaller panels to match the outside panels.

entryway wall with three upper panels

I decided on the one large panel because that seems like the perfect space for one large statement piece.

I love the idea of a large, beautiful mirror above the buffet.  A mirror is handy to have right by a front door, but a large mirror also brightens a room since it reflects light.  So it seems like a perfectly good option.  But I’ve looked just about everywhere I can think to look online, and I can’t find anything that I think would be “just right” for that wall.

This wall (as well as this whole front room) is my chance to make a first impression when someone enters my home, and I want my personality and love of color to really shine through in this room.  And since all of the walls will be white, using a plain or simple mirror just seems like a completely wasted opportunity to me.

One of my favorites was this Jasmine Bamboo Mirror from Pottery Barn.

entryway wall Jasmine Bamboo Mirror from Pottery Barn

But the actual mirror is only 34″ square, which would look way smaller than what I’ve depicted in the photo above.  Plus, doesn’t it look just a little bit boring, and like a wasted opportunity?  I think it does.

I also really like this Harlequin Mirror from Ballard Designs, but I like it used as a set of three as shown.

harlequin mirror from Ballard Designs

But at $179 each, that’s $537 for a look that’s still pretty underwhelming to me.  It’s okay, I guess, but it’s not a look I’d ever pay that much for.

I wasn’t just looking for gold mirrors.  I was looking for anything and everything that might possibly work above that buffet and give my white wall a big shot of personality and style.  I also didn’t rule out the possibility of making something myself.  I came across this mirror on Houzz that I thought might be a contender, and I could certainly make something like this…

Contemporary Kids by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators J & J Design Group, LLC.

So I did a very quick cut-and-paste to get an idea of what something like that would look like…

entryway wall with unique mirror found on Houzz

It’s all wrong.  Even if I were to leave off the Greek key design, I still think something like that would look way too heavy above the buffet.  And it still looks like a missed opportunity to me. That has been my problem with every single mirror I’ve found that I actually like.  Every single one of them just looks very underwhelming on that big white wall.

So then I looked at artwork ideas.  My absolute favorite kind of artwork is colorful abstracts on canvas.  I don’t like the kind that are really linear or geometric.  I like the ones that look very fluid and organic, like this one…

large abstract painting over fireplace, via Bright Bold Beautiful blog

via Bright Bold & Beautiful

I mean, that artwork just makes me smile.  If I could wallpaper an entire room in that, that room would be my happy place.  Seriously.

This abstract triptych by Christina Baker also caught my eye.

Christina Baker abstract artwork, via The PInk Pagoda

via The Pink Pagoda

I found so many by just searching “large colorful artwork” on Pinterest — gorgeous, colorful, inspiring, amazing paintings.  But I think my favorite one – the one that I’ve daydreamed about all weekend, and the one that I picture in my mind’s eye each and every time I look at my entryway wall — is this one by Rebecca Cabassa.

abstract artwork by Rebecca Cabasa, via Shop Gramercy blog

via Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings

So I did another quick cut-and-paste to see what that would look like…

What my entryway would look like with a Rebecca Cabassa abstract painting

Oh my goodness…yes!  Now that is me!

So, I’m pretty sure I’ll opt for artwork – a huge, colorful, bright, abstract painting.

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  1. I love the wall – just beautiful. And you are right, the last one is the best. But the thing I noticed the most was how the wall made the buffet stand out. I noticed all the little details and not just the color. The whole thing is just gorgeous.

    1. Hi Kristi – I like your first mirror choice – though by itself it’s not big enough for the space, it would look great flanked by some nice candle sconces

  2. I love the artwork! Such a pop of colour and I see why you’ve gone this way, I too am a big fan of abstract colourful pieces. I was just thinking before I got to the end of the post that in case you were considering the mirror option maybe you could frame it out yourself depending on what you liked? That way you could combine elements from the ones that caught your eye/make something entirely new.

    1. This is what I was thinking, too. Frame a mirror with a wide frame and do your own abstract artwork on the wide frame. Of the two choices between mirror or art, I vote for art. It enhances that beautiful buffet.

  3. Hi Kristi, I love everything about your entryway. I don’t mind a mirror or a piece of artwork, either way it looks fab! I was thinking that you can do a mirror with the same pattern as your sliding door in the music room but in a smaller scale. I believe it would be very nice to have something in common from both spaces. Keep up the good work!

    1. I had also thought the same, as much as I love all those paintings if Kristi really wants mirror/s then she is talented enough to make her own. If they were sImilar to her hallway doors that would be a nice unifying touch or even like the Ballard Harlequin set????

    1. Yes, exactly what I was thinking! I really love the Harlequin mirrors. Those would be so easy for Kristi to make…. and I’m quite sure she would even improve upon them!

    2. I agree with Suzanne! I thought you could make something like the Harlequin mirrors by adding your trim work to full length mirrors. But after seeing the artwork, I wonder if you could do BOTH? Put your artwork in the middle and the 2 Harlequin (your version) mirrors on either side….that would add the light and get both mirrors and art at the front entrance.

  4. I think I prefer the idea of a mirror in that spot. When it comes to colour you’re going to have plenty going on – the colourful upholstery on your dining chairs, the buffet itself and whatever you put on it and views into two other colourful areas – the music room and kitchen.

    I really like the harlequin mirrors – with your skills they would be a piece of cake to pull off and you would have the advantage of sizing the trio to harmonize perfectly with the proportions of that large space above the buffet. You could even mirror the circular fretwork of your sliding doors rather than use the elongated triangles.

    1. I was also thinking you could totally make something that went along with your music room doors. Maybe in black trim with a thin gold line like you have on your kitchen cabinets?

      Part of the boring-ness of those mirrors is that they reflect plain white. Once they are hung you’ll actually be reflecting all the color from your table/chairs/maybe a little bit of kitchen.

      I do love all the color in the artwork though! Maybe you could hang artwork like that on your fireplace or a mirror there if you decide on art over the buffet.

  5. You might also think about wallpaper. We had those picture frame moldings in our dining room when I was a child and my mom wallpapered inside them. She painted the wall a coordinating color.

    1. Morgan Goodwin’s work is beautiful. The only thing she has in common with what Kristi likes is big color. I would not mind having a piece or two of her work. Some of them are absolutely stunning.

  6. I vote mirror flanked by 2 awesome sconces reflecting a beautiful print over the fireplace across the room. I love my mirror in the entry of my house. It’s where I check myself as I go out the door to make sure I don’t have spit up down my back. ☺️

    1. +1 on the mirror + sconces! I don’t have the spit-up issue but I do like to be able to do one last check before I walk out!

    2. I agree, I had suggested sconces a few days ago, but I don’t think that is what she wants. Probably too ordinary!

    1. That is what I was going to suggest. A collage of fun mirrors and art. I have a long hallway with A’s all over it for my last name. And my mom has a dining room wall of fun plates.

    2. An odd number of mirror shapes and sizes…3 or 5 above your buffett. One of them round or oval for sure. Another might be a horizontally placed rectangular….with each of these in different black frames would look nice.

  7. A mirror would open up that wall, just like a window would, and you could always add in interest with flowers and lamps/sconces. Unless the only other thing that will go on that wall is the artwork, I’d go with the mirror because you’d have more options by adding accessories. Also, why not a round mirror? Something like your spoon mirror?

  8. Just throwing in my vote of validation for that lost photo. It’s actually the basic image that popped into my head when I read the blog’s title today. I think it looks beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see what you end up with here.

  9. Mirror art work combo. I love the gold mirror–also ties with your kitchen handles, etc. but I think a mirror alone is not enough. Would be great to have mix the two (obviously not the sizes you’ve shown).

  10. Since you live in sunny Texas and don’t need to bounce light around and since your mom is a very talented artist I think her work would look great over your buffet.

  11. Wow, that wall makes the buffet absolutely pop!
    I remember a few posts back your comment about getting back to things that make you happy. If the colorful abstract is what does it for you and makes you smile and would make you smile every time you walk by it, then abstract it is and it will be beautiful! You could put a beautiful mirror, one that rested on the floor, in the hall if needed. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  12. Watch out for too much competition between the artwork and table. With that last photo, all I see is the table and the artwork falls into a support role. I’m not sure that’s what you intended.

  13. Speaking of mirror artwork combo. What if you built a frame on a mirror that is a border and put the same fabric as your dining room chairs, then that same pattern could get more exposure and its kind of like the abstract art look you like anyway. Just a thought.

  14. I’m usually a sucker for a good mirror, and find myself having to dial that back at almost every turn, but I agree with you on the artwork. I actually like the abstract triptych by Christina Baker. It seems like the dimensions/proportions are right, and I love that extra touch of gold.

  15. I agree with you. A beautifully, bright piece of art like the one you cut and pasted, would be a great compliment to the buffet. You can always put mirrors on either side or sconces that are mirrored to reflect light. It’s one thing to have a small mirror to the side of the door for last minute “checks”. It’s another to walk in through a front door and be bombarded by the image of yourself 🙂 And really, what would be reflected in the mirror is an important factor.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! Mirrored sconces on the two sides and the artwork in the middle! Also, depending on how large the artwork is, you could add an extra piece of moulding in the large “window” to give it even more interest especially if you go with a canvas vs a framed print. So exciting!!

  16. What if you combined the two? You’re talented enough to frame your own mirror glass, so what if you combined the artwork and the mirror? Make the “frame” of the mirror wider than standard, and put your own abstract-happy-place colors and paint on it. Then it’s color AND reflection, right?

    I mean, they’re all fun, let’s be honest. But it was a thought!

  17. Many years ago we moved to a house that had a fireplace with a brick overmantel that went all the way to the ceiling. I had an 11×14 picture of my kids that just got lost in that space; even with the large frame and mat that it was displayed in. I also had an old flat, unframed bathroom mirror that was just sitting in our garage. It was a pretty large rectangular mirror, but I can’t remember the dimensions…probably close to 35×30. I framed out the mirror with a similar style frame and then glued the existing framed pic of the kids in the middle of the mirror. When I hung it above the fireplace, it worked perfect! I had the best of both worlds – a mirror and my own artwork. I have to say it garnered many compliments through the years. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all that you’ve accomplished. You inspire me to do more in my own home. Keep up the great work!

  18. Kristi,

    I absolutely love the artwork. Any of those pieces would be stunning but I do love the last one. Being an artist myself I would not miss the opportunity to display something that makes your happy and brings you joy every time you walk by.

  19. Leave the artwork in the center (I love It!) How about flanking the artwork with those harlequin mirrors. Best of both worlds!

  20. I love either choice but was thinking the whole time I was reading, why can’t you do a combination of he two? A gorgeous piece of artwork in the center with a mirror on either side?

  21. I love the artwork with the buffet, but I still think that a mirror in the entryway is a must… I must be too vain!!

    I like the idea of the three mirrors and the pattern although I am not a big fan of the bamboo . Couldn’t you just buy a simple cut of mirror and frame it the way you want? Someone suggested using the same kind of pattern as you used on your rolling doors! That sounds brilliant!!

    I you were to change your mind and go for mirrors I am sure that you would find a way to incorporate a gorgeous piece of artwork in the room. Isn’t the dining room going to face directly the entry wall, with floral prints of some of the chairs?

    Anyway, it always comes out beautiful no matter which direction you go in!!

  22. “Oh my goodness…yes! Now that is me!” hehe, you’d be saying that while looking in a giant mirror too… get it? I had to, lol!

    I love the last painting.

  23. Artwork without a doubt. I envision something you would create that would pull a touch of yellow from your piano and all the other colors in your dining room with maybe a simple black frame to tie in the black you are going to use in the room, but a metallic frame would look great also. I love the big center section of the wall molding. It’s perfect to frame the artwork. My sense of symmetry says the art piece needs to be of a size that would allow it to be mounted on the wall above the buffet with equal space on either side as well as top and bottom to really make it stand out, but that’s just me. I love what you are doing with the dining and music rooms.

  24. Oooooh, the painting! The buffet is so bold (and beautiful) that I think it needs a companion piece that can “hold its own” against it. Time to call on Mom for her talents.

  25. I love the last artwork. Beautiful! However, my worry would be, with the birds next to it on the other wall in the music wall, will the designs compete with each other or complement each other? It is YOUR house, and I know it will be beautiful whatever you decide, but that would be my only concern.

  26. Love love love the colour of your buffet. I need to look that up. As for what to put on the wall I vote art work with gold accented wall sconces. I do like a mirror in the entrance though. Maybe you could put one along side your door.

  27. You could always go for the best of both worlds, have a beautiful colorful picture with a frame that is reflective/ mirror. Then you get the light that reflects and the statement.

  28. If someone has already said this, forgive me. I’m kind of rushing today. What about framing that print in a mirrored frame? I just looked up “mirrored frames” on the web and there are lots of options in lots of price ranges. If you like that look, that might work for all of the things that you want to accomplish in that space. Also, I agree with the lady above who said that you could make those harlequin mirrors. (I loved them btw!) Absolutely you could do that and probably for close to nothing!!

  29. Another thought- what about a large ROUND mirror to soften all the straight edges of the molding? Light, bright, reflecting your awesome fireplace. (But – that said, I love the art work, too!)

  30. I always prefer a mirror in an entryway. I also love the idea of wallpapering the panels on top. I’m waiting to do that in my den- looking for the perfect paper.

  31. I love the suggestions of you doing a mirror that matches the beautiful doors you made. I am a huge fan of colorful artwork, but think a mirror is a better choice for an entry. One thing that I noticed is having just a mirror seems to make the rest of the wall too bland. Have you thought of adding a pair of sconces to the smaller picture frame boxes? It seems that would complete a mirrored space (and add light when needed).

  32. A mirror would be nice but an impressive painting would be stunning! And the last painting or something similar, would bring that whole wall aglow with color! How about a mirror over your fireplace in the dining room? I can hardly wait until you make your final decision! Yea for color!!!!!

  33. Oh, lovely! As soon as you chose that glorious coral for your buffet, I was picturing it against a big white, paneled wall with a giant, splashy abstract painting above it! I think that might end up being my favorite part of your home. 😀 I just adore your style.

  34. Hi, I haven’t read all the replies, but did you consider a painting on a mirror, I found some on our UK sites but was unable to post them on to here. I’m very sure that either you or your mother could achieve your hearts desire.

  35. I love the look you’re going for! And I’m sure that someone probably mentioned this already, but when you mentioned that if you could, you would wallpaper an entire room to look like some of those artworks, it really brought to mind the idea that that could be a wonderful idea for your office whenever you start planning it! I think that would look amazing, especially if you were able to paint it yourself to give it a personal flair.

  36. Have you cosideted doing a gallery wall in that space? You could incorporate a few small or different sized mirrors mixed with some bright canvas art and really personalize it! I also agree that YOU could diy the harlequin mirrors and they would be gorgeous! It’s coming along beautifully!

  37. Hi Kristi. Standing alone, I like the artwork.
    However, when you add the large black chairs with white piping in both sides of the buffet, and all of the lamps and accessories, it might be too much? Leaning toward a cool mirror.
    Not 100% though:)

  38. I can relate to mirror in entry hall. We hunted for over a year. Prices and styles were prohibitive and we weren’t locked into a “look”.
    We took the old beveled and unframed mirror from the previous owner’s bathroom makeover to be framed. Explained the room to the framers and the plastered walls. With real glass, we learned we needed a huge frame to support the glass and huge d-rings to support the whole piece on the wall. It looks amazing and previous owner couldn’t believe the results.

    For your space, definitely art in the middle, sconces and smaller mirrors flanking? I’m not sure I’d use rectangular mirrors flanking. You’d have so many more options in smaller mirrors like round or ethnic. You could make something, or adapt a pair of thrifted finds…..

    I see the electrical outlet behind the buffet. Will you have a lamp on the buffet? How will the lamp work with your art over the buffet?

  39. Harlequin mirrors. You can make them with cheap walmart mirrors and some half round molding painted gold or silver.

    1. I agree with Lois. Make your own harlequin style mirrors. The mirror/s should take up a large part of the single space you created. Too small of a mirror would look awkward and unplanned. =]

  40. I LOVE the abstract ‘watercolor’ art pieces!!!! I agree that those are just ‘you’!!!! I look forward to seeing the ‘Kristi Spin’! =D

  41. I like the idea of a large colorful art piece but am wondering if it might not be too much with your art wall in the music room. Also, a mirror would bring more light into the entrance. I really liked the set of 3 mirrors and think you could duplicate them.

  42. I really like that last piece of artwork. But what I thought of was that it ties in the yellow of the piano. I’m not sure you can see them both at the same time, but an artwork like that would tie in the buffet with the piano and that speaks to me.

  43. I would suggest a large mirror reflecting your beautiful dining room and a painting over the fireplace. You could buy a large bathroom mirror and frame it yourself. I would go with black and possibly a gold leaf edge like the cabinets. It would tie in with the wing back chairs in black and white. Tall buffet lamps could have a bright base or shade.

  44. Love the idea of a very large abstract piece over the buffet in the picture molding area. I would go very big if possible, esp. if you or your mom is producing it. But looking at the grouping you mocked up, while I love the coral buffet and I love the abstract art, together I think they are not quite ideal. The art is receding to my eye and the buffet looks very bold. I don’t think this is what you are going for, is it? And I don’t think sconces would help. I’d love to see some bolder art, or, alternatively, add a wash type coat of a white to the coral buffet to tone it down and let the art sing. Probably a change like that is best left until after the art is in place, but it’s just my 2 cents. Of course with your woodworking skills I have no doubt you could craft a set of three mirrors like the Harlequin set from Ballard. In black, maybe?

  45. What about both? I like the triptych inspiration. You could have 3 panels- 2 artwork pieces and a mirror in the middle….. Or that might look silly?

  46. LOVE IT!! I am considering doing the same, but only up to the chair rail. But on one wall I am thinking about adding stone. I have an L shaped living room/dining room and am thinking about doing stone on one dining room wall – would both in the same room be too much? I think so, but I’m curious what you would think.

    1. I think I would have to see an example before giving my opinion. 🙂 I can’t envision the two used together. And you might be asking the wrong person, because as a general rule, I’m not a fan of using stone on interiors of homes, other than on a fireplace. But that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice for you. It’s just a matter of different taste and styles.

      1. Thanks so much for your answer! I grew up with a beautiful stone wall in my childhood home, so I am comfortable with it. But I love the molding and now that I have my own home, I want it all! But maybe I could do molding on the main floor and stone in the basement. . . .

  47. Hmmm, I’m still thinking that a mirror would reflect your beautiful fireplace – is that true? And then if there was another mirror over the fireplace perhaps the two of them could create an infinite reflection… Then again I like optical tricks, but you might not. The bottom line is, a mirror would not be an empty thing, a mirror would show your dining room, with your happy-coloured, abstract painting-like chairs (or isn’t that what they will be like?)

    At any rate, I’d say create the room, see how everything comes together, and then it will be clearer what the painting has to be? (And a question – how many such paintings will you be using around the house? And does that matter in any way?)

  48. I love the idea of one large piece of artwork! It sets of the buffet and adds lots of charm and joyfulness to the room. It made me smile.

  49. Forget the artwork…..even though it’s lovely. The idea of a large mirror looks so much better and I agree with several others that you’ve got a lot of pattern and colors in that room and they will be reflected in the mirror.

  50. I see a large ornate mirror. Maybe you can find a builders grade bath mirror someone is getting rid of & make your own frame. Something big @ elegant. You will have your mom’s picture over the fireplace when they look to the right when they come in. You’re also going to have your accessories on the Buffett as well and I think they will stand out better with a mirror.

  51. I love the elegance of the first mirror. I think it goes with what you have going on in the rest of the house. My 2 cents is: That mirror centered over the buffet, and art work on each side. An entry way should have a mirror don’t you think?

  52. Hi Kristi, lets be real. You are going to do what you want to do, and that is as it should be. However, since you asked I feel the problem is you are making everyone look at all that white space, with the vibrant buffet in the middle of it all. I think you need to remind people that you plan to put to upholstered chairs on either side of the buffet and you are planning on black and white. That make a huge difference to the space. I disagree with the person who said you do not need to bounce light around the space. You certainly do. You have no natural light coming from the kitchen, music room or hallway. All you have is the dining room and you are going to cover those windows. You need a mirror on that wall to reflect the light you will have in the dining room. You have a covered porch, or will have, and as I said everything else is lacking natural light. I believe your mistake with the mirrors came from the shape you were using as examples. The mirror should be round, or possible a large oval turned sideways to reflect the shape and image of your table. You could then use the side panels for your outrageous color. You need to watch the scale, you don’t have a big house, so too many “big” things is going to start to overwhelm the space. Do six 8×10 or a size that works in those side panels, frame them beautifully and hang them three in a row on each side. A mirror is a much better choice than another huge abstract painting. Blessings

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I’d go with a round mirror, maybe framed in black or a dark stained wood, balanced with 2 tall colorful rectangular pieces, one on each side. Or 2 pair of smaller (maybe 8×10?) pieces, 2 on each side. I’m not feeling gold frames for these pieces, either. In my mind’s eye, the framing should be dark to balance the black of the side chairs, as well as the dining room furniture. But that’s just me, and I’m sure Kristi would go nuts living in my house. 😉

      Kristi, we all know that you will end up following your own vision, but I like to think your vision sharpens just by reading these posts. Whatever you do will end up being totally Kristi, and that’s what it’s really all about.

  53. As far as mirrors go….you can get gorgeous mirrors of all sizes for very reasonable prices at Homegoods. TJMax would also have them just not as many since they have all the clothes to sell. I am not sure, but I think that Hobby Lobby sells large mirrors, although the few times I have been in there I have not been pleased with their prices. Blessings

  54. I think the art work really fits your style and adds so much color next to the solid buffet. I LOVE the Harlequin mirrors and know you could duplicate them at a very low cost. i would put one on each side of the art work in the smaller panels. Or the opposite. A mirror in the middle with 2 smaller artwork pieces on each side. I would choose artwork in the middle.

  55. I absolutely love your entry wall. You’ve done an amazing job yet again and it really makes your buffet pop. Whilst I love your colorful artwork choices, I personally think a large mirror, either round or like the Harlequin design would be better suited and I agree with some of the other comments having a black frame with a gold edging on the mirror. The mirror would reflect the light, the black would reflect your gorgeous sliding doors and the gold would reflect your kitchen cabinets. I also like the ideas of others about light sconces on either side of a mirror and can imagine those being dimly lit at night giving a soft glow besides the mirror. I think the colorful artwork would be better suited above your fireplace with it reflected in the entryway mirror.

  56. i am in the round mirror camp. You need some soft ness to balance all of the squares. I’m picturing a large fabulous sunburst mirror.

  57. I love the idea of the artwork as it reminds me of the inspiration fabric you used to pull the paint color from. Maybe mirrored/antiqued mirror sconces flanking it would bring in some of the light you were liking in the big mirror pieces. The wall is beautiful and I still crushing on the color of the buffet!

  58. Artwork. It must be artwork.
    I’m not usually so decided about someone else’s house, but I have a very good reason.
    My mother-in-law, bless her, has an antique mirrored buffet that sits alongside her lovely antique 12-seat dining table. At every. family. meal. we dash to grab a seat NOT facing the mirror. It’s so distracting to sit, eat, and talk with your own reflection right across from you.
    Please spare your guests from this discomfort.
    If you want light, make it artwork and sconces. 🙂

  59. I’m not usually one to say “this goes with that” and I’m hardly a designer, but I almost feel like the square and geometric shapes don’t go well over that buffet. I realize the wall has squares on it, but it feels like the artwork needs to pair with the buffet more than the walls. The buffet doesn’t really have any square lines with the beveled front and carved doors. I almost feel like whatever you put over it (mirror, artwork, etc.), It needs a scrolly-looking (I know, not a word) frame. Kind of like one of those old fashioned thick wood frames with curved details that you see on oil paintings that often have gold leaf or gold paint on them. Or maybe just a custom frame that’s not square.

  60. Check out Canvaspop.com for some ideas. You can take a pic, or upload a pic, and they’ll print it in a triptych, or on a large canvas. I did one for hubs for his office last christmas and I was very pleased with the way it turned out and the price.

  61. I love the abstract paintings but wonder if they’d compete with your chair upholstery?

    Totally different direction here – what about rehabbing an old arched mirror in black to compliment the lines of the hutch? Something along the lines of this one http://www.mirrors.ie/Overmantle-Arched-Silver-Mirror.html but then given a modern edge with glossy black paint. Or those really ornate evil-queen-looking ones that are so popular right now like this http://nengy.com/divine-accessories-for-home-interior-wall-decoration-using-various-ikea-oval-mirror/good-looking-accessories-for-home-bedroom-and-bathroom-wall-decoration-using-beige-bedroom-wall-paint-and-vintage-ornate-white-iron-ikea-oval-mirror/. They don’t look like your style but I think with the whimsy of the music room, it would be a nice tie-in.

    Combined with some more modern sconces or table lamps to balance it out would be awesome!

  62. Love your artwork inspirations. Art above the buffet will really make a strong statement. Why not also add a Kristi version of the Harlequin mirrors to the flanking two picture frame moulding boxes? That would be the best of both worlds! Or along the same lines… A less wide art piece flanked by tall thin mirrors within the center moulding box. I love that you went with the wide middle box! Whatever you do, it always turns out awesome!

  63. Every time I think I wouldn’t like something you seem to make me like it. It’s weird. But I have loved everything you’ve done. Wish I had your talent and your drive. Heather (above) is right. You need that painting!

    Cheers ~ Liz