Kitchen Progress — The Last Of The To Do List (The Final 13)

I’ve been saying for a few days now that I only have a few final touches left on my kitchen, and yet I could swear to you that these “few final touches” are multiplying like rabbits right before my eyes.  Every time I think I’m nearing the end of the list, I see more things that need touchups, or caulk, or a bit of paint, or trim.

So last night I took one final inventory of every single thing that needs to be addressed before I can, once and for all, call this kitchen remodel finished.  Almost everything, with the exception of one item, is a relatively small thing, but I want every single small thing addressed because I hate the feeling of having small things unfinished and moving on to a new projects, and being constantly reminded of those unfinished small projects each time I enter the room.  Nope, I don’t want that.  They all need to be finished, no matter how small.  This will be the first room in my house that is 100% finished, and what a great feeling that will be to have such a huge remodel completely done!

So here’s the final list of what I still need to finish.

final to do list - 1

1.  The trim that I added at the top of the tile needs to be caulked, primed, and painted.

2.  The trim around the opening/doorway needs to be sanded, caulked, primed, and painted. (That’s the big item that’s left.)

3.  The corner needs to be caulked.

final to do list - 2

4.  The trim to the right of the wall of cabinets still needs to be caulked and painted.

final to do list - 3

5.  The cabinet feet on the refrigerator wall still need touchup paint.  All of the feet got messed up when I stripped the floor (using chemical stripper around the feet) and refinished the floor.  The other two sections of cabinets (wall of cabinets and peninsula) have been touched up already.  Only this refrigerator wall remains.

(Clearly, everything is covered in dust and still needs to be cleaned.  I’ve kind of given up on trying to keep things dust-free in here until I take care of the unbelievable mess that is the breakfast room, but I’m not counting “cleaning” as one of the to do items.  But it will get done as soon as I stop doing things to create dust in here.)

final to do list - 4

6.  The overspray on the ceiling needs to be painted.  I got that finished on the wall of cabinets, so I just need to do touchups on this refrigerator wall.

7.  The trim against the tile needs to be sanded and painted.

final to do list - 5

8.  More trim against the tile needs to be sanded and painted.

9.  The cabinet hardware on the refrigerator wall still needs to be installed.

10.  I need to figure out what to do with my undercabinet lighting.  This little connector is hanging down and is visible, which is clearly not a good look.  As long as it’s like that, the lights work.  As soon as I attach the connector to the underside of the cabinet, the lights stop working.  Obviously there’s a short in there, so I need to do some rewiring.  Oh, joy.

11.  The outlet covers on the refrigerator wall need to be painted.  I had originally used this one on the end of the peninsula, which is why it’s green.  Then I decided that I didn’t like the white outlets showing on the peninsula, so I got one of those paintable covers that covers everything except the actual slots in the outlets.  No more white outlets showing on my green peninsula.  So now this one obviously needs to be painted white.

final to do list - 6

12.  The baseboards need to be sanded, primed, and painted.

13.  I’ve got a few paint touch ups here and there, as well as a few places where I got paint on the tile that needs to be scraped off.

And that’s it!  Just thirteen things, and twelve of them relatively small, left to do on my kitchen and then it will be finished.  Actually, finally, finished.



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  1. Kristi your kitchen is beautiful even with the little things you have to do. I got a lot of ideas for my kitchen, thank you.

  2. Can’t wait to see it complete! with all the little decorating touch’s to it…It is just stunning!!!…I look forward every day to reading your blog on your home. You are a amazing talented woman Kristi!…Enjoy you so much!

  3. Weekend? Or less?

    Finishing the last little jots and tittles on a project makes me the antsiest (is that a word?) How about you?

  4. For a moment, I thought that the trim at the ceiling (#1) had gold leaf on it because of the color. I wondered how I had missed that post! Then I realized that it was unpainted. … Anyway, good luck with all the small projects. They do take longer than one expects, though.

  5. I like the way you think! Having all those final little details completed will be such a load off your mind! I too would be going nuts every time I walked into the room if those things weren’t done. Even though things will need to be touched up at some point (hopefully a long time) in the future, having everything finished at one time will be a real boost to your morale. Not to mention giving all of us a vicarious thrill as we ogle the results of all your hard work!

    Onward and Upward!

  6. That list keeps shrinking and with a good day of work, most of it should get completed. It looks amazing and you’ll feel like a ‘new woman’ when you’ve crossed off the last item and are ready to use that beautiful kitchen to cook/bake.

  7. Kristi, I’m so happy for you – a beautiful new kitchen just when you are launching a family health initiative! I am also grateful for your blog’s search box because I need to caulk/paint new trim around a front door and have been putting it off because of fear it will look terrible. So I found your post from May 27, 2010 ” . . . My Love for Caulk” and found it inspiring. Did you know that you were already dreaming of black doors back then? It’s on the same post. Anyway, I found a technique here that I’ll try

  8. The nice thing about having a very detailed to-do list like that, is that the check-off marks go pretty quickly!

  9. All good things must come to an end! Thirteen is a lucky number……good luck with your mini projects. Cannot wait to see the finished product. I still have not gotten to the PO. Busy week here but by tomorrow at the latest! Blessings.

  10. It’s the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and she’s at bat! She leans in and WHACK! The crowd ROARS,
    ” ITS OUTTA HERE!” She brings all 4 bases in with a HUGE HOME RUN!
    SShe is named VP of the game! Her name is Kristi !!

  11. I am definitely rooting for you! Although I have never done a major remodel, I know that you are looking foward to the relief and sense of accomplishment. Almost there:)

  12. I really appreciate you for posting all these little last minute tasks that must be done for a completed and professionally looking project. So many other sites gloss over things like this. But for those of us who are newer to DIY it’s really helpful to get a realistic description of the project from start to finish! Thanks so much for your honesty!

  13. Hi Kirsti, I had to giggle because I wonder if this post took more time to write and photograph and add arrows than doing most of the jobs themselves would have taken.

    I am sure it’s just me but that is often my procrastination strategy, write a very detailed list of what I actually have to do rather than just doing it.

    You do great work, I am in awe of your design and execution.

  14. Oh and last thing – has the lightfitting been added yet because I cant recall seeing a picture of that 🙂

  15. This was the most amazing DIY project to watch from beginning to its near finished status. I wish I could view it personally as pictures never give the true picture. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  16. I am a list maker so this brings a smile to me…and it is so helpful to have those itty bitty things on a list so you can cross them off and with each one shout hurray!!! Great work Kristi!

  17. I can feel your pain! I hate all the little things left to do at the end. This is when I just want it all to be over. Don’t quit though! It will be SO worth it in the end.

  18. I think your list should be a happy final excursion through your work of art, uniquely yours kitchen! Take your time, go directly down your list of 1 to 13, and give yourself a pat on the back after each one.
    P.S. My good drywall hanging buddy says the estimate for the breakfast room was about $680.00 higher than what his would be at the max under the most extenuating circumstances. He always calculates $10.00 a sheet.

  19. I feel as if I’m standing on the sidelines at a marathon, cheering the runner on during that last half mile. You’re almost there, and you’ve come so very far. Keep going!!! [claps and cheers]