Living Room Selections — Chairs and Ceiling Light

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I finally made my selections for the living room chairs and ceiling light! That chair decision was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I had narrowed down the options to eighteen chairs (which you can see here if you missed them), and while the blue chair with the gold legs from Home Depot was my favorite, I just couldn’t make myself press that “complete purchase” button on that blue chair or any of the other blue/teal chairs.

Since I have so much teal in my house already, I was afraid that adding more would not only be overkill, but I would also run the risk of selecting one that would clash with the existing teals once I see it in person. As a reminder, the chairs are replacing these temporary chairs in the living room…

living room with pink draperies

And on the other side of that room is the area I call the entryway…

Entryway with gallery wall of bird illustrations and a DIY console table

And then through the doorway in the living room is my kitchen…

teal kitchen - add trim to customize - peninsula 2

So now that I’ve set the scene, let me show you which chairs I chose! I went with PURPLE! And I chose the deepest purple chairs I could find, which was this Corina Accent Chair

I’m pretty particular about purples. And in my mind, since these chairs were going in a room with light pink curtains, I thought that the deepest, darkest purple would look the best with the light pink. A lighter purple with the pink might look too much like a child’s room.

So after comparing all of the purple chairs I had included in my post a few days ago, along with a few others I found after that, this one ended up being the darkest and most gorgeous purple chair out there. And it also had the least amount of red in it, more like a deep eggplant color, which seems more grown up and sophisticated to me than purples that have more red in them. So I went with it!

It was also very important that the back side of the chair look nice since the backs will be clearly visible from the kitchen. So many chairs out there look nice from the front, but look really cheaply made from the back. It’s especially true of chairs that are covered in patterned fabric, with seams right down the middle and mismatched patterns. But it can also be true of solid chairs, especially the inexpensive ones that require assembly and have a back panel that attaches with hook and loop tape. So when buying online, I always make sure that the listing shows a picture of the chair from the back.

Anyway, here’s an idea of what they will look like. Of course, this isn’t to scale. And I’m sure the color will look a bit difference once the chairs are actually in the room. But it’s an idea.

living room with purple chairs

And I finally made a decision on the ceiling light. I had written a post back in February where I shared some options for the new living room light. (The one in the picture above has been moved to the music room.)

Unfortunately, once I finally made my decision, the light I wanted was out of stock and won’t be back on stock until October. I don’t want to wait that long.

The one I wanted was this Bruce 5-Light Sputnik Sphere chandelier, so I went in search for a similar light. I found two that would work, but neither seemed quite as perfect as the one I missed out on. My main requirement was that it have white globes and not clear globes. I’ve learned that I almost never like lights where the light bulbs can be clearly seen.

So the first one I found is this five-light semi-flush mount from Overstock.

The color was right and the price was good, but I wasn’t crazy about the clunky look of the areas where the globes attach.

I also found this similar five light chandelier, also from Overstock.

And yes, it can be shortened considerably so that it’ll fit my low 8-foot ceiling. 🙂

This one was more expensive, and the color isn’t what I had hoped, but I much prefer the connectors on this light. The design looks less clunky and more streamlined, which appealed to me. So I went with the second one. Color can always be changed. Y’all know I’m the type of person who won’t hesitate to paint just about anything — even a brand new light — if need be. So we’ll see if it needs it.

So that’s two major decisions made, and once these items arrive, the room will be just about finished! I still need some accent pillows, maybe a throw or two. I’ll probably need a table between the chairs, as well as some lamps. But I could potentially have a finished living room here in a couple of weeks.

In other news, I hope to have a guest bedroom update for you soon. I decided to do a painted design instead of wallpaper on the main wall, so that’s going to take way longer than just installing a few pieces of wallpaper. But I’ll explain my why’s and how’s soon.

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  1. The purple chairs have the same color depth as the other things in the room so they look great. I remember when you said you didn’t like purple. I LOVE it. Wonderful choice.

  2. I think they will look GREAT! They will be a nice tie in to those controversial ottomans😘.

    It’s all coming together Kristi, and I love it!

    1. The chairs are perfect for your room, not only the color but their unique shape as well. And your choice of lights will finish this room beautifully!

  3. So glad you went with purple! That was my vote for all the reasons mentioned, and these are definitely better than the original two. Love the rich color!

  4. The color is beautiful and heavily saturated. I don’t care for pastels, probably because they remind me of a baby’s room. I can see those chairs lasting a long time unless they are so comfortable you can’t stay out of them! LOL

  5. Are you still planning to use your beautiful floral fabric for throw pillows in the living room? That would certainly all the colors together and give some gorgeous pattern in that room. I like the purple too, it is like adding a touch of black to a room and gives it depth. Glad to see you back to doing what you do best!

    1. I’m curious about any plans for the floral fabric too. The purple chairs are a great pick, but would still love to see that original fabric incorporated. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with the world!

  6. At first I thought, ‘Purple!, Huh?’, then I scrolled down to the mock up photo and I really like the whole look and think the purple chairs bring all the pieces together. I won’t say I like the light though, just not my style but hey, it’s your house.
    I’ve been rather busy during the pandemic and was wondering , what happened to the coffee table?

  7. They look like a great choice and comfy! The lighting fixture won’t distract from the other elements in the room. Stop doubting yourself! You are wonderful and have a gifted eye!

  8. I love the purple chairs! They are the perfect addition. I can see why you hesitated about purchasing any teal chairs. The room will pop so much more with the purple.

  9. Aubergine is an easy color to live with—I think you will enjoy it. Over the years I find that I use it more and more, since it functions as both a color and as almost a grounding neutral. Love it!

  10. I thought purple was the way to go for the chairs in that room, too! I know you’ve painted light fixtures before; I need to go back and find those posts as I’m getting ready to do the same thing in our rental home.

  11. I love them!! Dark Purple is such an inviting color, it makes you want to just snuggle into those chairs. I also agree on the finish of the lights, I’m not a fan of brass.

  12. I’m going to be the pooh-pooher. Kristi, the chairs are dominating the room. When looking at the photo that’s where my eyes keep going. To the chairs. To the chairs. I love the chairs and would choose them myself. Color decisions are so hard! I’m currently re-doing my living room, and I’m going through the what would a friend, who is all about neutrals, think/choose? I’m driving myself crazy. I’m looking at your photo from an artist’s viewpoint. Leading the eyes through through the room just like a painting.

  13. I LOVE the purple chairs! I hadn’t thought about the teal maybe clashing, glad you did! I just hope the chairs are the shade showing, because it almost seems midnight blue-ish too. Might just be my monitor, but some of the photos look purple and some lean deep blue.As for the lighting, I’m a no comment design-wise, because I don’t like overhead lighting except for can lighting. Unless it’s very soft light, like a candle light, it isn’t something I would want. So this is a you-do-you thing for me.

  14. I love the depth of the purple . I have a rust red that is that deep with my corals and grey but oh my does the cat hair show. I should own stock in those roller things. Maybe since it is a chair instead of a sofa your cat will not like it. It will all be a beautiful place to entertain when you are through. I know you did not ask but something bothers me about the tone of your wood blinds in this room. Maybe be you could tone the orange down with a grey stain. Just my two cents that won’t buy a thing . Love that you dare to use color. The purple also pulls your stools into the design

    1. Uhoh maybe my monitor looked at it again and they don’t look orange tone my bad . They look like the floor . Sorry

  15. I love everything you do!!! Just a quick question though. I live in Kansas, you live in Texas, so we both deal with heat and humidity. I never see designers use ceiling fans. Are they a bad design choice? I feel like I need them to help move air around and keep the cooling bills down. Just curious……

    1. We are in Louisiana so we deal with very high humidity too. We could not possibly afford our cooling bills without ceiling fans. We just remodeled an I have to say I love our new fans. Everyone compliments the family room fan.

  16. Do you still have the rug with purple in it? Hmm…although the rug and chairs with such intense color could overpower the sofa and pink draperies. However, I seem to recall that the purple was muted in the rug.

  17. I love the light fixture and hope that you really like it once it’s installed. Frankly, I wasn’t sure about the purple chairs but when I saw them in the room setting, they were perfect! Nice job! You’re almost there!

  18. Hooray! I was on team purple so it’s purple for the win! I’m a bit envious of how dramatic & decorated this space will look *wink* not to mention having a finished room. Good for you.

  19. Omg, you got the chair I loved!

    And Kristi, the light you wanted says “GET IT BY WEDNESDAY” – is this right??? CHECK IT OUT!!!

  20. I love those chairs..I have a bungalow with tudor crisscrossed beams on the outside..I have the first coat of deep purple on..just put on a new roof and eaves trough as well..stucco is a creamy very pale yellow