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Forward Momentum (Dining Room Rug Purchase, and More!)

I don’t really have any new news or progress photos to share with you today.  I just want to say…

I’m so stinking excited!

And yes, I’m still blabbering on about finally having a clear plan and a vision for my house.  😀  It’s just been such a good and encouraging week.  I’ve felt such a renewed excitement about my house, and a renewed excitement about working on projects, DIYing, decorating, and just all around getting things done.

Even when I’ve gone into the entryway and dining room, and have been reminded that before I can get to the fun stuff (the decorating!), I still have lots of mundane work to do like taping and mudding drywall…

dining room ceiling 5

…it hasn’t dampened my excitement one single bit.

And even when I’m faced with the unbelievable mess of all of the stuff that we unloaded from the condo over the last two or so weeks, and just dumped in my dining room (after filling up the garage completely, so I really have no place for any of this)…


…it hasn’t fazed me.

Before this week, things like that would have completely taken the wind out of my sails.  But now?  Not so much.  I just have this attitude that I need to get in there and tackle it so that I can get on to the fun stuff.

And speaking of the fun stuff, I’ve actually started making purchases!  I’m not dragging my feet this time.  I’m not second-guessing my plan.  I’m just diving right in!

First, remember the new fabric I chose for my shower curtain?

new shower curtain fabric - Robert Allen Ikat Bands in Rain -2

The online store where I ordered it was out of stock.  They wrote and said it could take up to four weeks to get more in, so I cancelled that order.  I could have ordered it somewhere else (and paid $5/yard more for it), but I decided instead to just make do with what’s available locally.  So I have a plan (third time’s a charm, right?), my new fabric is in hand, and I will probably have my new shower curtain finished this weekend.  The new one will be a complete departure from the fabric above, but it’ll be pretty, simple, light, and most of all…finished!

No more waiting!  It’s time for action, people!  😀

And after I read all of the comments on my rug post two days ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to wait on that either.  I wasn’t going to allow myself to overthink this one, or make a decision and then change my mind a thousand times.  Nope!  I made up my mind, and ordered a rug.  And you might be surprised, because I also forced myself to get out of my “sisal rug” comfort zone.

Here’s what I ended up buying

olympia flatweave striped rug 8 x 11 from overstock

Yep!  Black and white stripes!  I figured if anything could get me out of my comfort zone, it would be my beloved stripes.  And I decided that I really do want to step out of my comfort zone just a bit.  I can already envision my awesome floral chairs and solid black table sitting on that.  I think it’ll be amazing!  And it’s a flatweave rug, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Matt.  (We have the seagrass rug in our bedroom, and it doesn’t give him any problems.)  It’ll arrive next Tuesday.

And speaking of floral fabric…

fleurish raspberry fabric from New South Home Couture

I haven’t ordered it just yet because I’m still waiting on that sample with the green in it.  Once I have that in hand, and I’m sure it will blend with everything else, I’m ready to order.  I have my yardage calculated, and I’m ready to go!

And my drapery fabrics…

dining room fabrics - 1

The green fabric has been ordered and is on its way.  It’s supposed to be here on Monday.

As far as the linen, many of you convinced me that I should go with white instead of oatmeal.  I actually love the idea, so I found a sample of beautiful creamy white linen locally at JoAnn Fabrics, and I also have some samples on the way from Gray Line Linen.  As soon as I figure out which one works best with my other selections, I’m ready to place my order for the 24 yards that I’ll need.

I’m just so darn excited!  I mean, to have a plan is one thing.  But to actually start making purchases in order to put that plan in place…well, that makes it real.  I feel like I have some serious momentum building up here, and I don’t want to do anything that would bring that to a halt.  I just want to keep moving forward, not obsess over details, and get it done.  I’m so anxious to see my bathroom finished, and then see the dining room and entryway come together!



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  1. I love the rug, it’s going to be spectacular! I cant wait to see the finished room! As for clearing out your diningroom, i dont envy that job at all!

    1. I already know what you are going to do. You are going to “water color” on white fabrics!!!!

  2. Kristi, I am so happy for you! You are an inspiration to all of us DIY’ers. This is the first time I am writing, even though I have been reading your blog for a long time. I look forward to your posts everyday. I love your new direction for your dining room. It will be gorgeous! I am starting a big project in my home. I am replacing all the carpet with wood flooring. Since I am a single woman in my late 50’s, this will be a big test. When I made the decision you were a part of it. I figured if Kristi can do it than I can. That does not mean that I don’t have my moments of “Oh my, what have I done!” I will just keep repeating to myself, if Kristi can do it so can I. Thank you for your inspiration. God bless you and Matt.

  3. Love your sections for the dining room and entry! I’m as excited as you are. It makes me happy that YOU are so happy.

  4. Love that rug. I have a smaller one in navy and white. For my guest room. It lays flat nicely. I am so exited for you! You will soon have 3 rooms finished! And the Condo is done! Do you realize how much you have already accomplished this year! Great job. Looking forward to seeing your nieces room and the dining room!

  5. I love the idea of the white linen with the green fabric. It will definitely make the green color pop!! You’re on a roll Kristi…good job – love everything so far.

  6. Glad you found a rug you like. Still cannot wrap my head around that fabric you are using. I can’t see anything floral about it. It just looks like color blobs. Guess this is where our taste parts ways! I know this all sounds critical, and I don’t mean to be, but I don’t understand why, after a year of doing without the stuff in the condo, you bothered to bring it over to your house. I go by that rule of thumb that if you don’t use it or wear it in a year, then you don’t need it! I think you have a tiny bit of a hoarder in you…..most of us do, but it needs to be kept under control or else we end up on that TV show! Anyway, one thing I am happy about is the ditching of the icat fabric for the shower curtain. I really dislike icat. Can’t wait to see what you are replacing it with. Have you finished the bathroom built in and the few other things you needed to do in there? Finish that before you jump into something else, for your sanity’s sake! Blessings.

    1. Maybe you should learn how to write a post before you dive into criticisms. Your opinion doesn’t matter unless it will uplift (who cares if YOU don’t like ikat?!). Kristi seems to be doing a wonderful job without your comments as to whether or not she stores furniture in her dining room or starts on another project before finishing others. It amazes me how someone can find forward momentum, post about it and share their excitement only to have it shot down by condescending, jealous jerks. Stay offline and go find a project of your own.


  7. Love it! Just any fyi for future linen fabric needs. I find that fabric-store.com has got some wonderful quality linen and great reviews and photos from those who have used it. I’ve only ordered 1 yard so far just to see the color and quality but I’ll defiently be headed back for more. Just wanted to share the tip 🙂

    1. I just ordered some linen from that source a couple of weeks ago to make a duvet cover and pillow shams. Their prices are amazing and I was very pleased with the fabric when it showed up.

      They have an amazing selection.

  8. Love the black & white striped rug, it’s going to look so stunning and classic in your dining room and can’t wait to see it all come together. I’m so pleased that you decided to go with a whiter fabric to co-ordinate with your new green and white geometric print fabric. That was also one of my suggestions to you. I’m so happy for you, that you are ‘so stinking excited’ with your new clear vision and plan for your house. You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see your blog everyday!!

  9. I want to see those mock-ups you usually make by cutting and pasting your samples into place on the room pics, please

  10. Yay for the forward momentum! I not sure which linen you looked at JoAnnes, but I used one from there for my drapes. It was actually not in the home decor section…I found it in the apparel section! It is wide (55″-56″, I think). It’s a nice creamy white (not too stark) with a lovely drape and weight to it.

    I can’t wait to see all your choices pulled together.

  11. Great to hear you are so happy! I knew as soon as the condo was off your back, you would be Okay!

  12. Go Kristi GO !! I am so excited for you! In my “mind’s eye”, I can see it all together now! What about using the black and white stripes in your entryway wall also — white wainscoting on bottom as you described previously with black and white horizontal (not vertical) stripes above (not real wide and not real small). The bright pink, raspberry buffet against this wall with the black chairs would be perfect!

  13. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I really, really love that black and white striped rug. I can see your black table on it and the punches of color from the chairs. Can’t wait to see if the room in my head is close to the one you will create. Happy Independence Day!

  14. I love the rug. And it’s awesome that you are so excited and feel such a renewed spirit. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

  15. Okay! I just have yo say that I think that rug, along with the floral chairs and the drapes will just sing out, “Ka Pow!!”

    You have such great taste, Kristi!

    I love your attitude even if you have to take some time away ftom us for just YOU. You’re a sweet lady with decorating and renovation running full speed through your veins. Matt knows you’re a ‘keeper’!

  16. I liked the oatmeal but, you’ve made a great plan and are sticking completely with the white, extending it to the rug also. And, there is the white background with the watercolor fabric so it will all really pop. I’m sure you’ll love how it all comes together!

  17. Rug looks very white in first picture. But yes, when you put it down on the floor with your other fabrics it definetly looks very tan. Having said that, will most of the rug be under the table? If it is it may not be so bad. Your fabric and the black table will be center stage anyway, not the rug. Can you paint the “tan” white? If you love the rug I would try painting it…..
    Just took a look at the plan for your beautiful niece’s room……she will be blown away. How good for your Mom to have son there to help. My Mom passed from that isideous disease……
    Keep on truckin’ there girl you are awesome.