Green, White, and….Black?

After I put forth the question about my breakfast room ceiling the other day, Matt and I had a discussion about vaulting the ceiling.  We both love that idea, and I think that will certainly be the long term plan.  But I think we both agreed that for now, it would probably have to wait.  If the contractor was correct, and his framer would do it for about $1500, that seems like quite a bargain.  But the fact of the matter is that all of these “just $1500” projects are really adding up quickly, and ever since we bought this house, it seems like it’s been one $1500+ project after another with no financial recovery time in between.  And really, before I can even think about having the ceiling vaulted, I need to have the floor leveled in the breakfast room.  And of course, that will be done for the bargain price of just $1500.

For now, it looks like I’m living with the low ceiling.  I’ll rip down the plywood that’s up there and re-drywall the ceiling, but that’s about it for now.  (Some of you suggested keeping the plywood and just painting.  Evidently my pictures didn’t show the water damage that’s present in several areas on the plywood.)

So a couple of days ago, I was thinking about the breakfast room with its low ceiling, and dreading having to work with it, and then I had a thought.  Instead of fighting the “cozy” feeling of that room, why not fully embrace it?  I mean…fully embrace it.  Accent it, even.

As in, paint the room black.  😀

Green, white, and black has been a favorite color combo of mine for several years now, probably ever since the first time I saw the Viceroy Santa Monica, designed by Kelly Wearstler.

green white and black room, Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, designed by Kelly Wearstler - 2Viceroy Santa Monica, designed by Kelly Wearstler

The bathroom, with the beautiful green subway tile, is probably my favorite. That color combo is just so bold.

green white and black room, Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, designed by Kelly WearstlerViceroy Santa Monica, designed by Kelly Wearstler

There’s just something about adding black to a room that adds a look of sophistication.

green white and black room, powder room designed by Priscilla Fenlin Interiors, via HouzzContemporary Powder Room by Villanova Architects & Building Designers Priscilla Fenlin Interiors

I know lots of black in a room, and especially on the walls, isn’t for everyone. But I’m just not one of those people who has to have everything light, white, and bright. I love color, and I love deep, dark hues. I don’t find them depressing at all. I find them warm and cozy.

green white and black room, living room designed by Kristin Drohan Interior Design, via HouzzContemporary Family Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior Design

Of course, it does help to add lots of white to the mix.

green white and black room, kitchen designed by Cook Architectural Design Studio, via HouzzTraditional Kitchen by Chicago Architects & Building Designers COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

green white and black room, entry hall designed by Kathy Corbett Interiors, via HouzzEclectic Hall by Richmond Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Corbet Interiors

green white and black room, kitchen designed by Greg Natale, via HouzzContemporary Kitchen by Sydney Architects & Building Designers Greg Natale

So that’s the direction I’m leaning right now. I think it would be cozy, sophisticated, and maybe a bit unexpected. I’ve also considered a really deep midnight blue instead of black, but I keep going back to black.

And if I try it and it looks too dark and depressing, it’s just paint, right? What’s the harm in trying? 🙂

Oh, and as far as window treatments for the breakfast room go, I won’t be doing any kind of drapery panels since the ceiling is low. Instead, I’m leaning towards making my own grosgrain ribbon Roman shades like these from Pottery Barn. I want white shades with wide green ribbon the color of my cabinets.

grosgrain ribbon roman shades from Pottery Barn

Can you picture it? White roman shades with green grosgrain ribbon the color of my cabinets, in a black room. Alright, stick with me. We’ll see where this goes. 🙂

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  1. Well, it sounds wackadoo to me…but so have some other things you’ve done that turned out wonderfully! And even if I think it’s wackadoo at the end…so long as you think it’s fab, that’s all that matters! Good for you for not being afraid of the bold choices. What flooring is going in there? What does Matt think of a black room?

  2. I painted our added family room SW Frolic. LOVE – and it looks great with black. Love green & black. Can’t wait to see! And you’re right – you might as well embrace the low ceiling for now – and go all in!

  3. I’m sure whatever you choose will turn out beautifully. I thoroughly enjoy your process. I love all the examples you shared. I do like the color combination. I also think leaving the ceiling at the bare minimum is perfectly fine. It’s a relatively easy change down the road for another $1500. 😉 I never even thought of a vaulted ceiling. They really do snazz things up and elevate the look.

  4. Just found your blog and am loving it! You are so original, talented and inspiring. Can’t wait to read through the archives!

  5. Love love love the color combo! But with that said, black will make the room very dark. Do you have enough natural light to pull it off? Don’t know until you try. Happy painting brave lady!

    1. I’ve been there (I’m her sister). That room has two walls on either end that are mainly big windows. Lots of light!

      1. Yay! Lovely to ‘meet’ you Cathy! I often wonder how many family members hang out on your AMAZING sisters blog…
        Yes yes YES to what u proposing Kristi. Have you heard of Abigail Ahern? An English designer in London who loves darker hues and even recommends painting entire rooms (ceiling, walls and all skirtings and moldings too) in ONE colour for an incredible look. Not for everyone, but very unique! This trick can fool the eye into thinking its more spacious.
        Whatever you do, I know I will love it!
        Claire x

  6. When you were contemplating raising the ceiling I thought, “Well, it’s always nice to have a higher ceiling.” But in the big scheme of things, when you’re working on a room where you’ll be sitting down most of the time, eh, there are more strategic places to be spending up your $$$. (In your inspiration pics, I love that black ceiling. And then I love those painted black floors. I guess it would be crazy to have them both but, either/or, they are great.)

  7. Oh, yes, if the plywood is water damaged, then of course it has to be replaced. You’re right, the pictures did not show that.

    Ok, I thought the whole purpose of opening up the kitchen to the breakfast room was to have a lighter, brighter space? Wouldn’t painting the walls black defeat that purpose? I can see the black accents, but to paint the walls black would be similar to having left the dark paneling in there, eh? With white walls in the kitchen, wouldn’t it carry the scheme into the breakfast room to stay with white walls, and maybe use black for the trim? Perhaps paint the blue wing chairs black? Or, paint the wing chairs the green of the cabinets and use black grosgrain ribbon on the roman shades to pick up the black trim.

    On the other hand, I can visualize the room with a wood floor, soft black walls with wide white trim, black grosgrain ribbon on white shades, and the wing chairs in the green of the cabinets. With the cerused dining table and chairs, and the right accessories, it would be very dramatic. ( I know there are computer programs out there where you can play around with different colors on different elements in a room. I have one called 3DHD that I’ve had lots of fun with over the years.)

    I once painted an accent wall in a bedroom black, the other walls were tan/taupe. (The color scheme was inspired by a leopard print bedspread). It was dramatic, but it did suck a lot of light from the room. Of course, if this is also to serve as a media room, then the darker the room, the better!

    You never cease to amaze with your vision and handiwork. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do.

  8. I’m new to the party as well, and have bee enjoying catching up with all of the postings. I personally love strong colors also, but live with “someone” who prefers light and bright. So for now I’m going to live vicariously through your postings here! I think the green, black and white will be very attention grabbing and I totally think you can pull it off. Maybe a white table (distressed a little) with chairs that have a great fabric pattern on cushions in black, green and white to add a balance of lightness to the room? Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. I love that while in the middle of the whole kitchen paint nighmare you can still say “it’s just paint.”

  10. if it was anyone else I would question it, lol, but you are really in tune to what your style is and it always turns out amazing. I’m quite confident this will be the same and I will love it when you post the final room!

  11. Joan Steffand that used to host ‘Decorating Cents’ once said at a dinner event she spoke at that I was at…’one gallon of paint can buy a lot of happiness. If you don’t like it, repaint it. it’s a cheap fix to repaint it’. I embrace that logic cause it’s true. Paint is not permanent! Go for it…can’t wait to see the finished product!

  12. I too have always loved the black, green and white combo!! Not sure if I would ever be brave enough to do black walls but I’m sure you have a vision that’s going to turn out awesome!! Cant wait to see the final reveal!

  13. I love green, white and black. I love cozy dark rooms that make you feel like you can grab a book and curl up in them. I’d actually love to see it done.Go for it!

  14. When you first talked about the quirks of the ceiling my thoughts went to painting a faux vaulted ceiling. How would that work out? Would something like that disguise the odd angle to the one side of the room and also give the appearance of a higher center to the room? Just a thought.

  15. I think it sounds GREAT! I wish I had the boldness you do to just try- and the support if it doesn’t work out.

  16. I like the color combination, but I’m having a hard time with the all black walls and ceilings. Besides being dark (which I know you don’t mind) I read the black as cold and modern, not cozy. I’m sure you could pull it off, if anyone can. Maybe wood floors would warm it up, I really don’t care for the black floors above, I think they would look dusty and dirty all the time. Your kitchen is shaping up so beautifully, and I see the breakfast room as an extension of that, the black walls would certainly be unexpected ( and maybe a little jarring). After all you’re right, it’s just paint and you know what you want, if you like it, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  17. I too love that color combo, but would not paint the walls black. In all the pictures you showed, black was an accent. Or maybe just one very dark wall (should be the window wall since light doesn’t bounce off of it). I think the black will bend the light and significantly change the color of the cabinets and everything else in your kitchen.

  18. Who has a painted BLACK ceiling in their bathroom? This girl *two thumbs pointing towards me* with white crown molding. I like the idea of a little black used in every room of my house – sorta like owning a little black dress…can never go wrong 🙂

  19. I’m right there with ya!! I LOVE dark hues, and color, so this combo is right up my alley. I really am digging that bath, with the black ceiling a lot….I think all rooms need a little black, it brings a sense of sophistication with a modern touch. I have it in practically every room of my house, if it’s not black, then I’ve used Black Bean by SW, that I used in my entryway, where I have tons of light pouring in.

    Looking awesome lady, looking REALLY awesome!!!!

  20. This is exciting, I love all those pictures, especially the powder room with the black ceiling. Remember Edward on Trading Spaces? Maybe you are too young. He said more than once that every room should have some black in it.

  21. Oooh! Hollywood regency color palette = Love! I am leaning toward that style myself once my kids get older and I can have nice things again. I shall just have to live vicariously until then. Can’t wait to see your inspirations come to fruition.

  22. I love a black ceiling. My bedroom ceiling is such a dark eggplant, that at night it looks to be black. I’ve had many dark painted ceilings and believe or not, it actually visually recedes. I have a neighbor who has the same house as mine, My living room ceiling at that time was a very dark burgundy, hers is white. She said she didn’t know about the option of getting a higher ceiling in that room. They are both the same height, mine just felt higher because of the dark ceiling. My wall that goes down to the basement that is visible from the entry and dining room is a black Venetian Plaster with a bronze wax. It is such a statement wall! Love, love black accents.

  23. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Someone who loves dark colors, someone who loves black walls, and back ceilings, LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kristi, I definitely think you are on the right track in considering painting your ceiling black. Several of the pictures you included show the stunning outcome of green and white with a black ceiling. Several of my favorite restaurants have black ceilings. They are cozy and refined and chic. Our mutual favorite designer here in Little Rock, has a gorgeous installation with those colors. The trick to making it work well and coordinating it with your adjacent kitchen is adding the lighter greens and whites, plus lighting, so the room doesn’t “die” against your hard earned kitchen. You know this! I am SOOO excited to see your results! Even if you vault the ceiling, you may still choose a black ceiling.

  25. L O V E It!!!!!!! Love the green you chose for the cabinets (meant to comment about that several posts ago) and love the combo of green, black and white! Here in MI a few years back there was a home show and the dining room was done in that combo…in a word…STUNNING! Took my breath away and was one of the classiest, most sophisticated rooms I had ever seen! Go for it!!! I know whatever you do will be amazing!!!!

  26. The other day when you posted about the ceiling, I kept trying to figure out ways to work around the weird bevel near the door (where the ceiling dips into a slant). To me, that’s what seems odd about the room (although it seems like you also feel the ceiling is just plain too low). Today, I thought, “Hey…what about a tray ceiling?”

    What if you boxed-out where the ceiling dips on the edge (like a soffet) and the put a matching soffet all the way around the room. It would give the room the appearance of a tray ceiling without altering the structure. It also may help minimize the beam between the dining room and kitchen.

    Of course, if you really hate the ceiling height, you probably don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of the tray ceiling till you can have the ceiling raised.

    Also, you might be able to do the raised ceiling yourself (with a friend to hold the boards) if you wanted to try. I did a very small one on a porch/mudroom. Essentially all you need to do is take out each of the ceiling joists (which are probably 2×4’s), cut them to a new length (for the upper flat part of your cathedral…you’ll want something flat to attach lights to), then re-attach them at a higher spot on the roof rafters (level, of course). You might want to check with a builder just to make sure the building would still be structurally sound, but I’m pretty sure it’s more or less what they would do. From experience, I would recommend a reciprocating saw (saws-all) to cut the stubborn bits out where they’re toenailed, then re-secure them with screws instead of nails unless you have access to a framing nailer.

    Loving watching your projects. Keep up the good work!

  27. Pure white shades w/Matching Green… love it!!!
    I agree with you on forgoing the dark blue paint. A true black paint will made the room feel warm and cozy.
    (Especially with a few well placed WHITE and GREEN accents throughout!)
    The low ceiling will disappear when painted black and everything on the walls and windows will enclose the area.
    I wonder if you’d consider doing something with the green paint on the ceiling… OR on the walls???
    Trompe-l’œil affect??? (Accenting with some sort of ‘small’ splash of green, or green with white (maybe “framing” = rectangles, squares, diamond shape with the “shadows” placed in relationship to the windows… then your photos, artwork and/or some of your craft decorations would be displayed within them.)
    With your determination I’m sure you’ll come up with a great finished product whatever you decide.

  28. I think you should do whatever rocks you. You make bold color choices that are not safe but they work out great. I think the gold leafing on the cabinets is absolutely lovely and so far from the expected. Black is not expected but I’veh seen it done before in a very traditional space and it was so nice. You noodle on a decorating plan the same way I do….think, dream and eventually come up with the plan that really moves you.

  29. Well, I love black. I have small accents in some rooms AND I have black wallpaper in my kitchen. I do have a ton of windows and lots of lighting, so it is not overwhelming! I also have black countertops. So love the idea of incorporating some black into the room!

    I am a little worried that you don’t have enough natural light to pull it off in your room, but you are very creative and I know you will figure it out. I am wondering about a black ceiling if you are also painting the walls black…………could you tint an off white with the black…………I once had a painter tell me to add 10% of the wall paint color to the ceiling for a nice flow.

    I love, love, love the idea of the roman shades. That would be perfect!

    Now for my dilemma…………my wallpaper is 18 years old and my countertops need replacing. I’ve been looking at a more neutral palette, but am worried that the kitchen will look boring after having this dramatic wallpaper all of these years. I hope to live in this home another 10 years, so do I keep the dramatic wallpaper or go to a neutral palette?

  30. Forgive me for being one of the lone dissenters, and it goes without saying that whatever “crazy” ideas you come up with usually work out wonderfully. But I wonder if the contrast between the kitchen and the breakfast room (it *is* sort of open plan, isn’t it?) would be too jarring. I’m imagining that stunning green and white kitchen right up against a room where the main color would be black, and in my mind, it just is too much. It seems to me it would interrupt the flow of the rooms. Plus, once it’s all done, I think it would be something *I* would tire of quickly. All that said, you have fabulous taste and a fearlessness that I can’t imagine, so maybe it’ll work beautifully. And after all, it is just paint, isn’t it?

  31. I have not read the other comments. I did read the blog, and I think I got the picture… have gone a bit over the edge and now plan to paint the breakfast room black. I want to preempt all of my remarks by saying I am in a pissy mood, the full moon is tomorrow, I have just had a massive argument with the hubs, and my orthopedic doc has informed me that I may have a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. MRI on Tuesday. So if I sound mean, rude or harsh, take it with a grain of salt, or a shot of tequila, cause I am now under the influence of some pain meds. A black room is not going to make you happy. You busted out walls so you would not have a black hole kitchen, now you are going to make a bigger one with the breakfast room. I have a few suggestions. #1 paint the ceiling white tinted with a tiny bit of the green you plan to use in the breakfast room, you mix up a small amount and see but it is just teaspoons full to a gallon of white. I have done it to all of my rooms. It gives the ceiling a sense of color, while still being white. Jackie Kennedy did this in all of her homes. It was one of her secrets to keeping a room glowing. #2 I would tape off about 10 to 12 inches of ceiling on all for sides of the room. #3 I would divide the walls vertically in thirds. Two thirds become the bottom, one third becomes the top. Tape off you walls horizontally at the 2/3 mark. Now paint your upper third AND the 10 to 12 inches that you taped off on the ceiling black. Use at least two coats for really rich coverage. #4 this is optional, you can add a piece of wood trim painted black or white (your preference) along the line on the ceiling. It is not necessary, just gives it more definition. #5 I would cover the bottom half of the walls in the ship lap that you loved so much, and I would do it in white with a white cap piece and a multiple piece baseboard all painted white. If you are leveling the floor and it is all going to be cememt or concrete when done, I would have a black chevron brick design imprinted on it and sealed. Matts wheel chair will have no problem moving about. Now to the windows and my favorite #6. I tried to find a picture of the windows on the front side of the room but couldn’t find any. I was able to see a back window of which there were two at the other end. This is something I did to make a small window look larger. However it can be adapted to a large window the concept making it look long and lean. If you look at the top of your windows there is head space above (wall space between woodwork and ceiling). I cut a plywood or foam core board, or what ever you have that will cut to the width of your window. You pad the board with batting. I usually use rolled batting and just spray the board with an adhesive and attach it. I like to trim it just so it comes around the edges enough to staple or thumbtack down. I then take my fabulous fabric that I have chosen for the project and cut it six to 8 inches wider on the long side side and about 3 to 6 inches longer on the short side. Place the board batting side down and fold fabric back over the back of the board. you do the same with all four sides. I usually tuck and press for an even look and then staple or thumbtack in place. when this is done there are tow ways to hang these suckers. We can discuss this later. The next step is to measure from your window cross bar (where top meets bottom and locks to the bottom at the floor. Now add 7 inches and that is the length of your curtain. You will make a rod pocket curtain with a header and a hem put it on a decorative black rod and attach it to your window trim. So now your window is half covered by a curtain/drape, which can be opened or closed. The flat pieces goes all the way up to the ceiling and attaches there covering the top part of the window casing, thus giving the illusion of a window that goes from ceiling to floor. By treating your windows in this way, it draws the eye up to the ceiling and the continuation of the black paint onto the ceiling gives the illusion of a higher wall. Now all you have to do is find a great fabric, cover those wing chairs, make some curtains, pillow to toss, and shazam. A room I would be happy in! So anything float your boat? I know show great online fabric places is great. Pricey, but great bargins. Plus joanns plus lots of places on line. On a better note, I love to shop, I especially love to shop when I don’t have to, and find that perfect gift for someone I know . With those thoughts in mind I was in Barneys NY the other day and this little package kept screaming at me to buy it and send it to Kristi for her kitchen. So I bought it, but need an address to mail to. you can send to my email address [email protected]. and I will get it out ASAP I think it is perfect! As always, Blessings and please consider my suggestions.

  32. Forgot to add, you can still have the roman shades for privacy. they will only cover the top half of the window when in use. When not in use they will be up high enough that they should dissagear under the top board treatment.

  33. In my first house, I used emerald green carpet in the master with one wall of a chinoiserie type wallpaper and 3 white walls. I think your idea of the black with the green will be spectacular. And I agree, it’s only paint.

  34. hurrah – you’re suggesting a colour scheme I’m sitting in resp. on at the moment! I love black accents in rooms! in our living room it’s the tiling around our fireplace and there’s a grey sofa and green comfy chair opposite it with homemade cushions in varoíous shades of green plus some black ones.
    So I cannot wait to the the results you come up with and I’m look forward to being inspired to actually paint part of a wall (or even an entire wall???) black!
    I have to confirm one of the comments above: your attitude is amazing and laudable – the way you say “it’s only paint” if that exact issue had you ranting a couple of day back. You are my personal heroine for sure!!!!

  35. You and all of your ideas are fantastic. You amaze me with your skill and your ability!!! You go lady – paint that room black! I cannot WAIT to see it 🙂

  36. I think it is a fabulous combination of colors. I am having some bathroom remodeling done, and so funny but the price is $1500.00! Cracked me up. 🙂

  37. I love the idea and can’t wait to see it. I’ve always loved painted ceilings and I have seen several rooms with black ceilings and they were gorgeous. How gorgeous would it be if your black molding had a thin band of gold leaf like you did on your cabinets? Too much? Its hard to say without seeing the room but you have fantastic taste and, after all, it is YOUR room. I, too, like dark cozy rooms. My favorite bedroom I’ve ever had was a dark forest green with an apricot upholstered headboard and bed coverings and apricot sheer bed-hangings and curtains. I also used a beautiful forest green stylist floral that included apricot, light blue, and a few other colors. I received so many compliments from friends. So, I am really looking forward to your outcome. T^he idea for the windows sounds perfect. Love the green grosgrain ribbon.

    1. Ut o Connie, I think you just gave Kristi another idea… that would look really good and it would tie the two rooms together as well… She is simply amazing….!!!

  38. As I sit reading your daily “treat”, I am picking primer off my hands. I am in the process of painting my den dark greenish black with off white trim and brass/gold accessories and I think the look is stunning and sophisticated. But since my room is all ancient pine planks ( including the ceiling!) I think you will be done painting before me! Don’t listen to the dissenters, Kristi! Your instincts are great, go with it!

  39. Go for it! Like you said. It’s just paint. You can paint it over if you don’t like it. Great job so far!! I loved the picture of the powder room with the black ceiling. Awesome.


  41. Love it. I’ve done similar but it was green white and a dark navy blue that was almost black…. During spring I would accent with pink and canary throw pillows and spray painted decor. It was beautiful! If I can get the exact names from my files I will add for reference… It sounds tacky but looked simply amazing!!!!

  42. Ok I initially dismissed the idea as crazy. Then went back and looked at it again today. And I love the color combination in those pictures. They all seem to have lots of white to balance the black and green and keep it looking fresh and not to heavy. It should be interesting to see how you achieve the look in your room. If anyone can do it, you can. And it’s your home. Go for it. Even if it’s just temporary until you redo the ceiling.

  43. I am not sure that I am picturing your idea right…. I do like the color combo but I don’t know if it will look right on the walls. However what I love, love, love is YOU! If it looks great then great. If it looks wrong you will explain why it looks wrong and change it. You are a fabulous teacher and you teach us to try and sometimes to try again. Can’t wait! Thank you.

  44. If the ceiling is temporary until vaulting it seems like a huge job to tear down big sheets of temporary plywood to put up some temporary drywall. Killz can cover up a lot. Before tearing down the wood why not try Killz on a water stained section and then paint it black. If it works you save a ton of expense and effort. If the water has bubbled up or sepparated the would that would be a different story but if. It is water stained only it might be worth a try. If the would is actually damaged in places could you cut out those places and replace with same thickness plywood and then paint black. I just know how much you dislike taping and mudding ceilings, or having to pay someone to do that part for you.

  45. I saw an article last week about black and white rooms with a pop of color. (The unfortunate part is that I can’t remember where I saw it. Geez, I hate getting old) They showcased several different rooms, all decorated in mainly black and white and then added color with a couple of pieces of furniture; pillows and rugs; or accessories. The rooms were outstanding. I’m just sorry I can’t link a source for it but maybe Pinterest could be of help.

  46. Wow, that will be dramatic and can’t wait to see it come to fruition! I have a question and please, it it NOT a criticism. I keep hearing on decor shows and reading online that room color should flow into the other. I’m no pro, so I’m asking, is this something you do not subscribe to because the living room is so different? Is it ok because there’s some green in the living room curtains or because it’s totally separated from the kitchen? Again, not criticizing just trying to understand that way of thinking.

    1. I actually do think that rooms should flow with one another, but I think the more open the floor plan,the more important it is. I don’t really have an open floor plan at all. I have a very typical 1940-1950s house where the rooms are all very defined. I do think they need to flow, but not necessarily use the exact same colors.

      But I’ve been giving some thought to how I’ll make these rooms flow. When standing in the music room where I can see both the living room and the kitchen, the colors actually look great together. The deep green and the deep teal really complement each other, plus there’s lots of the green cabinet color in the painting hanging over the fireplace mantel in the living room. So I think the key in ensuring that these two rooms really do flow together will be in how I decorate the music room. That will be key in making it all work together.

      Now I did think that they black walls in the breakfast room might throw a wrench in the whole “color flow” plan, but I think the way I’ll make that work is by painting all of my interior doors black. I had considered painting them all another color, like yellow, but I keep going back to black. So if I do that, that will help the black to flow throughout the house. Hopefully that’ll keep it from looking too jarring like it might if the only black in the house was the breakfast room walls.

      1. I understand. I think you are right how the black doors will tie it all together. Can’t wait to see it all come together, not that I am rushing you, lol! Even if it’s your full time job, you get a lot done and quickly for mostly a women show.

  47. I have a small windowless main bathroom and I decided to paint the ceiling a dark grey. I just love it! I painted three quarters of the walls white then the rest grey and then onto the ceiling with no moulding. The dark ceiling doesn’t make the room space in fact the room looks bigger. You can see it here.
    I think painting your ceiling black is a great option.

  48. It looks like the photos you posted as examples have black as an accent color but not primarily black walls. Won’t black close that room in and give it a gloomy feel or is there plenty of light coming in to that room. Just can’t visualize all black walls……I am so very affected by the appearance and feel in my environment……hoping for your sake that it is not cavelike after it is painted.