Home Gym Progress — Window Trim Installed

After dealing with a cold for a week, I finally woke up yesterday morning excited to actually get some work done. But instead of working in the bathroom, I decided that I wanted to make some home gym remodel progress.

I have large stacks of lumber in the home gym and the bathroom, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to work around these stacks of lumber. So rather than moving these stacks from these rooms into another room yet again, I thought I’d spend a few days getting the lumber and trim up off of the floor and actually onto the walls where they belong.

So yesterday afternoon, I started working on the trim in the home gym, and I got two windows completely trimmed.

home gym remodel progress - window trimmed out using a style of trim that requires no miter cuts
Home Gym Paint Colors & Sources

I shared step-by-step how I trim my windows and doors using this style that requires NO miter cuts! It’s really very easy.

Adding trim, especially to windows and doors, is such a fun stage in a room remodel because the trim makes SO much difference!

home gym remodel progress - large chunky trim added to window makes such a huge difference

I only got the two done because this room still doesn’t have any lighting, so once the sun starts going down, it becomes increasingly difficult to work in here. But two windows are trimmed…

home gym remodel progress - two windows trimmed out with large trim that is very simple to install -- no miter cuts

So today’s goal is to trim the large window at the front (i.e., that looks out towards the front yard)…

home gym remodel progress - walls painted with vertical stripes in a gradient of colors

(See? Look at these stacks of lumber that I’ve been trying to work around for far too long now.)

home gym - remodel in progress - walls painted in vertical rainbow stripes

And then I hope to get this opening trimmed. This is the area that used to be two closets (one that opened into this room, and the other that opened into the guest bedroom on the other side of that wall). I had them both opened up to this room, and I’m going to leave it open like this (i.e., no doors), and it will have shelving, other storage, and a TV when all is said and done.

two closets joined into one and left open to the room for shelving

Here’s a better view of how these areas relate to each other. The two windows that are already trimmed are on the right wall. The one remaining untrimmed window that looks out towards the front yard is in the middle. And the closet area that will remain open with a cased opening is on the left.

home gym remodel - vertical rainbow stripes on walls

And finally, I hope to get the door (that leads to the hallway) trimmed today.

home gym makeover progress - door still need to be trimmed out

If I can get the window, closet, and door trimmed out, that will reduce my lumber/trim pile considerably!

Unfortunately, it will probably be at least a few days before I can trim out the door leading to the bathroom (which you can see on the right in the photo below) because that door isn’t even installed yet.

vertical striped rainbow walls with white trim on windows

That will be a pocket door, and while I generally install my pocket doors by myself, I also generally use hollow core doors. But the one going here is a 15-lite pre-primed door made of MDF, and it’s HEAVY! There’s absolutely no way I can get that door onto the rollers by myself, so I’ll have to call in reinforcements to get that installed before I can trim out the doorway.

So it’s coming along! I had so much fun turning my attention to this room and taking a break from the bathroom. Sometimes I think a change of scenery, and taking a break from a big project to focus on something else for a while, is necessary in order to keep motivated.

rainbow stripes on walls, white trim on windows

So we’ll see how much I can get done today, and how much of a dent I can make in my pile of lumber and trim. And if I’d take some time to install my lights, I could do even more and actually work past dark! 😀

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  1. This is going to be such a fun room for you! Pivoting to another project and taking breaks throughout the day is all important to maintaining sanity. Progress!

  2. Installing the light fixtures first and tackling the trim once you know you will have enough light to finish is a good idea. Then you can keep your momentum if you are so inclined and have the added bonus of being able to look up at your lights.

  3. You asked before, so I’m just saying I see three USBank ads on your post, when I looked a minute before it was a young couple in a kitchen. I couldn’t figure out what the ad was for…

    1. Are you all talking about the ads between all the pictures? I have become so used to them everywhere I ignore them totally! I can see how they are quite annoying though. They show up all along the right side too…and on the bottom. What a pain!

    2. To be clear, I know I have ads on my blog. That’s the main way I make money from my blog. I choose that instead of doing loads of sponsored posts. But none of the ads on my blog should be popup ads that cover the screen. If I have those, that’s a problem, but the only way I can do anything about it is if people send me screenshots of the ad and the placement.

      The rest of the ads — the ones in the body of the blog post, the sidebar ad(s), and the one across the bottom — are ads that are supposed to be there.

  4. Wow what a difference that does make! Looking forward to all the progress…any day you feel up to it. You certainly need breaks from these huge projects, especially since you are doing so many big ones at once. Sorry your break was because you were ill though! Be well.

  5. What an absolutely delightful room and your trim looks so nice against the colors of your walls! Well done.

  6. Thinking back to last week’s post about door color. What color are you painting the doors in the home gym?

  7. I know that this post is about the windows trimmings, and not about the paint job you did to your home gym, but I had to comment that I just love the paint colors you picked for the room. It looks so good with the window treatments! It’s almost perfect that you were able to paint in there without the window trim to get the perfect spacing.

  8. This is such a happy room I’d get a lot of exercise done in here. And for you this is a chip shot—if anyone can do it you can!!!is abb CB pocket door difficult? My fella has some skills( making furniture mostly) but I’m not sure he’s up to the task of a pocket door

    1. It’s been easy in my case because I’ve added (or hired out the installation) of the pocket door frame install when the walls were in the framing stage. So I don’t have any rooms where the drywall had to be removed, and the framing had to be redone, in order to add a pocket door. All of my pocket doors were added as parts of bigger remodel jobs. So in that case, it’s much easier. If you’re only wanting to add a pocket door, and it’s not part of a bigger remodel job where you’ll be tearing things down the studs and re-drywalling, then it can be a pretty big job. You’ll have to remove the drywall on one side of the wall to install the pocket door frame, and that will require some removal of existing framing. And then once it’s installed, the drywall will have to be replaced and patched.

  9. Such beautiful work!! You are an inspiration, Kudos to you for taking all this on by yourself.
    Looking forward to the bathroom reveal.
    Don’t burn yourself out x

  10. It always looks so good with the trim! I’ve been wondering….if you had to replace your windows, would you have to tear out the trim to do so?

  11. I love the colors in your home gym….very uplifting and an inspiration to exercise.

    I must have missed something somewhere, because this article leads me to believe there will be a pocket door with 15 little windows between the gym and the bathroom…..is that correct? It made me wonder about privacy.

    1. That is correct. And somehow I will frost the windows for privacy. I’ll probably use the window film like I did on the door between the sitting room and my studio, or I might try a different method this time.