A Few Living Room Updates

I don’t know if you noticed, but last week when I posted my finished fireplace, I strategically focused just on the fireplace and didn’t show any of the rest of the room.  That’s because the rest of the room looked like a tornado went through.  I had furniture shoved up against the walls, tools spread out everywhere, random piles of rogue tiles here and there, paint cans, and much more.

I finally got the room put back together last night, so now I can show you without being terribly embarrassed.  🙂  Of course, I took these this morning, and it’s really overcast today (rainy and cold), so I had no sunlight coming through my windows.  But you’ll get the idea.

Here’s how the room looks as of two hours ago from the front door.

living room with fireplace 1

Now you’ll probably notice three things right off the bat.  First, I forgot to put the chair rail trim and baseboards back on the fireplace wall.


I was working like a busy little bee getting the room all put back together, painting the trim around the hearth, cleaning up my mess, putting tools away, etc.  I finally finished at about 10:00 last night.  I put my last remaining item away, and came back into the room just to admire my progress (and the cleanness of the room for the first time in over two weeks), and my eye went right to that missing trim.  I was like, “DANG IT!!  I forgot the trim!!!

But there was no way I was going to drag out my miter saw at 10:00pm and install trim, because that would lead to caulking, and that would lead to priming, and that would lead to painting, and that would mean that I would get to bed at around 1:00am.  That wasn’t gonna happen.

Secondly, you’ll notice that I’ve decided for sure to use the Texas bluebonnet painting.

living room with fireplace 2

And I know that some of you will disagree with this decision, but I am definitely going to have a larger print on canvas made of it.  I just think it’s way too small to go above the fireplace.

Many of you suggested matting it (or even using more than one mat) to make it appear larger.  I didn’t remember ever seeing a matted oil painting (although I have seen oil paintings in frames that have a linen or velvet liner that looks like a small mat), so I asked my mom about it.  She said no, you do not ever mat an oil painting.  (And you’re never supposed to put an oil painting under glass, either.)  I did a quick search, and found this info on Weston Art & Framing:

Do I need a mat and why?

Generally speaking, yes you need a mat. If you are framing any art on paper, such as watercolors, posters, photographs, newsprint, certificates, etc. a mat is a key element in the final presentation. Mats can also be used in collectable framing and shadowboxes, but never with oil paintings, acrylic paintings or other art on canvas.

Since matting was out of the question, my only other option is to have a print on canvas made of it so that it’ll be the right size.

Anyway, the third thing you might notice is that I’ve done something a little different with the window treatments.

living room with fireplace 3

Yesterday, I finally got my hardware (cord pulleys and cord locks) installed on the fabric Roman shades that I made, so now they’ll open and close with ease, and without me wrapping the cord around the window lock in order to keep them open.

And then I remembered a picture of a living room that someone sent me (thanks, Darlene!) that had both fabric Roman shades and bamboo Roman shades, so I thought I’d try it out.  Turns out, I really love it!

The wood Roman shades still let in a bit of light when they’re down, while the fabric Roman shades completely block out the light, so they really serve two different purposes.  And when the fabric shade is open, it gives the appearance of a valance over the wood shade.  So I think I’ll live with it this way for a while and see how I like it.

So now that the fireplace is done, I can move on to the last two remaining big projects in this room.  First, reupholstering the beast.

living room sofa needs reupholstering

(And yes, there’s my missing trim that I found.  I put it there so that I won’t be able to sit down on the sofa without being reminded that that task still needs to be completed.)  😀

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m procrastinating on the sofa project.  😀

Okay, I’m sure you’ve noticed.  The truth is that that project completely overwhelms me.  But I just need to grab the bull (or the beast) by the horns and get it done.

And then, of course, I need to finish up my window treatments for the big window.  Right now, I feel like I’m living in a fish bowl every night when I have my lights on and my window is completely bare.  I desperately need window treatments on that window.

Once those two remaining big projects are done, I can accessorize this room (I still need lamps and a few other pretty things), finish up a few smaller projects, and call this room done for now.

But right now, in this moment, rather than focusing on all of the stuff that I still need to do (because I can beat myself up with that stuff all day long if I allow my mind to go there), let’s just take a moment and see how far this room has come.

Here’s how it looked the day that we bought it.

Living room 03 - resized

And today…

living room with fireplace 1

It looks and feels more like “home” to me with each passing day.  🙂

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  1. Though I love the Roman shades, I was worried that they would compete with the oil painting too much. I think it will be great to have it blown up and to have those shades as valences instead. With them down I felt like the sunburst mirror was a better choice. I love seeing you work through these decisions and go back and forth on things until it’s right. Makes me wonder who all these people are who supposedly get it right the first time!

  2. Such an amazing transformation, Kristi! Much warmer and full of personality. It’s a completely different room! I do love that picture and glad you’ll be able enlarge it for your space. I like the window coverings too, I never would have thought to put the two roman shades together but they really work!

  3. Looking fabulous. I really like the matchstick blinds under your fabric shades. Can’t WAIT to see the couch project!

  4. I was wondering if you will have an issue with the the chair being in front of the window air. I have window air as well and would love to “hide” the window unit but thought putting something in front of it would prohibit circulation of the air and also if a person sat there, they’d freeze! 😉 I love what you have done with the room! Looks amazing!

  5. Wow, what a change, from the first picture to now. Before, the room seemed small but you made it look bigger. The shades are beautiful and I am sure you will enjoy them once it gets hot outside.

    Great work. Cannot wait to see your next project 🙂

  6. You’ve come a long way in a very short time! Amazing number of projects completed already!
    I love the blue bonnet painting and I think it’s the perfect choice. I have a similar one hanging over my fireplace right now. I love blue bonnets!
    I have a question for you; how and where do you get prints made from paintings? I have several old paintings my late sister did that I would love to have printed and color corrected as the oils have yellowed terribly over the years.
    I’d appreciate any advice you have.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Obviously a great job Kristi. I love that painting would you consider selling copies like you are getting made? As for the sofa: I know it seems overwhelming now. Maybe if you start with the cushions it will inspire you to complete the whole thing (on your mom’s schedule of course)!

  8. I love it!!!! And I love that you are using the oil painting. I guess I missed the post where you asked for opinions on the painting and it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, but I thought I’d throw in another suggestion… Have you thought about framing or mounting it on something else? Something larger? A few things that I have done, but know are not your style are 1. hanging an old window in the spot and then hanging the picture/painting in the middle or 2. making a lager “plaque” out of barn wood and then hanging the picture/painting in the middle or 3. finding and hanging a cool frame that is much larger than the actual piece that just hangs around it. Those are all things that I have done in my home that help when something isn’t the right scale for the space. I find something that is the right size and “layer” the items on the wall. I know my examples are completely NOT your style, but they are ideas. Everything you do is beautiful, so I’m sure whatever decision you make will look amazing!!!!

    1. I agree with you, Leslie! I had the same idea of putting a ‘frame’ around it by attaching it to the wall. It could be as plain or as ornate as you like, and wouldn’t damage the original. It would also be a lot cheaper option than doing a canvas print.

      1. I too love the suggestions you made Leslie! But I think we all know, the biggest thing is it doesn’t really matter how much we love something, it HAS to be the style of the person decorating, -otherwise it just doesn’t come off as nice as we think it does. lol…My style is to layer things too. I just did an electric fireplace “redo” and mantle surround myself (nothing compared to Kristi) and I layered it. I LOVE it but I know others might say “way too much!”. And that’s okay. We can have our own style, love it and yet appreciate other styles. I love Kristi’s clean style and actually I so wish I could do it!!! But every time I try, I slowly add more and more! I like being surrounded by “things” I enjoy. I don’t think Kristi would be happy with it unless it was exactly like she envisioned. Larger. And as long as it’s done by a professional that cares it shouldn’t be damaged in the least and well worth the money to make it as you want it. Can’t wait to see the finished product Kristi!

        1. Oh Ginger, I agree. I hope my comment didn’t come off as know it all. My home is a 125 year old farm house that has some victorian touches with a bit of bad remodeling tucked in along the way. I am making decorating decisions based on the character of my home and trying to use what I have and not break the bank. I knew as I suggested those things that they wouldn’t be specific things that would fit her style, but more ideas. Kristi does a beautiful job, and although my style and the period of my house doesn’t mimic what she has and does, I do appreciate and get lots of ideas from the things that she does.
          I only made the suggestion because I do think that it is a beautiful piece of art and I would love for her to be able to incorporate the original. You are right, though. If she has a vision for it to be larger and it works for her, then she won’t be happy until it is done that way.

          1. Leslie, no worries, you didn’t “sound like a know it all”. In fact you stated that you knew your suggestions “weren’t (her) style”. It’s always great to have ideas to mull over in your head, often they are the spring board for our imagination. I was thinking along the same lines as you. I like the idea of a group of shutters with a collage of items. A boxwood wreath, or something green, would complement the colors in the painting. There’s just something magical about having the original painting hanging in your home.

  9. What a difference! I KNOW the house is feeling the love and it shows! I love the matchstick blinds under the roman shades ~ perhaps some on the front window as it waits for the drapes? And (of course) I had a couple of Qs – (1) what happened to your lotus mirror idea? And (2) what is that hole in the ceiling (toward the wall that has the fireplace now – over from the light fixture) in the before picture and how did you fix it? Good luck tackling the “beast” – I have a chair I want to tackle so I am eagerly awaiting your illustrated instructions.

    1. The lotus mirror is currently sitting on the console table in the entryway. I’m not sure if it’ll stay there, or if I’ll put it above the credenza in the hallway. Everything is kind of fluid right now. 🙂

      The hole in the ceiling is the vent for the heating ducts. 🙂

      It’s still there, but it’s just barely out of frame in the “after” pictures.

  10. Was so hoping you would use the bamboo shades with the Romans. the more function you can get out of a treatment the better, eh. Gives so much more value to the Romans to have the texture of them pulled up and the rich brown picking up the mantel etc. The panels on the large windows seemed to be competing with the flat value of the Romans. Seems that there could be many creative ways to make the painting have more heft without “matting” it and a shame not to utilize the real thing. Could it be mounted on an MDF creation you come up with?

    1. I’m sure I could have come up with a solution, but I have this very clear vision in my head of how I want my mantel to look. And you know how it is when you have a clear vision and goal. Nothing else will do. 😀

  11. The fireplace looks beautiful. I think the tables beside the chairs are too big. It looks crowded. I would not have any or find smaller ones. Maybe something like a plant stand with small pedestal with round table top the same height as the chair arms. Everything is square so round top would be nice. I love the floor lamps so much that you bought for the room that I bought one too. Love your taste.

  12. I have reupholstered a loveseat before. It took a while but it wasn’t too awfully bad; however, it turned out great but I sware I will probably never tackle one again unless I HAVE to.

    I know you would probably never consider slipcovers because they tend to look sloppy and I don’t like “sloppy” either. I have never used slipcovers because of that reason alone. However, SureFit does have a lot of “stretch” slip covers that are form fitting at really reasonable prices. They have them in a wide variety of colors too. You might take a look to just see if there is something that would save you money and lots of time, sweat and frustration. I just ordered some myself (though I did not get stretch ones) to cover my new furniture (I won’t go into the details of why, it would take all day, lol) and I can’t wait to get them to see how they fit. Anyway, just a thought and you can always send it back if you don’t like it.

    1. I actually did look at slipcovers a while back, but the ones I liked were over $100, and that was almost 1/2 the amount of the fabric I had decided on at that time for the sofa. I wasn’t willing to give up that much of my fabric money for something temporary. 🙂

      Of course, now here I am two months later, and I’m being completely indecisive about fabric. *Sigh*

  13. I love it! I like the window treatment combination, I am seeing wood or bamboo roman shades in combination with drapes, valances and fabric shades and approve. Thank you for turning me on to the Providence bamboo roman shades at Home Depot, I just installed five 31″ Providence shades last week. Before I found them (through you, Kristi) I was making up four-figure shopping carts at places like Smith + Noble. Altogether they were less than $150 and luckily they fit like custom. However, I have seen you modify them and would do this if I had to.

    1. I’m so glad you like those shades, Brenda! I think I’ve used them in every single project (both my own, and clients’ homes) ever since I found them a few years ago. They’re my absolute favorite, and I love the fact that they offer complete privacy at night.

  14. Kristi, I have to say I was not a super big fan of just the fabric roman shades myself, but I LOVE the combination of both :]

    I just can not stop looking at that fire place!

  15. I love how the living room has come together! Where is the beautiful mirror that you built? Is it going to a totally different room now? Great job, I love seeing what you going to come up with next!

    1. The mirror is currently sitting on the console table in the entryway. I’m not sure if it’ll stay there, or if I’ll put it over the credenza, which will soon be the star of the hallway. 🙂

  16. I love that the bamboo shades are back! I love the warmth they give to the room. I missed them so much. Hah! The room look great! Can’t wait to see the couch project..

  17. Where are your lamps? What if u painted a large frame with one of the colors in the painting and place the painting in the center. And maybe but some scones on each side. To me it is deffinently too small. Enjoy your work

  18. Have a print made on canvas of the painting, and then convince your mom to “embellish” it. A few brushstrokes here, a few there, maybe 5 minutes total of painting, and you won’t be able to tell it’s not an original.

    Love the room!!

  19. Have you considered painting your couch? There are some great websites that explain how to do this. My sister was given a sofa and loveseat that had belonged to her mother-in-law, so they had sentimental value, but she didn’t like the outdated floral pattern on them. The upholstery was still in good condition though, so she painted them and they look fabulous! Something to consider.

  20. Addition of the shades was the absolute right choice. You needed that extra dimension and texture after adding the fireplace with the tile surround and hearth.

  21. Good Morning,
    I love what you have done so far. Wondering where are the beautiful lamps you made? They looked great on the gold tables. Also, I am so glad you decided to try out the combo of the 2 shades. I love the look. And like some of the other commenters, I’m curious where your lotus mirror is going. Maybe above the console table you made? Anyway, as always, great job! Have a Blessed Day and stay warm today…crazy Texas weather we are having.

  22. The room is looking GREAT, Kristi! Funny, I was thinking just last week about asking if you were going to try the bamboo blinds under the roman shades. I really like the way they look; the roman shades add some warmth back into the room and echo the other wood tones in the mantel, floor, and table legs.

    I reupholstered a sofa many years ago, and yes it was a bugger and took several weeks, but doing it myself allowed me to hang the skirt from just below the cushions, which was a higher end look, plus I got exactly what I wanted without having to pay a custom price. I paid $200 for a beautiful cotton/silk fabric at a wholesale fabric store and it has lasted for years. I’m sure you and your mom can knock it out quickly. The hardest part really is the cushions; everything else is just either removing staples or stapling the fabric back into place. Since the sofa has a tight back, you’ll only have the three cushions, so that will speed things up. Are you planning to use the old cover as a pattern? That’s what I did, and it worked very well. I also took detailed pictures as I was de-constructing the sofa for reference when I put the new cover back on. Have you decided on a fabric for the sofa yet? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. After taking a second look at the room, I am once again full of admiration for your talent and skills. Everything in that room except the two chairs and the sofa, you have made yourself. WOW. You ARE A-MAZ-ING.

  23. I did noticve the difference in the window treatments and I really like the look. I also love the whole look of the room. It’s pretty, creative and restful. I feel like I’d love to take a good book and settle in to relax for the afternoon.

  24. I so admire all that you have been able to accomplish with your remodeling. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to share with all of us out here in internet land! I do have a suggestion…. I think that you need some round shapes in your living room. Maybe the two end tables could be replaced at some point. I love all that you have done. Just wanted to be of some help. I love decorating and remodeling too. Keep up the good work!

  25. You have come so far, I absolutely love the matchstick shades with the fabric ones. The sofa will surely be a daunting task- I can understand putting it off!
    I love what you have done with the room, but I must agree with another commenter. With all of the other changes in the room- I feel that the side tables dwarf those beautiful chairs you have flanking the fireplace. I think they would be perfect in a room with the green credenza and the lotus mirror! They all played so nice together.
    Love what you have done! You continue to inspire…

  26. Your comments are like sitting next to you …reading your mind. Your creativity is so inspiring as your determination is so awesome…I appreciate your perspective of decorating and your talent.

  27. Wow….what a transformation….your room is looking beautiful! I am so excited to see what you do with your sofa…I know it will be spectacular! I love your shades & blinds….your lamps and the painting….it’s all coming together so gorgeous!
    Keep up the great work….

  28. love the picture,move it to one side than,add candles,maybe a bird house, a bird nest,a small blue bird.to the mantle.maybe small mirrors on the wall beside the picture,etch,a tree in one mirror a bird,in the other use round mirrors and maybe a square one,did you ever etch? me neither but sounds fun what im trying to do is have things that relate to the tree picture , but not have it look like a store.

  29. Kristi, The room is just lovely. You are an inspiration to all of us. I am excited to see the sofa and curtains BUT you must take care of YOU also. You are not a robot. Breaks are so important for body and mind. (missing trim a case in point. You forgot it because it was late and your mind was saying enough already! Lol) Take a break and enjoy your room and your hubby!

  30. I love it!! I have just used a similiar blue in my living room and kitchen…and love it.
    It was a big change from the dark brown that we had before.
    I am still pulling the room together…as one change leads to more changes.
    Your room is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  31. Ah, Kristi: I have so much to say, so many compliments to relay, such AWE, that I had to boil it down a bit: Y’know the word ‘transformative?’ Well, you’re it!

  32. What an amazing difference you have made! You definitely chose the right painting. Make sure you mother has signed it. I love everything, but think the matchstick blinds take away from the softness of the room, however, the curtains on the big window may bring it back. I had been thinking that the art mirror was perfect for the entrance wall, and still do, bout I now realize it will not work with the wainscoting. I would like to suggest that you do not use the wainscoting on the entrance wall and paint that whole wall the same color. You could still use the wainscoting on the other three walls. That would also keep the wainscoting from detracting from your beautiful console table. Just wondering.

  33. Oh, Kristi! What an amazing transformation! It is such fun traveling along with you. I agree the painting is too small and no matter what you do (except for doing an enlarged print) it will remain small. I’d love to see it larger and an eye catcher all on its own!

  34. I’d been waiting to see the whole room, and I have to say it looks wonderful. I think your mother’s painting gives us a hint of where you got your talent and eye for decorating.

    I have a couch I’d like to reupholster, so I’m looking forward to learning how to do that from you.

  35. Hi Kristi. Great job so far. I only perused the comments and didn’t read them thoroughly, so I’m not sure you or someone else has addressed this, but as a graphic designer who works for a multi-platform printer, I recommend calling your local print shops for pricing on scanning and printing your mother’s oil painting. They can give you lots of options from printing directly on canvas or a textured paper. A coworker recently got married and she took one of the photos and had it enlarged. We printed it digitally on a felt finish paper from Mohawk or Strathmore I believe. Your local printer will have sample books and tons of ideas that might not break the bank.

    1. Thanks for those suggestions, Dana! I actually had my mom order the print on canvas from a professional photo lab that she uses. (She’s a retired professional photographer.) We ordered it yesterday! Yay! So excited for it to get here!

  36. Absolutely beautiful! I am in love with the blue! I am really looking forward to your posts about reupholstering the couch as I have a similar project that I am scared to death to tackle. You have really inspired and encouraged me to take on projects that I would have previously thought we impossible. Please keep posting and frankly I hope that you never run out of ways to improve and decorate your house because I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog everyday. It keeps me motivated when my own projects try to drag me under. Your “go get ’em” spirit is infectious!

    1. Yep, there was one there. 🙂

      It’s now sitting on the console table in the entryway. But it might end up above the credenza in the hallway. I haven’t really decided just yet. 🙂

  37. Such a wonderful transformation! I can’t believe you’ve gotten so much accomplished so far! What are your plans for the green credenza and floor lamps that once appeared in the living room? I’m curious to see where they wind up!

  38. Absolutely love the way your room is coming along. The matchstick blinds are a great addition to the room. The color, the texture – a great addition. While I was not so enamoured of the bluebonnet painting as opposed to some of the others, it’s still a beautiful work. And I agree that to show its beauty off to greatest advantage your strategy of having the painting enlarged is a smart one. You inspire me!

  39. I love to see and hear how you are putting your room together. I think about ideas, but never seem to get my butt in gear and do them. I love the colors and contrasts that you chose, but MOST of all, I am in love with your ottoman!! What a fabulous piece with a great size and color. Jealous. 🙂

  40. Oh my! So. much. better. I know about procrastinating on projects that you are not quite sure about. I am just finishing slipcovers for two love seats and I had to make myself get started and just force myself to keep going when I felt lost. It feels so good now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  41. Your talent and energy are amazing. The room is looking great, especially the fireplace. I have the same question as Lori: How and where do you get a painting enlarged on canvas?

  42. Can’t get over how great that FP looks. A blow up of that painting is going to bring even more comfort into the room. Love the new look of the windows. Now I am thinking those end tables are a bit too bulky for the chairs and a bit too tall. They are really nice, but just not in this room. I don’t think you even need end tables there. But then, what do I know. I can’t even figure the placement of my own living room furniture after 5 years in this house…oh, never mind….

  43. I love the addition of the darker matchstick blinds. The color and texture really look great with the room. The sofa looks nice with all the decorating changes you have made. I understand the approach/avoidance of tackling an upholstery project. There is no hurry, since the sofa looks nice as it is. I have reupholstered multiple times and I am always glad when they are done and it is easier than making a slipcover to me. Sometimes I hesitate on an upholstery project and realize it is because I am just not as in love with the fabric as I thought. So taking your time is sometimes a good thing.

  44. Kristi, if I were near you geographically, I would come over and help you with the sofa. I’m not sure if you’re going to reupholster it, or slipcover it, but I slipcovered a sofa for a friend of mine, and it is a huge job. I did it all by myself, and man would I have loved some help! It’s not terribly difficult, but working with all that fabric was cumbersome. All that said, I have total faith that you will be able to kick butt on that sofa and make it a work of art like the rest of the room!

  45. The wooden roman shades really complement the stained mantle on the fireplace. Really brings a nice balance. The bluebonnet picture has perfect colors for the room and really ties in the fabric! Beautiful!

  46. LOVE– LOVE the happy feeling I get seeing these colors you’ve chosen for this room !!!
    Really like the contrast of the classic white against the blue and touches of brown in stain and shades set it off,,, WINNER HERE! Know you are thinking about lamps on those tables, but my brain was thinking maybe using them elsewhere in the room and using good looking simple pole lamps to fill the height beside each chair might work? It could open the space and draw more attention to that fabulous new fireplace you worked so hard on 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide to use for the sofa– gotta tell you I like the fabric on the window treatments so much, would that be a possibility?
    Where you getting your energy, woman? Lol

  47. This is gorgeous. What a difference the blue makes on the walls to the cohesive look of the room. The brown/chami colored didn’t spice it up enough.

    I used a blue in my bathroom and went to view the chips at home depot of the color on your walls. it’s amazing how my eyes read blue on the site but green on the paint chip. I know it’s really a blue and will read based upon the colors around it.

    it impresses me your skill at making everything come together, the fabric, paint, furniture, etc.

  48. The transformation is awesome even if it’s not done yet. I agree the oil painting over the fireplace needs to be larger probably double what you have now. I love the painting and it will really set off the fireplace and the beautiful color of the walls. I can’t wait to see what you do with the sofa. Keep it up girl, you’re a natural.

  49. You have accomplished a lot in that room and it looks fantastic!! You should be very happy with how much you have accomplished so far! I love getting to watch you transform you home – you are very inspiring!!

  50. Everything is looking beautiful and you have come so far. I like the blinds and shades together, I think it needed a little more wood tone to warm things up. I have done quite a bit of upholstery, which my mother taught me and a sofa is a big job, but girl, if you can build and tuft that ottoman, you will have no problem. I can’t wait to see the sofa done.

  51. Has turned out great! Just a few ideas: Have you thought of placing a glass sofa table behind the sofa with some tall lamps in order to give the room an element of height and a bit of sparkle with the glass? Also, do you have any small round side tables you could use next to the upholstered chairs to soften the look?

  52. Kristi, Love it ALL–paint, paneling, window treatments, fireplace, rug, chairs, ottoman/table– every single thing–even the beast looks great. Love the “double” treatments on the window and I was just suggesting it to my daughter for her apartment. Amazing and inspiring job.

  53. Love it! Beautiful job. Was curious if you are going to do something with ceiling? I apologize if you mentioned it already here because I haven’t read all comments. Looks like you have ceiling tiles like my house. I have wanted to do a beadboard wallpaper over it. Wondering if you would have to caulk the lines around tiles first so the shape design wouldn’t show through on wallpaper? Wondering if you have any plans or ideas for that type if ceiling & how to cover them? Thanks!

  54. I absolutely love your site. AND – I love your living room and the blue walls. I have read through your blog, but I cannot find reference to the color and brand you used. Would you please email me that info?
    Thank you very much.

  55. Such an inspirational blog. Your talent and energy are amazing. The color and texture really look great with the room. The sofa looks nice with all the decorating changes you have made. One should get inspired from your awesome thoughts.