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So Let’s Talk About Decorating, Money & Wastefulness

Last Updated on December 24, 2015 by Kristi Linauer

Since stating that I was pretty much starting over on my living room, I’ve gotten quite a few interesting comments about redoing a room that’s “already finished.”  Most of the comments have been pretty benign, but a few have been pretty presumptuous and snarky.  My favorite was the one who told me, “Obviously too much time and money to throw around, responsible adults with a budget make plans…not waste time, money, and resources! I’ll stick to watching a professional do this stuff, I’m done with you…”  And then the one last night who told me, “I’m sorry, but if you had a real plan from the beginning, you wouldn’t have to keep returning to what was “finished” and keep re-doing it.”

I haven’t really responded to many of the kind/benign comments on the topic, and I’ll admit that my initial response to snarky comments is generally…you know…snark.  (What can I say?  I’m a firecracker.)  🙂

My general thought to these snarky comments has been, “What I choose to spend my money on is none of your business, so you can just stick it.  Mmmmkay, Pumpkin?”  (LOL.  See?  Firecracker!) 😀

But last night, I had a bit of a change of heart.  (Let me clarify…I still think presumptuous, snarky commenters can stick it.  I’d rather someone ask me questions and have me clarify things for them than make assumptions and judgments based on false assumptions.)   For the ones who have left kind, benign comments about me starting over on a room that’s “already finished,” I thought that perhaps I do owe more of an explanation.  After all, I can’t very well claim to be a low cost decorating and DIY blogger, and then be perceived as just carelessly throwing around money on a whim, right?

So let’s talk about my living room, money, and wastefulness, shall we?  🙂

Several main pieces in my living room were actually given to me free of charge.  Almost immediately after we moved into our house last fall, I received a $1000 gift card from to buy items for one room of my house.  With that gift card, I got the two chairs, the rug, and the two metal and glass end tables (not shown in this picture).

living room items from

So again, these things were free to me.  I paid nothing for them.

The rug is nice, but I’ve kind of had it in the back of my mind since the day I opened the package that it would probably eventually wind up in our bedroom.  Plus, now that my furniture is rearranged, the rug is actually too small, so it really needs to be used in another room anyway.  But do understand, I’m reusing it somewhere else — not chucking it into a landfill.

Same with the chairs.  The chairs are fine, but when an upholstered chair costs around $250 retail, it’s not like you’re going to get a Henredon-quality chair.  And what they don’t show you on the Overstock website for this product is how these chairs assemble.  They come in two pieces, and the back literally slides down into a groove in the base.  That means that from the back, it’s obvious that the chair is in two pieces.  This is not how upholstered chairs generally look on the back.

chair from

Again, they’re fine.  And again…not heading for a landfill.  They’ll be reused, so there’s no wastefulness here.  But they’re more appropriate for my bedroom, where I generally won’t have guests coming in and sitting and chatting with me.  The other chairs that I showed you the other day, and that desperately need to be reupholstered but have amazingly sturdy, strong, well-built frames with perfect springs, are way more appropriate for a formal living room.  I paid $30 each for those chairs at a consignment store, and I’ve held onto them for over five years now, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to reupholster them and use them in a way that will really show them off.  The time is now.

And then there’s the metal and glass end tables.

marbelized back painted glass end tables - 31

I painted them.  I marbleized them.  I love them now.  I’m using them in the room.  No waste there.

But what about the other Greek key end tables I made?

greek key side table 22

Well, I’m not really sure where they’ll end up.  I’ll probably use them somewhere, but even if they end up out in my garage and never used in my house, I just can’t see that that’s a huge deal.  To make them, I used a few pieces of 2 x 2 lumber, some scrap MDF, and some spray paint.  I can assure you, they didn’t break the bank.  But most of all, they were fun to make!  You see…sometimes we DIYers just like to make things just to make them — to challenge ourselves, to test our creative abilities, to improve our skills, etc.  These tables did all of those things.  I don’t consider that a waste at all.

Next is my sofa.  It’s a Thomasville sofa that I paid $100 for at a consignment store.  It looked like this.

painted sofa - before

I bought it because it’s well-built, has perfectly tied springs, and pretty English rolled arms that I like.  But that fabric…my gosh.  The plan was always to reupholster it, but for a long time, I didn’t know how I wanted it reupholstered.  And then I thought that I might even want to save up and buy a nice, new sofa.  So in the meantime, I painted it.

painted sofa 6

It took a weekend of my time, which I don’t consider wasted time at all because it allowed several extra months of not having to look at that floral eyesore, while giving me plenty of time to decide if and how I want to reupholster it.  And now I know!  Plus, I learned something along the way — upholstery can be painted.  Learning new things is always a huge bonus for me, even if I don’t keep the project once it’s finished.  So, it was a fun project, I learned something new, it bought me time, and it got rid of the eyesore.  None of that seems wasted to me.  Plus, it was paint and fabric medium.  This was another project that didn’t break the bank.

But on another note, I’m pretty sure I made it abundantly clear that my plan was never to live forever and ever amen with a painted sofa in my formal living room, right?  This was always meant to be a cheap and easy “interim” until I decided exactly what I wanted to do with this sofa in this room, or if I just wanted to save up for a nice, new sofa.

I’ve decided to keep this sofa and reupholster it.  It won’t be wasted.

The fireplace was one of the items that I did actually spend a nice chunk of change on.  And yes, I revisited that project and made some changes recently.  I started with what was basic, and lived with that since last February.  Then I decided to dress it up with some trim and paint.

fireplace makeover - before and after - final

But it’s the same fireplace.  I didn’t chuck the old fireplace into the landfill and built a new one.  I simply added some extra trim, paint, and a piece of leftover MDF that I had in the garage.  An additional $80 to turn a fireplace from “nice” to “BEAUTIFUL!” (at least to me) seems like money well spent.  Nothing was wasted.

My diamond tufted ottoman was another project that I spent some money on.  I don’t remember exactly how much, and it came in at a fraction of the $1200+ inspiration piece from Layla Grayce that I copied, but it wasn’t cheap.

diamond tufted upholstered ottoman - 41

I love this ottoman.  It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made.  BUT…I’m open to change, and right now my goal is to make room for a dark teal or dark blue velvet sofa.  The teal ottoman won’t work with that.

So I’m keeping the base and adding a new solid coffee table top to it.  But that doesn’t mean I’m throwing away the top.  I’ll be reusing it, and I’m pretty excited about my plans for it.  Remember that “mud room” type area that I wanted to build in the hallway with a bench seat and coat hooks and such?  Well, meet my new bench seat.  It will need to be resized a bit, but I think it’ll look spectacular in my hallway!  So one project will be divided and used in two separate projects.  Nothing wasted.

But even if I weren’t reusing the top (which I am!  I promise!), this is actually one of those projects that I still wouldn’t consider a waste because it gave me a great opportunity to demonstrate a new tufting technique (using screws and washers through the face of the fabric to keep the tufts in place) that many of you weren’t familiar with, and I get emails constantly from people who used that tutorial to make ottomans, or headboards, or other things.  Any time I can help people learn things like that — skills that they never thought they’d actually be able to do, but that they’ve now conquered to make spectacular items for their homes — it’s never time wasted on my part.  That’s one of the biggest thrills I get as a DIY blogger.

Now let’s talk about my walls, ceiling, etc.  This part of the room was never finished, and it was always my plan to come back and finish them.  Wainscoting was always my long term goal, but in the interim, I just painted the wall two colors, added the cheapest chair rail I could find, and called it good…for now.

living room with all big projects finished - 8

But even at that, I still never finished the baseboards, or the chair rail around the fireplace.  And the entryway is an absolute mess.  This is a very old picture, but the walls in my entryway still look like this today — teal on top, the original yellowish antique white (the color that was here when we moved in) on the bottom, no chair rail, no baseboards.  And it was only within the last two months that I finally did something about the trim around the door and painted the front door.  The entryway has never been even close to being finished.

new teal wall color - 3

And again, the plan was always to come back and work on the living room, and actually take care of the ceiling (the polystyrene tiles need to come down, the 1 x 4’s that they’re attached to need to be removed, and the ceiling needs to be re-drywalled), and then add my permanent, long term design to the walls.  And almost from the beginning, that long term plan included wainscoting on the bottom, and grasscloth on the top.  I’ve been talking about grasscloth in this room for a year now, so the paint was always intended as a temporary “place holder” until I could afford what I really wanted.

But the time and money spent painting this room teal certainly wasn’t a waste.  I had it in my mind for a very long time that I wanted teal grasscloth on these walls.  How lucky I am that I went with paint first, costing me about $26, and lived with it a while to test the color, rather than splurging and spending the $800+ from the beginning that the teal grasscloth would have cost me!  Now THAT would have been a hard pill to swallow once I learned that I really don’t want teal walls after all.  Talk about waste!  Testing the color with paint first was the smartest thing I could have done, because it was cheap, and now I’ve learned that I actually don’t want teal walls.  I can now proceed confidently and spend my decorating money on things that actually will make me happy long term.

And finally, that brings me to the window treatments — my draperies and Roman shades.

how to make double width lined pinch pleated drapery panels - 65

These cost me quite a bit.  What can I say?  You win some, you lose some.  But with the interest expressed in my draperies the other day, I have no doubt that if I decide not to reuse this fabric in the room (or elsewhere), I’ll easily be able to sell them and recoup some, if not all, of the money I spent on them.  So the net loss will be very little, if any.  As far as the time I put into them…again, not wasted, in my mind.  I’ve had sooooo many people use those tutorials to make their own window treatments, and I personally get a little better at it each time I make them.  So my next ones will be even better!

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.  🙂

I know a lot of you will say that I didn’t owe this explanation to anyone.  That might be true, but for the kind people who are so encouraging to me each day, cheering me along as I get my projects done and realize my vision for my home, but who might have been wondering about and side-eyeing some of my financial decisions as I claim to be a budget DIY/decorating blogger, I did want to offer this info so that you can be assured that I do still keep budget in mind when making decorating decisions.  I’ve always said that I would allow myself more splurges in this house since this is our forever home, but I do still live on a very real and limited budget, and I have to make those dollars stretch and choose my splurges very carefully.  🙂

But for you snarky ones, you can still stick it.  This wasn’t for you.

EDIT:  I’ve had quite a few people wonder why I’m working on the living room now, and not the breakfast room.  The bottom line is that the breakfast room overwhelms the heck out of me right now.  It needs soooo much more work than the living room, including leveling the floor, adding a new subfloor, installing hardwood flooring, closing in a door, some window repairs, and all new drywall.  I just don’t have it in me right now to tackle such a huge project so soon after finishing a long kitchen remodel.  It’ll get done, but I’d like to finish my living room first, and then turn my attention back to the breakfast room.  🙂

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  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Wow! I wasn’t one of the snarky commenters (thank goodness), and I did enjoy reading this post. Kind of puts it all in perspective, and then makes me think, “What can I renovate in my home to make it more what I want?” Thanks!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      November 4, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Maybe I’m a little snarky but I think you’re getting too far away from the style of your home. It’s an older home and velvet and fancy woodwork everywhere is just too much. I like the kitchen though.

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 12:51 pm

        I can’t imagine that you’d be able to come up with a plan on day one, and stick to it and not change it! That is what decorating and design is all about in my opinion. And how BORING if you never changed it up.

        I also LOVE velvet and don’t think it always has to be fancy. I also love nice wood work. To each their own. And if I don’t love all of your choices, I really enjoy tuning in each day to see progress!

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 8:50 pm

        Pam, the style of her home is what she makes the style of her home. What are you, the homestyle police? I built my home in 2003, and added a bunch of “retro” details, because that is what I like. Did I deviate from the style of my home? Mind your own style.

        • Reply To This Comment ↓
          November 4, 2014 at 11:30 pm


        • Reply To This Comment ↓
          November 4, 2014 at 11:46 pm


          Pam wasn’t snarky at all, just expressing her opinion. Kristi is quite open to various opinions and is usually not defensive, rather enjoying the varied perspectives offered in her comments section. I thought you sounded kind of mean, not Pam.

          Maybe I misread your comment, and if I did I apologize.


          • Reply To This Comment ↓
            November 5, 2014 at 11:35 am

            Kristi, I see you didn’t send me THIS reply, just Netters! I wasn’t trying to be snarky…I thot you appreciated others opinions but I see that’s not the case. Why do you have a place for people to comment if you don’t want it?

            • Kristi Linauer
              November 5, 2014 at 12:14 pm

              Pam, I do not selectively/manually email replies to people’s comments. My blog is set up to automatically notify people via email if someone replies to their comments. You should have gotten notifications that Emily and Netter replied to your comments. Those are the only two comments in this thread there were in reply to you. You didn’t receive an email about Gayle’s or Hallie’s comments, because they didn’t reply to you. They replied to Netter, so Netter is the one who would have gotten those notifications.

              I can assure you that I don’t have time in my schedule for selectively emailing comments to people in order to send cryptic, veiled messages to commenters. If I have something to say or a message to send, I can do it myself, in my own voice, without relying on other people to say it for me.

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Deanna U.
      November 4, 2014 at 3:04 pm

      Dearest Kristi
      I’m 50 years old and love to decorate. It’s my creative outlet and since I’ve found the world of Blogs (OMG how did I live before I found them!) I have had more fun and creative inspiration and ideas from people like yourself than I’ll ever be able to do. But my one problem was/is that I am often terrified to get started on a project because I am afraid it won’t be perfect or look exactly they way I want. Since I’ve subscribed to your blog (about 10 months now) I’ve watched with interest your fearlessness to take on projects big and small, to try some thing and then make a change if it doesn’t look the way you like or if you found something even better along the way. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I am often thinking to myself now “just try it, if it doesn’t work you can change it” and this comes from watching someone I admire (you) do exactly that. So from those of us who needed to know we don’t have to be perfect or that we don’t have to follow through on something (even when we change our minds) just because we started – a big thank you. It has taken a lot of the fear out of decorating for me. I love your blog, I love your honesty, and each day I look forward to seeing what you are doing and where you are going.
      One of your many fans

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 5:13 pm

        I can’t agree more Deanna. You took the words right out of my mouth. Her courage in taking on such huge projects is inspiring and she has helped me to come up with solutions in situations where I was told ‘live with it, there is no way around it’. Because of Kristi I’ve looked waaaay out of the box.

        • Reply To This Comment ↓
          November 5, 2014 at 9:37 am

          I agree with you too Deanna. Kristi is probably one of the most inspirational bloggers (to me) out there because she is transparent when things are a fail or don’t go right the first or even second go-round.
          Its refreshing, and I agree her fearlessness has helped me ignore the perfectionist voice in my head and just try something!If it doesn’t work out I can always change it 🙂

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 7:10 pm

        I totally agree with Deanna! You have not spent huge amounts of money and you have learned a lot in the process. The constant readers like me have always enjoyed the fact that you are 100% real! No one goes through the decoration process without changing their minds. Imagine if everyone who has a decorating blog got to a point and said – well the house is done now, never to move forward again, so my blog is done. HA!

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 8:36 pm

        I totally agree with Deanna also. You are such an inspiration and you are REAL! and I agree with you about the snarkers!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Thank you for the explanation. I’m never a “snark”, but I did wonder why you were going to change such a pretty room. And put up with that breakfast room for so much longer.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Sheila F
    November 4, 2014 at 11:46 am

    I understand that this was a post to answer some snarky and not so snarky questions. However, I think it does more. It can show those who read your blog that we do not need to decorate a room on all new things. Nor should we want to. Taking old things and repurposing them adds character to a room and makes it your own. Your rooms have a depth that rooms with all new things would never have. Your post really points out that so much can be done with a small budget. And also that it is ok to make a room pretty until you are ready to make it beautiful. I will always be a fan.
    Sheila F.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:54 am

    people who are snarky have probably never lived through any renovations in their home. I like the fact that you did things on a trial basis, like your wall color for example, and after you lived with it you changed your mind. Sure the designer shows that are on tv show them “getting it right” the first time, but we never get to see what the homeowners do after they have lived with it for awhile. Thanks for being honest. I enjoy reading your blog and love reading your thought processes. Still think you are very creative!! Good thing you have bunches of rooms to work on!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Kristi–I was just wondering how you decide which room to work on next? Please, please know that I don’t mean this as snarky (I agree that snarky people can stick it). I know that if I were in the same situation, I would tell myself that the living room is “good enough for now” and move on to a room in worse shape. Mainly because I can’t stand clutter and mess and ugly rooms! This is a thorn in my husband’s side–he thinks I’m never satisfied. I just wondered if you have any advice for me. Thanks!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      November 4, 2014 at 12:50 pm

      Kristi, you are amazing. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. As others have said, it’s your house, your money, and your time, and none of the snarky people’s business. You don’t need to defend your decisions but I did enjoy the review of what you have done and how you got here. Too bad those awful people don’t see what is really going on. Some of the things you have done are not for me but wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone was the same? Even the things that aren’t for me are still amazing and I have learned so much from you. The first of which is “Just do it!” Too bad you have to read the snarky comments along with the ones from us – your admirers. There should be a “snarky” button that people need to leave on their snarky comments so you can just skip reading them. Haha.

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 4, 2014 at 12:51 pm

        Oops, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to Beth. It was supposed to be a stand-alone comment. Sorry Beth & Kristi.

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Mary Anne Looby
      November 4, 2014 at 4:56 pm

      @Beth, you are who you are. Kristi is who she is. If you need to understand why you do the things you do, you would be better off having a session or two of talk therapy. Kristi is a DIY’er. She cannot possibly know why some people do things one way and others do things a different way. Embrace who you are, be grateful for bloggers like Kristi who can teach us so much. If you’re husband has a problem with the way you are, maybe he cold used some talk therapy! Just chill and roll with the punches, it’s what those of us who are happy do.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:59 am

    1. The snarky comment is more of a reflection on the person making the comment than how you’re handling your decorating or your blog.
    2. You have two options when you don’t know quite what you want to do with a room: a) leave it alone, or b) execute an interim plan that you can live with while you wait for the room to speak to you. I admire you for not taking the lazy way out.
    3. It’s your house, so when the room finally “speaks,” do what feels right.

    I’m a planner, and I always used to opt for 2a (i.e. don’t do anything until you can do the perfect thing). It takes so much more courage and energy to make an interim decision you can live with than it does to procrastinate your way to the perfect plan. One of the things I’ve always loved about your blog is your fearlessness. If it’s not right, you make it right. You tear it down and redo. You sand it off and repaint. You’re amazing and such an inspiration. Because of you, I’ve painted 2 wing chairs with great bones but horrid upholstery (who knew you could paint upholstery?) I’ve made a skirted ottoman (which was supposed to be diamond tufted, but wound up with only one perfectly-placed single button because I don’t have your tenacity…but I love it) which gave me the inspiration and motivation to make some footstools for the wing chairs. I’d have never done those things prior to reading your blog.

    Stay true to yourself and your home. I liked the work you did in your living room and it clearly inspired me, but I LOVE the direction you’re taking with your long-term plan (I’m a sucker for elegant drama in decor). The fireplace is gorgeous now, and I can’t wait to see what you choose.for the rest…and I’ll keep waiting eagerly for your post every morning until you’re done, just like I did with the kitchen. Cheers! 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Criminy Sakes!! This is YOUR home and YOUR website and YOUR money. You do WHATEVER you want to do and the majority of us will love it and be right there with you waiting with bated breath for your next reveal!! We all have our own style and tastes and being able to take even one thing away from your blog and use it in our own decorating is exactly why I visit and re-visit your posts on a daily basis. You are awesome Kristi – you keep doing what your doing and ignore the ignorance. Apparently some people need to re-visit the difference between having an opinion and just being downright RUDE!!!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Sandy L
      November 4, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Angel well said and I agree!! Kristi I don’t always agree with your choices…but if I don’t I just don’t post…but I always agree this is your home and your blog…and you work hard at doing what you do and I admire you for it..and I was taught to have good manners and not make unnecessary rude remarks. So with one click of a button these people can go elsewhere without any negative remarks…

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Len Williams Carver
    November 4, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    It is so sad that small-minded people have to weigh in and make judgement calls on others, shows their lack of maturity. Sorry you had to go through all this but the benefit is as Shiela F. stated in the end you will have a room with a lot of character and you can gloat as to how beautiful and budget friendly it was. Have a blessed day 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    I don’t comment on any other decorating blogs but I do feel this need to stick up for you Kristi since I think your so “FAB””!!!! My thoughts are this when you are a creative person you constantly are looking at other resources(pintrest, Houzz etc) and taking inspiration from the beauty all around you. I think that this is what your blog is about ( to me anyways) , It’s based on someone who is extremely creative , and then takes that creativity and puts it to work, should we talk about those beautiful new marbleized side tables you just did or any of the other fabulously beautiful DIY projects… Not for one moment did I think to myself that you were being wasteful because I knew you would use these things in other parts of the house or give them to others .
    I don’t think a decorated home is ever done being decorated!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Joyce TX
    November 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Bravo to you! Snarkiness is not to be tolerated. I always assume those people are lacking something major in their lives to act in such a way. Pfft to them.
    The willingness to put it out there that you’re going to make changes is heartening to me! Who hasn’t “done” a room, stepped back at the end, and gone “something’s not right!”? If I choices I’ve made don’t “feel right” to me, well then, it’s back to considering other options!
    Thank you for being one of us normal people!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Darnell Baker
    November 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    You go girl!. Your house, your money, your work, your decision. That’s the beauty of being so talented and unafraid to change things. We are just along for the ride! I can’t wait to see how the living room progresses.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    Unfortunately, some readers are taking YOUR room projects waaaay too seriously! I personally love your choices and directions because truthfully it probably reflects how many people tend to change direction as they decorate. I am moving soon and many of the homes I have seen will need a new kitchen. Even though Ive only been planning on paper what my new kitchen will have, the first drawing I made is a lot different from what I’m considering now. The biggest thing for me regarding your blog is getting inspiration – and that, Kristi, you supply in abundant measure! I really look forward to your new posts.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Nana Sue
    November 4, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    I enjoy your blog so very much. I understand what you are doing. Decorating is a process. Once your vision comes to reality, you usually need to tweek what you have accomplished somewhere else to coordinate with the whole picture. The living room was never finished. You said all along that when you got the floor leveled you would finish the room. Windows, ceiling, walls etc. Don’t let negative people take you down. I think you are very talented & accomplish so much more than an ordinary person can by yourself. You amaze me with all you do. I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of the living room & your journey with the rest of the house. I always look forward to your next post.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Liz Hickling
    November 4, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    I consider myself a “serial decorator” – I shop my stash and change things around on a regular basis. Stuff moves from room to room and even outside at times. And I am a dedicated thrift/garage sale/auction shopper. In one year I changed my sofa 3 times. Bought a western style one for 300.00, sold it for 400.00, and replaced it with a turquoise leather sofa and chair for 50.00 – sold it for 300.00 and bought a 3 piece art deco style leather set for 1200.00. This one will stay awhile. But when you shop well, have room to store your treasures, you can change things around all the time for little or no money.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    I check your posts every day to get inspiration and courage. I think you’re one of the most amazing women I’ve NEVER met! Bravo for knowing what you want and having the courage to go after it!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    The “snarky” ones obviously are new here or don’t read your posts. It was clear from the beginning that the living room was a temporary fix until the floors were leveled and the ceiling replaced. And, the plan for a room is always subject to a re-do… after all, a woman can change her mind if she wants! So, even if they don’t come back, no great lose I’m sure.

    I love the process you go through, and the willingness to change mid project when you realize that it’s not going in the direction you want, regardless of how much work you’ve already put into something (the kitchen floor for example). And, since the time is your own efforts, where’s the loss? If you were paying a contractor to do the work, then you would be wasting time and throwing money away. Most of us couldn’t relate to that and would drift away. Besides, your fans don’t really want you to finish too quickly, then what will you blog about?? 😀 I too will always be a fan.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    I’ve got to say, I really appreciate your attitude in this post. I really respect being able to set aside gut reactions and trying to address the more reasonable questions.

    I was a reader a long time ago, then drifted off for a year or so. I came back when you started doing the kitchen and that got me really hooked, so when you’d show the front room I was very eghh – did not like it at all (esp. the curtains :)). So count me as someone who is really thankful you’re changing the formal living room – you’re keeping me around! 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    People whose main hobby is raining on other people’s parades just need to get their own blog where they can, ahem, be appreciated for the experts they are. I love it when ideas evolve into something better, and I really wonder about those who believe that because there is a plan it must be followed to the letter. Personally, I abhor that prissy rigid way of doing things. Kristi, don’t let anyone deter you from following your inspirations. It’s your house to love- and to change as you see fit.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Why is it difficult for some to know you have to make it liveable before you make it loveable.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Angela J
    November 4, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    For anyone who has been following your blog should know that you never intended to have that be your finish product. I knew that you’d come back to it, but one doesn’t expect you to do NOTHING in that room until you get around to finishing it. I didn’t think you needed to justify anything.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    I love your blog and I look forward to reading it at my desk every weekday. I love your projects, creativity and most of all your bravery. It takes bravery to act and to do, and then when it’s not what you want, to change it! On top of all that you are putting your process out there in the world. Most of us worry about what guests might think- you have all of the internet looking in your windows everyday- and you show us the good, the bad and the ugly- I couldn’t do it! Haters will hate, good riddance to them, they don’t belong on your lovely, honest and nurturing blog!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    I was side-eyeing the fireplace tiles, but refrained from snarking (how rude some people can be) and you fixed them and they look great. I find with your blog that if I wait just a bit, you usually address whatever is bugging me. And if you don’t, I don’t have to live with it anyway and it usually ends up being just perfect once your entire vision is complete. It is actually refreshing that you take us along the journey, even when that journey means redoing things until you get it right. It means that I don’t feel like an idiot when I try something that doesn’t work. It means that I feel that I can change something that isn’t working because you do it too. There are plenty of blogs or shows that go through all of the changes and experiments and only show the final product and then backtrack to break down projects that turned out well, omitting all the oops that went into getting it right. Just stay true to you and those of us who like it will stick around.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    One of many things I love about you is that you aren’t afraid to change your mind. If you never revisited decisions or first impulses, you’d have painted kitchen floors that looked like a gym. You’d have missed out on those gorgeous barn doors because you’d have just committed to the paneled look instead of the gorgeous fretwork (and those handles!) And, you’d have teal grass cloth instead of what I imagine will become an extremely beautiful, elegant formal living room. Many people would be too stubborn or afraid to admit they wanted something different after spending time and money, but not you! That makes you not only brave, but wise. It’s your forever home, and you have to be happy with it, not anyone else! (Except Matt, of course). Go get ’em!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Ellen W.
      November 4, 2014 at 2:49 pm

      I’ve always joked that, since the internet, anyone who can eat and type thinks they’re a food critic. I guess anyone who can look and type thinks they’re a design critic as well. Well, they aren’t.

      If I listened to half the comments on design websites, I’d come to believe that anything with a textured surface is impossible to clean, and anything that shows any sign of individuality will ruin a house’s “resale value.” All the things that make a home interesting to me would not pass muster with these commenters.

      And now, anything that doesn’t follow a prescribed budget or a rigid plan isn’t acceptable, either. Well, artistry isn’t a fixed, static thing (look how the Sistine ceiling morphed over time), and neither is a home. Keep to your path – there are plenty of us who appreciate your sharing the process of your work, as well as the product.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    People who want to belittle others—no room for them. I sometimes get the impression you do projects for teachable blog content—not to be wasteful. I am fine with that. It’s your time and money. Most important your blog is your business. You need new ideas and fresh spaces. Some things you do are not for me. But so what?? It’s not my house!!! Reminds me of people who have opinions about how a person raises their children. Again. Not your children. I like your ideas and I like the way your brain works. That is why I read your blog.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    I’ve been following you for a couple years now and have never commented, but felt compelled to do so. What I love about your blog is your can do attitude! You try things. If you don’t like it you change it. You break it down in ways that are easy to follow and understand. I am constantly amazed by all you get done! While my decorating “style” is totally different than yours, I read your blog everyday because I enjoy you! It must be hard not to let snarky comments get to you, but know that there are so many more of us who appreciate what you do.
    PS. It would NEVER occur to me to leave a disrespectful comment on anyone’s blog! I wouldn’t say it to their face, why would I post something mean? I don’t get it.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    I always enjoy a peek into your thought and design process. I in no way ever thought you were wasting time and money. I think by the time the process is done- your design is deliberate and pretty gawsh darn awesome! Reading your blog, has shown me to NOT rush decorating my house. But- there’s nothing wrong with trying things out and paint is still the cheapest solution with the biggest impact.

    As for the Snarky Snarkersons… Get over yourselves. This is NOT your blog. Besides- She is actually A DESIGNER!!! This is a blog detailing what she does and how she goes about it. DUH!!! Good Grief people! This is why I prefer dogs to people most of the time.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    I always thought your projects were low budget and never considered that what you did with your time and money were my business. Funny how people feel the need to snark on others, I do wonder about their intentions? What you said makes perfect sense to me and you spend more time explaining the financial side of things than I would ever consider so I say good for you:) Carry on and we shall all be watching (no pressure)

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    All I can say is You Go Girl! I don’t get the snarky comments, but not worth worrying about. To each his own.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    People have to realize that sometimes we change our minds about how we want things to look and feel! And doing it ourselves is sometimes a process of trial and error. We find out more about ourselves, what we like, what we don’t. And decorating is always an ongoing process, it is never “finished” until we are completely happy with the result, and usually there is always something to improve upon or change- maybe because personal style changes or maybe we just see something we like better and just want a change! Decorating is like anything else, you get better at it as you continue to do and learn. And continue to understand what you like. We change and grow as people with every new day, so why can’t our surroundings continue to do so if we so choose? It’s a never ending process for me, I always take stock of what I ” love” in the room and what I want to keep and what is “wrong” with the room ( what bothers me about it) and make changes as needed or wanted. Things can always be re-used, changed or sold or given away. Nothing has to be wasted. And when doing what you love to do, it’s never a waste of time or money!
    Keep doing what you do, love your ideas and inspiration! 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    [email protected]
    November 4, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    I absolutely love this post Kristi! While yes, you do not owe anyone an explanation, sharing your thought process is always so helpful. When it comes to home renovating projects, this is exactly what happens. Plans change, we can get overwhelmed and living in a space for awhile, gives you a whole new perspective. Personally, this is PRECISELY why I budget decorate, so I can change things up as I please without feeling like I have wasted money. I too never get rid of anything and repurpose. This is really the best way to budget decorate. If you’re not truly happy with a space, re-work it girl.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    You inspire me. I just moved into a house a year newer than yours. I haven’t even started doing any work on mine, the thought overwhelms me.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Your money, your house, your mess, your options. Until someone else foots the bill… they’re allowed an opinion, sure. But not a snarky one! The same sentiment could have been conveyed nicely–or they could simply stop reading. But life is messy–just look at my/your/our living room. And circumstances change as so do our tastes and minds. Watching you do and redo kinda mirrors my constant flux of decorating. And I have a feeling I’m not alone…. You go, girl! Shed pounds, shed couches, curtains, tiles–you make your money and life, so you get to make decisions about what you want and do and how and when to do it.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Natalee D
    November 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    It is amazing to read how judgmental have been about this for you!!!! If they act like that to a total stranger about something so trivial in life as decorating…makes you wonder how they are towards people actually in their lives about things that really matter. Judgmental people are just that and unfortunately usually true to that nature I think. You aren’t alone in changing your mind!!!! We have spent so much time and money redoing things. For us…it has almost always come down to $$….we tried to do something cheap that really needed to be done well and right because “it” didn’t hold up well to a big family. A learning process for us…learned techniques, learned what paint colors we hate, learned that MDF is a total mistake if you have lots of children. Furniture is the hardest, you can’t possible know HOW IT WILL WORK for you until you have it in the room! Measurements, style, color… can have a plan or idea but actually getting it in your space is a totally other thing. We are in the same boat here…redoing some things for the 3 time. But we laugh if off going, what were we thinking…”that” is so ugly! or jeez we built that crappy! or this is our 5th time trying to get the right yellow paint and I hate yellow! Who cares what snarky people have to say….let ’em be done with you! It’s a favor to the rest of us! That’s actually kinda hilarious! Would they write off a friend like that (if they even have any) for picking the “wrong” chairs for a room?! Just wow. Some people.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    I’m always amazed by your creativity and vision. When you blogged that you wanted to change the living room, I couldn’t figure out why you’d want to change a perfectly finished and beautiful room. But that’s what I love about you… have the vision to see a change and make something great even better…whereas I do not. I wouldn’t have the imagination to change anything for the next 10 years. Am loving seeing how you are taking what you already have moving it in the direction you want it to go. Such a learning process for me. So I, for one, am enjoying your tweaks and changes! Thank you.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Laure Gill
    November 4, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    I’m the exact same way…I have long term plans…then I have what’s “do-able for now”. I also have such detailed plans, that I get over whelmed and then I just start an easy project to give myself that “finished” high/feeling…cuz I just can’t pull apart another room right after a big remodel, I need some time where things look nice…remodeling and re-decorating are two different things (one involves dust!). I didn’t question you, but I appreciate the clarification.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    The living room was your first room & I can see where you wanted one livable room & then the kitchen took over but it is done. Going back to the living room makes sence. So what’s next? Construction or upholstery? Can’t wait to see some action.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I have to laugh a bit at anyone giving you grief about your site/blog and what you do and do not do with it! Anyone who loves decorating, knows that a true designer is always changing and redecorating, that is just what they do! Satisfaction is short lived with someone who designs and decorates.
    Keep doing what you do, as you said, you give good instruction and ideas to the things you do, there are always going to be haters, sadly, that’s how this world works.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Christine M.
    November 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I’m with you. I love how you put it all out there. Why shouldn’t you change when you feel like it? Where’s the fun in picking one thing (sofa, color, style) and being stuck with it for 40 years? I WOULD DIE. Would I pick everything you’ve picked? – no, probably not. Have I learned a ton from reading you everyday? DEFINITELY. In fact, you’ve inspired me to learn to miter and gave me the courage to say I can do it myself. Go you!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    I think it’s wise to finish the living room first. You said from the beginning that a lot of the things you were doing in there were just temporary so you could have a “livable” living room for the time being. Fooey on all the naysayers. I have lived in my house for four years and I have changed the living room and dining room at least 3 times each because I just didn’t have a clear vision of what I really wanted. When I would come up with some sort of plan it just didn’t work right. It must be the house (or me as I am no designer) but this is a different kind of house than all the others I have had in the past (it is a vintage 1939 cape cod) and my others were more modern so I am having to take a different approach to my decorating here. Sadly I have wasted some hard earned money doing it. Paint and rugs and furniture (even used stuff) REALLY adds up when you change it out three different times. Hehe! I now have a clear vision of how I want those rooms and I have recently devised a strategy to redecorate spending as little as possible. I am first listing and selling the items I don’t want and then buying the new items I do want with the proceeds. It is working very well. I am shopping Craigslist instead of buying new (for most things) and other things I am buying when they are on sale or clearance. I am also DIYing certain things too. Of course it is taking a while to complete things but I know the end result will be worth it. Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about me and my

    Though I had been wondering why you were changing up the living room before working on the breakfast room, I figured you had your reasons. Besides what you spend your time and money on is really none of anyone’s business but your own and I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what you decide to do or not do to any room in your house, or if I particularly agree with it or not, I will be here everyday reading your posts. I love your blog and am so inspired by all the things you know how to do. I love learning new skills and I have certainly learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    I think your house is gorgeous. It’s your money do with it, what you want. The people complaining are proably hoarder’s. I like moving thing’s around a lot in my house and buy stuff for it. I don’t think you ever get finished with how you want your house to look . I know I don’t. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Firstly, I recently stumbled on your blog, and seeing you renovate your kitchen has been just wonderful! I really enjoyed this post, and how you broke down the various ways you saved money to decorate your living room.

    I think maybe some of the “snarky” comments come from people who see bloggers as a whole, not as individuals. I know it can be frustrating to see bloggers receive perks for their blogs, whether that’s a new drill, paint, etc., and then claim it’s a low-budget remodel. That’s why I really like YOUR blog! You are so honest, hardworking, and don’t have those silly “sponsored lifestyle content” posts that so many other bloggers use to supplement their income and feed projects for their blog.

    Anyway, all that to say I’m glad you took the time to explain how you made it work for your home while still keeping a budget in mind. Good luck with your new decorating decisions!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    I am not normally snarky and I always look forward to your decorating, even when I don’t agree with it. It has been fun watching your process. However, this isn’t the first time you have succumbed to focusing on negative people. You have so many more positive posts than you do negatives. Focus on the positives and F the negatives. I will continue to check in from time to time, but only to see your progress. I don’t need drama in decorating. Kristi, do your thing. You are so damn good at it!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Susan C.
    November 4, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    You do nothing but inspire me Kristy. Well, gotta admit, you do make me a bit ashamed that I don’t get after it like you do. I spend way too much time reading and researching rather than all the “doing” you do!! Any changes to the living area, well that just makes me feel better when I change my mind or see that the direction I’m going isn’t making me happy and empowers me to not feel guilty when I re-do! I’m so sorry you have to ever feel you need to explain yourself to anyone. This is your home. You can do what you want. I read blogs to learn, to get inspired, and for actual decorating, I look to blogs that are written by people whose décor style is similar to mine. I think I found you by searching “blue and green décor” and your condo came up. Are our styles really similar? Well not on a lot of things but on some. I read your blog mainly for the other reasons I mentioned. So if you do something that is not my style, I don’t feel the need to tell you I don’t like it. For what purpose would I do that? So you will change your style?!!! I just don’t get commenters who do that. Thank you for all the inspiration; lessons on how-to-do things; showing me how to look at things and figure out why I like it or not, what it is that attracts me and how I can make my own version; and the confidence you give me that I can do these things! Keep on keeping on!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    I agree 100% – it’s your house and your money… what you love. Having lived through more than one remodel in my life, I understand the fatigue you are feeling doing the kitchen (actually your entire house) all on your own. If you haven’t done it yourself, you can not understand! It seems to me that blogs have really been taking a beating lately with followers being extremely rude! I’d hate to see anymore bloggers attacked for doing what they do. You are amazing and just continue doing what you’re doing and I’ll continue to follow your journey!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    I totally understand why you’re waiting to work on the breakfast room. I need smaller projects in between the bigger projects. I get way too overwhelmed otherwise. I was excited when you decided to change the living room. I think it’s nice now and I know it will be nice when you are finished re-decorating it. But I was thinking about all the new stuff I’ll get to read about! 🙂 But really, I understand from experience that the direction you thought you were going to take can change very easily. Sometimes all it takes is a piece of furniture or decor (or an awesome kitchen) that can take you in a whole new direction. The fun part to me about hand-me-down furniture and thrift finds? I can spend very little money making them my own. That gives me the luxury of changing my $5 bedside table if I want. You know your budget. It’s your money. It’s your house. I learn so much from you. I’m so excited to see all the future projects….big and small.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    I like the fact that you are rethinking certain things. With my home I often feel paralyzed with decisions because I think they have to be permanent. So much so that my projects either never get started or take a long, long time to finish. You are opening my mind to the fact that rooms and items can be reworked and as long as your not wasteful (landfill) and either reuse or craigslist items that I don’t have to feel guilty because I changed my mind or decided my original plan wasn’t working for the room. And certainly not made to feel guilty because someone else thinks your being wasteful and flighty. You keep doing your thing because each time you do a project you are getting better and you do learn more about what you like and what you don’t like.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    I personally love your blog and your decorating choices and have to just shake my head at the snarky comments. They obviously are not true DIY’ers if something as simple as changing colors or design choices in YOUR home can chase them off.
    I can’t wait to see what you do next, everything you do always turns out amazing and like you, I will try things just to learn how to do it. If I mess it up, I mess it up. It’s stuff that I probably got for free, or cost very little anyway, but it does usually turns out pretty good.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Brenda Pawloski
    November 4, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    The snarky commenters want things to be perfect right off the bat and then you just sit for 20 years and it eventually becomes a museum to the era in which it was first done.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Ellen Kelly
    November 4, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    H E L L with the Snarkers!!!! Love and learn so much from you!! Put them on “Ignore”


  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Linda Adney
    November 4, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Oh NO!!!! I am so grateful to be able to be a part of your process…I have painted my dining room 6 times and never get beyond the paint but after you showing the picture of the chair rail and molding ideas you liked last week I was inspired to move on. I LOVE that things are a “process” and sometimes you have to change course to make it work for you. AND I totally agree on switching to the living room in stead of the breakfast room project…I can’t imagine 2 large projects back to back…We do have lives to live after all…so Cheers from this inspire me every post..I will have to hire my things done, but I am deciding what I want and know what to ASK for. If not for your post on wall color I would have Interesting Aqua on the wall, but I am going back to Toasted Almond and putting all my color in art, drapes and dining chairs.Can’t wait!!!! So soar on!!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Well said, Kristi!

    I just love watching what you have done/are doing to your home. You have presented so many new ideas I never thought of, and I thank you for the inspiration you have given to us all. As for the ones who think you should stick to a plan…well, what fun is there in that? I’m a needlework designer, and while sticking to a plan can be done, it takes a lot of fun out of the process for me, and it limits my creativity. As you do, I come up with new ideas, new ways of doing things all the time, and it helps me to grow as a designer and become even better at my job…which speaks to the fact that I have been successful at my job for 30 years.

    Best of luck to you with the rest of the remodel. I can’t wait to see what you do next. 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    I enjoy your blog, snarky comments and all. A home is a reflection of the occupants. You open your home and heart and ideas to thousands of people, I would imagine not too many of your readers would be brave enough to do the same. We are not in charge of what you do, it’s your home, your life, your style, we just read and look and wish we were so handy, creative and brave!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Well, I can TOTALLY help you out on “repurposing” one of your items if you’d like! Want to sell me your coffee table ottoman lol?? It’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for, with just a different fabric on top. Pretty please? 🙂 And I’m local – I can pick it up!

    Loved your responses to the snarks, by the way! 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Kristi, I have so very little decorating imagination, and I can only work on one room at a time. You have given me courage to try little steps. I see how to save money, how to do small things myself, how I can ALWAYS change something if I didn’t get it right or if circumstances change. That is so freeing. I’m always trying to think how color or a new arrangement or a little molding can make my home lovelier for the family I love. I’ve always felt intimidated that I can’t put together at the beginning a comprehensive, integrated, harmonious plan…and you’ve freed me from the prison of thinking that’s the only way to do it.

    I happened to be one of the ones who didn’t like the wall colors of your living room and all the brown, though I loved your draperies and shades….masterpieces! I like brighter colors; nevertheless, it was always interesting to see you try unusual colors and make them work. You have a great eye for color.

    You have helped so many timid decorators and so many gifted DIYers…some people are just cranky. The idea of Kristi L “wasting money” is so shocking, I find my jaw is open, wondering whether I read the accusation correctly.
    Keep up your lovely work.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Wow, I hope people don’t expect me to decorate my house once and live in it that way forever-because I had liked it that way once or made do with a style I could afford at the time. I won’t ever buy an expensive purse, but love to continually rework and redesign my house- as long as it make me happy and I am paying my bills who cares. I am glad you put that message out there. Also, I think it is important to learn how you can slowly transition a room based on growing ideas and resources. No pressure for it to be perfect day one.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Your posts make me feel better about my constantly changing my mind and going from one project to another. Before you, I felt like I had adult ADD. My husband made so much fun of me…ha ha ha. But because I feel fine with changing my mind constantly. So keep blogging, keep changing your mind cause I’m loving every minute of it!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Shelley @ Calypso in the Country
    November 4, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    You write a blog…you are supposed to be changing things around and inspiring others! That’s what bloggers do and that’s why people keep coming back – to see what you’ve done! Focus on the positive. There will always be negative people in this world…it’s their problem! Love seeing what you are up to!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    [email protected] Let's Get Crafty!
    November 4, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Where to start?
    Ladies, get your shit together. Stop the bitchy-ness. I might get deleted because of the swears (and I totally understand and I’ve never ever commented using swears before) but it needs to be said (to those who are snarky) and I can barely contain my hostility over one reader’s comment…“Obviously too much time and money to throw around, responsible adults with a budget make plans…not waste time, money, and resources! I’ll stick to watching a professional do this stuff, I’m done with you…”


    Clearly rational thinking, proper manners, and actual reading (Kristi has already made it clear that many of the projects were interim projects) is out of the question for that reader.

    I’ve written about 5 more lines that I just had to delete because it just doesn’t matter…

    Stop being mini monsters and start being real women.


  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Judi in Tinton Falls
    November 4, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    You certainly took the high road with your response. I would have gone with retaliatory snark. Having said that, one thing I like about your blog is that I learn from your projects, even if I know I’ll
    never attempt them. I hope you are never finished as long as you are creating a home that you and your husband love. Your money, your choice. Your home, your choice. Your music, your dance. ‘nough said.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I thought it was incredibly brave of you to admit that you wanted to start over! I truly believe that decor affects us and the way we live. Good decor and design, no matter the budget, makes for a good life.

    The people who criticize actually make you stronger so don’t worry about them.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Pam @Frippery
    November 4, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Kristi, if people paid attention when reading all of the fabulous plans for your home they would see where you saved and experimented before a final commitment. You are fantastically creative and your art is your home. Of course everything isn’t going to be just right the first time. Every artist practices and tries new techniques before finishing their masterpiece.
    That’s also the point, it is YOUR masterpiece an no one else’s so why do people feel the need to express discontent with how you are decorating your personal home?
    Not to be snarky on this end but since when do velvet and “fancy”woodwork not fit into an older home???
    I have enjoyed every moment of your remodel. We will be looking for a smaller home in the spring and you can bet I will be coming here for ideas when we move.
    Keep your own beautiful style.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    To me, it’s the same as me rearranging my furniture every couple of months – you just have a little more imagination! I’m glad you posted about the fireplace because I now have a better grasp of where trim can enhance parts of my own house. Without modifying an already done room, we might only know how to do a whole kitchen remodel 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Hope Williams
    November 4, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    I’m proud for you for setting “them” straight. Your home, money and time.
    Carry on, we still have a lot to learn!
    Ok, me! I have a lot to learn.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Andrea R.
    November 4, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    You definitely did not need to explain yourself to all of us!!! I’m sure many of us understand more than you’ll ever know. I too, change my mind on a regular basis, and the indecisiveness overwhelms me at times. You fix it how you want it. Don’t worry about the naysayers!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    People can be so obnoxious and entitled. Even if you do describe yourself as a budget DIYer/decorator, that doesn’t mean that everything you put into your home has to be the result of rubbing two pennies together, or that each project you post about has to be inline with someone else’s budget. Even if we have a “real plan,” rooms are always going to change and evolve as we do. That’s the reason I love interior design/DIY- it’s never “done.” There’s never a forever plan for me, and it’s exciting to know I can change things up and refresh a space if my tastes change or if I decide I no longer absolutely love the original direction I was going. Whether that refresh costs $1000 or $0 is ultimately irrelevant- this is what we love to do, and we aren’t policing other people’s hobbies.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Disclaimer: I did not post a “snarky” comment earlier……..but it did cross my mind that plans were being changed AGAIN……..and although its PERFECTLY FINE to change one’s mind, especially since you are a ninja decorator, super star handy-lady and exceptional blogger. However, sometimes, “Good Enough And Done Is Better Than Perfect”

    “A great example is the workaholic who spends hours every week attempting to complete projects. Even though setting high standards for themselves and their work can be a big benefit, if they obsess about the work so that it never gets completed (or started!) that in turn interferes with all their other work, which snowballs the problem.

    “Brown is also clear that, “Perfectionism is, at its core, about trying to earn approval.” She goes on to say, “For some folks, perfectionism may only emerge when they are feeling particularly vulnerable. For others, perfectionism is compulsive, chronic and debilitating—it looks and feels like an addiction.””

    I’m not trying to be critical. I hope you are “open” to an observation. Would anyone in your family agree with me?

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Kristi's mom
      November 8, 2014 at 1:10 am

      Michelle, that doesn’t describe Kristi at all. I can assure you that Kristi does not “try to earn approval.” She has a mind of her own, and she does what she likes. She thoroughly enjoys what she does. There have been times when she “completed” a project only to decide she wanted something different, and I tried to talk her into leaving it. I was only thinking about all the hard work she had done and all the hard work she was going to have to do if she changed it. But, she considered it a learning experience and was excited about her new plan and anxious to get on with it. She really is fearless and nothing seems to put her off when it comes to creating. I can pretty much assure you that nobody in our family would agree with your observation. If she were like you described I don’t think she would do the posts about her diy failures. Kristi does what makes her happy, and she writes about it hoping it will help others.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Susan DeYoung
    November 4, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    I love It! You get em girl! “MMMkay pumpkin?” I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair!!! Girl, you are spicy!!! What others think is their problem and not yours!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and letting us live vicariously through you! Can’t wait to see the finished living room!
    P.S. I did grass cloth in my dining room with the white painted trim on the bottom half! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Ok, you created a completely custom kitchen all by yourself. If that isn’t budget friendly please tell me what is. Poured the concrete counters, customized stock cabinetry, custom paint finish, did all of your own complex tile work, drywall etc. etc. that kitchen would have cost a fortune if you hired contractors but it didn’t. Now there is nothing wrong with hiring contractors to fulfill our decorating dreams but you showed us how to get there on a budget with amazing results. As to jumping from the kitchen to the family room, I get that completely. The kitchen was HUGE and the breakfast room will be too. It makes sense to move on to a room that is relatively easier. As for changing your mind a bit on your direction? So what? That’s what highly creative people do. Follow your heart Kristi and have fun doing it. I am looking forward to the “new” living room!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Wanda Hobbs
    November 4, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Girl, you really don’t owe anyone an explanation. How many times have each of us completed a project only to say, if I had it to do again, I would do it a little differently. YOU are the only one that should matter. Hold your head high and carry on! I am always inspired by your creativity and and absolute lack of reluctance to tackle some pretty large jobs. I think to date the barn style sliding doors is my absolute favorite project. Wow! What a great job. I only wish I had somewhere those doors would work in my house … I’d be all about tackling that project for my home. I have a lot of blogs I follow but yours is my absolute favorite. We watched you transform your living room from drab to fab, and now we get to do it again. (Not that it is drab now, but that we get to watch you work your magic in a style transformation!) That is my two cents! You go firecracker!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Can I just tell you how much I have heard “You’re redoing your living room… again!?”.

    I redid the living room in my old house about once a year. I was never satisfied with it. Then I realized it was the house, not the living room. 😉 I spent lots of money and time on paint, slipcovers, and all. When we moved into the new house, I thought I wanted a formal dining room – HA! It’s now an office, and gets used a whole lot more often, and I love it… but it took me awhile to get there. And then people were aghast that I took a saw to my bar-height dining table and sawed it down to a normal size.

    You do you. They don’t have to live with a painted sofa now, do they? 😉

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Dealing with the public can be difficult …better u than me!
    That being said, i wonder who really lives with their decorated home one way forever?!
    do what you do and flush the rest.
    i prefer to read your blog while and when you are doing something
    don’t waste your time explaining, just keep doing what makes you happy and in turn
    makes me happy watching

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Wow! You really are a budget decorator! I’ve been following you for some time but didn’t know all of the details of this room. I’m really excited about the direction you’re heading and cannot wait to see how you’ll make it all work on a small budget. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Judy N.
    November 4, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    Don’t listen to the haters! You are entitled to spend your money any way you see fit AND change your mind about a project. I liked your fireplace originally, but love the new version! You are so talented. Keep on doing what gives you joy!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    HaHaHaHa, anyone who reads even semi regularly knows that your living room was no where NEAR done/finished. I find that amusing. I like the break down in this post on how little you have actually spent. I’m glad that you are going in a different direction. This room reminded me of your condo and thought you would tire of it.
    Anyway, you are an inspiration with your wood working. It’s my favorite thing about you!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    i feel your pain with regards to ppl not understanding why you want to redo a “done” room. I like the fact you tested your teal walls with paint to see if it was gonna be a forever kind of love/ investment. We recently redid nearly every room in our house and we did them AFTER I had lost my job! Horrors!! But we just paid off our house last week and in the 27 years we’d lived here, I’d barely touched most of the house because I was just too busy working to bother with it. So, we redid bedrooms, hallways, foyer, kitchen, dining, and bathrooms…all for less than $1000. Now mind you, that was w/o new fixtures but it did include new bedding, floors, wall treatments, curtains, and trim such as ceiling moldings, wainscoting, and board and batten. I built or sewed or repurposed things I had or found either free or for pennies, I used Oops paint or mixed my own color…I stretched every penny into a dime. I have never been as proud of my home or my husband for his helping hands For those that don’t like what we did, too bad, your presence is not required. And if I get a wild hair and want to redo it all again, it’s my house and I do as I damn well please.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Janis C
    November 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Decorating to me is a process and no matter what your plan things sometimes need to be changed along the way as sometimes things don’t always go together as we envisioned. However I think the best take away from this post is that no matter whether the piece is new to a room or something that has been in the room for a while, it can be rotated in and out of different rooms in our home to make them seem fresh and new. I love it when I have something in one room and discover how I can use it in another room and give both rooms a new look.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    I think people need to mind their own business. I read a lot of decorator blogs and some things i agree with, others I don’t, but it would never occur to me to make a snotty comment on how people spend their money! and if you don’t want to follow anymore, just leave!

    As for the changing of ideas, I’m CONSTANTLY changing direction in my house. I repaint walls, swap out furniture and accessories and come up with all kinds of crazy ideas that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. that’s the joy of owning a house!

    You’re right….tell ’em to stick it!!!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Marcella Paulus
    November 4, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    I don’t know why anyone would call a room or project finished-we should always be tweaking our rooms to keep them fun and interesting, not only for us but for friends and families. I love reading about your projects and as a person who has done a lot of remodeling and tweaking over the years I never find reading about someone elses ideas boring or irritating! You go girl!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:07 pm


    I look at your website on a daily basis. The negativity that some people throw on the internet is a cause of real frustration. I think about Young House Love taking a hiatus recently because the work they loved was becoming a source of negative drama from snarky commenters.

    There are people write things on the internet that they would not have the balls to say directly.

    It seems like this is a problem on all sorts of sites not just yours. For example it struck me that the more successful Young House Love became the nastier the comments became. I think that envy, jealousy seemed to be the cause of a lot of the negative comments. Don’t let people ruin the fun you are having.

    When I see a snarky comment I wonder about the sad state of the commenters life not the sad state of your blog.

    I have been looking for work for over a year now and checking into your blog is something I look forward to everyday. Taking on a project you inspired kept me busy and gave me a sorely needed distraction for a couple of months. Normally i wounldn’t post something so personal but I wanted you to know that at least in my case your blog has been more than “just a budget home decorating site”

    You keep getting better and better don’t let the turkeys get you down.


  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Design and decorating never ends, it evolves with time and our tastes, and is always a work in progress. That’s what I love about decorating, we create and experiment, using our inspirations and ideas.
    I love the firecracker (I’m a little bit of one myself :)). You are passionate about what you do and I think you are fabulous!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    There is always a grain of truth in every ounce of criticism…find it and move on. We are with you thick and thin…love the blog. It inspires me as we wait …26 more days to closing…I am itching to paint and decorate…but Dec 1st has to come first…hang in there girl…

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Linda H
    November 4, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    First, ditto to all the comments above. I guess I’m kind of stunned that someone would write something hateful on ANYONE’S blog, but to do it here just really burns me up. I, like most people who follow your blog, feel like one of my friends has been attacked. Brings out the mama bear in me. Grrrr. Kudos to you for taking the high road and responding so kindly.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Seriously?? Who gives a flying hockey puck what they think!?? You just keep doing what you’re doing and forget petty people who feel the need to cut people down. You go girl!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    I don’t know of anyone who has the energy and ability that you have had remodeling your kitchen. Your “thinking out loud” on your blog is part of the creative process and I’m pleased that you’re sharing. The best part of that is that you can erase, redo, repaint, etc in your mind and it doesn’t cost a cent!! What you are doing is an important step. You go, girl!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Wonderful post, Kristi! And here I thought I was in the minority thinking some can just stick it! You made me laugh for sure. I love that your home is reflecting you regardless of the style of the house. Guess I’m just not a purist! I’m working toward the inside of my home reflecting me as well and it has taken me quite a bit of time, trial and error to really figure out what I like.

    I grew up in a time when once your home was done (i.e. had furniture, curtains, paint, etc.) that was how it stayed till it wore out and then you replaced it or refurbed it if possible. It was only the wealthy (in our area) who changed the decor up to the latest trend on a regular basis. So once I get my home the way I want it – even if I have to backtrack to redo something that was a temporary fix to begin with – I look forward to then enjoying it! I love DIYing and learning so many new skills and I plan to continue on with DIY. That said, there will come a time when my house is DONE and I will find other places to use and share my gained skills because I’ll just be chillin’ at my house (or I’ll be too old when it’s done to do more than watch tv!)!

    Keep up the awesome work and wonderful posts!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Well said. Homes and gardens are evolving things. A house is static, but to create a home it will always be changed as the home owner changes or encounters new ideas or stages of their life.

    I think if you calculated how much money you’ve saved in labour alone, you could justify those few ‘expenses’ which seem, to some, extravagant and wasteful. I’d trust you with my budget, Kristi. Feel like a working holiday in Australia, near a beautiful beach? Accommodation and meals included! I’ll be your labourer! 🙂
    Cheers, Liz.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    I love your honesty Kristi. I wish others would be as honest. And here goes…this might not be popular but it’s honest. I don’t believe EVERYBODY above never wondered. I certainly did! I NEVER would have said anything because I am not a snarky person and I think rudeness is inappropriate. It is your money, home and decisions to make.
    But it seemed like you kept changing it up just when it was going in a certain direction. I couldn’t figure out why it bothered me so much at first and then I realized!!…because it’s exactly what I do! And I drive myself crazy. I get grief from friends and family about it all the time too. (It’s harmless ribbing but admittedly it bugs me).I hear the jokes about repainting, oh wait a year it’ll be different, etc. They don’t understand.
    Because I start something and half way through I realize I want to go in a different direction/style. I liked my initial idea but as it grew it developed into something else that I liked better. It drives me crazy and I realized that when watching you. But it works!!!!! I wish I could see it clearly from start and zip through. But my brain works differently.
    I have a kitchen I redid at the beginning of this year (painted cabs) and I have to redo it again because I didn’t go in the direction I wanted. I forced myself to stay on the original track and now I am sorry. I mean I like it alot but I constantly wonder what if I had painted them like I wanted? I can visualize them. Oh boy am I gonna hear about that.
    Thanks for the info Kristi. Taking the time and having the patience to explain. Like I said, I never said anything snarky, nor would I ever but the back and forth and changing of the direction did in fact drive me batty ….. But now that I realize it was like looking in a mirror, I’m not alone and it’s OKAY!!! …well, maybe I can lighten up on myself! Thank you for that!!!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    I find one of the “perks” of not being able to afford to do my whole house (or even a whole room!) at once is that by doing little bits at a time, you get to live with it, edit your vision and come across new ideas you hadn’t had before. And as a DIYer, I’ve done plenty of projects that didn’t come out exactly as I’d envisioned or came out great, but didn’t really fit the space they were intended for. So I can totally relate to the change of direction in your living room. I love that you have the vision to say, ‘this isn’t what I want anymore I’m going to re-work it’ rather than force something that you won’t love in the end.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    Dearest Kristi,

    It seems to me from the beginning, you stated that you had other plans for your living room. You also mentioned that you were planning on doing some foundation leveling to the house and you were waiting for that to be done before “finishing” the room. Is a room really ever finished? How boring life would be if we never changed things up a bit! With your DIY skills and artistic talent, you are creating the home that makes you happy. The creative process obviously is part of what you enjoy. Keep creating and inspiring others to create! Snarkers be damned!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Hurray for you! I have had a dilapidated old 11 room “camp” for 20+ yrs.. it was basically unlivable to start..I did a LOT of work to make it “livable”, “better”, a little more “comfortable” but nothing that was done was supposed to be the “final” product! Every little bit done was a step forward and I never got the upstairs bedrooms “done” until last year as the “finished” rooms. Of course now I will be “ripping” out one of the smaller bedrooms this winter to put in a bathroom BUT I got the use of a small finished guest bedroom for 1 yr until I had the money to do a full remodel and put in a bath. Every project you’ve done , I have enjoyed watching the process. There are some things I hope you re-do because I personally would like them different but I don’t live in your house !! I love your blog, your projects and your vision. Great job.. big thumbs up!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    I think it’s refreshing and realistic for people (including me) to see that professional decorators and designers can see their own spaces as works-in-progress. I have actually never quite grasped the idea that a home is ever “done” being decorated. Our tastes change, we accumulate items that we love or have meaning to us, things wear out or become dated, seasons change, and the way we live shifts. I appreciate the fact that your home reflects and will continue to reflect change.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    I love what you do with your house!!! Even redoing what you have already done! I love reading what you do to it every day! I live vicariously through your remodels!! My husband would have a cow if I even suggested painting a wall or moving a piece of furniture!!! !!
    Godd job, keep it up!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Jeanne in Austin
    November 4, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    On other blogs, I have responded to snarky comments when the blogger didn’t. And I wasn’t as nice as you have been. I’d like to start a blog myself, but the mean spirited comments I’ve seen hold me back. I wonder if I can have a blog that doesn’t allow commenting at all…. 😛

    Several things keep me reading your blog, Kristi: your vision, your DIY skills, your ability to show your readers exactly how to do something and why. But today’s post pointed out something else—your willingness to display your process, warts and all. If I had had your courage when I was in college, I would have majored in art instead of psychology….

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    Pay no attention to the snarky comments., You are an incredible artist with the right to change anything you want, anytime you want. I am in awe of your ability, imagination and courage! You are inspiring. Keep on doing, keep on changing. Anything is possible. And YOU are doing it!!

    PS It’s decorating. It’s not a cure for cancer. Lighten up, all you meanies.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Awesome post, Kristi. It so often seems to be the case that those with the least amount of grace and tact are also the most cowardly, aka anonymous. I’ve recently seen other bloggers reach the same point that you have with calling out bad commenting behavior. For those of you snarky types, please consider moving on without sharing your negativity. The truth is, it is you who looks foolish when you leave such comments.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    I have NO problem with anyone changing their mind mid stream. I’ve done it myself often. I just keep thinking “if she would finish the condo and sell it, she would have so much more money to work with”. Ha! I for one am a loyal reader and nothing you have done changes that.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Penny D
    November 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    PLEASE do not let anyone’s comments bother you if there are people judging then perhaps they need to read the bible. There is no one more important then the next person, and quit frankly its your house and your money and how you spend it and how you decorate is your business . I don’t comment very often, I have loved watching you finish your home, but it saddens me when there are still people out that even think there better then the next person. I never did understand why some people are just plane mean, but Jesus says to love your enemy to as God has loved us. you keep doing what ever makes you happy. and may GOD bless you and your family

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    I will never understand why people translate DIY into “don’t need money”. Its your blog and its nobody’s business how much money you spend on DIY. I personally read your blog because of your honesty and your awesome detailed tutorials. Not to mention every question I have asked about your kitchen remodel was answered by you, lol. Its my favorite blog :-)) Shake off the haters :-))

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    I, for one, absolutely L-O-V-E that you allow yourself to change your mind! Remodeling and decorating is not a “science”, there are so many nuances, and trouble spots, and lovely new inspirations that settling on one thing and following through exactly as planned is just not realistic! I also bought a home that needs a ton of work to make it a “lovely home”. I’ve done some major things, and I’ve also done some “I’ve got to cover up the crap or I can’t live here any longer” things! LOL
    Keep on doing your projects exactly the way you do Kristi! You’re honesty with your feelings and ability to know when you “just can’t handle another huge project right now” is refreshing. You remind me that it’s okay to change my mind mid-project when I think of something I’d like better than my original plan. It doesn’t mean I can’t make up my mind, it means I’m opening my mind to new inspirations and that’s what is going to allow me to end up with the ideal remodel for my taste that fits perfectly into my often unruly space!
    Oh, and I just have to add, I LOVE your tables with the back painted glass! I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see you work through your original plan of using them for your backsplash but that was obviously a good call with the direction you went with your kitchen. Anyway, I was really thrilled to see you use that idea somewhere else, and they look fantastic on those tables! Great Job!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Wow!!! I love this post!!! We’ll I always love everything you do but this hit right at home. I’m always moving, changing my furniture and decorations all the time. What works in one room may be better in another, and that’s always refreshing when you can do that. You do Amazing work and it shows!! It never made me think you were wasting anything, I’m always keeping everything for the “just incase” scenerio . So as crafty as you are I’m sure you do the same;)

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Rose L
    November 4, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Welp I’m going to have to say that I am selfishly thankful for those who make snarky comments. The reason I say that is because if it didn’t happen great posts like this one would never be written. Not only do these sorts of posts get me to thinking but the comments made that follow them actually help me to learn more about myself sometimes and also they reaffirm that I’m normal or that I’m actually making good decisions. Because the good Lord knows that I do sometimes question myself 😉 For example, Julie’s comment way up there near the top confirmed that I surely am a type 2b! I’ve known from the get go that the vinyl plank flooring I am installing is not real wood even if it looks close to it and that it’s not going to last for the long haul. What it will do is allow me to have new flooring throughout the house until I can afford to do all the floors in something I really like (like real wood) in all the rooms and at the same time allow me to get these rooms into a state that I can live with. It’s a compromise but not necessarily a bad one despite what some of my “friends” said. Ha!

    I’m also aware, as I think you have realized, that my (your) tastes are (were) in a state of flux to some degree. I’m happy you’ve come to a full decision about the direction you are headed now. I probably left a comment or two that may have come across as a bit snarky in the past but I sensed your indecision about some things when you were working in your kitchen and I was offering a push to further thought not intentionally being snarky. So I am sorry if anything I said may have been taken differently than I intended.

    Lastly this post has raised some questions for me about working with designers (will be hiring one for my kitchen remodel in the future) and I’m wondering how changes are handled when working with a designer? What happens when a person might realize that the designer is pushing or has pushed one in a direction that one is not comfortable with? I mean really, if we change our minds in our own decorating adventures where would that leave one when working with a designer? Don’t people hire designers because they are unsure of their own decisions or if they are stuck on what they really want? Perhaps you could do a post on this sometime in the future?? Having never hired a designer (and having to bring one in from a great distance away because I live in a remote rural area) I wonder if someday you might write a post about the process of hiring a designer and what are real expectations from that sort of relationship and what are not? In the mean time, I love to learn about your thought process as it makes me look more deeply at myself and my goals. And I love the final conclusions of your work. Thanks!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    You go girl! Sometimes we DIY’s need to work through the creative process, which usually leads to changes. Besides, a year or ten from now you may decide you want to mix things up again…who is to say that desire is wrong?! I get it and so do sooooooo many others out there. You inspire and teach and that is why we love ya. 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    This is my first time commenting on your website, although I have been following you for months and look forward to seeing what you have to say and show us everyday.
    I really do like most everything you have done with YOUR place and that is just it, it is YOUR and Matt’s place. If you want to paint your living room 6 different colors then that is what you should do and no one should tell you any different or how to spend your money when doing it. If it was their money you were spending then complain all they want and until then quit being snarky.
    This blog is shared by Kristi with us and while I may not like everything she does, it is not my house or money and she can do whatever she wants to it as her taste is not mine or yours.
    I also remember a few months ago how Kristi told us that the living room was not completed and she would be doing more to it as it was a temporary fix and I can’t wait to see how she completes it. She has been an inspiration to me and I for one have learned numerous things from her so that when and if I want to do some DIY projects I will have the guidance I need.
    For you people being snarky, let’s see you spend hours renovating your house and blogging about it everyday and then see how you take to people sending you snarky remarks.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    I’m 49.5yrs old and do you know how many times I’ve changed direction with my own home(s) DIY projects AFTER I’ve created or painted or purchased a piece of furniture?!? Phu-leeze.

    Snarky people need to settle it on down. What I was totally IN LOVE with in my 20’s and reflected so beautifully (in my humble opinion) in my home with regards to decorating/renovations has changed and evolved into something else now in my 40’s. I have the same dresser from when I was a young girl, desk, bed frames, and some other things I have repurposed, repainted, restained and added and donated. Will I ever “finish” and say, “poke it and see if it’s done?” Probably not! Keep on doin what you’re doin sister!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    In my book if the project taught you something and it cost less than an education then you can do whatever you please with the objects. And I followed every bit of your fireplace project and built one for my new office. I have enough skills to build a house and all the things in it, so for me to find a blog that teaches me a new thing or two, well that’s absolutely priceless! Let the salty ones have their opinion, the others will always appreciate all the added time and effort you put in to help teach all of us a thing or two!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    The name of your blog is “Addicted to Decorating” so uhm I personally would expect you to decorate a room several times over the years. I knw one woman that changed her whole house every 2 years!
    And by the way, I love your blog and ideas! Don’t stop because of the ninnies of the internet!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Mrs Mike
    November 4, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    True confessions. I have been known to take on a “project” and become so overwhelmed, I need to go do a new, small project, that I accomplish quickly and fee better about. It’s such a relief to read that I’m not the only one who has done that (I feel you on your breakfast room!). And I guess it never occurred to me that if you ‘finish’ a room you can’t go back later and change it. What fun is paint and fabric if you can’t change it up once in awhile?! I have no plans to live in my rooms exactly as they are for the rest of my life 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    Kristi, please don’t ever let the snarks get your down. Please focus on the rest of us who adore what you do and are so inspired.

    That said, I confess when you said you wanted to do the lounge my eyes crossed a little and I wondered if you were heading for some kind of breakdown. *insert manic laughter here* However I would NEVER have gone as far as to question your decisions or criticize you for them. This is your house and your blog and your decision and therefore completely up to you. Those who live in glass houses etc. When the time comes to start work on the forever house I just know I am going to be unbearable.

    What I greatly admire today is that you would take the time to outline your reasons to us. You didn’t have to do that but it makes a great deal of sense and well now I know you aren’t heading for that breakdown I was worried about.

    Keep up your amazing work and your brutal honesty. I love you for both of those attributes.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Hi Kristi,

    Love all you put into your site and the work you do! One thought popped into my head when reading about the gold tables you made was to use them in your breakfast room by the fireplace area. Just a thought. I know you will make it all work. Go Kristi!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Peggy R
    November 4, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    I say it is your money, your time and your vision do what makes you happy. You have given me so much inspiration. I thought of you today when I was painting my kitchen, thinking Kristi would still be painting not taking a break. It pushed me to go farther.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    I have repainted the tiny half bath off our kitchen 6 times in the 4 years we have lived in this house. It took me forever to get it right because my style was evolving. Your house. Your money. AND you do all the labor.. You just keep on evolving and I’ll just keep on learning/enjoying your blog.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    I love what you do! No, your home is not decorated the way I’m doing mine (yes, I love decorating too) but frankly I love seeing how you work through problems that you encounter and come up with amazing ways to solve them!

    You really do think outside the box! As for the snarky comments….ah, they don’t need to stick around if they don’t like what you have to say. After all, we’re lucky enough to live on a free continent (I can’t say country ’cause you’re in the USA and I’m in Canada) and living where we do gives us the freedom to do what we like and say what we think. If we choose to change our plans….well, we’re allowed to do that!

    You really do watch your pennies when you do a project and I think we should all do the same thing. When I change my mind about something, I pass on whatever I can’t use to an organization that can. Same thing for clothing because I do buy a lot of it. If I find I’m not wearing something (or I’ve had a drastic weight loss to due illness), I pass the clothes on too. Yes, there are some people out there who benefitted from my change in decorating to my change in sizes. A financial loss to me? Yes, there is some since I’m not rich but I always donate what I cannot use.

    You pass on your knowledge to us and we thank you for that. As for your get-up-and-go attitude? There is no way most of us could ever keep up with you. If you want to work on your living room right now rather than the breakfast room, go right ahead!!! You’ll have a great place to sit down and rest in the evenings when you start on the breakfast room. Good thinking, Kristi!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      November 4, 2014 at 7:01 pm

      By the way, velvet is a beautiful choice for a sofa. I down-sized exactly a year ago and kept only 2 sets of living room/family room furniture for my tiny new home. My favorite couch of the two sets I kept? My beautiful velvet sofa!!

      However, I was foiled in that plan because it would not fit through the doorways of this much smaller home. What’s a girl to do? Change her plans, of course. I let people know that the couch was available and sitting out in my garage waiting for a new home. The couch found a new home (gratis!) with a needy family who was thrilled to have it. I get happy thinking about the happiness it brought them and the happiness it had given to me. Velvet is luscious!

      Keep on being the decorator we love! You inspire us!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Alicia Crum
    November 4, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Do these people never change their minds? I do all the time. As far as I’m concerned as long as my responsibilities are taken care of and I don’t mind spending a few extra of MY dollars and using my time to do it, then it’s no one’s business. You make your home beautiful to you and your husband.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Sorry if someone else also posted this, but I thought of you when I saw it:

    “A recent study conducted by home design site Houzz indicates that a well-designed home could be the key to your happiness.”

    “Furthermore, those homeowners who have remodeled or redecorated in the last two years indicated that they are happier, more relaxed, and tidier at home now than those who hadn’t refreshed their home recently.”

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    Some people are resistant to change, my husband being a prime example; through him, I understand how emotionally attached these types can get over objects and ideas. I’m an artist, I’m visual so maybe I know where you are coming from. Today’s perfection is tomorrow’s imperfection that needs a tweak or two. How in the heck can you sing your swan song if you can’t even practice your musical scores? People!

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      November 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm

      But I have to admit, I find entertainment in snark, so I guess I’ll have to go read the comments of the past few days. :)~

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      November 4, 2014 at 8:00 pm

      I have an old Henredon Hollywood Regency sofa that I would someday like to reupholster. I bought it from a donations/thrift store years ago and it’s stored in my Mom’s garage. My very-fixed-and-change-resistant-spouse isn’t as excited about it as I am. 🙂 Someday sighhhhhh!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Re: change

    Would anyone tell an artist
    “You may paint ONE painting, no more”?

    So why would a person think a room cannot be changed,tweaked,hey,completely overhauled????

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Well done! It’s ok to call down the snarky folks. Generally, we tend to ignore them cause that’s the POLITE thing to do. Its ok (and good) to call rudeness ….well, rudeness. Whatever the source. I for one LOVE the imagination, creativity and motivation your site encourages me (and all your other blog lovers) to take our personal efforts up a notch – to try, even if it doesn’t work out quite right and know that even in failure, we have learned something. Didn’t the same thing happen with Martha Stewart? Shame on you if you let someone make you feel inferior because they seem to have it ALL TOGETHER instead of taking what works for you and letting go of the rest. It’s true I don’t (seem to) have the budget you do for decorating and I can either let that make me ugly (snarky) or choose instead to learn thru you. After all, isn’t that why you started the blog? I suspect there will always be the snarky ones, just know that there are lots of us who appreciate what you do and how you do it. Blessings.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    I agree with you, Kristi, they can stick it and p**s on them if they don’t like what you do.
    You are a work in progress and have a wonderful imagination, skill and perserverance to your job at hand. You need to give no explanations to what you do. I love to read your posts and I think you are incredibly talented!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Go Kristi! You made no bones that the living room was a temporary solution. I enjoy your projects and the fact that you reuse, redo, and create from nothing. You have inspired me to begin assembling tools so I can do some on my own. I have been quiet as of late, not because I haven’t enjoyed what you have been working on, but because life has gotten crazy here.

    Take care.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    You go girl! I think re-purposing pieces into other rooms and giving them a whole new life is brilliant! I love how the things that you have made or purchased so far are finding new and beautiful uses as your vision of your home develops. I’m not a fan of “instant” rooms – part of the joy for me is the journey of finding all the pieces that make a house into a home. I also agree that all the haters can just stick it. I chuckled when I read that 😉 Also it reminds me of a funny story – my Hubby worked in retail for many years and had some very rude customers (literally swearing at him on the phone). He told them if they didn’t stop swearing he would introduce them to “Mr. Click” (aka hang up on them). And he has done it several times! If they want his business they need to behave properly. The haters need to learn that they need to behave properly too. Wouldn’t it be fun to have “Mr. Click” on your blog to “hang up” on the haters! :)~ I love your blog and read it every day with my morning coffee and in the evening when I unwind after work. It’s so fun to watch your progress, and I thank you most sincerely for sharing this journey with your readers. You are a true inspiration.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    lori jones
    November 4, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    what ever happened to being able to change ones mind???
    and you’re a designer for gosh sakes!! they change their minds all the time.Right??
    anyways it’s your house and you can do with it as you please!
    And i love your blog!!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    Ignore the haters! You amaze me! Your talent and hardwork is remarkable!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    I usually never comment on these things but oh boy.
    Don’t give any negative people/comments another thought.
    I have been crafty for 40 +years and I have to tell you I LOVE your site.
    I look forward to it and it inspires me to try DIY projects more often. You are incredibly talented!!! You go girl. Keep up the good work and do whatever you want!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Beth Langhans
    November 4, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    PEOPLE! Decorating is a constant process! Sounds to me as tho the snarks decorate and then keep it exactly that way for 5-10 years and THEN they change it. They don’t move a thing – it all just gathers dust.
    A true decorator/designer is constantly tweeking their decor and surroundings. Move this chair from this room to that one. Take this table from that corner and put it in the other corner. I painted a room THREE times in a MONTH until I got the exact shade I wanted (Just painting a swatch wasnt enough for me…but I have lived and learned)

    Kristi is KIND ENOUGH to share her process with us. It’s free. Take it or leave it. But PLEASE, if it is something you disagree with, keep your mouth shut and start your own blog.

    Thank you Kristi for your expertise. Keep up the great creative work and redo as much as you want!


  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    People w,Ho snark about this. Stuff Don’t realize that the creative process lends itself to change. You could take most of the stuff in your livingroom and move what you aren’t planning to redo into your family room. Or not. I’m sure you will do the right things. In 1971 I had a huge living room 12×20. I had 2 boys and no money.didn’t own a saw but did own a hammer.A husband in a Docroral program who never held a hammer and I desperately needed a coffee table. I called a lumber store , local, gave then
    M my measuments. For plywood. Nailed it together. Painted it and my kids ate, played, sat,on it etc. My boys even hid their little sister under it to scare me one day , till she yelled “it’s dark in here” When she was 4 my father in law turned it in it’s narrower end , it was 3ft by 5 feet , added bords of different sizes to it and made her a huge dollhouse, I decorated the rooms, when she outgrew that we turned it on its long side and are still using it to store things in th basement, tools, boxes of screws paint cans etc. My point is if you are creative even a rectangular box of plywlood doesn’t go to waste. Best 14.00 I ever spent…..DO YOUR THING KRISTI! I LOVE YOUE STUFF…..

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    I would never have thought I would like a green kitchen but I LOVE YOUR GREEN KITCHEN. I showed it to my husband and he really liked it too. I love watching what you are doing to your home and really like the barn style doors you have made. Anxiously awaiting the rest of your home. Good Job Kristi. and try to ignore the snarky comments. Some people don’t have manners.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    I get that you want to explain yourself….but this is YOUR home, YOUR money, YOUR projects, YOUR prerogative to do whatever the heck you want. You shouldn’t feel the need to explain to ANYONE why you do what you do. And for those who may not know, who died and made them experts anyway? I know you were a designer before you started this and to me you shouldn’t have to explain to anyone. Keep on doin’ what you’re doing! I’m lovin’ it!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Kristi- I am so sorry to hear about the snarky comments you got. (Why were they reading a design blog if they didn’t want to redecorate and improve their own space, anyway–sort of hypocritical of them, don’t you think?) Your JOB is to redecorate and design, and come up with all your great diy ideas and design inspiration for your readers! To criticize you for doing that would be as ridiculous as criticizing a food blogger for experimenting to improve her recipes! (She might make lots of mistakes and have to throw away lots of food in the attempt–oh no, LOL!)
    Keep up the good work. You are inspiring us women to try our hand at doing things that many of us thought we needed a man to do! And it is YOUR house, too, so, of course, you should do whatever you like, since you aren’t using taxpayer dollars, it isn’t as if you need to be accountable to us how you spend your time or money! Jeesh–we all redecorate and replace our décor -how often is “too often” or “too late” is all a relative thing anyway.
    By the way, I LOVE what you just did with your fireplace–it was nice before but now it is absolutely gorgeous! Who would have thought that a little bit of paint over those mosaic tiles could have worked such an amazing transformation. I am sure that there are many folks out there, with a “too busy” mosaic backsplash, who could really appreciate learning about your little, simple “tweak”!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Gloria S.
    November 4, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Kristi, atta girl!!!!!!! I have a colorful home….I love to paint, repaint, and paint some more!!!!! Please don’t stop because of all the negative people out there!! Life is way too short, be happy!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    I write a small, teeny, tiny blog about my DIY projects and our homes. I have had people get mad at me for getting rid of something I did and blogged about or repainting a piece of furniture that I did. It is my hobby. I am not emotionally attached to the furnishings I do. I look at them as learning opportunities and am not emotionally attached to the things I do. It always surprises me that what I do to my home or with my stuff makes others upset. I cannot imagine the amount of comments you have to plow through. Thanks for sharing what you do. Your transparency with the thought processes you go through is actually refreshing. It makes those of us who are not decorators like you to not feel so bad about our choices, rethinking, angst, and makeovers.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    I love your blog, Kristi!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Mimi Matthews Passionista At Large
    November 4, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    I didn’t read through all the comments so if this is repetitious, sorry. The thing that stood out the most in one of your blogs this week was your joy in being able to discover YOUR style and coming to know what you really like. More power to discovery! And changing things to adapt to new-found revelation. lol

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    You are AWESOME. Period.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    I kinda loved this post. I forget sometimes that I can borrow from one place in my home for another, and it will be so wonderful to see the new transformation along with watching out as you put the rest of your house together for the “extras” and how they’re used/reused.

    On that note, I’m wondering if your Greek key end tables child go into the sitting area of your breakfast room? And/or your bedroom?

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 4, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    For a long time I’ve been wanting to ask about that rug. I’d like to get one but I have a cat. I’m afraid she might want to sharpen her nails on it. Have you had this problem with your cats? Can you clean it at all?

    • Reply To This Comment ↓
      Kristi Linauer
      November 5, 2014 at 12:34 am

      Well,as you know all cats are a little different. They’re very strange little animals…LOL. But I can tell you that my cat with claws has never even once showed any little bit of interest in that rug. I thought it was going to be a huge problem, but it hasn’t been a problem even one single time. As far as cleaning, that’s a little more challenging, It is easy to vacuum, but if something gets spilled on it, that’s way more of a challenge. It’s just such stiff grass fibers that I can’t imagine actually being able to get down into all of the nooks and crannies with a rag to dab or bot up any spilled messes. I suppose it could always be taken outside and hosed off, and then left in the sun to dry, but the thing is super heavy and kind of a bear to move.

      • Reply To This Comment ↓
        November 6, 2014 at 6:04 pm

        I bought this exact rug from Overstock but with the black border for my living room. I absolutely loved it until my chihuahua started peeing on it. I don’t know if its because of the grassy smell it has and she thought it was part of the great outdoors. I’m really bummed because our dogs are inside dogs and I really liked the rug but now I can’t even use it. I wonder if anyone else has had that problem?

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Hi Kristi (and Comment section gang),

    You’re up to 152 comments as I write, so I’m not going to read them all. Please forgive me if I’m repeating a thread already discussed.

    I really want to comment about the difference between “snarky” and not, and extreme defensiveness. One of the best things about your blog is how open you are to your readers’ opinions. By all appearances you are ready to hear ideas, contemplate critique, change your mind without getting upset. I see you foster real communication on this blog.

    So I was surprised by your readers kind of flipping out on any kind of dissent expressed here. (And I’m talking about the comments in THIS post, not the previous one–I didn’t read those.) I thought you were quite clear in this post that you understood the concern expressed by some of your readers about changing your living room, and you offered such an excellent response. I LOVED this post. I read it to my husband because I thought it was so good, and what I want from a blogger.

    Why, then, did your readers seem to go on a rant the theme of which was largely, “This is HER blog and HER home and you should just mind your mean old business and go away if you don’t like something she does!”

    My perspective as a long-time blog-reader is that few bloggers really interact, especially maturely interact, in their comments section. The most intelligent ones actually WISH to hear others’ opinions in hopes that it will bring ideas, challenge notions, and ultimately — as one hopes all things will — improve them as people. I appreciate you for creating that atmosphere here.

    ALSO, though, I see blogs kind of as network television stations — able to put content out there by selling soap on the side. And as such, I believe consumers have a right to say their piece. I can’t stand that people said it nastily, but you’d probably rather know WHY someone was checking out than not. If you were not earning any money from your blog I’d say you had every right to tune any and every one out, but the income feature does put some obligation on you — which I’m guessing you think as well.

    To conclude, I’ve seen this kind of fanatical response from bloggers’ readership before and it always makes me feel defensive. In their support of you today your extremely nice readers got a little scary for me — like townspeople with their pitchforks. And I’m totally on your side. I really do think this is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time. Here or anywhere.

    Blah blah blah two cents.

    Love you! You’re my favorite blog!


  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Seems to me your explanation is also helpful to others who realize they need to change directions with a room or a project – or wish they could. As much as I like the idea of getting everything “done” once for all, other things just come up or a room doesn’t work the way one expects. That’s why following a blogger who knows how to do that is helpful.
    “Nester” another of my favorite bloggers does it all the time – moves things around sells them, or re-works them. Sometimes she’s tired of an arrangement, etc., or it just doesn’t suit her needs when there are changes in her family’s needs.
    I was so glad when you realized you needed to make changes to your living room – which is lovely – in order to make it compatible with the drama and sophistication of your kitchen. And I can’t imagine anyone saying “I’m through with you.” It’s easy to be superior while hiding behind a computer screen. It’s her loss.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 2:05 am

    I like how you do things! You have said that the living room was a phase 1 project and you werengoing back to it at some point. I think it is very wise to make phase one choices and live with them for a while. I can’t imagine going all in on a project only to find some part of it I wish I could do over but can’t cuz it was pricey. What I so appreciate about you and your projects is that you do try to be budget minded overall, yet splurging when something delights you or you need help. That is how normal people operate!! And that is why you are one of my top reads of the day!!

    P.s. I built a fireplace for my theater based on your fireplace!! I so appreciated the details you provided on the build!! Thank you!! 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Mary Anne Looby
    November 5, 2014 at 4:15 am

    Geeze louise, how did I miss all the snarky comments! I was sure I read all the responses. Oh well, here’s the deal, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything”. I think you are freaking lucky to have a husband who just goes with the flow. My husband is always happy with the status quo, but if you don’t keep moving and changing things, you grow stagnant. I am not running out buy new sofas all the time, as a matter of fact the one I have now is 23 years old, and I love it just as much as I did when I bought it. The sun in the condo in Cincinnati did a number on it, so it will have to be recovered, but I am going to have it done in canvas for our retirement house and will add other pieces to go with it. I will go from very formal to very casual, but everything I have will be repurposed or used somehow. People who are snarky have nothing better to do in their lives. Just hit the delete button. Blessings

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 8:43 am

    You are always an inspiration, no matter what you do. Your remodel is thoughtful, frugal and inspiring. I have told so many people about the painted couch! It looks fabulous and who would have ever thought of that terrific solution? So creative! Your house is coming together and you have done it all yourself. You have every reason to be proud of your decisions and of all the work you have accomplished so far.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Stupid people. They are forgetting that you are not an HGTV program. You are a homeowner who loves to decorate and has decided to share your projects via your blog. It’s your house and your money. I stopped doing really high-end design work partly because all of the extravagance didn’t sit well with me. For my own home, I am like you…I pick and choose what I splurge on (and it’s usually something I know I’ll love for a very long time), and for the stuff I know I’ll want to change frequently (rugs, pillows, etc.) I buy cheap or make. Then I don’t feel like I’ve wasted money when I’m tired of it a year later. And everything I’m finished with finds a new home either in a different room, family and friends, or charity. You’re not just pitching stuff willy nilly so I’m not sure why these people think you’re wasting money. And as far as time…this is what you love to do. You’re not wasting time any more than someone who quilts is wasting time when they finish one, just to give it away and start on another. Like any hobby, it’s the process as much as the finished product. I only skimmed your post above because I feel you have no need to explain anything to anyone or defend what you do to your own space with your own money. Those snarky people aren’t worth your time and energy. Have fun re-decorating your living room!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 9:27 am

    I like the firecracker in you. Because of you I started the HCG diet and don’t feel as afraid to start a DIY project. You rock. I would love to know how your P3 is going. I’m still in P2. Thank you for your blog and willingness to share yourself and your talents with “us”.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Wow! I don’t think you need to justify your choices, changes or design style to anyone. While we don’t all love the same things, we do need to respect each other. Keep going with your awesome creativity and don’t let the haters get you down.

    I find it interesting when i start reading one of your posts, and feel sad because you are changing something I love, but then find I love the change just as much. I loved the painted kitchen floors and plan on doing it in the future but agree with your design change for your kitchen. Just because something doesn’t work in your home doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. I also LOVE the change to the fireplace. I didn’t notice the fireplace before other than it was nice, but now it’s great!

    Keep doing your thing! You are so inspiring.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 10:49 am

    I think the name of your blog should be explanation enough. I mean, really, what do addicts do? They can never stop. 😉 Keep on decorating!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Oh Good Grief!! Kristi, It’s YOUR house, YOUR blog, YOUR budget. Nobody else’s and NOBODY’s business but yours. I do hope those with the knotted knickers will just please go away and leave us who love your openness, your blog and your work alone to enjoy it.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 11:42 am

    First and for most, love reading your blog! If the ‘snarky comment’ people had been reading as long as I have, they’d have known about the gift card purchased furniture, the thrift store sofa find (and painting of said sofa), plus the paint color ‘place holder’ until grass cloth wallpaper could be purchased (and the ceiling tiles taken down and the house/floor leveled, etc). While you certainly don’t owe any of us an explanation, it was kind of you to remind your readers of your past decorating choices. I’m sure you and Matt have enjoyed using the living room as it’s been decorated much more than if you’d left it ‘as is’ when you took possession of the house at closing!

    Thanks for letting us tag along on your decorating journey.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    This is what Kristi “does”. I can’t comment on how much if any money is made from the blog. But clearly the site is dedicated to decorating. I am excited to see every project she undertakes, even if it’s because she changed her mind. If she just finished her house room by room, it wouldn’t be long before she ran out of things to write about. Bloggers like “Young House Love” actually move to a new house every few years just so they CAN keep decorating. Most of those blogs don’t even show you the reality that Kristi is so popular for. Their shot may be perfect but the rest of their room is painted last month’s color and all the tools they used to complete that project are piled in the corner off camera. I love that Kristi tells us the truth about the chaos of renovation. And the the truth is, sometimes a room doesn’t turn out like you wanted, or it’s a temporary fix, or maybe you even just changed your mind!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Nice job on the room. The couch looks awesome. I think the chairs in the back look great and would not have paid any mind to the back construction until you mentioned it.

    Question: How does the paint feel when you sit on the couch? If you were to wear shorts, would you *stick* to the couch? (Kind of like one does when sitting on a Naugahyde couch? )

    Is it safe to sit on? For instance, if one *does* stick to the couch, is that person in danger of some kind of chemical exposure?

    The reason I ask this question is: I live in a warm/ oh S*#t it is hot, kind of climate and often wear shorts. Sticking to slick surfaces is not abnormal in this kind of heat. Your painting solution was brilliant!

    Oh, I also LOVE that you try brave designs and *try* them out. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have begun a project, be it sewing something or refinishing furniture, and I come to a fork in the project road and get stuck trying to decide which direction I would like to go. Sometimes the only thing to do is *pick* a direction and go with it. Most times I love it. But a couple projects I have been disappointed with and now I get the opportunity to redo it when I have time.

    I LOVE how you show every step to your projects and even though I would never want a *green* kitchen, it looks GREAT!!

    Your a artist and a craftswoman. Your instructions and your step by step *how-to* details and what tools you use to create your transformations inspire me!

    Perhaps what the snarky people’s are comments are actually they LOVE the room and are sad you are changing it? Perhaps, you can have a drawing for the people who want to enter for a chance to win the lovely drapes you spent so much time making and a pallet list of colors to *recreate* this room in their own home? (unless you already have plans for them.)

    Many artists have painted on top of their own paintings. These rooms are YOUR canvases.

    I am excited to see your new room,


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    November 5, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Well, that just proves it. Some people are complete idiots. Actually, when you break down those comments they are rather laughable. And if you can distance yourself from them, they are actually more about that person that wrote them than you. As an Interior Designer myself, I am constantly changing up my world. I will paint, re paint. Move my furniture around. Sell it. Buy different stuff. Oh well. Its my life.

    Lets all enjoy the life we choose to live. After all, we only get one! xox

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Thanks Kristi!
    You’re right, you didn’t need to explain/justify ANYTHING! But, thanks just the same. 🙂

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    You don’t owe anybody any kind of explanation at all concerning what you do with your time, your money, and your house. I can’t really say that I am surprised by the snarky comments…our entire society has gotten a lot more snarky it seems. Sad really. As for changing things as you go along, I do it all the time. I think we go thru phases in life and it takes a while to find your style. As for the all the snarkers who love drama…not my circus, not my monkeys.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    I think what bothers me about the comment you quote is not the snark necessarily, because girl, gonna be haters. I think what bothers me is the attitude that “real decorators get it right the first time, and anyone who wants to tweak their work is obviously not a professional.” First of all, it is that attitude that makes people feel paralyzed to try new things in their homes: they’re afraid to experiment for fear of making a mistake. Second, it’s just not true. Professional decorators tweak their work all the time (Emily Henderson is a fantastic example of this). Some of them just don’t ever admit it.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Kristi I love your blog. If you choose to burn $20.00 bills in your fire pit – that’s your decision. I can’t believe how rude people can be. I read a lot of blogs – A LOT! If I see something I don’t like or doesn’t interest me, I move on. I don’t leave snarky comments. The only time I get snarky is when a blogger runs a contest and you have to like them on facebook, like them on twitter, buy supplies their children are selling and dance naked in the woods to enter their “contest”. I’m not on facebook and I don’t tweet. I thought they would be happy I faithfully read their blog but they wanted more and I did snark. One blogger told me about her heinie and how hard she worked to get the contest and was quite rude. I no longer read her blog. You are always so kind and so helpful if I ask a question. Don’t let the snarky people get you down. Remember all the people who love you and love reading your blog – I am one of them.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I can TOTALLY understand where you are coming from in wanting to re-do a finished room. I also bought a home that needs a ton of work that I am doing mostly by myself and there were A LOT of quick decisions made just to get the house livable. All of the walls had to be painted to cover grim and dirt (it was gross!!) and all of the floors had to be ripped out. After months of living with my original choices I’m now going back and changing some of them. Yes that means repainting rooms that are only a few months old but who cares?! It’s my house, it’s my free labor and I’d rather invest a little bit more of my time and money into a room and make it perfect (to me) than have to look at a room that I just don’t love!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 5, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    Kristi, some people are just are programmed to be negative. I consider you a professional. You are a blogger and DIY expert. You show people potential of what can be. I totally get it! You are a blogger and this is your job. I cannot tell you how many blogs I follow and when they have redone their homes and nothing else to redo they move and start over or redo the room to perfect it. Who wants to reread and see the same content over and over again. Keep doing what you do! It’s your house and your blog. It is a free country and the winers and so forth, well they can just move on down the road. FYI, I would not want anyone to look in my closet and see how many curtains, bedding, home decor I have bought that just did not work out as I planned. It is all a process.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 6, 2014 at 8:11 am

    I just wanted you to know that the fact that you would go back and re do things inspires me. When you ‘mess things up’ inspired me. I get so caught up in making sure I do something perfectly, that I wind up not doing it at all. The idea that you could start a project, not like what you did, AND START OVER!! or go in another direction just blew my mind. You’ve taught me that instead of thinking “it should be done this way” I can think “what happens if I do this?”

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    November 6, 2014 at 8:12 am

    I didn’t read all of the above comments, so if this sounds repetitious, I apologize. I would like to say that artsy/creative people, being one myself, tend to change their minds often. It may be subtle or it may be obvious. Our minds are always working and I don’t see that as a bad thing. I cannot imagine what you’ve just been through with that kitchen remodel. I give you all the credit in the world, because there’s no way I could have ever convinced myself (or my husband) that I could take on something like that. I understand that you don’t want to dive in to another huge project like that right away. Sometimes a girl just needs to relax a bit!

    I think that because we do not personally know bloggers – we don’t see or hear them, except through a computer, that we tend to forget our manners. Kristi – I love watching you work. I think you do a beautiful job. My taste is not your taste and vice-versa, but I so appreciate everything you do and am so tickled when it turns out the way you imagined it. I LOVE that you LOVE your kitchen. My dream kitchen looks very different from yours, but I am celebrating with you that your kitchen is all that you imagined it would be! Ladies, if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, it’s a pretty good indication that you should keep your thoughts to yourself on someone’s page! This is Krisit’s blog, it’s HER house, it’s HER life and this is HER livelihood! While her plans may not be what you would do, be respectful! And appreciate the differences and uniqueness in people! If we were all the same, how boring would that be??? Thanks for all you do, Kristi!! Make your house the way you want it! I would!!!

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    November 6, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    It is your home and decorating adventure that you’re sharing with us. People need to appreciate that fact and keep their negative opinions to themselves. If it bugs them, don’t read the blog/Facebook posts. Go find someone else to be negative with.

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    November 6, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Life is learning with each step we take. You know what you want, maybe not at first but through your trying things and learning from that you keep going forward. It truly is a shame that people only want to lash out at those creative ones who sure make our world more beautiful. Thank you for sharing and giving the rest of us ideas! You are amazing at all you try and do!!!!! Many blessings to you on this journey of making this house your home!!!!

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    Naomi Williams
    November 6, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    One more thing: This is your HOBBY. I’d like to know what the snarks of the website do with their extra money. Drink rare bottles of wine? Buy pedigreed poodles? Go to the casino every week? One woman’s hobby is another one’s waste.

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    November 6, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    I myself was wondering why you are revisiting a room that seems complete instead of moving on to something more unfinished, but I totally get what you mean by feeling overwhelmed with starting a new room with so much to do! Sometimes you just need to work on what feels right at the moment. I find that I make the most progress on jobs that I’m in the mood to do. Motivation is sometimes the most important ingredient. I love your blog and always look forward to seeing what you will do next. You are an inspiration!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    Amanda Harne
    November 6, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    I made a comment on your Facebook page, without actually reading the article. Basically I said do whatever you want with YOUR house. AND I said that if it weren’t for all these projects, you would be out of a blog. NOW that I have read the article. I have to say that I am so glad it’s you doing all these changes and not me. I want to learn from your change of minds, without having to change my mind. you’re awesome! that is all.

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    November 11, 2014 at 9:03 am

    Well done. Well said. Keep on doing what you do. Those of us who ‘get it’ will continue to follow you!

  • Reply To This Comment ↓
    December 17, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    I do think to an extent you do owe your readers an explanation of your plans. This is not at all to be offensive but because you do make money from the blog (nothing at all wrong with that) it does open you up for scrutiny that you may have to respond to on occasion. That being said I think this is a very good response. I have completely renovated and decorated one home and I am working on my second. I cant tell you the number of times I changed a paint color or changed out furniture because what I thought I liked at one point in time no longer appealed to me. Its human nature to grow and change and have your ideas change as well.

    Now whether or not its ‘wasteful’ is all in how you go about it. I bought and sold furniture from craigslist etc, so I never lost much cash in those endeavors and in some cases, made a little after fixing something up, or like you moved it from room to room etc.

    Paint is paint, you cant recoop money on it but I have found there is no real way to completely decide on a color without living with it in its full glory. I do an extensive amount of paint testing with taping swatches to walls for weeks to see how they look in different lights, then doing giant patches on every wall to see what it looks like all over but… the lighting looks different throughout the year and as time goes by you may start to see a color in a different way than when you first put it up.

    You also cannot always see the finished product in your head, you may get to the finished product and change a lot of big things to perfect it. Thats just part of reno and decorating in my opinion, a room evolves over time to become better and better. It helps us use our brains for new ideas and plans and growth to make something very beautiful. Plus if we just did everything and left it as it was it would be a rather boring time sitting at home watching tv now wouldnt it? lol