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Formulating My Plan To Build A Console Table (Sofa Table)

Good morning, lovely people!  I have another one of those “scattered mind” posts today as I share with you my thoughts on one of my next projects.

While I haven’t yet decided what I want to do about a sofa in my living room (buy a new one or reupholster the one I have?), I’m quite a bit more certain about what type of console table I want sitting behind the sofa.

Ever since I rearranged the furniture in the living room back in November, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sofa table to create my “entryway.” And of course, because I’m me, I want to build something rather than buy new. 🙂

When I first started looking, I had in mind that I wanted something like this Tivoli Console Table from Pottery Barn.

Tivoli Console Table from Pottery Barn

Something like that would be very easy to build. (Seriously, folks! Buy a Kreg Jig!) But I finally decided to go in a different direction. The fact is that spindly turned wood legs are something that I could very easily go overboard with in my house…kind of like nailhead trim, stripes, and diamond tufting. I’m drawn to those four things like a moth to a flame.

But in my living room, I already have chairs, lamps, and a coffee table ottoman with spindly turned wood, and I’ll be adding a bench in the entryway with turned wood legs and details (more on that soon, I hope!), so more spindly turned wood on the sofa table would be too much.

So as I continued my search, I came upon this Sasha Scalloped Console from Horchow, which retails for $2329.00.

Sasha Scalloped Console from Horchow

I like that it’s curvy and feminine, while also having a modern look to it. And on top of that, it would be relatively easy to build. I wouldn’t use that finish on it. I’d paint mine instead.

But I also found this table very interesting.  It’s the Fabiani Console from Horchow, which retails for $1139.00.

Fabiani Console from Horchow

I would paint it also, and not in a metallic paint like theirs.  I like that the scalloped design has a bit more visual weight to it, but I don’t like the open ends.  It looks a bit messy and busy to me.  And I’m not completely sold on this particular scalloped design.  I’d probably come up with my own.

So I have this idea of combining ideas from the two tables:  The closed ends of the first one with the thicker scalloped design of the second one.

As far as the scalloped design, I keep going back to the mirror I made for the tiny bathroom at the condo.

That mirror is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made — firmly within the top ten — and I’m kind of sad that I made it, and then we left so soon after that.

The problem is that I love the scallops on that mirror so much that I had actually planned to use that shape on another project that I’m planning in the spring.  Remember a while back on my Facebook page when I showed you these screen doors on a house that I drive past at least once a week?

antique screen doors

That house caught my eye because it has the same front door/side door setup that we have on our house, and I absolutely love the way these antique screen doors look with that kind of door configuration.  (Until I saw these, I was convinced that I wanted to get rid of our side door and install a window there.)

But after a pretty exhaustive search, I haven’t been able to find a reasonably priced version of these doors, nor have I been able to locate any old ones at ReStore or other second hand stores.

So, as you might guess, my plan is to make them, but I wanted to use the scalloped design from the mirror, which I think would add a bit of an updated twist to a vintage design.

So that’s where I am on this project right now — trying to decide on a scalloped design for my sofa table, and wondering on which project I want to use the scalloped design from the mirror.

I’m open to input!  🙂



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  1. Exciting! I think you should go ahead and use your scalloped design on both doors and on the table. YOU will know that they are exactly the same, but most people won’t notice how exactly the shapes match. It’ll create harmony and continuity without being obvious.

  2. I personally like the 2nd scalloped table with the open ends better. It is more traditional looking. But, you have such good taste that the more contemporary design may be a good way to go. A little unexpected. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. I like the scalloped look very much and think it would be really nice for your sofa table. I do also like the idea of having a stool (first photo) or box seat under it to use as a makeshift desk or writing desk, too. As for your screen doors – why not use the same scallop? It’s fun, quirky and would be fun to see the repeated pattern inside, as well. Just my $.02 worth. : )

    1. I am actually planning on making two small upholstered ottomans/stools to place under the sofa table that can be brought out when we need extra seating in the living room. 🙂

    2. I agree with Sue that it is nice to have repeating patterns, so use your “mirror scallop” on the outer doors and the sofa table!!

    1. I love that one, too! But you know what’s funny? I might even like the one in the first picture the most!! 😀 It’s so linear, and so modern, that it might offer a really nice contrast to the curvy things in the room. I just love modern touches in an otherwise traditional room.

      Thanks for the link! Now I’m really second-guessing my original plan! 😀

        1. actually, I like this one so much, I just asked my son to weld it for me. It will go with my plumbers pipe shelf unit he also made. I am so excited.

        2. Hmmm…there’s something about that one that’s not quite my taste. In that other picture, I like the minimalist look of the frame, and the way that the wood top goes right to the edge of the frame.

      1. Hey, Kristi, the first picture has a striped lampshade similar to the one you want to make for your living room too!

          1. What I like about that first picture is that it is similar to the two Greek key side tables that were just featured. Would it be redundant to have the sofa/console table have the same design as those, just a longer dimension? Might that pull together the two ends of the living room?

  4. I would use the scallopped design from your mirror on all three pieces . and yes you can build the table much cheaper then the ones in the store. I do however like the thicker design better… Can’t wait to see..!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing: that you could use the same design for both. It would tie the entrance and the living room together nicely. The mirror that you made really is beautiful; using an adaptation of that design would look so great in your new house.

  5. Hi Kris; We really like the idea of mixing modern with traditional decor. Looking at an earlier comment with the link to the wood top and metal base, that might do the trick. You could use a slab of wood with a live edge and hairpin legs. One of our customers used our hairpin legs to make a console table and the results were stunning. This is the link through our Pinterest Boards: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/384776361884640977/
    You could also beef up the top with an apron and that would make it appear to have a heavier top. Maybe a scroll bottom apron that would match the scroll work on the front door? The hairpin legs are easy to attached from underneath and only require a flat surface to attach to. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. Is it possible those 1950’s legs a little too modern and too visually light weight? That upholstered coffee table packs a punch. I wonder if the hairpins can hold their own.

  6. I love the scalloped edge of the 2nd pic you posted. How about closing the ends but putting a scalloped keyhole design in the middle of the closed edge?

    Am loving your blog! I’m currently looking to buy a house/townhouse so I don’t have a lot of extra money & your ideas are great!

  7. I like the lighter curvy ones and love the idea of a couple of ottomans underneath for additional seating. Oh my goodness I can’t wait to have a garage to do some of your projects you inspire to want to do!!!! The model home that made us fall in love with house we are building has a table like that behind the sofa (except it has a bottom shelf) I LOVE IT. The table they have in the model reminds me of a chunkier version of the lamps you bought. Actually looking again at the photo of the model they have the SAME style of lamp in the living room. LoL… http://www.flickr.com/photos/64649488@N05/11860175164/

  8. for your sofa you should buy it and if you do not love it you have 45 days to return it. you make alot of things you need to have somethings that are done. i love the first sofa table for the legs and the drawers. what about http://www.worldmarket.com/product/simone-console-table.do?&from=fn or http://www.worldmarket.com/product/aiden-console-table.do?&from=fn . there are so many tables out there. i have a thing for tables and lamps so i love to look at all the tables.

  9. I really love both tables. A concern would be that you have too many different styles going on at once in a small space. Visually your eye is going to bounce from item to item and not have a place to rest. You want the functionality of the sofa table, but maybe go with a simpler style or duplicate the Greek Key. You want to avoid matching everything, which you have no problems with, but you also don’t want to have too much going on.

  10. Do you have a personal code that forbids you from doing the same project twice? I’d make another one of those mirrors; it’s beautiful!

    1. Haha! I really do. 😀 I try not to do the same project twice simply because I have a huge, massive, stuffed-full file of ideas I want to try, and inspiration for projects that I want to make. So I try not to repeat things, because that leaves less time for the new stuff. 🙂 But I don’t have a personal code that forbids me from repeating certain elements from past projects, like the scallop shape.

      1. But it really wouldn’t be cheating, because you had to leave that one behind; you barely had time to enjoy it! Just think how quickly you could zip through the job now that you’ve already done it!

  11. I soooo admire your talent and work ethic. Your projects are totally amazing and I can’t wait to see what you make next. And I know now why you had all that mdf in the back of the truck. So sorry that it got rained on. But I know you will overcome that setback. You rock!!

  12. Actually I really like the second table — BUT — I like the first one for your room — hers why – the second table while being a bit more contemporary would mesh well with the mirror and the new tables that you built – there is no rule for only one type of item. As long as they mesh well together by bringing the colors or even the lines in from another area — The first table would be the better choice for the stools as well. With the cleaner lines, you could easily place the stools underneath without making it too busy or cramped looking. I have faith that you will totally figure it out and 99.9% of us will love it – you know all about that OTHER.01% and how they feel!

    good luck!

  13. Well I love all of them. I am looking forward to your decision. I am sure I will love that one best! Lol. You are seriously amazing. Good luck on your decision!
    Sheila F.

  14. My husband just made me a knockoff of the World Market Everett table for Christmas to go behind my sofa. I can’t believe what those Horchow people want to charge for a table that looks SO easy to make! Crazy!

  15. Ah, Kristi, I too have a sofa table dilemma. Thanks for inspiring me! It’s time to start pinning options so I don’t wind up with too many cabriole legs (my personal weakness). I like both of the tables you’re combining, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the final creation.

    (Oh, and congrats on the success of the veneer removal project. What lovely stripes you found!)

  16. I really enjoy browsing your blog lots of great pictures and ideas, on this post the Tivoli Console Table is my favorite.