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My Finished Credenza Makeover (Before & After)

My credenza is finished, and I absolutely love how it turned out!!

I’ll be the first to admit that this new look isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly more “me.”  It started out looking very dark and worn…

Credenza makeover - before

And now it’s bright and colorful (yep, green!), with amazingly awesome striped wood drawers.

Credenza makeover - after

The green is called Jungle Trail by Behr (from Home Depot).  Quite the transformation, right?  And are those drawers not amazing?!  😀

I love how they look so much that I find myself going into the living room throughout the day just to get a peek at them.  And to think that they were hiding under all of that chipped and flaking veneer!

Antique credenza makeover

You’ll notice that I used the original hardware.  I know many of you suggested that I use bright, colorful, funky hardware, but I really love the shape and finish of the originals.  And honestly, I didn’t want anything to steal attention from the drawers.

Painted antique credenza

I also didn’t do any sanding/antiquing/distressing of the painted finish.

Painted antique credenza with natural wood drawers

I don’t necessarily dislike antiqued and distressed finishes, but I do feel like it’s gotten to the point where any time I see an old piece of furniture painted, it has a distressed finish to it.  It’s not always needed, in my opinion.  And on this credenza, I felt like a distressed finish would also compete with the drawers for attention.

Antique credenza makeover

I really love the color that this adds to the room, as well as the unexpected twist with the drawers.  With the chairs, relaxed Roman shades, a diamond tufted ottoman, and a dark mahogany credenza, this room could have easily gone very formal, predictable, and traditional.

I don’t mind a slightly formal look, as long as people feel comfy putting their feet up and relaxing in the room.  Traditional certainly isn’t bad as long as it’s not stuffy or boring.  But predictable?  After living in a condo for the last few years with this kitchen and this breakfast room, there’s no way I’d be satisfied with predictable.

But now that I have my Greek key side tables, and my “new” credenza dressed in green and stripes, I feel like this room is taking a turn towards the colorful and a bit quirky that I feel suits me better.

Living room makeover with diamond tufted ottoman and painted antique credenza

(And please, I beg of you, please don’t tell me that I need to move the mirror up!!  😉  I know.  I really do know.  But I feel like it’s way more important for the mirror to relate to the accessories that I’ll be using on the credenza than for it to be centered perfectly between the chair rail and the ceiling.  So I won’t be moving it until I decide how I want to accessorize the credenza.  That thing is heavy, and I only want to move it once.  🙂 )

Living room makeover with diamond tufted ottoman and Greek key side tables (accent tables)

I also bought some fabric the other day that has brown, turquoise, green, and white stripes.  (Yep!  More stripes!  Because you know how I love stripes!)  I’ll either be making pillows for the chairs, or covering the lampshades with it.  Here it is pinned to the lamp shade.  I’m pretty sure I like this idea for this fabric better than pillows.

striped fabric on lamp shade

I’m really liking how this room is shaping up.  Up until a few days ago (before I decided to make over the credenza and build new side tables), I would come into this room and stare at it, trying to figure out why it wasn’t working for me.  Now I come in here and stare at it because I’m so excited about how it’s turning out.

I do dread the remaining big projects, though.  Just thinking about upholstering the sofa makes me exhausted.  So much so that I’m thinking about just buying a sofa.  I saw one that I really like at Pier 1 the other day, and I have a 20% off coupon good for this month only, so it would really be reasonably priced…for a sofa.  But I’m not sure yet.

I don’t want to be disappointed in myself later for settling or taking the easy way out.  I have ideas for the sofa that I already have that would really make it look custom, and the Pier 1 sofa looks anything but custom.  Plus, the Pier 1 sofa has wood legs, and I really think the sofa in this room needs a skirt since the chairs have wood legs, the ottoman has wood legs, and the lamps look like turned wood .

So we’ll have to see if inspiration and motivation strike me. 🙂

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  1. Oh, Kristi, it is GORGEOUS! Congratulations-as always 🙂
    And please don`t be mad, but you should move the mirror higher…

    1. I agree with Barbara, the first time I saw the mirror I thought to myself it should be hung higher.
      SUCH a beautiful piece! The green is amazing, and those drawers….. Oh my goodness. I am SO envious! I am going to be scouring craigslist for weeks attempting to find a piece similar for my own transformation!
      Absolutely gorgeous Kristi!

    2. Hi, love your work. For those who don’t like your mirror at that height, I say, it would all depend on how tall you, (Kristi), is.

      1. I like the mirror just where it is! I go with the old rule that things on the wall should be hung to be in line of site when you sit in the room. Kristi, I love everything you have done in the room and think the stripe on the lampshades will be terrific.

      2. Thank you for your comprehensive report on why you do not favour chalk paint. It was very helpful to me.

  2. That credenza rocks my socks off! O. my. goodness. I want to do that as soon as we get out of below zero temps in Minnesota. Keep on blowing my mind… love your blog.

    1. Nicole, you’ll have to look long and hard to find a piece with the striped wood as a foundation. First, it has to be really old. And secondly, the drawers have to be curved. Flat fronts on drawers are made of one flat piece of plank. But if you can find the right piece, and if you can finish it like Kristi did, then you are a Goddess. Great luck to you!

  3. Your room is looking beautiful! Your right about the dresser. Distressing the paint would compete with the drawers. It looks gorgeous! I love the green! I am not sure if you have posted this or not but which online sites do you purchase your material from? Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! It’s been a great inspiration and motivation for me… Take care

  4. The credenza turned out fabulous, but then I knew it would! I agree that the piece needed NO distressing, it would definitely take away from the drawers. The room is coming together really nicely. I’m sad though that you can’t see those great lamps as well now that you have the tables in front of them…As for the stripes – I agree again and vote for the lamp shades! Can’t wait to see what you have in store next!!

  5. Kristi, I love how the Credenza turned out. I may have to borrow the half painted half natural wood idea for my bachelors chests in my master bedroom makeover. It is amazing and I love what it does for your room. It totally add personality that I’ve come to expect in your rooms. Great work.

  6. Kristi the credenza looks amazing it does not need distressing not everything in the world of painted furniture need distressing. I love the fabric on the lampshades the pillows would be way to predictable and you don’t want predictable do you???
    For the sofa have you thought of slipcovers? They can be so custom looking these days and the sofa looks like it is such good quality something you might not find buying a new one from P. one they do not always hold up that well and are not that comfortable. Such an awesome job you are doing.

    1. I haven’t really considered a slipcover just because I actually find reupholstering furniture to be easier than making slipcovers. 🙂 I’d do almost anything to get out of having to make a slipcover for a sofa or chair. 😀

  7. Kristi, That is a totally amazing piece! Beautiful job! I am so enjoying watching your new home come together. You inspire me to accomplish some of my own projects. I just wish I had your stamina! Wow! You go girl! ~ Annie

  8. I really like the stripes on the lampshade. I assume when you stripped the veneer you were left with the wood looking that way (I need to read the previous posts). I have a piece of furniture that’s very similar, but I had no idea what was underneath. Looking good. You are a better person than I to be considering doing all that work. I’d be at Pier 1 so fast! ;o)

  9. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
    Like I said on Facebook — You are my “Interior HERO! Just AMAZING! I was thinking about your removal of the veneer and thought that it MAY have been so difficult because of the amount of “double veneer” over the “stripes” on the drawers? Perhaps if it had only been one ‘normal layer’ of veneer, it would have peeled like butter, like others have stated??? It was just a thought, as I hate to think of some folks, not wanting to tackle a peeling veneer, because of your “slight” {LOL} problems, with this particular credenza.
    So happy that you stuck it out and got it off — no BONDO!!! YAY!!!
    Although — I still say that you swapped the tub in the bathroom — and FORTY DOLLARS was WAY too expensive for that end table!!!! AND — while I’m at it,,,the mirror REALLY needs to be hung higher! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! 😉 {I couldn’t resist!!!)

    1. I definitely think that double-thick veneer made it more difficult. After having the wet towel on it for about 24 hours, I started scraping, and I thought I was getting all of the veneer off. Come to find out, I was just removing the first layer! I had to then soak the second layer, wait several hours, and then scrape it off. I was working for many hours on it before I even realized that there was a second layer of veneer. 🙂

  10. The credenza looks great in your room. I have a sofa almost that color—a little less bright. I got it when that color was in style, kept it through the years when it wasn’t (and just used different colors with it), and now it’s back. Kind of anyway. 🙂

  11. Looks gorgeous! Did you do anything special to the drawers or is that what was hiding under the veneer? As for the sofa, if you are willing to buy new at P1, maybe use that money to get someone else to recover yours? If yours is good quality and comfortable, it might be a better investment. I know you like to do it all, but maybe put your energy towards something you are more jazzed about?

    1. The striped wood is what was hiding under the veneer. Lucky find for a girl who LOVES stripes! 😀

      I love the idea of having someone else reupholster the sofa. I just might do that. That way I can have my custom sofa, without having to go through the headache of upholstering it myself. Now if I can only find some fabric that I like! 🙂

  12. Looks beautiful! How did you remove the veneer? Did you spray the green paint? Also, is there a paint that you find is more durable for furniture than others?

    1. I removed the veneer by placing a hot wet towel on it for 24+ hours and then scraping it off. You can see more info here: https://www.addicted2decorating.com/credenza-makeover-part-1-adventures-in-stripping-wood-veneer.html

      I actually painted the credenza in place, right where it sits in the living room, using a brush. And I used interior latex paint in a satin finish. The brand I used is Behr.

      The most durable paint for furniture and cabinets is oil-based paint. I actually prefer to paint with it, but it’s much more expensive, and I have to make a special trip and then place my order and go back later in the day to pick it up. I know…that makes me sound lazy. 😀 But picking up some paint during one of my 50 weekly trips to Home Depot is just so much more convenient. And unfortunately, they don’t sell oil-based paint.

      1. I absolutely agree that oil based paint is more durable, but on an occasional piece like the credenza, that will not get constant use, I think you are fine. (Which I’m sure was you thought of also.) Also agree with regard to the distressing. Not everything should be distressed! I think it turned out beautiful.

  13. You’re right, the distressing would have competed with the beautiful drawers! I think you made an excellent choice to keep the original hardware, as well. I would squeal with delight to find original hardware like yours, to use on projects. I’m so glad you saved them!

  14. Have you seen the Cat in the Hat cartoon? The old one, not the new creepy movies. Anyway, the cat sings a song about how he’s looking for his moss colored credenza! Who knew you have it?? Now I have the son stuck in my head 😀
    I love the drawers! And that it’s NOT distressed. I like the mirror where it is. It seems like if it was higher then the ceiling fixture would compete with it.

    1. LOL… I’ve never listened to the lyrics of what he was singing. Too funny about him looking for the moss colored credenza!

  15. This is very nice. My husband does a lot of refinishing for me. I will get a piece of furniture and come with an idea and he goes to work on it. I can appreciate the time and work you did on this! Very nicely done.

  16. The room looks wonderful! I really like the fabric on the lamp shade- it makes “a pop” while bringing all the colors and stripes together!
    Way to go!
    You’re motivating me to cover my lamp shades. Do you have advice on types of fabric (regarding heat from the bulbs…)

  17. Each time I check in with your blog, I’m in awe. I think you should just stick with upholstering the sofa you already have, though I know what a huge undertaking it will be. Just bite the bullet and do it – if anyone can, it’s you! I am amazed on how much you have accomplished since taking possession of your home. You are truly an inspiration.

  18. Beautiful! You are always so good at bringing everything together perfectly. I always feel like my spaces are missing that little “something” that I can never quite figure out. By the way, I like the height of the mirror. 🙂

  19. It is just beautiful! Those drawers those drawers…such a find and perfectly set off by your choices. Just fantastic!

  20. Okey, Kristi, you really outdid yourself. I hope your bed, and then your tufted coffee table, are no longer your favorite projects. You surely cannot top this one! Your decisions were right about everything! And that striped fabric for the lamp shades draw even more attention to the striped drawers. And please do not move the mirror at this point. I would love to see it as part of the vignette that you will put together on the credenza. Nothing too busy, and nothing that detracts from either the credenza or the mirror. There is more character in this room than anyone other than you could even imagine. May I suggest that you sit on the sofa for about an hour, put your feet up on the tufted coffee table, and rest on your laurels while breathing in the beauty of your creation? Of course, I fear you can’t do that without seeing what you want to get busy doing. Oh, well. How well does the Pier I sofa coordinate with your tufted coffee table? Would the colors from what you have in mind with the old one work better. You certainly deserve the easy way out, but you also deserve your vision. Choices, choices. Look how beautifully your pre-covered chairs fit into your room. I feel for you in working that one out. You have nearly a month to decide, so take your time. I’d be happy just sitting and looking at your accomplishments.

    1. I think that the color of the Pier 1 sofa would look good in the room. The issues I have with it are (1) it has nailhead trim, which I already have on my chairs, and (2) it has wood legs, and I really think the sofa needs to have a skirt. I’m starting to think I would end up being disappointed with it…and with myself…if I take that route. *Sigh* I guess I just need to gear up for a week of reupholstering a sofa. 🙂

      1. This may be a terrible idea but… Have you considered buying the Pier 1 sofa and adding a skirt in one of the fabrics from the room (or a coordinating fabric)?. It would help the sofa to feel more custom and go better with your vision while also giving you the chance to add personality. Plus, you could always change out the skirt fabric if you decided to redecorate or use the sofa in another room. Just an idea, I’m sure whatever you decide will be great!

  21. I had my doubts or maybe I was just not seeing your vision when you started out. But, girl you did a wonderful job, that green is beautiful. This piece really lightens up the room, which was going in a very traditional direction. I really like the fact that you didn’t distress it, I have never acquired a taste for distressed finishes. The refinishing adds a crispness with it’s newly highlighted clean lines. You really have a creative knack for putting things together. I can’t wait to see the sofa that you choose or refurbish ( I really like the lines of the old one). I know you will pick the perfect one. You are making me want to work on some of my “projects in waiting”.

  22. First off, your mirror looks awesome just where it is…and wow….I luv your credenza redo…and that pop of green is gorgeous!! I’m with you, as much as I like the antique look, it’s nice to showcase a gorgeous piece freshly painted & looking so spectacular! And I’m lovin the striped fabric for the shades…you have accomplished so much since buying your home…you’re a true inspiration.

  23. I like the credenza and I don’t think every painted piece needs to be distressed either. The first thought when I saw the finished piece was “how would that had looked if she had done the diy chalk paint in that color?” What are you thoughts on the chalk finishes?

    1. I think I must be the only DIY blogger on the entire internet who has never painted a piece of furniture with chalk paint. 😀 For the most part, I do like the pieces I’ve seen that have been painted with it. And I hear wonderful things about Chalk Paint. I didn’t use it on this piece because I’ve read (and seen) that with really dark mahogany finishes like this, the red can bleed through the chalk paint. So it’s suggested that you shellac the piece first. So since I didn’t have shellac or chalk paint on hand, but I DID already have primer and a quart of latex paint, I just went with what I had. 🙂

      I’ll eventually get around to using Chalk Paint, I’m sure…about ten years after everyone else. 😀

      1. Kristi ,I was very inspired by your credenza that I decided to redo a very large hutch with your exact products of primer and paint. I haven’t finished so maybe this is premature to say but PLEASE just try Annie Sloane chalk paint just once. Also you can use her wax to. It is sooooo much easier and their is never any fumes. Your work is the most awesome, so I understand if you like how things turn out…why mess with it! I just thought you would be hooked and the Annie Sloane is better than other chalk paint lines or homemade. maybe when Im finished with my hutch i will send a picture. thanks

  24. Oh, yeah…it’s all good. Glad you didn’t distress. I got tired of that look a while ago, although if it is REALLY distressed, that I could live with in doses. I think we could all spot a recently distressed piece a mile away. And, Kristi, that green is fabulous. Love that you aren’t afraid of color. The fabric on the lamp shades look good, although I’m wondering if it doesn’t sort of clash with the shades. Keep going, girl. This room is turning into another masterpiece!

  25. Discovering the striped wood beneath the veneer was a lucky find. I like the look of wood mixed with a painted finish. It makes it more interesting and you’ve created a one of a kind piece of furniture for your space. I’m not a big fan of distressed furniture, I prefer a clean painted finish which gives your traditional credenza a more modern look. Another great project Kristi.

  26. WOW!!!!!!!! It really lightens the room (or maybe that is the lamps turned on, LOL). I see how it makes the room unpredictable and I love it. Again the only description I can think of is it lightens the room. I hope you ulpholster the sofa. (I can’t imagine store bought doing justice to this room!) I also love the stripes. I am still working on learning to use different fabrics in a room. i always want to have all of the colors in each fabric but there is no blue in the striped fabric. Do you just pick 1 or 2 colors or can you pick one color that is nowhere else in the room? Do you have any wisdom to share regarding that? Again WOW!!!!!!! Just beautiful!

    1. I tend to want everything in a room to coordinate. I’ve been accused of being a “matchy-matchy” decorator. 🙂 And really, I’m okay with that. I think it’s just a personality thing, but I feel more relaxed and comfortable in a room where things actually coordinate with each other.

      That being said, I generally like to find one fabric that has all of the colors that I want to use in the room. In this case, that would be my drapery fabric. It has the browns, blues, teals, greens, and even some yellow. So from there, I can pull out any of those colors in other fabrics or accessories.

      Now there’s no rule that says you can’t throw in a random color. Again, it’s just a personal thing. But I do find that one random item in a random color in a room can look very out of place, and therefore it can draw too much attention and become the focal point. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if the item is worthy of being a focal point. So in this room, if I had painted the credenza a dark red, that might have worked. Even though the color would have been random, the credenza (by default because of it’s placement) is the focal point of the room. So drawing that attention with a random color wouldn’t really be a bad thing. But if I placed on random colored pillow in one of the chairs, that (in my opinion) would seem very “off”.

      I generally like to be sure that a color is repeated at least three times in a room just for balance. Again, that’s not a hard and fast rule, but rather just a general guideline.

  27. You are so talented!!! I’m freaking out about how amazing this dresser turned out. You inspire me to try to refurbish all of our old furniture.

  28. Absolutely Beautiful! You’re correct…. the distress look wouldn’t work on this piece in this setting. However, I love the warmth being created by this transformation! You rock, Kristi!

  29. I love it! I didn’t remember what the hardware looked like, but having the original was a best choice. I personally am not in favor of wild colors, and the rest of the room has a somewhat traditional flavor, so this looks great, a bit unusual without being discordant. Beautiful:) Sally

  30. Love the chest!! I think it would look really great with a touch of dark wax, but that’s me!! I also think that
    Chalk paint reduces the need to prime or sand before you do a job. But, that is my opinion only. Alot of
    people don’t like chalk paint. I love it, but nobody else has to. Great job!!! Thank you for helping all of us
    keep a creative mind.. Raise that mirror girl!!! LOL

  31. I actually imagined that green color but thought I’m just a green paint lover.It will probably be brown or tan!You really rocked this piece out!

  32. Love love your site and enjoy your work. I do have one question and it is not critical just curious why you have so much carpet on that beautiful floor?

    1. The rug thought / question i was pondering too 🙂
      I LOVE this! Amazing. I sure hope your ‘love language’ is words of encouragement!
      You are seriously one of the very best out there!
      Claire x

      1. Sorry, just wanted to add – That green is not only PERFECT for the tones in the wood, and therefore could go anywhere, but also for your room!

        Claire x

    2. I think the pictures can actually be a bit deceptive. The rug definitely fills up the living room, but since that’s the only rug in that area (meaning, in the entryway, living room, original dining room area) there’s still plenty of hardwood floor showing. It’s a tad bit bigger than the ideal size, but the next size down was too small. The absolute best option would have been to have one custom cut so that about one foot of hardwood floor shows on either side of the room, but custom cut seagrass rugs can be incredibly expensive. So that’ll have to wait until I win the lottery. 😉

  33. I love the green. This is an incredible piece that you will enjoy forever. You really knew what you were doing when you bought it! Oh- I would not move the mirror. The rule of thumb is face height. Most people hang art too high. That fabric belongs on the shades, for sure. What an inviting room! 😀

  34. Kristi! Amazballs!! Such a unique (like you) piece of furniture. Love the color choice, love that you kept the original hardware. Fantastic job. Love your blog, your energy and all your ideas. Thanks for sharing! g

  35. How lucky you were to find those stripey drawers hiding under all that peeling veneer!! Love the credenza!! And don’t beat yourself up if you decide to buy a sofa instead of refurbishing the one you have. You have a LOT to do. You are going to have to pick your battles, er, I mean your projects… 😉 Upholstering is a HUGE undertaking. I say make the room comfortable and inviting now. And work on the other 500 things on your to-do list. Nothing says you can’t play with the sofa later if you start chomping at the bit to rip out 1000’s of staples. 🙂

  36. Wow… just wow. Your personality is in the room now!!! yay! I do the same thing when I’ve finished a project that I absolutely love, just can’t stop looking at it. It’s human nature to want to surround yourself with beauty.

  37. Your room is absolutely beautiful. I just went through what you are going through with should I buy a new sofa or reupholster the one I have. I donated my sofa and bought a new one and it was the RIGHT decision. After all the work you have done and still have to do, treat yourself and buy the sofa. If you burn out, who will do the rest for you?

  38. Kristi,I have no decorator sense what so ever…I just know when I see something I like and I like your room..when you first began on the credenza, my mind went to one I own and cannot get to a point where I can strip it or change it in anyway…fear is what keeps me from doing it..mine also has some damaged veneer.and curved front. The first picture you showed of the credenza in the after picture…I thought you had lost it..I did not like it standing alone…but show with the room it is awesome. You really know how to put things together…but you can also look at a piece in its before state and change it to look awesome with all of the pieces..The ottoman and the credenza standing together would be a contrast unthinkable for me…but the shades and the lampshade pull them together…this is where my decorating skills are absolutely non existent. I love watching your house come together…you are awesome lady!!

  39. I love how your drawers turned out. Can’t say the green is my favorite color, but I do like the piece painted. The drawers though! Swoon! I love the room but would agree with others that the mirror needs to be a smidge higher. I will also add that I wish you’d change the brown paint and lighten up the ottoman (from the dark wood). Those two things darken and AGE the room up, but most definitely the brown paint. Love your blog!

      1. I did not 🙂 I am glad to hear that. What color will you be painting it? I have looked at this picture again and again and am liking the green. It really works with the drapery fabric, which I am sure is what inspired you. And… I LOVE the mirror. It’s on my DIY to do list!. Do you by chance do any on-line consulting. I am having trouble with my boys’ shared bedroom space. I would love any input.

  40. Like you, I am a lover of green, so I really love this selection of color for the credenza. It certainly adds an unexpected splash. And the fabric for the lampshades is inspired—not only does it add color that connects to other elements in the room, it adds a pattern that repeats the stripes on the credenza. Great selections!

    As for the sofa, is there a school in the Waco area that teaches upholstering? If so, assigning the project to a student (with your purchase of material) might be a good compromise between Pier 1 and self-flogging…. 😀 When I was in woodworking school, the advanced students always had projects that we did for the community. We had excellent supervision, of course, by the instructors.

  41. You did a beautiful job! I love the green and am so glad to see you didn’t distress it. I agree that distressing seems to be overused lately and the piece looks amazing without it.

  42. Ha ha! My thought was that the credenza would look good in green with the striped wood drawers! It draws that color from the fabric on the windows, and the striped fabric shades echo both the color and the lines of the credenza drawers. How cool is that? This serendipitous turn has made the room come alive! It was looking a bit staid before, but now has a lively, funky vibe that is young and fresh.

    As far as reupholstering the sofa, I reupholstered a sofa in years past and while it was a chore during the process, I was able to get it EXACTLY the way I wanted it, and enjoyed it for years to come! The lines of your sofa are classic and will be in style for years, so the effort will be long lasting. If that’s what you want, I KNOW you can do it!

    Love how the room is coming together. You go, girl!

  43. You do such a wonderful job each and every day/week I keep thinking there must be interior decor fairies luring in the background someplace. You are truly gifted and have a fabulous sense of color and line among a hundred other design concepts. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing just what you will come up next, even though I’m way the beyond designing years now.

  44. FABULOUS! CREATIVE! TALENTED! Love the green and the stripes and the original hardware!! It works! I am looking forward to seeing all the progress and the results as you make updates/changes to your house.

    ps. I love the Lotus Mirror too!

  45. Ooooo!!! I’m so giddy watching your room come together. I can’t believe you found those stripes under the veneer, what an awesome find! I’m just as excited as you are 😀 And the green with those drawers…drop dead gorgeous! I LOVE the fabric on the lamp shades! It almost feels like you’re putting this room together for me and I’m loving everything you do. I went to the Pier 1 site and looked at the couches, I don’t know which one you would pick, there are a couple I think would look good so I can’t wait to see what you choose. Yippy Skippy!!! You’ve done so much work in your house already and I know you want to do more. reupholstering a couch is a BIG job (I’ve done many chairs and a couple couches) If it were me I would want to reward myself, hehehe! But I know you’ll make the right decision for you.

    All the best to you….Co 😀

  46. Love the drawers and the whole approach to the finishing,,,just not a green person, however that is indeed a personal choice and overall it looks great in the room ,as a decorator I am sure there was some balance theory for the color on the chest. That is what separates us novices from the pros.

  47. I love how the room is coming along. You could of ended up with a very calm, traditional room but you made it all so updated and modern. Love the choice of green paint. Please use that incredible striped fabric on the shades! I would encourage you to also try the stripes up and down. I saw a pair of lamps with painted shades in just about those colors in an antique store last weekend and they were stunning!

  48. Love that shade of green. I have that exact paint chip but never knew what to do with it. I really like how the room is turning out. It has a much more collected look and not matchy matchy.

  49. Love, love, lovely!!! B.E…u-ti-ful! Love the stripes on the shades. Love, Did she say love. Keep wanting to see the lamps sitting on the tables?, mirror, yep, up thanks for telling us, but oh how great it looks with the drawers, chairs and all other elements. Great job Ms. Kristi. Ms. SpoolTeacher has been watching your YouTube “addicted to blogging” videos and is just in awe of you and your success as well as your character and lovely demeanor. You’re so real.

  50. Woot! Woot! I love the striped drawers! Who knew something that beautiful was hidden beneath that veneer? I also like the green paint. It looks great with the stripes and the window coverings. Your room is very inviting and I think that stripe fabric will be the icing on the cake with your lamp shades and pillows.

  51. Hiya,
    Just wondering, did you use brush on paint or spray paint? Can’t find that detail in your blog.



  52. I LOVE how this turned out…!!! The color is nice and the drawers are awesome…!!! You could sell that for so much money…!!!
    However I’m thinking the ottaman looks a bit to big for the space maybe it’s the angle or something. It’s a nice piece though.
    The stripe fabric on the lamp looks good also. Not sure about the tables in front of the lamps though. Sorry it’s your room.. but I LOVE the stuff you do….

    1. The ottoman is definitely big. I made it big so that I could prop my feet up from any seat in the room without having to move the ottoman much (if at all). And I’m a shorty. 😀

  53. I’d also like to say, “i thought my house was nice.” until i saw what you have accomplished in some of theses rooms especially the condo kitchen nook and laundry area. I guess I missed the other rooms. Just love, love, love….

  54. You have been blessed with an amazing gift, Kristie……and you do not waste it….. But best of all I thank you for sharing it…..

  55. Hi! 🙂

    Kudos for not distressing the credenza! It’s so unique and pretty and goes well so well in your living room! I agree that more stripes is a good idea to go with the credenza’s drawers, but I personally think that the fabric you’ve pinned to your lampshade is too busy with your floral Roman shades and drapes. A softer stripe with some lighter tan/cream/greens might go better, in my opinion! And as was said already … if anyone can reupholster a sofa it’s you! Go for it!

    1. I have to agree with Rachel about the lampshades. I read through all the comments so far, which are in favor of the striped shades, but I just don’t see it! There’s a LOT of really great stuff going on in the room already, and you haven’t even added the couch and sofa table behind it to the foreground of the room yet, not to mention throws, throw pillows, or everyday items that will show up when you’re living in the room. I love what you’re doing Kristi, don’t get me wrong, but I hope the striped shades don’t make the cut!

  56. Kristie, I love, love, love your blue and green color combination! The chest looks spectacular and the striped fabric adds a nice touch. I totally agree that distressing would have been a mistake. Another job well done!

  57. I can’ believe how quickly this room is taking shape. I would never make any of these choices, but the room is beautiful. Your former clients must miss your design skills.

  58. The credenza is beautiful and the striped lamp shade looks wonderful with the room. I love following your progress and all the ideas you come up with. Keep ’em coming!!

  59. Geez, I don’t stop by for a few days and everything’s changed!! lol…I love this. This is why I fell in love with your condo. All the COLOR! Its so inviting and fun. Makes ya want to come in the room and stay instead of pass through.The credenza redo color is great and the drawers seem to go with the mirror above as though it was planned. (Was it?) I personally like the fabric on the lamp shade vs pillows. It brings your eyes up with the green color. And new side tables!?!?! Where did those come from? I like them so much better. That was the one item I wasn’t convinced of. Now what do you do with them?

  60. Kristi, you are totally rocking it! Love the fabric on the lampshades. It works so well. I cannot wait until I can hire you some day to remake my kitchen or just pay you for a plan!

  61. I LOVE the dresser! I LOVE the green and the striped drawers! Wow, that turned out amazing! What a beautiful room! The mirror…it’s perfect! But I’m short so most everything FEELS better lower to me. Happy day friend! Keep up the great work!

  62. I was one of the voices that wanted you to refinish the credenza, but (surprise…surprise) painting was the right way to go. When I saw the painted credenza, my immediate reaction was ‘look at that beautiful detail’, I never noticed it before. As usual you made the right call 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!

    Now, knowing I was wrong about the credenza, I vote you take a deep breath, call your Mom and re-upholster the sofa. You know exactally what you want to do with it. I do not want to to go back to looking at your room and wondering why it is no longer working for you; only to realized you should have upholtered the sofa you had instead ob buying a new one. Just sayin….

    You’ve been a busy bee and those of us who look forward to each and every one of your projects appreciate it. You have got to be tired after all the projects of the past few weeks. Pour youself a glass of tea, put your feet up on that new tufted ottoman and enjoy your handiwork. Then take a deep breath and move on to the next project. Your admirers are waiting 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all you do!

  63. W.O.W.!! I had my doubts when you left us yesterday with the credenza part 1, thinking “I won’t always like everything”….. but, you made a believer out of me, that is BEAUTIFUL!

  64. Oh my gosh, I love the green. I have a huge permanent crush on that flavor of green and I’m just in love with it mixed with the striped wood. I love projects that unearth unforseen surprises like the striped wood. So glad you kept them.
    The lamp fabric is perfect. What a fun room this is shaping up to be.

  65. You are amazing! I am so taken with how beautiful this piece is! I would never have chosen green myself, but to see it completed I cannot imagine a better color! The drawers are breathtaking!

  66. I love the drawers! I have a painted buffet with the same curved drawers. I know they have a veneer on them. I would love to refinish the buffet using your credenza as my inspiration! I’m wondering if you could tell if your drawers had any variations in the wood before you peeled the veneer off. Was it visible on the sides or bottom lip of the drawer front?

    1. Nope, the stripes were a complete surprise to me. I didn’t see any indication of striped or pieced-together wood on the drawers with the veneer still on. The inside of the drawers are stained so dark that it’s impossible to see any wood grain at all.

  67. I really like the fabric on the lampshade! It brings in the stripe and the green from the credenza. Those green items pull the green from the curtain/shade fabric nicely! The credenza stripes play nicely off of the wall color!!! BRAVO!!

  68. Just beautiful…I love painted furniture mixed with some varnished wood showing too. Love your site and thank you for the inspiration!

  69. OK Kristi – I am not one to comment – I have commented one other time. I cannot believe how gracefully you take everything! You are sharing with everyone your “process” and when you are creative – and truly from the heart creative – things come together differently – and you are truly creative. It is fun to watch your “mind” work and it all come together wonderfully!

    And people honestly feel like they can tell you to move a mirror? I was SHOCKED that you commented about don’t say anything about he mirror – and then sure enough people commented about the mirror – it shocks me!

    You are kind enough to share your creative process with us and even sometimes invite feed back – and yet people are telling you to change your wall color, your rug, your mirror height? I so admire you! You take it like a champ and are so sweet about it!

    Your are truly talented and your grace and kindness is so undeserved at times 🙂

    1. Haha! It’s just all part of the territory when you’re a blogger who puts your home out there for all to see. 🙂 In a way, I guess it should be taken as a compliment, because it’s almost like people feel like they’ve gotten to know me like a friend, and therefore feel comfortable enough with me to offer up their suggestions, kind of like I would with my mom and her house. I wouldn’t necessarily wait to be asked if I saw something in her house that just wasn’t working, because I feel comfortable in our relationship and I know she would want my input. 🙂

      So I thin it’s kind of like that.

      The folks telling me to raise my mirror after I begged not to be told…well, I cut them some slack, because I have a feeling they’re a lot like I am. I “read” blog posts quite often by skimming the words and looking at the pictures. 😀 I’m not much of a reader, and get restless if I’m trying to read a very wordy post, but I do love looking at pictures. So I’m sure they skimmed and missed that part. 😉

  70. Kristi – the credenza turned out beautiful. After seeing your post, I spent the entire evening trying to decide where to put a piece of green furniture in my house! Looks great!

  71. LOVE it!!!! I folkie the fabric on the shades as well, it brings out the green in the credenza and ties in with the tufted ottoman. You are one awesome decorator!

  72. I absolutely LOVE this credenza – it really came out nice! The whole room is really coming together – very jealous of your skills in putting everything together. We just redid our living room and I let my husband pick the furniture – not a wise decision…hopefully I can somehow pull it together better.

    Really enjoy all your posts – the work you did in your condo – everything. Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!

  73. I have never heard anyone say a mirror should be hung evenly between the ceiling and the table or chair rail. I always heard to have it no higher than 4 or 5 inches (2 to 3 is better if possible) above the anchor piece/dresser unless you know something really big is going on the table to block it. Still I learned lower is better than higher and was told by one decorators to keep it “low and tight.” If anything I thought is was a tad high but then you had the chair rail to reckon with. I only wanted to say this to see if the rules have changed. I noticed chandelier were being hung lower and lower so the old rules weren’t applying anymore so maybe things have changed with hanging mirrors. By the way, I LOVE the ottoman and the drama and glamour your are getting with both scale and fabric choice. Stunning! How did you make THAT?

  74. I adore this piece. I want this piece…and I’m super bummed that I gave my old chest of drawers to my {totally deserving, loved} brother last year! It would have been perfect for this!
    Truly, I think this is my favorite piece….well, so far!

  75. Now that the credenza is done, it strikes me as the key focal piece of the room – truly. I love the BRAVE green you chose and the front wood finish of the drawers. I like t so much, I kinda sorta wish the coffee table was in another room. EEEEEK! Did I really say that? It’s probably just me, but the coffee table is very large and seems to overpower the credenza. When I glance at the room, my eyes go directly to that beautiful green piece. But the dark blue coffee table feels like a stumblngblock.

    But then, what do I know?
    That’s what makes decorating so personal and fun.

    I agree with Skyeliz. This is my favorite piece so far! Absolutely stunning, Kristi. You took a dark piece and saw such promise. I can’t imagine it any other color now!

  76. Hey Kristi,

    I am 4 months pregnant and obsessed with this credenza. I can’t stop thinking about it, and hunting for this type of dresser. I would love to create one for the baby’s nursery to act as a changing table and dresser. Where did you find this dresser? How much did you pay for it? Do you know the company that made this dresser so it may be easier to find on Craigslist? I appreciate any information. I’m serious when I say I stay up at night thinking of this dresser! It would be perfect for my sweet little baby’s room. HELP! 🙂


  77. Everything detail you chose in creating this look for the dresser and the room makes perfect sense to include the positioning of the mirror. The room is beautiful!