Where The Studio Project Stands Today (What’s Left To Do)

I haven’t gotten much work done on the studio this week. Wednesday was my birthday (I’ve officially entered a new decade…the big 5-0!!), so I took off on Wednesday and Thursday to do some fun things. So today, I’m turning my attention back to the studio.

That room is so big, and right now, it’s so cluttered that it’s hard to really see what needs to be done. Over the years as I’ve been working on this house, I’ve gotten rid of so much clutter, but I’ve also kept quite a bit of stuff. And as I’ve started on one room, I’ve just boxed up the stuff I didn’t want to part with, or didn’t want to make a decision about just yet, and moved it to the next room.

For a long time, the guest bedroom was being used to store boxes and other stuff. I got rid of a lot of it, and the rest got moved to what is now our master bathroom. Then when I started on the master bathroom, it all got moved to the home gym. And then when I started on the home gym, it all got moved to the studio.

And now, I’m working on the studio, which is the last room that I have to finish in this house. I have nowhere else to move stuff, so it’s all either packed away in the storage closet, or it’s shoved over to one side of the room.

I don’t want to put any more stuff in the sunroom, and I don’t have an outdoor storage building or garage where I can put stuff (which is for the best), so the first priority will be to figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go, and to get rid of the stuff that I don’t really need.

The rest will eventually find a home in the studio cabinets or the studio storage closet, but I have a long way to go before those things will be usable. So even after decluttering, I’m still going to have a lot of stuff to work around as I try to finish this room. I’ll just have to pile it all in the middle of the room so that I can have easy access to work on the cabinets and other things around the perimeter of the room.

But anyway, this morning, I decided to take inventory on what exactly still needs to be done in the studio and adjacent areas. The list is pretty long. My goal was to get these areas finished by August 19th, which is the date we bought our house. And this year marks our 10th anniversary of purchasing this house. I want so badly to be done with all of the interior rooms by that date! But if I don’t meet that goal, it’s not a big deal. I won’t beat myself up over it, but I do want to give it my best effort.

So after snapping a few pictures this morning, and taking inventory of what needs to be done, here’s what I’ve come up with…

The bathroom will be pretty easy to finish since I’m don’t have any major projects in here. I just need to paint the walls (I’m going with colorful vertical stripes), and then install the new tile. That’s it!

The back entry is also pretty easy. I’m going to paint the walls and ceiling a solid color, hang some new curtains, and then make some art for the walls.

The main room is where things get more complicated. The whole room still needs baseboards, and I’m going to repaint the walls a lighter color. I also need to install a large intake vent for the HVAC system which resides in the storage closet. The light that goes over my desk needs a new lampshade. And finally, I want to find a piece of furniture to use as additional storage for that wall to the left of the cased opening.

Both doors in the main room (e.g., the exterior door and the door to the breakfast room) need casings, and the doors need to be painted. I also want to repaint the bases on my two large work tables a new color. The tables are buried under the clutter right now. 😀

On the main wall, I need to install the new wallpaper. The cabinets will obviously be the biggest project in here. I need to install them, trim them out, and paint them. All of the stuff piled on this side of the room is a lot to deal with!

Before I can even install the new wallpaper or install the cabinets, I first need to move 11 outlets up about e inches in the two walls. And then after the lower cabinets are installed, I need to make the countertops.

Overall, there’s quite a bit to do, but this room seems a lot easier than the master bathroom project. That room had a lot of little tedious projects. This room seems a bit more basic. I’m doubting that I can get it done by August 19th, but I’ll give it my best try!

So here’s my official list as of today, June 23rd:

  • Sand, prime and paint the bathroom walls
  • Install the new tile in the bathroom
  • Paint the ceiling and walls in the back entry
  • Hang new curtains in the back entry
  • Make artwork for the walls in the back entry
  • Have 11 outlets moved up on the cabinets walls of the studio
  • Paint studio walls
  • Install baseboards (wood fill, sand, caulk, prime, paint)
  • Install door casings on two doors (wood fill, sand, caulk, prime, paint)
  • Paint the two doors in the room
  • Finish caulking, priming and painting two window casings
  • Add large intake vent for HVAC
  • New lampshade for light over desk
  • Find or make furniture piece for area left of cased opening
  • Repaint the work table bases
  • Install the new wallpaper
  • Install the cabinets
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Build the countertops

That’s a long list! And yet, this project doesn’t seem nearly as big or overwhelming as the master bathroom did. This room feels more “back to basics” to me.



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  1. Happy birthday to you, Kristi! Welcome in the new decade – it might take some time to get used to the 5, but you will 🙂 I find your list daunting and am as ever in awe that you don’t! I understand about the projects being mor basic TO YOU as you have done similar, but it will again be an interesting journey to watch as you put together this new room. I so hope for you it won’t take too long and you can finally enjoy that long deserved work space! Thanks as always for taking us on the ride.

  2. Well Happy Birthday for of…!!!
    I can’t believe you were able to the floors with all of that stuff in there.
    Looks like a lot of big stuff so you’ll just have to deal with finding a place for them.
    Coming along nicely though…

  3. Just a thought, why not rent an on site storage container, like PODS, for 2 months or so. Put only the things you want to keep in it and get rid of the rest as you have already planned. That might save you considerable time not having to move things around as you work on the studio.

    1. My thought exactly! Had to do that a few years ago. I was so surprised at how clean the unit was inside- it’s onsite – no driving to storage & you can put things in & out on your time. Once we were finished with it, we could take out the pieces one at a time & put it where it belonged- no more piles

    2. Agree on the Pods idea. You surely won’t let the pod sit eating away your money, so that will give you incentive to keep pushing forward. Just keep the very most important items and say buh-bye to clutter. I doubt you will ever change your habit of not cleaning as you go and tidying up along the way, but it sure would have kept you from getting to this point once again. BTW, Happy five-oh!!! If you’re like me when I hit that number, I thought “Wow, I remember when my Mom was 50, I thought she was so old!” LOL! I didn’t feel nearly as old at 50 as she was! HAHAHAHA!

  4. Kristie, given all the “stuff” you’ll need to move around I had an idea. Since you won’t need to paint the walls or install baseboard prior to installing the cabinets how about doing the small projects required to install the cabinets. Such as move outlets and paint any part of the cabinets that need painting (not the doors). I suppose you would need to install the wallpaper first too. Then move as much of your stuff as possible into the cabinets and put something over the stuff to protect. This will give you a lot more room to move around in your studio as you work to complete it.

  5. Oh boy, First of all, Happy Birthday! I sent a message a few days ago, but it was attached to a Reply as I had no idea how to send it anywhere else. I hope you and Matt had fun and relaxed a bit on your special day. I think the idea of a pod, or something like it is great. If you eliminate some stuff first, you can get just the size you really need, and things will be safe and out of the way while you work in an uncluttered space. It will be SO much easier for you, and when you get your cabinets ready, things could be put away. What a nice un-stressful way to do it! It makes total sense! Meanwhile, all your thought on finishes for the bath/hall/entrance sound wonderful. Now I’m sure we are all getting excited to see your work. Those last rooms will be spectacular, and such a wonderful space for you to create. That has to be so exciting for you…thanks for the update.

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I second the idea of a POD or Mobile Attic storage unit. I actually bought a carport tent with sides from Tractor Supply when I needed to clean out my shop. 20 x 12 for $250 on sale. Check MarketPlace on FB for options. I put everything in plastic totes I had and taped them shut. Worked very well. I took 19 truck loads to donation and a couple to the dump. Much easier to work when you’re not tripping over stuff and having to make a decision when you’re not in the mood!

  7. How do you eat a elephant? One bite at a time. I would split up the work into manageable pieces in the big room. Put stuff on one side, finish the opposite side. Then relocate stuff to opposite side and repeat. I would be inclined to do from door to house corner to door to side yard corner and work on bath, back hall and that half of the room. Then the last half of the room will be a breeze. I graduated to my 7th decade this last year and projects are definitely harder and slower than they used to be! But in my head I still imagine I can do stuff like I could in my 50’s. However you approach your room projects I know it will be beautiful when you are done!

  8. In that spare corner build a large closet. Something like your pantry with shelves to store all your paint, cans, and clutter. Room as planned is beautiful, but don’t lose sight that it is a work room.

  9. Happy Birthday! 50 is a fun decade so enjoy. As for the studio please follow the advice of others and rent a pod you will be so glad you did!

  10. Happy Birthday! I truly enjoy your blog. Your energy and creativity astound me. I wish you luck in completing your list.
    For your concrete countertops try, Omega Concrete Sealer. I used it on my concrete kitchen countertops and have not had any problems with water rings or stains.

  11. You are procrastinating again…..not you being a perfectionist. I see your pattern even of you don’t. Do your best to recognize it and head into your fears. Just do it, I know you can do it if you set your mind to it. We are all in your corner.

    1. I had a milestone birthday and took two days off. That’s not procrastination. That’s enjoying life and realizing there’s more to life than working on my house.

  12. Wow! At first I thought your list was what you wanted to accomplished today and was thinking that you’re pretty ambitious but WHEW! I’m glad that I reread your sentence, lol. I find you amazing with what you accomplish, take care of your beloved husband and deal with what curveballs life pitches your way, plus your excellent taste! This is the reason I follow your blog. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes that is filled with Blessings!

  13. Happy Birthday! I turned 50 a month ago. It’s still weird to say. On another note, I think you can make good headway on this room and even finish by 8/19!!

  14. I would suggest after getting rid of the excess stuff, start with the bathroom then back hall. Leave the artwork and curtains until the end. Next I would do the outlets and HVAC vent. Then I would do the door casings, baseboards and paint the walls. Next I would do the wallpaper, then cabinets. I would do the artwork, curtains, lampshade and table base paint. Also while doing those things you may find the storage unit or come up with a solid idea of how you want to build it when the cabinets are in and painted.
    It’s like going to a grocery store. Concentrate on the perimeter.

  15. Happy birthday! Here’s to a great new decade for you. Getting a Pod might be good, but you could also get plastic tubs and organize like things in each. Tubs can be stacked so objects aren’t falling over, they would keep the contents clean while you work, and things would already be loosely organized when you move them to a final resting place.

  16. Happy Birthday! I love that you included some “fun” projects on there – like making art for your entry – because I know that those can feel like “rewards” when you “allow” yourself to do something creative after getting some of the not-as-fun tasks completed. 🙂

  17. Just wondering if you did things to install the cabinets 1st, could you not then move stuff into the cabinets to get it out of your way? Even if there temporary.

    1. I can’t do that first. I need to raise the outlets, paint the walls, and install the new mural. Once I do those things, then I can install the cabinets and put some of the things in the room away.

  18. Ambitious list but you will do it. Yes, the pod idea would really be a help, Kristi. So worth it to have a clear space and you’d save a heap of time.

    Love your ideas for the hall and bathroom. Can’t wait to see them.

    May I suggest spending some time to remake the list in sequential order? Easy- peasy to do that quickly, tack it on the wall, and check off each task one by one. Visual win-win. You are so close. It is going to be a fabulous workroom.

    You needed some time off. You don’t sound or look or work like a 50 year old. Keep those joints moving!

  20. Happy Birthday! Welcome to your 50s! You are amazing. I never would have guessed you were beyond 40!