Artwork For My Kitchen — My Mom’s First Painting In Over Twenty Years

I have a new piece of artwork for my house — specifically for my tiled wall in my kitchen.  My mom painted it for me, and it’s the first new piece of artwork that she’s painted in over 20 years.

Shortly after we moved into our house last fall, I asked her if she would be willing to paint a new piece of artwork for me.  It had been so long since she painted last that she was very unsure if she was even still capable.  So that’s when I ended up selecting one of her old paintings for my living room.

That painting in my living room was one of her first paintings.  Her later artwork was even more detailed, and her landscapes rivaled the artwork of Dalhart Windberg.

So after not painting for over twenty years, she just wasn’t sure if she was even capable of jumping back into it, or even if she wanted to take the time to try.  After all, those really detailed paintings take quite some time to complete!

But somewhere along the way during my kitchen remodel, she had  a change of heart.  Actually, it was after I decided to do the series of gold leafed birds for my kitchen wall.  I guess she wasn’t too crazy about my idea.  🙂

So she finally agreed to do a painting with one stipulation. It would be a different style than her older stuff.  This one would be a very fast painting with not a whole lot of detail, done with acrylics instead of oils like she used to use.  I loved the idea of having a new painting by her in my house, and having it be a completely different style than her older stuff, so that was perfectly fine with me!  So she asked me what I wanted, and I told her that I wanted a landscape with a row of seven trees, inspired by one of the paintings I originally considered for my kitchen.  But other than the row of seven trees, I wanted everything else about the painting to be completely different.  And I even wanted the trees to be a little different.

And she delivered!  I am now the proud owner of my mom’s first painting in over twenty years, painted specifically for my kitchen.

mom's artwork for my kitchen 1

It’s perfect!  She actually used the exact green from my kitchen cabinets in the trees, and then added lots of black and brown.  The light golden sky is just perfect for my kitchen.  I love the pond that she added, and how the trees are reflected in the pond.  And the trees…y’all know I love trees!

I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it on the wall.  It’s a very odd size — 48″ x 18″ — and since a custom frame would be pretty expensive, I’m framing it myself with some trim from Home Depot.  I’m using “panel” trim (one of the few trims that they carry that has a rabbet on the back) attached to a 1″ x 2″ MDF board.

mom's artwork for my kitchen 2

I don’t actually have the four pieces nailed together yet, but here’s an idea of how the frame will look once it’s all put together.

mom's artwork for my kitchen 3

I’ll be painting the frame black, and then I might add just a touch of gold to it.  Or not.  I’ll wait until it’s painted to make that final decision.

mom's artwork for my kitchen 4

It’s just what I wanted, but knew I probably couldn’t do myself.  I’m so glad my mom had a change of heart and decided to break out the paint brushes after twenty years.  Lucky me!  🙂

mom's artwork for my kitchen 5

This kitchen will be finished this weekend, and I will have the final before and after kitchen remodel post on Monday.  This will happen.  And if you listen carefully this weekend, you’ll know the exact time that I finish my kitchen because you will hear the shout (of joy) heard ’round the world.  I can assure you, there will be much rejoicing this weekend in the Linauer household.  🙂

Oh, and for those of you asking about what I’m going to cook for our first meal, well, I’ve been cooking two meals a day at home for the last two-and-a-half weeks.  We haven’t eaten out even once since September 22nd.  True story!  And miraculously, I think I might actually enjoy cooking.



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  1. YES! This is the most perfect-est piece of art for your kitchen that you could ever have found, for several reasons. Your mother is so talented! I’m so excited you are in the home stretch!

  2. Tell your Mom ‘she’s still got it’! I love the painting – it’s got depth and color and a sense of mystery and tranquility. Go, Mom!

    I’ll be listening for that ‘shout heard ’round the world’, and I’m eagerly anticipating The Big Kitchen Reveal.

    Onward and Upward!

  3. Beautiful work by your mom. I love to cook and having a beautiful spacious kitchen to do it in makes it all the better. Any favorite recipes yet?

  4. Imagine the possibilities if you two pair up to offer custom art for decorators or people decorating a space who need something unique. You could consult on the design and she could execute. People would be lining up for that! The painting is so beautiful, as is her earlier piece in your living room.

  5. Love, Love, Love the painting and it is perfect for your kitchen !!!! Can’t wait to see the kitchen !! I love it all !
    (I remember your mail from school – I graduated with Cathy – and I remembered she had a baby sister !!)
    West, TX

  6. I think your mom’s painting is BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to have it hanging in my own house. I also think the fact that YOU are making the frame makes this piece of art work even more special. A true mother and daughter collaboration of love.

  7. It’s PERFECT!!! Your mom has a wonderful talent and eye for what is needed in it seems every aspect! I love this idea over everything else that you were thinking of before!
    Congrats! It really is perfection!

  8. How lovely to have such a gift for your home! I cannot wait to see it in the finished kitchen! You should be soooo proud of what you have accomplished. And HOORRRAAAHHHH for cooking! I would imagine it must be so much easier in your lovely kitchen. I do enjoy cooking. My husband says “YOU WANT ME TO LIVE!”. He feels feeding him shows that I want his basic human needs met and so therefore I love him. HaHa. Maybe all those Grandmothers who feed you everytime you walk in the door just wanted you to live. LOL

  9. Oh…..WOW…….that is beautiful!!!! You are both amazing artists in your own fields!!! Tell your Mom she did a perfect job!
    I will be listening for the shout (that is if we can hear it over the racket from the fair :^)

  10. Just beautiful! You are both so talented and lucky to have each other! I like the painting in the light frame, tho. I wonder if a black frame will take away from the painting. Just a thought, I’m sure whatever you choose will be great!

  11. How beautiful and perfect! You are blessed to personally know the artist. ;P She still has it for sure and I can’t wait to see it framed and hanging in the completed kitchen! Woot! Woot! Shoud out loud and proud!

  12. I love anything nature inspired so I’m totally in love with your painting. It’s perfect for your kitchen and what a wonderful mom!! My home is greens, browns, blues, trees and birds, so I feel like I’m bringing the outdoors in with me. You’re going to have to show us your mom and more of her work some day!

  13. Lucky girl- to have such a talented Mom. You definitely got her genes in the creativity department. How special to have keepsakes to enjoy- and they’re beautiful too.
    I have to ask…is there special significance in the 7 trees??

    1. Well, I wanted an odd number, because odd numbers are always more pleasing to the eye. And seven is the number that represents perfection and completion throughout the Bible. Just seemed fitting. 🙂

    1. command strips sold at every hardware, big box store is the easiest way to hang most anything without having to use nails or screws.

  14. What a wonderful gift! The painting turned out beautiful! As for you and your cooking… YAY!!! I will be honest- I didn’t really enjoy cooking when I was first married and because my husband was home way before me, AND he enjoyed it- he cooked dinner a large part of the time. Which also meant he did groceries most of the time. Now things have shifted and I do all of the cooking and food shopping. I LOVE it and I’m very good. (not to toot my own horn) I still however hate going to the grocery store. lol I can’t wait for your final kitchen post!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!!!

  15. OOOOH that is perfect!!!…Love,love,love it!…Your Mom did a fabulous painting for your kitchen wall, she still got that special talent….Can’t wait to see it on Monday!

  16. Wow! It’s perfect and so much better than gold-leafed birds or whatever you were going to go with for that wall! You are so lucky to have your Mom- and for her to have this talent! Treasure it always! 🙂

  17. It’s so great to have artists in the family! My mother-in-law is an artist and she’s currently painting an oil painting of my son and I LOVE IT!

  18. That is a beautiful painting and will look awesome on your tiled wall. Can only wish for one just like it – I LOVE IT!

  19. PLEASE let your Mom know that she MUST not put her brush down! What a gift she has! She should use it. I also love trees. I love this piece. She should be very proud of herself. Is this where you get your wonderful talent?!

  20. Kristi, it appears that talent is genetic in your family! That first painting is stunning!
    I will be waiting to hear your ROAR!!
    Blessing to all, Hope

  21. Wonderful, the painting, the kitchen, all of it!! Kudos to you for cooking in your new kitchen (you have mentioned that it is something that you don’t do very often), what a great way to ensure that the food you eat is moving you forward in your goal to be healthier and lose weight. I read your blog every single day and love it!!

  22. I would love to cook in such a pretty kitchen! I loved the bluebonnets picture your mom did in the living room and this one is gorgeous also. If I had a talent like that I would be painting up a storm.

  23. Lovely painting. I loved your mother’s other painting you used in the living room. I like the new one even more. Definitely use command strips. I’ve gone over to those completely too. Just be careful building the frame that you don’t make it too heavy.

  24. Wow! That’s a lot of exceptional talent in one family. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. What better place to hang a beautiful artwork that comes from, and speaks to, the heart.

  25. It certainly is easy to see where you get your artistic talent! Your apple didn’t fall far from Mama’s tree! I love art work, especially landscapes, structures and flowers. You are very lucky to have a “true” artist in the family. Can’t wait to see the kitchen, although I feel as though as exciting as it will be to have it finished, it will be a bit anti climatic, since we were there with you for every nail, tile, cuss word, mistake, trim, cuss word, rinse and repeat, cuss word, and on and on. Still is going to be uber special! Blessings

  26. Your mom nailed it! Can’t wait to see the black frame with it. I vote no gold to not take away from the beautiful pic. Glad you are so close to being done!

  27. How lovely! And special to you! It’s perfect. You’re mom is super talented. I hope you encourage her to do more. I’d buy one of her paintings for my house!

  28. That is a fantastic painting and will be beautiful in your kitchen. I wasn’t wild about the bird idea but knew with you it would be subject to change.

  29. Please, please, please write a tutorial on making your own frame. I also have a piece of artwork, and I also don’t want to spend $100+ on a custom frame.

    You are lucky, lucky, lucky to have such a talented mother! If she ever wanted to make prints and sell them…

    1. Weird, only part of my comment loaded.
      Gorgeous painting mum! Love it.
      Yes please pretty please do a frame tutorial!
      Can’t wait for big reveal
      Claire x

  30. Well Kirsti,the painting from your Mum is so beautiful. And will hold such a special place in your kitchen and heart. Lovely to hear that you are enjoying cooking in the kitchen as well. After all it’s a dream come true for you. This is a truly amazing renovation that you have executed.. A big congratulations to you.

  31. So funny…I saw the painting and said aloud “It’s perfect!” and then I scrolled down and discovered that you said the same thing! You’re mother is super talented. I paint too, but I just can’t get the technique as perfectly as she does! Love it!

  32. Kristi,

    It will feel like Heaven for sure as you cook your first meal in your new Kitchen! I Love your Mothers, Art work gift to you. Simply Beautiful! Where can I get one…..LOL….I bet she sold her work didn’t she? Give her my Praise!
    I am no interior decorator,but I wanted to make my own media wall, with your design…I have found some Ikea shelving and at awesome price for, four of them….but I was hoping to make my own doors, to save money and decided to give them a go some where else, just to see if I could…..So the laundry room is getting a set of doors it hasn’t had before….I have to say Kristi, I didn’t know that I could even attempt it…but you have so inspired or sparked the flame, that I amazed at myself….I just finished the last one this morning. They will get a coat of paint in the morning, and then hung. You are truely an inspiration, and I look forward everyday hearing from you, and seeing what is next. Again, Thanks for the spark!!!

  33. Your mother’s paintings are both so beautiful. It is sad that with her talent, for her own reasons, she hasn’t been painting for 20 years. The painting of the trees has a sad haunted look about it. It could be the colors and the sky. The picture in your livingroom is one that I would love to borrow and never return! I love to go to yard sales and estate sales. I am constantly buying paintings that for some reason the family parted with and in my home they are always welcome! Enjoy your new treasure!

  34. I can see where you get your creative talent and vision from. Very beautiful, and meaningful. It was nice of her to do that for you. And exciting. 🙂

  35. To be quite honest, I like your mother’s new style more than her former one! Artists evolve, and I think she’s evolved in the right direction. I hope she continues painting, and I’m sorry she quit 20 years ago. However, I understand that, since I was an artist since childhood and gave it up when life got in the way. I’ve now gotten back into artistic designs for fabric and gift wrap, among other things. I recently sold my first piece to a client whose home I’m redecorating. How lovely to have a piece of artistic love in your beautiful kitchen!

  36. What a wonderful gift from your Mom! It doesn’t get much more special than that, custom painted just for you! Can’t wait to see it hanging in the finished kitchen!

  37. How nice to have such a beautiful piece painted by your Mother. What a treasure! A person could really love to cook in a kitchen like yours.

  38. Beautiful painting! I am so excited about a tutorial on making a frame for the picture. I love to paint and I own a miter saw and I have a lot of wood…so I have just been waiting for the perfect DIY star such as yourself to show us all how to make a frame!

  39. What a treasure to have from your Mom! It is beautiful! I, too, was wondering if there was significance to the 7 trees.

  40. That’s art made with love, and how many of us can claim to have that in their homes? What an extraordinary gift.

  41. Yea for cooking!! My husband and I are low carbing and have both lost 40 plus lbs. and cooking has been a very big part of that. We certainly aren’t perfect but we’re not giving up. Best wishes!! And great job on the kitchen!!

  42. I think that painting is stunning! Your mom is a gifted artist. There is something so special about having loved one’s art in your home. Enjoy it!

  43. Perfect, perfect, perfect! I love it. Now, what about that statement awhile back about not giving timelines for things to be finished? It will get done, and we will look forward to seeing it when it’s done, but that will be whenever it will be.

  44. Love the painting by your mom!!
    What are the odds she’ll make a print of that? I have the perfect spot in my kitchen!!!

  45. I am also trying to frame something (bathroom mirror) and I really like that piece of trim you used. Is it available in store at Home Depot or did you order it online? Can you tell me what type of trim it is or even the sku number if possible? Thank you!!

  46. I love the wood you used to make the frame. I’m trying to make a mirror frame and would really like to use that same piece. Do you know what it was called at Home Depot? Did you buy it in store?